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Saturday, October 30, 2021

DANI GRAY - Part Three


Party Nuts

A Nocturne Bay Story



Copyright © 2021


Chapter Three

Sammy danced and shook his ass as he moved his way around the dance floor looking for his friends. So far, he hadn’t found them.

Suddenly, he got a glimpse of bright pink shorts and knew he’d found them. He followed them until he came up to Irwin and Chester. “Hey guys, is Ryo here yet?”

The other two men turned towards him, and they both had frowns on their faces.

“What’s with the grumpy looks guys? We’re in this amazing place, I mean, just look around you.” Sammy tried to spread his arms wide and spin around, but it was too crowded. “This place is hopping and crazy. Relax and enjoy it.”

“I’d be a much happier Prince Charming if I didn’t have this damn costume constantly crawling up the crack of my ass.” Chester complained to him. “What were you thinking Sammy?”

“I was thinking that you have a great ass and need to let everyone see that booty.” Sammy told him, reaching over and giving said ass a light smack. “Look at that jiggle, it’s great.”

“Oh damn, that is great.” Some guy who was standing behind Chester said, all but drooling as he was watching his ass bounce from that smack. He started to reach for his ass when Sammy slapped his hands away.

“No, only friends and family get to slap that, and you’re none of the above. Now, shoo.” Sammy flapped his hands at the guy, chasing him off.

“Oh, and what do you have to say about my costume?” Irwin pointed his camera at Sammy, who just waved at it. “This is not how Cupid is supposed to look.”

“Are you sure, because from where I’m standing, you look damn hot.” Sammy fanned his face as he let his gaze wander over Irwin’s body. “I mean, those shorts are doing something for your ass, because that hot pink is making it look ahh-mazing, and those boots, damn, you look fine!”

“Oh, yeah, baby.” Another guy nodded, “he’s right. Your ass is rocking in those shorts.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t recall asking your opinion, but I’ll be sure to get it later when I need it.” Irwin coolly told him, then looked at his camera. “And no, I’m not going to show you how my butt looks in these shorts. There are some things that don’t need to be out there in the ether forever more, and that’s one of them.”

“Spoilsport.” Sammy pouted. “I’m sure that someone would love to have that up as their wallpaper.”

“No,” Irwin shuddered. “Never going to happen. Now, I really need to get a drink.”

“I’ll go get them,” Chester said. “You keep streaming, let Sammy take you around, maybe onto the dance floor so you can show everyone what this place looks like. It kinda is pretty, for a club.”

Sammy began to bounce to the beat, “Oh, yes, let’s go out to the dance floor.”

“Nope, I’ll go with Chester.” Irwin said. “You see if you can go find Ryo.”

“Okay, we’ll come find you.” Sammy shimmied off, swinging his hips to the music as he went to go find Ryo. Suddenly, he saw him walking in the door, so he made his way that way.

“Ryo!” Sammy yelled, getting his attention. As soon as he got close to him, he pulled the shivering man into his arms. Once he was a bit warmer, he pulled back then looked down at him, so glad he picked out that lavender dress.

“Holy hell, Ryo, you look fucking hot!”

“I wasn’t sure about this dress.”

“Yeah, but you’re the only one here who could make it look this good.” Sammy turned, and then grabbed Ryo’s hand. “Now, let’s dance.”

“Uh, no, let’s not.” Ryo protested. “How about we go get drinks first.”

“Hey, get your hands off my nuts!” Sammy slapped at the hands grabbing his loot bag, pushing away a blond twink Tinkerbell.

“That’s what you have in there,” the guy said. “Let me see.”

Sammy tried to pull his satchel away from his grabby hands, “No, these are my nuts. Go get your own.” He attempted to keep his bag away from the little shit, but he managed to get his claws into the side of it somehow, and suddenly there was the sound of ripping and then his acorns were spilling out of the bag all over the floor.

“My nuts!” Sammy cried. “Ryo! Help me gather up my nuts. Everyone keeps stepping on them.”

“Oh, there really were nuts in there.” Tinkerbell said.

“No shit, you little asshole.” Sammy snarled at him. “I told you what they were, and now you did this. It’s all your fault.”

Sammy was crawling around on the floor, trying to gather up as many of his nuts as he could, before they were all ruined by everyone stepping on them.

“Watch out people,” Sammy cried out, “please be careful, you’re all stepping on my nuts.”

“What’s going on here.” A voice boomed out, but Sammy was too busy trying to pick up his nuts and shoving them into the top of his shirt since his bag was ruined.

“Nothing,” Ryo said.

Sammy left him to deal with the guy. He was too busy trying to gather up as many of his nuts as he could. He hoped he didn’t wreck his shirt with how many he was shoving into it, at the rate he was going, he was going to end up looking quite busty.

He stood up quickly when he heard Ryo let out a squeak, then he saw his friend shift.

“What did you do to him?” Sammy yelled, running over to where Ryo’s clothes fell to the floor.

Soon enough, Sammy was chasing around a huge demon cat, who had his friend in his mouth in his mouse form. So, Sammy did the only thing he could think of. He reached into his shirt and grabbed some of his acorns and started to throw them at the cat. “Bad cat, let go of Ryo. Spit him out, you stupid fucking hell kitty.”

Sammy kept tossing some of his nuts at the bald kitty’s head until Ryo began to shift and the cat had to spit him out.

“Ryo!” Sammy yelled, then ran over to him and pulled him into his arms. “Are you okay, did the bad hell kitty hurt you?”

“No, he was trying to protect me.” Ryo said. “Guys, this is my mate.”

“Are you sure, because mates don’t try to eat you.” Sammy glared over at the guy, throwing another acorn at him. “Bad kitty.”

“Sammy,” Ryo chided him, “stop that.”

“You’re just traumatized at being almost eaten,” Sammy turned to Irwin, who came over to see what was going on. “You tell him.”

“But if he’s his mate…” Irwin began.

“Nope, mates don’t try to eat one another.” Sammy threw another acorn at the guy.

Suddenly, Ryo just shook his head, turned and walked away.

“Now look at what you’ve done.” Sammy turned at glared at the demon standing there. “You made him leave. This is all your fault.”

“No,” the guy growled at him, with some smoke coming out of his nose. “You chased my mate off, before I could talk to him. You better hope that I can find him and speak to him or you might not live to regret it.”

“Bah, you don’t scare me.” Sammy snapped back at the guy, throwing another acorn at him. “But, if you are his mate and you hurt him, I don’t care who you are, no one will find your body.”

After saying that, Sammy threw one more acorn at the guy and turned to stomp off, only to stop and stare at the most amazing man he’d ever seen. He’d just wish he’d hadn’t worn such a hideous costume.


Coming Soon!



Truth Unveiled

Samuel Walton never expected to get kidnapped by aliens. Who would, but to have been told that he’d been given a womb and would be used as a breeder to them! He was a man, not some brood mare. Alone, scared, and frightened for the elderly aunt he looked after back on Earth, Sam didn’t know what was going to happen, to either of them.

Camryn Deron was the Shudenean Prince of the planet Motis, who found the purple eyed human beautiful and fascinating. He took one look at the picture of him and knew he would make an excellent breeder and decided he wanted him to become the abba of his children.

Camryn had been raised to believe that the men chosen to become abba’s were volunteers. When he discovers that Sam had been kidnapped, just as he found out his own abba had been, it begins them on a journey of truth and allows them to create a bond that could help them save Shudenean society.


Story Excerpt

Sam woke slowly, feeling as if he had drunk one drink too many. Considering he didn’t drink, if this is what a hangover felt like, he was never going to drink again.

Once he was able to open his eyes without feeling like he was being stabbed by the lights, he realized he wasn’t in his bed, hell, this wasn’t even his room.

Trying not to give into the panic, he slowly sat up. Looking around to see if there was anything familiar to let him know where he was, he was startled when he heard someone open the door.

He jumped from the bed and ran into a corner when he saw the size of the man walk through the door, something he didn’t recognize. The guy stood about six and a half feet tall and he had blue skin. His eyes and hair were purple.

“Who are you?” Sam’s voice sounded scared, even to him. “Where am I?”

“Good, you’re awake.” The man’s, if he was a man, voice sounded funny to his ears, but he couldn’t figure out why.

“You need to answer my questions.” The man said, looking down at his tablet, or what Sam thought looked like a tablet.

“How are you feeling? Do you have any lingering pain? Is there any tenderness in your abdomen? Are you feeling any dizziness or feel like you need to throw up?”

Damn, this guy really needs to give him a chance to answer.

“I feel fine.” Sam started to answer all the questions. “I have no pain at all, not dizzy and I don’t need to puke. I do have a headache and the lights are bothering me.”

“Lights, forty percent.”

When the lights dimmed down, Sam was ready to begin freaking out.

“Where am I?” Sam looked around to see if he could figure out where he was.

“You are in the recovery rooms. You are coming out of the stasis and have finished having the surgery.”

This guy didn’t seem to care what he was telling Sam, he just spewed out his words all while looking at the tablet, not even looking at him.

“Stasis?” Sam tried to figure out what that meant. “What is stasis? Why did I have surgery? What happened to me?”

Sam thought hard about the last thing he could remember.

He was driving out to see his aunt, who was getting on in years. He would go out to see her every week and take her some groceries. His truck had suddenly stopped working and Sam had gotten out to go check on the engine. There had been the flash of light and…


He didn’t even know if he made it out to his aunt’s place.

“Where am I?” Sam yelled at the man.

“You need to calm down,” the strange man frowned at him. “This is not helping your recovery.”

“Why do I need to recover, there was nothing wrong with me.”

“No, you were healthy, that is why you were included in our program. We added in your ability to carry a child for your new master.”

Sam started at the man in horror, tears silently moving down his face.

“What have you done to me, why?”

“You should be happy we did this, now you will make your master happy. Once you have delivered his child, you will move on to the next master for you to service.”

“You are fucking insane. I have my family back home to look after.”

Sam was beginning to get scared.

“How the fuck do I get out of here and back home?” Sam demanded to know. “I don’t want anything to do with any of you sick freaks.”

“Well, since it’s all done, and your new master is on the way, you will just have to live with it.”

As soon as the stranger finished saying that, someone else stepped into the room.

This new stranger was blue, with black hair and dark blue eyes.

“Is this my newest incubator?”

“Yes, sir. This is Samuel Walton according to the documents he had on him at the time of collection.”

“I demand you let me go home.”

“I see he needs to learn his place. I will make sure that by the time my child is born, he will be ready for his next master. I’m looking forward to breaking him in.”

The sick look in his eyes let Sam know that whatever his worst fear was, this person was going to make them seem like fluffy kittens.


Adult Excerpt

“I’m glad that we found each other.” Camryn said, pulling Sam into his arms. He leaned down and began to take small nibbles at his lips, teasing him.

“So am I, now please, stop teasing me.”

“Oh, but that’s part of the fun.”

Camryn stepped back and looked at Sam. “You have two choices, either you get undressed and on that bed, or I undress you…which will it be?”

Sam’s dazed expression cleared in a moment and he smiled at Camryn. He began to slowly strip off his clothes, taking his time, teasing him with every piece he took off. Sam opened the buttons on his shirt, one at a time, let it slip off one shoulder, then the other, and let the shirt gently slide down until it was only being held onto the ends of his fingers, then he opened them, and the fabric fluttered to the ground.

Taking a step back moving towards their bedroom, and like there were magnets attached to him, Camryn followed, stripping his clothing as he went.

As Sam moved near the bed, he undid the button on his pants, and slowly lowered the zipper, and once they were open, he let them fall to the ground, where he stepped out of them, leaving his shoes in them.

He fell onto the bed, wearing only his underwear, and he was the most beautiful sight that Camryn had ever seen. “Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?”

The blush of color began on Sam’s chest and moved up to his cheeks. “You are the gorgeous one here,” Sam whispered.

“I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one, sweetheart.” Camryn said, as he got on the bed and began to crawl on top of Sam. He laid down on him and rested his lower half on him while holding his upper half on his elbows, so he didn’t crush the smaller man.

“You make me ache,” Sam said, arching up so that he could rub himself against Camryn.

“I’m so hard for you right now,” Camryn said, then he leaned down and captured Sam’s lips in a hard kiss, running his tongue against the seam of Sam’s mouth and then diving in as soon as he opened for him.

Camryn ground down against him, trying to get some friction, while Sam pushed up, trying to get the same for himself.

Sam pulled away from the kiss, “Off. I need to be naked.” He demanded.

Leaning up, Camryn reached down and pulled off Sam’s boxers, loving the sight of his body. He threw the shorts on the floor and with one hand, he wrapped it around Sam’s pale cock and began to slowly stroke it, enjoying the sounds the other man made.

“Stop,” Sam said. “I want to taste you.”

The hooded look he gave Camryn heated his blood, but the thought of having Sam’s lips wrapped around his hard length was too much temptation. He let go of the pretty toy he was playing with and crawled up until his knees were on either side of Sam’s shoulders, then he slowly fed him his dick. He watched as his engorged blue length slid into those pink lips, while he kept his purple eyes locked on him. Camryn watched as his cock slid in and out of Sam’s mouth, his lips becoming swollen from being fucked in the face, with saliva and his juices running down the sides of mouth.

Camryn had to pull out of that warm cavern, otherwise he was going to fill it with his come, and he wanted to do that in Sam’s ass. He watched as Sam licked his lips, trying to get as much of the juices that had leaked out of his mouth that he could.

“You taste so good,” Sam moaned.

“Let me taste it on you.” Then he licked at Sam’s mouth, tasting himself and Sam, enjoying the combined flavors. “We taste good together.”

“I need more,” Sam begged, “I need you in me. Please Camryn.”

“Open for me.” Camryn told him.

Sam reached down and grabbed his knees, pulling them back and holding himself open to Camryn.

Camryn moved so that he was kneeling between Sam’s legs, and he put his hand under Sam’s hips, lifting him higher. “Keep your legs open.” He leaned down and began to lick at Sam’s ass. He knew that his saliva would help to loosen Sam, but it would also help numb it so that the sex wouldn’t hurt. Camryn wasn’t as small as a human male. He licked and slowly tongue fucked Sam, teasing him with his tongue and fingers. Once he was able to get four fingers into him, he knew that Sam was ready for his cock.

“Are you ready for me to love you?”

“Pl…please Ca…Camryn.”

Surging up, Camryn placed the head of his dick at Sam’s ass and looked down at his love’s face. Seeing the blown pupils, with only a ring of purple around the black, let him know how badly Sam wanted him. Camryn slowly slid home, and Sam was his home.

The feeling of the tight heat that surrounded his cock was amazing, it sent a shudder down his spine that settled in his balls. Once he was fully seated, Camryn had to stop for a minute or it would be over in mere moments, and he wanted this to last longer than a few seconds.

He began to kiss Sam, slow lazy kisses as he ground his cock in Sam, who’d let go of his legs and wrapped them around Camryn’s waist, then his arms around his shoulders. Only when the kisses became frantic did Camryn begin to slide himself in and out of Sam, slowly at first, then building it up with more urgency.

“Camryn.” Sam screamed, and suddenly he filled the space between them, and the smell of his release, the way his muscles tightened around him, had Camryn’s balls pulling up and it seemed like lightning began to streak down his spine and shooting out his dick. He filled up Sam with his cum and it felt as if his balls were going to turn inside out as they emptied themselves, shooting everything he had into the man he loved.

As they gasped for air, trading lazy kisses and petting one another Camryn looked down at Sam. “I love you, and I’m so glad that you are in my life.”

“I love you too.”

Once he knew that he could stand on his shaking knees, Camryn got up and went to the bathroom and got a cloth. He quickly cleaned himself, then brought a damp cloth to clean Sam, and a dry towel to make sure that he was comfortable. After he’d seen to Sam’s needs, he threw the dirty linen into the hamper, and crawled back into the bed, pulling Sam into his arms.

“You know that you’re stuck with me for life.” Camryn told him.

“Well, I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up then, aren’t I.”

Sam began to laugh when Camryn smacked him on the ass.


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.

I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.

I would love to hear from readers, you can find me at






Friday, October 29, 2021

DANI GRAY - Part Two


Party Nuts 

A Nocturne Bay Story 


Copyright © 2021


Chapter Two

Sammy made sure that his blond hair was styled just right. The sides were nice and short, and the top was curled messily, looking like he just got out of bed. His brown eyes were lined with black eye liner, to go with the cute mask he got to go with the whole bandit look of his costume. He decided that he was going to have a spa day, so he arranged to have the whole-body treatment done. So, now he was in full make-up with everything plucked and polished, and he felt like a million bucks.

Making sure that his shirt was all poufy on the top, he had Bobby cinch the corset nice and tight, giving him a beautiful figure. But his best asset, and he loved the pun of it, was his ass. His boots made his ass pop, so looking back in the mirror, he gave his booty a smack. When it only jiggled a little, he knew he was ready to go.

Reaching down to grab his bag of ‘loot’, which was really an old leather satchel he filled with some acorns, he made his way to his front door. As a squirrel shifter, what better loot is there than acorns! Heading out of the house, Sammy made sure to lock the door behind him once his Uber was there to take him to The Underground. He wasn’t sure where he was going to end up tonight, so he decided to leave his car at home.

Besides, he refused to drink and drive.

What happened if he ran over a squirrel on the way home, it could end up being one of his family in their furry form. Nope, not him. Uh-uh, not happening. He also tended to get frisky when he got a bit tipsy, and he didn’t want to worry about losing his nuts. His bag of acorns would last his squirrel a week, and with how expensive things were getting, he wasn’t going to waste any of his nuts.

He’d sent each of his friends their boxes just before they had to get ready. It had taken him a week to get them all put together, getting it all ordered and delivered, but once he got all the pieces put together, it all turned out better than he figured. He knew that they would be freaking out over what they were given to wear.

Chester would get upset thinking that he would be too fat for his costume, not realizing that even though he might have a wee bit of padding around his tummy, it just gives a person more to cuddle with. And Sammy could easily confirm, if Chester was comfortable with you, he was the best person in the world to cuddle with, and he gave the best hugs of all their friends.

Irwin’s costume would push him out of his comfort zone, which was something he needed. He was so shy and introverted. How was anyone supposed to see what an amazing ass that boy had if he kept it covered in bulky clothes.

And Ryo, he has some amazing legs. The dress that Sammy sent for him to wear would let anyone see that the gam’s on Ryo were stunning. Now, if only that boy could dance. Someday, they were going to have to teach him how to dance, and not just stand there and sway like a tree in the breeze. He just hoped that Ryo would wear the thong he sent, since it would really go well under dress, but he also wanted to make sure that if anyone should accidently see anything under the dress, Ryo was going to look amazeballs.

Getting into the Uber, he asked the driver to take him to The Underground.

“Wow, you’re like the sixth person I’ve dropped off there tonight. It’s going to be a full house there.” The guy said. “I hope you have fun.”

“I’m sure I will. I’m meeting my best friends and we should have a blast.” Sammy gushed. “One of them managed to get us VIP tickets, and I can hardly wait. I’m ready to party.”

“Well, I can honestly say, that you’ve got the best costume I’ve seen so far tonight.”

“Oh, thank you honey.” Sammy reached into his bag and pulled out one of his business cards. “I own Oh Là Là Chéri, take this card, it has a ten percent discount on it. Why don’t you stop in some time and I’ll see what I can find for you. You have such beautiful eyes, so I’m sure that I can find something to go with them.”

“Really! I love your store. I window shop there all the time.”

“Silly rabbit, don’t just window shop, come in and booty shop, honey.”

“I promise I will,” the guy carefully put the card into some kind of holder in his visor. “I’ll be there on my next payday.”

“Great.” Sammy looked up and saw they were pulling up to The Underground. He pulled out his wallet and made sure he had enough to pay the guy and give him a nice tip. “You take care and enjoy the rest of your night.”

“Thank you, and I hope you have a spectacular night tonight.”

Getting out of the car, Sammy waved as he drove off. Thankfully, there was only one person in the lineup in front of him, so Sammy stood there while the bouncer at the door was checking his name.

“I’m telling you, my name is on the list. Charles Fortin, the third,” he said, looking down his nose at the bouncer. “Check again.”

Sammy rolled his eyes at how snooty the man sounded, then shook his head. “Excuse me,” he elbowed his way past the guy. “I’m Sammy Love. May I go in please. It’s a bit chilly out here and I’d like to go in and meet up with my friends.”

The bouncer checked his list, then looked at Sammy. “You’re good, come on in.” Then opened the door. A loud blast of sound, music and voices, almost felt like it was pushing against Sammy once the door opened, and Sammy excitedly went in.

“Not you, you are not on the list.”

“I demand to speak to the owner,” were the last words that Sammy heard from outside.

To be continued...


Cupid’s Valentine

When Cupid Winslow lost his husband three years ago on Valentine’s Day, he never thought it would ever be anything but a day of mourning for him. Working in his coffee shop/bakery The Pantheon, gives Cupid something to do with his days, but he goes home to his empty house and to the ghost of his deceased husband. Meeting a handsome stranger wasn’t in his plans, not when he just wanted to be alone and cry out the pain that still lived in him.

Liam Foster was on his way home from work when he noticed the lights on at his favorite coffee shop, and the baked goods there were absolutely decadent. A chance meeting with a kindred lost soul, Liam offers him friendship, while he secretly longs for so much more.

Can two men find love and happiness, or would someone with a vendetta against Cupid destroy what could be a new beginning?


Story Excerpt

Cupid Winslow was trying to get this latest batch of muffins done, since he was in a hurry to get home. With tomorrow, technically later today, being Valentine’s Day, he didn’t want to be out in public. When he had his melt down, he wanted to be in the comfort of his home. To him, Valentine’s Day was a day of mourning, not a celebration of love like everyone else.

Three years ago, Cupid’s husband was on the way home from work, when he was hit by a drunk driver. He was rushing home to take Cupid out for a dinner date, so he took a different way, hoping it would be quicker. Victor was trying to avoid an accident and was hit by a drunk in a truck trying to beat a light. When he answered the doorbell, expecting it to be Victor, Cupid was shocked to see police officers in the doorway. His only consolation was being told Victor died instantly. It would have been worse if he had been alone and in pain before passing away.

Cupid really didn’t remember the conversation he had with the police, other than being told that Victor was dead. He didn’t even remember them leaving. He just shut down. It took his mom coming over for the flood of emotions burst out of him.

One of the first things he did remember was suddenly fighting with Victor’s sister, Suzanne. She hated the fact that Victor was married to another man, and she tried to sue him for everything that Victor and Cupid had created. It had nearly cost him his home and business, the damage she tried to inflict with her smear campaign and phony tears just about ruined him. If it wasn’t for the fact that another reporter found out the truth of what Suzanne was up to, it could have financially destroyed him.

Since then, Cupid had cut himself off from everyone. He knew it wasn’t a healthy way to live, but he also knew enough about himself that he was still emotionally crippled.

Oh, he smiled and laughed while at work, but none of it was real. He was so grateful when his sister, Athena, decided to become the manager of his coffee house/bakery, The Pantheon. He was able to stay in his kitchen and create, while she was the face of the business. It was actually Victor who named the shop, he thought it was a cute word play because of the name of his sister and Cupid. Growing up named Cupid was hard, but his older sister protected him. Her name really suited her personality, she was fierce, especially when she was defending her loved ones.

Cupid wanted to make sure he had enough baked goods for later today, so he came in late the night before in order to make it all, then he was going home to spend the day with his memories. He still missed the feeling of being wrapped up in Victor’s arms, sleeping draped all over the love of his life. How does one recover from that type of loss? He’d been asking himself that question every day since he lost Victor.

Everyone kept telling him it will get better, he wouldn’t always feel so alone in a crowd of people. He would meet someone new and find new love. Cupid wasn’t sure if he would ever recover from the hollow feeling in his chest, but he did admit, if only to himself, that the constant ache was pretty much gone.

After putting the last of the baking away for the day, Cupid quickly cleaned up, making sure to leave the kitchen sparkling. Going over to the door, he quickly hit the button on the remote start for his car. Living this far north, the land was still in the grips of a damn cold winter. Not too much snow, but the constant days of bitter cold were tiring.

Giving the kitchen and the front of the store a quick look through to make sure it was ready for later that day, Cupid was satisfied all was in shape. He went over to the back door, dressed up in his jacket, hat and gloves, set the store alarm, then opened the door and screamed in fright.

“Hey,” The stranger said with his hand out, “It’s ok. I was just going by and wanted to make sure everything was okay. I saw the lights on, so I came over to check that the store was locked up.”

Hearing the alarm getting ready to set, Cupid quickly stepped out and made sure the door was locked behind him before turning to the man.

“Sorry about that. You startled me when I found you standing there.”

Noticing the stranger’s amazing azure blue eyes, Cupid almost lost himself staring at the gorgeous man in front of him. Looking up, cause the man stood at around six and a half feet of blond yumminess, at least a foot taller then his five and a half feet, Cupid wanted to snuggle up and forget his pain.

“I was just finishing the baking for the day, since I’m taking the rest of the day off.” Cupid said, while giving himself a firm mental scolding. Today wasn’t the day he should be noticing how handsome the man was.

“Wow, I’ve been in here dozens of times, but I’ve never seen you.” The stranger replied.

“No, I generally stay in the back doing the baking and such. My sister runs the front of the store for me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Liam Foster.” Liam held out his gloved hand to Cupid.

“Hello, I’m Cupid.” Cupid shook his hand, but quickly let it go. “I’m sorry, but I need to get going. I’m on way home and I just need to be by myself.”

“Are you okay?”

“No, not today.”

The concern he saw on the strangers face almost had Cupid ready to cry on his shoulder.

“I really need to get home.” Cupid said, as he tried to walk around Liam.


Adult Excerpt

Tonight, Cupid decided that he was ready to let go of the past and embrace his new future with Liam. This included making love with him. He had plans for his man, and that is what Liam was. He was all Cupid’s.

Cupid realized this was the direction his mind was going when he started to manscape while in the shower. That right there should have told him something. The last time he worried about it was for Victor, now he’s doing it for Liam. Guess his subconscious knew before he did.

Cupid had known that he was developing deep feelings for Liam, even the beginning of loving him. Cupid snorted to himself, yeah, keep on thinking that, you know you are already in love with him. Cupid had really started to notice all the small things that Liam would do for him, like leave out his clothing, so when he got up at zero dark thirty, he didn’t have to stumble around to get dressed. Finding a little note on the mirror in the bathroom telling him to have a good night.

Cupid also did try to do nice things for Liam, like he would bake extra of the things he knew Liam liked, bringing them home so he could have them for breakfast with his coffee in the mornings. When he knew he could stop fooling himself that he wasn’t in love with Liam was during the conversations they would have. When Liam would ask questions about Victor, not to be comparing himself, but because he was interested in knowing who Victor was. Liam didn’t ask Cupid to forget about Victor, but just to make room for him in Cupid’s heart.

When Cupid came home in the early hours of the morning, he quietly let himself into the house, knowing that Liam was sleeping. He was glad that he had this time to himself. He showered off the smell of baking and sweat, and made sure he was all clean, inside and outside.

Heading towards the bedroom, Cupid ran into Hellcat in the hallway.

“Hi there,” he said, making sure his towel was secure before going down on his knees so he could pet the cat. “What are you doing out here, I’m just going to bed now, so keep it down to a dull roar.”

Giving the cat scratches under his chin, Cupid looked into Hellcat’s eyes. He swore he saw so much intelligence in that gaze.

“Now, if you hear some screaming coming from the bedroom, don’t worry about it. I plan on enjoying every inch of Liam I can get at. I also want that man to do so many things to me. You need anything before I go to bed?”

Cupid felt a bit silly asked that question of a cat, but he was ready to swear that the cat shook its head and went to lie down on the guest bed.

Letting himself into the master room, Cupid took the time to admire the man sleeping in the bed. They had begun to sleep in the nude, which suited Cupid’s plans. At first Cupid was shy about not wearing anything to bed, but the more he slept with Liam, the more he wanted to be able to feel the man next to him.

Besides, the amount of heat Liam generated at night was amazing. Cupid knew he was never going to have cold feet again.

Going up to the bed, Cupid dropped the towel from around his waist, making sure to throw it into the hamper, and slowly laid down beside Liam. Cupid was going to make sure that Liam had a gentle wake up, but he was determined that the man was hard and crazed for him. He wanted him to wake up when Cupid had his lips wrapped around the beautiful cut cock that he had been admiring.

He had never thought of himself as a size queen, but he wasn’t sure who he should be thanking, because he knew that by the time they were done, his ass was going to be sore. Cupid snickered thinking about the surprise he left for Liam to find.

Slowly moving down to the middle of the bed, Cupid managed to get to his gift, and Cupid did consider Liam a gift. He never thought that he would ever find love again, but he had, and Cupid planned on holding tight with both hands.

Wrapping his hand around the heavily veined cock in front of his face, Cupid leaned in and inhaled the scent of musk, and a smell that was all Liam. Gently wrapping his lips around the head, Cupid used soft suction until he felt Liam start to firm up in his mouth. Taking his other hand, Cupid started to fondle the heavy balls.

Feeling Liam’s hand move to the back of his head, Cupid started to use more suction, slowly pulling until he was swallowing around the hard length of cock. The groan that Liam made was music to his ears.

“Oh god, babe. Please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” Liam made those words sound like a prayer and a command.

Rolling the lightly furred orbs in his palm, Cupid started to slowly move up and down, making sure to keep his lips firmly around Liam, and the suction hard as he moved.

Cupid’s own desire was almost through the roof, he was so hard. All he could think of was having this wonderful man pound him into the mattress, and maybe even through it.

Suddenly, Liam pulled away from Cupid. He reached down and pulled Cupid up until he was able to kiss any and all thoughts from his mind. Liam reached down and started to fondle his nipples, which was a huge hot spot for Cupid.

Letting out whimpers the more Liam played with him, he was stunned when he finally was able to register the words Liam was saying.

“I think we should get these pierced, you are so responsive to them being played with. Can you imagine, my mouth being wrapped around your sweet nip while my tongue pulls the ring. Stretching out that pretty nip for me to nibble on, maybe sink my teeth gently into it while I’m still pulling on it.”

“Oh my god, Liam. Stop talking or I’m going to blow just from your words.” Cupid begged.

Cupid started to squirm as Liam slowly moved his hands down Cupid’s body, passing his hard cock and playing with Cupid’s balls. Gently tugging on them helped pull Cupid back from the brink. Spreading his legs wide, Cupid kept thrusting up his hips, trying to get some friction on his aching shaft.

Cupid thought something was wrong when Liam suddenly froze.

“What?” Cupid demanded. “Why did you stop?”

Cupid started to get a bit nervous at the feral look that came over Liam’s face.

“What do we have here? Oh, something for me to play with?”

Cupid’s eyes crossed when Liam started to play with the plug in his ass. Liam kept pulling it slightly then letting it go so it would suddenly bump his prostate. He was so excited that there was a steady stream of pre-come leaking from the tip of his cock. Watching Liam wrap the condom slowly over his cock had Cupid ready to throw Liam down and ride him.

Getting ready to beg Liam to fuck him, Cupid screamed when the plug was suddenly pulled out of his ass, leaving him feeling empty. He screamed again when Liam thrust himself to the hilt in Cupid’s welcoming body.

“Holy fuck, you are so tight and feel like hot silk wrapped around me.”

Liam pulled back until just the head of his cock was in Cupid’s ass, then he leaned down and took Cupid’s mouth in a bruising kiss. Between the lips kissing him and the cock buried in his ass, Cupid felt branded.

“Going to fuck you hard, and someday I’m going to leave my load of cum to drip out of your ass. Marking you as mine. You will come on my cock alone, no touching.” Liam snarled.

Liam started to pound into Cupid, and when he adjusted his thrusts, Cupid saw stars. By the fifth time that Liam hit his prostate, Cupid’s vision had whited out.

Cupid’s ass clamped tight around the hot cock buried in his ass, and Cupid shot his cum all over both of them. Cupid didn’t think he would ever be able to come again, he was sure his balls had crawled into him.

Liam took control of Cupid’s mouth again and kissed him possessively, then leaned up and roared out his release.

The feeling of the expanding cock in his ass and the warmth as Liam filled the condom, had his cock twitching, attempting to come back to life again.

When Liam collapsed onto his elbows above him, Cupid raised his head and softly kissed Liam, and in between the kisses, told Liam how much he loved him.

When Liam finally opened his eyes, they were filled with liquid.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you too.” Liam quietly told him. “You are my whole world, and as soon as I can, I’m putting a ring on your finger to let everyone know how much you are loved.”

Liam kissed him until he was breathless.

Whispering against Cupid’s lips, Liam told him, “I’m also going to put a ring in each of your pretty nipples, but those are going to be just for us.”

Cupid’s cock sprang back to life at those words.

The next morning, Cupid was right.

He had an amazing ache in his ass when he went to get his morning coffee. 


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.

I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.

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