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As we bring this ManLove Fantasies Contest to a close, I would like to thank all the readers who left such wonderful, uplifting messages for our participating authors. More times than not, it's the little things like a reader's love for a book or a particular character that gets out muse moving and helps us write that next book. I would also like to thank all of the authors that took the time to participate in this contest and share with us their favorite books.

Remember to come back in April for our ManLove Fantasies Spring Contest. Now, for what you've all been waiting for. The winner of our grand prize Kindle Fire HD7 with a donated book from every participating author is...drum roll please...

Saturday, January 30, 2021


Thought I'd take a day to showcase all of the ebooks that are being donated by our wonderful authors. Hopew you enjoy reading them

Beauty and His Beast

Saturian Trilogy 1

Someone is out to kill Jynx K'Vada and the only way he can protect himself is to buy a guardian beast, something he is loath to do. When he visits a lab and discovers a man being horrible abused, he buys him on the spot. He has no idea that he's just changed the entire course of his life.

Bay doesn't remember anything of his life past the last few weeks, and those had been filled with nothing but pain and rage. When a sweet smelling man rescues him from his horror, Bay knows protecting Jynx is more important than his life. The man was meant to be his.

With the continued attempts on Jynx's life, and someone hunting them, they know they have to figure out who is after them before its too late, but doing so means solving a mystery neither of them is prepared for. It reaches beyond them and into the stars.




Many people believe that once you are married and have kids, the romance is gone. It's not. You just have to work at it a little harder. It's just too bad that our attempt at a romantic weekend alone ends with me in the hospital. If I survive getting shot, we're going to have to try a little harder. I refuse to give up the romance with my hot Italian SWAT commander.


My plans for a weekend of romance with the love of my life go up in an explosion of epic proportions when we're attacked in our very own home and Lany's life is put in danger. Snowstorms, intruders, and a hit man on the loose. It's just another day in the Delvecchio household.



Cade Creek 23

Nathan Collins just wanted to finish his prison sentence and then find some little place to hide from the world. He was done dealing with idiots or people who thought he owed them simply because he was breathing the same air. He did not expect to get pulled into a crime by one of the guards or to escape from prison with him.

Norton Beck had been undercover long enough to know he needed a break. Maybe it was because he'd spent too much time dealing with hostile inmates or ignorant co-workers. Whatever it was, he needed to finish this case so he could go home.

That was easier said than done, especially when the entire case blows up in his face and he's forced to escape with one of the inmates. Luckily for him, it was the one inmate he wouldn't mind getting to know a little better.

Forced to go on the run, they head to Cade Creek, the one place they might have a chance of proving they aren't the bad guys, but first they have to avoid a state wide manhunt, deal with a bullet wound, and accept their growing desire for each other.



Vampire Chronicles 5

Quinn Anderson just wanted to be left alone. Between his job as a waiter and caring for his three younger siblings, life had not been kind to him. His choice to warn three vampires of the danger they were in tosses him into the deep end. Suddenly, he's got rogue vampires hunting him, tribe vampires who have questions, and one man who swears they are mates.

After all the years he'd been searching, Dmitri couldn't believe his rajaaka  walked into his life to warn him of danger. When the human runs, Dmitri is hot on his trail, only discover that Quinn comes with three vampire children and a lot of hatred against vampires. Being the second in command of a vampire tribe might be a problem.

Protecting Quinn becomes his top priority, but getting him and his siblings to safety might be harder than Dmitri anticipated when every rogue vampire loose in the city seems intent on capturing him. He just can't figure out why one little human is so important and if he doesn't save Quinn, he may never know.                                                                              


I Need You

Riverside Town - Book 1

Losing a loved one can change a person, their outlook on life and their reason for being… Dane and Noah go through those changes together. Neither of them encouraged or expected what their future would bring, but they don’t regret their new normal.

When Dane’s girlfriend, Maranda, became pregnant during their summer break before starting college, Dane did what he felt any man should do in that situation, he gained a respectable job as a firefighter to provide for his girlfriend and their daughter, Sydney; he became dependable, not needing to rely on his parents or anyone else for help.

After disowning his parents for their choice of disowning his gay, older brother, Noah’s life was blissfully simple. He was the manager of a hotel, and engaged to his best friend, Sydney, Dane’s daughter. As long as he had a good book to read, he was happy.

Life for Dane and Noah was set in stone; they knew who they were, who they loved, and where their lives were going. However, when tragedy strikes, their lives are upended and they have no one left… except each other.

Author Note: male/male romance, standalone. Contains sexual acts between consenting adults, strong language, light daddy kink, light dubious consent.

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German version available on KU too, Amazon link:


That Something Feeling

Riverside Town, Book 2

Duncan James’ parents had never been warm and fuzzy but when they found out he was gay at age sixteen, he never expected them to virtually disown him by exiling him to their converted attic and then kick him out of the house after he graduated from high school.

Now, after twenty-years of service as an army cook, Duncan decides it’s time to start a new chapter in his life especially, to his surprise, his parents left him a decent inheritance after they died. After moving into his old house in Riverside Town, he goes about his life as a diner cook until he meets Cammy, the guy of his dreams. There’s a hitch though; Cammy’s only eighteen. It also doesn’t bode well that Duncan’s never been in a serious relationship and doesn’t know how to handle having a crush on someone so much younger and better looking than himself.

When Cammy Hayes was twelve, his mother deserted his father, his older brother and himself. But not before drilling impossible rules into his head that she expected him to live his life by.

Cammy is focused on becoming a teacher and having a husband and family of his own, so when he meets Duncan—who helps him out of a tough spot—he’s pretty sure he’s found his dream man. But it turns out that Duncan is too emotionally immature for him which Cammy only realizes after he’s fallen for him.

Can Duncan figure out how to be a grown-up without the safety net the army provided? And can he rise above his parents’ past disdain for him, and become the man Cammy craves? And what will each have to sacrifice to achieve their dreams?

Author Note: male/male romance, standalone. Contains sexual acts between consenting adults, and strong language.

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Harry & Giles,
Part 1: Giles always felt a different type of love for his younger brother, Harry, than for anyone else. Taking care of him, helping him with his homework, those things were never a chore for him. But when he realized it wasn’t just a different type of love he felt for his brother—he was in love with him—he ran away to college. Now Giles is back from college for good and his little brother has a surprise in store for him…

Harry was too young to understand the pain his heart felt when his brother, Giles, left for college. But as the time looms closer for his brother’s return, he realizes that Giles means more to him than anyone ever has or ever will—Giles is his everything. With the help of a horny friend, Harry decides to find out if Giles feels the same way…it’s not as easy as he first thought.

Author Note: This book contains reference to off-screen abuse.


***Part 1 of this book was part of a Taboo and Kink Giveaway on Prolific Works in April 2020. The book originally had brocest, but minor alterations have now been made to keep things Amazon friendly. It’s not required to read the first book again if it’s already been read. Sorry for any inconvenience***

Simon & Kyle, Part 2: None of Simon’s past partners understood what he was looking for. He came across as wanting to control them, when all he wanted was someone to take care of, to cuddle, and cherish. No one picked up on that until Kyle came along.

Kyle lived in constant fear of what his volatile dad was going to do or say from one day to another, wondering if he was going to cross the line. Which was why—after the shock wore off—he wasn’t surprised that his dad had physically violated him. But he refused to let that abusive incident rule his life. He had Harry, his best friend, and Giles, a guy who was fast becoming what he’d always envisioned an older brother would be like. And then there was Simon. Try as he might, he couldn’t find the words to describe what Simon meant to him…he was Kyle’s everything.

Author Note: HEA. Standalone. This book contains reference to off-screen abuse.

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 (A Silver Reckoning is a standalone short story with the insta-love of fated mates. The start of this story was part of Stormy Glenn’s Summer ManLove Fantasies of 2020.)

Silver Page is a twenty-one-year-old vampire and business owner. He lives an honest quiet life as a mechanic but that’s all about to change. You see, every paranormal must take a test when they turn twenty-one. No one knows why or what it’s for only that it’s the law. If rumors are to be believed those who’ve scored a 95 or higher always disappear never to be heard from again. When Silver scores a 99 after guessing at the answers it’s his turn to vanish.

Raven Vaneyer is the future king of all paranormals. When the current king attempted to have him killed as a baby, Raven’s parents whisked him away to raise him in secret in the hopes that one day he’d take his place on the throne and save them all. With King Nefar’s paranoia and corruption growing by the day, Raven must confront him and take the throne that should be his. Only, before he can, he has to find his fated Consort.

With a blood moon on the horizon the time for Raven to battle Nefar is close at hand. The question is, will he do it with a Consort by his side or will he miss his chance?

(Warning: Contains graphic sexual content, Mpreg elements, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)


Bittersweet Chocolate

Tanner never thought much about past lives. In fact, he’s very much living in the now and happily with his husband and child, but the ghost of his past life isn’t done stalking him with the intent to take everyone he loves.

Sinclair is slow to accept the validity of a haunted past and digs deep to get to the truth determined to protect his family. With chaos erupting all around them, Sinclair finds a conspiracy to rob Tanner of not just his life and their daughter but big money.

As the police investigate, Tanner and his brother are nearly killed, and Sinclair decides he has to take steps to protect his family and expose the attackers, but the bold move leads to a stunning twist of events that could cost Sinclair his own life as well as those of Tanner and Tanner’s siblings.


Chocolate Kisses and Darkness

Tanner is happily married to the love of his life. He fears Sinclair is cheating on him, despite the absence of proof. On top of that, Sinclair’s new book seems to be taking front and center in his life. 

Sinclair knows Tanner has insecurities Tanner needs to work through, but he won’t allow Tanners fears to drive him away. He’s having enough problems with his latest book and the strange manifestation of a ghost.

But things grow stranger still, and their daughter is nearly drowned. Then, Tanner is attacked drawing both Tanner and Sinclair deeper into a past of unbreakable love and enduring violence. But the vicious cycle meant to pull them apart pushes them ever closer creating the same environment rife with hatred that once spawned a killer.

As they fight for their lives, only the strength of their love can save them, but will it get those around them killed?


Chocolate Kisses and Heartache

Tanner Clemens has finally tied the knot with Sinclair Thomas, and Tanner is deliriously happy, but he’s under no illusions. He knows his family will not accept the union, but he’s ready to move forward with his new life as an openly gay man.

However, a call from Tanner’s sister on the day of his wedding reception sends waves of panic through him and, just days later, Tanner loses two members of his family. Once again, he becomes hunted by a killer seeking to snuff out the light of the Clemens family for good. But his own life isn’t all he has to worry about now.

Tanner and Sinclair are left in charge of an orphan. Tanner’s brother, who is mortified by Tanner’s recent marriage, challenges Tanner for custody. Despite his grief and his family’s rejection, Tanner is determined to have the life he wants—even if he has to stare down a killer to do it. 


When you lose your friends, family and livelihood all because you saw Bigfoot how can that very being convince you that you are his one and only...his mate? That’s what Lake must figure out and fast. He is Bigfoot and Zach is his very angry and jaded mate that hates his kind, but Lake will not give up. Plane crashes, hunters, and the fear of death will not stop him in his quest to get his man.

Amazon Universal:





Shifters and Paranormals face extinction if they do not begin to mate and begin having children again. The problem is if this happens the Gods will become extinct right along with them. A plan is formed and part of that plan is to switch powers between mates until they claim each other. The changes have been made now the rest is going to be up to them.

Waking up to find out you’re a panda instead of the god you have been raised to be is shocking. Discovering your powers have been switched with your mate’s is a major reason to panic especially when your shifter mate is destroying everything around you with earthquakes and tornados. Can Loki convince Gaby that they were meant to be or will the man destroy them all from his fear.

Amazon Universal:-





Valkin Apparati. Mate to Bryton Anderson, and leader of the Defense Troopers from planet Apparti-Garu that can shift into machines. Valkin and his men had one priority when they headed towards earth, locate and secure the power vessel before the Deity. Now with the discovery of his mate, Valkin has two. Keep his mate alive and find the power vessel strong enough to kill an entire planet.

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Rene and his men are known as D.O.A., Dragons of Anarchy. They were created centuries ago, by the great Heck, to find and destroy serialists by any means necessary. Each member was gifted with a dragon that was connected to their soul. If one died, so did the other. The men didn't shift into the dragon, but they would call out and the maharishi would join them in the fight against evil. Not wanting their secret discovered, D.O.A. lived in a town called Drago, just outside Poconos Boulevard, and they hid behind their image as a bad ass motorcycle club.

Children were being murdered and Rene, otherwise known as Pit, along with his men were out to find out who was behind the copycat murders of a long time serial killer known as the Alphabet Killer. While questioning a victim's mother, Rene discovered his sentience, his mate. Now all he had to do was figure out how to tell the man he was not exactly human, and he better do it fast because his dragon heat was already kicking in.

Bren was the local town veterinarian. He figured something was off about SI Rene Telkin. If not from the leather jacket with a large D.O.A. patch on the back, then maybe because he drove a navy Blue Harley Davidson CVO Street glider instead of a tan sedan.

Bren was not the type to get mixed up with a biker club, even if the man was a cop. However, something kept drawing him to the sexy man and it seemed that nothing would break the bond they were forming. Not even when he discovered the secret all D.O.A. agents held. A large dragon for a partner.

Now Rene needs to do his best to claim his mate and also track down a serial killer, because on the last body was a note threatening the good doctor of Poconos Boulevard.

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Nakaka or gargoyles to many were created by two gods to protect humans. When the humans betray them the Nakaka flee and anger the gods. As punishment, the Nakaka have never found another mate and therefore they can no longer reproduce any of their kind.

It has taken over two hundred years, but finally there is one of the gods creation that proves their worthiness to have all Nakaka forgiven, but there is a catch.

Petree offers his life for those being held prisoner with him willing to endure anything in order to keep them safe as well as a secret he holds. When death is emanate, he is surprised to come face to face with his creators. Now he has a choice to make, go to the ever after or return to the living with torturous memories he must relive every day and without his beautiful butterfly wings that define all Nakaka. If life is chosen his people can find their one true love once more, creating offspring and begin building his people back to what they use to be.

Hron is the new chosen leader for a once tortured clutch, surprised to find not just his mate lying on a dirty floor dying, but Petree also holds information that can save them all from a ruthless plan no one saw coming.

Can Hron save his mate and figure out what danger his people are in before it’s too late?

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Living in a lab for most of his life as an orangutan, Evian had heard the words Trick or treat but never really experienced them until now. Dressed up for a costume party, Evian is mistaken for a real park ranger and shot. Trick. However, his rescuer turns out to be his mate. If Evian can save his mate from crazy evil brothers he can have his treat.

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Beginner’s Luck

Winning the huge lotto jackpot should have made Ken Moore’s life better, but instead it turned his life into a living hell. Finding some peace in his new remote home, Ken turns to writing about the love he dreams of, never really expecting to meet the man of his dreams. A forest fire changes all his perceptions, when he finds his dream man stranded on the side of the road.

When Charlie Brandt and his grandfather had to run from the same forest fire, he thought they were going to die when their old car stalled out and wouldn’t start again. In a remote area, with very few people, hoping for a miracle wasn’t easy. The last thing Charlie expected when he waved down a passing car, was to meet a special man Charlie felt an instant connection to.

Finding out that Ken was the huge lotto winner didn’t concern Charlie, but his pride wouldn’t let him allow Ken to keep buying stuff for him. He had never taken advantage of anyone before, and he refused to start now. But that money was important to a lot of other people too. When an old terror from Ken’s past, and a new one join together to destroy Ken and take his money, will Charlie be able to keep him safe?


Cupid’s Valentine

When Cupid Winslow lost his husband three years ago on Valentine’s Day, he never thought it would ever be anything but a day of mourning for him. Working in his coffee shop/bakery The Pantheon, gives Cupid something to do with his days, but he goes home to his empty house and to the ghost of his deceased husband. Meeting a handsome stranger wasn’t in his plans, not when he just wanted to be alone and cry out the pain that still lived in him.

Liam Foster was on his way home from work when he noticed the lights on at his favorite coffee shop, and the baked goods there were absolutely decadent. A chance meeting with a kindred lost soul, Liam offers him friendship, while he secretly longs for so much more.

Can two men find love and happiness, or would someone with a vendetta against Cupid destroy what could be a new beginning?


Adam Richards was a normal guy, out with some friends, and in a drunken dare wrote the rules for the Church of the People. After being attacked for being gay, his parents put him into cryogenic sleep until medicine could find a way to help him heal from the damage done to his body and brain.

Enath Rozokad was the commander of the demon warriors sent to protect the pod with the Supreme Leader in it. Unfortunately at the time of the rescue, the kidnappers detonated some explosives, including one on the pod.

When Adam woke up, in an unknown future as the religious leader, looking at all the different species in this Empire he suddenly found himself in, Adam didn’t know if he could live in tomorrow’s today.


Thomas Addison feared becoming a pet of the aliens who had taken over Earth. While hiding out with his mother, he found an injured alien and couldn’t leave him to die. Taking him home with him was one of the scariest things he had ever done, but leaving someone, even an alien, to die in the dirt wasn’t something he felt he could do.

Kalon D’Allesso had been set on by his own kind. Betrayed and alone, the last thing he expected was to be saved by a human male, especially when the only reason he was on the planet was to try and undo some of the damage his people had done. Meeting Tom and his mother brought home the importance of what he was trying to do, but the meeting also brought with it other complications. Mating complications.

Can these two stop the pet trade and rescue the humans that have gone missing? Will those who want to keep their illegal pets and other gains prevent them from enjoying their happy ever after?


Harvey and His Bunny

While heading to work, Harvey Ames followed the most amazing scent to the local park and stopped to give a small bunny a piece of an apple turnover that his brother had freshly made that morning. Imagine his surprise when the bunny shifted into the cutest man Harvey had ever met, one who the Fates had decided would make the perfect mate for him.

Trevor Murphy had been running after having escaped a kidnapping attempt and getting his leg broken in a trap while in his rabbit form. His family was missing and he had no idea where they were, or if they were even alive.

Working together to try and find Trevor’s missing family, the men discovered that the family they were building was just as important as the one they were born with.


After being beaten nearly to death by his father for being gay, Travis Cooper escapes and finds safety with friends. He learns to make a life for himself, but one that doesn't require him to leave the house or the security he's found there. When the world intrudes on his safe zone, he has to rely on others to keep him out of harm's way.

When Abraham Isaacs is called in by his boss to protect a friend, he finds a frightened young man who needs his special brand of protection, both for his safety and for his heart. Getting Travis to trust him might be the hardest battle.

While trying to figure out who is sending threatening letters, Travis and Abraham have to figure out if the attraction building between them is worth stepping outside of their comfort zone and into danger, because someone wants them both dead.




Taking Care 3

Steven Deans never thought he would find love, especially not after his fiancé and baby girl die in a car accident. Living deeply in the closet for so long, and with his abusive parents, Steve isn’t sure if he would ever be ready for a relationship. Coming to help protect his brother and the others he lives with introduces him to the man of his dreams.

When Jason Marks is called to help his former commander when they are being attacked, he meets the man who he could see spending the rest of his life with. Helping Steve after his home is broken into leads them to finding more to add to their family.

While trying to make a relationship and heal the last wounds of the past, can these two make the most of the gifts that life has given them?


Taking Care of You (MM)

Taking Care 1

Shane Turner never hid the fact that he was out and proud, not even when it cost him the use of his legs. When he's attacked on his way home from the Pride Parade, he learns that being out and proud might be dangerous, but it also brings him the rescuer of his dreams.

Michael Franks has issues on top of issues, but the frightened cries of a man being attacked make them seem insignificant. When he rescues Shane and discovers a man who makes his heart race, he has to find the courage to step outside of his comfort zone in order to hold onto Shane's heart.

The instant attraction Shane and Michael feel for one another is something they want to explore, but physical and mental challenges are ahead for the two men. Will they be able to overcome them while trying to survive the three attackers who want Shane dead?


Bennett Landry used to live in a nightmare he thought would go on forever. Battered, broken and abused, the poor young warlock didn't think that he would ever feel safe again... until the Blanchard coven came and saved him.

Elijah Lillegard was always a hopeless romantic, hiding his romance novels and his sweet side away; picturing a beautiful, idyllic life with his mate by his side--completely under their spell.

Little did they both know, however, that fate had other plans.

Pulled into a mating bond neither one saw coming, Elijah now must contend with his picturesque future being shattered in favor of a mate who still feared every shadow that lurked around every corner. Bennett now has to figure out whether he sees a future for himself within the coven, or if he even sees any kind of future at all.

And when the past still comes back to haunt them both, can their blossoming new bond survive the trials and tribulations that await?


Under His Spell is the second book of the Blanchard Coven series. It is M/M, HEA, dark and moody, and is best enjoyed not as a stand-alone, but after reading the previous book as well!

Amazon US:

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Available for Kindle Unlimited


Beauty and His Guardian

Saturian 2

coming February 11th, 2021

The bad guys are behind bars so why does psychic Jynx K'Vada feel like his life is one big whirlwind? He's found his mate. He should be happy.  He just can't seem the shake the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again. When trouble comes looking, Jynx will have to dig deep and find a strength he never knew he had if he wants to survive.

All Bay wants to do is protect his mate and his king. That's not so easy when people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to kill them. Bombings, assassination attempts, kidnappings. Bay doesn't know who can he can trust.

When a ghost from the past comes for them, Bay and Jynx will have to work together to keep their king, and themselves, alive long enough to solve a mystery decades in the making. And if they are lucky, they might fall in love somewhere along the way.


Read more about Andrew and Dalton in Spring 2021



  As we bring this ManLove Fantasies Contest to a close, I would like to thank all the readers who left such wonderful, uplifting messages f...