Monday, April 23, 2018


Part 2

Or listened as Jackson spoke, however, he was a bit distracted by the gorgeous guy that his brother just walked in with a few minutes ago. Gods he was sexy as hell. Lenox couldn’t take his eyes off the man and his mind wasn’t thinking about anything except how he would love to undress him and taste every tiny morsel of skin he could expose.

“Or, are you listening to anything I’m saying?” Jackson asked in frustration.

Quickly Or shook away his thoughts and looked at his brother. It was clear the man had asked him something and had been waiting for a while for an answer. However, Lenox had no clue what the man had been saying.

Rolling his eyes, and letting out a long breath, Jackson said, “I asked you if you want to hear their request or not?”

Or raised a brow at his brother’s tone, pointing at Miller saying, “I will hear what they have to say, but only if that one is the one to speak.”

Jackson turned to the man Lenox was talking about, saying, “Miller, Alpha Tyler wants to hear your story.”

The man next to Miller stepped forward, saying, “I can——”

Jackson shocked the hell out of Lenox when he softened his tone, and gently said, “I’m sorry, red. He specifically said he would listen to Miller.”

Miller turned to the man, “It’s okay, Cal. I can explain things.”

Cal stepped back as Miller turned back to Lenox. The second the man’s silver eyes met Lenox’s own golden brown, Lenox’s breath stopped. Fuck, this man was beyond gorgeous. Lenox just knew he could get lost in those beautiful orbs for days. It took every bit of Or’s strength to focus on what Miller was saying.

“My name is Miller Gold and this is my brother Calvin. I know we are from a Cackle that you don’t like.”

“We are bitter enemies.” Growled Warren.

Or held up his hand saying, “Do not interrupt. Continue Miller.”

Miller stepped a bit closer, a tiny scent started to tickle Lenox’s nose, but Miller started talking once more, “Our beta, Cass, has always wanted Cal. He has hit on him more than once. A few weeks ago he tried to make a move on him and Cal defended himself. Our beta, Cass, got really pissed because Cal bested him in the fight. He went back to the Cackle and got a couple friends and they jumped Cal. He barely got away and somehow made it home. I found him outside with a huge gash on his throat, bleeding out.”

Miller wiped at the tears as he remembered a time that was clearly painful to him. Or wanted to go to the man and comfort him, but knew he had to finish listening to what he had to say.

Sniffling, Miller continued, “I was so scared that he was going to die. I rushed to him, put pressure on his would and begged to the Gods to help him. Suddenly I felt a warmth surround me along with a light and the next thing I knew Cal was healed. I told Cal I had no idea what I did, but before we could really talk about it, Alpha Lenox appeared with Cass and the rest of the inner circle. Cass had the nerve to tell our Alpha that Cal and I were gay and that Cal had tried to kill Cass when he tried to make a move on Cass. We argued that it was Cass that had made the moves on Cal, but Alpha Lenox had always wanted me out of the Cackle because I’m not a true hyena and refused to listen.”

“Not a true hyena?” Or asked in confusion.

“He’s an Aardwolf.” Cal chimed in.

Or’s brows rose, “I don’t believe I ever met an Aardwolf? However, they are hyenas with a twist.”

Cal snorted, “Yes, a pretty big twist. I mean they do eat termites instead of antelope.”

“They’re also supposed to be small and dainty.” Jackson stated.

Or raised his hand and waved it, “That’s enough, Miller please keep talking.”

Miller sighed, then continued once more, “Like I said, there was nothing we could have done. He ordered a hunt on us and said he would give us a two minute start. That’s when Cal told the Alpha that if he killed us it would be one of the biggest mistakes he could make because I am a healer and everyone knows how sought after a healer is to a pack or Cackle. The Alpha stopped his order but had us taken to the Alpha compound and placed in a run down cabin. There was an old man there and he was ill. It was a friend to the Alpha, and he told me that I was to heal his friend before dawn or die, and left the building with Cal. I was freaking out, I mean I had no idea how I had healed Cal, how the hell was I supposed to heal this guy? I started praying to the Gods once more begging for help. Seconds later a man appeared out of the shadows. I damn near pissed myself. He said he had heard my calls and he could help, but he didn’t work for free. I asked him what he wanted, and he asked what I had to offer. I thought a bit and then pulled off a necklace my father had given to me before he died. The man took it and healed the guy in the room, then just disappeared.”

“Holy shit.” Warren gasped.

Miller nodded, saying, “Yeah, I was kind of amazed myself. I thought, cool, now we can go home, but instead, Lenox said he needed more proof. Lenox said that his friend could have just gotten better on his own. So he brought in one of his guards that had a wound that was already green in color. He said heal him by morning or Cal will die. Again I prayed, and again the man appeared from the darkest corner of the room. He told me he heard my prayers and what did I have to give. I pulled off my ring my mom had given to me when I first shifted. He took it, healed the guard and left. When the Alpha returned to the building I thought, okay now we’re going home. However, he needed one more to cement the fact that I was a healer. I told him I was exhausted and needed to rest. I begged him to let me see my brother. Cal was brought in but was taken away just as quickly. When I was returned to the cabin there was a young boy lying in the bed. He was feverish, with spots, and his breathing was shallow. I knew he was ready to die. When I got closer, I realized it was Lenox’s son. Lenox told me this was the final test. I was to heal his son or both Cal and I would die.”

“So you prayed and the man came in, you gave him something and he healed the boy and left.” Warren muttered.

Miller turned to Warren, annoyed, “I had nothing left to give——at least in material things. However, the guy said if I agreed to be his, he would heal the boy and as soon as the Alpha released me, I had to go with him. I would have refused, and just let the Alpha kill me, but he had Cal and already told me he was going to kill him if I didn’t heal his son. So, I agreed with the guy. He healed the Alpha’s son and left. The thing is, Alpha Lenox was so impressed with my ability to heal, he was going to keep me and since I was gay anyway, he would make me his consort.”

“His consort?” Or practically growled.

Cal snorted, “He thought if he fucked my brother some of Miller’s powers would transfer to him. That’s when I knew I had to get us out of there and off our cackles territory as soon as possible.”

Nodding, Miller said, “I got Lenox to agree to let me see my brother to say good bye. Cal was brought to the cabin and I told Cal what all had happened. He figured out a way to get out of there and we ran. We tried to get other Cackles, prides, and even packs to let us join them, but every one of them refused us. Alpha Lenox had already put out word that anyone that helped us would go to war with our Cackle and since we have the second largest in over five hundred miles, they were reluctant to help.”

“Reluctant my ass, they were cowardly ass hats.” Cal hissed.

Ignoring Cal, Or said, “So you came to the largest Cackle in hopes that we would take you in, protect you from your old Alpha and save you from the mage?”

Miller lowered his head and Or could see the sadness as the man whispered, “We don’t want any harm to come to your Cackle, Alpha Tyler, and I’m not asking for you to take me in, just my brother.”

“What? Oh hell no! Miller I told you, we are in this together!” Cal snapped.

Miller turned, “And we both know that is impossible, Cal. If the Alpha doesn’t get me, the mage will. We might be able to fight off Lenox, but we can’t fight this mage, besides, I gave the man my word. I have to honor the contract. There is nothing we can do about that.”

“Actually, that isn’t quite true.” Parker whispered.

Or turned to his beta, “Explain.”

Parker stepped forward, “As you know, my cousin, Ziggy, is a mage. There are different types of mage, just as there are different types of wolves, big cats, and hyenas. One of those types of mages are the demon mage. They work in black magic, tricking vulnerable and desperate souls to feed on them later. The thing is, if the people who signed a contract bothered to actually read it they would see a tiny clause. If the person wished to make the contract null and void, all they had to do was say the demon mage’s name out loud three times and the contract was cancelled.”

Ca; gasped, “Are you serious?” Turning to his brother Cal said, “We have to find out this assholes name, Miller.”

“How the hell do we do that?” Miller asked.

Shaking his head, Cal replied, “I have no idea, but I say we do what we have to, because I don’t want my little brother losing himself to a demon.”

Or turned to Parker, “Parker, do you think your cousin might be able to help us figure out the name of this prick?”

Shrugging, Parker replied, “I can ask him.”

“Do that, now. Because Miller, you are not going anywhere. My Cackle will keep you and your brother safe, from your old Alpha and the mage.” Or stated firmly.

Miller’s eyes went wide, “But——but I have to go. I don’t want anyone here hurt because of me.”

Or got up and walked closer to Miller. With each step he took he knew his instincts were right, “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to leave, Miller.”

Cal gasped, “You’re taking us prisoner?”

Shaking his head, Or replied, “No, I’m saving my mate.”

Miller looked shocked at what he had heard, as was everyone in the room. However, as Or got closer to him, Or took his nose and lightly sniffed from shoulder to the crook of Miller’s neck, humming, then softly saying, “Evergreen trees after a fresh rain. Gods you smell so good. I could eat you right up.”

“Hot apple pie with cinnamon. I love Apple pie and cinnamon.” Miller whispered back.

“What the hell, I mean I know since Miller healed my sense of smell is off, but I don’t smell anything like that in here.” Cal stated, pulling Miller back towards him.

Jackson quickly turned to Cal asking, “Your sense of smell is off?”

Nodding, Cal said, “Yeah, it’s been a real bitch trying to stay one step away from Lenox without it, but it’s starting to come back little by little.”

Jackson smiled wide, “Well I know I can’t wait until it returns all together. For now, we need to focus on making you and your brother safe.”

Parker hung up the phone, then looked at the alpha and Miller, “Ziggy says he can be here tomorrow morning. Until then, I suggest we have Miller meet with Russ and create a composite drawing. Ziggy says if he can get a good picture of him along with some small indicators he might be able to tell us who this mage guy is.”

Or nodded, then turned to Miller, “Are you good with that?”

Miller licked his lips, saying, “I think I can do that.”

Or took Miller’s hand and pulled him close, “Good, because I want this all taken care of, so you and I can get to know each other much better.”

Warren stepped forward, “Or, if Miller is your mate, then we need to assign him some guards. We can’t have the Alpha mate unprotected.”

“I agree, Warren, get me ten of your best men. I want two within shoulder distance of Miller at all times and the others are to be outside and walking a perimeter until I say otherwise.” Or ordered.

Warren started for the door, “Yes sir. I’m on it.”

Miller grasped Or’s arm, “But I don’t want——”

Or didn’t let Miller finish, “I know you don’t like the idea of being surrounded by strangers, but you have to understand, I’m the alpha and that means you are the most precious person to me. You are also my greatest weakness. You said that you don’t want anyone in my Cackle to be harmed. Well, if anything were to happen to you, no one here or within five hundred miles would be safe. Please, it’s just for a while then I promise to reduce it to just a few men.”

Miller blinked and then let out a long deep breath, “Okay——for now. Once this mess is dealt with, we negotiate once more.”

Or smiled, “Deal.” Then leaned in and kissed his mate for the first time.

To Be Continued...


Everyone is lying to Cory and he is getting fed up. Someone was going to tell him the truth or his Kitten was going to come out in full force. He may shift into a house cat, but it was a Main Coon cat, and that was not an animal to mess with.
Jotham had problems within his coven and as Rei it was up to him to fix them. He didn’t have time for his enforcer’s new mate’s best friend’s questions and nosing around. Intent on getting Cory to leave, Jotham goes to speak with him and is in shock to find that Cory is not only his mate, but he is not all human. He must have him, but Cory doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him or his coven.
Cory needs time to think things through, so he does the one thing that always clears his mind…he shifts and goes for a stroll only to come across men plotting the death of his mate, Jotham, and destruction of the coven. Can Cory put aside his anger, hurt, and distrust to help save his vampire mate?
Jotham’s only concern is for his mate. Because if he can’t find the men bent on destroying his coven, they may not just try to kill him. But his mate as well.


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Sunday, April 22, 2018



“Miller, when we get there let me do all the talking.”

“Cal, why don’t we just forger this? Let’s just go to the human village and——”

Cal gasped, “The human village? Have you lost your mind? How many times did our old Alpha say, if we get caught mixing in the human village, we’ll be put to death. You know the Council has forbid us do such things, Miller. No, we have to find a new Cackle to join, so we can be safe, and this is our best bet.”

Miller sighed, “I don’t like it, Cal. You heard what they said about these guys in the last Cackle territory we were in. Alpha Tyler sounds like a scary guy. What if we go there and they decide to kill us before we can even ask to join?”

“Look Miller, we don’t have a lot of choices here. We’ve tried every Cackle for the last two hundred miles and we have been turned down each and every time. If we don’t have a Cackle to call our own in the next week, we’re going to be considered rogue, hunted down by the council guard, and put to death. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to die. I’m too damn sexy to die and you are too——well if you bothered to do something with your hair and maybe change the way you dress, you would be too cu——” Shaking his head in resignation, Cal said, “how about we just go with, you’re my brother and I don’t want you to die either?” Cal replied.

Miller shook his head, then softly said, “Cal, why don’t you just go? If I wasn’t there you would have been accepted in any of those other Cackles we were at. Heck, if we weren’t for me we wouldn’t even be in this mess.”

“No, Miller. If it weren’t for me and my big mouth, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’m the one that told our old Cackle leader you were a healer to begin with. If I hadn’t done that you wouldn’t have been put in the situation you were and our lives would be safe and we would of at least been given the opportunity to switch Cackles.” Cal insisted.

Miller snorted, “Cal, Alfa Lenox had every intention of killing us on the spot, just for being gay. You only did what you did to keep us both alive. I just wish I would have been able to do it. If I had we would still be with our old Cackle, even though they knew we were gay.”

Cal shook his head, “Miller, Alpha Lenox was trying to figure out a way to get you out of our Cackle just because you weren’t born a  “real” hyena, ever since he took over our Cackle . Besides, I should never have told him you were a healer. You said you didn’t know what you did that day to heal me after I was attacked by Cass. I was just so scared when the Alpha found us before we could get out of our Cackle territory. The bigoted ass was about to enter our hiding spot and I panicked.”

Miller felt a tear run down his cheek as he thought about that day. He had never been so scared in his life. Miller had been cleaning when the scent of blood had him opening the door to find his brother, in his shifted form, laying on the ground whimpering and bleeding profusely from a large wound to his throat. How Cal had not died that day was a miracle, all in itself. Miller had rushed to his brother crying putting pressure on the wound and praying for his Cal to heal. It was at that moment he noticed his skin was warming and the area around him was getting brighter and brighter. By the time things started to normalize, Cal was laying there completely healed and Miller was ready to pass out from exhaustion.

Cal asked what Miller had done, but Miller could only shake his head and insist he had no idea. Suddenly, Alpha Lenox and his circle had arrived and was ready to attack when Cal sat up shouting that if they killed him and Miller, they would be killing a true healer. Then the real nightmare started for them both.

“Well, well, well——what do we have here? Why are two of the Bay side wolves in Northern territory?” A dark menacing voice asked.

 Cal and Miller both turned and Miller felt his heart stop when he saw two men standing there with two of the larges wolves Miller had ever seen in his life. Cal did what he always did, stepping in front of Miller and making himself the first target if they were going to attack. Then, one of the wolves lifted his head, drawing in a deep breath and turned to look at Cal and Miller with a low growl. Seconds later one of the men was lifting his head and doing the same as the  hyena next to him had just done. His distrust was in his eyes as well as his voice, “One of you is not  hyena, yet the rank smell of Lenox is all over your skanky asses.”

Cal quickly snapped, “Our asses are not skanky! We are no longer in Lenox’s Cackle . We came here to talk to your Alpha and ask for asylum.”

The one that had done all the talking so far softly laughed, “Oh, and you think we’re just going to take you to our Alpha now do you? Why not just kill you and be done with it.”

The large grey and tan  hyena that had sniffed earlier started walking towards them. Miller began to shake as the beast got closer. Then the thing did something that surprised everyone, it turned and sat on Cal’s feet, growling.

“What the hell are you doing, Jackson? Get back over here.” The other man snapped.

There was a slight buzz in the air as the  hyena shimmered and shifted into a tall dirty blond-haired muscle man. Damn he had a fine ass.

“Fuck me you’re gorgeous.” Cal gasped.

Miller watched his brother practically drool over the man before them. When the guy turned around, and smiled, Cal’s cheeks turned a dark shade of red, then he cleared his throat, fluttered his lashes, flipped his long dark hair back and said in the most flirtatious tone, “Damn, you’re even better from the front.”

“Glad you like it, red. I’m Jackson Turner. What’s your name?”

Cal flipped his hair back once more, saying in a sultry voice, “Calvin Gold. This is my brother Miller.”

“Well, Cal, how about we go and talk to the Alpha.” Jackson said with a sexy smile, meant only for Cal.

“I’d love that, thank you.” Cal replied, sounding just as breathy as he had a moment ago.

The large lug that had been talking earlier, quickly stepped forward, snapping, “Jackson, we can’t just take two complete strangers, from our enemy’s Cackle  to see our Alpha. It just isn’t done.”

Jackson turned to the man, harshly saying, “My brother can decide if he wants to see them or not, Parker. Now let’s go.”

“Your brother’s the alpha?” Miller asked.

Nodding, Jackson said, “Yes, and I am his enforcer. This butt head is Parker, the beta, the guy next to him is our Cackle ’s other beta, Warren, and the  hyena that looks like it wants to attack and die, is our Delta, Nathanial.”

“Hello.” Miller and Cal said in unison.

Jackson looked at Cal, asking, “Why are you asking for asylum, red?”

Cal looked at Miller, hesitating, but Miller was tired of running and tired of being scared. If this Cackle  was going to allow them to see their Alpha, they had a right to know that by doing so could bring danger to their people. So, Miller stepped up, saying, “Our Alpha found out we are gay and ordered a hunt and there is a mage trying to get to me and take me as his own.”

Jackson’s brow rose, “And why would this mage be after you?”

Miller lowered his eyes, saying, “Because we made a deal with the man. If he helped us, I would be his, but——"

“So you make a deal and then break it? There is no honor in welching on a deal.” Parker stated firmly.

Cal turned to the beta, hissing, “He didn’t make the deal I did. I tried to take my brother’s place, but the man refuses. He says that he will have Miller as his own or kill us both himself.”

“The thing is, the Alpha wants me for himself as well.” Terry muttered.

“I did the only thing I could think of, grabbing my brother and making a run for it.”

Parker looked at Cal, “I thought you said your Alpha ordered a hunt on you because you were gay?”

Nodding, Terry replied, “He did, but I guess he decided there was something I had to offer that was far more important to him.”

“Oh? What is that?” Parker asked.

“Look, if we can talk to your Alpha, we can tell you the entire story. I promise we will tell you guys everything. However, we’ve been here too long and we have to get the hell out of this area before the mage shows up.” Terry insisted.

“We would know if someone breached our territory, just as we knew when you did.” Warren stated.

“Our old Cackle  had alarms and guards as well and the mage still got past them all without them ever knowing it. I have a feeling the same will happen with you.” Cal insisted.

Terry looked around nervously, “Can we please just go? If your Alpha doesn’t agree to help us, you can kill us without any argument from me, because we’ll be dead anyway.”

Jackson lifted a brow, then said, “No one is dying tonight. Let’s go and talk to my brother.”
To Be Continued...


A serial arsonist has just burned down Jude Riddle’s family home, and is now trying to burn the people of D.O.A. out of Texas. Jude wants answers and is willing to work with anyone to get them, even if help comes in the form of century-year-old men with dragons as partners. Especially if one of those agents is Rance “Casper” Caldwell and his soul binding dragon, Smoky.
Casper has never accepted his maharishi in his renewed life. His beliefs were cut and dry. Death was final, and dragons were demons. However, since Casper had already died once and now walked the earth and was joined with a dragon by a higher power, did this mean he was an evil demon now, or was everything taught to him as a child a lie.
Discovering Jude to be his and Rance’s mate brought a light into what had been a dark, lonely existence to Smoky. He wanted nothing more than to claim what fate had gifted him, but to do so, meant he also had to strengthen his bind with Casper. Could he do this after all the hurt the man had caused him for centuries? Well, he better decide quick, because time is running out for him and Casper and an arsonist is nipping at their mates heels.


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Saturday, April 21, 2018


Sebastian and His Woodsmen
~ Part 2 ~
Previously published novella (reworked, new edition)
Copyright © 2018 Evelise Archer

The pounding in his head was like a hammer hitting a spike, but instead of being impaled on a railroad tie, it was slicing through his skull. Sebastian tried to open his eyes, but he didn’t think it was working, the heaviness impeding his progress.
“Come on handsome, open your eyes and let us see what color they are.” He heard a voice, but couldn’t be sure where it was coming from, or from whom. He remembered that he was coming out of the woods to cross the small road, he wanted to follow the river and hole up in an abandoned encampment, but the next thing he knew…what had happened again? Oh shit, he was clipped by an SUV, that’s what happened. Where was he? And who did that voice belong to? It was soft-spoken and …finally, his eyes started to flutter open.
“Prop him up Gage so he can take a small sip of the tea. He’s probably thirsty.”
Sebastian felt himself being moved up a silky sheet and propped on the softest down feathered pillows. Someone, the man named Gage, he presumed, held a cup to his lips and he sipped the liquid.
“Aaahh, what the….” sputtered Sebastian. “What is that?”
“Sorry, I guess I should have warned you. I put brandy in the tea.” Sebastian turned toward the voice and looked into the crispest blue eyes he had ever seen. The man was striking. His eyes looked directly into Sebastian’s soul. No, not looked, more like pierced. They were crystal drops of ice that hung from his bedroom window sill in the dead of winter on a frigid night. The type of icicles that you broke off and sucked. Oh shit, just thinking the word sucked, made Sebastian’s cock rock hard as he stared at the man.
Sebastian shifted in the bed to distract from his growing erection, when he realized he was naked. How in the hell did he get naked? Once again, blue eyes spoke. “I’m sorry that I clipped you with the SUV. I swear I never saw you come out of the woods. You did it so fast and I swerved but…”
“It’s okay. It was my fault, really. I should have been paying attention and not running like the hounds of hell were after me,” stated Sebastian.
“Baby, were the hounds after you?” asked Gage. Sebastian stared at the man startled by the endearment bestowed upon him. Suddenly realizing he was naked. A very, very naked young man, with the slight tent under the comforter making its presence known more and more.
“My name is Sebastian and I am…” Just as he was going to finish the sentence, Brighton shouted…”Holy shit! You’re the prince, Prince Sebastian. That’s who we will love and protect! Gage, what the hell?”
Sebastian stared at the man with the silver eyes and long brown hair. His hair was so long that it was braided and appeared to go half way down his back. Sebastian wasn’t sure what the man’s name was, but he knew the blonde Adonis was Gage, according to silver eyes. There went that damn cock again, rising.
“What do you mean ‘love and protect’,” Sebastian stammered.
“I saw her in a vision, a dream, and she told me you would come to us and that yes, we would love and protect you. I can’t believe you are here. A vision,” exclaimed Gage.
An overwhelming need to fuck struck all the men at once. Avril scooped him out of the bed and Sebastian let out a soft whimper.
“The master bedroom, now,” declared Avril. “Fuck first, then talk.”
“I don’t even know all your names,” declared Sebastian as he was whisked into another room.

The giant carrying him, with the black hair that was almost blue, whispered in his ear, “My name is Avril. Dylan brought you the tea and that’s Brighton, opening the door, and Gage is the one who had the vision.” Brighton turned and gave him the sexiest smile he had ever seen.
Sebastian knew in his heart and soul this was the right thing to do. He was bonded to these men, even if he had just met them in the flesh. For years he knew his destiny was to meet them. He wasn’t even that nervous at the thought of being fucked by four men, four very large men. Sebastian had waited for this moment all his life and he was going to enjoy it and everything else be damned.
Sebastian felt cherished while placed on their oversized bed and Avril settled between his splayed thighs. Sebastian imagined his pale skin shone against the blood red comforter. His cock stood very proud and tall from a nest of silky dark hair, begging to be caressed, licked, and kissed. His nipples peaked, he shivered from the lust-filled intensity of four sets of eyes as they bore into his soul. Sebastian was overwhelmed with emotion. He had only just met the men and yet, they looked at him as if he was the most precious jewel in the royal crown. Four sets of hungry eyes pierced his soul, as if he was dessert on the menu. No, he was the appetizer, salad, soup. All seven courses. He had never had anyone look at him with such love and lust before. It was actually frightening.
Did love at first sight truly exist? While Sebastian looked at each of his would-be lovers, he believed in his heart, it did exist, and he had found it in these four breathtakingly beautiful men.
Sebastian watched as Brighton sat on the bed to the right of him.
“Your skin is so beautiful,” he stated, whispering, as if he had a secret that only the privileged could hear.
Dylan and Gage nodded as they stalked toward the bed, beautiful, sleek, jungle cats. Their muscular and sinewy bodies ready to fuck. Sebastian sucked in a breath, they were the men of his dreams.
Sebastian’s shins and thighs were stimulated as Avril rubbed them, never going high enough to reach his groin, callouses caressed the hairs on his legs, trying to calm his nervous shivers, but to no avail. “Uh,” Sebastian whimpered at the sensation. Avril rubbed and Brighton leaned down to suckle a nipple, suckling like a baby on his mother’s tit. The perk bud rose from the stimulation. Brighton scraped the bud with his teeth, elicited a deep moan from, not only Sebastian, but Dylan and Gage, as well.
“Oh please, someone touch me,” Sebastian moaned. His senses were in overdrive. He had never been touched in this manner. Sure, he touched his own cock before and jacked himself off, maybe even played with his ass a time or two, but nothing compared to the hot breath of a lover whispering soft kisses on his overheated skin. The scrape of teeth on his nipples was far better than the pinching or plucking he had done to himself. He was now nervous. Very nervous.
“Baby, we plan to do that and a whole lot more,” said Dylan as he licked across Sebastian’s lips.
Sebastian was overwhelmed as Dylan began to fuck his mouth with his tongue, thrusting the small appendage in and out. Gage leaned over and began to kiss Avril, while he stroked Sebastian’s throbbing rod. Slowly, Dylan worked his way from Sebastian’s lips to his jaw, chin, working downward toward his neck with gentle kisses. Brighton sucked the other nipple, tugging on the previously ravished one. Gage released Avril’s lips and looked at him with adoring eyes. “I love you,” he whispered, pecking his lips.
“I know big guy, I know,” Avril replied.
Sebastian was astonished at the love radiating from them. To be given the opportunity to partake in that love was simply amazing. He saw the way the four men acted with each other and felt their friendship and love emanate through every touch, caress, and kiss. How did he get so lucky as to land in the arms of Gage, Brighton, Avril, and Dylan?
Sebastian found himself being turned onto all fours, hands always caressing him. He was not sure whose hand was whose, but he was always being touched, revered by his lovers. A true specimen of beauty. Sebastian felt Dylan slide underneath him until he was level with his cock. Dylan licked the bulbous head, slipping his tongue into the slit, and Sebastian shuddered. His balls hung heavy with seed, and swayed to and fro from the motion of Dylan’s ministrations, as he tongue-fucked the slit. While Sebastian’s cock was being stimulated by Dylan’s tongue, Avril began to rim his asshole, loosening the tight bud until the muscle began to soften and open. He trembled as Avril lapped at his nether region. Sebastian had not realized what he had missed by never having a lover. He almost felt ashamed at his wanton nature. Panting and moaning, begging for more. He felt his blood flow through his body, tingles swept through him, a whirlwind storm ready to explode and burst forth. Soon Avril’s tongue left his body and he silently screamed at the vacancy.
Avril reached for the oil, warmed it in his two fingers and rubbed the loosened muscle with the digits. He carefully inserted the tip into Sebastian’s hole. He remained very still until Sebastian became accustomed to the invasion. He then buried the finger to the knuckle, kept it still leaning over and kissing Sebastian’s neck.
“Okay, baby?” he asked, as he rubbed Sebastian’s back and soothed his nerves.
“Yeah, I’m okay. Feels so good.”
Avril began to move his finger in and out of Sebastian’s channel then added a second finger, stretching him and scissoring his insides until his fingers found that secret nub that would send a man over the edge. Sebastian was stunned when Avril touched it deep inside him. He had no idea this pleasure existed. All the times he entered his own ass, he’d never gone far enough in to find this prize.
“What?” he moaned, he panted, pleaded for the stimulation to never stop, lest he implode.
“That’s a wonderful male secret,” chortled Avril. “It makes everything better. I’m going to make you soar.”
Sebastian soon found himself eye to eye with Brighton, beautiful eyes stared at him with lustfulness. Sweet Jesus, could it get any better than this?
“Hey baby,” purred Brighton as he glided his tongue across Sebastian’s lips. Brighton plundered his mouth as Gage plundered Brighton’s ass, preparing him for his cock. Both Brighton and Sebastian were about to be fucked, royally. Once Gage pushed Brighton to the point of no return, he eased him off Sebastian’s lips, applied lube to his rod and gently glided him down his cock.
“Damn, my favorite part, the stretch and burn by a fat cock,” Brighton stammered.
“What a view,” exclaimed Dylan from under Sebastian, Sebastian figured they would all be satisfied in a few moments.
Once Brighton was impaled on Gage’s cock, Avril slowly began to ease himself into Sebastian’s tight channel. He allowed his cock head to enter the ringed muscles. Inch by excruciating inch he moved forward, grabbing more lube and pouring some more on his member to ease the way.
“Relax, baby. Push out and let me in, don’t fight the sensation. Watching my dick disappear into your tight body is a thing of beauty,” said Avril. Once he was fully seated in Sebastian, Avril gently turned his head, until his mouth captured Brighton’s dick. All five men were now connected. Avril was inside Sebastian, Dylan sucking him while being jerked off by Avril, Sebastian sucking Brighton and Gage fucking Brighton. If anyone were to look into the room, they would see a symphony of sweaty, moaning men, connected not only in body, but also in soul.
Each man sought the pleasure of another before seeking his own. A rhythm slowly began to take hold, fluid movement in and out of any number of orifices. No man could talk. Words were not needed as they plundered each other. Pants, moans, and heavy breathing were all that could be heard, each nearing their release, yet wanting another to orgasm first.
“I can’t last much longer,” panted Gage. “I need you to come, anyone." Sebastian bucked wildly as his channel was pillaged by Avril and his mouth was stuffed with a beautiful cock. He felt Brighton’s cock begin to enlarge, he didn’t know if he could stretch his mouth wide enough to handle the blood engorged member. Brighton panted, “Coming…” and exploded, filling Sebastian’s mouth with the sweet and salty taste of his seed. Sebastian swallowed each and every drop, wasting not a single bit. Avril punished his ass while he jerked Dylan with ferocity. One, two, three more jerks of Dylan’s dick, Avril pressed his thumbnail into his slit and Dylan shouted and shot all over Sebastian’s chest, thus causing a chain reaction of the most mind-blowing orgasms they had ever experienced. Avril exploded inside Sebastian as Gage erupted in Brighton. Sebastian felt his balls churn and his member thicken as Dylan stroked him from base to tip. One final twist of his helmet and Sebastian came. Sebastian reached toward his chest and rubbed a finger through the cum that was painted on him. Sebastian licked his finger, the essence of Dylan, tangy and sweet. Sebastian looked up at him, Dylan’s pupils were dilated with satisfaction, and it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.
No one could talk, all high on sex and lust, each tried to hold each other up lest someone fall and collapse.
“No one better fall guys, because I do not plan on getting squished. Monkey in the middle is one thing, but…”
Gage chuckled and slipped from Brighton’s ass and went to the bathroom to get a few warm cloths. He handed one to Avril, who began to clean a very tired and sated Sebastian, while Gage cleaned Brighton and Dylan. Cum leaked out of Brighton and Sebastian’s asses and seed had covered Dylan. Once done, the wash clothes were tossed on the floor toward the bathroom and the men turned to snuggle on the giant bed. Avril and Gage were on the outside and faced each other. Brighton spooned in front of Gage with Dylan on Brighton’s chest and a leg thrown over Brighton and Gage. Sebastian was in front of Avril wrapped in his cocoon of warmth with his head rested on Brighton’s shoulder. Good thing Gage and Avril were big men because they both extended their arms and legs toward each other and created a blanket of warmth, enveloping them all in safety and love. A quiet calm befell the men, their eyes began to drift closed and sleep enveloped them.

A note from Evelise
Sebastian and his four lovers do get their HEA and discover the culprit and bring them to justice. And of course, there’s more hot SEX. This story was originally published under a publisher (no longer in business). The story is currently in the rewritten, reediting stage and the hope is to submit to a new publisher in the foreseeable future.

Deacon Archer is also a Dom and part owner of Club Rebellion and he is in love with Shane Wise. Together Shane and Deacon must decide if the love they feel can withstand the scrutiny they fear if their relationship is revealed.

Can two dominants truly forge a relationship? Will secret desires open up a new world and allow Shane to be the man he was intended to be or will veiled dominance get in the way?

Chapter One

"This was one hell of a night," Shane stated. His thoughts were jumbled.

His lover nodded and stared at Shane while slowly revealing inch after inch of flesh. Shane's partner took his time when it came to disrobing.

Shane hadn't moved because he was too busy being tortured by his lover's sensualness and seductiveness. The man before him was sexy as fuck. Tall, slender build, and a killer smile. Damn, Shane loved him.

"You going to ogle me all night or get undressed? We have unattended business," the sexy-as-fuck guy indicated.

"Someone's in a dominating mood, I see," Shane responded as he began to undress.

"Oh, hell yeah. Seeing the mighty Dalton fall got me all revved up. I needed to get out of there fast so I could come home and fuck you."

"You sure are a sweet talker." Shane let his vest hit the floor, followed by his pants. He'd gone commando, so there'd be less to pick up when they were done. He slowly sashayed toward the very large sleigh bed that dominated his lover's bedroom.

The piece of furniture sat in the middle of the black leather-covered wall and was framed by floggers and whips. Very sleek and kinky.

Shane smiled as the warmth from his partner seared into his back and comforted him. He slowed his movements and wiggled his derriere because he knew full well that his actions would excite his companion more.

Shane knew he was a good-looking guy. He was six-foot-three-inches of muscle. He'd been told that he was built like a brick shit house because of his large chest, lean and trim waist, and large thighs. He had a nice body that was sporadically covered in freckles. He was ginger with streaks of honey throughout his curly hair, and peridot-colored eyes framed by ginger-honeyed lashes. Even his cock was surrounded by the reddish-blond hue.

While glancing over his shoulder, Shane whispered, "See something ya like?" He clenched his ass. Once atop the bed, he turned, opened his legs wide, and began to stroke himself from base to tip. Precome leaked from his seven-inch cut cock and helped ease the slow, languid strokes. After watching his lover's eyes go dark with lust, Shane chuckled as he continued to stroke his cock. "I'm waiting," he drawled.

Shane didn't have to wait long as the sexy fucker divested himself of all the yards of leather he was wearing and slinked up the bed toward him like a large cat stalking its prey. Shane was his next meal, and lover man was ready to eat. His chocolate brown eyes stared at Shane and penetrated his soul.

God, how Shane loved him. Had for many years now. But for some reason, something always got in the way of a true relationship. Work, friends, whatever. Hell, maybe even themselves. They'd never gotten the synchronicity right to make the relationship permanent. But how could they really? Would people understand? They lived in a complicated world, and mixing pleasure with business didn't always work out for even the strongest couples. It would've been especially difficult with everything the two of them brought to the table.

For now, their evening was just beginning, and Shane had planned to enjoy himself. Pitching, receiving, who gave a fuck as long as he got his man any way he could get him.

Shane reached up, gently pulled his lover toward him, and planted a soft kiss to his lips. He licked his lover's bottom lip while nibbling and probing. His partner opened his mouth and allowed Shane's tongue to perform a sensual dance that entwined with its mate. Soon though, Shane felt his lover's dominance overtake him and control the kisses. He was demanding, forceful, and controlling; just the way Shane liked it. No, treasured it.

Shane's cock was hard as granite. It was trapped between their bodies and in need of fast relief. Shane broke the kiss. "I need you now in any way I can have you. I don't give a fuck."

His lover nodded and retrieved the lube that was always hidden under the pillow. "No playing. I think we both need to take the edge off after tonight. Then we can play all we want later," the man whispered huskily.

"Yes. Oh, God. Yes. Please."

All other thoughts left Shane's head as his man prepared his ass for the taking. This was for them and them alone. Shane could deal with everything else later. He knew the moment of truth was approaching and that he'd be forced to come clean and face the others. He only hoped that when the time came, their business partners wouldn't only accept his choices, but understand why they'd been made. But Shane didn't give a fuck at the moment. The only thing on his mind was the man above him and what was soon to come.


"When did you say Dalton and Eldridge were getting back from their honeymoon?" Shane asked his business partners with a slight edge to his voice. Shane, Dalton Peters, Johnson Petri, and Deacon Archer were best friends and business partners in Club Rebellion, a swanky, high-end BDSM club located in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. The club was in high demand, but that didn't stop Dalton from whisking the love of his life and newly collared submissive, Eldridge, off to the islands of Turks and Caicos.

"What crawled up your ass today?" Johnson scoffed as he poured himself another cup of coffee.

The men were at the club for their weekly pow-wow to discuss business; minus Dalton. The topic at hand was demos. Demonstration classes for Master/sub pairing had become very popular, and the men wanted to capitalize on that development. The few times that Dalton had demonstrated and trained others on wax play had been a big hit, and the businessmen wanted to corner the market with more clinics.

Shane threaded his fingers through his hair. "Nothing. I'm just tired. It's been a crazy few weeks with the ceremony. You know, helping El and Issy get their business up and running. I'm good, bro, really. Sorry."

Shane and the others had practically worked around the clock to help Dalton's partner, Eldridge, and Johnson's partner, Isabella Catana, launch their own business. Eldridge and Issy, friends since second grade, had finally made their dream come true when the fruits of their labor came to fruition in Beautiful Counsel. Between Eldridge's acquisition skills and Issy's design talent, the two merged wonderfully. They'd buy properties, refurbish them, and resell them for a profit. Or they'd hire other people to do those services for clients.

They'd all worked together to create offices in Issy and Dalton's homes and convert Eldridge's loft apartment into a design showroom. Shane and Deacon never wavered in their desire to assist Dalton and Johnson's subs with getting Beautiful Counsel off the ground. Eldridge and Issy would have an abundance of work once the honeymooners returned because the calls were already coming in. The profits for all the silent partners would be plentiful.

Johnson eyed his friend speculatively and shook his head. "Maybe you need to do a scene. You know, to take the edge off?"

Panic built in Shane's stomach at his friend's suggestion. The last thing he needed was more questions. He forced a smile while struggling for composure. "Nah, I'm good. I'll probably hang around and watch James do his demo. He's loving all the wax-play tricks Dalton taught him. I hear Josiah loves it as well," Shane chuckled.

"What about you, Deacon?" asked Johnson.

"I'll hang for a while, but I'm calling it an early night as well. I have some business calls to make, and the time difference means I can't make them until late tonight. Sam and Tony are on tonight, so the club will run well even if we're not here."

Sam the bouncer and Tony the bartender had been working at Club Rebellion practically from its inception, and all the partners trusted them to handle things if they weren't around. The owners understood discretion when it came to the guests, as did all the employees.

Johnson began again, "The business at hand -- demos? Deacon, you up for a flogging clinic? It can be a private clinic instead of on the floor."

Shane listened as Deacon and Johnson discussed the details of the clinic. A flogging clinic. Deacon was a master at bringing a sub to the brink -- to subspace -- and then leaving them hanging there in the twilight zone while their body soared before tipping over the edge; the edge of pure bliss and shattering orgasm. He'd watched Deacon do that a hundred times and never got tired of seeing the look of power on Deacon's face or the erotic serenity on the sub's. Deacon didn't need to fuck submissives to put that look on their faces. He simply needed to wield his leather straps. Shane knew.

"Let me think about it, floor or private. Also, I need a sub." Deacon scratched the side of his head pensively. "James is doing the wax demo tonight, so I should catch him beforehand to talk to him about Josiah. Maybe he'll let me use Josiah for the flogging demo."

The men continued to discuss business for the better part of the afternoon until Johnson finally broke up their meeting. "Hey, how about dinner? Issy is up to her pretty little collar in paperwork, phone calls, and sorting through potential clients for Beautiful Counsel. I'll sure as hell be glad when Eldridge gets back because I seem to be seeing less and less of my gorgeous wife."

Deacon followed Johnson and Shane out of the office and said, "Can you two grab our table? I'll be there in a few?"

Shane strode past Johnson and made his way to the table. There was a slight tightening in his chest. FuckWhat if James allowed Deacon to use his sub? It's not like Deacon would fuck the guy, but still.

The thought of Deacon bringing Josiah to subspace unnerved Shane to his very core. After he took his seat at the table, Shane initiated a new topic of conversation with Johnson. "What's it gonna be? Steak and lobster tonight or --"

Johnson jumped ahead of him. "Do you think James will let Deacon use Josiah for his demo? Or should he find someone with more experience? It's not like Deacon's gonna fuck him, just use his body as a canvas."

"Deacon can use whoever he wants. He's the Master." Shane unfolded his napkin and placed it on his lap. What did he care who Deacon used as a sub for a demo? Who was he kidding? Shane guided the subject away from the demo discussion for the time being and toward the safe topic of food ordering. "What do you want to eat? Here comes Sandy to get the order."

Sitting in the owner's booth provided any of the men and their partners with instant service, thus a cute twink made his way to Shane and Johnson. Sandy didn't deserve the brunt of his foul attitude. Shane couldn't pinpoint the cause exactly, but he was tired of all the shit. He just wanted things to be easier but didn't see that happening in the foreseeable future.

"How's it going tonight, Sandy?" Shane asked the man with purple-tipped blond hair as he set down glasses of water and coffee cups.

The servers knew the Masters didn't indulge in alcohol before a potential scene, so coffee and water were always served unless otherwise directed.

"Good, Master Shane. Thank you for asking." Sandy kept his eyes down.

The twinks had permission to look directly at Doms if they were being spoken to for food and drink orders. But Sandy was painfully shy, so his eyes remained downcast. Shane didn't know much about the young man, but he'd surmised that Sandy hadn't had an easy life. He was twitchy, and the only person he'd ever seen Sandy converse with was Tony the bartender.

Tony was training to be a Dom, and Shane had worked with him numerous times. He wondered if Sandy hoped to catch Tony's eye as his submissive once Tony was ready to take on his own sub. Sandy deserved someone that would treasure him, and Shane could easily picture Tony and Sandy together.

"Can I take your and Master Johnson's orders?"

"Actually, Master Deacon is joining us as well, so one more service set, please. We'll all have medium-rare steaks and lobster platters. Thank you." Shane smiled at the boy as he spoke.

He watched Sandy nod his head, smile reservedly, then walk away to fill their orders.

"About the clinic, Shane?"

Fuck. Johnson could beat a horse to death when he got stuck on a topic. Shane's need for Johnson to let the subject drop crawled up his spine, but it appeared that Johnson wouldn't relent.

"Maybe Deacon could use Sandy?" Johnson interjected as he brought his coffee cup to his lips and eyed Shane over the rim.

Shane pursed his mouth and started to speak but told himself that it was for the best to say nothing. His mood hadn't improved since the daily meeting.

"Hold down the fort. I need to hit the head." Shane excused himself from the booth and treaded to the bathroom. He needed a minute or two to compose himself before Deacon returned to the table. Especially if he couldn't steer the conversation away from Deacon's use of another sub. It was getting more difficult to see Deacon work with others when he wanted to be the canvas.

By the time Shane returned to the table, the food had arrived and so had Deacon. Shane made eye contact with his friend, but the frown on Deacon's face told Shane that the man wasn't happy. They sat in silence and watched the crowd.

Business was good. The club was busy every night whether for play, demos, or dining. BDSM drew the crowd. Especially at Club Rebellion.

Sandy brought their dinners, and they ate quickly, efficiently, and in silence. The men declined dessert when Sandy returned to clear their serving sets. Shane left a hefty tip on the table for the lovely waiter, and the three men left the club.



About Evelise

Evelise Archer is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a new-found lover of tea, and don’t look in her office because what you find may astound you. She currently has twenty tins of tea leaves just waiting to be brewed for her drinking pleasure. She is bilingual, lives in one of the original thirteen colonies, and is a lover of the cold weather and snow. It’s a safe bet that you may find her on the beach in the autumn and winter, but rarely in the summer. She’s been married for over thirty years to a loving man who puts up with her obsession to clean—she currently owns three vacuum cleaners—, read, and spin a tale when the voices speak to her. When she’s not in front of the computer, search her out in the local gym.

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