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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Blaecleah Brothers 8


Part Ten




Copyright © 2022

Seamus chuckled as he stepped out of his room with John and Yancy and saw the flush on his brother's cheeks. Neason was hanging onto Brody like a monkey. Seamus had no doubt what the pair had been up to...probably the same thing he had been up to with John and Yancy.

Hopefully, they were all a lot more relaxed now. Between the early morning rush to get to the airport, the insane flight across the ocean, and now meeting his grandparents for the very first time, Seamus was about ready to call it a day.

He glanced over his shoulder when he felt a hand on his back. Seeing Yancy behind him, he gave the man a smile. "Hungry?"

Yancy whimpered.

"Not to worry, I'm sure they put on a big spread."

Everyone in their family was aware that Yancy was ruled by his stomach. He was a six and a half foot tall bottomless pit. Strangely enough, he carried it well. There wasn't an ounce of fat on his muscular body.

John did, too, even if he didn't eat as much as Yancy.

Seamus was a lucky, lucky man.

When they reached the dining room, he felt as if his luck had just run out. The long mahogany dining table was set with a full service right down to the cloth napkins.

"Are we allowed to even eat on those dishes?" Neason whispered.

Seamus wasn't so much worried about the bone china dishware as he was about the crystal wine glasses. Besides, he didn't drink wine. Man, what he wouldn't give for a good old fashioned barbecue and some beer.

"Come sit down, boys."

"Yes, Ma."

They all moved around the table, surprisingly sitting in the same spots they would have sat in at home. No one said anything about it, but Seamus saw a few smiles so he knew his brothers noticed it too.

"I hope you like beef wellington," Grandmother said. "Our cook prepared it especially for you."

Seamus did like beef wellington, but that wasn't what was on the plates the maid's brought out. There was soup and salad served before the beef wellington came out.

Seamus smiled at the woman after taking a bite of the main dish. "Ma has made beef wellington for us a few times," he said when the silence became strained. "We've always enjoyed it."

It was meat. What wasn't to enjoy?

Ava's eyes darted to Ma. "Does your mother cook a lot?"

Seamus blinked for a moment, surprised by the question. "Yes. I mean, we've all moved out the house now, but we all go home for Sunday dinner. She cooks up a real storm then."

Ava's eyebrows lifted. "All of you?"

Seamus chuckled. "We are a rather large family. Pa is supposed to be making Ma a new dining room table this year because it's getting a bit cramped on Sundays with all of us there. Good thing all of my brothers are married off now."

"You forgot the kids," Lachlan said. "If any of us adopt, we'll need the extra room for sure."

"You're planning to adopt?" Ava asked Lachlan before glancing at the rest of them.

"Well, we kind of have to," Seamus started. "It's not like we can—"


Seamus cringed at his mother's whispered hiss.

Yeah, he was in trouble.

"I think what my brother is trying to say," Lachlan interjected, "is that we are looking into adoption."

"All of you?"

"Neason and I probably won't adopt," Brody said, "but we'll have lots of nieces and nephews to adore."

"Because of his accident?" Ava asked.

"No." He smiled as he glanced at Neason, fiddling with the hair at the back of Neason's neck. "Our life doesn't lend itself to children very well."

"Is that due to your work in the church?"

"That's one of the reasons," Brody replied.

Seamus was damned proud of himself for keeping a straight face. He just picked up his fork and took another bite. It was a well known, but untalked about fact that Brody and Neason had an unusual relationship. It worked for them and made them both happy, so no one said anything about it. Since Brody would rather cut off his arm than harm Neason, none of them cared that it was unusual.

"Have any of you considered using a surrogate to continue the family name?"

Seamus's head snapped up at Ava's words. "We are continuing our name." He pointed to Alani, Aidan, and Niall. "With them."

"Well, yes, but—"

"We see no distinction between blood and none-blood children or grandchildren, Mother. Everyone here is my family."

"Of course," Ava said before looking down at her plate and getting a forkful of beef wellington.

Seamus glanced at his mother. When he saw her tight pressed lips, his temper flared. "I don't know how things are done in your family, but in the Blaecleah family love is what binds us together, not blood."

Ma looked up, and for a moment Seamus thought she would reprimand her again, but she just smiled and nodded at him. Seamus returned her smile and went back to eating. He knew this was supposed to be a family reunion of sorts, but it didn't seem to be going that well. Maybe the rift between Ma's uber rich birth family and the one Seamus had grown up in was too wide?

Seamus glanced up when Jenkins came rushing in, moving quickly around the room before bending down to whisper something in Tierney's ear. Tierney grimaced before leaning over to say something to his wife. He tossed his napkin down on the table and stood.

"I'm afraid I've been called away for a bit. Trouble with one of our mares down in the stables. "Please, enjoy your dinner and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Trouble with mare?" Da asked.

"One of our mares has gone into labor, but she's having trouble. Randolph, our stable master, believes that she is having a breech birth."

"Tierney," Ava whispered harshly, "not at the dinner table."

"Sorry, my dear."

"Need some help?" Da asked as he stood. "I've helped my share of mares through giving birth."

Tierney looked bewildered for a moment before nodding. "It would be appreciated."

Da leaned down to press a kiss to Ma's cheek. "I'll be back soon, lass."

Ma chuckled lightly. "I'll believe that when I see it, Donnell Blaecleah."

When Tierney and Da walked out of the room, dead silence hung in the air. A quick glance around the room told Seamus exactly what the problem was. They were all anxious to get out of there. Going to the stables was a perfect excuse.

Ma sighed heavily. "Go, go. The rest of us will stay here and watch the children."

"Thanks, Ma," several of them said as chairs scrapped back and they stood.

"Would you mind if I went?" John asked.

"No, go ahead," Seamus replied. "I'll stay here and help Ma with the kids."

"I think Matty and Billy are going to stay. You could come if you wanted to."

Seamus shook his head. "You and Yancy go. I'm good." He leaned over to press a kiss to John's cheek, then thought about it and did the same to Yancy. "You two go have fun."

"Thanks, babe."

Seamus' smile grew bigger when he got a kiss on each cheek before his husbands hightailed it out of the room, followed quickly by several of his brothers, the blood related ones and the ones related by marriage.

He glanced toward the end of the table where his grandmother sat. "Is there dessert?"

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" coming soon!



Blaecleah Brothers 7

Life has settled down for each of the Blaecleahs. They’ve all found their legends and are living a life filled with love and happiness. But anything worth having is worth fighting for and not even the luck of the Irish can keep the Blaecleahs from having to fight to keep what they have when the past comes back to haunt them all.

In order to save Ma and Da, they may have to decide who they want to keep in their family, and who they don’t before that choice is taken away from them by someone they never expected.

When violence threatens them, aid comes from an unusual source but will it be enough to keep the Blaecleahs in Cade Creek or will the life they have built for themselves disappear before their eyes?



A Christmas wish…

May you never forget what is worth remembering,

Or remember what is best forgotten.

~ Irish Proverb ~


“That’s the last of them.”

Alani Blaecleah turned to see her husband setting another green rubber tub down on the hardwood floor of the living room. She chuckled softly when Da grunted and rubbed his lower back with his hands as he stood.

“You’ll live, old man.”

“Not if I keep lugging your holiday boxes around, I won’t.”

Miffed, Ma planted her hands on her hips and sent her husband her best don’t make fun of me glare. “Now, you know it wouldn’t be Christmas without all my decorations, Donnell Blaecleah.”

“Woman, I’ve been married to you for almost forty years. You could make Christmas happen with a shoebox and a ball of twine, and have.” Da waved his hands toward the stack of tubs that held all of the Christmas decorations Ma had collected over the years. “You don’t need all this fancy stuff to make a holiday.”

Ma smiled despite Da’s flustering. “They hold our memories.” She reached into the small box in front of her and pulled out a folded piece of faded paper. Ma set it on the table and smoothed it open with care. There was a lace doily snuggled inside the paper. “You gave me this on our first Christmas together,” she said as she held the small piece of lace lovingly in her hands.

It was one of her most prized possessions.

“I remember.” Da’s soft chuckle was as warm and light as summer’s breeze. “We had nothing that year, barely a roof over our heads or potatoes in the root cellar.”

“And yet you found a way to buy this for me.” Ma still remembered how blessed she had felt when Da gave her the small piece of white lace interwoven with intricate purple flowers. The small piece of fabric was so delicate she often worried it would just disintegrate if she breathed on it too hard, but it had held up for decades.

“Lachlan was still in diapers and Neason was just a couple of weeks old. We put every spare penny into making their Christmas special and yet you made mine even better.”

Ma felt tears prickle her eyes when weathered but strong hands settled on her shoulders, giving her a gentle squeeze. The warm body of the man that had stood by her side for so many years pressed gently into her back.

“It’s just an old piece of cloth, woman.” There was a suspicious sheen in Da’s pale-green eyes as he turned Ma and wiped his thumbs over her wrinkled cheeks right under her eyelashes. “Didn’t cost me more than a couple of hours chopping wood for old man Walker.”

“That man had two sons that could have chopped wood for him.” Ma pointed a finger at Da, not in an angry manner, but just to make her point. Her Donnell had a soft spot whether he wanted to admit it or not. “He didn’t need you to do it.”

“No, maybe not.” Da’s smile was a beautiful as a sunrise. His eyes twinkled and were so full of love and affection that Ma felt like she could drown in them. “But he also had a wife. He knew exactly why I needed to earn a little extra money.”

When Donnell looked at her with that twinkle in his green eyes, Ma felt like her husband’s universe. He had been looking at her like that for nearly forty years. It had been the main deciding factor in her giving up a life of luxury back in Ireland and coming to the new world with barely a penny to their name.

“No one looks at me the way you do, Donnell Blaecleah.” Ma’s voice hitched, emotion tightening her throat. “No one has ever looked at me the way you do.”

Da let out a bark of rich laughter, a joyous sound that Ma had grown to adore over the years. “I fought the whole of Ireland to have you, Alani, me love. I would be very upset if someone else thought they could take you away from me.”

Ma closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against Da’s solid chest, savoring the moment for what it was—a slice of time when everything in her world was perfect. Her soul mate held her in his arms, her sons were happy with their own partners, and the next generation was alive and well and adored by everyone.

A shiver of awareness slid through Ma when Da’s fingers threaded through her graying hair. She was grateful that Da was one of those men not afraid to show his affections. She, as well as all of their sons, knew that Da loved them, in word and in deed.

“Do you miss Ireland, Alani?” The words were whispered almost as if Da was afraid of the answer although he had asked the same question a hundred times over the years. Ma always gave the same answer.

Maybe this time, she should tell him the honest truth.

“I miss my ma, Donnell. I always do around this time of year. Christmas was her favorite holiday. I miss watching her decorate the house, the smells that filled every room, the food, the sense of something bigger than us that seemed to take a hold of everyone.”

Ma tilted her head back so that she could look up into the pale-green eyes she had fallen for as a young girl of barely nineteen. “What I don’t miss is the way my father tried to run my life, to dictate my every move, right down to who I was to marry. I don’t miss feeling like I was a disappointment because I failed at something my father believed I should have mastered just because of the family I was born into. I don’t miss feeling like anything I did was never good enough or that everyone in my family felt they were better than everyone else because we had money and a family name that went back centuries.”

Ma drew in a quick breath so that she could continue before Da said anything. “The Blaecleah name is an old and proud one, just as old and proud as my maiden name. But I’d much rather be a Blaecleah than the name I was born with.”

The beginnings of a small smile curved up one corner of Ma’s lips as she smoothed her hands down Da’s chest. “There are things that I miss, Donnell, but I think the question you need to ask is if I regret coming to America with you and the answer is a resounding no. It will always be no. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made, one I have never regretted.”

As his thumb gently traced Alani’s lip, Da smiled that sweet gentle smile he gave her when it was just the two of them. “You are the one good thing that has happened to me in my life.”

Ma cocked an eyebrow. “What about your sons?”

“Without you, I would have no sons.”

Ma chuckled lightly. “Touché.”

“Because of you, I have six beautiful sons, all of whom have found that one person meant just for them.” Da’s head cocked to one side, a funny little smile on his face. “Well, except for Seamus. He found two people. But the point is—”

“The point is that we are lucky.”

Da chuckled. “We are Irish, Alani. We’re genetically predisposed to be lucky.”


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Stormy believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two or three men in cowboy boots. She also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.

You can usually find her cuddled in bed with a book in her hand and a puppy in her lap, or on her laptop, creating the next sexy man for one of her stories. Stormy welcomes comments from readers. You can find her at:


Friday, July 29, 2022



When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Blaecleah Brothers 8


Part Nine




Copyright © 2022 

Brody opened the door to their assigned room and stepped inside only to brought up short by the...He wasn't exactly sure what he was standing in other than to think of it as a museum space. The bed was huge, like really huge. The canopy reached almost to the ceiling.

The heavy damask style curtains were a little weird.

Heavy oak furniture sat all around the room. A roll top desk, a floor to ceiling bookcase, a window seat built into the window. Even the large stone fireplace was imposing.

"We should have stayed in a hotel."

Neason snorted as he walked in behind me. "I think we did."

"No, because if we were in a hotel, I wouldn't worry about touching anything."

"Yeah." Neason winced as he glanced around. "That could be a problem."

Brody eyed his husband. "It's going to be pretty hard to spank your ass if we can't touch anything."

Neason gulped as his eyes slowly rose. "S-Spanking?"

Brody raised an eyebrow.

He smirked when Neason swallowed so hard his adam's apple bobbed. He liked seeing these responses in the man. The anticipation, the need...the lust. Neason's green eyes turned to deep, dark emeralds when he was aroused.

Like now.

"Close the door, Neason, and then take your clothes off."

He thoroughly enjoyed the show as Neason stripped his clothes off. He waited until Neason stood there naked before starting to take off his own clothes. He liked having Neason's eyes on him. There was no way for the man to hide his desire.

Once he was naked, Brody walked over to Neason and gripped a handful of his hair. "You should wrap your lips around my dick to get us started."

A mischievous little grin spread across Neason's face right before he dropped down to his knees. Brody groaned when Neason stuck out his tongue and licked the head of Brody's cock.

God, Neason had a great tongue.

Brody's fingers tightened as he watched his cock disappear into Neason's mouth. As erotic as the sight was, it felt even better. Warm hot suction surrounded his hard shaft. Brody spread his legs to give Neason more access.

Neason's mouth tormented Brody, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick. He lapped at Brody as though the man's cock were an especially tasty treat. Neason moved further down, licking and kissing his way to the root of Brody's cock.

When Neason began to gently roll his balls, Brody thought he was going to lose his mind. He had to stop and breathe deeply as Neason took him deep in his mouth.

Brody moaned as Neason swirled his tongue around Brody's cock before pressing the tip into the slit in the flared head of his shaft. Neason sucked harder and played with Brody's slit with each outward stroke.

His hand cradled the back of Neason's head as he slid slowly in and out of Neason's mouth, moving faster with each thrust. Pleasure built inside Brody, pooling in his balls and drawing them tight to his body. His cock tingled, aching for release.

"Going to come, love." Holding Neason in place, Brody rolled his hips backward and pulled his dick free with a damp pop. He shouted as he came, ropes of pearly white cum splattering all over Neason's face.

Neason licked his lips before leaning forward and cleaning off Brody's spent cock. Brody grabbed a wipe off the nightstand and held it out to Neason so he could clean his face. As much as he liked seeing the man covered in his cum, Neason probably couldn't walk around like that.

Too bad.

When Neason stood, Brody felt the man's hard cock brush against his leg. He smiled and pointedly ignored it. This would be a good lesson in restraint for his love.

"Stay where you are. Don't move a muscle."

Neason shuddered, but he didn't say a word.

Brody was careful to keep his smirk to over to their suitcases and dug around inside until he found the lube. He smiled as he turned. He didn't know what he expected but it certainly wasn't the sight of Neason standing there with his hands clasped behind him and his hard cock curved up toward his bellybutton.

Brody could only stare for a moment, mesmerized. It really was a stunning sight to behold. But he could see how hard Neason was trying, and one thing he had learned over the years with Neason—always reward good behavior.

Brody looked the man up and down. He was actually a little amazed that Neason had stayed hard the entire time. Brody reached around and grabbed a handful of Neason's ass cheek. He was pleased by the moan that fell from the man's lips and the way he went up on his tiptoes before pushing his ass back against Brody's hand.

"You've been so good this morning, I think you deserve a reward. What shall it be, my little love? A spanking? Blow job? Or my dick in your ass?" Brody did not miss how Neason's cock pulsed with each word he spoke. The man was close to the edge. "You're choice, Neason."

"I...I...I can't."

When Neason's eyes started to go a little wild, Brody knew he needed to step in. He walked over and sat down on the side of the massive bed. "Over my lap, Neason."

Once Neason was lying prone over his thighs, Brody gave his ass a good squeeze before bringing his hand down in a hard swat. "Count each one, Neason."

"One, sir."

"Good boy."

Brody delivered one swat after another, listening to Neason call them each off. When Neason cried out the tenth swat, Brody slid his hand over Neason's ass to the crack in the middle. Sliding his finger in between those lush cheeks, he pushed it into Neason's tight little hole just far enough to be able to caress the walnut sized gland inside.


Neason's entire body shook, and a loud cry fell from his lips. Brody smiled when he felt a warm wetness on his legs. He kept his finger deep in Neason's ass as the man rode out his orgasm. When Neason's body went limp, Brody pulled his finger free.

He grabbed the tube of lube and poured a liberal amount out on his fingers before pushing two of them into Neason's waiting hole. Brody felt another pulse of cum saturate his leg.

He also felt Neason's cock thickening and coming back to life.

"Does my little love like that?" he asked as he moved his fingers, making sure they rubbed against Neason's sweet spot every time he pushed them into the man's luscious ass.

When Neason started humping his hips, Brody knew the man was working up toward another orgasm. He gave Neason's ass a light smack with his other hand. "No coming without permission, Neason."

", sir."

"Good boy." As a reward, Brody smacked Neason's reddened ass again. He slid his fingers in and out of Neason, adding a third one when he thought his lover was ready. He started to move in a steady rhythm, making sure to nail Neason's gland as often as he could.

When his need to feel his cock in that tight little ass collided with his desire to see Neason come apart in his arms, Brody lifted Neason up and swung him around, laying him out on the bed. His hands shook as he grabbed the condom and tore it open before rolling it down his aching cock.

He lined his cock up and pushed past the ring of muscle, gasping at the tightness surrounding his shaft as he inched his way in. He closed his eyes, staving off his orgasm as he bottomed out. Brody's mind reeled as he began to thrust his hips. His head spun as he felt Neason's pleasure mingle with his, taking the sensation higher and further than Brody could ever imagine.

He freed one hand to feel Neason's skin beneath the palm of his hand, skating it up and down Neason's body, feeling the smooth flesh give under the palm of his hand. His fingers dug into Neason's hip.

He brought his other hand down on Neason's rounded ass. Neason cried out and writhed under him, matching thrust for thrust as Brody's cock slid in and out of his tight channel. Fuck if Neason's body didn't set Brody's blood on fire. It was a pleasure he never wanted to lose.

"Come, love."

Neason cried out as he came, his hole throbbing and milking Brody's cock.

"Fuck, love," Brody groaned as an orgasm of epic proportions suddenly ripped through him, tearing at his very soul. Giving his hips a few more plunges, he held tight to Neason as he came unglued. He was frozen in time and space as he found his pleasure, and felt his balls emptying as endless spurts of cum filled Neason's ass.

"Shit," Brody panted as he became boneless, feeling as though every muscle in his body had given out. He slid back onto the chair, taking Neason with him. Brody kissed the nape of Neason's neck as he closed his eyes.

"Feeling all settled now, love?"

Neason just chuckled.

To be continued...



Blaecleah Brothers 6

Seamus Blaecleah enjoyed one explosive kiss with Sheriff John Riley and then the man refused to talk with him. Devastated, Seamus decides to leave the family ranch and find somewhere that the memories of the man he loves don’t plague his every waking moment.

Yancy Butler is overjoyed when the sexiest Blaecleah brother shows up on his doorstep, looking for a new life. He had given up hope of having anything with the man when he learned that Seamus loved another. Now, Yancy is determined that he will be the man in Seamus’s heart.

Sheriff John Riley will do anything to protect the man he loves, even let Seamus believe he wants nothing to do with him. But if he can discover who is threatening him and all those he cares about, he can bring Seamus home.

When betrayal comes at the hand of someone close to them, Yancy, Seamus, and John have to learn to put their differences aside and work together if they want to stay alive. But in doing so, will they learn to accept each other or will their relationship just be one of convenience?


Seamus Blaecleah's heart beat a little faster as he watched Sheriff John Riley's truck pull to a stop in the driveway. He didn't know why the sheriff was there but Seamus was pretty sure it wasn't to see him.

Sheriff Riley had been avoiding Seamus for the last few of weeks, ever since they had kissed. The man almost went out of his way to stay clear of Seamus. Something about that made Seamus's heart ache just a little. Another part of him said it was for the best. Wanting the handsome sheriff would only bring him grief.

Seamus wiped his hands on a kitchen towel, tossed the towel on the counter, and then walked to the front door. The sheriff was just climbing out of his police vehicle when Seamus opened the door and walked out onto the porch.

"Afternoon, Sheriff."

"Seamus." The sheriff glanced around. "Are your folks around?"

"Sorry, Sheriff, they went into town a couple of hours ago. I don't expect them home until later tonight. Is there something I can help you with?"

"What about Rourke and Billy? Are they around?"

"No.” Seamus frowned. “What's this all about, sheriff?"

"I have some news for them on Ira Thornton."

Seamus cringed at the mere mention of Ira Thornton's name. The man was bad news and had been for years. Ira was currently sitting in a prison cell after being found guilty on two counts of attempted murder, one count of assault, and one count of kidnapping. Seamus thought more charges should have been placed against the man everyone had thought was Billy’s father, but that’s all the evidence the sheriff had been able to get on the man.

"What news, Sheriff?"

"Ira Thornton and another inmate escaped custody while being transferred to another facility. They knocked the guard out and took his car. He hasn't been spotted in the area but I still thought it best to come out here and warn you all."

Seamus felt the blood drain from his face. "How in the hell did that happen?"

"Ira reported sick to the infirmary. Whatever was wrong with him was enough for the prison doctor to send Ira to the hospital, along with another sick inmate. They escaped while in route."

This was not good, not good at all. Seamus had no doubt that Ira would come right back to Cade Creek and try to make good on the threats he had leveled against the entire Blaecleah family. The guy had said that the Blaecleah family would pay. Seamus feared the guy would keep his word.

"I appreciate you coming to warn us, Sheriff. I'll make sure Ma and Da and everyone else gets the word."

The sheriff gripped the brim of his hat and gave Seamus a curt nod. "You do that."

Seamus almost whimpered when the sheriff turned and started back for his truck. He didn't want the man to leave, especially knowing that this might be the last time he saw John in a long time.

"Can I offer you a cup of coffee, Sheriff?"

"Thank you anyway, Seamus." Short curly blond hair brushed across the Sheriff's bearded cheeks as he shook his head. "I need to be getting back to the office. No telling what might happen if I'm gone too long."

There was nothing Seamus could say to that. If the sheriff didn't want to stick around, Seamus couldn't force him. Seamus gave the sheriff a smile he didn't really feel and watched the man climb back into his vehicle.

With the swiftness that the sheriff turned his truck around and peeled out of the driveway, Seamus would have thought the guy was trying to escape from a plague outbreak or something.

Seamus watched until the sheriff's vehicle disappeared then walked back inside the house. He was really getting tired of feeling like he had some sort of disease whenever he was around the sheriff.

It was a kiss, one simple passionate, earth shattering kiss—partly spurred on by fear and adrenaline after the sheriff's car had blown up and partly due to the incredible attraction Seamus had for the handsome sheriff.

He'd been lusting after the man since the sheriff took over the job from the former sheriff. Seamus just never did anything about it until the day John came to help them when Ruben's mother tried to kill them all.

She had wanted custody of Ruben's daughter, Alani, so that she could gain the infant's inheritance. When threats and intimidation hadn't worked, she had tried to kill them. Elijah, Ruben's lover, had been shot, the sheriff's car blown up, and the rest of them had been in fear for their lives.

Seamus had discovered that kissing the sheriff was just as good as looking at him. The man had rocked Seamus's world and then shattered it when he said they needed to talk and then walked away and never came back.

Seamus would have left it alone and chalked it up to too much adrenaline if the sheriff hadn't started avoiding him immediately afterward. So the sheriff wasn't really interested. So what? It had been an honest mistake. That didn't mean the sheriff had to treat Seamus like he had a communicable disease.

Seamus sighed and pushed a frustrated hand through his hair. He supposed it didn't matter anyway. He'd be leaving soon and he would only see the sheriff when he came home for the holidays.

He had thought long and hard about his decision to leave the family farm. It was a hard one. He was born here, right upstairs in his Ma and Da's bedroom. All of his brothers except Lachlan, the oldest, had been born here. Lachlan was born in Ireland before Ma and Da came across the sea.

This was Seamus’s home, his family.

Even after his brothers found their lovers and got married, they all stayed living in their own houses on the ranch. Everyone was staying except Seamus. He needed something more in his life, something he couldn't find here on the ranch or in the town of Cade Creek, which was really too bad. He would have given serious consideration to giving his dream up if the sheriff had been interested. He wasn't and Seamus was leaving.

He just had to tell his family.


Stormy believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two or three men in cowboy boots. She also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.

You can usually find her cuddled in bed with a book in her hand and a puppy in her lap, or on her laptop, creating the next sexy man for one of her stories. Stormy welcomes comments from readers. You can find her at:


Thursday, July 28, 2022



When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Blaecleah Brothers 8


Part Eight



Copyright © 2022

The introductions seemed to go okay, but Neason was still nervous, and when he got nervous, he chatted. A lot. If it wasn't for the tight grip Brody had on his waist, keeping him grounded, he'd probably chatting his grandparents' ears off.

He didn't know what he'd do if Brody hadn't been there. It had taken a lot of maneuvering on Brody's part to get someone to cover for him at the church and the shop.

Surprisingly, it had been easier to find someone to take over at the church than the shop. Everyone in Cade Creek knew the story of the penniless stable hand that had run away with the pampered princess of the Keegan family. Now that Ma was trying to reunite with her parents, everyone wanted to help.

"Rest easy, love." Brody's lips brushed his temple again. "I'll take care of you later, get you settled back into your skin."

"Here?" Neason wasn't sure how he felt about having their type of sex in his grandparents' house. "They'll hear us."

"Then you'll just have to be quiet," Brody mused with a shrug. "Or I could gag you. I did bring the ball gag."

Neason quickly looked around to make sure no one had heard what Brody had said. It wasn't that he was embarrassed by it, but what occurred between them was no one's business but theirs.

No one seemed to be paying them any extra attention so Neason glanced up at Brody through his lashes and thick glasses. "I'd be okay with that."

He doubted he could be quiet if Brody was loving on him. Brody had learned long ago how to master his body like a fined tuned instrument. He knew just where to touch Neason, what silky caress would get him going the fastest, and how to keep him hanging on the edge of an orgasm for hours.

He really was great.

"Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll put us at the other end of the house."

"Doesn't matter where they put us, love."

Neason swallowed tightly. Brody's deep chuckle rippled along Neason's spine. The man knew exactly what he was doing to him.

"Neason is it?"

Neason prayed his face wasn't beet red as he turned to face his grandmother. "Yes."

Ava eyed his thick glasses, a frown pinching the skin between her eyes. "You said there is no lasting damage from your accident?"

"Just these." Neason pointed to his glasses. "I'm pretty much blind as a bat without them."

She stared for a moment before smiling and turning to look at Brody. "And did I hear right? You're a minister?"

"Yes, ma'am," Brody answered. "I've been the minister at the Cade Creek Community Church for going on ten years now."

Her eyes darted to the tattoos peeking out from under the edges of Brody's shirt before she plastered a smile on her face. "Well, that's very nice."

A bit of laughter burst from Neason's lips. When Ava glanced at him, he shook his head. "Sorry, I just...Most people are really surprised when they meet Brody and learn what he does, but he's very good at it. Our entire community adores him. He's brought more than one person to God because he doesn't look like a normal minister. They can relate to him easier."

"Yes, I could see that. Most men of God tend to dress in a very staid manner and it can be off putting to many. Being able to simply sit and talk with someone and not be nervous that you are going to say or do the wrong thing must be marvelous."

Neason grinned. "Exactly."

He was glad she got it.

"There's a little more to it than that, love," Brody said.

"Not really."

Brody shook his head before pressing another kiss to Neason's temple. "If you say so, dear."

Ava smiled. "It's so obvious how in love you are."

Neason beamed. "Thank you." He always liked it hear when people saw the love between him and Brody. He grabbed Brody's arm and gave it a squeeze. "He saved me after that accident and brought me back to the land of the living. How could I not love him?"


Neason jumped when the butler suddenly appeared like he had popped in from thin air. If that was what he was like, how did Ma stand it?

"Lunch will be served in thirty minutes in the dining room."

"Thank you, Jenkins," Ava said before turning back to Neason and Brody. "Would you like to freshen up before lunch?"

"That would be great," Neason said. "Thanks."

He needed to splash some cold water on his face and have a few minutes to collect himself. While his grandparents had been nothing but cordial since they walked in the door, there was still an air of tension in the room.

"Jenkins will show you to your room."

"Thank you," Neason said again.

He kept a tight hold of Brody's arm as they followed the butler out of the living room and up a curved grand staircase. When his brother Lachlan caught up to him, Neason leaned toward him. "This is insane. This is where Ma grew up?"

Lachlan shrugged, which wasn't an answer.

The floor was either hardwood or marble depending on where they were walking and the walls were much the same. The entryway was marble, the living room had been stone and dark wooden panels, and the hallway had dark wooden panels.

Neason shuddered to think what their rooms looked like. Made him wish they were back at the ranch where everything was bright and cheery. He felt at home every time he walked into Ma and Da's house. This was like walking through the halls of a museum. There were even tapestries, shields, and swords on the walls.

"Do you think these are real or just for show?"

Lachlan reached up to run his finger over the blade of one of the swords before rubbing them together. There was a droplet of blood on his finger. "They're real, and sharp. Very, very sharp."

They were led down a long corridor and then another one and another one. By the time Jenkins gestured to a large wooden door, Neason was lost. He had no idea how he was supposed to get back downstairs because he didn't have a clue where the stairs were.

"Uh, Jenkins?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Where's the exit?"

Jenkins' face didn't move a muscle, but there was a question in his voice. "Sir?"

"How do I get back downstairs?"

"One of the staff will come get you in thirty minutes."

Neason smiled. "Thank you."

"Of course, sir."


Neason watched Jenkins walk farther down the hallway, directing his brothers and their husbands to their rooms. He realized he had no idea where his Ma and Da were.

"Did you see which room Ma and da went into?"

Brody shook his head. "No, but I doubt she has to ask where the exit is."

Probably not.

"They could have remodeled," Neason insisted.

Brody's eyebrows lifted. "In this place? I'm pretty sure it's looked this way for the last five hundred years."

Neason wouldn't doubt it.

To be continued...


Ruben is now a fully fledged Blaecleah, adopted by Ma and Da, and he loves living out at the ranch. But it's not enough to keep him home when he loses his heart to Elijah James, the family's attorney, and a man too afraid to come out of the closet to claim him.

After traveling the world for three years, Ruben is finally ready to return home, but he's not coming back alone. Widowed and the father of a small baby, Ruben hopes that he has grown up enough for Elijah James to take interest in him because this time, he's playing for keeps.

Elijah James wanted Ruben since the moment he met the man but the anguish of losing someone he loves still has a hold of Elijah and he's not ready to put his heart, or the fact that he loves men, on the line for everyone to see. He learned the hard way to keep his desires to himself.

When the past comes back to tear the Blaecleah family apart, will his love for Ruben be enough to pull Elijah from the closet or will he be too scared of losing again to cowboy up?


"Elijah, I wonder if we could get a moment of your time."

Elijah James glanced up from the papers on his desk to see Quaid and Matthew Blaecleah standing in his doorway. He smiled in greeting as he stood up and walked around his desk to shake both men's hands.

"Of course," Elijah replied. "I always have time for one of the Blaecleah's. What can I do for you gentlemen today?" Elijah glanced beyond the two men to see the sun setting beyond the mountains. "This evening, I mean."

"Burning the midnight oil again?" Quaid chuckled.

Elijah shrugged as he glanced back at the papers on his desk. He didn't have anything better to do. "There never really seems to be an end to the paperwork." He smiled ruefully as he looked back at the two men. "Unlike in the movies, lawyers actually spend more time doing paperwork than in court."

"Then I'm afraid we're just going to add to your workload." Quaid held up the large manila envelope in his hand. "We need you to look over some papers and make sure everything is on the up and up before Ma and Da sign them."

"Of course." Elijah took the envelope and opened it, pulling the papers out as he walked around his desk and sat back down. "Please, have a seat."

It took Elijah a few minutes to go over the paperwork but everything seemed relatively straight forward. Donnell and Alani Blaecleah wanted to purchase ten acres of land on the west side of their ranch. The price had been agreed upon by both the seller and buyer. Except for the signatures of everyone involved, everything was above board.

"Hey, Elijah," Matty said, "I really appreciate you staying late to do this. We needed these papers taken care as soon as possible."

Elijah smiled as he looked up from the papers he was working on and across his desk at Matty. "It's no problem, Matty. I'm happy to help." He quickly looked back down at the papers. It was always so hard to look at Matty. The man looked so much like his younger brother, Ruben.

Elijah sighed and tried to get the mental image of Ruben Blaecleah out of his head. Matty had married Quaid, and the Blaecheah family had adopted his brother Ruben. He knew it wouldn't do him much good to think of Rueben. It seemed he had been thinking about the man for as long as he knew him. Still, he needed to concentrate on his job then maybe he could go find the nearest bottle. It worked in the past, and he prayed it continued to numb him.

"Everything seems to be in order," Elijah said. "If you'll have your folks come in tomorrow, we can get these signed and notarized. Once the papers are filed with the courthouse, the sale should be final within thirty days."

"Yes!" Matty pumped his fist into the air.

"Well, you certainly seem excited." Elijah grinned when Matty practically bounded in his seat. The man's excitement was contagious. Elijah just didn't understand it. It was a simple purchase of some land next to the Blaecleah ranch.

"I am."

Quaid Blaecleah chuckled from beside his partner. He reached over and patted Matty's leg. "I think we're all a little excited."

Elijah frowned. He pulled his glasses off and set them on the desk as he stared at the two lovers in confusion. "Over the purchase of ten acres of land?"

"No," Matty said as he smiled happily. "Ruben is coming home."

Elijah swallowed hard. "Ru—Ruben is coming home?" He could barely get the words past his lips. Ruben was coming home. Elijah didn't know whether to be excited or freaked out. Both were a very real possibility.

Ruben was coming home.


"That’s what the ten acres are for," Quaid said. "Ma and Da wanted to give him some land to build a house on."

Elijah frowned as he glanced down at the paperwork again. "This land is quite a ways from the main ranch," he said as he looked up at the two men one more time. "Don't all of you boys build your houses right next to each other?"

"Usually, yes," Quaid replied right before his eyes cut to Matty. They stared at each other for a moment before Matty nodded. Elijah's heart began to thunder in his chest when Quaid looked back at him. "Ruben needs a bit more room than the rest of us. He's bringing his family home with him."


Stormy believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two or three men in cowboy boots. She also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.

You can usually find her cuddled in bed with a book in her hand and a puppy in her lap, or on her laptop, creating the next sexy man for one of her stories. Stormy welcomes comments from readers. You can find her at:


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