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STORMY GLENN - Just a post

Okay, so I haven't gotten the 2nd part of my story done yet and I won't have any more authors to fill the days until a few scheduled at the end of the month. So, today I am doing a bit of self promotion until I get my story done. Hopefully, tomorrow...Stormy

UPDATE: I got the next part of my story done and it will be posted tomorrow
Hot summer rain. That was the scent that drew me. The soulful amber-green eyes that begged to be loved kept me. One look and I knew I wanted Lany Harris to be mine. Convincing him of my good intentions might prove to be harder than trying to convince my superiors that someone was out to get us.
I was obviously insane.
Cinnamon and whiskey had a delicious scent and it was S.W.A.T. commander, Lt. Salvador Delvecchio. I wanted to roll in that scent, sink into it, and never come out. I wanted to be consumed by everything that was the lethal man who had rescued me and decided I belonged to him.
I was a hot mess.

As a lieutenant on the city's elite SWAT team, I had a job I loved. I lived in a beautiful penthouse apartment overlooking the city park. And the love of my life spent every night in my arms. My life was pretty damn good.
Which was why I was not thrilled that someone was messing with it.

Someone should have told me I was the comic relief. I would have prepared better for it or at least remembered to wear underwear. Tonight was the one year anniversary of the night Sal and I met. It was special. I was going to propose. It would have been a whole lot easier to propose if the man I wanted to propose to was actually there. Tonight was supposed to be perfect.
Which was why I was not thrilled that someone was messing with it.

Two years ago, to the night, my world changed when Lt. Salvador Delvecchio rescued me from a beatdown and decided I belonged to him. A year ago, he changed my life once again when he asked me to marry him. We were soul mates, which was why I was so confused that Sal wasn't there to celebrate our anniversary.
As I sat there alone, waiting on Sal, I had to wonder if the things I found important in life were important to Sal too.

Two years ago, to the night, I found the man of my dreams and rescued him from a beatdown. I grabbed on to him and refused to let go. I knew he felt the same when he agreed to marry me a year later. Lany would do everything to be with me, which was why I was so confused when he didn't come right to the hospital when he learned of my injuries.
As I sat there alone, waiting on Lany, I had to wonder if the things I found important in life were important to Lany too.

I had once thought that my life was the comic relief for the universe. Today, I was positive I had been right in my line of thinking. It was the only way to explain how I ended up sitting on the floor of my favorite Thai restaurant, surrounded by armed men and hostages.
It was my anniversary, after all.       

I wanted to go to Lany the moment I stepped into the Thai Rose and saw him kneeling on the floor next to Eddie, but dealing with the people threatening him with guns came first. I didn't want him in the line of fire if trouble started. Of course, knowing Lany's luck, just being on the same city block put him in the line of fire.  
He was a hot mess.


There came a point where I began to believe life was perfect. I was married to the sexiest Italian ever trained to be a SWAT officer, I had two beautiful little girls, and more friends than I could count. And then my world fell out from beneath my feet, and I discovered that evil was alive and well and coming for me. I had two choices. I could hide in my panic room or spit in the devil's face.
I spit in the devil's face.

Protecting my family from the evil in the world would be a whole lot easier if I wasn't married to Lany, but I wouldn't change a second of our life together, no matter what came our way. I just wished my gorgeous husband wasn't such a hot mess. When the devil arrived on our doorstep and threatened all I held dear, I did the only thing I could.
I spit in the devil's face.

I just wanted to help my Mom out with the Children's Fall Festival. I had no idea I'd be dragged into a mess that would change my entire world. Learning that children in foster care were being abused, and determined to stop it, I jumped in feet first. I just had to stay alive long enough for Sal to rescue me.

I loved Lany to the depths of my soul, but the messes he got into made me want to wrap my fingers around his pretty little neck. This last one might be the top of the list. When Lany is taken to stop me from investigating a child slavery ring, I have to step outside the boundaries of the law I work so hard to uphold, but it might be the only way to keep Lany alive.


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DANI GRAY - Story #3

Cupid and the 4th of July

Cupid sat around, wondering who next he should help with their love life. Sometimes he loved what he did, sometimes he hated what fate had him do.

What the hades was wrong with some people, that they couldn’t see past their noses to look at what their hearts were telling them. Forget what logic said, stupid brain didn’t know anything about love. Who said loves was for fools? Whoever is was could go to the crows.

Sighing, Cupid was frustrated. Telling someone to go to the crows just didn’t have the same meaning as it did back in the day. Now you had to be vulgar to someone in order to swear. Even then, if you said kun to someone, that was telling them off, but words like that didn’t appeal to Cupid.

How could he promote the feeling of love and stuff if he was rude?

Thinking about his latest love match, he wondered how his namesake was doing.

When Cupid’s mom was expecting him, he asked Morpheus to help him talk to her. He knew that Cupid was going to be a gentle, loving soul and thought he would be the perfect namesake in the land of the humans.

He cried along side Cupid when Victor was killed. For a while there, he kept a bit of an eye on him, worried about how he was not even living his life. For a while there he wondered if he was going to follow Victor into the afterlife.

As soon as Cupid realized that Liam would make a perfect soul match for Cupid, he set them up. Especially when he could help with the trouble that was coming for Cupid. His poor human had been through so much pain, that he wanted to make sure that he would be protected.

Thinking about Cupid, he decided to go and see how he was doing. When he peeked in, he was shocked at the state Cupid was in. He looked ready to find a corner with a blankie and not come out.

What had this human so frazzled?

Deciding to see what he could do to help, Cupid set himself up as a nice young man and went to see his namesakes sister, Artemis. He casually dropped that he would love to help in any way he could, but he didn’t know what he could do. When she asked if he would be willing to help her brother as he was getting ready for a Fourth of July party, he offered to go and do what he could.

Knocking on Cupid’s door, he was happy to see the changes to the house since he was last there as Hellcat. When the door opened and he got a good look at Cupid, he was instantly worried. Was Liam treating him right? He was sure that Liam was the perfect man for Cupid.

“Can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Stephan.” Cupid made sure to put a bit of a shy smile on his face. “Your sister sent me here. I came over from the LGBT center to the coffee shop looking for a job and she said that you could use my help instead.”

When Cupid practically fell against the door, he got a bit worried.

“You any good in the kitchen?”

Thankfully, Cupid kept his snort of laugh from bursting out. Gods really didn’t need to eat, although he couldn’t turn down some of his favorite dishes.

“Not really, but I’m good for getting you things and carrying stuff.”

Cupid was barely able to step into the house, when Hellcat and Specialkitty came up to him, demanding attention.

“The larger one is Hellcat, the other one is Specialkitty.” Cupid said.

He really had to laugh, he knew about how Hellcat was named, since that was his fault, but he loved the littles ones name.

“Who named them?”

“My boyfriend.”

Following Cupid into the kitchen, he watched as he put some food together. When he sat at the table, he had the smaller cat jump into his lap and make it’s self comfortable. Curling up into a ball and going to sleep. Hellcat stood up and started to bat at the kitten, trying to get him to move.

“Hey!” Cupid hissed quietly to the cats. “Stop behaving like this. You’re going to give Cupid ideas.”

When he suddenly heard the sound of laughter, he looked up to see the human Cupid leaning on the counter laughing at him and the cats.

“Guys.” Cupid was beginning to wonder if coming here was a good idea. “Seriously, go play or something. Go find a mouse to torment. I’m trying to help here. Skedaddle kitties.”

The harder he tried to be firm with them and chase the off, the harder Cupid was laughing.

“You two need to stop.” Cupid was ready to growl at them. They were going to out him to his namesake at the rate they were going. “If you don’t stop I’m going to start throwing water at you. I might even try to find some of that holy water they use.” Cupid had to whisper this at them, since he didn’t want the human to hear what he was saying.

Ugh, Hellcat didn’t care. He was demanding some snuggle time with Cupid and to heck with the consequences. Blasting furbag was becoming demented with his demands for attention.

“Go, I’ll see you before I leave. For now, I have to help Cupid.” Giving them a stern talking to mentally as well to get them to go.

He had to smile watching as they moped out of the room. Watching Hellcat drag his tail behind him was funny though.

When Cupid put a plate of food in front of him, he tried to refuse it. The look he was given told him that he would be better off just eating the food. Damn, not even Zeus can look that fierce!

Watching as Cupid pulled out all the food he made, he finally was able to find out what was wrong.

Cupid moved quickly so he was in front of the little human and pulled him into his arms.

Gently crooning to him, Cupid gave Liam a mental nudge to come see his man. While waiting for Liam to get there, Cupid did what he could to help calm him down.

“You know his family is going to love you. You have nothing to fear.”

Cupid gently gave him mental nudges as well, trying to help calm him down. When Liam got there, he was happy to step aside and let Liam take over comforting him. Once Cupid calmed down, he stepped forward as Stephan to lend a hand.

Deciding to go to the family gathering to see what all the fuss was about, he was happy to see that Liam’s family accepted Cupid into their ranks. Looking around to see what was so special, he spied Liam’s younger brother with his work partner. Taking a closer look at them, he noticed how perfect they were for each other.

Moving away, Cupid stepped into the shadows and made himself invisible. Pulling his bow and arrow’s out, he let the two men have it. Grinning to himself, Cupid was happy to see another love match in the family.

He jumped a bit when he realized that Psyche snuck up behind him.

“You still enjoy making the love matches,” Psyche commented.

“Yeah, I do,” Cupid told his wife, who was more his best friend.

“Come with me,” Cupid said, grabbing her hand in his. “There are going to be some fireworks, so why don’t we go grab a cloud and enjoy them.”

Cupid thought this was the way to enjoy a holiday, any holiday.

By spending it with those you loved.



Shane Turner never hid the fact that he was out and proud, not even when it cost him the use of his legs. When he's attacked on his way home from the Pride Parade, he learns that being out and proud might be dangerous, but it also brings him the rescuer of his dreams.

Michael Franks has issues on top of issues, but the frightened cries of a man being attacked make them seem insignificant. When he rescues Shane and discovers a man who makes his heart race, he has to find the courage to step outside of his comfort zone in order to hold onto Shane's heart.

The instant attraction Shane and Michael feel for one another is something they want to explore, but physical and mental challenges are ahead for the two men. Will they be able to overcome them while trying to survive the three attackers who want Shane dead?


Story Excerpt

Well, this wasn’t how Shane Turner saw his day going. Not by a long shot. As he was leaving the Pride Parade grounds, he found himself suddenly surrounded by thugs chanting horrible words…freak, fudge-packer, pillow biter, waste of air.
Shane tried to ignore the rest of the crap they said. It wasn't worth listening to.
The blow came out of nowhere and knocked him to the ground. Fear slithered up his spine as he fell from his wheelchair. Thoughts of being beaten to death had him panicking.
Shane yelled, “Fuck off, you stupid assholes,” as he tried to get his wheelchair back upright.
Ok, so maybe going back to his car with rainbow flags all over his chair might not have been the brightest idea, but this was Pride. He should have been safe.
The group of three guys began taking turns stomping on his chair, and kicking Shane mainly on his legs, but also the rest of his body. All the while they kept saying what an abomination Shane and his “type” were, how gays were disgusting and should be all gotten rid of. He wanted to fight back, but he was too afraid to. The goons were all larger than him, but who wasn’t?
Shane barely stood five feet three inches when he was able to stand, but while in the chair, not so much. Shane wasn’t sure if he should be glad or sad that he couldn’t feel his legs, especially when, after one good kick to his leg, it bent at a funny angle. Shane tried to get a good look at the creeps, but every time he went to lower his arms to get a glimpse of them, they tried to kick him in the face.
Shane heard someone yelling, and when he looked up he saw a ginormous man running towards them. Shane closed his eyes, praying the guy was trying to hail a cab and not joining the goons beating him. He wasn't sure why no one was coming to help him.
“Get away from him," the big guy yelled. "Leave him alone!”
For a moment, it looked as if the three thugs were going to try to stand up to Shane's rescuer, but once they got a good look at the tall, dark, muscle bound man they ran.
As Shane tried to pull himself bit by bit over the sidewalk to get to his wheelchair, the man stopped him with a gentle hand to his shoulder.
“Please, let me help you.”
The sound of his voice, the concern, was a tone that Shane hadn’t heard from anyone in a long time. Usually it was people asking Shane for something, not offering to help him.
Shane stopped to stare, watching as the big man turned his chair over. He winced as he looked down at Shane. “I’m not sure if I should move you back into your wheelchair, your leg looks funny.”
 “It’s ok," Shane replied. "I don’t feel it. Who are you?”
The big guy blushed, which, to Shane, was totally adorable. “Sorry, my name is Michael. Michael Franks.”
Shane gazed at Michael, smiling tentatively. “Thank you, Michael. I think you may have saved my life.”
Michael blushed even more, replying, “No problem. Why were they hurting you?”
Shane looked at Michael “Probably because they know I’m gay and they’re assholes.”
Michael shook his head. “I don’t understand, you can’t hurt them, so why were they beating you up? I guess it’s like my mom says, ‘people can be cruel’." Michael frowned. "Well she says more than that, but that’s the basic meaning.”
Shane reached into his pocket for his phone, but became distracted by Michael’s warm body sitting down on the ground next to him. He couldn't help staring. The man was massive, but more than that, he was gorgeous.
When Michael looked up, Shane quickly glanced down at his phone. He searched through his contact list until he found the number he was after. “I need to call my driver to come and get me.”
Michael shook his head at Shane. “No, you need to call the police and an ambulance. They need to look for your attackers and you need to go to the hospital. There is something wrong with your leg and since you aren’t screaming in pain, I’m going to guess you don’t feel it. If you move it without getting it stable first, then you could do some serious damage to it.”
Eyes wide, Shane just looked at Michael in surprise.
Michael shrugged his shoulders “Just because I’m big and look stupid, doesn’t mean I am. I might have some issues, but they don’t affect my ability to think.”
It was then that Shane noticed the trembling hands, and he became worried. “Are you ok, Michael? You’re shaking, were you hurt?”
Michael hung his head, hiding his face. “No, I just have a severe essential tremor, among other things. My hands are always like this. Sometimes they are even worse. Today is a mild day.”
“Hey, we all have different issues. Mine is my chair, you have your hands. They don’t bother me, I was just worried you had been hurt.”
Shane made his call to 9-1-1, telling them what happened, where he was and that he needed medical help. After that, he called his driver Andy, to tell him to go home for now and that he would let him know when he would be ready to be picked up from the hospital.
Andy sounded concerned. “Are you sure Shane? You shouldn’t be alone right now. I’m on the way.”
“No,” Shane responded, “I have Michael here with me. He will make sure that I’m ok.”
“Michael? Who is Michael?” Andy asked.
"He's the guy who scared off the idiots beating me up."
"Do you know this guy?" Andy asked. "Have you met him before?"
“Shane, you don’t know Michael from a hole in the ground. How do you know that you will be safe with Michael? He could be in on this with those thugs.”
“I will be fine. I trust him,” Shane said, although he had no idea why. It was true. He didn't know the guy, but there was just something about Michael that calmed Shane. “Go, I will call you when I’m ready to be picked up from the hospital.”
Andy finally gave up, saying “Ok, but call me if you need anything, even a drink of water.”
Shane appreciated Andy, and his housekeeper Travis, knowing that they were his now family. Not so much the rest of his biologic family, but that thought was for another day.

Adult Excerpt

Holding out his hand, Shane told him, “Come here, I need to touch you. I love your body, and I find all the hair a massive turn on.”

Michael raised an eyebrow at Shane. “Are you sure?” he asked, as he crawled onto the bed beside Shane. “Mom offered to take me to get some of the hair removed, and I will if you want me to.”

Michael was praying Shane wouldn’t ask him to do that.

“No,” Shane said as he ran his hands over the hair on Michael's chest. “I’m loving it.”

“We need to discuss about condoms, hun.” Michael looked at Shane seriously. “I know that neither of us have never been with anyone, but I would like us to have another test in three months. Providing we are both clean, and I’m assuming we will be, we can get rid of them then. I refused to put either of us at risk. Is this acceptable to you?”

“Oh god, yes.” Shane sighed.

Michael leaned down to kiss Shane. He found that he was becoming hooked on the taste of this man. It was all Shane, with a touch of mint. He pushed this tongue into Shane’s willing mouth and rubbed all over the interior, memorizing the feeling and flavor.

As their tongues caressed each other, their hands were busy, too. When he found Shane’s nipples, he found out how sensitive they were. The small brown disks were hard, and these were something else that Michael knew he needed to taste. He slowed the kiss down, swallowing the cries that Shane made.

“Shh, hun,” he crooned to Shane. “I’m not leaving you. I really need to play with those pretty nips of yours.”

Shane was whimpering and squirming around as much as he could, trying to get closer to Michael.

As he slowly moved his mouth down over Shane’s chin, he found out that his Adam’s apple was another hot spot for the man. Michael spent a couple minutes licking and sucking on that. He then moved down a bit more and started to nibble on Shane’s collar bone.

The sounds that Shane made were better than any porn, and had Michael close to climax. Knowing he needed to hurry this along, or it would be over before it started, Michael went directly for Shane’s left nipple, immediately sucking on it hard. When Shane let out a small scream, that had Michael pulling back, worried he’d hurt him.

“Oh, sweet baby jesus, more, please dear god, more,” Shane kept babbling, begging for more.

Michael grinned and got back to the joy of Shane. He was looking forward to the years he would get to spend with this man, mapping every hot spot on his body. His own personal playground.

While Michael continued to lave the attention on Shane’s chest, he was surprised when his hair was suddenly yanked.

Shane was passing him the lube and condom. “Get me ready and fuck me, now!” he practically growled at Michael.

Michael sat up and grabbed the condom. His fingers trembled as he ripped open the package and gingerly—but quickly—rolled it down his cock. He was too close as it was.

Looking down at Shane’s body, he zeroed his gaze in on the proud dick waiting for him to feast on it. Pulling his eyes up to Shane. “Later, I’m going to suck your cock until you come down my throat.”.

Hearing Shane whimper was music to Michael’s ears.

He opened the cap to the lube, and then poured out a good amount on his fingers. He wasn’t a small man, and had no intention of hurting Shane. He never wanted to cause his love a moment of pain.

Michael paused. His love?

Yes, yes he was.

With a huge grin on his face, Michael moved down between Shane’s legs. He grabbed a pillow to put under Shane’s ass, and draped Shane’s legs over his thighs, taking extra care with his broken leg. Getting a good dollop of lube on his fingers, he slowly rubbed them over the pink star he wanted in.

“Michael!” Shane cried out. “Oh god, I can feel what you are doing. More, put it in me. I need to feel you.”

Listening to Shane beg was ramping up Michael’s desire, but he knew he had to go slow. Since Shane had never had a lover before he had to make sure he was properly stretched, and he refused to cause him any further pain, only pleasure.

Reaching his other hand out, he took Shane’s cock in hand and slowly started to jack him off. While doing this he gently began to work a finger into Shane. When he finally felt the muscles of Shane’s ass loosen, he added a second finger.

By the time he was able to move four fingers in and out of Shane's ass, his own muscles were shaking with tension from holding back. He needed to be in Shane more than breathing. Making love was his only imperative.

When he released Shane’s dick and took out his fingers, Shane glared at him. “Fuck me. Now!”

“No,” Michael replied. “I’m going to make love to you. I love you, Shane.” As Michael lined his prick up with Shane’s ass, he looked up to stare into the man's twinkling eyes. “I love you and will for the rest of our lives. You are it for me.”

“I love you, too.” As tears gathered in Shane’s eyes, he ordered Michael. “Now, make love to me.”

Michael slowly pushed himself into Shane’s welcoming body, the heat surrounding him was indescribable. Every time he had to pull back, all he could do was push back in as soon as possible. This was a haven that he never wanted to leave. He leaned forward to rest his upper body on his arms, and brought their mouths together again.

As they breathed into each other, it felt as if their souls were bonding. Michael was grateful that he waited for this man. Shane was everything to him, his best friend, his lover, and his soul mate.

The give and take of their bodies as they moved soon had Michael feel the tightening of his balls, letting him know that the end was close, and he needed to make sure that Shane found his pleasure first. He reached between their bodies to grab Shane’s cock and ran his hand up and down, matching the pace of their lovemaking.

Michael bent to whisper in his ear, “Come for me, my love.”


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.

I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.

I would love to hear from readers, you can find me at




STORMY GLENN - Just a post

Okay, so I haven't gotten the 2nd part of my story done yet and I won't have any more authors to fill the days until a few schedule...