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~ Part Two ~

When he heard the noise again, Xias took a few steps forward, placing himself between the cubs and whatever was outside the cave entrance. When the strong, unmistakable scent of an alpha male floated into the cave, Xias thought his heart was going to burst with fear.
Alpha males were known to kill cubs, especially those with crystal blue eyes. They saw them as threats. It didn't matter if the cubs were in their territory or not, it was instinctual to try and eliminate all threats to their rule and the succession of their own offspring.
He tried not to whimper when what was quite possibly the largest white Siberian tiger he had ever seen stepped through the opening. There was no way Xias could ever beat this tiger in a fight. The tiger easily had three hundred pounds on him, most of it muscle mass.
Xias shot his cubs a look. They were partially hidden behind a small outcropping of rock. Maybe the tiger wouldn't see them. Xias could only pray they stayed asleep because he could think of only one way to keep the large cat from attacking.
His heart in his throat, Xias moved to the center of the room. Tears sprang to his eyes as he turned and face the other way, lowering his head down to the floor while sticking his ass in the air. It was hard for a tiger to be angry and aggressive when they were sexually sated, something he had learned while under the paws of his alpha.
Xias shuddered when a muzzle brushed against his hip. He could do this, no matter how much of his soul it destroyed. He'd been doing it since the moment he shifted and his alpha discovered he was an omega snow leopard.   
He squeezed his eyes closed at the heavy sniffing. He knew his body was preparing itself, growing slick for the alpha's possession. It was a natural trait of being an omega, one he hated. His pheromones would go into overdrive, luring the alpha in.
His scent washed over Xias first. The air was already growing thick with the heady smell. Earthy, male. Xias’s mouth watered. Nothing had ever smelled this good. That scent sent shivers up and down his spine
The long swipe of the tiger's tongue across his eager opening drew a long groan from Xias. He hadn't been expecting it. His alpha never touched him except to fuck him. He always said he preferred women, but he fucked Xias easily enough, time and time again.
Xias was just another in a long line of leopards forced to cater to the man's obsessive desire to father as many cubs as he could manage. He doubted he'd be the last to submit to the self-serving bastard, either.
Xias tensed when the tiger came down over the top of him. He was covered from ear tips to tail, the larger cat's massive body weighing down on him. He thought he would be frightened by it, but instead, found himself reveling in the feeling of being safe for the first time in forever.
His breath rushed from his lungs when he felt something hard and bulbous nudge against his tight ring of muscles. Xias grunted when the tiger pressed forward, sinking into his massive cock in to him until he was fully seated.
When he tried to move, the tiger snarled against the tender skin of his throat in stark warning before pinning him to the floor with the weight of his body. The tiger began to move, thrusting his thick cock into Xias,  and Xias gloried in giving away what his alpha said belonged only to him. No one was allowed to touch him, and they were barely allowed to speak to him. The alpha always wanted to be sure the cubs Xias gave him were his.
Their coupling was quick as was usual for felines, but it was ferocious and heated. Sweat dripped down through Xias's fur. Nips were exchanged by both of them, a give and take. The tiger exerting his dominance, Xias resisting until he was forced to give in to the stronger feline.
He dug his claws into the dirt floor, grabbing on for purchase as he was slammed into over and over again. His aching hole spasmed from the thick cock pummeling him. Claws dug into his sides, holding him in place. Sharp teeth sank into Xias's shoulder. The bite was painful, but quickly morphed into a pleasure Xias had never felt before.
The teeth embedded in his shoulder went in deeper.
Xias loved every second of it.
He howled when his body exploded with pleasure as he came without a single touch to his cock. It was hot and heavenly and made Xias want to beg for more.
The tiger slammed into him one last time before stilling, roaring around the flesh in his mouth as he filled Xias with his release.
The tiger’s cock, already impossibly hard and huge in Xias’s ass, pressed forward until the tight ball of the tiger's knot pushed against Xias’s rim, demanding entrance. The tiger groaned, slurping at Xias’s blood as he swiveled his hips to work it in. Moaning, Xias wriggled his hips to take the swollen node into his body.
The tiger shoved his hips forward, forcing the knot in. Xias whimpered when he felt the spines at the end of the tiger's dick thicken and take hold inside of him. He had heard of this phenomenon, but he had never experienced it before, and he didn't know what it meant. Maybe it was something unique to tigers.
When the tiger's full body weight collapsed on top of him, Xias lay there, panting heavily. He felt warn out, used, and it was wonderful. He could only imagine what the tiger must be like in his human form.
Xias's head began top ache, the pressure on the base of his skull growing steadily stronger. He felt the need to cry out, but he was afraid to. The tiger was sated at the moment. If Xias moved, he could incur his wrath, and he wasn't sure he'd survive that. He knew his cubs wouldn't. He just needed to lay still until the tiger fell asleep and then he could get his cubs and escape out into the cold again.
He must have made some sort of sound because the large furry body pressing him to the ground stiffened. Xias hissed at the loss of contact when the tiger withdrew his fangs. It was stupid, but he felt bereft all of the way down to his soul.
"Well, fuck a duck."


Vampire Chronicles 3
available today!
All Charlie O'Bannon wanted for the new year was to get laid. Attending the company New Year's Eve party seems like the perfect place to find someone, but when the clock strikes midnight and he grabs the closet person to him and plants a big kiss on him, he's not prepared for the firestorm that ignites.
Marcus Aguilera is the leader of his vampire tribe. He has always known he would have a vampire as his mate. It was tradition, and he was nothing if not traditional. When a gorgeous man with sultry eyes plants a kiss on his lips at the stroke of midnight, Marcus is stunned that he has finally found his rajaaka. He's devastated when he realizes his mate is human, and leaves him after a night of passion.
But the fates will not be denied. When Charlie's path crosses with Marcus's again, the two men have to decide if they will accept the gift fate has given them or if they will fight what was meant to be. The world around them is changing. There are those who will fight beside them and those that will do everything to destroy them. Only by holding on to each other do they have a chance of surviving.

"Five… four… three…"
Charlie O'Bannon laughed as someone on a loud speaker counted down the seconds to midnight. He never knew a New Year's Eve party could be so much fun.
"Two… one…"
The spirit of celebration, excitement, and maybe just a little too much hot spiced rum, made Charlie feel bold and inhibited. The moment someone shouted "Happy New Year", Charlie swung around and grabbed the closest person to him and smacked their lips together.
When he felt strong hands grab his hips and pull him close to a wonderfully hard body. A rough tongue brushed against his. Charlie leaned into the kiss, all but melting against whoever held him.
Charlie had purposely stood under the mistletoe just for this reason. He had one New Year's resolution this year and he planned to get it one way or another. He wanted to get laid before the end of the year. He was going to start the new year with a new outlook on life. He was going to start the year without being a virgin.
The lips pressed against his were hard and searching, demanding, and Charlie loved every moment of it. The low growl that rumbled through the chest pressed against his sent tingles of desire shooting through every nerve ending in Charlie's body.
He moaned and pushed closer, wanting to feel every contour of the hard body holding him. Charlie couldn't remember the last time someone had kissed him with such passion...maybe never.
The mouth that hungrily covered his made him feel something all right, mostly the hard cock pressed against his abdomen. Charlie was thrilled, but only because it was a man holding him. At the beginning of the night when he'd devised his plan, Charlie hadn't been particular. He would have taken a man or a woman.
He was much happier with a man, though.
And the one holding him, kissing him with a cruel ravishment, was perfect as far as Charlie was concerned. There was such passion in the kiss, such hunger. Charlie was shocked at his own eager response.
The lips kissing him left his mouth to nibble a path to his earlobe. Charlie moaned, arched his head back, baring his neck. He felt small pricks of pleasure and pain as the man's teeth raked across his tender throat. The lips moving over his skin were still warm and moist from the kiss.
Charlie's heart began to hammer in his chest. His skin prickled at the man's touch, little shocks of electricity shooting through his body.
"You will be mine, kisa."
Charlie shuddered, the deep timber tone of the man's voice whispered in his ear making his knees quake. The man didn't question, he didn't ask. He demanded, as if he knew Charlie was helpless to deny any want he had.
Charlie nodded. A hot ache grew in his throat when he felt the man's teeth graze his skin once again. Damn, he couldn't remember ever feeling anything so erotic. He couldn't ever remember wanted to give in so much either. The overwhelming ache pitting in his stomach was battling with his need to feel the man's teeth on his throat again, and that was just weird.
 "So beautiful, my little pet."
Charlie's head snapped back. Pet? Drop dead gorgeous or not, he was no man's pet. "Hey, man, the kiss was great and all, but I can't—I don't even know your name."
"I am Marcus." The man's large hand encircled Charlie's throat, his thumb rubbing over the rapidly beating pulse. "But you can call me master."
Charlie frowned. Master? He started to argue until Marcus smiled and the light from the chandelier above flashed on his perfectly white teeth...fangs.
Oh shit.
"Uh, I don't think this is—"
"Do not think, kisa. Obey."
Before Charlie could say more, Marcus's lips claimed his. Charlie tried to inhale, to protest, but there didn't seem to be any air left in his lungs. Marcus had sucked it all out with one simple touch of his lips.
Marcus took his mouth with a savage intensity. Their tongues brushed together, each of them fighting for dominance. Charlie finally groaned and leaned into the man's body, giving up control and letting Marcus lead.
"I have a room on the fifth floor," Charlie whispered, hoping he didn't sound too forward.
"Lead on, kisa."
Charlie started for the elevator. Marcus walked so closely behind him, he could feel the man's body heat. Charlie fumbled with the lock when they reached the hotel room he had rented for the night. The tongue licking along his neck was driving every thought out of his head except finding the closest flat surface.
Large strong hands squeezed his ass sending a shock of arousal spiraling through Charlie. "Open door, kisa."
Charlie shivered at the strength of Marcus's words and concentrated on opening the door to his hotel room. He was quickly pushed into the room. The door slammed closed before he could even turn around.
Strong arms wrapped around him from behind. Hot breath blew across the side of his face. Large hands started quickly stripping his clothes away. Charlie didn't know what to do. He just wanted to lean back into the hard body behind him and let the larger man take control and continue to touch him.
When Marcus's hand wrapped around his naked cock, Charlie's thoughts fragmented and he couldn't think of anything else except the heat filling his body at each little touch.
Charlie groaned and tilted his head back as Marcus nibbled on his throat. It felt so damn good. Charlie wasn't sure he'd ever felt so aroused in his entire life. His skin burned, ached for the feel of Marcus's hands.
"Marcus, I need—"
"I know what you need, kisa."


Stormy believes the only thing sexier than a man in cowboy boots is two or three men in cowboy boots. She also believes in love at first sight, soul mates, true love, and happy endings.
You can usually find her cuddled in bed with a book in her hand and a puppy in her lap, or on her laptop, creating the next sexy man for one of her stories. Stormy welcomes comments from readers. You can find her website at:


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

KELEX - Part Two

Blizzard Bound
© Kelex, January 2018
Part Two

Harper gasped and pulled away from the door, shoving his cock back into his pants and dragging them up. He wasn’t a voyeur and had known better than to watch the two men in their play… but he’d been unable to stop himself. He rested his back against the wall, his heart thundering in his chest… and was about to rush back to the bedroom he’d awoken in, when he heard a call from inside.

“Would you care to join us?”

Harper hesitated a moment. He let out a shaky breath, his body screaming for him to walk inside that room and join their play. While he’d watched a little bondage and spanking porn on a few occasions, he’d never participated in BDSM or anything anywhere near it, and had no idea what he would be walking into.

He was completely out of his element, over his head, and didn’t belong in there. He took a step back, his legs feeling like rubber.

The door slid open some and a handsome face stared down at him. The dominant male was even more attractive when Harper wasn’t staring through a crack in the door. “Or you could just watch… with a better view.”

He didn’t know either man. He’d awakened in this home after he’d crashed his car in blizzard conditions. “I only came… to find who’d saved me from the crash… and to thank them.” He avoided the man’s stare. “And to thank whomever got me out of that crash. I didn’t mean to…”

He couldn’t say the words I was watching you two have sex.

The man’s stare roamed over his body and lingered on his hard cock, tenting the sweatpants.

“You watched… you liked… we like being watched. No harm, no foul.” The guy smiled. “The offer stands. Would you like to come in?”

There was no reason Harper should’ve said yes.

Yet he nodded his head, the ability to speak stolen from him. He could barely breathe. Anything more was asking too much.

The Dom smiled and cocked his head to the left. “Come on in.”

Harper sauntered in slowly, taking in the whole room and avoiding the bound man in the center of it. He wasn’t sure why… it suddenly felt wrong to look. Finally, after checking out the little torture chamber of sex furniture, he turned his attention to the two men.

The Dom was decked out in leather pants and boots, and wore a harness across his muscled chest. From the salt and pepper in his hair and stubble, Harper would guess the man was in his late forties or fifties. His rugged good looks and confident stride suggested a decade younger.

His sub was face down on a bench of some sort, his bare ass tilted up for play, so other than his dark, curly locks and lean body, Harper had nothing more to work with. Bright pink marks trailed all over his cheeks, thighs, and back… some were visibly hand prints, other round like the paddle that had been used later.

“We have a guest to watch your submission tonight,” the Dom murmured, his voice deep and darkly erotic. Harp turned to meet the man’s gaze and nearly moaned again—just like he had moments before to get himself caught spying.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a voyeur,” the sub said, his tone sounding bemused.

Harp turned and finally saw the man’s face. He was past handsome. He had to be the sexiest male Harp had ever set eyes on. Big blue eyes had long, dark lashes. Full, kissable lips would look perfect wrapped around his cock. Just the thought alone had his shaft throbbing. The need to touch himself nearly overwhelmed him.

“Do you like to watch?” the sub asked him, staring up with expressive eyes. They spoke of a hunger Harper had only just had a small awakening to.

“I… I’ve never… I’ve never watched people before,” Harp answered, his face growing heated.

The sub smiled. “You’ve never watched porn?”

“Well, yeah. I’ve watched porn.” Harp frowned. “But that’s different.”

“Is it? Really?” the sub asked. “You might not be in the room, but you’re still watching people sharing an intimate moment.”

“Consider being in the same room is like watching porn on steroids,” the Dom said with a grin. He sat a small chair before the sub and urged Harp over. “You should have a good view from here.”

Harper hesitated a moment before walking over and taking his seat. “What do I need to do?”

“Just watch us,” the Dom answered before walking back to his sub.

“Or you could pull out that big cock of yours and stroke one off while I watch,” the sub whispered with a smile. “I can be a bit of a voyeur, too.”

Harp smiled back, still a bit unsure what in the hell he was doing. When had he suddenly become this person, sitting in a room with two strangers, watching them fuck? Although, there hadn’t been any fucking.

Yet. One guy was naked, tied to a bench, and was being spanked.

And that alone was hot as hell.

Enough to get him hard as stone.

The Dom grabbed another implement. Not the paddle he’d been using, but a leather flogger. He ran the tips along his sub’s back and ass… and trailed it higher as he walked the length of the man’s body. Turning, he ran the ends over Harp’s hands for a brief second before returning to his sub.

Harp sucked in a breath, his hands still gripping his thighs. He wanted to touch himself, but doubt gave him pause. His cock ached, begging to be stroked.

Begging to come.

The flogger came down on the sub’s bottom. A cry of pleasure came from the bound man… and the sound of it vibrated through Harp. His breathing grew more ragged, just as the sub’s did. The bound man caught his stare and held it as the next strike of the flogger came down. Harper felt a connection unlike any other he’d experienced. It took his breath away as he was lost in that blue gaze.

The stroke hit the sub’s left ass cheek, and the man flinched, his gaze still hold Harper’s. Somehow, it had felt as if he’d almost felt the stroke on his own flesh. Dragging his gaze away, he looked to where the hit had made its sting. It left marks like tendrils across the tender flesh.

He moved his stare back to the pleasure etched into the sub’s face. Another strike had the man crying out, his full lips spread wide in pleasure. Again Harp envisioned his cock sliding between those lips, and the thought broke down his last vestiges of any restraint. He pushed down the edges of the sweatpants and drew his hard shaft out.

“Oh yessss,” the sub hissed, eyeing his length. “Touch yourself,” he whispered just as another stroke of the flogger had him crying out in pleasure-pain.

Harper stroked his shaft. Pre-cum had begun to flow from the head. He used it to coat his palm as he moved his hand up and down his cock.

Suddenly, the Dom removed the front of his pants, snapping away the leather. His huge, hard cock sprung from the gap. Harper was transfixed at the sight of another man’s cock, hard and throbbing before him. The fire building inside him only grew higher, knowing what was likely to come next. The man began to stroke his length before coating himself in some lube.

An anal plug Harper hadn’t noticed was slid out of the sub’s ass and sat on the floor, glistening with lube. “I feel so empty,” the sub whispered to Harp. “I want his big cock inside me to fill me up again.”

Harp trembled as he watched the Dom get himself in position. He angled his cock down against the tight hole, the one desperately in need of filling. Harper gasped as he witnessed two become one, their bodies bound in pleasure… He watched the look of absolute pleasure on the sub’s face, heard the moans filling the room, and erupted into his palm. His back arched, his body pushed to the limit…

A cry tore from his lips… all as the two began to fuck before him.

As his moans subsided, the sub’s cries filled the room once more. He eased the last of his seed from the head of his cock while the Dom drove into the bound man. Harp slid down off the chair and knelt at the sub’s side. He reached below and gripped the sub’s hard shaft… and began to stroke the man in time to the Dom’s thrusts.

He’d never touched another man’s cock before in his life. Yet it had felt right to offer pleasure to one of the men who’d brought him to release.

It only took a few minutes for both the men—Dom and sub—to explode. Harp felt heated seed coat his hand seconds before the other man cried out and filled his lover. Harp milked the sub as the Dom emptied himself, slowing the pace.

When it was over, Harp fell back against the chair, his butt on the floor. Shock hit him at what he’d just done.

Two complete strangers.

Two men.

Staring at a spot on the floor, he wasn’t sure what to do next. He heard the Dom withdraw from the sub’s body. Heard the Dom get up and leave the room. He lifted his stare, wondering if the guy would be back.

Harp heard the water running in the bathroom just outside and watched as the man came back with two washcloths. One, he handed to Harp, the other, he used to soothe over his sub’s bottom.

“You okay?” the Dom asked his sub while laying kisses over the pink marks he’d made.

“That was amazing,” the sub murmured. He looked up at Harper. “Thanks to our friend here.”

The Dom chuckled and began to undo one of the sub’s ankle cuffs. He lifted his stare to Harper. “Glad to see you finally woke up.”

“How long was I out?”

“A little over twenty-four hours,” the guy answered. Once he’d gotten the second cuff off, he offered Harper a hand. “Miles.”

Harper frowned. “Miles Bradford?”

Miles frowned and sat back on his haunches, lowering the offered hand. “Yeah.”

“Harper Flagg.” The two of them had played many a summer day when he’d been a kid. Until Miles and his family had moved away from the valley when Harper had been about eleven or twelve.

Miles let out barking laugh. “I thought there was something familiar about you, but I couldn’t figure it out.” He offered his hand again. “Good to see you again, man.”

Interesting circumstances for a reunion. Harper let out a laugh and took the hand. “How have you been?”

“Pretty good,” Miles said.

“If you two are done re-introducing yourselves, I’d love to have my hands free.”

“Impatient subs get punished,” Miles stated with a grin.

“As if that’s a bad thing,” the sub answered.

“This is Charlie,” Miles said. “By the way.”

Miles worked one cuff off while Harper helped with the other. He saw that Miles had massaged the ankles when he’d freed them, so Harper did the same for the man’s wrists, seeing that Miles was indeed repeating it with the other wrist. He looked over the sub’s back at his old friend, not sure if he should feel even more embarrassed now, or less.

One of the guys wasn’t a complete stranger.

When Charlie was completely free, he sat up on his knees and offered Harp a hand. “Nice to meet you, Harper.”

“You can just call me Harp,” he answered, taking the man’s hand and getting ensorcelled in that blue gaze once more.

Charlie smiled. “Harp, thanks for making play time just a little more fun tonight.”

Harper felt his face flame. “Glad I could be of service.”

Charlie moved a little closer. “Oh, there’s a lot more service you can offer me.”

“Calm down, Charlie. He did just have a head wound. We likely pushed a bit too far as it is.”

Harper lifted a hand to his head, almost forgetting about the accident for a moment. “What happened, by the way? I was driving and then I couldn’t see… and then I think I crashed.”

“You hit one of the boulders edging our property line. We heard the noise and went down to investigate. Saw you, the car… we got you out and brought you up here,” Miles said. “Charlie cleaned you up and tended your wounds.”

“I don’t normally handle humans, but I think I did okay,” Charlie added.

“Humans?” Harp asked, lifting a brow.

“Charlie’s a vet,” Miles said, rising to his feet. He replaced the leather covering his cock with a few snaps. “I met him right after I came back and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Miles offered Charlie a hand up and drew him close for a kiss.

Harp rose to his feet, too, feeling stirrings as he watched the kiss blossom some.

Miles dragged his head from Charlie’s. “You’ll be the death of me.” Miles turned to Harper with a smile. “I’m sure you’ve got to be hungry.”

I’m hungry,” Charlie said, eyeing Harp.

“No. You’re insatiable,” Miles said, giving Charlie a swat on the ass. “Let’s be hospitable and get him something to eat before you try and seduce him.”

“He will need his strength,” Charlie said with a smile before heading out of the room.

Miles turned to Harp with a grin. “Don’t mind him. His mind is always in the gutter. And that’s exactly where I like it.”

“It’s cool.”

Harper trailed behind his friend out into the kitchen, his stomach growling again.

“What brought you here in a blizzard?” Miles asked as he washed his hands beside Charlie at the sink

“An ugly divorce that kicked me out of my own home.” After following the two men and washing his hands at the kitchen sink, too, he took a seat at the table. He watched as the two men began pulling stuff from the fridge. “I figured I could spend some time up at Grampa’s cabin.”

“He still around?” Miles asked.

“No. Died about eight years ago.”

Miles stopped what he was doing and turned to Harper. “Sorry to hear that. I know how close you two were.”


“Though I am glad to hear you still have the cabin.”

 “The last time I came up here was for his funeral… so I have no idea what kind of condition the place is in. Might be falling apart for all I know.” Harper had taken a huge risk coming up, especially when he did. But something had called out to him, telling him he needed to be there.

“Well, you’re going to have to wait a few days until the storm fully passed and the roads are cleared some,” Miles said. “Then you can go check it out. I can go with you and take a peek, if you want.”

“That would be great,” Harp said.

A still naked Charlie placed a plate with a sandwich and chips in front of Harp. He smiled, a sensual little smile, and then offered Harp a wink before walking away.

“And there’s plenty of room here if you need somewhere to crash while you fix the place up,” Miles said. “If your cabin’s not quite habitable, that is.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that. You’ve already helped me a ton.”

Miles smiled at Harper. “My family moved around a lot after we left here… I came back to this valley because it’s the one place that always felt like home. I get the feeling that might be part of the reason you risked returning in bad weather.”

Harp nodded. “Something like that.” Hit the nail on the head.

“If I can help you find home again, why shouldn’t I? You’re a part of those great memories of this place,” Miles said. “Maybe we can make some new ones.”

Charlie sat down beside Harp with a plate of his own. “I like the idea.”

“Only because you want a round two,” Miles said to his sub.

Charlie smiled wickedly. “I do. And more.”

“You know… I don’t normally do what I did back there,” Harper said, feeling his face flame. “I don’t make a habit of spying on folks having sex. I was just trying to figure out where I was and who had helped me.”

“And you couldn’t look away. We turned you on,” Charlie said.

Harper couldn’t answer. He only felt his face grow even warmer.

“Why be shamed because it excited you?” Charlie asked. “Nothing good comes from that. Embrace it. You’re newly divorced… so you can be free to explore whatever you want to. If that’s me and Miles, great. If not, your loss.” Charlie popped a chip into his mouth and gave Harper a grin while he chewed.

“Harp is free to stay and not join in our fun,” Miles said, glaring at Charlie. He turned his attention back to Harper. “No strings attached to the invitation…”

Harper saw heat filling Mile’s stare as it held his.

“But I wouldn’t be against you joining us again,” Miles said, his voice a little deeper.

Harper felt his body come to life again.

“I might be interested in that,” Harper murmured, holding Miles’ stare.

He felt a hand on his inner thigh, inches from his cock. “Good… because I’m not hungry for food.”

Harper watched Charlie slid to his knees on the floor, between his thighs as Miles walked closer to the table.

“Welcome back, Harper,” Miles said with a grin. “Welcome, back.”

The End



Sacrificed to the Harvest God

Callum and Weaver want nothing but to be free to be together—but that can never be. Stolen moments are all they can wish for.

When Weaver’s powerful father finds out about their love affair, Callum is offered to the Harvest God as a sacrifice.

Will their love be doomed?



A Beginning

Callum Truthstale brushed his hand through Weaver’s soft golden brown locks. His lover’s hair wasn’t much darker than the wheat they now lay hidden within. Wheat that should’ve already been cut, but was still untouched, thankfully. They needed the tall plants to hide themselves amongst. Lowering his head, he captured a brief kiss. As he lifted, he licked his lips, savoring the taste of the man.

A man he shouldn’t want.

“We don’t have much time left,” Weaver said, a frown twisting his handsome features. “I fear my father’s growing suspicious of all my time spent away from the farm.”

Weaver’s father was the head of the town council and owned the largest plot of land in the territory. Janus Proudwater was a forbidding man, one no resident of the town which bore his name would want to anger. Farms had been lost for something as simple as an evil look his way. Callum should’ve known better than to fall in love with the man’s son, but the heart chose what the heart chose.

“A few more minutes,” Callum said before sipping from Weaver’s lips once more. Weaver opened to him, threading a hand through the back of Callum’s head as he kissed back, filled with need.

Callum rubbed his body against his lover’s, his cock thick and needy. They’d only been able to consummate their affair a few times, in fear they’d be caught. It had been too long since their last time together, and Callum grew hungry for the male.

If only they could be together, free to love one another as they wanted.

Greedy to have another taste of Weaver’s body, he pinned the male to the earth and ground his thick cock against the male’s leg. “I need you again,” he whispered between kisses. “I must be inside you.”


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