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Men of Might 1

AVAILABLE: Thursday, November 3rd

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter

Chase Might was a man in trouble. On a mission for the protection agency he owned with his brothers, he somehow found himself shot and cornered in a deserted warehouse by the third most powerful man in the Dominguez drug cartel. To make matters worse, a man claiming to need his help in protecting his infant son is also being hunted by the brutal drug lord. Chase can ignore the instincts screaming at him to protect the beautiful man and escape with his life or he can stay and fight a battle he has no chance of winning.
Was there really a choice?
Patrick O'Leary only wants to get his son to safety. The man he married had gone from the man of his dreams to the monster in his nightmares. Patrick no longer cares if he escapes. He doubts he'll live through the next beating, but he'll do anything in his power to ensure the horror he has suffered for so very long doesn't befall his son, even if that means making a deal with a complete stranger.
Did he have any other choice?

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A Halloween Story
Part Three
Steven was surprised that he didn't trip and fall down the stairs considering he was wearing four inch heeled boots. He had never worn heels before in his life, but apparently having his mother's dancer ankles was finally paying off for him. He made it all of the way to the bottom without a single misstep.
Mark escorted Steven into the saloon where they party was fully underway. Steven could see people everywhere, all of them dressed in some form of the old west. Steven couldn't see a single person dressed in modern clothing.
There were saloon girls in little bits of nothing serving drinks. Cowboys dressed in their finest milled about drinking beer and grabbing at the giggling saloon girls. There were even a few people dress as gamblers. They sat at tables playing cards.
"Mark, I'm so glad you could make it."
Steven turned towards the voice that had spoken, the breath rushing from his lungs when he spotted the guy. Standing before him was the very same black haired man that he had seen having sex upstairs.
Steven's face flamed.
"And who is this lovely creature?" the man asked as he reached for Steven's hand. He bowed over it, kissing the top before smiling at Steven. His blue eyes devoured Steven with a feral hunger.
"Uh, this is Stella, the guest I mentioned I was bringing with me," Mark replied.
"Stella, how very nice to meet you," the man replied. "My name is Chase Montgomery. I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you when you arrived. I was a little…tied up." Chase's grin was mischievous and made Steven's knees tremble. "I just couldn't get away. I'm sure you understand."
Steven was going to hyperventilate.
"I hope your accommodations are adequate," Chase said. "Not too much noise? No one is bothering you?"
Oh Christ! He knew Steven had been watching him. Steven wanted to sink into the floor. Maybe a meteorite would fall from the sky and land on him.
Could he be that lucky?
"Mr. Montgomery," Steven said. He cleared his throat when he realized that his voice sounded shaky and just a bit husky. "How nice to meet you. My room is perfect, thank you. The view from my balcony is spectacular."
Two could play this game!
One black eyebrow arched before Chase chuckled. "I'm so glad you approve. If you are interested in seeing any other views, just let me know. I know where all the best sights are located. I might even be able to get you a closer look."
Steven felt heat coursing through his body. Chase Montgomery was flirting with him. How wonderful was that? "I just might be interested, Mr. Montgomery. I do love a good view." Steven let a small shiver shake his body. "It just makes me so excited."
Chase grinned, showing off his perfect white teeth. "Excellent." He held out his arm. "May I?"
Steven hesitated for a moment, glancing over at Mark. "Mark?"
"Go ahead, Stella," Mark replied, amusement in his voice. "I'm sure I can find something to occupy my time." Mark's eyes were already straying towards several of the saloon girls. Steven was pretty sure Mark wouldn't be lonely for very long.
He turned back to Chase and grabbed his arm. "So, tell me, Mr. Montgomery, what made you decide to throw a western themed weekend party?"
"Chase, please, my dear," Chase replied.
Steven suddenly wondered if the man knew he wasn't a woman. Wouldn't that be a pickle? "Chase, you do know that I'm a ma—"
Chase patted his hand. "Of course I do, my dear. I don't see how anyone could not know."
Chase brought Steven's hand up to his mouth and gently kissed it. Steven's mouth dropped open in amazement at the twinkle in Chase's eyes as the man looked down at him. It made his heart beat rapidly in his chest. His body felt lightheaded and flushed.
 "You look beautiful in your costume, but I'm more interested in the secrets you have on under it," Chase whispered just for Steven's ears, "Steven."
Steven's jaw dropped. Chase Montgomery knew his name. He knew that Steven was a man. And he was still flirting. Steven was positive that he was going to pass out. He had never had a man that looked as sexy as Chase flirt with him before.
It was mind boggling.
Steven wanted more.
"Why, Mr. Montgomery, you say the sweetest things." Steven smiled and batted his eyelashes at the handsome man, thankful that they were naturally long. "But I'm just not sure I have any secrets you haven't already discovered."
"I have no doubt that you have many, many secrets, Stella, and I would like to discover each and every one of them."
Steven's smiled widened. "I just may take you up on that, Mr. Montgomery."
"I believe I asked you to call me Chase, my dear," Chase admonished.
"So you did."
Steven followed along as Chase escorted him further into the saloon. He was a little unsure of where all this was leading, but more than willing to find out. Chase Montgomery was a very charming man, not to mention really hot.
Chase snagged two glasses of champagne from a passing saloon girl and handed one to Steven. Steven looped the black fan around his wrist and let it dangle, grabbing the champagne flute. He had his other hand wrapped around the thick muscular arm of Chase Montgomery and had no intention of letting go before he had to.
"Chase, my man," a loud boisterous man called out over the music playing in the room. He was dressed like a banker, complete with watch fob and bowler hat. "Great party. I truly believe you have outdone yourself this year."
Chase and Steven paused as the man stumbled up to them. "Thomas, so glad you could join us. Where's your pretty wife?"
Thomas glanced around quickly, then leaned in. "I have no idea, but if I'm lucky, she got lost."
Steven blinked in surprise. That wasn't something he had heard before. He wasn't sure he liked this man very much. Besides, he was bringing Steven down from the euphoric feelings Chase inspired in him.
"And who is this gorgeous young thing?" Thomas asked, turning his attention to Steven.
Steven shivered. Nope, he didn't like this man. But he felt better when Chase patted his hand.
"This, Thomas, is Ms. Stella, a very dear friend of mine."
Thomas tried to give Steven a bow, but he nearly fell over, grabbing onto the closest chair as he started to tip over. "Oh, Ms. Stella, how do you do?" Thomas said once he had righted himself. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
Steven smiled. "Thank you," he said in a soft voice, not wanting give away the fact that he was not a Stella.
"Maybe we can have a dance together?"
"I'm so sorry, Thomas," Chase said before Steven could say anything. "Ms. Stella has already promised all of her dances to me."
Thomas looked like he was going to argue for just a moment, but at the raised eyebrow from Chase he grinned. It was a lecherous grin that made Steven's skin crawl. "You sly dog."
"Oh, I do believe I see your wife coming this way now," Chase suddenly said.
Thomas paled, glancing behind him. "Where?"
"She's right over there," Chase said. "Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Weston, we're over here."
"I’ve got to go," Thomas said, moving away so quickly he stumbled over his feet. Within a moment, he was out the door and out of sight.
Steven glanced up at Chase, surprised to see a grin on his face. "That was not a very nice man."
"No, but his wife is a whiz in the business world. I put up with him because of her. Darlene Weston usually keeps him on a very tight leash. He must have escaped. I'll have someone inform her where he is."
Steven laughed. He couldn't help it. Chase was humorous as well as being charming, handsome, sexy, and just about every other word Steven could think of.
He watched in amusement as Chase waved a passing saloon girl down and told her to inform Mrs. Weston of her husband's whereabouts before turning his attention back to Steven.
"Now, my dear, have you ever played poker?"
"Poker?" Steven asked. "Sort of. I'm not very good at it though. I just usually watch."
"Would you be averse to watching me play a few hands?" Chase asked. "I have an advisory that I need to put in his place."
"No, I suppose that would be okay."
"Good, good," Chase replied, patting Steven's hand again as he started to escort him across the floor. "I recently lost a bet to him and he basically took it out of my ass."
Steven suddenly had a picture in his head of Chase being fucked in the bedroom upstairs. His face flushed. He felt his cock begin to fill at the image. Damn, had Chase lost a bet and let some man fuck him to pay for it?
What kind of man was he?
* * * *
Chase Montgomery was more intrigued with Steven then he thought he would be. He'd only seen the man's picture once, but it was enough to catch his attention and make him want to see more. Inviting Steven and his brother to his yearly Halloween party was a stroke of genius. Now if he could just get Steven and Warner into his bed at the same time things would be perfect.
Warner James and Chase had been having an on again, off again affair for the last three years. It might have turned into something different if Warner didn't refuse to commit to a relationship. He insisted that a commitment would ruin what they had together. This year, Chase was hoping to prove him wrong.
If Steven didn't get Warner to commit to a relationship, then Chase would try and win Steven on his own. Until he'd seen Steven's picture when it fell out of Mark's wallet several months ago at a construction site, he hadn't been interested in another man since meeting Warner. But he had seen Steven's picture, and he was interested, very interested. He just hoped that Warner was interested as well.
"I do believe we can find a poker game in the back room, my dear." Chase held out his arms and waited for Steven to take it. When Steven hooked his arm through Chase's, Chase smiled and patted Steven's hand and then started leading him through the room.
"This is quite amazing, Chase."
"Well, I do my best."
"My brother says you throw a Halloween party like this every year."
"Yes, that is true." Chase grinned at the stunned look on Steven's face. "I love Halloween. I have since I was a child. As an adult, I am lucky enough to indulge myself however I wish, and this is what I wish."
"Is it true that you choose a different theme every year?"
"Yes, very. This year, as you can see"—Chase waved his free hand around the saloon—"we are doing a western theme. Who hasn't dreamed of living in the old west, huh?"
Steven chuckled but it was lighter, more lyrical in sound. It was lovely. "I think a medieval theme would be fun." Chase's breath caught in his throat when Steven fluttered his eyelashes at him, clearly flirting. "I've always wanted to be rescued by a handsome prince."
"Then next year we shall have a medieval theme, complete with dashing princes and fair maidens and maybe a sword battle or two." Chase could certainly think of a couple of long hard swords he'd like to handle.
Steven laughed again and Chase could only stare. How had anyone this gorgeous stayed single for so long? Steven's entire face lit up when he laughed. His deep blue eyes sparkled and his porcelain skin flushed lightly. He was breathtaking.
And Chase couldn’t wait for Warner to get a good look at Steven. He'd be drowning in his own drool. Warner was a good friend and a wonderful lover. He was smart, handsome, and on occasion, loving.
But he was also a loner.
Chase had had a privileged upbringing and he knew it. His parents adored each other and were still married after forty years. They doted on Chase and his siblings, raising them in a loving home. They didn't even bat an eye when Chase announced he preferred men. They just asked that Chase be careful and bring home the man he fell in love with.
Warner, on the other hand, was born to a single drug addicted mother that never cared a wit about him. He came from the streets and climbed his way to the top of his industry by his fingernails. He fought for everything he had.
That made him hard and closed off to those that cared about him. He didn't trust easily. Even after three years, Chase doubted he had Warner's full trust. He wasn't sure he ever would, which was one of the reasons he had allowed himself to start dreaming a little when he first saw Steven's picture.
Chase was tired of being alone.
Oh sure, he and Warner spent the odd weekend together, and they fucked like rabbits when they were together. But they never shared anything special. Warner never came home to meet Chase's parents or spent holidays with Chase. Warner never just wanted to cuddle on the couch or snuggle under a blanket. He didn't want to do anything that might create an emotional attachment that he couldn't walk away from.
And Chase was tired of Warner walking away.
He adored Warner. He had even made the mistake of telling Warner that he loved him. He had said it once, about six months into their relationship. After the way that Warner had wigged out, Chase never made that mistake again. He kept his feelings to himself. He learned to live by the boundaries that Warner put on their relationship.
Except that he was tired of those boundaries. He wanted a life, a real one like his parents had. He hoped that he could build that with Warner and the new man he was interested in, but if Warner wasn't interested in committing, then Chase planned to wipe his hands of his lover and concentrate all of his attention on who he hoped would be the new man in his life.
Now, he just had to convince Steven of that.
Chase could feel the grin starting to cross his lips when they reached the door to the backroom. He knew who was inside the room and he knew what sort of reaction Steven was going to get from Warner.
He couldn't wait.
Chase paused at the door and once again brought Steven's hand to his lips, planting a small kiss on the warm skin on the top of Steven's hand. "Be my lucky charm?"
Steven's perfectly curved eyebrow arched, and fuck, that was a sexy look. "What does being your lucky charm in-tale, Mr. Montgomery?" A pert little tilt brought the corner of Steven's red lips up. "Blowing on your"—Steven's eyes flickered down the front of Chase’s slacks for a moment, amusement showing in their blue depths when they came back up—"dice?"
Chase coughed, nearly swallowing his tongue at the blatant invitation in Steven's eyes. "Unfortunately, my dear, we are playing with cards, but I am sure I can find a set of nice dice for you to play with later this evening."
Steven's lips spread into a bigger grin as he crinkled his pert nose. "I do love playing with…uh…dice."
"I'm a pool man myself." Chase's grin grew to match Steven's. "Give me a good stick and some balls, a flat surface to play on, and I'm a happy man."
Chase was captivated when Steven tossed his head back, his lyrical laughter filling the area. The soft blond curls hanging around his face brushed across his cheek and then fell back beside his head. Chase knew from the picture he had seen that those curls were real as was the length of Steven's hair. He couldn't wait to see it spread out over his bed.
"Come along, my dear." Chase turned and opened the door and then escorted Steven through the doorway. A round table sat in the middle of the room, three men sitting at it playing poker. They all looked up when Chase and Steven walked in.
"Gentlemen, this lovely lady is Ms. Stella." Chase grinned over at Warner, barely containing his urge to stick his tongue out at the stunned man. "Ms. Stella has agreed to be my lucky charm for the evening."
"I'm not sure that's exactly fair, Chase," Warner said as he stood and stepped back from the table to walk around to where Chase and Steven stood. He smirked as he grabbed Steven's hand and brought it to his lips. "Why should you get this lovely lady all to yourself?"
Chase wanted to pump his fist into the air. Warner was interested. He could see the lust burning in Warner's dark brown eyes as he looked at Steven. Chase just wondered if Warner recognized Steven as the man who had watched them have sex through the balcony window.
Chase didn't think he would ever forget the image, especially knowing that Steven had been so aroused by watching him and Warner fuck, that he had jerked himself off. That had been hotter than hell, and one of the reasons Chase decided to introduce Steven and Warner. He knew that the two men would be attracted to each other and maybe be intrigued with the idea of a three-way.
Hell, he hoped they were intrigued. If they weren't, Chase wasn't sure what he would do. But the sizzle of desire arching between the two men said that Chase's plans were falling into place nicely.
"Ms. Stella, I'd like to introduce you to a very close friend of mine, Warren James." Chase indicated his lover and then turned to the other two men at the table. "This is Douglas Carlyle and Hugh Jackson."
Steven nodded, his thick, long eyelashes fluttering as he smiled, fanning his face with his fan. "Gentlemen."
"Allow me to get you a chair, Ms. Stella," Warren said. He quickly grabbed a chair and set it down between his seat and the only empty chair at the table. A small laugh filled the air when Warren took Steven's hand and helped him to the chair and then quickly sat down beside him, grabbing Steven's hand again.
Chase sat down in the vacant chair and grabbed Steven's other hand. Steven chuckled as he looked at each of the hands holding his and then at the cards on the table.
"Well, this is going to make playing cards interesting."
"We could always go play something else," Chase suggested. Much to his delight, Steven's face flushed as if he had been thinking the very same thing. Chase brought Steven's hand to his mouth and pressed his lips against it. "Not to worry, my dear. We'll play later."
He dropped Steven's hand and grabbed the deck of cards on the table. He shuffled the cards and dealt them out to himself and the other three men at the table. Chase rearranged his cards in his hands, putting them into the order he wanted and then turned to look at Steven and Warren.
Warren had yet to pick up his cards or let go of Steven's hand. He was just staring at Steven as if mesmerized by his very presence. Chase had known the man a long time and he could see the hunger burning in Warren's eyes. Warren wanted Steven, and he wanted him bad.
And that was just what Chase had been hoping for.
Chase tossed some chips into the middle of the table and then smirked at Warren. "It's your ante, Warren."
"Huh?" Warren's eyes turned to him.
Chase nodded toward the table. "Your ante?"
"Oh, yeah." Warren seemed to shake himself out of whatever daze he had been in and grabbed his cards. As he leafed through them, Steven's light laughter filled the room once again.
God, that was a beautiful sound.
Warren tossed some chips into the middle of the table, laid his cards down, and turned his attention back to Steven, once again grabbing his hand. This time, he brought it to his lips and kissed the back of it.
"Do you play cards, Ms. Stella?"
"No." Steven's red rouged lips twisted with amusement as he glanced at Chase. "But I've been told pool is a good game to play, something about a hard stick, some balls, and a flat surface."
Warren coughed, his eyes growing round. "Uh, yes, pool is a great game." His eyes strayed to Chase. "As long as you have a good partner to play with."
Chase's jaw dropped when Steven grinned mischievously. He couldn't wait to hear what came out of the man's mouth because he was positive it was going to be interesting. There was too much amusement in Steven's eyes for it to be anything else.
"Mr. Montgomery offered to teach me how to play later. He seems to know all about the proper way to handle a pool stick. Maybe you could join us." Steven glanced at Chase and then at the table before looking at Warren. "From what I've seen, you both are well versed in the art of…uh…pool."
Warren's brown eyes bugged before snapping to Chase. Warren had known someone had seen them having sex. He apparently hadn't made the connection as to who it was until now.
Chase smirked as he shrugged. He held his breath as he watched realization wash over Warren. He knew Warren was intrigued by Steven, but that didn't mean he wanted the man to join them in bed. How was he going to react to Steven's words?
Warren cleared his throat and sat back in his chair, and then reached down to grab his cards. Silence hung heavy in the room as Warren rearranged his cards in his hand. He laid down two cards and tossed some more chips into the middle of the table. When he turned back to Steven, the lust burning in his eyes stole what breath Chase still held in his lungs.
"Pool is a man's game, my dear. It is also a group sport. It takes a strong hand to properly handle a good solid pool stick. Do you believe you are up to it?"
Steven's lips twitched. "I believe I am up for anything you can show me."
Laughter burst from Chase's lips as he reached for Steven's hand. "Well said, Ms. Stella."
Warren's dark blond eyebrow arched. "Would you care to wager on that?"
Steven's gaze didn't waver as he stared at Warren. "Just what did you have in mind?"
"A gentlemen’s wager, my dear." Warren’s eyebrow curved up. “Do you think you can handle that?”

* * * *
More of Cowboy Dream coming soon


Men of Might 1


AVAILABLE: Thursday, November 3rd

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA
Chase Might was a man in trouble. On a mission for the protection agency he owned with his brothers, he somehow found himself shot and cornered in a deserted warehouse by the third most powerful man in the Dominguez drug cartel. To make matters worse, a man claiming to need his help in protecting his infant son is also being hunted by the brutal drug lord. Chase can ignore the instincts screaming at him to protect the beautiful man and escape with his life or he can stay and fight a battle he has no chance of winning.
Was there really a choice?
Patrick O'Leary only wants to get his son to safety. The man he married had gone from the man of his dreams to the monster in his nightmares. Patrick no longer cares if he escapes. He doubts he'll live through the next beating, but he'll do anything in his power to ensure the horror he has suffered for so very long doesn't befall his son, even if that means making a deal with a complete stranger.
Did he have any other choice?

Chase glanced around the dilapidated warehouse. He heard the men searching for him, and there was no escape. He was boxed in as Dominic Eli's thugs yelled at each other to find Chase. Chase knew taking on Morgan Hackery as a client had been a mistake. He'd felt it in his gut when Clint had agreed to take the job.
Morgan Hackery had said that he needed protection because he dealt with a lot of money and lately he'd felt as though he was being watched, but after digging deeper, Chase had discovered that Morgan had dealt with a large flow of cash.
Cartel cash.
Morgan up and disappeared two days ago, and had left false clues behind indicating that the Might brothers had something to do with the missing money. They didn’t, and now Chase had been shot, and Dominic Eli's men were searching for him to finish the job. They wanted to make an example of him and his brothers to others who might consider stealing from the cartel.
"I don’t think I'm getting out of this," Chase said as he swallowed roughly. He peered around the haphazardly stack of crates and then quickly ducked back when he saw one of the men heading in his direction. The guy was armed to the freaking teeth.
"Just keep a level head," Clint said. "I know you. You'll figure a way out."
Normally Chase would agree with his brother, but there were too many men in the warehouse and all exits were covered. Sooner or later someone was going to search his little hiding spot and it would be all over for him. He had to move. Moving was the only way to survive.
Glancing around the crates again, Chase saw that the thug had moved on. With his hand pressed over his wound, he pushed to his feet and skirted around the crates, slid around a corner, and then ducked into an old office. The room smelled musty and rancid as if there was a dead animal somewhere close by. A layer of dust covered everything, but at least it wasn't out in the open.
"Okay," Chase told his brothers, "I'm in one of the abandoned offices on the east side of the building, second floor corner."
"That's it," Ryan encouraged. "Keep moving. Do you see an escape route yet?"
Sweat covered Chase's scalp and slid down his back as he clenched his teeth. Fuck, the bullet wound was killing him. His entire arm felt as if it was on fire. He could feel it starting to heal, but the whole process was moving way too slow for comfort.
He checked through the single window that overlooked the ground first and second floor of the warehouse. The glass was dusty and smeared, but even without his enhanced sight he could make out moving bodies on the other side.
"No." There wasn't anything that wouldn't put him in the line of fire. Chase was still trying to figure out how he ended up in the line of fire in the first place. This mission was supposed to be a no brainer. Go in, get the intel to get the cartel off their asses, and get the hell out.
Except, Dominic Eli and his goons had been waiting for them. Someone, somewhere, had squealed. Chase trusted his brothers with his life. He trusted the people he employed at the Might Protection Agency he owned with his brothers to have his back.
So, either Dominic Eli was really good—and he wasn't—or the drug lord had just been lucky. Chase was going with lucky, because he couldn't think of any other way Eli would have known they were coming.
Chase ducked down when one of the thugs moved too close to the office window. He prayed the man didn’t come inside. The clip in his gun was empty and hand to hand combat would make too much noise. He was kind of running out of options.
"How's the bleeding?" Clint asked.
"Still fucking oozing from my arm," Chase bit out, "but it's not as bad as it was." He panted heavily as he gripped his upper arm tighter. His arm was going numb and soon he would lose use of it while it healed. That seriously wouldn't help his hand to hand combat skills. Sure, he could still kick someone's ass without the use of his arm, but it would make things harder.
"No need to get your panties in a bunch," Clint said. "Just getting a sit-rep."
Chase wasn’t in the mood to give his brothers a situation report. He needed to get out of there, but Clint was right. Chase had to keep them abreast of what was going on. They'd need to know where to collect the body if he didn’t make it out of there.
He ducked when a shadow fell across the window. Chase pressed his back into the wall and held his breath as the door swung open and then quickly closed. Squinting into the darkness of the office, he tried to make out the outline of a man.
A very small man.
"Sssh," the man said in a hushed tone as he patted a bundle strapped to his chest. "Don’t worry, sweety. Daddy's going to make things all better."
What the hell?
Chase cocked his head to the side to see what the man was holding. No. No way. This couldn’t be real. Was the guy actually holding a baby? A freaking baby? Maybe Chase had hit his head or he'd actually died and was hallucinating. There was no way a guy had slipped into the office of a deserted warehouse with a baby in his arms.
"Who are you?"
The man spun, squeaked, and then slapped a hand over his mouth. His green eyes were wide as he stared at Chase. The bag in the stranger's hand dropped to the floor as he began to back away and Chase saw pure terror all over his face.
Holding his hands up, Chase shushed the guy. "It's okay. I'm not the bad guy."
The stranger's eyes dropped to the wound on Chase's arm. His grip on the baby tightened. "Please, don’t hurt us."
God. The look in the man's eyes made Chase's chest tighten. "I swear to you that I am not going to hurt you or your baby." This was unreal. Chase was bleeding from a gunshot wound, bad guys were looking to kill him, and there was a man and a baby in the middle of all this.
He needed a fucking drink.
"Patrick!" someone yelled.
The shouted name from outside of the office made the stranger's eyes grow even rounder as his chest rose and fell rapidly. "He knows I escaped."
Well shit. If Chase had even half a chance of getting out of there alive, the stranger had just blown it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The Right Costume Makes the Man
By Terry Poole
Scowling at the ceiling, Dr. Nathan Kirkfield ran his hand through his curls as he leaned against the doorframe to his office.
 “How in the heck do I let myself get talked into these situations?” Nathan demanded of his administrative assistant.
Marjorie shook her head at him as she crossed her arms across her ample breasts. “You are too good hearted, that’s how. It’s a damn good thing you have me to look after you.”
“What’s Nathan done now?”
Nathan transferred his scowl to his chief laboratory technician. “Thanks for being all on my side, Martin.”
Martin shrugged as he came further into the inner offices of the Head of Cardiology Department at Anchor Hospital.
“Meh. Never said I was taking sides. I just asked what you’ve gotten into now.”
Pointing at Nathan, Marjorie snorted inelegantly. “Our dear Dr. Kirkfield is having a spectacular meltdown.”
“I am not!”
She cocked an eyebrow at him. It was that eyebrow, the same one that sent doctors and students alike, cowing in fear. There was a reason, Marjorie was his administrator, running the entire department with a firm hand and not taking shit from anyone.  He had no idea what he would do without her.
At the end of the interview for this position, she had looked at him for long moments and finally told him she would take the position because he obviously needed her. He sat there slack jawed for a moment and then said okay, cancelling all the other interviews. For some reason, the older woman had decided that Nathan required a keeper and that she was the one for the job. He had never regretted it. Except, that is, for when she aimed the ‘eyebrow of death’ at him like she was doing right now. Damn, but his mother could take lessons from Marjorie and that was saying a lot.
 “Okay,” he admitted somewhat meekly. “Maybe I am having a small meltdown. But I have a valid reason to be freaking out.” Nathan began to pace back and forth, waving his hands in the air as he spoke.
“Kelly and I have to attend the Halloween Bash fundraiser for the new children’s cancer ward tonight and look what he wants me to wear, what he wants me to be.”
Nathan stopped and waved his phone in Martin’s direction. “He could pull off that brother that fights supernatural creepy crawlies but me? Do I honestly look like I could pull off the taller brother? Really?”
Martin studied the image on the phone, looked up at Nathan and thenback to the phone. “Maybe?” He said tentatively.
Nathan held his hands out from his sides. “I may have the height but I am skinny. That Sam person is all muscles. How the hell-”
“Dr. Kirkfield!” Marjorie snapped.
“Sorry.” Nathan rolled his eyes at Martin who silently laughed at him, the stinker. “How the heck am I supposed to pull that off?”
“Dr. Kirkfield,” Marjorie insisted on calling him Dr. Kirkfield. She always said that he was the one who endured years of training and hard work to get where he was and deserved the recognition for it.  “For starters, you are not skinny, you are slender.”
Nodding, Martin tipped his head at Marjorie. “You heard the boss. Besides, I agree. You aren’t skinny.”
“I still can’t pull that off.” Nathan pointed to his phone. “The bash is tonight after all the kids have gone trick or treating so the parents can have the rest of Halloween night. What am I going to do?”
“I have an idea.” Martin began rubbing his chin as he ran his gaze up and down Nathan’s form.
“An idea?”
“When is Kelly picking you up?”
“He’s not. He has to finish a high profile case first and then we are meeting at the bash at ten.”
“Even better.” Handing Nathan his phone back, Martin leaned a hip against Marjorie’s desk. “Boss, you and I need to have an important meeting.”
Leaning forward, Marjorie’s eyes sparkled with interest surprising Nathan that she didn’t give Martin a hard time for having his butt on the corner of her desk.
“But…” He began.
“Go do important doctor stuff.” Martin waved Nathan off. “And let the brains plan your evening.”
Nathan blinked at them before shrugging and returning to his office to do ‘important doctor stuff’. Closing his door, he saw both their heads bent together and got a sudden sinking feeling in his stomach.
What have I gotten myself into, he wondered?
“What have I gotten myself into?” Nathan stared at his reflection in the full length mirror while Marjorie and Martin put the finishing touches on his costume. The strapless sparkling red gown fit him like a glove with a high slide slit revealing tantalizing glimpses of his pantyhose covered leg.
Marjorie’s husband and Martin’s wife had taken Martin’s kids out for Halloween leaving Nathan in their tender clutches. He had to admit that the orange wig and long gloves were an interesting touch.
“It’s a good thing you wax,” Martin said as he applied double sided tape to Nathan’s bare chest.
“How do you know that?”
“Besides the lack of chest hair, you mean? Your skin is very soft and smooth. It’s a dead giveaway.”
“And why is it a good thing?”
Martin pressed the top of the gown firmly against the tape to hold it in place. “Cause when you pull this off, it will hurt like a motherfu-“
“Martin!” Marjorie snapped, giving him a whack upside the head.
“Sorry,” he automatically replied. Stepping back Martin stood side by side with Marjorie as they both looked him up and down. “At least we don’t have to pad his backside, not with his ass.”
“Wait. What? Since when do you look at a man’s ass and does Pat know?”
“You wear tight slacks and when you bend over, it’s hard not to notice that you have a spectacular butt. And for your information, Pat agrees with me.”
“Excuse me?”
Marjorie nodded her agreement. “It is true, Dr. Kirkfield.”
Nathan turned to her in surprise. “You too?”
“Dr. Kirkfield,” she said with forced patience. “At least half the hospital wishes they had your, ah, bum.”
“Yeah and the other half also wishes they had your ass.”
“Martin!”  Marjorie and Nathan exclaimed in unison.
“What? You said it yourself, it’s the truth.”
A door slamming and loud voices signaled the return of Martin’s children.
“Gotta go.” Martin took off out of the room at a quick clip.
“Here are your shoes, Dr. Kirkfield. You shouldn’t have a problem walking in these kitten heels.”
“Thank you for your help, Marjorie.”
“It was no problem, Dr. Kirkfield. You certainly look better than my husband did in that outfit.” She patted him on the arm. “I’m going to go get ready, Mrs. Rabbit. Don’t forget your husband, Roger.” She pointed to a large stuffed rabbit wearing red pants.
The bash was in full swing by the time the five of them arrived. They quickly found a table and got settled. Pat, Martin’s wife immediately grabbed hold of Nathan’s hand and tugged him back onto his feet.
“Come on Jessica, let’s dance.”
“I don’t know,” Nathan hesitated.
“Oh go on, Nathan. Kelly’s not here yet. Have some fun.” Martin coaxed him.
Rising to his feet, he dropped his rabbit onto his chair and let Pat pull him onto the dance floor. The music was loud with the base pumping up his heart rate but it wasn’t until the third song, when the other three joined them, that Nathan truly began to loosen up and enjoy himself.
Feeling large hands grab his hips, Nathan smiled over his shoulder thinking that someone had told Kelly what he was wearing and that it was Kelly grinding against him.
It wasn’t.
Nathan scowled and shoved away from the man who leered at him as Nathan pushed through the crowd. The expression on the man’s face sent a chill up his spine as the man disappeared into the mass of writhing bodies. Nathan decided he needed a drink to calm him and joined the line up at the bar. A familiar voice behind him caught his attention and he turned.
Kelly stood behind him in line and glanced up at Nathan when he turned. Nathan smiled at him and Kelly smiled back.
He doesn’t recognize me.
Deciding to have a little fun, Nathan leaned his fake breasts into Kelly’s arm. “Hi, handsome. Would you like to dance?” He pitched his voice higher trying his best to lose his baritone and mimic a more female pitch.
“No thanks.” Kelly politely declined. “I’m meeting someone.”
“Oh. Okay, no problem.” Nathan said out loud turning away while inside he was cheering and doing the conga. He knew Kelly loved him and would never stray but it didn’t hurt to have his faith validated. Nathan had huge insecurities from his childhood but thankfully, Kelly understood.
A finger tapped on his bare arm and Nathan looked back.
“You know, since the person I’m waiting for hasn’t shown, a dance with a beautiful woman like you would be the highlight of my night.”
Nathan felt his stomach plummet. A dance with a beautiful woman. The highlight of Kelly’s night. No, no, no.
Suddenly  unable to draw air into his lungs, Nathan just had to get out of here.
“Excuse me.” He muttered as he brushed past Kelly and rushed from the room.
Spotting a restroom just to his right, Nathan rushed headlong towards it, both his mind and stomach in turmoil. He shoved through the door uncaring of who might see his panic.
The small single stall bathroom was empty and Nathan leaned both hands on the sides of the sink trying to control the nausea whirling in his stomach. Kelly loved him, Nathan knew he did, but Kelly had wanted to dance with what he perceived was a woman. Maybe Kelly didn’t love him as much as Nathan thought he did. Maybe he missed being with a woman. Maybe being with a man wasn’t fulfilling some deep desire Kelly had that Nathan knew nothing about. Maybe, maybe…
Hearing a noise, Nathan realized that he hadn’t locked the door behind him but was too embarrassed to be caught in such obvious distress.
“Hello darlin’.” A male voice purred from behind him and Nathan spun in place.
The man from the dance floor stood before him. Visible behind him, another man with an evil grin upon his face locked the door.
Speechless, Nathan could only stare as the dire reality of his situation sunk in. He retreated until the wall at his back guaranteed he could go no further.
“Awe, come on little lady. Don’t be like that. We only want to have a little fun.” The two men began to stalk him in the small room.
A paralyzing fear took control of his body and he slowly slid to the floor, his legs shaking too hard for him to stay upright.
A sharp rap came from the door. “Nathan? Are you in there?”
“K-Kelly.” Nathan’s voice was barely above a whisper but apparently it was enough.
Both men froze as the door suddenly crashed open, the lock torn violently from the doorframe. Kelly stood in the doorway like an avenging angel in the Dean TV character’s trademark flannel and blue jeans. His eyes flashed with green fire as he took in the scene before him.
“This isn’t your party. Leave.” One of the men snarled.
“No, I don’t think so.”
The men glanced at each other then charged Kelly in unison. Nathan had seen Kelly fight before. An efficient and deadly warrior, Kelly had both men on the ground moaning in pain as he stood above barely breathing hard.
Immediately Kelly rushed to Nathan’s side and dropped to his knees beside Nathan. He gently gathered Nathan into his arms. “Baby? Are you all right?”
Nathan nodded into the crook of Kelly’s neck as hot tears began to roll from his eyes and down his cheek. “I was so scared,” he murmured into Kelly’s skin, shaking so hard he could hardly get the words out.
“Easy, easy.” Kelly rubbed circles onto Nathan’s bare shoulders. “Shhh, I’ve got you.”  
Nathan turned his head slightly at Martin’s voice. Marjorie, Martin and several others stood in the ruined entrance to the bathroom, staring at them in shock.
“Get hotel security and call the police.”
“On it.” Martin pulled his cell phone from his pocket then moved out of sight.
“How?” Nathan hiccupped
“How did I find you? How did I know it was you?”
“I thought we were just playing around but something I did upset you so I tried to follow you. A staff person said he saw a beautiful tall red head come in here.”
“Oh. I thought you missed being with a woman.”
Sighing, Kelly hugged Nathan to him tighter. “Silly baby, you are all I’ll ever need and I’ll never tire proving it to you. As for how I knew it was really you? Adam’s apple, for one.”
Nathan lifted his hand and touched his throat.
“Those huge brown eyes of yours for two and…”
“That very fine ass of yours.”
“I could find that gorgeous ass of yours in the dark. Songs should be sung celebrating it.” Kelly raised a hand dramatically into the air. “Sonnets and poems should be written praising it.”
Nathan couldn’t help but giggle at Kelly. “The only ass I’m seeing right now is you.”
Snuggling contentedly into Kelly’s body, Nathan giggled again. “I love my ass.”

Web of Secrets 2
coming soon!
With their wedding just on the horizon, Kelly back with the FBI and Nathan starting at his new hospital, everything was just perfect. Then an old case of Kelly’s returns, one that left him with deep emotional and physical scars.
Nathan is kidnapped for revenge so Kelly must assemble a team and rescue Nathan from the clutches of a deranged drug lord’s wife in the heart of the Columbian jungle. Unexpected revelations and devastating betrayal puts not only Kelly and Nathan’s lives in jeopardy but Nathan’s entire family may have to pay the price of too many secrets.

Terry Poole Bio
Terry’s home is nestled between the two massive lakes that bisect Manitoba in central Canada. Here she lives with her three fur children, her hubby, and her three human children (this number varies depending upon who is staying at home at any given time). Her first book, at five years of age, consisted of stick figures drawn upon a roll of adding machine paper. When Terry isn't writing (which isn’t often), she can be found crocheting, making handmade soap or hanging out on Facebook. Terry’s number one complaint is that she has more stories in her head than she will ever be able to get down on paper.