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A Moment to Themselves

A Second Pack of Cameron Interlude

©Bronwyn Heeley


“You get him down okay?”

Ben sighed, an indulgent smile on his lips. “He went down pretty quickly, circled around a few times and just clucked out.”

“So he’s in wolf form?”

“You know you he hated sleeping as a human.”

“And everything else.” Shad’s eyes shined, he loved his son as much as Ben did even if the little shit--and Ben says that with love--hated sleeping in his human form which Ben would guess was more because he could get out of his cot in wolf form where he couldn’t as a baby. Plus, as a human, he was put into clothing and gods did he hate clothing (and yes I am purposely not telling you his name, you’ll have to read book 2).

“Yeah, you could sound like you don’t encourage him.”

“Like I’d do that.” Shad’s smile was so filled with emotions it made Ben’s heart melt. They’d had a few ups and down and life was quite settled yet, but things were starting to fall into place. And a lot of it could be just because Ben wasn’t pregnant anymore and he was starting to feel more himself as the days went on.

Ben looked around him like he did every time he’d settled the baby and came to a realisation that he was free for a few hours. There wasn’t anything he could be doing, it was time to settle down, unwind, and it always took him a few minutes to realise that, to take a deep breath and push being a parent away so he could be him.

“Movie?” Ben asked Shad as he turned to him, the big hunk was leaning against the balcony doors, the darkness behind him making him seem brighter.

Nope, got something better.” Shad’s hand came out, his fingers beckoning Ben towards him as he stepped out onto their private balcony.

The space was nice, vines laced up privacy walls on either side of the space, a daybed lined the wall under the window of their bedrooms, a new addition as Ben enjoyed the quiet moments outside even when he was so big he couldn’t go outside. A small two-seater table sat in front of the lounge filled with food, BBQ if Ben were to guess from the smell, nothing big, sausages, chicken wings, and corn, a random assortment of pieces set aside for him to eat. Their son had been having difficulty staying put in his own chair long enough for Ben to fill his stomach.

“Aw, you do love me.” Ben smiled up at Shad who chuckled, bending down to kiss his lips.

“You know I do. Come on, let’s eat, I think the fireworks should be starting soon.”

“Oh, um.” Ben looked back at the room; fireworks probably weren’t going to go down well with their son.

“Don’t worry about it.” Shad kissed the side of his head, pushing him towards the chair, before he headed back into their room, picked up a thick blanket Ben hadn’t noticed sitting on the single lounge in the corner and walked towards their son’s room.

Ben smiled as he sat himself down, picked up a little plate and grabbed himself a few chicken legs. They seemed honey coated before he settled back onto the lounge to eat. Lost in good food, and nice evening outside Ben missed Shad coming back until his plate was plucked out of his hand and a kiss lingered against his lips.

“Mmm, tastes good.” Shad pulled back, and Ben was sure he was about to fill his plate, but Ben wasn’t having any of it. Ben grabbed a handful of Shad’s shirt and pulled him back down, mouth on mouth, a spark tickled his body, something he’d not felt for months.

With a tug deep inside his body, probably more towards the genital than anywhere else, Ben pulled Shad deeper into the curve of his body, twisting himself because he wanted to get as close as he can. Their lips stayed together, tongue battling, showing the need they both had for each other.

“Uh!” Ben nearly screamed as he pushed Shad off him, hating the fact that he couldn’t rub himself against his lover. Couldn’t get nearly close enough to the beautiful body. As Shad settled back against the cushions, Ben crawled up on top of him, cock pressing against cock, chest rubbed against chest, lips rubbing together. Shad’s hands wrapped around him, rubbing against his back, one cupped his arse, and the other carded through his hair.

“Oh gods,” Shad moaned, his lips training down Ben’s face and onto this neck.

Ben’s hips rocked down, the pressure to add to the friction their pants were giving them. Shad’s hips pushed up as much as he could as he laid sprawled under him.

“Wanna fuck.” Ben panted as his own fingers went into Shad’s hair and help him against his nice, his body trembling from the pleasure he was getting.

“Have to get up.” Shad gasped against his flesh.

“Fuck.” Ben hips buckled down hard. Shad laughed.

“Fuck it.” Ben pulled back his hips slightly, pushing first his own sweats down under his arse before greeting Shad’s down under his balls, his grabbed at the both, keeping them lined up and together as they rutted against each other.

“Fuck!” Shad shouted as his hips pushed up hard, bucking Ben and the first bang of fireworks filled the sky.

They made quick work of getting off before Ben settled down over Shad, panting hard, body sweaty, sticky and boneless as they watched the fireworks lit up the world around them.

Ben’s Wolf Surprise
Second Pack of Cameron #1

There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child. When you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.



Ben rushed to the toilet, sliding into the bowl as he slipped on the bathmat. His fingers hurt as he smacked them into the porcelain moments before he spilled his guts out into the bowl.

His retching, the splash of liquid hitting water and the sting in his eyes were the only thing on his mind as he tried to get the poison out of him so that he could stop being sick. He really needed to stop being sick.

Please can someone make it stop.

Ben took a breath as he slowly straightened himself up. Hoping his stomach was over this burst. He grabbed at a handful of toilet paper and used it to blow his noise before he whipped his mouth and threw the clump into the bowl as he got to his feet. His head stayed on level, hanging over the bowl as he waited. A second, a minute, he didn’t want to stand, he didn’t want to be looking down at the bowl, but it was hard, these moments of calm.

Flushing, Ben stood over the sink, washed his face and mouth out before he grabbed at his toothbrush and started on his teeth. He couldn’t stand the taste, couldn’t deal with the fact that he’d spewed and even though he’d be here again, going over the same routine, like he had six times since last night. He needed to feel clean and without getting in the shower, his teeth were the next best thing.

Ben shuffled his way back into the bedroom then looked around. He didn’t feel that bad at that moment. Queasy, yeah, because of the recent spewing. But on the whole, his head wasn’t hurting, his body wasn’t aching and he didn’t have a temp. He was just vomiting, had been just vomiting for a week and a half now.

Ben did not understand why it was happening. He’d even been to the hospital about it and they sent him home after nearly a day on an IV and all tests coming back clean. He did not have food poisoning or gastro issues. He did not have fucking anything and the fact that he hadn’t spewed at the hospital itself hadn’t help, just got him home quicker.

He’d felt like a fool. Therefore, he kept it all to himself even though the sickness didn’t seem to be passing, didn’t seem to be anything even as he kept on doing it.

He drank as much as he could and he did seem to keep a lot of the water down. He even managed to eat a bit every now and then. Not as much as he’d normally consume but enough to say he’d eaten.

Smells seemed to be a big trigger. And the fact that he lived in a shitty apartment block meant there were a lot of them, at all different times. Each smell different from the next, nothing he could really track.

Breakfast was okay, toast and tea even, but any small waft of coffee and he’d be running to the toilet. The oily mechanic sweaty smell didn’t sit well with him either, which was weird, as it happened to be his favourite smell on a man.

Animal’s…he could not do them at all. Could not stand that animally smell they had, a smell he’d never really noticed until this last week. Dogs were the worst, they reeked in a way that got Ben backing away as quickly as he could. If one touched him, brushed against his hand, his body…well the last time it happened he was at his neighbour’s feet. Luckily, Daniel had been nice enough to wash away the evidence from the front steps.

Odder still was the fact that it took him four times under scolding water to wash the dog’s smell off him and he’d not been able to rest until he did. Could not sit still until it was clearly away.

A knock sounded around his apparent before Ben had made it to bed. He looked out towards the front of his apartment, even if all he saw from his position was the open bedroom door.

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Monday, July 16, 2018


Bret James looked down at the glistening big blue eyes staring up at him. He watched the moisture overflowed and tears slide down the little girl’s chubby cheeks.
“He’s gone.”
Bret leaned over and adjusted the stupid brace supporting his knee so that he could bent the stupid joint enough to be on the same level as Pip’s youngest daughter. The cutie’s eyes, blonde corkscrew curls, and tiny stature resembled her pop to the tee.
“Who’s gone, Maddy?”
“I can’t find Vester.” The little four-year-old’s bottom lip trembled.
The last time Bret had seen Sylvester, the black and white kitten had been wearing a baby’s bonnet and hung over Maddy’s arm. Somehow, Bret wasn’t surprised the cat might need a break from his beloved owner’s overwhelming attention.
Unable to remain in his crouched position much longer, Bret stepped back and sat down in the lawn chair behind him.
He lifted Maddy onto his lap. “Don’t worry, honey. He couldn’t have gone too far. We’ll find him.”
As he assured the little girl, Bret looked around. The large back yard swarmed with a hubbub of activity. Close to eighty adults chose to attend his and Cade’s Fourth of July Picnic. Add in a mass of children, a mixture of pets, and the place was rocking.
On one side of the sprawling back deck, Jed Winters, the manager from the local radio station sat on a stool behind a control panel. His talented fingers glided over the array of buttons and a mixture of tunes blasted through the speakers placed all around the yard.
Near Jed, the caterers had set up two massive tables and filled them with an assortment of fun foods such as snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, and more. Later they would add hotdogs, hamburgers, and potato salad. There would be pie but when that special time came, the caterers would help Brady from the bakery set up the cake.
A beverage trailer, complete with a long counter and bar stools, stood on the opposite side of the deck from the food. Another table held patriotic party favors, light-up hats and plastic sabers for the kids to enjoy. A master of balloons wrapped the air-filled rubber into different animal shapes. What a gift it had been when Pip’s stepdad, Lonnie, had offered his wedding planner skills to organize and oversee the picnic after Bret’s knee took a dive into life sucks and you need surgery land.
Bret hadn’t invited this many people. He spotted a few relatives of the Rescue for Hire team members. He suspected his bear had granted his wish and the single members of the team planned on joining them in their surprise. Just the thought of the family of heroes Cade had brought together, all vowing eternal pledges of love, swelled Bret’s heart to bursting.
A hand rested against Bret’s shoulder and he looked up to find Cade standing next to his chair. He wished the other half of his soul would sit down and give his own knee a break. The man was scheduled for a knee replacement next month.
“Problems pup?” Cade asked.
Bret tipped his face up and leaned against Cade’s arm. “I think Maddy needs to hire Rescue for Hire to find Sylvester.”
He received a sweet kiss with a brush of Cade’s tongue against his lips. Bret’s toes curled. How he loved his bear. The man completed him like no other had or ever will. Soon, he would be holding a piece of paper that confirmed what they had known for years. They were two halves of a whole and were never to be parted.
Cade lowered his big frame into the plastic chair next to Bret, lifted Maddy, and set her on his muscled thighs.
“Who’s Sylvester, Maddy?”
“My kitty.”
Bret watched his lover melt under the little girl’s teary-eye gaze. Cade always had a soft spot for what he called the littles. He loved all children, but the six and under crowd could turn him into a marshmallow.
“Ah.” Cade nodded his head. “Where was he the last time you saw him?”
Maddy pointed one tiny finger towards the perimeter of the lawn where a thick forest of trees met the lush green grass.
“He’s gone.”
The little girl sniffed and another fat tear trailed down her cheek. Cade hugged her close and brushed the tear away with his thumb.
“He might have decided to watch the party from a tree branch,” Cade suggested. “Should we go see if we can spot him?”
Maddy’s enthusiastic nod, sent her curls dancing. Cade stood, leaned heavily on his cane, and held out his hand. Together, the larger than life leader of Rescue for Hire and the tiny waft of a girl in a pink flowered sun dress made their way through the crowd and over to the trees to find a cat that probably didn’t want to be found.

* * * *
“Vester, Vester,” Maddy called out and walked over to look for the cat behind a large fallen tree truck.
Cade Miller scanned the woods and the branches above for any movement. The white of the cat’s fur should stand out in the sea of brown and green. Nothing caught his attention. A glance at his watch showed the top of the hour was almost upon them. In a little over sixty minutes, one of the most important events of his life would start. He couldn’t have a little peanut of a girl bawling her eyes out because of a missing kitten. Cade pulled his phone out of his pocket and began to text. Satisfaction smoothed the edges of his own ruffled nerves. The mini-rescue would serve two purposes.
Soon Cade’s brother Shane and the rest of the team surrounded him. He picked up Maddy and made sure to keep most of his weight on his good leg before glancing around.
“It seems we have a missing kitten,” Cade addressed the group. “Maddy describes Sylvester as small with black and white fur. He was last seen wearing her doll, Patty Petunia’s bonnet. She last saw him running toward these trees.”
“Oh, Maddy.” Jack, Maddy’s father, sighed. “Why didn’t you come and tell me? Cade is busy hosting the party.”
Maddy’s bottom lip stuck out and sparks of temper darkened her blue eyes. “Bret says I should hire Rescue for Hire to find Vester.”
“Our big event is going to start soon,” Cade reminded the guys, and handed Maddy over to Jack. “Let’s find the cat and get back to our partners. I don’t think they would be pleased if we’re late.”
“Yeah, that wouldn’t be a good idea,” Alex agreed.
Cade observed the wrinkle between Alex’s brows and how the man sucked in his bottom lip. He knew his tracker’s relationship with Leo contained Dom/sub qualities. Although so much pleasure can be found in punishment, Cade didn’t want to trigger Alex’s anxiety issues any more than the ceremonies already were.
“I agree,” Gabriel spoke up. “Pete is nervous enough. Any delays and his quirks will have him lining everyone up by their height.”
“Instructions, boss?” Treb addressed Cade before turning to Shane. “Commander?”
“Jack, Alex, Tony, Damian, and Shadow will search around the buildings,” Cade ordered. “Let’s meet back by the side of the house in a half hour.”
Shane nodded to Treb, Gabriel, Rock, Boone, and Spencer. “The rest of you spread out and comb the woods. The cat couldn’t have gone far.”
Cade made his way back through the crowd toward the house. The odds were ten to one the kitten was hiding under one of the poaches or deck. He ended up stopping multiple times to speak with guests. By the time he had reached the back deck his knee throbbed deep down to the marrow of his bones.
“Let the others find the kitten, bear.”
Cade glanced down at his beloved pup. He leaned down, hooked a finger under Bret’s chin, and lifted until that mouth was his. Cade teased Bret’s lips until they softened and then took his fill.
Desire, instant and strong, exploded between them. Laughter and voices faded until nothing existed but each other. Bret’s slim body melted against him and Cade pushed his tongue in deep, taking his pup’s taste as a reward.
He slowed the kiss, giving Bret time to regain his equilibrium. When their lips parted, Bret’s large brown eyes were hazy with passion. Cade knew Bret had forgotten their guests and the picnic being held in their back yard. He watched as reality returned.
Bret cocked his head to the side. “Why’d you do that?”
“After all the planning, you needed to be reminded what today is all about.”
Bret placed his hand against the middle of Cade’s chest. “I could never forget.”
Cade let the connection burn between them for a moment before he looked away and spotted the team who had been searching the woods making their way toward him. None were carrying a kitten.
“It looks like a baby cat is out-foxing the team,” he commented.
“You know that kitten adores Maddy and will eventually let her find him.” Bret’s gaze narrowed. “Why did you give the team a bullshit mission?”
Cade lifted one wide shoulder. “The judge will soon be making the announcement. A distressed Maddy wouldn’t be a good way to start such an important event. I also have a team whose nerves are stretched to their limits. I saw Treb fingering one of his knives. Spencer was cuddling against Ruger and whispering in his ear, which tells me Ruger’s PTSD is starting to ride him. Shadow has almost disappeared into the woodwork and Tony’s temper was about to cause Shane to go into macho mode in front of everyone.”
“So, the cat rescue is a diversion.” Bret’s chuckle pulled a rare smile from Cade. “Is the cat really missing or did you set the whole thing up?”
“Oh, the cat was missing.” Cade licked his lips. “Until I caught a glimpse of it sleeping in the baby buggy Maddy’s twin sister, Lynette, is pushing around.”
Cade pointed to the two little girls, jabbering away, and bent over the baby carriage. Bret’s laugh warmed his heart. His pup had needed the diversion just as much as the team.
“The cat isn’t hiding in the woods,” Shane declared when he reached Cade.
Shane’s gorgeous Italian partner, Tony, walked over with the rest of the guys. “No kittens in or around the buildings.”
Cade nodded toward the twins. “I believe Maddy and Sylvester are reunited.”
A few of the guys shook their heads at the wily cat. The others smiled at the little girls and their pet.
Cade pulled back Bret against him and looped his arms around the man’s chest. Together they stood before the team Cade had envisioned in his youth and had taken years to create. His gaze locked on each man, each hero and brother of his heart.
“You will never know how proud I am of each and every one of you.” Cade worked to keep his voice even and the emotions at bay. He failed and his voice cracked. “I love you.” Cade cleared his throat. “Thank you for choosing to stand with me and make the solemn promises of our hearts.” Bret’s body trembled and his emotional sniff almost cost Cade his own shaky control. Husky gravel laced the words of his last sentence. “You are my family.”
“Attention everyone!” Judge Carlton Westbrook’s voice exploded out of the speakers. The man softened his tone and moved the microphone a few inches away from his mouth. “First, I want to thank all of you for coming to this wonderful picnic and celebration of Independence Day. Cade and the men from Rescue for Hire also have a big surprise for you. As most of you know, I am one of the judges for Granite County. It is my pleasure to announce that you all are about to be witnesses of a wedding.”
Cade’s gaze met Bret’s. Love and adoration swelled inside his chest until he could hardly breathe. Their seven children crowded around them. Tears glistened in Bret’s beautiful eyes.
“I love you,” Bret whispered.
“I love you.” The words didn’t seem big enough but would have to work for now. Cade had a ring in his pocket that was waiting to join the one already encircling Bret’s finger. “Are you ready, pup?”
Bret’s huge smile said it all.
The rest of the story is found in A Rescue for Hire Independence Day Reunion (A Holiday Story 3) coming out in August at Siren Publishing.


Remember Him

After another night of working late, Jameson Conway’s lover announces he’s moving out. The following argument included vicious words and harsh truths. The next morning Jameson finds Micah unconscious and rushes him to the hospital.

Micah Cassin wakes up in a hospital with a handsome stranger sitting beside his bed. Gone were his memories and ability to speak. Frustration and anger grow as Micah tries to adjust to a life he doesn’t remember. He takes a break from the cold, modern apartment, snooty housekeeper, and career-driven Jameson by going to a local park. Life becomes further complicated with the appearance of easy-going Jim.

A ruptured aneurysm steals Micah’s memories, and gives Jameson a second chance to right the wrongs of the past. He’s learned the hard lesson that achieving ambitious goals doesn’t always lead to happiness. Jameson’s new plan includes compromise and showing Micah the different sides of him. But will it work?



The mind is a wonderful organ. No, that isn’t right. The mind is a horrible, evil, trickster, who controls you. Some will tell you that you can take control of your habits and change your ways. I don’t believe that. I believe that at times the mind lets you do what you think is best, but in the end, it is still in control.

Micah Cassin sat in a beautiful rocking chair made of aged teak and handcrafted by a master craftsman. He knew this because Jameson had described in great detail every piece of furniture in the room. Micah only cared that the soft cream cushion hugged his body, and when he closed his eyes and let the chair move effortlessly back and forth, he no longer was awash in a tidal storm of confusion.

Earlier in the day, Jameson had handed him the new purple notebook and said, “Maybe it would help if you wrote your thoughts down. It doesn’t matter if it makes no sense to anyone else. You are the only one who will see those words unless you choose to share them with someone.”

Micah nodded, not sure if Jameson’s idea would help or be a boring, time wasting activity. Micah wasn’t sure of anything except that a month ago he had woken up in a hospital room, with a strange man sitting beside his bed, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t speak.

He was told he’d suffered a brain bleed and had been unconscious for ten days. Thank goodness, with drugs, the bleeding stopped and the doctors felt he wouldn’t need any surgery to fix things.

Micah disagreed. In his opinion they needed to fix a big something. He had no memories of anything prior to that nightmare morning. The doctors assuring him that he was unlikely to have any more bleeding in his brain was all well and good, but what about his lack of speech and memory? Telling him that the damage would never be reversed but his brain could redirect and there was a chance he could speak again, wasn’t good enough. With all their modern medical advances available, they should be able to make him normal again.

“How are you doing?” Jameson walked into the brightly lit sunroom and set a mug of tea on the small table next to Micah.

Micah looked at the glass of ice water in Jameson’s hand as the man folded his tall, well-built body into the green padded chair in the corner. Jameson kept giving him lemon tea and said it was his favorite beverage. It might have been last month, but now Micah would rather have the water.

Pushing his suitcoat farther open, Jameson took his cellphone out of an inside pocket and studied the screen. After a moment he slid it back into his coat.

Looking over at Micah, he smiled and said, “Do you feel up to dinner at Sampson’s or would you preferred to stay in tonight?”

The answer to that question was easy and Micah waved a hand around the room.

“Okay, you would rather stay in.” Lines formed across Jameson’s forehead and the corner of his mouth tightened. Micah noticed that most of the time when Jameson was around him, he had that pinched look. “I’ll have Mrs. Kampski make something. Is there anything you would prefer?”

Frustration built inside of Micah. He couldn’t figure out why Jameson kept asking him questions as if he could answer them. Did the man think he was faking it and the words would begin puking out of his mouth?

Micah shook his head and turned to look out the window. After a while, Jameson sighed and left the room. Guilt started eating at Micah. Yeah, he might have been abrupt and dismissed Jameson, but every little thing overwhelmed him and constant anger simmered just below the surface.

He didn’t know Jameson, or Mrs. Kampski. Heck, he thought they were both stuffy and way too uptight. They reminded Micah of the rooms around him that he found himself existing in. The apartment was nice looking with clean modern lines, but to Micah, they were cold and impersonal. The only warm and welcoming thing in the place, human or furniture, was the rocker where Micah sat.

“Mr. Micah, I have your dinner ready.” Mrs. Kampski stood in the doorway. “Mr. Jameson has been called away but left a message that he will be back later in the evening.”

Micah wondered how long he had been lost in his thoughts. Mrs. Kampski’s words registered and guilt began building inside. He shouldn’t be filled with relief at not having to spend another awkward meal sitting across the table from Jameson. But he did. The guy was a stranger.

Micah nodded and stood. Muscles in his back and legs ached from inactivity. As he followed the tall, thin woman out of the room, he made a decision. Tomorrow, he would blow this joint and go for a walk. Hopefully there was a park nearby, and he could enjoy some fresh air.

Frustration gained momentum and Micah clutched his fingers into fists. How did he know what a park was, not to mention modern decorating practices, but hadn’t known his own name until a stranger had told him?


Micah turned the card over and fingered the rip.

“These are wishes of good will.” Jameson continued to explain and assure Micah that any decisions he made weren’t wrong. “You don’t have to open them. No one will get upset if you’re not ready.”

Micah ripped the flap off the envelope and slid the card out. Swirling shades of blue covered the front in what Jameson supposed was an artful display of color. When Micah flipped the card open, the inside contained a classic poem of get well soon. In the empty space at the bottom, a handwritten messaged had been added.

Please take care, Micah. I understand the doctors feel you need some time before having visitors. I will wait impatiently for one of your warm hugs. Love you, my friend. Penelope

Micah sat up and Jameson had no choice but to let the man slide off his lap. Hurt had him clearing his throat as he watched Micah leave the dining room without a glance or acknowledgement that Jameson existed. All of his words and support seemed to mean nothing. Down, but not out, Jameson followed.

He found Micah in his rocking chair swaying back and forth. Concern wiped the hurt away at the sight of the tears streaming down Micah’s face.

Jameson crouched in front of the chair. “Don’t cry, baby.”

Micah grabbed Jameson’s forearms and his lips parted. The man leaned forward. Micah’s mouth opened and closed a few times in an effort to speak. Jameson found himself willing the words to come out.

Micah let go of Jameson. He closed his eyes and shook his fists in the air before covering his face with both hands. Silent sobs shook Micah’s shoulders.

Tears clouded Jameson’s vision. Unable to stand Micah’s misery for a moment longer, Jameson scooped the smaller man up into his arms. Jameson carried a still sobbing Micah into his own bedroom. He ignored that he wore an expensive suit and shoes and climbed into bed. After a little maneuvering, he had them situated the way he wanted. For the first time in over a month, Jameson held Micah tucked up against him in a bed.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” Jameson whispered. “I wish I could turn back time and somehow stop that vein from bleeding. Just know, I will try my best to be here for you as long as you will let me.”

Long minutes passed and Micah’s shoulders continued to shake. Jameson rested his cheek against the top of Micah’s head and held him tighter against his chest. In the past, when Micah had become emotional and started bitching at Jameson about something, Jameson had left the apartment. Now, all Jameson wanted to do was take away all the bads in Micah’s life and give him happiness.

Jameson waited and rocked Micah for what seemed as if it were forever before the man calmed. He reached over, grabbed up a couple of tissues, and shoved them into the now snotty nosed, sniffing man. Jameson winced when Micah handed him the damp and rumpled up tissues back.

Thoughts of asking Micah if he’d needed a drink of water fled when Jameson’s belt was unbuckled. Shock froze him in place as Micah opened his pants and cool fingers curled around the length of his cock.

“Micah, what are you doing?”

Shit. Jameson grimaced at the stupid, in so many ways, question. Micah couldn’t answer and they both knew what the smaller man was doing. The real question was, why?

Jameson let his eyelids drift shut and enjoyed Micah’s firm grip stroking the expanding shaft of his cock. How he had missed Micah’s touch. Should he stop the man? Maybe. Jameson couldn’t bring himself to end this bliss. He needed Micah. The man’s touch fed his soul. What a fool he had been to just realize this now.

Micah cupped Jameson’s balls, taking his breath away. Jameson looked down between their still clothed bodies to see the smaller man use his other hand to release his dick from his sleep pants and slide their pricks together. Both of their cockheads were flushed a deep pink, almost purple. A bead of precum decorated the slit of Jameson’s cock. A shiver shook him as Micah used his thumb to spread the shiny liquid all around his sensitive flesh.

“I’m not going to be able to hold on much longer, baby.” Jameson groaned and gritted his teeth in a hopeless effort of gaining some control.

Micah’s hand on Jameson’s balls shifted and a finger rubbed his hole. Damn. The pressure in his balls skyrocketed and desire surged.

Cum spewed. Jameson’s only saving grace centered on the fact that Micah’s orgasm was right there with his. White spattered Micah’s shirt and Jameson’s suit. Micah extended their excitement by milking their cocks with firm long pumps. The man turned Jameson inside out.
Jameson cocoon Micah in his arms and let his thundering heart slow. After a while, Micah’s stillness seeped into his consciousness. Jameson looked down to find the sweet man asleep. Tenderness flooded Jameson at the sight of the red mottled skin and tracks of tears staining Micah’s cheeks.
Needing to care for his lover, Jameson laid Micah back against the bed. He grabbed some tissues, cleaned his lover the best as he could, and pull his sleep pants back over his prick.


About the Author
Bellann Summer lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband and children surrounded by lakes and woods. In the summer Bellann enjoys fishing, camping, gardening, and growing flowers. Autumn is spent out in the woods exploring the beautiful colors and nature at its finest. In the winter there is ice fishing, snowmobiling, and sitting in front of the wood fireplace. She has always loved to read and any free time is spent with a book in her hand. When major life changes occurred, she decided to try writing what she liked to read. And it worked.

Email address – bellannsummer@gmail.com

Siren Publishing – http://www.bookstrand.com/bellann-summer

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A Moment to Themselves A Second Pack of Cameron Interlude ©Bronwyn Heeley   “You get him down okay?” Ben sighed,...