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As we bring this ManLove Fantasies Contest to a close, I would like to thank all the readers who left such wonderful, uplifting messages for our participating authors. More times than not, it's the little things like a reader's love for a book or a particular character that gets out muse moving and helps us write that next book. I would also like to thank all of the authors that took the time to participate in this contest and share with us their favorite books.

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Alpha's Destiny

Death was a blessing.
One Tynian prayed for with every breath he took.
One that was denied him every second of every day.
He was in hell. It was that simple. He had gotten turned around after escaping the cell where he, Davan, and Adrian were being held and he'd gotten lost. The first person he'd asked for help turned out to be a bigger monster than the men he had been escaping from.
And now he was in hell.
He was so cold and the strips of skin that had been ripped out of his back by a whip burned every time he turned, moved, or even breathed. He was really trying to not do anything of those things.
He jerked when something brushed his arm then hissed at the tugging burn in his back. Tears flooded his eyes, which kind of surprised him. He hadn't thought he had any left. He wasn't sure how long he'd been wherever he was, but he had cried every single day. He had to run out of tears at some point.
For a brief moment in time, he'd thought he was free. He now knew how wrong he had been. He'd gone from one hell right into another.
He doubted he'd ever be free.
Tynian drew in a breath then held it before trying to adjust his position. He'd been sitting on the hard cement floor for so long, the cold was seeping into his bones. If it wasn't for the whip marks on his ass, it would be numb.
There was snow on the ground through the bars on the window of his cell. He suspected he was partially underground. Technically, he wasn't sure it could be considered a window. There was no glass. Just bars. He knew. He'd mapped out every inch of the cell he could reach looking for an escape route.
He let out a little laugh when a snow flake landed on his skin. It was a bitter sound, but he had reason. He was going to freeze to death before they came for him again and he was actually looking forward to the icy cold. Maybe he'd get lucky and a water main would break and he'd get drenched and freeze all that much quicker.
 When the snow started falling harder, the build up on the window fell through the bars and floated down to the floor. Tynian could feel each chilly drop as it landed on his skin. He scooted closer to where he knew the window was, hoping to speed up the freezing process.
Tynian didn't want to die, but there wasn't much he wouldn't do to escape another beating or worse. His life hadn't been perfect at the monastery, but it hadn't been horrible either. At least there, the beatings had been infrequent.
Tynian sighed as he let his head clunk back against the concrete wall behind him. He'd heard stories, myths really, of omegas who'd run away from the elders and gone on to live happy, healthy lives. He wanted to believe they were not just stories, but he was pretty sure they were. No one was that lucky, especially not him.
His current predicament proved that.
He wondered if Davan and Adrian had gotten away or if they were locked up in some cell somewhere, beaten half to death and freezing their asses off. He hoped not. He hoped they were some of the lucky ones.
Tynian stiffened when a key turned in the lock then the door swung open. He shuddered when the unmistakable smell of the man who'd beat him the most floated toward him.
"Time to go, boy."
Where was the snow when he needed it?

Alpha's Destiny coming Spring 2020


Wilde Wolves 1
Screams filled the night. Blood drenched the floorboards and seeped into the house’s soul. Macon Wilde and Keenan Smith were there. They witnessed the annihilation. As children they had no power.

Years later, Macon has achieved his vow of revenge for the destruction of his family. Now, as alpha, he has returned to Belle Grove. It is time to restore his ancestral home and rebuild the Wilde Wolf Pack to its former glory. He wasn't going to let anyone stop him from achieving those goals.

Keenan has waited. As an omega wolf shifter, all he could do was hide and defend Belle Grove from marauders and derelicts intent on destroying what was left, and survive the nightmares of that horrible day when he was to be the prize of a wicked, murdering, alpha.

Two strangers brought together by evil. Both are ready to fulfill their destinies, entwined with love and passion. But evil is still haunting Belle Grove and the Wilde Wolf Pack. It will be up to Macon and Keenan to figure out who is their friend and who is their enemy, because people are coming at an alarming rate and not everyone is happy that the Wilde Wolf Pack is back.

Story Excerpt
Fifty-seven years. Macon Wilde stood in front of the large iron gates leading to a place he hadn’t seen in nearly a lifetime. He looked through the rusted bars to the  trees lining the decrepit driveway and forming a wedding arch of sorts that led to the vast estate beyond.
What he could see of the once pristine estate made his heart hurt.
Macon reached up and grabbed the rusted lock chaining the gate closed and twisted until the lock snapped off in his hand. He dropped the lock and chain to the ground, not caring that they would alert someone that the estate was once again occupied. After so many years, it was sure to draw attention.
Macon just didn’t care. This was his ancestral home and he had every right to be here. He had spent almost five decades earning that right.
He pushed the gate open and took his first step onto the land that his very soul was tied to. Macon’s eyes slid closed. His body vibrated with renewed energy from the power seeping into his bones, up through his legs to his chest, and then out to his arms and fingertips, swarming him.
Welcoming him.
Time away from his birthright had eaten at his consciousness until he thought he would go mad. Only his vow to avenge the deaths of his family and his pack had allowed him to stay sane as the years slid by, each one harder than the last.
His wolf sat up and howled.
He was home.
Macon drew in the first calming breath he'd had in more years than he could count. For so long his life has been all about hunting down those who took his world from him; he isn’t sure he knows how to do anything else.
But he is damn well going to try.
Macon's breathing hitched as he walked down what was left of the long concrete driveway that led to the estate manor. Time had reduced the once smooth surface to rubble and tall tangled weeds.
Belle Grove was more than just an estate but the alpha house had always been the center of it. He would restore it to its former glory if it was the last thing he did.
Even though he'd walked slowly, Macon was a little out of breath by the time he approached the house. His gut, clenched into a tight knot of dread, and apprehension crawling across his skin like a thousand fire ants. He wondered if his senses were in overload because of overwhelming memories, or something else?
Ivy grew around and up the tall pillars in front of the mansion, digging into the little cracks in the plaster created by time and weather. Grass and brush grew as high as Macon’s waist, completely covering what had once been his mother’s prized gardens.
Rotting and faded wooden slats boarded up broken windows. Chunks of brick and mortar that had once been part of the magnificent home of the Wilde family for centuries, littered the ground.
Time had taken its toll on Belle Grove, just as it had on Macon. He had spent decades seeking revenge for the wrong done to his family and pack, for the lives stolen in a bloody night of terror that had haunted his dreams ever since. He had found the last of the monsters that had taken his family from him just over a year ago.
Every spare cent he'd earned over the decades in the Marines had been invested. That, combined with the family money he'd inherited when his parents were murdered, meant he'd have enough money to return his home to its former glory.
Goddess, he hoped he'd have enough. Belle Grove was in such a state of disrepair, he wasn't sure there was enough money in all the world to make her beautiful once again. It was just one more desecration to lay at the feet of the monsters who'd started this.
Macon was still a little unsure why it had all started. Sure, greed and the desire to steal another pack's territory played into it, but Macon always felt as if there had to be something more to the heinous crime. His entire pack had been wiped out; every man, woman, and child. He had been the lone survivor and then only because of his mother's quick thinking. She had hidden him away in the large flour bin inside the pantry. When he'd emerged hours later, everyone was dead.
Macon doubted he'd ever forget the nightmare he'd encountered, or the screams of terror he'd heard while he'd been hiding. The land had run red with blood. His loving parents had fallen mere feet from the opening of his hiding spot, their hands clasped together as if they had reached for each other with their dying breath.
He had been a mere ten years old and his entire world had been ripped away from him. He had taken his mother's last words to heart and run, not even stopping to bury the bodies. His only thought had been to escape and then hunt down everyone who had taken his world away from him.
And now he was back. Fifty-seven years ago, the ground had been covered by the bodies of his family and pack members, the dirt soaked red with their blood. Their cries of death and betrayal had filled the air and sunk into the very foundation of the land.
As he glanced around, Macon couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the bodies. Were they there, hidden in the tall grass and weeds? Were his parents still holding hands on the tiled floor of the kitchen? Had anyone cared enough to bury them?
Pausing at the bottom of the steps, he closed his eyes. His senses swarmed around him, bringing in the soft breeze and the rich scent of earth and trees. He could just make out the sounds of a mother bird talking to her chicks off in the distance and the soft trickle of a creek just beyond the tree line.
But there was something else... a pulse. A rapidly beating thud.
Signs of life.

The vicious bite of an enemy, a shout, a cry in the dark. A lover's touch, the whisper of a kiss, the yearning for a soft caress. A sigh, a groan, hearts beating faster, desires surging. Love words spoken in the shadows. I'm a writer of fiery passion in all its glorious forms. Paranormal, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, MM Romance books.
There is no limit to my imagination.

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DANI GRAY - Part Five

Chapter Five

Carey wasn’t sure if Brian was kidding or not about looking after Lexi, at least he hoped he was kidding.
“So, what can she eat?” Carey asked, leading them into the kitchen. He watched to make sure that Brian was stable on the crutches.
“Uh,” Carey stopped and looked over to Brian. “I just thought of this. How old is Lexi?”
Brian grinned at him, and that caused a twist of nerves to flutter in his stomach.
“She’s eleven months old.” Brian told him. “She can eat most anything, but she loves fruits and some dry cheerios. She also likes some steamed veggies once they have cooled down.”
“I can get you some cut up fruit for her. Where should we let her eat?”
“How about I sit at the table and hold her on my lap.” Brian said. “It’s going to be a bit messy, but we can get her highchair out of the car if you want?”
“I’d rather wait until the weather settles down to get her chair, and the kitchen is washable.” Carey smirked at Brian. “And so are you.”
Brian grinned at him.
“Have you seen the mess a toddler can make while eating?”
“I’ve seen movies.”
Brian began to laugh, which caused Lexi to laugh. The sound of her sweet laughter caused both men to pause and just watch her. Brian turned to look at Carey, and the goofy smile on his face warmed Carey’s heart.
“Go sit down, then once your settled, I’ll pass this little lady to you.”
Carey watched as Brian slowly moved over to sit at the table, moving back to make sure that he would have room to hold Lexi. Once he was ready, Carey moved over to pass him Lexi.
Once his hands were free, Carey quickly went over to the counter and grabbed an apple and went to the sink to wash it. Getting a cutting board, he made sure to cut it into bite size pieces, but not too small that she would choke on them.
Realizing that he didn’t have any child friendly dishes, Carey used some papertowel as a plate, then placed it down in front of Lexi.
“Are these a good size for her?” Carey asked. “If not, let me know and I’ll fix it.”
Brian looked down and back up at him. “They’re perfect. She can grab hold of them, but they aren’t too small that she’ll choke. You did them just fine.”
Carey smiled at him. “Glad to hear. As you can guess, I’ve never done this before, and I don’t want to hurt her.”
“You’ve got good instincts, so just go with them.” Brian told him. “If you aren’t ever sure, just ask. I promise not to get mad. The one thing my parents always used to tell us was the only stupid question was the one you didn’t ask.”
“Geez,” Carey groaned out. “Is that a universal thing parents say? Mine used to say the same thing and used to encourage us to ask about anything. We had so many books about any subject you could think of. I loved the library at the old house.”
“What do you do?”
“I work with coding.”
“Uh,” Brian looked confused, “coding?”
“I write programs for computers and apps.” Carey told him. “I like the logic of it. It’s either right or wrong. It either works or doesn’t. What I like about when it doesn’t work is the puzzle of why it doesn’t work. It’s like you need to dissect it to figure out why not.”
“That’s sounds incredibly boring to me.” Brian laughed. “Me, I love numbers. I love making sure that everything adds up the way it’s supposed to, right down to the last penny.”
“Ugh,” Carey groaned out, “I hate balancing my accounts, I never seem to get it right, or at least I’m not sure if I get it right.”
“Then how do you know you’re getting paid properly?”
“I have an accountant for that.”
“But are you sure they’re doing their job?” Brian cocked a brow at him. “Just because someone tells you they are doing the work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking to make sure. It’s your money, you should be checking it too.”
“Fine.” Carey flashed him a smile. “You can check it all over since you’re so concerned.”
“How do you know you can trust me?”
“Easy.” Carey looked into Brian’s eyes to let him know he was serious. “Anyone who would go to the lengths you did to protect Lexi is someone who I would trust to go over my accounts to make sure that I’m being properly managed by my accountant.”
Carey watched as a flush filled Brian’s cheek’s, then he lowered his face to rub his cheek into Lexi’s curls.
“Thank you.” Brian quietly said. “Adam used to tell me that I was useless in the office. He would tell me that he would have to stay late just to go over my work and fix my errors just to keep management from firing me, or for charging me with theft as it looked like money was missing.”
Carey sat back for a moment, just looking at Brian, giving his words some thought.
“Are you sure he wasn’t the one stealing and trying to set you up?”
Brian gasped and sat up in shock, his back going straight.
“No,” Brian shook his head. “I can’t see him doing that. He’s been with the company for years. I…just…Carey?”
Carey moved to go over to Brian, wrapping his arms around him, giving him his support.
“I’ve got you,” Carey murmured to him. “I’ve got both of you. You are both safe here. I will not let anything happen to either of you. I promise.”
Brian trembled in his arms, so Carey held him tighter. He moved one hand to cup Brian’s cheek, turning his head so that Brian would look into his eyes.
“I give you my promise, you are both safe with me.”
After saying that, Carey leaned forward, surprising both of them by sealing his vow with a kiss.

Coming Spring 2020


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.
I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.
I would love to hear from readers, you can find me at

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DANI GRAY - Part Four

Chapter Four

Well, damn. Brian knew that Carey wasn’t going to just give up, but he was hoping to have a bit more time.
“I guess I should start at the beginning.” Brian sighed. “I met Andy at work. He was my supervisor. He began flirting with me. At first, I didn’t say yes, not wanting to mix work with romance. After a while, I caved. Biggest mistake of my life.”
“Why?” Carey asked, a curious look on his face.
“Because once he knew he had me, he became a controlling asshole.” Brian growled out. “He even tried to get rid of Lexi, behind my back. I found out he called Children’s Services on me and tried to have Lexi taken away from me. When that failed, he tried to put her up for adoption.”
“Isn’t she your daughter?” Carey looked confused. “How could he do that?”
“Now Lexi is my daughter, but that was only after my sister passed away.” Brian rubbed his hands over his face. “Alicia died in a car accident. A drunk driver hit her, killing her instantly. She had been on her way home from work, so Lexi wasn’t with her. I was her only family, so when she found out she was going to become a mom, she had asked if I would take care of Lexi if anything should ever happen to her. We never thought anything would. Our parents had died years ago, and it was only the two of us. Getting that visit from the police had been one of the worst days of my life.”
“When Andy found out that I wouldn’t give into his demands that I let go of Lexi, he became obsessed with getting rid of her. We fought until one day he became physically violent.”
Brian shuddered when he remembered the beating he received.
“After he left me lying on the floor unconscious, the neighbor who babysat Lexi was the one who found me. She called the police and ambulance. I believe she saved my life.”
Just then, Lexi started to move around, making her little wake up noises.
“She’s going to wake up soon.” Brian said. “That’s her little noises she makes when she’s getting ready to get up.”
“What does she need?” Carey looked to Brian. “How can I help?”
“I usually check her diaper first, then if she’s not hungry, I just let her work on waking up. She typically likes to cuddle awake.”
Carey looked at him in suspicion. “Cuddle awake? Is that even a thing?”
Brian let out a soft laugh. “Yeah, it is. Just watch and see.”
Sure enough, after a few moments, Lexi rolled over and lifted her head, looked around for him.
“Da!” She called out.
“Right here baby girl.” Brian quietly called out to her.
Once she saw him, Lexi quickly got to her hands and knees and hustled over to him. Pulling herself up, she reached out to Brian, holding up her arms, letting him know when wanted to be picked up.
Leaning over, Brian lifted her into his arms and settled her against his chest. Once she got herself comfortable, she laid there quietly as she blinked sleepily at the world.
“Hey babygirl.” Brian crooned to her, while rubbing circles on her back. “How are you doing? Ready to face the world and get something to eat?”
“No.” Lexi told him, while rubbing her little fist into her eye.
“I see you met Daddy’s friend Carey.” Brian kept his voice soft, but held out his hand to Carey, inviting him to come closer. “Are you going to say hi to him?”
Lexi looked over to Carey, then hid her face into Brian’s chest, then kept turning her head to keep giving him glances out the side of her eyes at him.
After waiting a bit, Carey held out a finger to her.
“Hi Lexi.” Carey said. “I’m Carey.”
Brian watched as Carey patiently waited for Lexi to decide if she was going to like him or not. When she finally turned her head to look at him, she reached out her hand and took his finger.
“Would you like something to eat?” Carey asked. “You too, Daddy?”
Brian waited to see what Lexi was going to say.
“Num-num.” Lexi said.
“Yes, honey.” Carey answered. “Would you like some num-num’s?”
Lexi leaned up from Brian’s chest, then held her arms out to Carey. The look of surprise on his face made Brian giggle.
“Uh,” Carey reached out, pulled her into his arms, holding her as if he expected her to start spinning her head and spewing pea soup at any moment.
“Oh lord,” Brian started to laugh. “The look on your face. Didn’t you carry her into the house, change her and give her a bottle?”
“Well, yeah.” Carey said. “But she was still sleepy and didn’t really wake up for it. So, I quickly got her comfortable and made sure she was warm, then looked after you.”
Brian stopped laughing, then looked at Carey.
“I can’t ever thank you enough for looking after Lexi for me. She is my world.”
Carey smiled down at Lexi’s head of blonde curls. “I can understand that.”
“Here.” Carey passed Lexi back to Brian. “Hold her for a few minutes. I have a set of crutches here that you can use. Let me get them. This way, you can get around. I’ll also get an ACE bandage to wrap your knee for support, and you should be fine in a few days. If you’re knee isn’t better after this storm clears, I can take you into the clinic in town and get it seen.”
“We’ll sit here waiting for you.” Brian promised him. “But do you think it’s safe to go into town?”
“How far did you travel?”
“We actually are from a few states away.” Brian called out, since Carey went to get the items he said he would. “I think we’ve travelled over a six hundred miles.”
“It should be fine.” Carey said, as he walked back into the room. He moved so that he was in front of Brian, then he knelt so that he could reach Brian’s knee.
“Let’s get this wrapped, then we can get you guys some food.”
Brian watched as Carey quickly and efficiently wrapped his knee, giving him some relief from the contact pain.
“How does that feel?” Carey asked. “It’s not too tight?”
“No,” Brian said. “And it’s helping. It doesn’t ache as much.”
“I thought so. I’m pretty sure you only pulled some muscles. Give them time to recover and you should be fine.”
“That’s a relief,” Brian said. “Keeping up with a curious baby can be like running an Olympic event.”
“It can’t be that bad,” Carey said.
Brian started to snicker.
“Just wait.”

To be continued...


Harvey and His Bunny

While heading to work, Harvey Ames followed the most amazing scent to the local park and stopped to give a small bunny a piece of an apple turnover that his brother had freshly made that morning. Imagine his surprise when the bunny shifted into the cutest man Harvey had ever met, one who the Fates had decided would make the perfect mate for him.

Trevor Murphy had been running after having escaped a kidnapping attempt and getting his leg broken in a trap while in his rabbit form. His family was missing and he had no idea where they were, or if they were even alive.

Working together to try and find Trevor’s missing family, the men discovered that the family they were building was just as important as the one they were born with.

Story Excerpt
Harvey was so happy. Peter had managed to find them a home, and Liam helped him to get a job. He was so excited about working again. He missed it, making something with his hands, helping someone to have a home for their family. A home that someone would bring a new baby into, that would grow up there with loving parents. In his dreams, he always hoped the homes he helped make were overflowing with love.
Harvey knew he had some problems with his mind, but that didn’t mean he was stupid. It just took him a bit longer to understand some things, but he always worked things out eventually.
“Peter, I’m going to work now,” Harvey called out from the back door of the coffee shop that his brother worked in.
“Did you grab the lunch I left for you?” Peter yelled back. “Would you like a coffee to go and a warm apple turnover?”
“Warm?” Harvey asked, as his tummy rumbled at the thought of eating one of his favorite snacks. “Please?”
It was part of their morning ritual, and it helped to calm Harvey, knowing that everything in his life was safe. He was able to see that his brother was happy. He still sometimes woke up from a bad dream where Peter had died from the mating sickness. He would sneak over to Peter’s bedroom door and just listen to him breathing as he slept. When Eros asked him what he was doing one night, he told him that he was making sure Peter was still alive. Puzzled, Eros asked him why he thought his brother was dead. When he told Eros about the bad dream, the pretty man promised that Peter was fine and would be alive for a very long time. But any time Harvey had a bad dream, he was very welcome to peek in the door to check on Peter.
He grabbed the thermos of coffee that Peter gave him and put it in his backpack but kept the bag of the turnovers in his hand. He didn’t want them to get accidently broken in the bag. Besides, how could he eat them if they were in there?
Giving his brother a hug, Harvey turned to walk to work.
“Have a great day.” Peter called out, and Harvey gave him a smile and a wave as he turned the corner onto the sidewalk.
As he walked towards the job site where the construction crew was building a bunch of new homes, Harvey was wondering what smelled so yummy. He knew it wasn’t from just the turnovers, but it smelled even better.
Looking around, he wasn’t able to smell where it was coming from, but it seemed strongest over by the small forested area near the park.
Forgetting all about going to work, Harvey continued to follow the delicious scent. The only problem was he couldn’t understand why it seemed to come from a small bush.
Getting down on his knees, he was surprised to see a small nose twitching at him. A small nose attached to a cute little bunny. Harvey slowly put his hand out.
“Hi, are you okay, little bunny?”
Harvey was worried at how small the bunny was. The bunny smelled scared and he could be hurt. Harvey knew his big size made him seem intimidating to most people, and he struggled to think of how he could let the little critter know he was one of the good guys.
“Would you like some of my apple turnover?” He offered, as he sat down and held out the bag. “My brother makes them at a nearby coffee shop and they are the best thing ever. I’ll share them with you if you like.”
Harvey watched, barely able to breathe as the little brown bunny slowly limped out of the bushes, climbing up into his lap. His back leg seemed to be a funny angle, but Harvey couldn’t smell the nasty scent of blood. Wondering if rabbits even ate apple turnovers, he fished around in the bag and broke off a small piece, holding it in the palm of his hand.
There was a shimmer, Harvey remembered it happening when he shifted, and all of a sudden, instead of a bunny, there was a naked man on his lap.
“Oh, wow, shifter bunny.” Harvey’s face cracked open in delight.
“I am indeed,” the little bunny man said, plucking the piece of apple turnover from Harvey’s palm. “Hello, mate.”
“Mate?” Harvey was so excited, he had a mate!
“Hi, I’m Harvey,” he said to the brown-haired man. “Are you okay? Your leg looks funny.”
“I broke it in a trap, but I wasn’t able to get out of it and when someone finally let me out, I had to run away just as I was. It was too late to fix it when I was finally able to shift. I don’t know of any shifter doctors who could help me. Do you know of one?”
“No, but maybe my brother’s mate can help you.” Harvey thought about it and nodded. “Let’s go ask him.”

Adult Excerpt
Trevor wasn’t sure if his poor mate even knew how to seal their bond. He was sure that someone must have explained it to him, but he didn’t know.
“Has anyone explained the birds and the bees to you?”
Harvey simply stopped in his tracks and slowly panned his head to look at him.
Not sure who could possibly be more embarrassed, Trevor had a hard time keeping his eyes locked with Harvey’s. He watched as the red crept up Harvey’s face, just as he was sure it was doing the same in his.
“Um,” Harvey started to stutter. “Peter kinda explained it to me. He told me that my mate would love me and wouldn’t care that I’ve never had sex before. He said that I would need to use lots of lube because I was a big guy, but so long as I did that and made sure that I slowly used my fingers and open him that I shouldn’t hurt him. He also told me that I had to make sure that I used at least three fingers, but four would be better. He also said that I should talk to my mate first and ask them if I had any questions.”
Trevor wasn’t sure if he was going to thank Peter or slap him.
“How about we go to the bedroom and we can take it one step at a time. I know that I want to be mated to you, but I also don’t want you to have any concerns or worries. There is no right or wrong between us, as long as no one is hurting the other one.”
Harvey turned and grabbed him into a hug, lifting him into the air and hiding his face where Trevor’s neck and shoulder met.
“I’m going to leave my mark, right here.” Harvey whispered, then he began to lick the area. The feeling of Harvey’s warm tongue on his skin was sending shivers through his whole body. Trevor was now thinking of how that tongue would feel on the rest of him.
“So good,” Trevor moaned, letting his head fall back, giving Harvey more room. When Trevor could feel Harvey sucking up the blood to the surface and leaving a mark on his neck, he had to fight not to come in his pants. The feeling of Harvey’s teeth biting the area added a whole new level of desire that left Trevor feeling like liquid lava was running through his veins, igniting every nerve on fire.
“Harvey,” he wailed, humping against the hard ridges of Harvey’s abdomen. Feeling the growl vibrate in the chest pressed against his left him panting, not sure there was enough oxygen in the air. His only thought was getting the hard cock poking at him in his ass and the teeth teasing him embedded in his neck. He wanted, no he desperately needed, this man to claim him more than he needed to breathe.
“Bed. NOW!” Trevor demanded.
Trevor squeaked at suddenly being tossed in the air, only to bounce on the bed. He forgot to be upset at Harvey when he heard the ripping of clothing. He looked to see his mate tearing off his shirt and revealing a magnificent expanse of skin. The chest was nothing but firmly packed muscles with small brown discs centered on hard pecs for him to nibble on. The shoulders were wide and tapered down to a narrow waist. Harvey’s chest was covered in a light dusting of hair that matched the color on top of his head, a rich brown, almost the color of a good dark chocolate.
As soon as Harvey tore off his pants, he stood proudly naked before Trevor, who could only stare in appreciation. The treasure trail of hair lead to a cock that was a good eight inches and nice and fat. Trevor knew that he was going to feel every inch of it, and his hole clenched at the thought, already anticipating it.
Trevor quickly threw his clothes off, then moved to his hands and knees and crawled over so he was able to put his face into Harvey’s balls. He took in a deep breath, memorizing the scent of his mate, the musk, the unique smell that was Harvey. He would be the only person who would ever smell the amazing scent that was his mate, the one person who would be beside him for the rest of his life.
Opening his mouth, he leaned forward so he could let his tongue dip into the small opening at the tip of Harvey’s cock, tasting the pre come, moaning at the flavor that exploded in his mouth. The saltiness was flavored with a sweetness that was all Harvey. He could hardly wait to get the full taste of his man.
Pulling back, Trevor flopped onto his back and looked up at Harvey. “Claim me.”
Those words seem to have an electric effect on Harvey. He jolted and then growled, before he moved and got on the bed. He crawled over until he was between Trevor’s spread legs. Grinning, he then bent down and began to kiss the breath out of him, leaving him gasping for air. He didn’t even know when, but he heard he snick of the cap of lube being popped open and then a cold wet finger prodded at his ass. Trevor relaxed his muscles, letting his mate in.
Knowing the mechanics of sex versus the reality was so much different. Just because he was a bunny, didn’t mean that he’d already had sex. Call him old fashioned, but he had waited for his mate. The feeling of someone else touching him, breaching his ass was completely different from him playing with himself. He panted through the exquisite torture of one finger working him open. What were more going to feel like?
Trevor laid there, watching as Harvey concentrated on making sure he was ready to take the thick width that he so desperately wanted to feel pounding him through the mattress. All he could do was feel himself being stretched open, while Harvey would play with his balls, but leave his cock alone. He wanted to grab himself, but he knew that if he did, it would all be over. He would blow his load all over his mate before he even got to feel him breaching his ass.
“Are you ready for me?” Harvey growled. He finally had him easily taking four fingers, and Trevor wanted so much more.
The feral look in Harvey’s eyes excited Trevor to the point of pain. This man was his. No one would ever see this look in Harvey’s eyes, it was for him, and him alone.
“Yes,” was the only thing Trevor could moan in response. There was nothing else he could say.
Harvey moved so that the head of his cock was up against his opening. He looked into Trevor’s eyes, his brown eyes, his gaze so intent, as if to memorize this moment.
“I don’t know what will happen in our lives, but I will love you forever.” Harvey’s words sounded like a promise to Trevor, and he felt his eyes fill with tears.
“I don’t know what the future will bring for us either, but I know that you are the man that I do want to spend the rest of my life with, for better or worse. I don’t know about love yet, but I do see myself being able to love you dearly as we get to know one another.” Trevor lifted his hands and gently cupped Harvey’s face, bringing it down so he could place a gentle kiss on his lips. “Now, claim me, my mate.”
Slowly, Harvey pushed his hardness into Trevor. Both men were panting when Harvey’s balls rested against Trevor’s ass.
“Oh god, I never knew,” Trevor moaned. “I didn’t know it would feel like this.”
“Now I know why Peter screams,” Harvey said with a grunt.
Trevor stopped and just stared at Harvey in surprise, then began to laugh.
“Really, you mention your brother now?”
“He screams loud,” Harvey’s eyes widened as he nodded. “Now I know why, and now I’m going to make you scream like him.”
The wicked grin the Harvey gave him should have worried Trevor, but he was too busy holding on. The fact that Harvey began to pound his hard dick into him might have had something to do with that.
Just as he could feel his balls beginning to pull up, he felt Harvey run his tongue over neck. The guttural growl was the only warning he had before he could feel Harvey’s teeth embed themselves in him. He screamed out his pleasure as he filled the space between them with his cum.
When he finally realized that Harvey had slowed down his thrusts, and he was still licking Trevor’s shoulder. Looking at him, Harvey turned his head to the side ordering, “bite me.”
Trevor felt his teeth grow, and he leaned up, while pulling Harvey down. He bit his mate, groaning at the taste of him. He could feel the bond snap into place, hear Harvey’s scream in his ears, feel the cock in his ass pulse as he filled him with hot jets of cum. Being able to feel himself bond to Harvey was an amazing feeling, something he swore he would never take for granted.
He could also hear Harvey’s gentle giant inside of him, humming to his bunny half. He didn’t realize he fell asleep listening to the lullaby.


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.
I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.
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