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Hi everyone!

Thanks, Stormy, for having me as a guest!  I’m glad all of you have enjoyed Valkerie and Ben’s story so far. Part three will not be the end of their romance…

Valkerie’s Immortal

Part Three

By Andrew Jericho

The bedtime routine had been going on for almost a fortnight.  Each time, Valkerie read from the same poetry book.  Within a half hour, Ben would be asleep on his chest.  Not before shared kisses.  Their affection was growing more insistent. The romantic tension smoldered between them.   As promised, Valkerie stayed with the young man until the sky shown the beginnings of dawn. 

            .  Tonight, the young man hadn’t readily fallen asleep.  Valkerie held Ben against his body.  The vamp tried not to pick Ben’s thoughts.  He failed. Ben wanted more than passionate kissing.  The young man was restless.    

            “Can’t sleep?”  Valkerie asked.  He rolled Ben over to face him.  “We can read more, if you’d like?”

            Ben shook his head in a negative fashion.  The young man’s eyes held lust, and much to Valkerie’s delight, love.  He ran the pad of his thumb over Ben’s lips.  Ben closed his eyes.  That was Valkerie’s cue.  He pressed his lips against the young man’s mouth.  Ben moaned.  When Valkerie used his tongue to part Ben’s lips, he was readily accepted into the moist heat. 

            While Ben surrendered to his touch, Valkerie pulled his lover close.  The vamp wrapped his arms around the young man’s torso.  Their bodies fit perfectly.  What Valkerie already suspected was clear.  He believed in past lives and being born again.  The handsome vamp

was being reunited with the love of his life—the bespoke lover he had lost five centuries ago and then again three hundred years later.  Valkerie bloody well wasn’t going to lose him again.

            “Darling.”  Valkerie’s endearment a whisper against Ben’s lips.

            Valkerie deepened the kiss.  He pressed his tongue deep inside Ben’s mouth.  Their appendages met, swirling in unison.  One of the vamp’s hands left his lover’s back, to caress Ben’s scalp, the hair silky beneath his touch.  Then, Valkerie tangled their legs.  He pushed Ben to his back, topping the young man’s body. 

            “I want more than bedtime stories and cuddling,” Valkerie said, “but I need to tell you something about myself.” He separated their lips.

            “Don’t stop kissing me.” 

            “I have to.  I should have told you already, before I involved our hearts.  I was afraid.”

            Ben wasn’t listening. The young man was trying to engage them in another kiss.  “I need you.”

            Valkerie put a finger to Ben’s lips, stopping his lover’s advances.  “Why do you think we have the connection we do?”

            “I don’t know.”  Ben was quick to reply.  “Good chemistry, maybe?”

            “I want you to promise me you’ll at least hear me out.”

            The vamp desired to take him.  Mate him.  Make him his.  His fangs wanted to elongate.  The sensation drove Valkerie insane with need.  The man, the human he remembered being, stilled his longings.  Ben deserved the choice Valkerie was never given. 

Two hundred years ago, as his lover lay dying from plague, Valkerie had still given him a choice.  Even on the cusp of death, his beloved had chosen mortal life.  He had watched his bespoke lover, the man who fed his body and soul, die a horrible death.  Three centuries before that, the same thing, just a different illness. 

Five hundred years ago, Valkerie had fallen ill, alongside his beloved Mathias.  A breathing disorder the physician had called it.  Today, likely pneumonia.  Treatable now.  Valkerie’s sire had been the same physician who predicted their deaths. 

Many years ago, the English schoolteacher hadn’t known what woke him.  He was burning up with fever. Thought himself delirious, when a searing pain consumed his neck.  I’ve always loved you, Valkerie.  The voice of his sire still fresh in his memory.  Valkerie loved another, though.  Mathias.  Save as many as you can.  The final words he ever heard from the sire who gave him immoral life.  Once Valkerie fully realized his fate, he was angry.  Vehemently so, when Mathias had refused to be turned.  Both times, they had been separated.       

            “I’m in love with you, Valkerie,” Ben spoke.

 Valkerie’s thoughts were silenced by Ben’s words.  “I’m in love with you, too.  Please know this, I’d never hurt you. I have to give you the choice I was never given.  If you ask me to leave tonight, I won’t come back.  I’ll leave you alone.  It would be as if we never met.”

            Ben’s body made Valkerie’s dick swell harder. The young man’s pulse was quickening.  His blood pressure increased.  The smell of Ben’s sweet blood was all the richer. 

            “I haven’t felt this way in two hundred years,” Valkerie said. 

            The silence which crept into the room amplified the sound of Ben’s blood rushing through his veins.  Valkerie waited for a reply.  None came.  For several minutes, the young man beneath him said nothing.  He didn’t recoil in fear.  Ben continued to stare into his eyes. 

            “That’s just an expression, right?”  Ben asked.  “I mean…Valkerie…come on?” 

            Valkerie held Ben tighter.  He pulled a sheet and blanket over their bodies.  He hoped the artificial cocoon he created would shield his lover from the shock.  “I’m a vampire.”

            “No.” Ben’s voice broke.  “No!”

            “Yes.  Darling, it’s true.  Look at me.  I’d never hurt you.”

            “A vampire?  Are you going to bite me?”  Ben’s questions were blunt, laced with sarcasm.

            “I don’t ever have to bite you.”

            “But you want to?”

            “A mating, an act of love, yes.  I don’t have to turn you completely.  That would be your choice.  We can mate, and you’d live a normal life.  The other option is to live eternally with me—my immortal love.”

            Ben’s eyes continued to stare into his own.  Overcome with emotion, Valkerie sought the same lips which had parted easily beneath his touch.  Their chemistry ignited again.  The young man wanted to forget Valkerie’s words.  Damn it all to hell.  Valkerie further connected their thoughts.  When Ben tried to resist, Valkerie pulled him back.  Darling, you haven’t forgotten.  My bespoke lover.  Made just for me.  I found you again.  I won’t let you go. When Ben began to struggle again, Valkerie filled the young man’s mind with images of their two love affairs.  The young man’s flailing subsided.  Ben was responding to Valkerie’s thoughts. 

            You remember, don’t you?  Valkerie thought.



            Ben’s struggling began again.  This time more violently.  Valkerie let him go.  The young man got out of bed. Valkerie sat up and prepared himself for a coming rant.  None came.  Instead, Ben crossed his arms and paced the floor. Several times Ben stopped. He turned towards Valkerie as if he wanted to speak. Then, the quiet pacing resumed. 

            “I feel your pain,” Valkerie said. The vamp got off the bed and pulled Ben into his arms. “I wish it were different.  I’ve prayed for it to be so.”

            “What about your pain?”

            The question startled Valkerie. It has been a long time since anyone considered his feelings.

            “What was Mathias’s name two hundred years ago?”  Ben asked. “The second time you found him.”


            “And now Ben.  My given name is Benjamin.  Most everyone calls me Ben.  Do I look like him?”

            “Not exactly.  Aston didn’t either.”

            “My heart and soul are the same?”

            “Yes.  If you believe it true.”

            Ben remained in Valkerie’s arms.  “I never want to be parted from you.”

            “This can’t be a decision one makes on a whim.  I won’t accept it in the heat of passion.  I want your choice born of love, and only then will I turn you.  Ben, you’ve accepted part of your journey.  A man should be whole, healing from his torment, before he makes such promises.”


            “Yes.”  Valkerie placed both hands on Ben’s cheeks.  His fingers caressed the smooth flesh. 

            Ben’s eyes closed. “Make love to me.”

            That was all the permission Valkerie needed.  He removed Ben’s pajamas.  Next, he slipped off his own T-shirt and boxers.  Ben was pliant, willing, in his arms.  Valkerie’s hands caressed Ben’s flesh.  His lips glided over his lover’s face, eyelids, nose, and mouth.  The vamp’s fingertips rubbed the young man’s shoulders.  He pinched both of Ben’s nipples.  Ben moaned in response.  Valkerie licked a path down his lover’s neck, taking each of the tight buds into his mouth.  One at a time.  Slowly.  He let his tongue circle each. Licking. Sucking.  Ben’s fingertips glided through his hair. 

            “Take me back to bed.”  Ben said.

“Hush.”  Valkerie silenced his lover.  He placed a finger over his lips. “Speak to my heart.  Talk where only our souls can hear.”

Valkerie.  Ben thought.   I love you. 

            Me too.  For five centuries.  I never forgot.  Not for a moment. 

            The vamp’s hands went lower.  He wrapped his hand like a glove around Ben’s dick.  Valkerie moved down Ben’s body, kissing flesh on the journey.  The young man’s slender frame and smooth skin intoxicated his senses.  Valkerie didn’t stop until his lips were flush with Ben’s groin.  He took all of Ben’s cock into his mouth.  He hollowed his cheeks and sucked.  On the return upwards, Valkerie’s tongue swirled Ben’s cockhead.  The vamp licked the slit, sticking his tongue in it, as far as it would go. 

            Standing, Valkerie took Ben’s hand and led him back to bed. Ben was beneath him, writhing against the sheets. Valkerie tried to kiss his lover. Instead, Ben’s hands urged him lower.

            “More oral.”

            Valkerie’s lips brushed his lover’s sac.  He pushed the young man’s thighs upward towards his chest.  Then he spread Ben’s legs, exposing his rim.  For a moment, Valkerie marveled at the pink flesh of Ben’s opening.  He rubbed a thumb over it.  Pressed it inward, watching the ring of muscle contract.  The vamp let a string of spit drop from his mouth, and then he rubbed it into the flesh.  Then, he slipped the tip of his tongue inside Ben’s ass. 

            “Damn. Oh, Valkerie.”  Ben raised his upper body to watch.

            Valkerie alternated between licking Ben’s shaft and pressing his tongue inside the young man’s body. The vamp’s saliva eased his finger through the first ring of muscles. “Soft. So tight.”

One finger. Then another.  Ben gasped. One of the young man’s hands was rummaging in the nightstand.

“No!” Ben cried out. “Stop.”

Valkerie licked cum off Ben’s cockhead.  He caught a stream running down the shaft with his lips. “Shh…it’s alright.”

Ben had dropped the lube on the sheets.  Valkerie’s lover was shaking. The young man had broken into a warm sweat.

“This is the heat of passion, Ben. When a man can make promises to another.  Deep, intimate notions. There’s a reserve in your heart.”

“No.  I want you inside me.”  Ben’s lips trembled.

“Do you…really?  Even before I was turned, I came to the star-struck conclusion that two can become one. Two men can be one flesh. One heart. One soul. One spirit.”

“Make me one with you.”

“In all but flesh, for now, my love.” Valkerie lubed his dick as he spoke into Ben’s ear. “Soon, if you decide, my blood will mix with yours. My flesh will become you.  And you will be mine, and I yours.”  Valkerie’s slipped his cockhead into Ben’s body. “So tight.”

Ben gasped. “Val.”

“What? Oh, god, I want to make you my immortal.”

Valkerie pulled Ben’s legs around his waist. He pressed his shaft deeper.  He bit his own lip to stifle the desire to sink his teeth into Ben’s neck.  Valkerie had to keep his wits about him. 

“It hurts.”

“Shh…not for long. Push against me. Press down.”

Valkerie rolled to his back, taking Ben with him. He guided the young man’s hips. Buried inside Ben’s tight heat, Valkerie groaned. The vamp closed his eyes. He connected to Ben’s thoughts. The young man’s mind was a disconnected myriad of sentiments.  Fantasy mixed with flesh.     

Ben, my love. Valkerie thought.

Instead of giving Ben a chance to reply, Valkerie flipped them again.  Ben was beneath him. The young man’s anal muscles began opening and gripping Valkerie’s shaft. Ben was moving his hips, meeting Valerie’s thrusts.

“Come, darling.  Come again. With the breeze of my breath on your forehead.”

“It was you, that first morning.”

“And every moment after, regardless of what happens between us.”

Valkerie gripped Ben’s hand in his, twining their fingers. He pressed their joined hands to his lips. His cum filled Ben’s body, as a warm stream of his lover’s semen painted his abdomen. 

 More to come…


[Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
In an entertainment routine called Drag Show, Vince becomes Violet Whispers. Vince is a gay man, who not only craves cross-dressing, but it gives him sexual pleasure to see Violet staring back in a mirror. Even more satisfying is being in the arms of a man while in drag. Derek fulfills those fantasies.
Derek is a dominant man who orchestrates erotic scenarios, or games. The thought of never knowing what Derek has planned keeps Vince in almost constant arousal. So when Derek uses his twin brother, Alec, in one of his scenarios, Vince must come to terms with new romantic feelings for his partner’s brother. 
When Alec becomes a part of their lives on a more permanent basis, Vince struggles with acknowledging his love for his partner’s brother. Alec is bold, like Derek, but more soft-spoken. Even though Vince knows Derek wants him to follow his heart, he is afraid of allowing another man into his life. 
Note: The first two chapters were originally published as a free short story on

Story Excerpt: 
Reaching into his pocket, Alec fingered his own gift for Vince. His fingertips brushed the velvet box. Alec had bought the symbol of love yesterday afternoon. Once they were alone, he planned to place the ring on Vince’s finger. He removed his hand from the pocket of his slacks and continued to hold his beer, his eyes having never left Vince’s body.
Even though Vince was a gay male, Alec knew he sometimes preferred to be addressed with female pronouns while he was in drag. As Alec stared at his lover mingling with the crowd, he marveled at her unbelievable beauty. Violet Whispers was one damn fine queen.
She was wearing Derek’s gift, a sequined silver cocktail dress. The hem stopped right above her knees. The formfitting number had a spaghetti strap over one shoulder, and a full length sleeve that touched Violet’s wrist on the other arm. Alec surmised Derek must have bought the shoes at the same time, because the silver platforms sparkled in unison with the dress’s fabric each time Violet moved her sexy body. The four-inch heels made Violet’s six-one frame tower over the rest of the guests. Alec loved a queen that fit his personal definition of the word.
Violet hardly ever wore stockings. She didn’t have to. Her toned legs were smooth, silky, and tanned. Alec imagined Vince lying in a tanning bed wearing nothing but a speedo. Vincent, you’re not only a damn fine queen, but a hot gay man. Just like earlier when they were alone, Alec felt himself becoming aroused.
Not only did Violet Whispers’s clothing remain synonymous with her image, but so did her hair and make-up. Violet’s signature brunette wig was teased in gentle waves. Her make-up a sexy palette of violets and ice grays. The only difference was instead of mauve lipstick, Violet’s lips were a dark wine color. Alec presumed the lipstick was meant to match her amethyst jewelry.
Smiling, he once again fingered the ring box in his pocket, containing a masculine gold band with four amethyst stones. His thoughts continued to drift to later that night. He hoped Vince would tell him he was in love with him. Alec had waited twenty years to hear those words. Now, images of Vince responding to his touch drowned out the music.
The club was starting to come alive, as it filled to standing room only. Strobe lights continually flashed, as a live DJ spun the latest dance music. From where Alec sat at the bar, he had a perfect view of the dance floor, which included two above-head platforms. Each one was occupied with a male stripper.
“Hey, darlin’,” Violet spoke, as she approached Alec at the bar.
“I was just about to ask you if you wanted to dance,” Alec replied.
Not giving Violet a chance to reply, Alec reached for his lover’s hands, leading the sexy queen onto the dance floor. Alec pulled her close against his body, as they moved to the rhythm of the music. Their bodies sensually rubbed.
Female pronouns were quickly fading, as Alec felt Violet’s body rubbing against his own. Not only was he able to see the masculinity behind Violet Whispers, but he felt it beneath his hands. Then he made eye contact with his partner. The look he received almost undid him right there on the crowded dance floor.
Reaching for Vince’s hand once more, Alec led him away from the crowd. He had to push them through tightly packed bodies. When a shower of confetti rained down on their heads, Alec felt Vince pull them tightly together once more. Vince’s lips were against his own. The passionate kiss they shared, surrounded by other guests, was Alec’s indication it was time for them to blow off Infinity and find a more private location.
First, he remembered a short conversation he had with Derek right before his brother had left to go to the club. Vince had been upstairs getting dressed. Derek wanted to play another drag show game. Alec had been instructed to bring Vince to the club’s office before the pair left to go home. Smiling, he led Vince down a hall away from the lights and music.
“I thought we were going home,” Vince said.
“Derek wants to see you first,” Alec replied, opening the door to the office.
“Hi, baby,” Derek said, standing up from behind the desk. “I can’t let you go home this aroused. The first time alone with Alec should be slow and sensual, not filled with a blinding need for release.”
Smiling again, Alec recalled the details of the game Derek had shared with him. Alec shut and locked the door. Derek immediately walked to the light switch and flicked it off. The room was pitch-black.
“Derek,” Vince moaned.
“I’m right here, baby,” Derek replied.
Adult Excerpt:
Alec was behind Vince’s body, pressing himself against his partner’s back. Derek was standing in front of Vince. He listened to the soft sounds of his brother kissing their husband.
“We both love you, Vince,” Derek said. “Alec and I want you to open up. Surrender your heart. Baby, I don’t want you to think about who’s touching you. I just want you to feel the love in the two pairs of hands cooling your arousal. Shh…don’t say a word.”
Alec imagined Derek had placed a finger on Vince’s mouth, because the rest of the game was beginning to unfold. Then all went quiet, as Alec silently traded places with his brother. Vince was oblivious to the change, and would not know whose hands were touching different parts of his body.
When Vince whimpered, Alec dropped to his knees, pulling up the cocktail dress. He shoved the fabric around his lover’s waist. In the dark, he pulled Vince’s spandex shorts away from his body. He removed what felt like a lacy thong, as Vince’s cock came untucked. He heard another moan, as he took the length of his partner’s shaft into his mouth.
Alec heard Derek’s voice, barely above a whisper. The intent was to disguise the sound so Vince could not recognize him. “I’ve got my fingers buried deep inside your ass.”
“Please let me know which one of you is sucking me. Damn, it feels so good! God, it feels so damn, good!”
Alec wrapped his hands around Vince’s body, caressing his lover’s buttocks. He felt Vince’s flesh being pulled apart by his brother’s hands.
Derek was whispering again. “Now I’m going to find your sweet spot, Violet Whispers. Hmm…are you going to tell me where I can find it?”
“Fuck! Fuck! God, your fingers feel so good…and the lips wrapped around my cock!” Vince spoke, as his words faded to a sensual groan.
Vince’s hands on the back of Alec’s neck were pulling him deeper. He let the heat of his mouth envelope the swollen flesh, as he felt the entire shaft pulsating. Vince was close, real close. Alec picked up the pace, sucking firmly from base to tip, licking the pre-cum that continued to form on Vince’s cockhead. The taste was salty and sweet. Vince’s dick was buried so deep inside his mouth the tip was rubbing against the back of his throat.
“Such a beautiful and naughty queen,” Derek whispered. “Letting two brothers take you like this.”
“My prostate,” Vince moaned. “Oh, god, don’t stop! Hell, please don’t stop!”
“We love you, Violet,” Derek spoke in the same hushed tone.
“Yes, Violet, we do,” Alec whispered, taking Vince’s cock from his mouth for just a split second.
The game was meant for Vince, but Alec knew both he and Derek were just as aroused. He heard the excitement in all three of their voices. Alec’s cock was rock hard, straining against the boxers inside his slacks.
“Brother, let’s finish him,” Derek said.
“Shit,” Vince cried, “so many fucking fingers inside me!”
“Four, and you’re still fucking tight!” Derek replied.
Alec felt Vince’s body beginning to tremble. He cupped his lover’s buttocks tighter, kneading the flesh beneath his fingertips. Vince’s semen was now coating the inside of his mouth. Alec felt the motions of Derek pumping his fingers inside their husband, as the action continued to push Vince deeper into his mouth.
Vince was whimpering, still trembling in their arms. Alec got up and cradled him against his chest, while Derek wrapped his arms around Vince’s back.
“Please tell me,” Vince pleaded. “I want to know.”
“No,” Alec whispered. “Fuck! I’m going to break the rules.”
Derek had said neither one of them should seek release. Alec hoped his brother wouldn’t mind he was unbuckling his pants. His cock ached. He was past aroused, and knew he could not wait until he got Vince home.
“Break the rules, brother,” Derek whispered, “because I am. Are you going first?”
“Yeah,” Alec replied.
Alec let his slacks fall to his ankles. Then he turned Vince’s body around. Now his partner’s buttocks were pressed against his dick. He sank his swollen cock into Vince’s ass. The cavity was warm and slick from his brother’s fingers. Vince’s body was bent slightly forward, no doubt leaning against Derek for support. After a few thrusts of his hips, sending his dick as far up into Vince as humanly possible, Alec felt the rush of semen leaving his cockhead. The juice bathed his lover’s internal flesh.

“I love you,” Alec whispered. “I love you so much, Vince.”
“I love you, too,” Vince replied. “I love both of you…with all my heart.”
Alec quickly pulled out, allowing Derek to turn their husband around. He supported Vince’s body, as his brother now made love to their partner.
“I love you, too,” Vince spoke again. “So damn much. Please, tell me who’s inside my ass.”
“We’re both here,” Alec spoke softly. “That’s all that matters. Trust us, Vince.”
“So tight,” Derek murmured.
While Alec continued to support Vince’s body against his own, he could feel the gentle rocking motions of his brother’s lovemaking. Damn, if that ‘blinding need for release’ Derek had mentioned wasn’t turning to a tenderness overtaking Alec’s heart. He pressed his lips against Vince’s mouth.
“I love you,” Alec whispered. “I’ve always loved you.”
“Alec,” Vince moaned.
“Yeah, Vincent, it’s me.”
“What about the game?” Vince asked.
“Baby, don’t worry about the game,” Derek said. “We’ve almost accomplished what you need.”
“Derek, you feel good inside me. I’m so in love with you. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”
blkfadeE-book:  BookStrand | Kindle | NookKobo | AppleGoogle

Andrew Jericho is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing, LGBTQ rights activist, humanitarian, and freelance journalist/photographer.  His books explore gay men in real situations of life and love.  Andrew blends romance, passion, and eroticism into all of his characters. 
He is a gay transgender man, who lives with his partner, John Jericho, and family.  He enjoys photography, eclectic tastes in music and the arts, and browsing the local library and art galleries.  All of Andrew’s work can be found at:

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E.A. REYNOLDS - Part Two

The pumpkin pie scent of the room should have lulled him, but the voices floating around the spacious party room at the Fairlane Hotel made him feel lonely.
He’d come to this shindig last year with a doctor who’d treated him like he was invisible and he felt like the same thing was happening all over again, but his costume only added to his anxiety. He was out, but this was a scream instead of a whisper. He propelled himself toward the bar thinking something strong would take edge off his nerves, but Ryle knew there was only one thing that would.
As he glided across the shiny floor, the eyes watching his every move were like the dark windows of haunted house. You knew they were watching you, and the thing inside was just waiting for you to come inside from the rain so it could slowly torture you.
Ryle Cross felt tortured as he made his way through the crowd to the bar. He’d taken a great deal of time with getting ready to ensure he looked just right. He’d donned a sleek black dress and finger-waved bobbed. He’d decided not to wear heels since the length of the dress hid the sneakers he wore.
“What can I get you, Carol?” The bartender was standing behind the black bar with its pumpkins on each end and hand of glory in the middle next to two faux bloody fingers.
He gave the man a smile. Carol Lombard had been a reason choice since he liked her movies. “Just a ginger ale,” he said and his gaze swung back to his date. Judge Race Talon was laughing it up with a woman named Tiffany who was dressed as wonder woman. She leaned a little closer to hear something Race had to say and Ryle wanted to scream.
“Here you go, gorgeous.” The man, dressed as Brad Pitt winked at him and Ryle smiled.
“Thanks, Brad.”
“Well, well, well.”
Ryle turned to Giles, one of Race’s colleagues. The man had a smirk on his handsome face. He was dressed like Captain America. Prick.
“I see Clark Gable is doing what he does best,” Giles said. “Flirting with the pretty girls.”
“Giles,” he said coldly.
“You’re a cheap imitation of a woman and you’re going to ruin Race’s career not that I care, but he knows it that’s why no one here knows you’re his date.”
He could tell no one knew. After all, the party was being thrown by the local bar association which had invited paralegals as well. People thought they’d just come in at the same time. Their relationship had begun only a few months ago and they were still working out the kinks, but they only went to places where Race’s private life wasn’t a mystery.
That had been good for allowing them to relax and get to know each other. They had practically grown up together and their families were close, but he and Race hadn’t been on intimate terms until recently.
 “Mind your own business, Giles,” Ryle muttered.
Giles laughed and it was a purely derisive sound that scraped Ryle’s nerves raw mostly because he was starting to feel like this was a mistake. He didn’t want to be Race’s dirty little secret.
“Scotch,” Giles said to the bartender. “And a Bloody Mary.” He looked at Ryle. “I actually have a date.”
“I bet she wishes she came with someone else too,” Ryle said and turned to leave only to run into his date.
“Easy.” Race steadied him with a hand on his hip and Ryle’s breath whooshed out of him as he looked up into cocoa eyes.
The man’s touch still had the capacity to make his knees weak and his breath come in shallow pants. His heart raced too, and there was nothing he could do except wish he’d fallen in love with someone else.  
“You want to dance?”
Race’s tone was smooth, sexy baritone that sent shivers down his spine and made his blood heat.  Ryle’s jaw dropped. “What did you say?” This was the last thing he’d expected. Race was still so careful not to reveal too much in front of his legal buddies.
“I asked if you’d like to—”
“Race. How’s it going?”
"Ryan,” Race said giving the golden-skinned man a smile. “I’m surprised you showed up.”
“I told you I would,” he said with a glance to Ryle. “Who’s the doll?”
Race grinned and slipped an arm around Ryle’s waist. “Ryle this is Ryan. He’s the current District Attorney.”
“I voted for you,” Ryle said. The man had gorgeous blue eyes that held a glimmer of interest as they met his. “You have a good record.”
“Thanks, gorgeous.” He said with a grin. “Are you with him?” He turned to Race.
“I am, and I’ve been so busy networking I haven’t spent any time introducing Ryle around,” he said and looked at Ryle. “I’m sorry, sweetie.”
Race’s hand slid up his back and Ryle almost shoved it away. Was the man doing this on a dare from Wonder Woman or Ryan?
Then, Race’s hand landed on his ass, brushed lightly and swept slowly back up to his back to urge Ryle closer to him.
“We were just going to dance,” Race said.
“Really?” Giles asked. “Why don’t you just grab the mic and tell everyone he’s your bitch?” His eyes were hard with ridicule.
“Probably because they’d be unnecessary,” Ryan said. “A spin around the dance floor would be telling.”
“I’m not making a point, Ry,” Race said calmly. “I’m just trying to enjoy the rest of the evening with my date.”
“Your date?” A brunette demanded from behind them and Ryle groaned as Nicole Peters moved around them. Her expression was stone hard and her wide mouth pulled into a tight line of disgust. “Now I know why you keep brushing me off.”
“Yes, well, I’m sure you’ve got the point loud and clear,” Race said. “Excuse us.” He took Ryle’s hand and led him to the dance floor.
Ryle’s heart thumped hard and his mouth went dry. They were going to make their debut among Race’s friends right now?
“I should have done this weeks ago,” Race murmured. “Ry, I’m sorry.”
“How?” Ryle asked suddenly feeling like a jerk. They’d gone out to a gentleman’s club for gay men when they did go out. To be fair, Race had been working almost nonstop after the Fourth of July holiday. He’d had to take over a case for another judge and then he’d had two of his own and one had dragged on endlessly with delays and surprises witnesses.
Race had been busy with his social obligations too. The boys home where he mentored and the pro bono work he did for a women’s shelter had further tired him out.
“You promised me I wouldn’t want for anything, but you’re not holding up your end of the bargain,” Ryle said. He understood, but he felt like a neglected dirty secret.
Race pulled him closer and Ryle curled his arm around Race’s neck. “I’m going to do better. Starting right now.”
“Why?” He looked up at Race and saw a question in his eyes. “Ryan dared you too or did Tiffany?”
“Tiffany is a colleague, Ry,” he murmured. “She wanted some advice and she also wanted to tell me I was going to lose you if I didn’t stop acting like I was ashamed of you.”
Ryle blinked. “She knows?”
“She’s known since we got back,” Race admitted. “I’m not ashamed Ry, just afraid.”
He sighed. “I can’t live like this,” he said.
Race leaned closer to him. “You don’t have to,” he murmured. “I’ve cleared a couple of cases and I’m prepared to deal with the fallout.”
“All of it? Even if you don’t get re-elected?”
“All of it.” He brushed Ryle’s lips with his. “I do love you, and I want to start proving it right now.”
Ryle frowned. “I know you’re lonely Race, but that’s no reason to do something that—”
“Makes me happy?” he cut in. “You make me happy, Ryle.”
“Then, I’ll give you one more chance,” he whispered. Because he loved Race and wanted this to work. And honestly he hadn’t expected his man to just tell everyone he knew they were together. That wasn’t Race’s style.
Race nodded and stroked Ryle’s cheek before kissing him.
A loud whistle erupted over the music. “Way to go, Race,” a feminine voice called out.
Race lifted his head and Ryle laughed, his face hot. “Race.”
Race grinned and led him from the dance floor as the music had stopped. “Was that your coming out announcement, boss?” Tara Ross Race’s clerk asked falling into step behind them.
“Could have been,” Race said with a smile for her. “Where’s Ben?”
She rolled her eyes. “Getting another drink with Giles. Mariah just stormed out on him, so I hope someone takes his keys and calls him a cab. Tonight’s not the night for him to be driving drunk.”
“I’ll see what I can do,” Race said. He took Ryle’s hand. “He drinks too much lately.”
“Mariah’s leaving him for another man, but she’s dragging her feet because he’s trying to hold on to her.”
“He’s player. Why would he bother?”
“He’s still in love with her,” Race said. “And she’s pregnant.”
“Is it his?” Ryle asked quietly feeling a twang of pain for Giles.
“I don’t know,” Race murmured. “I’ll talk to him and we can have another dance or go bob for some apples.” He grinned.
Ryle laughed. “They have that every year,” he exclaimed.
“This year I can win you prize,” Race said with a wink and Ryle giggled and Race kissed the tip of his nose.
“Giles, where’s Mariah?” Race asked once they reached the bar.
“None of your damn business,” he said and then sneered at Ryle. “You want to fuck her too? I bet her ass is better than his.” He took another slurp of his drink and pointed and Ryle. “I told you you were just a game to him.”
“Giles,” Race said calmly. “Come on, man. You’re getting a little loud.”
“You don’t want everybody to know you’re a queer?” he screamed. “It’s too late to hide it. This phony Carol Lombard isn’t even pretty.”
Giles jerked back sloshing his drink over his hand. “Don’t Giles me!” he snapped and staggered. “I’m tired of you and your holier than thou attitude. I volunteer, I do pro bono work, and I champion women’s causes, so I’m a saint. Saint Cock Sucker Talon.”
“Enough, Giles,” Ryan said hurrying over.
Ryle could everyone staring at them. The room was quiet now except Giles’s ranting and raving. His eyes were bright alcohol usage and his legs were a little unsteady.
“Who are you to talk, Ryan!” he said. “Get away from me. It’s your fault Mariah’s leaving me.” He staggered and then stomped toward the door.
“Can’t let him go like that,” Race muttered. “Wait here, baby.” He gave Ryle a brief kiss and went tearing after Giles.
Ryan was hard on his heels. Ryle stood there for a moment feeling as if he were beneath a spotlight with all eyes on him. A few snickers drifted around the room before the music started up again.
“I won’t say ignore it,” Tiffany said. “But someone else will be fodder for gossip in a few weeks. The good thing is, Race is one of the best judges on the bench, and he’s still considering running for state’s attorney.”
“What? He’s never mentioned that.”
“Been something he’s been thinking about for a while. He’s good enough, but your relationship might be a test.”
“So I should break up with him,” he muttered.
“No. You should be prepared to stand by your man if you two decide the scrutiny is worth it,” she said. “I wanted him because he’s ambitious, smart, sexy as hell, and pretty sweet under it all. However, I’m not competition, Ryle.” She shrugged. “He’s made it clear you’re the one. He wants to marry you someday, so I told him he better start acting like it. If not, he’d wake up alone one day.”
The dull pop of a gun drew Ryle’s body tight as a bow string. “Oh, my god,” he whispered. “Did Giles have a gun?”
“I think he has a—shit!” She scurried for the door and he hurried after her, heart in his toes and palms sweaty as his hands shook.
They weren’t the only ones checking things out. The security hired for the event weren’t at their post and that made Ryle’s heart stop.
The lot was narrow with valet parking. Some of the cars were parked on the street while others had been forced to park in the lot a block away. Ryle was willing to bet Giles’ car was here. They rounded the building to find a guard kneeling on the ground along with a man in a red jacket.
“I’ll go see what happened,” Tiffany offered.
“I’m coming with you.” He stopped breathing as he walked behind her.
“Stay back,” one of the valets ordered.
“Go back inside,” one of the security men commanded. “Get them out of here!”
The other man, average height with a buzz cut moved to cut them off.
“I need to get to him,” Ryle said and the man grabbed his arm. “Let me go!”
He turned his head and searched for the voice that was so familiar. “Race!”
He jerked around to find Race coming toward him. Ryle ran to him glad he hadn’t worn the heels. He threw himself into Race’s arms and Race caught him holding him tight.
“I thought—Giles?”
“Cab. Ryan’s riding home with him to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid like go to Mariah’s.”
“Then, who--?” He pointed over his shoulder.
“I don’t know. I heard the shots and was coming to check it out.”
“Looks like one of the valets,” Tiffany told them. “The cute one, Ric.”
Sirens wailed, dying as they got closer. “We’ll just be in the way around here,” Race said. “I’ll see there’s anything I can do to help tomorrow. Come on, Ryle, let’s go. Tiff?”
She walked toward them. “I’ll hang around here and let you know what happened,” she said quietly. “Talk to you later.”

Chapter Two
Race held Ryle’s hand as they headed away from the scene. Ryle was quiet as the new moon’s light fell over them. 
“Next year maybe we’ll just go trick or treating instead,” Race said with humor in his voice.
“Might be less eventful,” Ryle said. “You’re going to run for state’s attorney?”
“Thinking about it.”
“You’ll be the first openly gay man to do it in this state,” Ryle said.
“Do you think you could handle it?” Race asked quietly as they came to a cross-walk.
Ryle shrugged. “I’ll have time to get used to it, but I think it’d be an interesting career move for you.”
Race squeezed his hand. “I won’t do it without your support, Ry.”
“Why not?”
“You come as close to first as I can put you with this job,” Race told him. “Tonight’s made it clear to me I can’t keep taking you for granted. The fear in your eyes—you love me and I love you. I don’t want to hurt you or lose you.”
Ryle smiled and cupped his man’s cheek. “I do love you,” he murmured and leaned up on tip toe to steal a quick kiss. “More than life, and I’m not going to hold you back. I will be there every step of the wild ride.”
Race pulled Ryle close. “Thank you, Ry.” He hugged him tight and then separated from him to lead him across the street. They passed a large church located in the middle of the street and spanning the entire block. A ghost stood there with a big pumpkin in hand.
“Happy Halloween,” he cried and stuck his hand into the bucket. “Here’s a tootsie pop for the pretty lady and for you dashing Clark Gable—Clark was the hottest guy in the movies next to James Dean.” He held out a Kit Kat to Race. “Carol you’re a lucky woman.”
Ryle laughed. “Thanks Casper.”
Race shook his head and they started down the street again. They church had opened it’s parking lot to bar association as well as its own party guests so they didn’t have to walk much further.
“Did you even like Clark Gable?” Ryle asked opening the candy.
“Baby, this suit is the epitome of one he wore in Gone With The Wind.”
Ryle shook. “I should have guessed.”
“I’m glad you took a risk tonight,” Race told him as they reached the car. “You were the hottest girl babe there.”

The End

Taylor has come home to catch a killer. However, he has no plans to make his home in the Whispering Willow pride where gay men are shunned. But he never expected to meet the sexy head of security for the pride, Braden Pawly, either. There isn’t a thing about Braden that doesn’t make Taylor hot and eager to lay claim to this sexy man.
Braden has accepted the loss of his family. He knows he’s doomed to live alone with the possibility of never meeting his mate, but he’s also tired of being alone. Taylor breezes into his life and makes his heart go pitter patter, but gay relationships are forbidden in his pride. He could lose everything, but there is nothing he won’t risk to have Taylor in his life.
However, the killer Taylor is tracking will do anything to avoid capture and exposure, even if it’s over Taylor and Braden’s dead bodies.

“So far, the only thing that’s happened is you asked me to dinner, and you sent me a bunch of sexy little notes,” Braden replied with an air of nonchalance.
Taylor studied him, not sure what to make of Braden. “I’m interested in more than dinner,” he said quietly.
“I kind of figured that out,” Braden said. “So, do you start all dates like this? Keeping a guy waiting on a drink?”
Taylor frowned at him. “No, but I usually know I’m not going to get my ass kicked.”
“If you were that afraid, why did you start this? Hell, I thought this whole secret admirer thing you had going was cute, and your notes made my day.”
Taylor smiled now, something fluttering in his stomach. “I opened a bottle of wine. I have beer if you prefer it.”
“Half a glass of wine is fine,” he said. “I’m not on duty, but I’m always on call, not that anything ever happens. I just might have to take someone’s shift if they call in.”
“Okay,” he said. “I heard you got reamed for letting Hunter out last week.” Hunter had been exiled from the community along with his younger sister. The elders had intended to retain custody of the minor after exiling him, but the Round Table, the enforcement arm of The Order, the shifter governing body, had intervened. Hunter had been allowed to take custody of his sister.
“It’s no big deal,” Braden said from behind Taylor. “I did my job. I wasn’t supposed to let him leave with his sister, and I didn’t.”
“Things are getting nutty around here.” He poured Braden half a glass of wine. “Dinner is ready if you are.” Taylor met Braden’s gaze, and his stomach tightened as the wildcat inside regarded the other man as if he were prey. A delicious meal that belonged only to him.
“I’m starving. I’ve been on the go all day.”
“Yeah? I heard you had to give a statement to the Round Table.” He took the box Braden held out to him.
“Why’d you leave the FBI?” Braden asked, changing the subject. He accepted the glass of wine, and their fingers brushed, sending jagged tendrils of electricity through Taylor just like the first time they’d touched.
He scrambled for words in the wake of the sensory shock. “I—uh, I got hurt. I was taken during an investigation. The guy got the drop on me, and he tortured me pretty bad.”
“Are you seeing someone? A shrink, I mean.”
“No. It was the physical damage that made me quit. I was going to be paralyzed and badly burned for the rest of my life. A healer I knew came to see me in the hospital. The guy was a lynx from a pride like ours. He worked on me for a few days and healed my spinal injuries and the burns. It took days, so he healed me just enough to move me first. I still have scars on my back from the burns and one on my chest.”
“You’re stable emotionally?”
“I can do this job, Braden,” he said coldly.
Braden took a sip of his wine, giving Taylor a thoughtful look. “You came home to finish healing emotionally.”
He shrugged. “In a way, I suppose I did,” he murmured. “I mean, I didn’t doubt my ability to protect myself, but I doubted my ability to control my cat. The trauma forced me to let the cat take over, and I needed time to come down from that. The cat was constantly on edge. He wanted to kill everyone that came near me. Being home has gotten me back to me.”
“Are you afraid to leave?”
“No.” He shook his head. “That’s what I saw the shrink for. She helped me work past those issues.”
“Good,” Braden said and set his glass down. “I don’t want to be used, Taylor. I know what’s it’s like after being on the outside. It’s hard to come back here and be almost celibate after being able to take a man home.”
Taylor took a step toward him, putting his hand on the counter next to Braden’s. “I went into the city last week and I rented an apartment in Gay Town. The drive’s not bad. We can get back here in fifteen minutes. Morgan can handle things until you arrive.” Morgan Clawfoot was Braden’s second in command.
Braden nodded slowly and cupped Taylor’s face. Taylor’s skin heated and he saw something flicker in Braden’s gaze. Braden’s nostrils flared, and he tipped his head back slightly.
“I’m interested in you too,” he said softly.
Taylor gave him a shy smile. “I know we can be shunned and exiled, but I think the risk is worth taking.”
Braden nodded. “Me too.” He lowered his head, blocking out the light from the fixture, and brushed his lips against Taylor’s lightly.
Taylor closed his eyes and savored the feel of Braden’s warm lips pressed firmly against his in a soft kiss, but he didn’t part his lips despite moving a little closer.
The cat sighed inside of him, welcoming the first intimate contact.
He stepped into the bedroom in time to see his mate jerking on his boxer briefs. He watched him smooth the silky things as he undid the braid his hair had been held back in all day. Braden did have a nice ass. He let out a whistle and Braden faced him.
“Aren’t you the hot one?” Taylor said. “Maybe you should be wearing those teeny-weeny briefs.” He sauntered into the room. “You’d have my blood running hot as a nuclear bomb.”
Braden’s lips pulled back in a slow grin. “Maybe I’ll test that supposition sometime soon.”
“It’s no supposition, and I’m looking forward to it.” He stopped in front of Braden and stroked a hand down his chest. His skin was warm and bare beneath Taylor’s hand. Taylor pinched one of Braden’s nipples and then the other before lowering his head to lave his tongue over one and then the other. “You are so beautiful, Braden,” he whispered and reached down to cup Braden’s fast-growing erection.
“Are you going to do something about that or just hold it?” Braden teased.
“We’ll see if I can make it go away,” Taylor murmured and went on tiptoe to kiss Braden as he stroked Braden’s cock. Taylor broke the kiss, trailing kisses to Braden’s shoulder. He brushed wet kisses over Braden’s chest and sank to his knees to lick at the hard muscle of Braden’s stomach. He rolled the boxer briefs down, and Braden’s cock sprang free, hard and at attention. “That’s a pretty dick.” Taylor smiled slowly up at his mate. “I like the flush of it and the big head, but it looks a little unruly to me to be getting hard without permission.”
“Suck it into submission,” Braden commanded with a growl in his voice.
Taylor pushed Braden’s underwear all the way down before gripping Braden’s firm cock and running his tongue around the head. He blew over it and Braden shivered.
“Fuck.” Braden hissed. “Suck my fucking dick, Taylor.” He pushed his fingers into Taylor’s hair and urged Taylor’s head closer.
Taylor licked the shaft, and Braden growled at him. “Pretty eager to get my mouth on you, aren’t you, baby?” Taylor teased, and Braden tightened his grip on Taylor’s hair. He winced from the bite of pain, but it excited him rather than deterred him. He pumped Braden’s cock lightly and endured another tug of his hair before giving in and closing his lips over the head of Braden’s dick.
Taylor sucked it easily at first, but the taste of his mate’s flesh, the hot look in his eyes, and the animal desire rumbling inside Taylor had him sucking harder. He took Braden deeper as he stroked his balls with one hand.
“Yeah,” Braden groaned as he threw his head back. “Suck it harder, Tay,” he ordered.
Taylor tightened his mouth on the needy flesh and sucked Braden’s dick harder as he pumped it. He hummed, and the vibration drew a purr from Braden.
“Ah fuck.” Braden fucked Taylor’s mouth with shallow strokes. “Damn, I love your mouth. You’ve got me burning up here, baby.”
Taylor drew his tongue down the shaft of Braden’s cock and licked one orb. He sucked it before turning his attention on the other. He sucked the ball before flicking his tongue over it. Braden purred his approval above him, and Taylor licked back up the shaft. His lips sank over Braden’s cock and he sucked.
“Mmm,” Braden said roughly. “Tay. Fuck!”
Taylor scraped his teeth against Braden’s cock, and Braden growled softly in pleasure. Taylor hadn’t expected him to like it, and he did it again. Braden growled harder. Taylor took Braden’s dick to the back of his throat, relaxed his gag reflex, and swallowed.
Braden made a strangled sound as his fingers tightened in Taylor’s hair. “Damn, that feels so good.” His breath came in ragged pants.
Taylor lifted his head and began sucking again, letting the earthy taste of his mate fuel him.
“That’s enough.” Braden tugged Taylor to his feet, and Taylor licked his lips. “Undress. I need you now.”
Taylor stepped back, kicking off his shoes. Then, he unbuttoned his khakis and dragged the zipper down before getting rid of the pants and white briefs. He took his time releasing the buttons of his shirt and grinned at the hunger in Braden’s eyes.
“Am I taking too long for you, lynx?” Taylor teased as Braden stroked lube onto his thickly jutting cock. “You boys aren’t known as the most patient predators.”
Braden reached for Taylor and threw him face down on the mattress. Taylor chuckled, but the laughter died as his feet came into contact with the floor and a hard hand landed on his bare ass.
“Does that answer your question?” Braden demanded roughly and struck Taylor’s ass again.
Taylor groaned. The pain licking the muscle of his ass was a sensual kiss. “I’m still a little confused,” he teased in a husky tone and growled when Braden hit him harder.
“Does this clear it up a little?” Braden dropped his hand on one cheek and then the other in a rough melody that drew purrs and growls from Taylor.