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Wrong Place, Right Time
By Bronwyn Heeley
©2016 by Bronwyn Heeley
Chapter Three
Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, “holy fucking shit!” Matty screamed as come spilt from his body. It sprayed out of him like a broken hose, going fuck knows where. He panted as Gavin continued to thrust, chasing his own orgasm while Matty’s channel shuttered through the mind-blowing experiences.
He laughed a laugh that always puffed out of him when he’d gotten off. It didn’t really matter where or when, or even how great the experience was the sound always came.
Gavin roared above him as he finally came himself, filling Matty up before collapsing onto him. The firm weight of Gavin had Matty smiling wider, his arms coming up, running over the big man’s shoulders and back. And Gavin growled. It sounded satisfied and started somewhere inside his belly and seemed to work its way through the larger man and sank into Matty turning his insides into mush before raising the heat.
His hips moved, clamping down on the cock still inside him.
“Oh god, what the hell is happening to me?”
Gavin made a noise that sort of froze before he quickly made it to his elbows and looked down a Matty.
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah.” His eyes got a little bigger and much whiter. “You know what’s happening to you, right?”
“Ah, I’m horny like I’ve never been horny before.” But even Matty could see his world falling short of something big.
“Didn’t they tell you what you were signing up for?”
“Signing…?” whatever else Matty was going to say trained off with the door slamming against the frame as it was opened hard and hurried.
“What the fuck! Get the hell out of here!” Gavin rumbled, mean and deep as he stood facing the door, protecting Matty from the angry vampire standing at there.
“You can’t have him.” The vampire, Taylor, Matty was sure of it, though he’d only just started being used by the vampire.
“The hell I can’t, the matchmaker matched.”
“Not him. He wasn’t a part of the party.”
“He wasn’t? Then maybe you shouldn’t have allowed him into the party, because as I see it. As your rules decree it, anyone in the room is up for grabs.”
“He wasn’t meant to be there.”
“Not my fucking problem. Maybe next time you should make sure your men aren’t in the room.”
“Not men, whore.”
“Ha,” Gavin his voice turned even meaner, before he turned towards Matty, his lips lifting in a smile. “We want to stay here, baby? We still have twenty hours we must stay together for but that doesn’t mean we have to do it here.”
“You want to be a whore for these guys, or come home with me and see what it’s really like to live?”
“Fuck off,” the vampire spat. “Be a whore for the vampire or the werewolves. That’s what he’s offering you, Matty, but unlike him, we can give you everything you want.”
Except they couldn’t. They couldn’t give him someone who looked at him like he was more than just blood and sex. It was rubbed in his face every chance they got, no one give a shit about Matty and yeah it might be whatever the hell they were talking about but he’d been in this hellhole for nearly a month, and he knew the day after he’d accepted the offer that he’d made a mistake, and though he might be making another, wasn’t it better so at least see. At least find out if it could be better?
Sitting up, Matty scooted the rest of the way off the bed and put out his hand. He felt the spike of lust hit as fingers touched palm, but it was the look of hope and honest to god happiness in Gavin’s eyes that made his heart lift up. This wasn’t going to be a mistake.
“No. you can’t have him! He’s mine.” The screeched words filled the room as the vampire charged forward. Matty didn’t even have time to react before Gavin pushed him back onto the bed, gravelled something Matty was sure made sense but he couldn’t comprehend. The vampire was something out of a horror show with claws, teeth, and a face nearly unrecognisable, angry and hatred turning a reasonably attractive man into something not even a mother could love. 
Bones popping had Matty looking at Gavin, seeing him sprout hair and body reshape made Matty flee, moving up onto the bed and over it, sliding so far he landed in a bunch of arms and legs on the other side. Righting himself, he looked over the edge to see the back of a wolf, and that was it. There was a low growl, a hiss, and a banging that had Matty curious in a way he probably shouldn’t have if he wanted to keep his sanity.
He made his way to the corner of the bed, peeking around the foot end he saw feet and a hand, just lying there. Motionless. Matty was pretty sure he’d squeaked at the sight, tucking back out of sight. Had Gavin killed the vampire? If he did, would that bother him? Would he want to go home with the beast he’d just witness murdering someone? Did he now, after seeing him turn into a wolf?
A whine caught his attention, a wolf nose poking around the edge of the bed, low, being careful as he came close to Matty who was now sitting on his arse, his back against the bed.
“Hey,” he whispered, putting his hand out, waiting as he’d been told to wait whenever he was meeting a dog.
The wolf seemed to roll his eyes and came forward, his nose brushing up under his fingers, letting them move across his snout to his head. Gavin—because this was Gavin—came up and gave him a quick lick on his cheek before moving away. And then a sound Matty didn’t particularly like but what he gathered was the reverse of what happened when he became a wolf. Matty was staring at a very naked Gavin.
“Are you okay?” Gavin spoke softly, tentative.
“Yeah.” Yeah, he really was. “Thank you for saving me.”
Gavin huffed a laugh. “Don’t think he would have done any real damage.”
Matty’s smile felt a little forced even as he tried to believe that, Taylor might not have hurt him physically. “No, I mean for taking me away from here.”
Gavin’s grin was everything Matty could ever imagine someone would give him, not even in his dreams was he lucky enough to see such emotion handed to him. Joy and lust and hope and the future.
“Come on.” Gavin stood fast, putting his hand out for Matty to join him. “We’d better hurry before they see us and don’t let us leave before retribution is made.”
“Oh yeah, as it is he’s knocked out, so they will just assume I’m in the wrong. It’s a fucked up vampire thing, like trying to say I can’t have you because they didn’t get you away fast enough. But if we aren’t here they’ll wait until he’s awake to find out what went on and it’s not like he’d be able to get away with lying. They might not like it, but once I’m gone, they have to file paperwork and everything. The fight is never worth it.” He grinned like a loon, as he threw clothes at Matty before he pulled on his own.
When they were both dressed, he grabbed Matty’s hand, pulling it up to his lips for a simple kiss that lit Matty up like a Christmas tree.
“Let’s get out of here, mate.”
“Okay.” Matty sounded as dazed as he felt. “Will, you tell me what I’m missing.”
“Sure, I’ll fill you in on what tonight is while I drive us home.”
Matty nodded mostly to himself, as Gavin pulled him out of the room.  

Chapter four
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
Gavin had never been happier to be back home than he was right now. His cock was screaming at him to get inside his mate again. The magic of the night as still in them, wrapping around them nice and tight, not giving an inch.
The drive home had gone by in a flash, as it was excruciatingly slow. He had never hated living so far from the vampire coven as he had in these moments. And yeah he knew it was the magic that made him feel that way, but knowing didn’t actually stop the feelings.
Matty had been full of questions, showing off just how new he was to the whole paranormal world, only giving him information that helped them, aka that vampire’s needed blood to live. Gavin wasn’t even sure why they thought it had been a good idea to let him anywhere near the ballroom. But their stupidity was his gain, and he wasn’t going to complain.
Hey, did he rhyme? No? Yes? Hell, he didn’t remember anything, didn’t care.
It took him an embarrassingly long time to unlock the front door, but he finally got it open and closed with both of them inside. Throwing Matty’s bag into his lounge room, Gavin slammed Matty up against the wall, bending down to line them up and he took over his mate’s mouth.
“Oh, fuck yeah,” he mumbled as Gavin only let him breathe for the moment it took them to get their clothes off before his mouth was back again. Exploring, tasting. Loving the flavour, and the feeling of Matty’s hands on him and his hips cocking a hard cock against Gavin.
With a growl that came more from his wolf them himself, Gavin grabbed Matty’s arms and manoeuvred him over the back of the lounge, his chest and stomach on the back cushions and his hips pointed up presented to Gavin.
He snarled as he slid his hand up the man’s back, running along the smooth lines of perfection before heading back down and coming to rest with his thumb against a hot loose hole.
“Come on, hurry up,” Matty yelled over his shoulder pushing back into Gavin’s touch so much so that his thumb disappeared into his arse.
Oh. Yeah.
Moving it around some, Gavin pulled his thumb free. It came out wet enough that he didn’t bother wasting their time. Lining his cock up, he slowly slid himself into Matty, watching as the man bowed into the invasion as he had the first time.
“So beautiful,” he whispered, his hands touching, moving over flesh as he bottomed out and then slide under Matty, pulling him up to rest against his chest. And then he started moving, not full thrusts but enough to give them both what they needed.
Matty’s head fell to the side, exposing the long line of his neck and shoulder, both pale and wanting. Gavin’s wolf couldn’t resist. Not this time, not for this display. His canines grew, the rest of the teeth following and he bit down on Matty’s shoulder.
The man screamed up to the roof, his hips working themselves back down on Gavin, trying to chase the pleasure he was giving him and the added sensation.
Freeing the wee man, Gavin growled out, “You’re mine now, Matty. All mine.”
Matty came, spilling himself over the top of Gavin’s lounge.
Gavin let him go, settling him back over his own spillage, as he settled his hands on Matty’s hips and started fucking his mate, his lover, and his everything.
He watched as his length moved in and out of his lover’s body. The damp stink or sex. The sounds Matty made added to the overall moment, which made it something he couldn’t even dream of, something that took sex and mating to love and wonder, and everything that anyone could ever want in life.
“Yes. Yes. Yours. Yours!”
“Fuck yes. Mine!” And he would be forever on. Gavin threw his head back as his orgasm went through him and shot out his cock, filling Matty up with him, marking him inside just like Gavin had marked him outside.
When he’d gotten his head back together, he slowly pulled out of his lover, picking him up and moved towards the back of the house where his bed lay. Settling him on the bed, he went and got a cloth and towel, cleaning up first his Matty and then himself before lifting the blankets up around their chests, tugged the wee man into the little spoon of his big spoon.
“I know it’s magic,” Matty spoke into the quite they’d been sharing. “But fuck me.”
“No,” Gavin whispered, his lips suckling Matty’s earlobe. “But I’ll love on you.”
“Whatever, my cock is so fucking hard it’s not funny, and my arse feel like it’ll kick my arse if I don’t get your cock back in there.”
“Your arse kicking your arse, now that’s something to see.” Gavin had chuckled into the back of Matty’s neck before he pulled away to get the lube out of his bedside draw.
“Oh, fuck off.” he laughed. “You know what I meant.”
“Yep,” he mumbled as his lubed up finger worked it’s way into soothing his lover’s hole before his cock followed and they spent the rest of their twenty-four hours in bed fucking like it was their very first time.
“I’m keeping you forever,” Gavin whispered as the lust flew away and they were actually able to get some sleep.
“Good, because I’m not going anywhere.”

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One Werewolf. One Vampire. One night.
Dem lives in a world ruled by two things: the moon and his alpha. Something inside of him has always yearned for more, and a chance encounter with a vampire helps Dem realise what he craves. Now that Dem knows what he wants, is he strong enough to reach out and take it?

Chapter One
A hand gripped Dem from behind, slamming him into the brick wall in front of him. The edges scrapped at his whiskers, sparks he’d later deny scattered across his skin, making it tingle.
Dem snarled at the beast pressing him against the wall from behind, holding him against his will. There was no way he’d let one mangy little vampire keep him down. Not in this life. He resisted, even as his cock decided this was the place it wanted to be and his balls threatened to rebel if he let the hotness get away before they were emptied.
“You think I’m impressed, little wolf?” he fucking purred. The sound shifted as the heat and hardness of the vampire’s body pushed closer.
Snarling again, Dem pushed back. Wanting the body off him, wanting off the wall, wanting to rub against the hardness digging into his denim covered arse.
He tensed as liquid heat pulsed thought him, making his mouth water and his bones ache. It had been a long time since he’d been fucked, even longer since he’d lost control of his power while it was happening.
His fingers gripped the wall, breaking the skin as it scraped against the sharp edges. Wanting to get him off, Dem pushed himself away from the wall and into the vampire.
The wording made him pause. He wanted to get the vampire off him. That’s what he wanted, what he meant, not get him off.
 He felt his hips shifting. Losing himself in the minute roll of the vampire’s size rubbing against his arse crack.
Dem swallowed hard, trying to force his hips to stop moving, hoping the bastard behind him didn’t notice his response.
He heard a chuckle: dark, evil, and knowing.
Dem snapped.
Using the strength he’d been ignoring because of the lust pulsing through him, Dem lifted one knee, pressing it against the wall. He threw himself backwards, gaining the upper hand.
They crashed into the wall on the other side of the narrow walkway and the vampire grunted. The sound pleased Dem, made him smile, turned his lips and teeth into more of a snarl.
An arm snaked up from under Dem’s pit, quickly and without notice, fingers digging into his throat, nails sliced in, sharp and deadly. Teeth scrapped the back of his neck, catching his hair and pulling, as Dem shifted forward. Pushed into the simple act of domination, he growled as he hit the wall behind him, the vamp’s legs and thick thighs bracketing him.
Blood slid down his throat, tickling as fat drops pooled into the hollow at the base. He felt it, wanted to wipe it away, wanted to get away.
“You think I don’t smell your desire, wolf?”
The truth, spoken by another’s tongue. One Dem couldn’t admit to, couldn’t allow to be true.
Dem snarled again, shaking his head, feeling those fingers dig deeper, slicing the tender skin that had started to heal.
He wanted what the vamp was offering, but he couldn’t submit, not to anyone besides his alpha. It was forbidden. Even the bitches stood their ground, only allowing a male to fuck them if he won a battle, proved his worth.
The moan wrapped around him, drew him in tight, made his body tingle and sweat. Had his muscles and bones melted down around the vampire’s feet? He wanted it so bloody badly.
No, no.
He growled as the vampire moved behind him. Quick and strong, he pulled Dem’s head back, exposing his neck completely; hair pulling sharply as it scraped against the bricks once more. His tendons screamed. He was forced to look up, past the darkness of the alley, into the murkiness of a sky polluted by man and woman alike.
A hot, strong tongue stroked along his throat, Dem knew the vampire was tasting him, sampling what he would eventually gorge himself on.
It was the reason he needed to fight. If he believed the horror stories his alpha told, that is. Vampires couldn’t handle wolf blood. It was too strong, turned them into addicts, and Dem wasn’t going to become a vamp’s chew toy.
Sharp nails scraped against his collarbone and more heat hit his balls, pulling them up tight, making them ache.
“Fuck, you taste good.”
The words couldn’t be truer; a werewolf would always taste good to a vamp, give him a buzz he wasn’t likely to forget.
Dem grunted. “Of course I do.”
The vampire chuckled, dark and rich, tapping a finger against the soft, sensitive skin above his collarbone.
His body pushed back against the vamp. Against skin, bone, and heat. Blood was power, he’d wanted more of it now.
“Different than most.” His teeth scraped against Dem’s throat where he’d already licked. Red welts would appear, marking the journey up his throat, healing almost as quickly as they appeared.
Dem felt it in his feet, the start of a claiming. The flirtation of a bedmate. A request he wasn’t sure he was able to deny. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

LEI CAROL - Part Three

Part III

Turning his turn signal on before slowing down and turning, Damian could feel his stomach getting tighter and tighter with each turn of his wheels. The closer he got to Dillon and Ali’s house the worse his stomach felt. Today would be the first time in close to a month that he agreed to hang out since the fight between him and Terek.

The last thing he’d wanted to do was put them in the middle. So he stayed away. However, one could only hear the hurt in Ali’s voice or see her sad, green puppy eyes before giving in, no matter what she is asking for. It’s one of the reasons Damian has always enjoyed hanging out with her, not to mention she makes him laugh and lord knows he hasn’t laughed since the last time he was at their house.

Since the last time he was there all he has wanted to do was hide and cry. It was irrational and completely unlike him but he couldn’t help it. Depression was hard. He’d spent the last year wishing and dreaming what it would be like to have just one chance, one night, with Terek and now that he had his one night he was miserable.

And it had nothing to do with the sex.

The sex was amazing. It was blow your socks off, out of this world. However, the problem was what happened afterwards. The fight between them. Everything Terek said when he lashed out, especially when he realized Dillon and Ali were awake and could hear them.

Damian had spent the last month hiding at home, at work, hell he was even hiding when he went to the store. Always afraid he’d run into Terek and just what Terek’s response would be. So he hid. He ignored his co-workers when they all asked if he was alright, lying and pretending everything was perfect. Except, it wasn’t.

He didn’t know when the last time he’d slept through the night was or even when he’d been able to eat a full meal. All he wanted to do was sleep and ignore the world. During some of the darker days Damian would have thoughts about moving away once more. Except he knew deep down that running away never solved anything. If he really wanted a chance for happiness with Terek or anyone else, then he needed to pull himself away from the dark clouds.

Hence the reason he gave into hanging out with Ali and Dillon. Damian just hoped they hadn’t invited anyone else tonight as well. As he pulled up to his usual parking spot against the curb, Damian was relieved to find only Ali’s little red car parked behind Dillon’s truck. He knew it didn’t mean there wasn’t anyone else there but he held on to the hope.

Shoving the door open with a sigh, Damian headed up the walk to the door. Knocking on the door before walking in at the twin hollars. “Hey guys, how’s it going?” He asked while taking his normal seat on the loveseat. “Eh, another day another dollar. How are you, man?” Dillon asked from his spot in the recliner.

Not wanting to make his friends feel bad for him, Damian offered a smile before telling a story about something that had happened in the bar the week before causing both of his friends to bust up laughing. It didn’t take long before each of them were trying to out story the other laughing harder and harder with each story until Damian had tears rolling down his cheeks.

How his laughter turned into sobs, Damian would never understand but before he knew what was happening he sat there sobbing with his hands covering his face. It felt as if the dam had been broken and he couldn’t stop. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there crying nor was he sure when both of his friends moved to sit on either side of him. Each with their arms wrapped around him, holding him while offering silent comfort and support.

This was the first time in weeks he’d felt any comfort.

Lifting his head after his tears stopped rolling Damian offered a small smile of thanks to both Ali and Dillon, “I’m sorry guys. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Can I say something, Damian?” Ali asked softly as she handed him the box of tissues from the coffee table. Barely waiting until he nodded his head, she continued, “Dillon and I both agreed we would stay out of this because both of you are our friends but what happened? I knew a long time ago you had a thing for Terek and the fact you guys finally got together… I don’t know… I had hope for the both of you.”

Wait a minute, what was Ali talking about? She knew? How did she know?

Without giving him a moment to ask any questions, Ali continued on. “Sometimes I swear I have a better gaydar than you do. I knew the minute I met you, you went both ways but I don’t care. I have other gay friends. Hell, I even have a friend who is transgender and bi. It honestly doesn’t matter to me. I swear the only reason why it’s such a big deal right now is because both you and Terek are making it a big deal. Quit trying to find a way to come out as bi-sexual, we don’t care who you fuck.”

 Staring at his friend in shock, he felt as if a lightbulb had turned on in his head. Damian had always said he didn’t care about labels and yet, here he was to freaked out to not care what people thought about who he fucked. He was just as guilty about putting labels on himself just like most of society. Rather than just living his life without caring about what everyone else thought, Damian hid his attraction to different men instead of owning who he was . Coming to the realization that he was the one putting the pressure and worry on himself was like a weight being lifted off of his shoulders.

“Damn, Ali… I think you missed your calling,” Damian sighed.

Turning his head to look at his friend at the soft touch of her hand on his cheek, Ali softly said, “Damian, all that matters is happiness. Whether you are happy with yourself or not. Whether you and Terek get together and date or if you find someone else who makes you happy. At the end of the day, happiness is all that matters besides love. I believe you can’t have love without happiness so you need to decide what makes you happy and then do it. Quit worrying about everything else and everyone else and just do what you need to do to be happy. Alright?”

Feeling his heart swell with emotion as his throat clogged up, Damian opened his arms to offer a hug to Ali unable to come up with a way to explain just how much she opened his eyes in that very moment.  After holding on for a couple of minutes Damian felt calmer and more at ease than he had in months.

“Alright you two, break it up otherwise I might start thinking you have designs on stealing my girl,” Dillon joked, breaking up the moment and all of the emotions. Laughing once more with his friends, Damian pushed his shoulder into Dillon which caused him to fall to the floor as they had all been squished on the love seat together. “You asshole!” Dillon laughed.

“Oh, I’m the asshole, huh? Watch this,” Damian exclaimed before hopping off the couch to start roughhousing with his friend. Each of them were laughing like loons, Noah was barking his head off as he bounced around wanting to play with them. “I swear if you two break my table or anything on it I’m gonna be pissed off,” Ali laughed as she hit each of them with a pillow.

Damian and Dillon stopped their antics long enough to share a look between each other as twin smiles spread across their faces and they sprang apart to attack Ali. Each of them tickling her until she was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face. “Uncle! Uncle! Alright, you guys win.”

Once everyone calmed down enough to separate and move back to their own chairs Damian looked between his two friends more thankful than he’d ever been to have them both in his life. “So, what’s the plan now?” He asked, breaking up the silence that had descended on the room.

“Well, I think we should order a couple of pizzas and watch a couple of movies and just hang out,” Ali offered as she curled up with her blanket on the main couch.

It didn’t take long before they were all stretched out, comfortable with each other and the silence besides the movie. At one point Dillon had asked if anyone wanted to smoke a bowl but Damian had decided he was done with that for the time being so he had declined, much to their surprise.

As he laid there, Damian’s mind started to wander, going down paths he was sure he’d rather not go but he couldn’t help himself. He thought about different friends over the years, especially the ones who had a thing for straight boys. If he was honest with himself, there was a certain allure to trying to turn a straight man gay, even if only for the night.

Damian wondered how many times over the years had he told his friends to stay away from straight boys? It was a rare occasion that his friends didn’t end up on his couch crying over a pint of ice cream while explaining about some guy who broke their heart because he was “straight.” Each and every time Damian swore to himself he wouldn’t be like his friends. Yet, what did he do?

It took him a couple of hours of sitting on the couch, surrounded by his friends and their animals for the depression to lift enough that he was able to start thinking clearly. Damian couldn’t guess how many times over the last few months he had thought about moving to someplace new but maybe now was the time. The time to start over.

Jerking out of his thoughts at the sound of someone knocking on the door, Damian covered his nuts as Noah jumped on top of him from his place curled up against Damian’s legs, barking with excitement of another visitor. Unable to stop the laughter from bubbling out of his mouth at Noah’s excitement while both cats took off running in opposite directions Damian didn’t realize who had walked into the house until Crono ran straight towards him.

Wiping the slobber off of his face while Crono wiggled with excitement bouncing from one to the other, until he was satisfied with the amount of wet puppy kisses he had given each of them.

“Uh… Hey guys,” Terek said looking everywhere but at Damian. This was the first time they had seen each other, which was a feat considering they worked at the same casino and managed to completely avoid one another. Damian could feel the tension levels rise the longer Terek stood there with his nerves written all over his face.

With his mind racing with different solutions Damian opened his mouth, “Hey man, how’s it going? Come on in. We’re just watching a movie before ordering dinner.” Someone had to break the ice, so it might as well have been him.

“Nah, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Crono and I were out for a walk. I’ll… um… let you guys get back to your movie.”

Before Terek could turn around to open the door Doctor Ali decided to come out to play again. “Chicken shit.” If Damian hadn’t been so surprised he would have laughed at the twin looks of shock on Terek’s and Dillon’s faces.

“Excuse me? What the hell, Ali?”

“I said you’re a chicken shit. All set to hang out until you see Damian is here, so instead you are going to tuck your tail and run, like a chicken shit. Too afraid to man up. Who gives a flying fuck that you guys had sex. I mean come on, from all of the sounds coming from the guest room that night and trust me ninety percent of them were from you, you were enjoying every second of it. Get the fuck over the damned label of being straight, bi, or gay, and just go for what feels good.” 

 Watching all the different emotions cross Terek’s face as Ali berated him left Damian feeling bad for the guy. Sure, the way he had started their little sexcapaid was wrong because Terek had been asleep but once he woke up and understood what was going on, he’d seemed fine with it as long as they didn’t get caught. Yet, they did.

Maybe, what he needed to do was clear the air between the two of them. Damian didn’t want things to be awkward anytime they all hung out so maybe they could come to an agreement of some sorts. But would Terek be willing to talk to him?

Silence filled the room as no one said anything against Ali’s tirade. Once the shock wore off of Terek’s face, he softly called for Crono before attaching his leash and walking out the door without saying another word. The guilt that instantly filled Damian’s stomach not only surprised but hurt.

A quick glance of the hurt on both Ali’s and Dillon’s faces had Damian jumping off of the couch before racing for the door. Quickly looking right then left Damian spotted Terek walking away from the house with his shoulders hunched over and his head hanging low.

Running after Terek, Damian wasn’t sure if he should hollar the man's name or just chase after him so he waited until he was just behind Terek before calling his name. “Terek! Wait up, man.” By the time he was able to catch up with Terek he was surprised to realize just how fast Terek had been moving as they were already at least a block and a half away.

“Look man. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t hang out with Ali and Dillon if I am there or vise versa. We were all friends before this happened and I would like to still think we all still are,” Damian hoped he was making since but all of his thoughts were so jumbled in his head that he wasn’t positive. “You should be able to expect your best friends to tell you the truth one hundred percent of the time rather than telling you what you want to hear.”

“Damian, just stop,” Terek finally interrupted. “Look, I know you are trying to help me but dude, I didn’t even know you were bi and then we had sex - amazing sex - and now I’m forced to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about myself. Do you have any idea how hard that is? To question yourself and who you thought you were after just one night?”

Damian could remember when he was a teenager and questioning his sexuality for the first time. He battled with it all through high school and into his twenties. He lost count over the years of how many people gave him grief about being bi, saying it was like the saying, “having your cake and eating it too.”

“Terek, I wish had a magic answer for you. Something to make everything crystal clear in your mind but I don’t. This is something you have to figure out on your own but if you want to just hang out and see where it goes or how you feel then I’m here for you. In the end only you can decide for yourself.”

Crono chose that very moment to lunge towards a neighborhood cat, knocking Terek against Damian’s body, shocking both of them. Staring into Terek’s green depths Damian watched as Terek’s pupils dilated with each second they stared at the other. Before he could even think of something to say or even consider pulling away, Terek pressed his lips against Damian’s.

After everything that had happened between them the last thing Damian would have expected would have been Terek taking control and kissing him. Especially out in the middle of the street where anyone could see. Maybe things would be alright between the two of them after all.

As the slow kiss came to an end Terek pulled away, surprise and shock written all over his face. “So, um… would you like to walk with me? I was going to take Crono around the neighborhood.”

In that very moment with the shy look on Terek’s face, Damian fell just a little bit. He knew it wouldn’t take much more for him to fall head over heels in love with Terek if he was given half a chance. So with a smile on his face Damian pulled his phone out of his pocket to text Ali and Dillon that he’d be back in a little bit before extending his arm for Terek to start walking.   

To Be Continued…. 


Thomas Wolfenson made a decision ten years ago that he thought was for the best of everyone involved, instead it has haunted his every step. Even his wolf refuses to come forth after the bad decision was made. However, a call sends Tommy rushing home, but what he finds when he gets there not only shocks him, it has the potential to change his life forever. Kyle has grown up with the knowledge his fated mate never wanted him. But when he shows up making a claim on him, Kyle struggles with the sudden change in his fated mate. Afraid that if he gives his heart it will be broken once again. Is Thomas strong enough to right the wrongs that were made long ago? And when the caller who sent him home is revealed, does it cost Tommy more than he ever thought he could lose? Or does fate allow a second chance, offering him more than he ever thought or wished for in his life?

Lei Carol
Welcome to my author biography. Short and sweet.
I love writing about the men in my books and meeting their personalities. The stories we create together make for very lifelike and relatable experiences. For the most part, my books exist in the Lei Carol multi-verse but can line up with some of my influences and real life (but not much). Each story I bring to life has its own trials and tribulations. Pick up one today. My personal favorite is Unlocking the Past.
Currently I live in Southern Oregon with my two cats, Outkazt & Torilei (sounds like Torilie not Torilee) but am in the works to hopefully make a big move this year. I am always amused by my muse and what he finds as inspiration. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to my muse.
More often than not I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, headphones plugged into my computer with Pandora playing, a large cup of coffee next to me growing cold while I try to ignore what ever distraction tactics my cats are deploying.
Feel free to contact me by email, twitter or facebook. I’m usually always around either on my computer or phone.
Twitter: @leicarolbooks