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“Share the Good Fortune”

Part 2

By Maggie Walsh

  It was just after noon when Zach made his way back to their spot under the pier. He sat in the sand and leaned his back against the wall as he looked around at the few people down on the beach. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper and stared at it. He had used his and Mekhi’s birth dates along with the day they met.

  “So you got one, huh?” Mekhi asked, his sudden presence causing Zach to flinch in surprise. He looked up in time to see Mekhi drop down beside him with a big smile on his face.

  “I’m sorry,” he apologized, the guilt that had been building in him since he purchased the ticket increasing when he saw the black circles under Mekhi’s eyes.

  Mekhi moved closer and wrapped an arm over his shoulders and pulled him in, then kissed his temple. “Don’t be, baby. It’s okay. Everyone needs to dream once in a while. Here, I have a surprise for you,” Mekhi said and drew a white paper bag from his other side.

  Zach’s brows rose as his eyes widened. He hadn’t even seen the sack in Mekhi’s hand when he came. “What did you bring?”

  Mekhi smiled bright. “I was up on Highland by the pancake house and that nice waitress Sheryl came out with this bag just as I got a five from this guy. She told me she hadn’t seen us around since the storm and was worried we hadn’t eaten. She gave me enough for both of us. There’re two burgers with the works and a couple of fries. She even dropped a bottle of water in there.

  Zach’s eyes widened even more. “No shit? Wow. That was really nice of her. When we can we’ll have to try to get her something. A rose maybe?”

  Mekhi kissed him again as he smiled. “That’s a great idea. Come on, put that golden ticket away and let's eat.”

  Zach slid the paper back into this front pocket as Mekhi began pulling out the delicious smelling food.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  A week had passed, and Zach and Mekhi had forgotten all about the lottery and the ticket that sat in Zach’s pocket. They spent their days as usual, working the pier and local hot spots for handouts from tourists, then headed back to their spot under the pier with what little food they could afford that day. After eating and watching the sun set, they would cuddle together under the one thin blanket they had and fall asleep.

  On the sixth morning after Zach had purchased the ticket, they had heard from some tourists that a new storm was approaching, so they made their way to the electronics store to watch the weather on the TV in the window. Thank god the place put speakers on the outside of the building, so they could always here what was going on. The weatherman said the storm would be coming the next day and should be a quick one and drop not even an inch of rain, which meant they would most likely be okay to stay under the pier.

  As they went to turn away, the report changed and a picture of a reporter standing in front of O’Brien’s grocery store with Mr. O came on. They froze just looking at the screen. “I hope nothing bad happened. Mr. O'Brien is too nice of a man for anything bad to happen to him,” Zach said worriedly.

  “I agree. I hope he’s okay,” Mekhi replied.

  They listened to the reporter say that the large lottery had finally been won by one person, but the winner was yet to step forward. The Lottery Commission had pinpointed Mr. O’Brien’s store as the place the winning ticket had been purchased so the reporter was there asking Mr. O if he knew who the winner was.

  Zach and Mekhi slowly turned their heads toward one another, both of them silent, with their shock showing in their eyes. “Do you think?” Mekhi asked in a whisper.

  Zach shook his head. “No, it can’t be. There had to be a few hundred, if not a thousand or so people who bought their tickets from Mr. O. Let’s not get our hopes up.”

  “But the lady said that whoever won hadn’t stepped forward yet. If someone had won, why wouldn’t they immediately claim their prize? I mean, shit, that’s a lot of money.”

  “I know, you think...maybe?” Zach asked then bit his bottom lip.

  “I think there’s only one way to find out. Let’s go see Mr. O, and see if you won,” Mekhi suggested.

  “If we won, Ki. It was our money not just mine. We’re in this together, remember?”

  Mekhi smiled as he ran the backs of his fingers down Zach’s cheek tenderly. “Yes, we’re in this together, Zach, but…”

  “No, there is no buts. If I didn’t spend that dollar on the ticket, I would have spent it on food for us, so it was our money. And if we did win, then it is both of ours,” Zach insisted.

  Mekhi gave him a loving smile and nodded. “Okay, baby. Ours. So, should we head over to see Mr. O?”

  Zach nodded hesitantly. “But what if we did win, Ki? How would we even claim it being homeless? Don’t we need an address or something?”

  “I don’t think so. Someone bought the ticket fairly and won so they can’t keep it from them no matter what their situation is. And if we did win, I don’t think they would take the risk of not paying us and the news getting wind of the government withholding the money from a couple of homeless guys. It would be bad press. Let’s take it one step at a time, okay? First, we go see if we even won,” Mekhi said and took his hand then turned them away from the store.

  “What do you think the taxes would be on something like that?” Zach asked as they made their way down Manhattan Beach Blvd.

  “I have no clue. I’m sure there would be state and federal taxes and then local probably,” Mekhi answered.

  “I’m getting really nervous, Ki. I―” Zach froze as his gaze landed on all the news vans parked outside Mr. O’Brien’s store.

  “Shit,” Mekhi said from next to him. “Look at all of them. Should we leave and come back tomorrow?”

  “Maybe we should. I don’t want to be on the news either way, Ki.”

  “Me either. Let’s head home and come back another time.”

  Just as they were about to turn around, Zach spotted Mr. O coming out of his store. The man looked around and saw them and gave them a bright smile and started waving them over.

  “Crap, now what do we do? We can’t just ignore him,” Zach sighed.

  “The news probably won’t even bother with us seeing as we’re two homeless guys, so let’s go see what Mr. O wants okay? Then we’ll get the hell out of there as fast as we can,” Mekhi suggested and tightened his hold on Zach’s hand.

  They made their way over to Mr. O. As they got closer, Zach began to feel sick, like he was going to throw up. His stomach was twisting, and cramping and he just wanted to run in the other direction. He felt Mekhi stiffen up next to him as one of the news people looked in their direction then back to Mr. O.

  As they approached, Mr. O welcomed them happily. “Hey, boys, how’s your day going?”

  “Good, Mr. O,” Mekhi asked hesitantly as he eyed all the reporters.

  “Good. Don’t worry about them. Just ignore them. Come on in boys, I have your order waiting,” he said and gave them a pointed look.

  “Um...thanks, Mr. O.” Mekhi replied and tugged on Zach’s hand to make him follow as they walked into the convenience store behind Mr. O.

  Once inside, Mr. O made sure the door was closed, but he didn’t lock it. He motioned for them to follow him to the counter. As they did, Zach noticed the store was empty. There were no customers or workers. He found that odd for the middle of the day.

  Mr. O went around the counter and motioned for them to follow again. Once there, he looked at them happily. “Zach, Ki, do you have your lottery ticket on you?”

  “Um...yeah. That’s why Ki and I were coming to see you. Is it true that one person won all that money and you sold them the ticket?” Zach asked.

  Mr. O’s smile widened, and he chuckled. “Yes, it is, Zach and I believe that person is you,” he answered in a whisper. “That’s why I asked about your ticket. If you have it we can check the numbers, okay?”

  “Okay, but…” Zach swallowed hard. “What if we did win, Mr. O? We don’t know what to do.”

  “First let’s check, then go from there, okay? I know neither of you want those vultures out there knowing who you are, so let’s not raise their suspicions, alright?”

  “Thanks, Mr. O,” Mekhi replied with a relieved sigh.

  Zach pulled the ticket from his jeans and handed it to Mr. O. It was a little wrinkled from being in his pocket all week, but you could still see the numbers.

  Mr. O checked the numbers and smiled bright as he began to laugh. “Boys, I don’t think living on the street will be a problem for you anymore. Congratulations, Zach, Ki, you won. You’re the big jackpot winners,” he announced happily in a whisper.

  They both stood there completely shocked and not knowing what to do or say. Finally, Zach felt his legs go numb and he knew he needed to sit before he fell.

  “Shit,” Mr. O cursed as he grabbed Zach’s arm. “Let’s get you boys into my office where you can sit down and let it all sink in.”

  He helped them to his office in the back of the store and let them sit, then got each of them a bottle of water. They sat silently just staring into space as Mr. O talked.

  “I know this is scary for you, boys and right now you’re going to have to be extra careful. If others find out about it, some people will want to take advantage of you. You need a plan. Once you go to the Lottery office, they’ll be splashing your faces all over the place. You boys have won the largest winnings in US history. Unfortunately, California is not one of the states where you can remain anonymous.”

  “How are we going to do this, Ki? If we claim the prize then everyone will know and if we don’t do it yet, then we risk losing the ticket. You know how things can get out there on the street,” Zach worried.

  Mekhi wrapped an arm around his shoulders in comfort. “I know, babe. I’m not sure what to do.”

  “I think I can help. A friend of mine owns a house along the shore. It’s his vacation place and he won’t be using it for a month or so. He always leaves me the keys to watch over the place when he’s gone, and normally I would never let anyone in, but these are special circumstances. After I lock up here, I’ll take you boys over there, so you don’t have to go back to the street and worry about someone taking that ticket or losing it. Then if you’d like, I can drive you over to the Lottery Office in the morning? But I was thinking maybe you should talk to a lawyer and maybe a financial advisor before you claim the prize. Get their advice on the best way to do this and how to make the money last for your lifetime. Do either of you boys know how to use a computer?”

  “Um, yeah, we both do,” Mekhi replied.

  “Good. While you’re there, keep yourselves locked in, there’s plenty of food so help yourselves, and use the computer there to look up lawyers. Once you find one, he can probably help you with finding an advisor. If you let me know when your appointment with the lawyer is, I can give you a lift if you need it.”

  “We couldn’t ask you to do all of that, Mr. O. We don’t want to be a bother and I’m sure your friend wouldn’t want two homeless men in his house,” Zach protested.

  “Don’t you worry about that. Just take care of what you need right now, and I’ll let my friend know what’s going on. I know he’ll be okay with it. Look, boys, I don’t want anyone taking advantage of you with this. You’re both good men and could really use this break. I’m thrilled that the winnings are going to two people who really need it and I know will do some good with it. You can hang out here until I close. Help yourselves to whatever you'd like. There’s a blanket in the bottom draw of my desk if you'd like to catch a nap. That couch is pretty comfy. I’ll be back in a few hours at closing, but if you need anything, just come and find me.”

  “Thanks, Mr. O’Brien, for everything,” Mekhi said as they both gave the man appreciative smiles.


  The next few days were a whirlwind of activity. After Mr. O helped them to his friend’s place and he headed home, the first thing they did was lock the door then go and take a very long, hot shower. Once they were clean, both he and Zach were afraid to use the large bed in the master bedroom, but it looked so soft and inviting. They both stood there with towels wrapped around their waists just staring at the bed. It felt like it was calling to them.

  Mekhi took Zach’s hand and they approached the bed then pulled the blankets back. Hesitantly Zach climbed in and scooted over so that Mekhi could join him. Once they lay in the bed with the blankets pulled up to their waists, Mekhi let out a loud sigh. “Shit, this bed is awesome. I almost forgot how wonderful it is to sleep in a bed like this.”

  “Yeah, me too. It’s so soft and the sheets feel so...clean and fresh. I just want to stay right here forever. Did you see the view from the balcony? The beach and the strip, as well as the pier and the ocean. It’s such a great view of Manhattan Beach,” Zach said.

  “Yeah, it’s gorgeous. We should look into getting an apartment or something like this. It would be great staying so close to the beach and our pier.”

  Zach rolled onto his side to face Mekhi. “We could look into that now, you know? Once we claim the winnings,” Zach said hopefully.

  Mekhi turned to his side as well and their gazes met. He raised his hand and cupped Zach’s cheek tenderly. “I like that idea. Living in a house again and not having to worry about where our next meal is coming from anymore.”

  Zach’s eyes filled with excitement causing Mekhi’s heart to expand. “And showers. Hot showers whenever we wanted.”

  “And we could sit out on our balcony at night, wrapped in each other’s arms and watch the sunset,” Mekhi whispered as he traced a finger across Zach’s lower lip.

  Zach’s eyes hooded as he licked his lips, his tongue following Mekhi’s finger. “And maybe we could make love under the stars,” Zach relied just as softly.

  Mekhi smiled. “I’ve made love to you before under the stars.”

  “Yes, but we wouldn’t have to worry about getting sand up our asses anymore,” Zach teased.

  Mekhi chuckled. “True. I don’t care how romantic and loving you’re trying to be with the one you love, when you get sand in certain places while making love, it takes the romance right out of it. But at least it doesn’t take away the pure bliss from being inside you.”

  Zach slid closer until their bodies pressed together. He lifted his leg and moved it over Mekhi’s hip. Mekhi instantly pushed his leg forward, between Zach’s thighs, then lifted it slightly to press against Zach’s hard cock.

  Zack leaned in and kiss him then whispered against his lips, “I want you inside me now, Ki. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to share our bodies. I miss you.”

  “I miss you too, baby. And you’re right, it has been way too long,” Mekhi replied, then captured Zach’s lips in a heated kiss as he wrapped his arm around him and started to thrust his leg against Zach’s cock and balls, causing Zach to moan.

  With luck they had been able to find a condom and a bottle of massage oil and Mekhi made love to his man for the first time in a bed. It was the most amazing night of his life, and Mekhi looked forward to having many more nights just like it with Zach for the rest of their lives.

  After a perfect night of making love with Mekhi over and over again, they had gotten up that next morning, showered, ate a huge breakfast from the provisions they found in the kitchen and pantry, then cleaned up after themselves before they logged onto the computer. It had taken Ki an hour to locate a lawyer who specializes in large sum settlements that included lottery winnings. When they saw where the man was located, they both smiled knowing they could walk the five miles to see the man. Mekhi used the house phone and called to make an appointment while Zach wrote the computer use and phone call on the paper where they were keeping a list of everything they had used or eaten so they could pay back the owner of the house.

  The next day they left the house at seven and headed to their meeting. Mr. O had said he would drive them, but they didn’t want him to have to shut down his store, so they insisted they walk. He told them to leave through the back door so that when they returned, they could use the hidden key he told them about to get back in.

  The meeting with the lawyer went well. The man gave them some great advice, the first being that they needed to protect the lottery ticket. He also made a few copies of the ticket and they each signed every copy, just in case anything happened to the ticket they would have proof that they were the rightful owners. He also instructed them not to claim the winnings yet until they spoke to an advisor first and worked out how they wanted to take the money as well as invest it and still have plenty for them to live on for the rest of their lives. The man even gave them three names of financial advisors they could contact to see which one they liked. But he did warn them not to take too long.

  They both liked the man, so they hired him to help them and then his secretary helped them to set up appointments with the advisors for the following day. Before they left, the lawyer handed them a hundred dollars for them to go out and celebrate. When they insisted, they couldn’t do that, he said that if it made them feel any better, that he would just add it to his bill.

  When they left the lawyer, He and Ki headed over to the Salvation Army and each bought a pair of jeans and a collared shirt, as well as a pair of sneakers, socks, and underwear. Then they headed over to the pancake house and had a nice lunch, leaving the waitress, Sheryl a five-dollar tip. That had made them both feel great, seeing as they had never been able to leave a tip for anyone before.

  After that they headed back to the house, threw away the clothes they had been wearing for almost a year, then showered and laid on the couch and just watched TV for the rest of the day. A luxury neither of them had been able to do in years.

  Once they hired an advisor and he told them the payout in one lump sum after taxes were taken out would be just over five hundred and sixty four million dollars, he helped them set up a checking and savings account at their local bank as well as putting a portfolio together for them, keeping in mind what they wanted to do with the money to give back and share the good fortune they had been blessed with.

  A few days later with their lawyer and advisor, as well as Mr. O by their side, Zach and Mekhi walked into the lottery office with their winning ticket. There had been a flurry of activity after that as lottery officials as well as state officials came in to talk with them. Then the press was called and an hour later they had to stand in front of a room full of reporters as they asked questions, took pictures, and were handed the big cardboard check.

  After that, they were brought into Mr. Sanderson’s office. He was the man in charge of the lottery office. They were handed the actual check for their winnings and signed a ton of papers, then Mr. Cohan and Mr. Wyatt, the lawyer and the advisor, drove them to the bank and stayed with them while they put money into their private accounts. Once a meeting was set up to take care of everything they wanted to do with the winnings, they all said goodbye and Zach and Mekhi walked out of the bank each with a few hundred dollars in their pockets.

  They made their way to the luxury hotel and booked a room for the night, then headed out to the pier. On the way they stopped at Mr. O’s store where he actually had an order waiting for them. With Mr. O’s help they loaded the items into his truck and made their way pier.

  In the early evening hours most of the tourist had left and only a few residents remained. Mostly al that was left at this time of day were the homeless like them. They opened the back of Mr. O’s truck and called for everyone they knew.

  “Hey, Wilson, come on over and bring Sam with you,” Zach called out happily.

  “Sam’s at the shelter, Zach. What you got there?” The older man asked as he came closer.

  “Where’s Frankie and Sally?” Mekhi called out.

  Under the pier looking for crabs at the shore,” he replied.”

  “Give them a hollar would you? We have something for everyone,” Mekhi replied happily.

To be continued...


“Collision Course”

Omega Island 1

When alpha Jake and his two betas, Theo and Landis escaped their birth pack, they never expected to get caught in a category 4 storm thousands of miles from home. The fishing vessel they were on capsized and the three find themselves washed ashore of a deserted island.

With Jake's leg being injured and Landis not regaining consciousness, Jake and Theo must find a way to keep them all alive until they can either find help, or be rescued. The trio soon find out the that island isn't as deserted as they thought it was, and that their rescuers come with guns, mistrust, and very special powers.

Once thrown in a cell, they are informed that it is for the residents protection, not theirs. When one of their rescuers turns out to be their mate, Jake, Theo, and Landis become excited,because not only have they found their mate, but that means that these three lifelong friends and lovers can finally claim each other and become a mated quad.

But things are never that easy. It turns out the island is a hidden sanctuary for omega wolves who don't trust anyone from the outside world, especially alphas and betas. Each of these omegas had been abused by dominating alphas, which caused them to run from their lives and hide away.

Now Jake, Theo, and Landis must do whatever is necessary to gain the trust of their mate, as well as all these special men, so that they may be allowed to stay on the island, not only for their own safety, but so they can claim their mate, and each other.

Please Note: This book was originally released as part of an anthology. 6,000 words have been added and it has been re-edited.



  “Flynn! Flynn!” Casey yelled as he ran through the main house.

  Flynn and Aiden walked out of the kitchen looking toward Casey, their faces showing their concern. “Casey, what’s wrong?” Flynn asked.

  “Flynn, we were coming back from salvaging whatever we could from the boathouse and we smelled a fire. So we went to investigate, and we came upon three large men. And, Flynn, I could smell alpha on the one and beta on the other. I don’t know about the third guy because he was too far away and he was unconscious. But they were definitely wolves,” Casey said in a hurry.

  “Fuck! Where are they now?”

  “Luka got pissed at the one guy’s attitude and sent them on a wild goose chase,” Casey replied with a laugh, causing Aiden to chuckle.

  “Where are the others?” Flynn asked as he headed toward the front of the house with Aiden and Casey following.

  “They went to put the supplies in the shed. They should be in any minute.”

  “Get everyone in the great room now. We need to find these strangers and get rid of them,” Flynn announced.

  Aiden stopped short and grabbed Flynn’s arm, stopping him. Flynn turned to face his brother. “Get rid of them? How are we supposed to do that? The boat is gone.”

  “They had to have gotten here somehow. We find their boat and send them on their way. If they fight us, then we’ll have to get rid of them a different way. We need to search the island to see if there are others.”

  “The alpha guy, he said his name was Jake, he said they were on a fishing trip, and the boat they were on lost all power, then the storm came, and the next thing they knew they were washed up on shore. They claim it’s just the three of them,” Casey explained.

  “We need to make sure. Aiden, are the cells in the barn still stable?” Flynn asked.

  “Yeah. What do you want to do, Flynn?”

  Just as the question left Aiden’s lips, all the other boys entered, joining them.

  “The sun will be down soon and I don’t want everyone running around in the dark looking for strangers. Luka, Casey said you sent these men on a wild goose chase. Where did you send them?” Flynn asked.

  “They should end up at the jetty before they realize I was fucking with them,” Luka answered with a smirk.

  “Good. Luka, Blaine, Mace, Ansel, and I will go collect our guests. Aiden, you and Shilo make sure the cells will hold and cast a few spells over them to make sure our guests can’t escape. Aryn, you, Casey, and Gilbert get cots and fresh linens set up in the cells. Clovis, Chad, Val, and Enzo, finish preparing dinner and make extra. We should probably feed them,” Flynn instructed.

  “What about me, Flynn?” Teagan asked.

  “If what they said was true and these men washed up on shore, they may have some injuries.”

  “Yeah, they did. The one guy had a messed-up leg and another was unconscious,” Blaine added.

  “Then we’ll need you to rest up, Teagan, in case you need to heal them.”

  “I can help in the kitchen and that won’t wear me out, Flynn,” Teagan offered with a shy smile.

  Flynn gave the smaller man a bright smile. “Of course. Thanks, Teagan, but not too much, okay?” Teagan nodded.

  “Okay, everyone, let’s get going.”

  “Flynn, what if there are others? Casey said he smelled wolf on them,” Val asked nervously.

  “We take care of the three we can find, then head out in the morning and start looking for others. We can’t go out in the dark. Even though we can still see, there is still too many hiding places someone could jump out of,” Flynn replied.

  Everyone agreed and headed out to do what they were told. Flynn, Luka, Blaine, Mace, and Ansel grabbed a few rifles on their way out the front door.

*   *    * 

  “You have got to be kidding me,” Theo ground out as he stared out over the great expanse of rippling blue water. “If I get my hands on that little shit, I’m gonna wring his neck.”

  “Shit. This is our own fault. We should have just stayed where we were until morning, then one of us could have come to check it out and come back with help. Maybe we should have waited until Landis woke up? It’s too late now to do anything and we stupidly left our camp and fire behind,” Jake said in frustration.

  “So now what, Jake? The sun will be down soon and the chill could kill him.”

  “First we get off this damn beach again and find somewhere to hunker down for the night. We can’t start another fire, there’s not enough daylight left to go scrounging for more wood, so we’ll have to do whatever we can to keep Landis and ourselves warm. Let’s go.”

  They each grabbed a pole from the stretcher they made from sticks and large leaves to transport Landis. Lifting the one side up, while the bottom dragged across the ground, they turned, and stopped dead in their tracks as they looked down the barrels of five rifles pointed at them.

  “If you want to live, follow us. Try anything, and one of us will shoot your dick off,” the stunningly beautiful little man with the long golden blond hair stated calmly.

  “Lead the way,” Jake answered.



Author Bio

Maggie has been married for twenty-one years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer and artist in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.

To find out more about Maggie, what she’s working on, and what’s coming next, please visit her Website at:
Facebook Page:
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