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Part 2

“Oh for the love of god! Erik, if you and your men continue to as you are they are either going to die of heart attacks or shit themselves. Now back off.” Billy snapped walking to Dani and Marshal.

Erik became defensive, “They know of vampires, un amor. They are a threat to all of us until we know what it is they are here for.”

“They are the two young men Cory and Jotham ran into when they went birthday shopping for Cantal.

“I realize that, un amor, but Jotham never mentioned either of these men knowing about our kind. We must find out how they know and what they know.”

“We live on the streets, asshat. That means we are out there alone at night. Not all of us are blessed to lice under four walls and a roof. There isn’t much we haven’t seen especially when one of you decide to go out there and feed on us…well not us because Dani and I are never separated.” Marshal said in his fake bravado he always used when he was scared shitless.

Dani sighed, “We know you guys are nothing like all those old movies. You can go out in sunlight, eat real food, and walk into a church or any other holy place you want to. Now can we go?”

“I thought you wanted to see Cory and Jotham?” Billy asked.

Shaking his head, Dani replied, “We’ll just mail it to them. Thank you anyway. We should never have come here and we really just want to go.”

“Yes. We want to go.” Marshal said from behind Dani.

Erik laughed, “He’s like a chihuahua. Hides behind something so he can bark.”

“And you are like an ass, full of hot air that apparently needs to be released through a hole.” Marshal snapped back.

“Marshal, stop.” Dani murmured.

“He called me a dog, Dani. A dog. And just because I’m not as freakishly big as he is does not mean I have to take insults.” Marshal defended.

Billy sighed, “No, you don’t and my Amante is definitely being an ass. Come, I will take you to Jotham’s office and Cory should be meeting us there shortly.”

Realizing there was nothing they could do but follow, Dani and Marshal did as Billy directed, but carefully watched everyone around them and by now there were quite a few vampires here.

Once inside a large office, Erik sat next to Billy on a small couch as the guards from the door, stayed outside the door.

“Is there anything I can get you to drink? I’m sure we have sodas and I know we have water and orange juice.” Billy said.

Shaking their heads both Dani and Marshal whispered, “No, thank you.”

Marshal rolled his eyes, asking, “See something you like?”

Dani lightly smacked his friend’s arm. “Will you stop.”

“He’s staring at me like he’s hungry and I’m his buffet.” Marshal hissed.

Billy turned to the man beside him asking, “Erik, do you find this couch comfortable?”

“It’s a bit small but I guess it’s alright.” Erik replied looking confused by the question.

Smiling, Billy replied, “Good, because if you don’t back down from our guests you and this couch are going to become very good friends for the next week.”

Erik’s eyes went wide and Dani almost laughed at the look on Erik’s face as Billy sat there looking directly at his lover, with one of those innocent looks Marshal always gave Dani when he did something he knew he shouldn’t have done.

After about a minute, Erik huffed, “Fine, but know that I am only giving in because I sense no real danger from these two. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care where I had to sleep if it meant keeping you and our coven safe.”

Billy smiled and leaned into Erik. “I know, lover.”

Erik immediately took Billy into his arms and kissed the man.

Dani couldn’t look away as the two seemed to blend together as one. The love rolling off of the two almost brought tears to Dani’s eyes. Gods he wished he had someone love and care for him like that. It was a romance only seen on television and one that people often scoffed at never believing it was real. Yet here Dani was, witnessing just that.

The door opened causing Dani to turn. Jotham and Cory walked in with Cantal behind them. Jotham snorted, “Are you two at it again.”

Billy pulled back, snickering, “And why are you two late to greet your guests again?”

Dani’s eyes went wide when he realized what Billy was insinuating. “We’re really sorry. We didn’t mean to interrupt your day. We can come back another time.”

Cory laughed, “Sweetie, with that way of thinking who knows when we would see you. I mean, look at my Jothy. Could you keep your hands off of a man like him?”

There was no force on the earth that could stop Dani from looking towards Cantal. He was staring right at Dani as well and damn if the man’s eyes weren’t telling him his intentions.

Clearing his throat, Dani continued to look at Cantal as he whispered, “No, I don’t believe I could.”

“They know about vampires, Rei.” Erik said looking at Jotham.

Marshal raised a brow, “I thought his name was Jotham? Who’s Rei?”

“My name is Jotham. However, I am the Rei of this coven. It means I am the leader of all vampires.” Jotham replied.

“Holy shit! He’s the boss man, Dani. I told you. I told you to just mail the damn ticket to Cory, but noooo, you had to hand deliver the stupid thing. Now here we are in a house full of fangs and they are refusing to allow us to leave and…”

“Wait, who refused to allow you to leave?” Cory asked looking around the room.

Sighing, Billy replied, “Who else.”

Cory looked at Erik, “Why would you not allow them to leave if that is what they wanted to do? I told you about them. You knew who they were by name?”

“Yes, but you didn’t tell me they knew of our kind, Cory. I couldn’t just let them walk out the door.” Erik insisted.

Cory tilted his head to the side, pursing his lips, then rolled his eyes, “Erik, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know and if they weren’t trying to run for the door, it means they have known about your kind for quite a while and since we have not been threatened with fire, bombs, and guns, I would guess they have never told anyone. Dani and Marshal are not now nor have they ever been a threat to anyone here.”

“You don’t know that, Cory and it is my job to make sure that all potential threats are looked into and therefore, anyone that poses that threat to our people will be kept close until the danger to our people can be determined.” Erik insisted.

“Dani is my amante. He is no threat.” Cantal stated firmly.


"Mother, how are you?" Jotham asked.

"Jotham!" His mother's voice was filled with happiness, "What a pleasant surprise. I am well, son, how are you?"

"I'm fine." Jotham said feeling better by just the sound of his mother's voice.

His mother sighed, "Do not lie to me son. Besides the fact that I'm your mother, you have always done it poorly."

Jotham felt himself feeling as he had when he was a child. He wished his mother was here and cold sit with him for some tea and those soft and chew oatmeal cookies with raisins she always made him when he was feeling down, "I found my amant, mother."

His mom gasped, "Oh Jotham that is wonderful!"

"He doesn't want me." Jotham said in a small whisper.

"Nonsense, son. You are the Rai. Anyone would be honored to have such a great man."

"Not my amant. He threatened to kick me in the balls if I even thought about touching him."

"Why? What did you do?"

Jotham drew back in shock, "I did nothing! Well when I smelled that most glorious scent and knew at that moment who he was I kissed him."

"Uh huh. There is something you are not telling me son. Now out with it."

"I did nothing. I swear."

"Well you had to have done something you didn't know you had done then. How did you meet this young man?"

Jotham explained about Erik finding is un amor, Billy. All that Dimitri had done from plagiarizing to attempted rape and murder. His mother listened to everything and then said, "So you ordered all your people to stay away from Cory and didn't think he might find that odd?"

"Mother, I didn't know he was my amant when I did this."

"Son, humans are not like paranormals. They do not understand your position and the laws of our people."

"But mother, he is not human."

"Oh, what is he? Fae, shifter, pixie, witch, what?"

Jotham muttered, "I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? How can you not know? Every paranormal gives of a telling scent, son."

"Not my Cory. I wouldn't have known he was anything had I not kissed him. I tasted something...different. Yet I could not tell what that was. When I told him I knew he was not human, he became very upset with me and that is when he threatened to kick me in the balls then left me poolside.."

"What were his exact words, Jotham. I want every word he said from the moment you kissed to him leaving you by the pool."

Jotham thought to the moment after the kiss, then recited his amant's words exactly how he had said them.  " I don't know how you were raised, Jotham, but you never take something without asking first. I don't know what you think you know, but you don't know me. Don't be so sure of yourself, Jotham. There is only one thing I hate worse than a thief, and that is a liar. So keep your hands and lips to yourself or I will kick your balls so hard you will be able to float to the sky."

His mother's soft laughter had Jotham bristling, "This is not funny, mother. My amant rejected me."

Clearing her throat, his mother said with a smile still in her voice, "I know, son. I'm sorry. But you have to admit, he is colorful with his words."


Sighing heavily, "Jotham, you really need to learn to relax. Patience has never been a virtue for you, even as a child. You always wanted what you want when you wanted it. Well son, you have finally met someone not willing to just give in. Your amant is exactly what you need. Someone that isn't going to bow to your wants or your demands. This Cory has a mind of his own as is not afraid to voice it. I can't wait to meet him in person."

"Mother this is not helping." Jotham growled.

"Do not take that tone with me young man. You may be the Rei, but I am your mother."

"I'm sorry." Jotham said regretfully.

"Jotham, you said yourself that Cory is not all human. that means he knows you are a clan. Yet, you have everyone avoiding and hiding that from him. You tod me how he and Billy have been friends most of their life. That means they are more brothers than friends. Cory knows that something is wrong with his friend and he thinks you and your kind are behind it. He wants to protect Billy at all cost, because I highly doubt Billy was ever brought into his circle. The laws would have made sure of that. He may have issues with lying because of something from his past. Billy might be able to answer that or you could just ask Cory yourself. However, until you come clean with the man, he will always distrust you and therefore he will continue to reject you."

"So if I tell him everything he will agree to be mine?"

"Son, I can't tell you that."

"But he is my mate!" Jotham exclaimed in frustration.

His mother's voice softened, and her love was in her voice, "Jotham, a mate is not a guarantee because like humans we still have the freedom of choice. All a mating does is let you know who your intended is. It pulls you to that man and tells you that he is your one and only. It draws you to each other so you can get to know everything you can about the man before you. It is designed to assist in finding that love. The actual mating, that is when the heart and soul are bound. he is your other half Jotham, but only he can decide if he wishes to be whole once more. You cannot force his hand.

"But he is mine."

Jotham's mother scoffed, "Now you sound like a petulant child. Cory is not yours just yet, Jotham. Cory is a man that you have to work to make yours. If you want your amant you are going to have to put in the effort to woo him."

"Father didn't have to woo you and you are two of the happiest, most in love people I know."

Bursting out laughing, Jotham's mom said, "Jotham, your father worked his ass off to get me to agree to even a first date. He was arrogant and an ass. He would sing to me from under my window, leave me small gifts at my door, and when I did agree to go out with him, our first date was on a gondola in Venice."

"That is what had you finally accept father?"

Jotham's mother laughed once again, "No, what made me fall in love with your father was when he fell in the river came out sputtering, pulled the boat to shore and there was a blanket and basket of food. He had planned a picnic. When he straightened his suite and waved his hand towards the spot as if nothing had happened, I knew at that moment he was truly the man for me. At that moment he showed me who he really was. Not the stuffy ass he pretended to be with everyone else."

"So what you're saying is show him who I am besides the leader of our people?"

"Jotham, you are so much more than a Rai. You are loving, kind, smart, and caring. You need to show Cory all of you, not just the part you think he will respect. I have a feeling, Cory could give a shit you are a Rai. However, I do believe he will fall in love with the man beyond a leader."

"Thank you, mother. I love you."

"You're welcome, sweet boy. I love you too. Kendal? What the hell are you doing with that wrench? No...No you are not fixing the damn sink, I told you I called the plumber. Kendal, get the hell away from that sink! Jotham, I need to go before your father...Kendal what the hell did you just do. Close off the damn water valve!"

Jotham couldn't help but smile as he hung up the phone. He loved his parents dearly and wished that they were not so far away. However, when he had been offered the position in Texas, Jotham could not refuse. His father was the scion. The king of all vampires. If he said Jotham was needed here, then Texas is where he would go. However, it was times like this he wished his parents were a little closer. "Okay, Jotham. Mom says to show Cory who I really am. So how the hell do I do that?"

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