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“Oh man look at this place, Dani. It’s freaking huge!” Marshal whispered in awe.

Dani looked at the place Marshal was talking about and had to admit it was all a bit overwhelming. Being a street rat, Dani had heard about places like this but had never seen one in person. It was a massive limestone structure with castle towers on the outside, and the front of the large mansion was glass, that Dani couldn’t see into. The place screamed money.

“Shit, Dani, they don’t need the money. Let’s just go.” Marshal insisted.

Shaking his head, Dani replied, “No. We have to do this, Marshal. We talked about it.”

Dani and Marshal had been trying to keep warm inside a cardboard box when two men had found them. Cory and Jotham. Dani had been on the streets too long not to know that Jotham was a vamp. He had seen a few here and there and did his best to make sure he and his best friend avoided the things at all cost.

Marshal had been his best friend since he could remember. They had shared foster homes from time to time and hit it off immediately. When it comes to being a foster kid, he learned that friends were hard to come by with all the bouncing from one home to another. However, the times that he and Marshal were split up they found that at least they attended the same school and eventually came up with a plan that if ever they were moved and changed schools they would meet to make sure they could keep up communications. Because of this, they were more brothers than just friends.

Dani quickly discovered that when it came to Marshal, it was up to him to protect the guy. Marshal wasn’t trouble, but when he also didn’t hide the fact that he was gay. He started dressing more feminine, painting his nails, using make up…it was like he loved wearing a sign on his forehead saying, homophobe I’m right here. It got Dani’s ass handed to him along side Marshal’s more than a few times, but no way would Dani leave Marshal on his own. He was all the family that Dani had.

“This place freaks me out, Dani. You know what’s inside there and with the size of this place there has to be hundreds of them. Let’s just go. We can mail the lottery ticket to them.” Marshal practically begged.

Gods if it were that easy, but there was no way Dani could, in good conscience do that.

When Cory and Jotham had come upon them they had immediately wanted to help Marshal and Dani. They first gave them a crap ton of money and then Cory insisted that Dani and Marshal allow them to put them into a hotel for a few days so they could clean up, get warm, eat, and work out a plan to get off the streets.

Dani had hesitated but Marshal had practically begged Dani and when his best friend used those damn puppy dog eyes on him, there was no refusing his request. What Dani hadn’t expected was for Cory to hand him a lottery ticket for a chance at one point six billion dollars. Dani thought it was an odd thing to do and forgot all about it. However, Marshal was so excited and was damn near obsessed to discover the drawn numbers. When they realized that they were holding the one and only ticket to all that money, for a brief moment Dani thought about how he would open a place to help kids like him. Tossed from the system because they aged out and left with no where to go and no family to ask for help. He wanted to build houses and have someone in charge of them and when a newbie would come along, they would all meet with that person and decide what house they would best fit in so that they could finally have a family of their own, even if it was just brothers and sisters of the heart.

Then reality set in.

There was no way he and Marshal could accept the payout. This ticket had been bought by Cory and there was no way would he have handed it over to them had they known it was a winner…a sole winner at that.

It had taken a great deal of explanation and reminders for Marshal to see Dani’s point of view. After all Cory and Jotham had done for them, there was no way they could take what wasn’t theirs to take. So here they stood at a mega sized gate looking at a mega sized mansion trying to figure out how to get in to knock on the door.

“Can I help you?”

The deep voice suddenly coming from the gate entrance had Marshal and Dani letting out a high pitch squeal.

Looking around Dani didn’t see anyone and that freaked him out even more.

“Sirs, can I help you? Are you lost?”

When Dani still couldn’t see anyone he regretted not having asked the cab driver to come up to the gate with them. Instead they had exited the vehicle, paid the driver and made their way up the long drive and now stood alone with a ghostly voice asking them what they wanted.

“If there is nothing you need then I suggest you go back to where you came from.”

Swollowing nervously, Dani stammered, “W…We a…are here…t…to se…see…C…Cory Ba…Baker or Jotham…K…Kalil.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

This time the voice was even more firm than before. Dani looked around once again and sighed with relief when he noticed one of the bricks on the side of the gate had holes. It was a communication box disguised as a brick. Upon further observation, Dani noticed on both sides of the gate were cameras disguised as eagle mounts. He had no idea if this was by design or deception, he had no idea and honestly right now he didn’t care. He was in the same mindset as Marshal. Give the ticket back and get the hell out of here.

“No we don’t have an appointment, but if you tell either Cory or Jotham that Marshal and Dani are here, I’m sure they would speak with us.” Marshal shouted out still looking around.

“One moment.”

It didn’t take long before a loud buzz sounded and the gate opened. “Step forward and wait. Someone will be with you momentarily to escort you inside.”

Within just a few minutes Dani watched as one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen walked towards them. “Holy Mary, mother, and Joseph.”

Marshal moaned, saying, “Damn he is hot as fuck.”

Dani didn’t understand his urge to hit Marshal and insist the guy was all his. He had saw him first damn it.

The closer the man got to them the harder Dani’s heart beat and his lungs seemed to struggle to function.

The man was tall with shoulder length dark hair. The clothing he wore was like a second skin showing off firm tight abs and biceps Dani would love to feel…hell there wasn’t any part of this man’s body he wouldn’t love to touch, lick and kiss. 

By the time the guy had gotten to them, Dani’s cock was so hard he was afraid it would have zipper marks.

The man stood there for a moment looking confused and then his eyes widened in shock. He blinked and then blinked again as if he was expecting Dani to disappear. Neither spoke as they seemed to not be able to look away from each other.

“Uh, hi, I’m Marshal and this is Dani.”

The guy turned to Marshal and suddenly he looked pissed, “And who are you to him?”

Marshal answered, “Well we only met Cory the day before yesterday, but…”

“No. Who are you to him?” The man asked pointing to Dani.

Dani’s eyes widened in surprise by the question but Marshal just answered, “We’re friends…well more like brothers from other mothers.”

The guy looked at Marshal a moment longer then gave a sharp nod, saying, “That is acceptable. I’m Cantal.”

“Oh you’re the body guard Cory and Jotham spoke of the night we met. Happy birthday…or belated that is.” Marshal said with a nervous smile.

“Thank you, but it is still a few days away.” Cantal replied and then turned to Dani, walked forward and with back of his hand slowly ran it down Dani’s cheek whispering, “You must be Dani. It is a great pleasure to finally meet you.”

Dani almost flinched from the electrical zing that ran through his body from that simple touch. “Uh, yeah.”

Great, just call him a goober. That was a great response. What the hell? It was as if this guy walks into Dani’s life and suddenly he became an idiot unable to speak actual words. Great. Just great.

Smiling, Cantal said, “Come. I will show you inside.”

Dani and Marshal walked with Cantal so close to his side, that Dani and Cantal’s arms would occasionally rub against each other. “Can I ask why you wish to speak with Jotham and Cory?” Then Cantal stopped and looked at Dani, “Is there something you need? Is all not well?”

Dani felt that feeling he always got inside when someone looked at him as if all he was in life was a man wanting something for nothing. This time, however, instead of anger, Dani felt was sadness. Remembering who he was compared to this man, Dani moved closer to Marshal, shaking his head, “No, we don’t need anything.”

“You know we might be street rats, but we are not charity cases.” Marshal snapped.

Cantal’s eyes widened, “Oh no, I didn’t mean…”

Marshal snorted, “We know exactly what you meant. We get it all the time.”

Not wanting to hear anything else from Cantal that would make Dani feel even more shame that he already was, Dani whispered, “We just need to speak with Cory or Jotham and we’ll be out of here.”

Cantal looked as if he was going to say something, but instead he just gave another one of those sharp nods and led the way inside.

Marshal gasped next to him when they walked into the mansion. It was freaking amazing. The living area held a few chairs and a couple of couches with a large fireplace crackling. It gave a warm and comfortable feeling that Dani hadn’t expected. Two staircases led to the next level and people were walking down and through the room, looking at them curiously.

“I will return shortly. Wait here.” Cantal said with a small smile to Dani. The man’s fang flickering in the light like a sparkling star just before he turned and walked up the stairs.

“Oh fuck, Dani. This was a really bad idea.” Marshal hissed.

“If Jotham had wanted to hurt us he would have. If Cantal or anyone here wanted to hurt us they would have. Just relax, we’ll see Cory and get the fuck out of here.” Dani whispered back.

Marshal leaned further in, rasping, “It’s a coven house, Dani and we are the only humans in it. We are not safe in here. My sweetness is calling to them, I can see it in their beady eyes.”

Dani couldn’t hold back his loud burst of laughter. “Your sweetness? Marshal, what are you talking about? Are you forgetting that I’ve known you since we were like three? I can describe you many ways, but sweetness is not one of them. Smart ass, sarcastic ass, or just plain ole ass…but never sweetness.”

“Oh ha. Ha and kiss my ass you butt wad. I’m just saying since my makeover I am all hotness and these vamps see it and are wanting a piece of me.” Marshal said in his typical smarmy way that always made Dani laugh.

Marshal looked at Dani asking, “In all seriousness, what’s with you and that Cantal guy?”

“What are you talking about? I just met him.”

Marshal laughed, “Dude, if you and the tall hunk of burning hotness get any closer you’re going to burn down this place and take us all with you.”

Shrugging, Dani replied, “I won’t deny he’s good looking.”

“Dani, the way you two were looking at each other I felt like I should have paid a dollar in a booth. You might fool some people, but like you said, we’ve known each other since we were three. I know what I saw and it was not just a causal how do you do.” Marshal insisted.

Sighing, Dani’s shoulders slumped in resignation, “Fine, I think he is more than gorgeous. It’s like every time he gets close to me or touches me I feel this…I don’t know…electrical thing going through me. It’s like I put my finger in a socket and it zaps me.”

“Maybe its some kind of vampire mumbo jumbo?” Marshal whispered.

“It sounds more like someone here has found their Amante.” A man said from behind them.

Dani and Marshal let out a loud squeak as they turned to see a damn near as tall and built like Jotham standing there with another much smaller handsome guy. The large man held out his hand, “I’m Erik and this is my Amante Billy.”

Dani introduced himself and Marshal then looked towards the stairs.

“Cantal will be here soon. I’m here to escort you to Jotham’s office.” Erik said with a smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes.

Dani knew that look. He had seen it many times while living on the streets and even some before then. It was all in the eyes and right now Erik was telling them that he was curious as to why they were there, didn’t trust them as far as he could throw the house, and would be willing to kill them if Dani or Marshal said or made one wrong move.

Shaking his head, Marshal rasped, “I’d rather wait here if you don’t mind.”

Erik gave that same calculating smile, saying, “But I do mind, Marshal. Now if you will follow us.”

Shaking his head, Dani started to back up, “You were right, Marshal. We should go.”

“Finally.” Marshal huffed.

Erik gave a nod that Dani thought meant they were good to go, but when they started towards the front door three large men stepped in front of it. Dani felt Marshal’s hand gripping his arm so tight that he was sure the man’s sharp nails would puncture through.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you go at the moment.” Erik said as he slowly approached them.

“Why not? You can’t keep us here. It’s illegal. I’ll…I’ll call the cops.” Marshal said in a full on panic.

Erik flashed his fangs and Dani looked around trying to find some way out of this mess. Damn it why didn’t he listen to Marshal and just mail the fucking ticket. Now they were about to die and there was no one here willing to stop it and no where to go.


 “Petree, damn it! Answer me sweetness!” A deep panic ridden voice shouted.

Looking around, Hron saw a ring of keys hanging on the wall. Sern noticed them at the same time and grabbed them. Knowing he had to pull his head out of his ass and start being the Caliph he was brought in to be,  Hron ignored the smells around him and called out, “Hello. Who is down here?”

Immediately the room became silent.

“My name is Hron. I am the new Caliph of this clutch and I am here to help.”

“Then help Petree. He…please…he needs help.”

Hron recognized it as the man calling out the loudest when Hron had arrived.

Sern quickly opened the door to the man who spoke. Hron stepped forward. The man before him stood a little over six feet. His hair was short, black with orange tips and his eyes were an unusual yellow. He looked Hron in the eyes and Hron could feel the strength even if the man smelled of filth. “I am Caliph Hron.”

“I am Abe Videl. Nestle guard for Caliph Tamale.”

Hron nodded and stepped aside, “Are you well enough to help us help those in this room?”

Nodding, Abe stepped towards him, saying, “I have only been down here about ten days. Unlike the others.”

“Go help Petree, Abe. We can wait.”

Sern didn’t wait as he rushed to the door that the yelling had come from. Abe however turned the opposite way and started banging on the locked door, shouting, “Petree! Petree come on sweetness, talk to me.”

When no one called out, Abe turned to Hron, “You have to open this door. Petree needs help.”

Hearing the fear in the man’s voice, Hron shouted, “Sern, open this door now.”

Sern rushed to the door Hron indicated and quickly unlocked and pushed it open, Abe gasping, “By the gods!”

Hron pushed past the ancient’s guard and rushed into the room alongside Abe. Hron couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A Nakaka sat with his back to the far wall and a decanter laying by his side. His head was down and his breathing was so shallow and slow Hron almost thought him dead.

Abe seemed frozen in his spot so Hron rushed to the small creature and lifted his head, softly calling out to the Nakaka. “Petree, you are safe.”

Ignoring the nauseating smells around him as best he could, Hron tried to asses the Nakaka’s injuries, but there were so many slices and oozing slits Hron had no idea where to touch the man to help him. As gently as he could, Hron laid the Nakaka on his back, whispering, “Come on little one. You need to open your eyes so that you know you’re safe.”

Turning and seeing Abe along with four other men he did not know standing in the room a few with tears in their eyes, Hron looked back down at Petree, “You must open your eyes, little one. You have many standing here fearful that you never will. Open your eyes and put your friends at ease.”

Petree once again struggled and finally did as Hron and Abe requested.

Hron gasped as he looked into the most beautiful lightest purple eyes he had ever seen. Hron felt a spark light within his heart and spread throughout his body like a sparkler from the Forth of July. It flowed until it centered on his cock and there was no way in hell Hron could stop himself from ejaculating in his Gladiator skirt. He felt his eyes flicker to an infrared then back to normal like a flash from a camera and he knew at that moment, the man lying on the ground before him, dying, was his Viata.

Kalil’s Coven 1 ERIK’s Un Amor









I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I’m a military brat that travelled a bit overseas and throughout many parts of the United States. I finally settled in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I eventually got married and then divorced. I was blessed with two fantastic sons. As they grew up and became young men chasing their dreams, I felt that maybe now was the time for me to do the same. That’s when I started writing. Never in a million years did I expect to meet the most wonderful man in the world, move to Quebec, Canada, and get married. However, that is exactly what happened. JP has introduced me to things like; canoeing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and has taken me to some of the most beautiful locations. Ones that I had only ever seen on a computer or read about in books. I may miss my mountains and my boys, but have discovered that when you work towards your dreams, the future can be one filled with happiness and love. My boys are only a plane ride away, and Skype is a glorious thing. So I say, on to my next adventure…don’t be shocked to find it in one of my books.

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