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Fireworks Over Bear Mountain
Manlove Summer Fantasies
©2018, Kelex

Tyler placed the large foil pack of ribs into the oven to stay warm before stirring the pot of beans one more time. Before he was done, he felt a set of hands clasping his hips before a rock-hard body pressed behind him. A sigh came from his lips and he melted back against his mate, Barron. Without turning, he’d known which one of his two mates was behind him. They’d been together enough years Tyler could discern from a simple touch.

A scent.

A hard cock pressing into the middle of his back.

“The smoker is going and we finished setting up the tables. The boys are all outside playing,” Barron whispered beside Tyler’s ear. “And Dmitri’s on his way up to the house, too.”

Tyler closed his eyes and wished they could play for a little while. With kids and family in and out of the house at all times—and all three of them often being exhausted by the end of the day with the farm to run and Tyler’s part time job—it felt like they hadn’t shared one another’s bodies in forever. Unfortunately, now was not the time, either. “We have nearly a hundred people coming to the cookout tonight.”

“There’s a few hours between,” Barron murmured, running his large hand down the curve of Tyler’s spine. “We could sneak away for a few minutes.”

“It’s going to take a little more than a few minutes to take care of the need I’ve got,” Tyler admitted.

“You feel it, too, hmm?” Barron asked before pressing a kiss to Tyler’s earlobe. “It’s been too long. My bear’s roaring inside.”

Tyler could hear his own bear spirit roaring. Theirs was a very tactile relationship. The animal within lusted for a touch from a mate. Sex was as necessary as breathing for males like them. But finding time for that when they were raising Tyler’s youngest four brothers and the seven cubs they’d made along the way wasn’t easy.

Now that the boys were getting older and independent—and off to school—late mornings had become their intimate time. But now summer was upon them. No school, all kids… and it was about to drive them all batty.

The back door to the farmhouse opened and Tyler stiffened some, scared one of the cubs was running in. When he saw that it was Dmitri, he smiled.

“Getting started without me, I see,” Dmitri said, lifting a brow.

“Just priming the pump,” Barron said with a grin.

“So now I’m a pump, hmm?” Tyler said, shooing Barron away.  He walked over to the island and slid a huge bowl across the surface. “Something’s missing. Help.”

Dmitri was the cook of the family. How Tyler had got wrangled into prepping most of the food, he didn’t know. His mate grabbed a spoon and tasted the potato salad. “Dry mustard,” Dmitri said before opening the pantry.  He added a few healthy dashes and gave the potato salad a few good stirs. Once he was done, he tasted it again… and smiled.

He took another spoonful and rounded the island. “Here. Taste.”

Tyler reached for the spoon, but Dmitri pulled it away.

“No. Let me,” Dmitri said, his voice husky.

Tyler felt heat spread through him as he met Dmitri’s heated gaze. Opening his mouth, he let his mate feed him. He sucked the spoon, cleaning off every drop of food.

And it was better. “Why am I the one in here cooking?”

Dmitri began untying Tyler’s apron. “Because you look so good in one of these.”

Barron pressed behind him, that hard cock at his back making his body go liquid. Dmitri’s head lowered and captured his lips… hungrily kissing him. Tyler moaned against his mate’s mouth, growing greedy for more.

“Not here… the boys could walk in,” Tyler whispered as he pulled his head away for a brief moment.

He was over Barron’s shoulder in a heartbeat.

Tyler slapped Barron’s ass as they climbed the stairs. Lifting his head a little, he saw the lust in Dmitri’s face as they neared their bedroom. He met the male’s stare and felt the heat building. As he was tossed onto the middle of the bed, he heard a click of their bedroom lock… and they were alone.

Clothing flew off in every direction. Once they were all naked, Barron and Dmitri slid into the bed beside him, their hands caressing every available inch of flesh. When Barron slid down his body, leaving a hot trail of kisses, he gasped, knowing where that trail would lead. He closed his eyes, his head falling back, as Barron’s hot mouth wrapped around the head of his cock.

Not to be outdone, Dmitri’s drugging kisses and wicked fingers added to the chaos that was Tyler’s body. He went molten between them, writhing against their tormenting touches. A finger circled his asshole, readying him for the claim he knew they wanted to make.

A knock came to the door. “Papa?”

They all froze. Tyler sighed.


Tyler sat up in the bed. “Yeah, baby?”

“Jamie kicked me,” came a half sob, half whine through the door.

He turned and eyed his mates. “I knew this was going to happen,” he whispered hotly before climbing across Dmitri’s body and out of the bed.

Another small knock came to the door. “Papa? Did you hear me?”

“Yes. I’m coming.” As quickly as he could, he pulled his clothing back on. Dmitri and Barron finally rolled out of bed, lethargic.

“What’reya doing?” came the small voice from behind the door.

Tyler went to the door and opened it a crack before slipping into the hall. Going to one knee, he eyed the baby of the family, Bailey. “Are you bleeding?”

“No,” Bailey murmured, fat tears still clinging to his dark lashes. He looked so much like Dmitri, it was crazy.

“Break anything?”

Bailey shook his head.

Tyler heard footfalls coming up the stairs. Soon Jamie stood there eyeing them. “We were playing soccer… it was an accident… and I already told him I was sorry.”

Tyler eyed Bailey. “That true?”

“It hurt, Papa.”

Tyler sighed. “If it was an accident, and he apologized, and nothing was broken—then it’s okay. You’ll survive, I swear.” Tyler lifted his head to his eldest cub. “And you—you need to be more careful when he’s playing with you boys.”

“I barely touched him,” Jamie argued in a huff before storming down the stairs.

“You’re his big brother!” Tyler called down. “It’s your job to protect him.”

“Yeah!” Bailey cried down, too. “You gotta protect me.”

Tyler turned Bailey’s face to his and wiped away the baby tears. “And you, young man, need to remember your big brothers are rougher and tougher than you are. For now. I have a feeling you’re going to be bigger than all of them some day.”

Bailey grinned.

Tyler gave his cheek a peck before the boy tore down the stairs to go back outside.

When he rose, he stared down, realizing his baby would soon no longer be a baby. Bailey was six and had started half days at cub school the year before. He spread a hand down his flat stomach. Thoughts of another babe had filled his head for weeks now—but they already had a houseful as it was. Another hand joined his, sliding over his. He looked up over his shoulder at Dmitri.

“You’ve got that look in your eye,” Dmitri whispered.

“What look?”

“The one you get when you want another cub,” Barron said as he headed for the top of the stairs.

“I do not,” Tyler fibbed. “We have enough kids.”

Barron eyed him as he took the first three steps and Dmitri laughed against his back. “Let’s get down and finish cooking,” the latter said before coaxing him to the stairs.

Tyler let Dmitri urge him down when all he wanted to do was head back into the bedroom and make that baby he shouldn’t want. They wrapped up all of the prep, the three of them a practiced whirlwind in the kitchen. An hour later, the first of their guests arrived—his son Jamie’s namesake—his eldest brother. Jamie arrived with his mates, kids, and two huge coolers filled to the brim in the back of their pickup. One for the kids and the other for the adults.

“I also brought a bunch of watermelon for the kids to snack on later. Anything I can help out with now?” Jamie asked as he tossed one of his cubs over one shoulder.

“Wanna come help me with the smoker?” Barron asked before heading toward the back door.

They filled out as other guests marched in to help.

The next two hours were organized chaos.

Barron and Jamie took care of the smoker while Dmitri and another of Tyler’s brothers, Colt, manned the huge grill. Some neighbors and friends joined them for the celebration, as well. Almost all of Tyler’s brothers—and there were a ton of them—were there, along with a bevy of mates and cubs. There was only one brother missing. Colm, who’d moved to Midnight, Mississippi to serve the King of Midnight was the only not there.

They’d met Colm’s brother bear, human mate, and cubs on a visit home a few years before, but Tyler missed having the bears close. They’d all been through so much with their terrors for fathers, and they’d come out the other side—all finding love and happiness—and becoming the family they should’ve been all along.

Music played from the old stereo Barron had set up just outside the barn. Kids screamed and played on the massive playground his mates had built for all their boys, and the many tables were filled with friends, family, and laughter.

The sun began to lower, setting the sky aflame with pinks, oranges, and reds. Tyler stood on the fringes, a smile on his face as he watched everyone there.

How long they had suffered. His brothers more than deserved this life they had now. He felt the sting of tears at the backs of his eyes as he watched the love they all had for one another now. After years of surviving, they’d made it.

Barron was soon at his side. “You look sad.”

Tyler shook his head and smiled widely. “Not even close.”

Barron grinned down at him. “You did this, you know?”

“Did what?”

“You held on tight and refused to let your family be ripped apart after your fathers died,” Barron said, wrapping his arms around Tyler.

Tyler slid his hands over those massive arms, holding one of the men he loved more than life itself. “No… that was you and Dmitri. If it wasn’t for you two, I don’t know where we’d be today.”

Barron pressed a kiss to Tyler’s lips.

Get a room,” Jedidiah grumbled as he marched past to get another helping of barbeque. Bailey trailed behind his uncle and took one of Jed’s hands.

Jed smiled down at the cub, which was a miracle in itself. The surly teenager had been in a crabby mood since puberty.

“If only getting a room worked,” Barron said against his ear.

Tyler laughed and saw Dmitri eyeing them from behind the grill. Heat filled his stare, a lusty smile crossing his lips.

But then he looked past Tyler.

Tyler turned, to see what Dmitri saw. Off in the distance, there was dust being kicked up down the lane. They had a late arrival.

When the truck grew closer and he saw Mississippi plates, a smile came to his lips.


After the truck came to a stop, Colm climbed out of the driver’s side door and waved. Before they all could exit the vehicle, Tyler rushed over to hug his brother. Colm’s handsome human mate, Reese, and brother bear/panda shifter, Theis, all shuffled out carrying cubs in their arms.

“I didn’t know you guys were coming,” Tyler said.

“Declan asked me to meet with him. Says he wants to talk to me about something big,” Colm said. “Being his assistant, I thought you’d have more details for me.”

Tyler frowned, wondering why the alpha hadn’t said anything to him. “He never said a word,” Tyler said. And then his eyes rounded. “But I might have an idea.”

Declan had been talking about creating a new Bear Mountain Police Department. As the city center had grown, it had been a lot for the Sheriff’s Department to handle. They’d had to split their focus between the city and the surrounding mountains. And it had stretched resources.

Colm was a lieutenant for Midnight’s Police and had been for many years. He now had years of experience with protecting a huge paranormal city—something Declan just might need.

“Clue me in?” Colm asked.

If he said something now, it might give Colm too much time to think things over and say no. Tyler wanted his brother back in the safety of Bear Mountain. Midnight was too damned far away to be raising the next generation of McCrearys.

A city was no place for cubs. They needed the mountains, the farm, and the family. A place to run free.

“I might not be right,” Tyler said before walking over to give Theis, Reese, and the three boys a hug. “I’ll leave that up to Declan.”

Colm sighed before rounding the truck and taking the youngest cub into his arms. “I know you want me to come home… and so does Declan. You’re both transparent.”

“The valley would be a helluva lot safer for the boys,” Theis remarked.

“Not you, too,” Reese complained. “I just finally got the hang of Midnight… and now you want to leave?”

“I think you’d like it here in Bear Mountain,” Tyler said to Reese.

Reese didn’t look like he agreed. “I have my own weekly TV show in Midnight. Do you have any idea how hard I struggled to get that?”

“A city boy in the country… you could film your own reality TV show right here,” Theis said with a chuckle.

Reese looked like he was about to argue but paused. “You know… that could be interesting. Midnighters would love to see how the bears of Bear Mountain lived. I’m always asked questions about it because of Colm, but I don’t have much to share. They’d eat that up.” He smiled. “Yeah, I could make that work.”

Tyler wasn’t sure how the alpha would think of that, but kept his mouth shut. He led them all over to the party. Cries went out to welcome Colm and his family. After a long series of hugs, everyone was fed and settled as night fell upon them. The kids chased fireflies. The cicadas, crickets, and frogs began to sing their songs. Stars illuminated the sky.

Colm found him some time later. “I brought something special with me from Midnight. We’ve got it set up over in the field.”

“What?” Tyler asked.

“It’s a surprise. Just get all the kids together here at the tables. I don’t need them running around and getting too close.”

Tyler eyed his brother before rounding everyone up, as requested. He grabbed a racing Bailey and found the rest of his flock seated along one of the picnic tables. Sitting between Barron and Dmitri, he sat Bailey on his lap.

And he watched as Colm light something with a lighter.

There was a sizzle…

An explosion of light and sound commenced.

Everyone winced for a second before they realized it was fireworks.

And not just any fireworks. These seemed to be magical fireworks, as they zigged and zagged in ways not possible. The sky was a visual feast of color and shape. Tyler turned to eye his cubs and saw them utterly transfixed by what they saw, smiles of wonderment on their faces. Colors from the sky washed over his beautiful boys, and he smiled.

The fireworks went on for almost a half hour, delighting everyone there. When it was over, a groan of disappointment ran through the cubs.

“Are they done, papa?” Bailey asked.

“I suppose so.”

“Awww,” Bailey said before wriggling from Tyler’s grasp to play with his brothers. Tyler felt a little glum. His baby didn’t like to cuddle anymore.

Colm walked closer. “What did you guys think?”

“That had to have a little magic on it,” Barron said.

“Got them in one of the witch shops on the East Side. One of the only warlocks I trust confirmed they were safe and wouldn’t burn the fields down.”

“Good to know,” Dmitri said. “But if you burn up our crops, I’m coming for you.”

Colm laughed. “I don’t doubt it.”

Not long after the fireworks were over, everyone pitched in to clean up a bit of the chaos. Food was stored or divvied up. Tables and chairs were all folded up and the trash collected. The rest could be taken care of in the morning light. Once they were done, the smaller family groups began to depart, tired cubs resting heads on shoulders. All of them thanked Tyler and his family for hosting another spectacular summer family barbeque.

Tyler hated for them to leave but was so ready for the quiet that would come after.

When everyone was gone and the boys inside getting ready for their baths, Barron and Dmitri pulled Tyler into their arms.

“You’re not going to check on the boys… you’re going to go straight to our bedroom. You’re going to take a warm bath and relax. We’ll take care of the cubs and get them to bed… and join you as soon as we’re done.”

Tyler smiled, staring up at his mates. “Don’t take too long. I might fall asleep in the tub.”

He pressed a kiss to both their lips.

“Don’t worry. We’ll wake you,” Dmitri said before stealing another kiss. “We need to finish what we stared this afternoon.”

The dormant heat Tyler had felt during their attempt to sneak away reignited with a roar. The bear within was ready to finish it right then and there, up against a picnic table and under the stars. Too bad they couldn’t, not without someone potentially catching them.

Tyler moaned against their hard bodies, wriggling against their strength.

“And once we get you into our bed, we can talk about that cub you want,” Barron whispered against Tyler’s ear. His big, strong hand slid to Tyler’s stomach.

Tyler gasped, his head falling back to Barron’s chest.

And he knew in that moment their family would soon be growing by one more…

If not tonight, soon… 

Bear Mountain is a 21-book series, with two spin-off series—Project Zed and Midnight, Mississippi. You can get the first book in the series, Bound to Two Bears for FREE on Amazon or at my publisher, Twisted E-Publishing.




Theirs by Bond

Bear Mountain, 1.5

©2018 Kelex

Before the Book One Epilogue... get a peek into Carson, Royce, and Jared's early relationship...

Without much thought, Carson gave up his life in the human world to move to Bear Mountain and live with his mates, Jared and Royce. The bond he experienced with his two bears had felt so powerful, that he’d plunged in headfirst, ready for a new adventure.

As time has worn on, the potent insta-lust they felt in those first days fades some and the weight of a new, burgeoning romance falls on their shoulders. Adding in a new wrinkle, doubts form that threaten their chance at forever.

They all soon discover that a relationship demands work on all sides. It will take commitment to propel them from the lust of their animal mating to the love they all sensed was possible from the start.

Unless secrets tear them apart first.


Twisted E-Publishing    Amazon      iBooks      Google Play



Before the Epilogue

Carson Davies’ fingers flew over the keyboard as he tried to wrap up work for the day. Intent on the screen, he let out a scream as he felt a pair of hands grab him from behind. Flipping his head to the side, he saw a smiling Royce behind him and breathed out a relieved sigh.

“Jumpy much?”

“You’re going to give me a heart attack if you sneak up on me like that,” Carson said.

“I can give you mouth to mouth, if you need it,” Royce added with a grin.

“Oh yeah?” Carson asked, his heart still thundering in his chest.

As Royce wrapped his big, strong arms about Carson and lowered his head, that thundering shifted from fear to anticipation. The scent of his big bear shifter filled his nose—the musky scent of man and that woodsy aroma of bear—and it got his blood pressure rising.

When Royce’s lips hit his, the shifter feasted on him. A hunger Carson hadn’t felt just moments before raced through his veins—but that wasn’t news. They barely had to touch him to get his heart pounding and need making it impossible to think straight. Royce drew away after a moment, leaving him wanting more.

“I brought dinner,” Royce murmured huskily. “You should come eat. Jared’s getting the table set.”

Carson glanced at the time at the corner of his screen. “You two are home early.”

“We’re celebrating,” Royce announced.

One of Carson’s brows rose. “And just what are we celebrating?”

“You arrived at the inn exactly three months ago.”

Carson chuckled. “Really? We’re doing quarterly anniversaries?”

Royce smiled. “Well, to be honest, I was planning on grabbing dinner from the restaurant on my way home anyway. We’ve all been busy.”

“So why did we need a reason for take-out tonight versus every other night we’ve done it?” Carson asked with a grin. He knew the three-month thing was a bit cheesy, but there was something inherently adorable that Royce had remembered and wanted the mark the date.

“I ran across an invoice that somehow got missed in my data entry—and in doing my research, I stumbled across your check-in date. I figured fate was trying to tell me to appreciate the blessings I have and come home early to my mate and brother bear to celebrate.”

“Your bear gods sent you a message, hmm?”

Something like that,” Royce murmured before swooping in for another kiss.

Carson moaned against the bear’s lips, hungry for more than a few enticing kisses. And it definitely wasn’t for food. He turned back to his computer, even as his body screamed in protest. “Let me wrap up a couple of emails and I’ll be out for dinner shortly.”

Royce nuzzled against his ear as Carson forced his fingers moved back to the keyboard, making it hard to focus on work.

The bear’s tongue laid a hot trail down his neck, making Carson’s head fall back some. He bit back a moan, the need for Royce growing with every second. Royce let out a low growl, the rippling sound washing over Carson and making his body ache.

His fingers typed along, the speed varying as he paid more attention to the hot kisses on his neck and ear—but after he had to fix a typo three times before truly correcting it, he knew he had to put his foot down.

“The longer you do that, the longer it’ll take me to finish.”

Royce chuckled, sending warm breath over his ear. Carson sighed inwardly, half of him wanting to say forget it and let Royce tempt him away from his desk. But he had a potential new client and needed to wrap up at least that one email. He had a big Skype meeting coming up and needed to share some information with the client beforehand.

“Okay, okay.”

The big bear shifter exited the office, Carson’s stare on his perfect, firm ass the entire time. He let out a sigh once his mate was gone and quickly finished off the email he’d been typing—as well as answered a couple briefer ones. Once he was done for the day, he climbed from his seat and wandered out to the living room.

His other mate, Jared, was putting the final touches on the dining room table. Crystal. Candles. The whole shebang. A smile forced its way on his face.

Carson stopped next to Jared, letting out a low whistle. “Going all out, hmm?”

Jared rose to his full height from where he’d been bent over the dining table, a broad grin on his face. He cocked his head to the side. “You’re not worth going all out?”

Carson could only smile harder, no matter how much he tried to hide it. The last couple of weeks, his bears had gone out of their way to be…

He paused, trying to consider the wording. Romantic?

What had started as a lust-filled pairing was evolving into something much more—something he was ill-equipped to handle. Lust, he knew. Love, he had less experience with.


Was that what this thing between them was becoming?

Carson had quickly accepted the almost instantaneous animal bond he had with the pair. Chemistry had drawn them together and he’d gone willingly, the carnality leading him down their dark road. But if the lust ever faded…

What did they have left?

A tiny bit of panic hit him square in the chest.

Carson was a relationship failure. He’d had a string of bad luck over the years and didn’t know if he knew how to be a good boyfriend.


Whatever the hell a mate was equivalent to in their world. He was almost afraid to ask; fearful he wouldn’t measure up to their expectations.

Jared frowned, concern on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Carson said, emotion twisting in his chest. He looked up into those glowing eyes of Jared’s knowing how much they cared.

Knowing how much he cared for them.

And how scared he was it would all go to hell eventually.

Jared reached out and brushed a few strands from Carson’s face before lowering his head to steal a kiss. It was softer than the claiming kiss that he’d just shared with Royce, but no less demanding in its own right.

Carson lost himself in that kiss, trying to quell the worry building within. For now, all was well.

When Jared pulled away, Carson looked up into his mate’s glowing eyes. Bear shifter eyes glowed when they felt strong emotions. Sometimes he thanked the heavens his didn’t do the same. Like now. He felt vulnerable enough without them knowing what was churning inside his mind.

And in his heart.

Jared stared down at him, an odd expression on his face. “You can talk to us, you know? If something is bothering you—you don’t have to face it alone.”

Carson patted Jared on the arm, shoving the worry away. “I know. I’m good. Real good.” Why he was tempting something bad, he wasn’t sure. Just thinking something like that was opening the door for failure.

This won’t fail.

His smiled faded some, the worry creeping back in.

“Hopefully you’re real hungry, too,” Royce said, walking in carrying several small platters of food.

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