Sunday, April 15, 2018



“Yasligai and the Seven Studs”

                                                                           PART 2

                                                                  By Maggie Walsh


Yas’s head hurt like he had hit a brick wall. Damn, he couldn’t remember drinking that much. Slowly he blinked his eyes open, expecting to find himself in his bed in his apartment at college, but when his gaze landed on a strange room filled with makeup stations with large mirrors surrounded by lights, and a few racks filled with all different kinds of clothes, Yas knew he wasn’t back at college. So then where the hell was he?

  Carefully sitting up he held his head and looked around. The room was pretty big, with six stations set up, two large couches, one of which he sat on, and a small kitchen area. Spotting the full-sized fridge, Yas wondered if there was any water he could drink. His throat was feeling pretty dry.

  Pushing himself to his feet, Yas’s head spun, protesting his sudden movement and he quickly sat back down. “Shit, where the hell am I, and how did I get here?”

  He leaned back against the comfortable cushions and loved how the fluffy pillows engulfed his body like a hug. A hug. Huh. When was the last time he had one of those? Not since his mom was alive. He never even gotten a hug in college when he hooked up those few times. All three of those were just a means to get off and go. No strings attached, and two of those not even names shared.

  Yas sighed. What would it be like to have someone? Someone to talk to, share things with, count on. Someone to stand by him and cherish him. God, he wanted that, but he knew he would be leaving college some day and returning to Vegas so starting a long-term relationship seemed pointless. Now he wished he had someone who was there with him to help him move forward in his life.

  His father wanted him to take over his empire, but Yas never wanted that. Big business and big money were never his thing. He went to college and majored in business like his father wanted, but once the old man passed, Yas had changed his major to bookkeeping and accounting. He loved numbers and dealing with money, but not actually being responsible for making it. Well, not on the large scale that he father did.

  Yas always figured once he got his degree he could go work for his father and keep tabs on all that money and make sure no one was stealing from his dad, or that any would “get lost” as it happened a lot in big business. He wanted to watch over his father's assets but in a different way. But now that his dad was gone, and he graduated, he was expected to step in and take over his company. Fortunately for him, that just wasn’t going to happen.

  Chandler Prince, his father’s right-hand man when he was alive, and the current CEO of his dad’s company, was a good man. He was smart as a whip and took pride in his job. He also held great respect for his father and took care of the business as if it were his own. During his years away, Yas had talked to Chandler many times. Chandler had kept him updated on everything going on in the company and at home. During those conversations, Yas had told Chandler what he intended once he graduated, and that was to come to work at King Industries, in the accounting department, until he learned the business, then he would make a decision on what he would do next, but until then, he would make an announcement at the stockholders meeting next week that he intended to keep Chandler on as CEO and let the man do what he did and make them all rich. He wanted all those stuffed shirts to know he had every faith in Chandler and would sign the paperwork keeping Chandler on in his current positions for at least the next five years.

  The pain in his head was starting to ease off, and Yas suddenly remembered what had happened. He had been at that disgusting club with Hunter, then those guys had taken Hunter and were after him. His step-mother, Desdemona had set them up to disappear, and he had run. Those guys had chased him, and he hid down an ally and then...and then...Shit, he couldn’t remember.

  “Well, look who’s awake. Hello, sleeping beauty,” a sexy deep voice washed over him and a shiver of desire coursed through Yas’s body. He turned to see a gorgeous man in his late thirties, with short brown hair with a light dusting of grey at the temples, stride into the room carrying a tray of food and a pot of tea.

  The hunk smiled bright and Yas felt lighter and couldn’t help but smile back. The man’s deep blue eyes sparkled, and Yas found himself wanting to swim in those blue pools. Allowing his gaze to roam over the man who now placed the tray on the table before him, Yas wanted to lick his lips in approval. The hunk had to be at least six feet tall and maybe a hundred and ninety pounds of hard muscle. Thick thighs strained the material of his faded denim jeans, and the cotton sleeves of his tight tee dug into flesh as his large guns flexed.

  “Not much of a talker huh? Well, that’s okay. But I would like to know how you’re feeling. You have a pretty big knot on your head there. I’m really sorry I clocked you with that door, but I had no idea someone was out there.”

  “I’m…” Yas’s voice came out soft and dry. He cleared his throat and swallowed, then tried again. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going. Those guys were chasing me and I just well...yeah, well, you know. Ran right into that door.”

  The hunk’s brows drew down and deep crease lines appeared on his forehead. “Someone was chasing you? Are you okay? Do you know what they wanted?”

  “Yeah, I’m fine, besides this headache,” Yas answered as he sat up straight.

  Hunk-a-liscious sat next to him and held out his hand. Yas clasped the hand in a friendly shake and internally groaned from how large and strong the hand was. How powerful it felt. And he wondered how that hand would feel as it caressed his body or held him. His cock twitched and began to fill from his thoughts, and Yas quickly tried to make it go away. This guy was being nice and if he was straight he may get offended by Yas’s interest. But if the man was gay...God he hoped the man was gay.”

  The hunk smiled at him and Yas felt his cheeks heat up when he saw the knowing look on the man’s face. “Hi, I’m Doc Dalton, and if you were wondering, yes I’m gay, so no worries,” he said with a wink, and immediately Yas relaxed and felt comfortable.

  Yas let out a small, embarrassing bark of laughter from Doc’s straightforwardness, but kept their hands clasped together. “Sorry. Hi, I’m Yas King.”

  “Yas King. Why does that sound so familiar to me?” Doc asked as they released one another's hands.

  “I don’t know,” Yas answered with a shrug. He hated when people realized who he was. Or more importantly, who his father was, and tried to get him to do things for them, like lend them money, give them loans, or a job. Shit, he knew he should have used a fake name.

  “So, Yas King, who was chasing you and why?” Doc asked as he poured a cup of tea and held up a bowl full of sugar cubes, motioning for Yas’s approval.

  “Two please, and milk, thank you. And why they were chasing me is a long story,” he said with a sigh and accepted the offered tea, then took a small sip.

  “Hey, I’ve got nothing but time. The club is closed down for the night, the staff has gone home, and the guys are all showering, so tell me your story, Yas King. Maybe there’s something I can do to help.”

  Yas looked at Doc in surprise.

  “What?” Doc asked.

  Yas shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just’s not usual these days to find someone asking to help a stranger.”

  “Well, maybe not where you’re from, but around here, we like to help others whenever we can. So, tell me, why were these men after you? Were they cops? Did you rob a bank or something? Wait, let me guess, you’re a card shark and these guys work for the casino and want to warn you to stay away,” Doc said, and Yas could tell from his tone that the man was just teasing him.

  “Ooh, a mystery from our mysterious visitor. I like it. So, tell us more,” a sultry voice came from the doorway and Yas looked to find a sexy as hell guy who was maybe a few years older than him, with wet, shoulder length jet-black hair, wearing only a towel around his waist, his chest glistening with moisture from his recent shower. The man had to be at least six feet two, maybe two hundred perfectly toned pounds, covered in sun-kissed silky smooth skin, and the most amazing Emerald green eyes Yas had ever seen.

  “Oh, a mystery? I’m in. So who’s ass do we need to kick or kiss maybe?” Another hottie about his age strolled in, also wearing only a towel around his waist. This one had short blond hair, that hung longer on the top, Yas could tell by the way it was slicked back from his shower. He was about the same height as the green-eyed man, but heavier with muscles, and deep, rich brown eyes.

  “Doron, Sly, this is Yas. Yas, this is two of our dancers, Sly and Doron,” Doc introduced as both men walked closer and sat on the back of the couch on either side of Yas’s head.

  “Well hello, Yas. Please tell me you’re gay, and please tell me you’re available, because I gotta tell you, damn you are one fine specimen,” the one named Doron said as he ran his fingers through Yas’s hair.

  Yas looked back and forth between the two, then to Doc, who just sat there smirking at the two as he shook his head. “Well, um...Yes,” Yas said hesitantly.

  “Yes to what? Being gay, or being available?” Sly asked as he leaned in closer and ran the tip of his nose against Yas’s cheek like a whisper.


  Yas flinched back when Sly, Doron, and other voices cheered from his statement. He looked wide-eyed at the door as three others walked in. Two smiling and making a ruckus, and a third, larger man, who remained quiet, but smiling, his eyes filled with interest.

  “So who is our gorgeous new friend here?” One of them asked as he plopped down on the seat next to Yas and placed a hand on his thigh.

  “I apologize for my men being so forward, but when they see something they want, they go for it,” Doc said as he looked around at the five others with love filled eyes.

  Could they all be together together? Yas thought as he glanced at each one. Damn, that’s kind of hot.

  Doc immediately filled them in on the conversation since he walked in and found Yas awake, then introduced each of them. Yas noticed a large, muscular, intense guy standing by the door, arms crossed over his thick chest. He looked about the same age as Doc, but about six feet six, two hundred and sixty pounds of all rock-hard muscle, short, buzz cut hair, tattoos down both arms, and icy, crystal eyes.

  “So who’s chasing you and why, kid? I hope you didn’t bring any unwanted troubles to our door,” Gruff, Doc had introduced, asked.

  Yas sat up instantly and stood. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring any of this here or get you involved. This is my troubles and I’ll take care of them. I just need to figure out my next move that’s all. Thank you so much for helping me when I knocked myself out on that door and for your hospitality,” Yas quickly said as he headed for the door.

  Gruff moved away from the frame where he had been leaning and blocked Yas’s escape. “Not so fast, handsome. It seems to me you still need some help, so why don’t you sit that tight hot little ass back down and tell us what’s going on. And don’t give me any arguments,” Gruff added quickly when Yas opened his mouth to protest.

  “He’s right, Yas,” the one named Stryker said as he grasped Yas’s arm and directed him back to the couch.

  “You can trust us. We’re just a bunch of strippers with big hearts and even bigger...curiosities,” Doron said with a smile and fluttered his lashes innocently.

  “He means we’re nosy as hell, especially when it comes to hot gay guys that we want to fuck. So spill, cutie, everyone here is ex-military, well, except for our resident college boy, Sly there. But he’s a black belt and can kiss some serious ass,” Merry added.

  Yas didn’t understand why he felt so comfortable with this group, but for some reason he did and found himself telling them everything. Once he started talking, he couldn’t stop.

  “Son of a bitch!” Gruff grumbled as he moved closer and sat on the coffee table before Yas and placed a hand on his knee. “So this bitch of a step-monster tried to have you kidnapped by that notorious sex-trafficking ring, but they picked up the wrong guy? Bitch.”

  “Sex-trafficking ring?” Yas looked at him in confusion.

  “Yeah, sorry, sweetie, but everyone in Vegas knows that dump and what they do there. The problem is, the cops don’t have enough evidence to shut them down,” Sly said.

  “That’s horrible!” Yas exclaimed. “So wait, Desdemona was going to have me taken by some sleazy sex-traffickers and also had her son Hunter taken by them? I understand why she wants me gone, but not her own son.”

  “Are you sure he’s her son?” the quiet one named Shylon asked.

  Yas looked to him and shook his head as he sighed. “No, actually I’m not. I always got the feeling they weren’t related and maybe were a couple and hoped it to be true so what my father left her in his Will would be void, but I could never get any proof. Not that I would begrudge her the inheritance Dad left her, if she was a good person and not an evil witch. But if she and Hunter are together or even married, then it would have been before she married my dad which means their marriage isn’t legal and is proof that the witch only married him for his money.”

  Doc stared at him intently for a moment, before nodding, then standing up. He ran a hand down his face and sighed, then turned to face Yas again. “I know exactly who you are Yasligai. I know who your father is, as well as Desdemona and Hunter.”

  Yas’s eyes widened as his mouth opened in surprise. “You do?”

  “Yes. You see, this place, ‘The Cottage’ is actually one of your dad’s holdings. Well, it was until he passed. Now I guess it belongs to you. When I first got out of the service I went to work for your dad as a bodyguard. I was his personal guard when he went on that trip where he met Desdemona. I never understood how she did it, but somehow, she wormed her way into his life within twenty-four hours and convinced Wallace that they should marry. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen. I’m happy I at least got him to get a prenup. Your dad was a good man and we became friends pretty quickly when I worked for him, but soon after Desdemona came along, she told him she was uncomfortable around a fag like me and didn’t want me there. Wallace and I had a long talk and he wanted to make Desdemona happy, but didn’t want to let me go either. So he asked me what else I liked to do, or if I had any plans for my life besides being a bodyguard. I told him I always wanted to open my own place, like this. The next thing I knew, your dad brought me here, showed me around, and handed me the keys. He said it was all mine and he would be a silent partner and only required ten percent. Long story short, I took the deal. Wallace used to come by once a week for lunch up in my office and just hang out. He said it was the only time in his life that he could ever just relax and be himself,” Doc explained, a wistful smile on his face.

  “Wow, I never knew that,” Yas stated.

  Doc shrugged. “Why would you? This place wasn’t opened under King Industries, it was a personal endeavor. He always said that maybe someday his son would like to visit the place and wanted to make sure there was somewhere classy you could go, instead of one of those places like Hunter dragged you to tonight. He knew you were gay but was waiting for you to come out on your own terms.”

  Yas’s heart clenched in his chest as all the air was forced out of him. His dad had known he was gay and didn’t say anything? Not only that, he invested in this gay club, hoping it would be somewhere Yas could come to be himself too. Wow, there was more to his father than even he knew. The thought that the great Wallace King knew about his son’s sexuality and seems didn’t care, was a happy eye-opener to Yas. God, he loved that man. Which now made him more determined than ever to stop Desdemona’s plans, whatever they were, and to make sure everything his dad had worked so hard to build was protected.

  Yas stood with new determination. “Thank you for telling me that, Doc. I really appreciate it. And thank you all for your care and concern. I hope to come back and visit someday only on better terms.”

  “Where are you going?” the soft voice of the big man, Shylon asked.

  “As much as I can’t stand Hunter Mann, no one should be subjected to what those sex traffickers have in store for him. I need to get proof that my evil step-monster as you put it, was behind this, and get the police involved. She can’t get away with what she’s done or what she planned to do to me,” Yas said with conviction as he headed for the door.

  A strong arm snaked around his waist, pulling him back and up off his feet, as his back pressed against a very hard chest. Yas wanted to moan from the contact, the feeling so good and unlike anything he had ever had before.

  “You’re not going anywhere, baby. At least not alone,” Gruff’s said against his ear, the warm breath caressing his skin like a lover’s touch.

  “Gruff’s right, Yas. You can’t go alone. Who knows what that bitch will do. Let us come with you and make sure you’re safe,” Doc offered.

  Yas wanted to answer the man, he really did, but the hard muscles wrapped around him, and the even harder cock pressed against his ass had all thought gone from his mind. He so just wanted to rub his ass against that thick pole. He wanted to feel it slide into his body as it filled him.

  Doron laughed as he moved in front of him and raised a hand, placing it behind his neck. Their gazes locked and Yas could see the hunger in Doron’s eyes. “We all know that look well, Yas. Being wrapped in Gruff’s strong arms with that two by four he calls a dick poking your ass, is close to heaven. The heaven part comes when we all join together in our very big bed and love on one another. Would you like a taste, gorgeous? Because I think all of us are in agreement here when I say we want you in our bed. We want to feel you wrapped around us as you fuck one of us, suck another, and drive you wild with desire,” Doron said in a deep, sexy voice as his fingers played with the little hairs at his nape, then Doron pulled him close and captured his lips in a hard, hungry kiss, and Yas was gone. His brain completely melted from his skull and all he could do was accept what Doron was doing and enjoy it.

  “Fuck that’s hot. I think he wants it too guys. So what do you say we take this upstairs and show Yas exactly what it feels like to have seven studs loving on him and making him the center of our attention?” He heard Sly’s voice coming from somewhere but had no idea where. He was too enraptured by the moment.

  “What do you say, gorgeous, want to come up stairs with us and get an up-close look at the cock pressed against you, begging to be let in?” Gruff’s deep voice came from behind him, then a tongue licked up the side of his neck to his ear and a shiver of want and desire raced through him as he melted between them, boneless and accepting whatever they wanted to do to him.

  “Answer me, sweetness, or get your tight little ass spanked?” Gruff said.

  The thought of the fierce man spanking him gave Yas a thrill like he never knew before and he found himself desperate for the large man’s hands on his ass.

  Breaking from the kiss, Yas was light-headed and horny. He was never one for just jumping into bed with people, even though he did have a few hookups in his day, but right now something was telling him that this is exactly where he was supposed to be. That meeting these men was his fate.

  “Yes,” he answered breathlessly. “Gods, I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but yes. We don’t even know each other, but all I can think of is loving on all of you.”

  “That’s because when something is meant to be our hearts and soul just know it, even if our heads are trying to rationalize it and slow us down. I feel it too, Yas. This is where you were meant to be. Fate brought you to our door because we are all meant to be,” Doc said from beside him as he grasped Yas’s chin and turned his head, then kissed him slowly, deeply.

                                                                        *  *  *  *

  It had been the best fucking week of his life. He had spent every moment with these seven amazing men and got to know each of them, and he found himself falling for all of them for their own special, unique ways. Doc was the caretaker of the group. He was the boss at the club and ran everything smoothly, but his men had him wrapped around their fingers. There wasn’t anything Doc wouldn’t do for any of them.

  Then there was Gruff, who when he spoke, lived up to his name, but deep down he was just as much a caretaker as Doc was, but more of a protector. He made sure all his men were where they were supposed to be and safe at all times. He was fierce in everything he did, including when he fucked Yas on every surface of the club whenever he walked by. The spanking he got this morning from Gruff for getting out of bed before Doc could bring him breakfast was delicious and Yas could still feel those large hands swatting him, then rubbing comfortingly against his tender skin. Yas wanted to be bad just so he could have Gruff’s spankings again.

  Sly was playful but liked to relax and nap a lot. From what Yas had learned, Sly was putting himself through college to become a lawyer, then working at the club all week. Yas couldn’t blame the guy for getting a few Z’s whenever he could. He smiled when he thought of the amazing blow job Sly had given him last night when he got off stage.

  Yas had just been standing in the wings watching and when Sly’s performance was done, he hurried off the stage, pressed Yas against the wall, then dropped to his knees and opened his pants, pulling his cock free, then swallowed him whole before Yas could even register what he was doing.

  And Doron, what a funny man. He brought life and laughter to them all with his quick wit and comedic personality. The man was amazing and found joy in everything, then shared that light with the rest of them. Yas felt so free when Doron was around. And the man was hung like a horse and knew how to use that king-sized cock. Yas’s tight little star clenched from the memory of Doron’s cock riding him hard in the shower that morning.

  Merry, was almost a mirror of Doron. He loved life and was so relaxed all the time. He loved to tell jokes, and encourage people, make them feel special. The man was very considerate in bed, but also loved to tease until you thought you would go insane. Watching Merry use that talent on Gruff was a joy to witness and he loved watching as his intense new lover fell apart under Merry and begged for his cock.

  Stryker was a little more reserved then Merry or Doron, but he was still a very happy and straightforward kind of guy. Besides being a big flirt and having no filter. If he wanted to something, he said it, or did it. Yas had been sitting for breakfast yesterday and Stryker walked in, took one look at him, and told Yas how yummy he looked and wanted to start his day off with some protein, then pulled Yas from his chair and laid him out right there on the table with everyone watching and proceeded to give him an amazing blow job until Stryker got what he wanted. Once Yas emptied down the man's throat, Stryker stood up, kissed him, and moved to the coffee pot, as Yas lay there stunned. Until Gruff picked him up and turned him over to lay on his stomach on the table, then in one motion, filled him, then fucked him so hard and good.

  Then there was quiet, shy, Shylon. He seemed to be Doc’s biggest concern. Not his favorite, because Yas could see that none of them held a favorite and loved one another equally, but Doc worried about Shy more, because he was so shy. But Yas had learned that Shy was just one of those people who liked to observe and never missed much. The large man was so tender and gentle, that the contrast to his size surprised Yas at first, but that thought was soon replaced with the thought that the man was the true definition of a gentle giant.

  He also found that Shylon liked to take long, relaxing baths in the oversized jacuzzi they had in their equally large bedroom in their apartment above the club. And that Shy didn’t like to take those baths alone. He himself was the lucky recipient of two such baths this week and melted into Shylon’s care as he cleaned every inch of Yas with loving hands. Then once he was clean, Shy bent over the edge of the tub, offering his gorgeous, muscled ass, which Yas was more than happy to fill.

  But his favorite times had been when all eight of them had been lying in their big bed and just loving on one another, as hands reached out to wherever and whoever was nearest, lips kissed whatever was close and tongues licked. The nightly orgies were mind blowing and Yas knew he couldn’t walk away from these seven men. He didn’t care what anyone thought of their group, he just cared about what these seven amazing men thought, and they had all told him they wanted him to stay and be a part of them.

  His past week had been filled with so much sex, loving, and care, that Yas never wanted to leave, and told them so, which made each of them happy, then love on him some more, but he knew the real world was still waiting for him. Doc had phoned a cop friend of his named Tony, who worked with the Vegas police, earlier in the week, and he had come to talk to Yas. Yas told him everything he knew and all his suspicions, and Tony thought it would be a good idea if he stayed out of sight for a while until Tony could check out a few things. All the guys quickly offered him to stay there with them and he couldn’t find it in him to refuse or even protest, so he had stayed, and he was glad he had.

  But today was the day he was supposed to meet with Chandler Prince and make his announcement at the board meeting. He was a little nervous and worried that Desdemona would show up, screwing up all his plans.

  So now here he sat in the back of Docs Escalade with all his new lovers surrounding him as they made their way to his home where Desdemona still lived. But if everything went right today, then she wouldn’t be there much longer. Tony had been able to track down where Hunter was by following the dark van that Yas had described to him, and Hunter had sung like a bird. He was so pissed that his wife, had set him up to disappear too and in such a way, that Hunter only felt anger and hatred for the woman now.

  Hunter had told Tony about he and Desdemona being married for almost five years before she met his dad and how Desdemona had come up with the scheme to get money from old wealthy widowers and his own part in it. But Hunter didn’t spill out of the kindness of his heart, or his anger toward Desdemona, he had been cut a deal that if he told them everything, that he would not be charged with his part in anything and that he be allowed to leave after the trail. After talking with him, the DA made the deal and Hunter had a lot to say. So much that Yas was sure Desdemona would never step foot outside of a prison again. But they still needed more evidence.

  Only going by Hunter’s word wasn’t enough and the DA wanted solid evidence. One of the detectives with the Vegas PD was going with Hunter to a safe house he and Desdemona had set up that no one but them knew about, to show the detective everything he had on them. The fake ID’s, passports, backgrounds. As well as other things Hunter said would come in handy.

  The DA had also said it would work in their favor if they could get a confession out of Desdemona, but Yas was sure that would never happen. Until he came up with an idea of his own. He would go talk to Desdemona with a wire that the police had taped to him hidden under his clothes.

  His men...Damn that felt good to say. His men, were not happy with the plan, but they said they understood and would stand by him. Literally. While he went in to talk to Desdemona, they would be outside with the police surveillance team, waiting to see if they needed to interfere if Yas was ever in any danger.

                                                                                *  *  *  *

  “So, have you found him yet?” Desdemona asked, her voice dripping with venom.

  “Nothing yet. The little shit just disappeared,” the man answered.

  “How they hell could he just disappear?” she asked.

  “Well, you did hire us to make that happen now didn’t you, so it’s not really that hard for anyone to disappear. And with his wealth, he could be anywhere,’ the other man said as he leaned against the oak bar in the lavish front room.

  “And you fucked that up. So now you need to find him. I did not pay you all that money for him to get away, only to come back whenever and fuck things up. So get your asses back out there and find him! Now!”

  The men stood straighter as they faced her, both narrowing their eyes as their jaws clenched. “Look lady, and I use that word loosely. You hired our boss to do your dirty work and we only take orders from him, and I am sure Mr. X wouldn’t be too happy right now if he heard the way you were carrying on. So sit down, shut up, and tell us somewhere your little man may be hiding. Friends, boyfriend, shit, even acquaintances at this point.”

  “I will not be spoken to like that in my own home, and with the amount of money I paid Mr. X, you can sure stand there and take my ire. So do your damn job and get back out there and find that useless stepson of mine. I still don’t know how you fucked up to begin with. He and Hunter look nothing alike,” Desdemona went on as if the man hadn’t even spoken.

  The other guy moved closer and stood only a few feet before Desdemona as he stared down at her with angry eyes. “It was your man that fucked up, not us.”

  Desdemona didn’t back down under his stare, she only firmed her spine and put her hands on her hips. “Oh yeah, and who fucked up by letting that simpleton get away, huh? That’s all on you and I’m sure Mr. X is not happy. So move your lazy, disgusting ass out of my face and my house and get to finding them both!”

  The man stepped closer, now only two inches separating them as his jaw clenched tighter. “Now you listen to me you fucking whore. I don’t care how many designer duds you drape yourself in, or how you think you’re better than either of us, when we all know you’re nothing but trailer-park white trash who knows how to manipulate. All these fuck ups are on you, and Mr. X ain’t happy. We have never had one bit of trouble since you stepped through his door. Now tell us anything we need to know about the hot little man and we’ll put in a good word with Mr. X for you. Otherwise, our orders are to cut off any loose ends and get rid of them, and you, lady, are a very loose end. Talk now, or you’re coming with us.”

  Desdemona wasn’t stupid and could see the sincerity in the man's eyes. If she didn’t stop her rant and be more hospitable to these two, then she would be in grave danger with their boss. Dropping her right hand from her hip, she skimmed it up her flat stomach to her ample breast and slowly, seductively, tried to gain the man’s attention, using her womanly wiles on him like she did with all men, so she could get what she wanted. But the man's expression never changed, and he gaze remained firmly locked with hers.

  She tried her best sugary smile as he stepped forward, bringing their chest together, then walked her fingers up his chest. “I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. What do you say I make you two...gentlemen a drink and we all talk nicely? Then maybe, if you’re good, I’ll make you both feel oh so good,” she said seductively.

  The man gripped her wrist, pulling her hand from his body as he leaned down so their eyes were level, then he sneered at her. “Lady, I wouldn’t touch that train tunnel with someone else’s dick. Now what friends can we start with?”

  Desdemona flinched from his words and a look of shock crossed her face. “Are you gay?”

  The man smirked as his eyes filled with mischief. “Not at all, but to me a hole is a hole, I don’t care what other body parts there are.”

  Shocked, she stammered, “B-but, nobody turns me down.”

  “I doubt that. No offense, but I would much rather have my way with that sweet stepson of yours. Now he is one fine piece of beauty and the fairest in the land. I can’t wait to get my hands on him and punish him for running. I promise, he’ll love my cock in his tight little ass. If only you had half his looks, I might consider doing you.”

  “H-how dare you!” Desdemona screeched as she pulled her hand away and stepped back, a look of offense masking her face.

  “Names, now, lady,” the other guy insisted.

                                                                        *  *  *  *

  Yas couldn’t believe their luck. Just as they pulled through the large wrought iron gates of his father's estate, another black Escalade was pulling down the drive and the two cars stopped, facing off against each other as if playing chicken. But before he or his men could do anything, cops ran in around them from behind and surrounded the SUV with their guns drawn.

  Tony, along with the lead detective on the case, stepped up to the SUV and called for the occupants to step out. After a few harrowing moments, the front doors opened, and two guys stepped out. Yas’s jaw dropped when he saw the men. He instantly recognized them as the men from the bar who had talked about grabbing him. He had only gotten a good look at one of them and a little through the crack in the stall door of the other, but he knew it was them.

  Yas jumped from the vehicle he was in, with Gruff trying to grab for him and the others calling after him. He ran toward Tony and heard one of the guys explaining that they were friends of Hunter’s and just stopped by to see if he was home.

  “He’s a lying sack of shit. That’s the assholes who grabbed Hunter and the ones who tried to take me. They’re the ones I saw and heard in the bathroom at the club that night talking about grabbing us and how Desdemona was the one who sent them after us,” Yas, yelled as he got closer.

  He was quickly surrounded by his men as Doc and Gruff wrapped their arms around him. Yas felt so safe and protected, that their presence gave him the courage to say what he did.

  “I don’t know what this guy is talking about. We’ve never met him in our lives,” the one man protested.

  “No shit, asshole. That’s because I heard your damn plan and snuck out of the back door of the club before you could snatch me, but I know it’s you.”

  “Take them to the station for questioning, men,” the detective ordered and immediately the other police reacted and cuffed both men, then dragged them away. Yas watched as they walked out of the gate and were placed in a waiting police cruiser.

  “Um, Holt, you may want to see this,” Tony said, causing Yas to turn and look back to where the man was standing.

  Tony was behind the open door of the driver side of the vehicle and he was holding up a gun and a folder. The detective, Holt, walked over and looked at the contents of the fold, then a broad smile crossed his face. He looked up at them, then shook his head and came to stand before them. He pulled a piece of paper from the folder and held it up for Yas to see. There were actually two pictures, one of him and one of Hunter. Yas’s eyes widened as he gasped. “And this folder holds all your information. List of friends, family, places you like to go, everything.

  “And this cell phone I found on the console with texts from someone named Mr. X, talks about everything from going to grab you and Hunter, to them trying to find you both,” Tony said as he joined them holding a cell phone in his hand.

  “Shit, could they be any dumber?” Doc asked with disbelief.

  “We have a good case here, Yas, now with all of this, which means you don’t have to go in there now,” Holt said.

  “Does any of that mention Desdemona personally?” he asked.

  Tony shook his head. “Actually, no.”

  “So then I still need to go in there. We need to put her away too. She doesn’t deserve to walk around free after everything she’s done,” he said with conviction.

  Doc turned him around to face him, and Yas could see the concern in his eyes. “Are you sure, precious? This woman is a psycho and I don’t want any harm coming to you.”

  Yas smiled at Docs concern. It had been a long time since someone had truly worried about him. He leaned in and kissed Doc’s lips softly, then pulled back and gave him a smile. “I’m sure. Then when this is all over maybe you and the others can take me home and I can show you all how much you all have come to mean to me,” Yas said with a sexy smile and wiggled his brows.

  Gruff growled deep in his throat before grabbing Yas and pulling him close, then kissing him stupid. By the time they broke the kiss, Yas couldn’t remember where they were or what they were doing there.

  He heard Tony and Holt chuckle from somewhere before Holt broke the silence. “If you’re still willing to do this, Yas, then we’re ready too. And just a reminder, we’ll be close and listening to everything. You won’t be alone.”

                                                                               *  *  *  *

  Yas walked into the lavish room and shook his head in disbelief. The last time he had been in this room, years ago, it was still decorated warmly and inviting. Anyone who stepped foot in this house always felt welcome, but now the whole house reminded him of a mausoleum, and this room was no different. Desdemona had spent a fortune redecorating after his father’s death and filled it with all white modern furniture, and tons of glass and crystal. Things she thought would make her appear wealthier and refined, but you couldn’t put a Versace on a pig and call it a queen.

  Quietly walking further into the room, Yas kept his gaze on his step-monster who stood by the bar drinking a glass of wine as she stared out the window. He stopped a few feet from the bar and softly cleared his throat. Desdemona spun around, a frightened look on her face as if she were expecting someone else, but she quickly covered it up and painted her fake, strained smile on her face, “Yas, darling, I’ve been so worried about you and Hunter. Last thing I knew he was taking out you for a celebratory drink and then neither of you returned home. Is everything alright? Where is Hunter?’ she asked and looked around him, but he could tell the curious look was also fake.

  “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me,” he answered coolly.

  “Whatever do you mean?”

  “You know what I’m talking about, Des. You had Hunter take me out that night and now he’s gone. So you tell me, where is your husband?”

  Yas saw the small flinch at the corner of her eye, but she fought to remain still, then feigned confusion as she said, “My what? What are you talking about, Yasligai? As usual, I have no idea.”

  “Sure you do. The jig is up, Des. I know that Hunter is actually your husband and was before you met my father. Which means that your marriage, the prenup, and the inheritance from his Will is all null and void. I want you out of here before sundown and don’t take anything with you. I’ll have father’s lawyers here to watch you and make sure you only leave what you came with, or the equivalent.”

  He watched as he eyes filled with hatred and her jaw clenched. Desdemona took a deep breath, and slowly released it, then that fake sugary sweet smile returned. “Come have a drink while we discuss this, Yas,” she said and turned her back to him as she grabbed a martini glass and began pouring liquids into it. Yas moved closer and sat at the bar, watching her every move.

  Desdemona turned toward him, smiling, and placed the martini glass on the bar before him. “Here, have one of these, they are to die for.”

  “What is it?” Yas asked, but still made no move to take the offered drink.

  “An apple martini. My friend Suzanne makes a wonderful one, but I’m sorry to say I am just learning how to make it, so the ingredients may be a little off.” Yas saw something cross her eyes as she explained. He had no idea what, but he got the sick feeling that the apple martini was the last thing he wanted to taste.

  “So now tell me all about this fairy tale you’ve constructed about me and Hunter. I know you weren’t happy when Wallace and I married, but I thought after all these years that maybe we could have become friends. I would still like to.”

  “Yeah, so you can stay in this house and keep mooching off my father’s accounts. But even if I did allow you to stay here, I have already informed the lawyers that you no longer have access to any of my father’s money. Actually, I informed them of that about two years ago so everything you’ve been spending for the past two years has all come out of the ten million my father left you.”

  Desdemona’s eyes widened in surprise and he mouth dropped open, but nothing came out.

  Yas, raised his hands and brushed the martini aside, then leaned his elbows on the bar as he continued, “Let me see if I remember the facts clearly. After two years of spending like there was no bottom to that money barrel, you have approximately...well, from what the lawyers say, nothing. In the past two years you have spent every penny of the ten million that father had left you and are now completely penniless. Well, actually, you know have a debt of over ten million because I will be requiring interest with that.”

  “What? That’s not possible. And Wallace left that money to me, it’s mine!” Desdemona screeched.

  “And once I froze all his other accounts to you, anything you bought came from that account, but now that I have proof that you were actually married to Hunter, that means you were never legally married to my father, therefore the money isn’t yours because it was left to you under false pretenses. Oh, and I’m sure the police would love to question you on your bigamy. You do know it’s against the law, right?” Yas asked calmly, keeping his face neutral.

  Desdemona’s eyes narrowed as they filled with rage and he knew he had the woman right where he wanted her. “You little bastard! How dare you! This all belongs to me. If only those two idiots hadn’t fucked up and grabbed Hunter before they grabbed you, it would all be mine, but no, they mistook you and Hunter and grabbed him while you slipped away. You should be off being some sick fucks sex slave by now, right where you belong. I did not pay that man two million dollars for you to just walk away and take everything from me. You were supposed to disappear, so I could have you claimed dead and take everything for myself!” She raged on as she moved from behind the bar.

  “And what about Hunter? What was his part in all this and where is he?” Yas asked.

  “That imbecile was costing me a fortune running around like a playboy and buying stupid cars. He needed to disappear to,” she answered absently as she paced the room looking lost in thought.

  “So you paid them two million dollars to make me and Hunter disappear. Wow, now I know the police will want to talk to you.”

 Desdemona spun around to face him, her widened eyes showing that it finally registered that she had told him everything. “Those asses may have fucked up, but I won’t. Hunter is gone, so all I need to worry about is your pathetic ass,” she yelled and grabbed a crystal lamp from the table beside her and lunged toward Yas. He quickly stood and moved back away from her.

  Suddenly the French doors burst open, glass shattering, and men came rushing into the room. Yas’s jaw dropped when he saw Shylon push Gruff and Doc out of the way and run right for Desdemona, tackling her like a quarterback and taking her to the floor.

  “Well that move works too,” Doron said as he, Sly, Stryker, and Merry strolled in behind Gruff, Doc, and the police.

  Shylon was pulled off Desdemona and stood, then immediately came to Yas’s side and wrapped his arms around him, lifting him off his feet, as he held him tight.

  “Nice job, Shy, you knocked the evil bitch out with one hit,” Merry said. Then Doron and Sly started singing, “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” and Yas couldn’t help it, he burst out laughing.

                                                                     *  *  *  *

  It had been two months since the incident with Desdemona and she was still sitting in the Vegas prison wearing her beautiful orange jumpsuit as she awaited trail. Hunter had been brought to a safe house and was under guard until the trail, and the two guys who tried to grab him, clammed up and refused to say a word. The police still didn’t know who they worked for, but they had enough proof against the two to put them away from a very long time as well.

  After what happened at the house, and spending hours with the police, Yas made his meeting with the board of King Industries and informed them that Chandler Prince would still be in charge, but he would be keeping a close eye on everything from his new office above ‘The Cottage’, where he would be working with Doc running the club. Yas would be handling all the bookkeeping and accounting, as well as all the ordering. Things Doc really hated doing.

  After spending another two weeks in the guy's apartment above the club, while his house was being repaired and redecorated, Yas had confessed to his men that he had fallen in love with them that first week and if they would have him, he wanted to stay and be a part of them.

  They guys all attacked him after that and told him how much they each loved him too, then they spent the next day in bed showing how much they loved one another.

  It had taken him some time and a lot of convincing, but he managed to talk the guys into moving into his house on the estate and traveling the fifteen minutes back and forth to the club. It worked out better for Sly seeing at it was closer to college for him and he could get a little more sleep these days.

  Yas has the house redecorated with his seven men in mind and had walls removed and the master bedroom that was already big, tripled in size and a custom bed he had made just for them brought in. He also made the bathroom bigger and put in one of those large Jacuzzis Shylon loved so much.

  They were all now settling into their new lives and Yas couldn’t be happier, except for one thing. Gruff hadn’t spanked him in all this time and he really missed it. He thought for sure the man would have reddened his ass after the whole Desdemona thing, but Gruff never even mentioned it.

  So now he lay here on a lounger by the pool, in all his naked glory and waited for Gruff to catch him. Gruff had a rule, no one got to see any of his men’s bodies unless it was on the stage. Only the eight of them were allowed to enjoy all the glorious sights and hard muscles.

  “Someone's itching for a spanking, Gruff!” Doron called out as he walked across the patio toward Yas, Yas smiled and opened his eyes. When their gazes met he winked at Doron, causing Doron to burst out laughing.

  “Before old grumpy butt arrives to redden that ass, I would love to feel you ride me, baby,” Doron said in a sexy voice.

  “It would be my pleasure,” Yas answered and climbed from the lounger.

  Doron grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the pool. “What are you doing?”

  “I love water sports, baby, come on, I have an idea,” Doron answered, then grabbed him around the waist and tossed the both into the pool.

  Yas came up laughing as he spit out water and Doron pulled his swim trunks off, then tossed them away. Doron climbed up on the large float that sat in the pool, then helped Yas up. Doron laid on his back, spreading out and smiling up at Yas as he tapped his own thighs. “Come on, baby, ride em cowboy. Get on up on this wide hard beast and tame him.”

  Yas chuckled as he threw a leg over Doron’s hips and straddled him, then grabbed Doron’s hard cock and guided it to his hole. He was still stretched out from some of their earlier activities, so he slid easily down Doron’s long, thick cock and didn’t stop until he sat flush on the man's thighs. Doron gripped his waist as he smiled up at him and released a deep moan. “God, your ass is incredible, baby. I could literally live in it forever.”

  “Not without us you’re not,” Merry said from the side of the pool just before there was a big splash and their six men joined them. Yas continued to fuck himself on Doron’s cock as he watched the other kiss, lick, grab, and grope each other, the sight so erotic it made him even hornier. Doc jumped up and wrapped his arms and legs around Shylon, then threw his head back and moaned deep. Yas smiled as he knew what Doc was feeling with Shy’s massive cock stretching him wide.

  Merry leaned back against the side of the pool and stretched his arms wide as Sly moved between his spread thighs, lifting Merry’s ass to the surface, then engulfing his cock. Merry hissed as his eyes closed and a look of nirvana crossed his face.

  The float moved and the edge pushed down. Yas turned his head and watched as Stryker and Gruff climbed on. Stryker moved to straddle Doron’s head, and Doron immediately took his balls into his mouth. Stryker pulled Yas closer and kissed him hard before he pulled away and pushed Yas down to suck his cock, which he did happily.

  Then the slap came and Yas’s head spun. He fucking loved when Gruff spanked him. “I am going to fuck this pretty ass after I spank it, sweetness. Would you like that? Me and Doron both stretching you wide and claiming you?” Gruff asked as he swatted Yas’s other cheek.

  He whimpered as he nodded. Yes, he would love that.

  “Yeah, that’s exactly what you want isn’t it, sweetness? Just like you crave my spankings, you crave all our cocks. Laying around outside naked where anyone could see what belongs to us is a no no, little one. You know the punishment,” Gruff said, and Yas smiled around the cock in his mouth. He did know the punishment and looked forward to a million more from this man and a million more nights and days filled with loving these seven studs.

  What had been a crazy, confusing, and scary night, had turned out to be the best night of his life. The night Snow White met his seven studs and grabbed onto love and his future.


The Coterie

 Raven Stone is an almost 500 year old vampire who is next in line for the throne to become the king of not only the vampires, but of the paranormal race as a whole. But to claim the throne he must to complete his Coterie, a circle of five men of different breeds of paranormal who are his destined mates. And he must claim them all before his 500th birthday, or he will lose the throne forever, and for the first time in paranormal history the Stone family will not hold the honor.

Raven has already found and claimed four of his mate’s, but his birthday approaches and forces are against he and his mates from finding their last mate. When Raven smells the scent of their last mate on a greedy vampire who leads the Clearnight Haven coven, he and his mate’s, Lorcan, Ash, Ciro, and Jareth, travel to the small town in upper Washington State in America.

Joel is a human who works at the local newspaper as a junior reporter, but if he can get the story of the century, he hopes it will be enough to convince his boss that he should be promoted to one of the senior reporters.

The town bigwig and major asshole, Malcolm Dean has gone missing, and no one even blinks an eye from his loss, but when the mysterious billionaire Raven Stone comes to town and takes over all of Dean’s business holdings, Joel smells the story he’s been looking for.

As Joel sneaks around trying to uncover what Raven Stone looks like and who he is, an even juicier story, with a bigger fish, an evil man named, Mario Gallo, gets dropped in his lap.

When Joel goes to The Raven Club to do a story on Raven Stone he never expected to find five men that he feels an overwhelming attraction to. After a night of mind blowing pleasure with the five men, Joel is shocked to learn who these men truly are and who they say he is to them. Joel isn’t ready for what they offer him and he runs, concentrating on his story, when suddenly Joel disappears.

When Raven and the others learn that Joel has gone missing, they know he is in danger and they must find him before it’s too late. And if they find him, will they be able to convince Joel that he belongs with them?


  “Where the hell is he? He promised he was coming back tonight and it’s almost three in the morning,” Ciro cried in worry as he paced the floor.

  “He’s probably just working a case, baby love,” Raven answered as he went to Ciro and wrapped his panther mate in his arms.

  “You don’t really believe that do you, Raven?” Jareth asked. He sat in the corner of the couch, his knees drawn up against his chest and biting his nails.

  Raven looked to him and saw the worry in his eyes. “No. I don’t believe that. But we don’t know Joel that well yet so I am trying not to jump to conclusions. Maybe he is working. Maybe he got distracted, or met up with a friend. I don’t know. What I do know is that if I let my mind go in the direction it keeps pulling me to, then I’ll go insane.”

  “And what direction is that?” Lorcan asked tightly.

  “That our mate is in trouble and we’re not there to protect him, to help him,” Raven whispered and pulled Ciro closer.

  “I think we need to go out and look for him,” Ash stated. “Just sitting here playing the what if game is going to drive us all crazy. Something is wrong and we all feel it. We all felt that Joel accepted us and wants to be with us. I don’t think he’s the type of person who would make us a promise and then not do what he said. I think he would have called if it was something like that.”

  “I agree with Ash,” Lorcan stated.

  “So, what do we do?” Ciro asked.

  Raven looked at each of the men he loved and saw the worry and stress in their eyes. He was the leader, and the nucleus of their mating. He needed to ease all their minds and take charge. “We go find our mate. If it turns out that he is safe and that it was nothing, then I would rather be wrong than have something bad happen to him. It would also bring home the fact to him that he now has five people that love him and worry for him and he needs to be more considerate. I hope it turns out that he just didn’t call us. I would even settle for he didn’t even think to call us, as much as that would hurt. But it would hurt more if something were truly wrong and we did nothing.” Raven released Ciro and stepped back.

   He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and tried Joel’s number once more. Again, it went straight to voicemail. Raven hung up and quickly dialed again. “Misha, I need you and the others to spread out through the town and find Joel Marsh. My mates and I are headed out now to look for him as well. The first person who finds him is to bring him back here to the mansion, call me, and not let him leave,” Raven ordered, then hung up. He looked to his mates. “Let’s go.”

  Raven quickly walked from the room with his mates following. Once they were outside he turned to them. “All of you shift and do what you do best. If one of you finds him, use his phone to call me.” Everyone nodded, then each shifted into their animal forms. Ash flapped his wings and took off into the night, his hawk disappearing in the darkness. Ciro’s black panther slid up beside Raven and brushed his cheek against Raven’s leg. Raven reached down and gently caressed his fingers over Ciro’s head. Ciro pulled back, then vaulted toward the gates, showing his incredible speed. Lorcan’s extra-large form took a step back, then flapped his wings and lifted, taking off into the night.

  Jareth’s white wolf sat there staring at Raven and a small whine escaped him. Raven walked to him and knelt before Jareth. He reached out and wrapped his arms around the beast and hugged him tight. “It will all be okay, baby love. We’ll find Joel and bring him back to us. Where he belongs,” Raven whispered against the wolf’s fur, then kissed the top of his head and released him. Jareth licked a path up Raven’s cheek, making him chuckle. Then Jareth took off in the same direction Ciro had.

  Raven straightened, then turned and ran toward the bluffs at the back of the property. His movement so swift, he was a blur.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

  God, his arms were killing him, Joel thought as he began to wake. His eyelids fluttered open and Joel was in pitch black. He blinked a few times to clear the sleep from his eyes, then gave them a few minutes to adjust to the darkness. As his vision cleared he was able to make out what looked like a rock surface, but he couldn’t be sure. After another few moments, his sight adjusted, and his breath caught in his throat when he got a look at his surroundings. He was in a cave. His arms were stretched out above his head, and his feet just barely touched the sandy floor. Joel lifted his head and looked up. He could just make out something wrapped around his wrists. Moving his arms slightly he felt the cold of metal. He shook his arm slightly and heard the rattling of a chain. He pulled on his restraints, but that only sent a jolt of pain through his wrists.

  Joel looked around, but there was nothing but the walls of the cave. A faint light was coming from about a hundred yards before him, and Joel realized it was the night sky from the cave opening. He could even make out a few stars. Where in the hell was he? The sound of crashing waves made him realize he was down by the bay, probably near the bluffs. With his other assignments of running around doing all the shit work, he had explored every inch of this town and had found a few caves awhile back.

  Suddenly a thought came to him that sent a chill of dread through Joel’s veins. If he were chained up in one of the caves, down in the bluffs, then that meant when the tides came in, this cave would fill with the bay. “Fuck! When in the hell is high tide? Damn it, think Joel. You were just researching the tides. When is high tide?”

  Joel closed his eyes as he focused on the research. It was early May, and the full moon was...Shit when was the full moon? Midnight! That was it, sometime between midnight and one. was around twelve thirty-three or something close. So, what time was it now? And how much time did he have? Joel opened his eyes and tried to focus on the opening of the cave. He stared just outside at the sandy floor and noticed the water’s edge was close when it rolled in. The water moved out and Joel kept his eyes on the spot. When the water rolled back in, Joel could see that it was just stopping almost at the mouth of the cave, which meant he only had a few hours...maybe. Damn it, he needed to get out of here.

  Joel tried to shift his body so that he could turn and look behind him, but the cuffs around his wrists dug into his flesh, causing him to hiss in pain. He clenched his jaw to fight against it and twisted his body as far as he could, then stretched his neck, but there was nothing there. Only more of the same cave walls. “Shit,” he hissed. There wasn’t anything in here that he could reach with his feet that would help him. It wasn’t like even if there was a key he could reach with his toes, that he would be able to get it to the cuffs to unlock himself anyway. He was totally and completely fucked.


Maggie has been married for twenty years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer and artist in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.

To find out more about Maggie, what she’s working on, and what’s coming next, please visit her Website at:




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