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DANI GRAY - Part Three

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Part Three
Tom was grateful when he opened his eyes the next morning to find his head wasn’t trying to kill him, thankfully he only had some tenderness at the back of it. Looking around the room, Tom liked the masculine touches. It was neat and tidy, without being austere.
Feeling the warmth at his back, and the heavy arm over his waist, Tom tried to roll over so he could get a better look at his mate.
Holy shit, he had a mate!
Jenny was going to flip her wig when she found out that he was mated to a bear named Bear. She thought she was the cat’s meow as she was mated to a huge lion shifter. He thought Randy was an okay guy as they were growing up, but once they were married and started to have kids, Tom was impressed with him. Randy stood beside Jenny for everything, including dirty diapers and stinky formula all over the back of his shirt. He never complained and would even look after their brood on his own once a month so Tom and Jenny could have a girl’s night out.
Even thinking about her had him itching to find his phone so he could share the good news with her.
Suddenly being rolled over onto his back, Tom forgot about calling Jenny when he looked into the most amazing chocolate brown eyes. The same eyes that were devouring him with the heated look in them.
“How is your head feeling today?”
“If you’re asking so we can have sex, my head is fine. If you’re asking me as a medic, go away.”
Bear began to laugh, then swooped down and began to nibble on Tom’s lips, slowly driving him crazy with desire. When Bear ran his tongue over the seam of Tom’s mouth, he couldn’t open fast enough. The sweet taste of honey and man was addictive to Tom. He started to slowly suck on Bear’s tongue, making the man growl at him.
As they began to grind their hard cocks against one another, Bear’s doorbell rang out, causing Tom to jump. Tom began to giggle at the grumbling growls coming from Bear. He started to laugh when Bear lifted his head and began to sniff the air.
All giggling stopped when he heard Jenny yell out his name.
“What the hell is Jenny doing here?” Tom said, as he scrambled to find his clothes and get dressed.
“I don’t care who it is, why are they here at my door?” Bear demanded to know.
“How should I know? I haven’t talked to her. I don’t even know how she found me.”
Tom ran out the door and stopped in the hallway to look around. Now he wished he had been able to get a tour of the place.
“Head left, the front door will be to your right at the end of the hallway.”
Tom could hear the pounding on the door as he got closer, he couldn’t understand why Jenny was behaving like this. As soon as he opened the door, Jenny fell inside, barely catching herself before she landed on the floor with the baby in her arms.
“Tom!” Jenny sobbed out. “Get the rest of the kids. They are freaking out and I don’t know how Randy is. They are all in the car.”
Just then Tom was able to see the panic in her eyes, and he ran out to the car. He could hear the kids crying, and one look in the car told him why. Someone had hurt Randy, badly. Tom wasn’t even sure if he was still alive, since he didn’t look like he was breathing.
Going to the side door of the van, he opened it and took the youngest out of her booster seat and grabbed the hand of the older boy.
“Come on, Jason, let’s get Kitty inside.”
“What about daddy?”
Just then Tom saw Bear coming out of the house. “My friend will help your daddy.”
“Get the kids inside, I’ll be right there.”
Tom pulled the older boy with him, he was dragging his heels. “Come on, Jason, let’s get inside to mommy.”
Just then, Tom caught movement out of the corner of his eye.
“Look, Jason, Bear has daddy. Now, let's get into the house so we don’t worry your mom.”
Just then Jenny yelled out Jason’s name, so he let go of Tom’s hand and ran into the house.
“Come on, baby. I have a bad feeling, hurry inside.”
“Is Randy still alive?” Tom asked, worry tugging at his heart.
“Yeah, but he needs to shift. We need to find out who did this, and if they followed them here.”
“Okay, but how did they find me?”
“Your cell phone probably.”
“I forgot, we put that app on our phones when I came on this adventure. Jenny was worried about me since I’m such a geek and couldn’t tell you the difference between poison oak or any other leaf. She was worried I was going to get lost.”
Just as they walked into the house, Jenny was there. “Is Randy going to be okay?”
The tears running down her face gutted Tom, he hated when she cried. He was usually the one who broke out in the waterworks.
“He’s going to be fine," he assured her. "Let me get my medic bag and take a look at him. I’m pretty sure he just needs to shift and he should be okay.”
Letting Kitty down, he stood back up and pulled Jenny into his arms.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know, he called me to come pick him up. He said to pack for a couple of weeks for us and the kids and to hurry to him. He was hiding in some dirty back alley. All he kept saying was to be careful and watch out for anyone following me. He said something about them knowing what he was and being attacked for it.”
They looked at Bear when he let out a low growl.
“He said he was being targeted for being a shifter?” Bear asked.
Jenny nodded. “Yes, and he told me to make sure they didn’t hurt the kids. Why would they hurt kids?”
A muscle ticked in Bear's jaw. “Because there are humans out there scared of shifters. They have made it their life’s work to kill as many as they can, even babies.”
This story will be continued, I will be making it into a book.
Taking Care 3
Steven Deans never thought he would find love, especially not after his fiancΓ© and baby girl die in a car accident. Living deeply in the closet for so long, and with his abusive parents, Steve isn’t sure if he would ever be ready for a relationship. Coming to help protect his brother and the other’s he lives with, introduces him to the man of his dreams.
When Jason Marks is called to help his former commander when they are being attacked, he meets the man who he could see spending the rest of his life with. Helping Steve after his home is broken into leads them to finding more to add to their family.
Trying to make a relationship while healing the last wounds of the past, can these two make the most of the gifts that life has given them?

Story Excerpt
Steve was getting up, slowly. He had that night off, so he decided to be lazy. Something he hadn’t done in a while. He lounged about in bed, then moved over to the couch, not even bothering to get dressed. Since he didn’t have to go anywhere, he stayed in his sleep shorts and t-shirt. He figured, if I’m not going out today, I might as well relax and enjoy it.
After a couple of hours of mindless tv, and who the hell can watch this crap day in and day out amazed Steve. It was all useless noise. Steve got up and went to check out the contents of his fridge. Doing a quick look through, he settled on making spaghetti from scratch.
While he was getting his ingredients pulled together, his phone rang. When he saw it was Andy calling him, he answered the phone with a smile.
“Hey there, little bro, how are you doing? Feeling any better yet?”
“Steve, don’t talk, just listen. Amy was beaten up by someone and she's in the hospital. We are assuming it’s the cousins since they are missing. Abe and Shane are sending someone to come get you. His name is Jason. Pack a bag, anything special since we don’t know if the cousins know that you were talking to Amy. Please, come here. I can’t be worried about you too.”
“Ok.” Steve had to agree. The cousins were crazy and he didn’t want to deal with them. “How soon will Jason be here? I’ll try to be ready when he arrives.”
“Abe is sending him in a couple of minutes, so you have maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.”
“Gotcha. I’m going to hang up now. This way I can pack some stuff and be ready. Tell Shane thanks for this. I wouldn’t want to be here alone if Harvey, Hank and Harry are after me. You can fill me in about Amy when I get there. Love ya, bro.”
Steve hung up the phone and rushed to his bedroom. He grabbed a couple of bags and threw some clothes and toiletries in it. He then went and grabbed his box off his dresser. This had Tanis’s rings in it, as well as Lynn’s little bracelets. He refused to leave them here.
He also grabbed the most precious items he owned, the photo albums with the pictures of Tanis growing up and the photos of Lynn. Since all the ones on the walls were duplicates of what was in the album, he didn’t feel the need to take those.
By the time he had packed two bags, and finished making sure the house was locked up, someone was pounding on his door.
“Steve, this is Jason, we need to move,” he heard a voice yell.
He ran to the door, and opened it to the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. He was six foot three inches of blond hair and blue eyes of amazing eye candy. He wished he had the time to drag the man into his room and lick him all over.
Would he taste as good as he looked?
“Hi.” Steve could have kicked himself. He knew he sounded like an idiot.
Watching as Jason shuddered, he then leaned forward and grabbed one of his bags. “You ready?”
“Let me lock this door, then I am.”
Jason took the bag out to a large SUV, and stood at the driver's door, scanning the area while he quickly locked up and ran over to the vehicle. Throwing his bag in the back with his other one, he hurried over and got in the passenger seat. Jason immediately got in and threw the SUV into drive. Steve could hear the tires squeal as they suddenly took off.
Steve watched as Jason hit a button on the steering wheel and he heard a voice asking what he wanted to do. “Call Abe.”
Hearing the phone ring, then a voice asked. “Go.”
“Coming in hot, have one truck in pursuit, eta fifteen minutes, maybe ten if I don’t pay attention to the speed limits.”
“We’ll be ready with a welcoming committee.”

Adult Excerpt
Later that evening, after everyone had gone to their bedrooms, Jason pulled Steve into his arms.
“Are you sure you are ready for this?” He asked Steve.
Steve stood there for a moment, giving it serious thought. “I think you are the man I’ve been waiting for. Someone that I feel a connection to, feel safe with. I know you aren’t trying to use me for a good time, and won’t hurt me.” Jason watched as Steve brought his hands up, cupping his face. “Yes, I’m ready. Only for you, but I am ready.”
Jason let Steve pull his face down, until their lips were brushing against one another. Wrapping his arms tighter around Steve, he tugged him closer until their bodies were touching from head to toe. They stood there for a bit, exchanging lazy kisses. Tongues danced around each other, tasting. Breathing in through their noses, they memorized the scent of the other person. Taking their time, they slowly removed each other’s clothing, savoring the contact of skin. Learning the different spots on the body of the other man, the ones that made them gasp, or moan.
Once they were both naked, Jason pulled Steve by his hand over to the bed, urging him to sit down. Jason then went over to his desk and took out sheets of paper. Bringing it over to Steve, he handed it to him.
“I wanted to give you this. It’s my test results. These results go back almost three years, and I have been celibate for the last two years. I know you haven’t been with anyone, but I wanted to let you know I was safe. I would never knowingly put you in harm’s way.”
Steve looked at the papers, then up at Jason. He handed them back.
“Thank you. Are you asking to go without a condom?”
“I want a monogamous relationship with you, I want our baby, and I want the rest of our lives. I will wear one if you want me to, but I will never pressure you to say we have to go bare.”
“I love you too, no condom.”
That seemed to trigger something in Jason, he felt the need to mark this man, to claim him. He wanted the world to know that Steve belonged to Jason.
After putting away the papers, Jason then went to the bathroom. He grabbed a towel, and went back to the bed, lying the towel down in the middle of it.
“Lie down on the towel, this way, neither of us has to sleep in a wet spot.”
That caused Steve to giggle as he moved to lie on it.
“No worries there,” Steve said to him. “I call dibs on the dry side.”
Within seconds the cheeky grin left Steve’s face as soon as Jason moved over him and swallowed this cock to the root.
Jason pulled back a bit, holding the dick in his mouth, with his nose in Steve’s groin, he inhaled the scent of his lover, drawing him in and making Steve a part of himself. Jason slowly began to add some suction to his mouth and pushed the flat of his tongue against Steve, causing Steve to groan. That was music to Jason’s ears. Taking his mouth away from Steve, he looked up at him.
“Have you done anything with another man?”
Steve was shaking his head. “I’ve done nothing with anyone other than my own hand.”
Grinning at Steve, “I’m going to have so much fun with you.”
“Oh god, please.”
Jason slowly made his way up Steve’s body. He decided that he was going to worship this man from top to bottom, and everything in between. Show him how special Jason knew he was, with his actions.
Lying on top of him, Jason proceeded to kiss Steve until he was breathless. Moving his lips along Steve’s jaw, Jason caught his earlobe in his teeth, alternating between nipping the flesh and sucking it. The groans and whimpers told Jason that his ears were a hotspot for Steve.
Slowly, Jason moved down to Steve’s neck. Feeling such a primal need to mark him, he sucked up a huge bruise on Steve, making sure it was in plain sight for everyone to see.
Satisfied that the mark he left was enough, Jason moved down to the nipples he was dying to taste. Sticking out his tongue, Jason gently ran it over the tightening nub. When it was standing proudly up from Steve’s chest, Jason sucked the nip into his mouth hard, causing Steve to jolt under him. Hearing the loud groan from Steve, Jason took his hand and started to play with the other brown disk on Steve’s chest, making sure it too was pulled up hard. Leaving the nipple in his mouth wet, Jason pulled away from it and softly blew over it. This made Steve buck up and grab Jason’s head to bring it back down to his chest.
Bringing up both hands, he continued to play with Steve, while slowly moving his mouth down, until he was able to dip his tongue into Steve’s belly button. This had Steve clenching the sheets and thrashing around on the bed. When Jason looked, he could see the angry looking cock that kept hitting him on the side of his face. He wasn’t sure how much longer Steve could hold on, and knowing how good it feels to have someone hit your prostate, he knew that Steve was going to blow his load during the stretching.
Deciding to make sure that Steve enjoyed his first time, Jason grabbed the lube. He moved to kneel between Steve’s open legs, made sure he had plenty of lube on his fingers, and took Steve’s cock back into his mouth. Giving it some light suction, since he didn’t want Steve to cum yet, Jason began to rub the lube around the opening of Steve’s ass.
As the muscles slowly loosened up, Jason inserted a finger, all while keeping the light movements of his mouth up and down Steve’s hard-on. He was trying to keep Steve’s mind on what was happening to his dick, and not the stretching of his asshole. When he found the small walnut sized gland in Steve, he kept giving it light brushes.
“Oh dear god,” Steve groaned. “Whatever that is, don’t stop touching it. I swear I’m going to come just from what you are doing.”
“That is the joy of your prostate, and I’m going to make sure that I aim my cock at it while I’m fucking you into the mattress.”
The deep need in Jason to make sure that Steve enjoyed their lovemaking was something that he felt very strongly about. He never wanted to hurt Steve, or cause him pain. He knew the first time could be, so he was going to do use every trick he knew to make this as good as possible for Steve.
Once he felt the muscle loosen around his finger, Jason added more lube and a second finger. He slowly kept the pressure even while scissoring his fingers all while keeping his mouth around Steve’s prick. Jason enjoyed every moment of it, and he really liked the taste of Steve. Watching Steve dance on his fingers, and his head thrashing from side to side, left Jason feeling like he stood ten feet tall. Knowing he was doing this to Steve, making him crazy with desire, was a heady feeling.
Making sure that he had good suction on Steve’s cock, Jason kept hitting Steve’s prostate. He knew that since this was his first time having sex, Steve would be more relaxed if he had already come. Using his tongue, he pressed against the bottom of the head of the steel rod he had in his mouth, and gave Steve’s prostate a few good taps.
Steve arched his back and let out a muffled scream. Jason snickered to himself when he saw that Steve had grabbed a pillow to cover his face. Then Jason started to groan, getting his first taste of Steve, realizing that this was going to be an aphrodisiac for the rest of their lives.
Guess he didn’t want to wake the house Jason thought to himself.
Adding a third finger into Steve, Jason kept the cock in his mouth, trying to make sure he kept Steve hard, and horny. Jason was able to quickly add a fourth finger, since Steve was more flexible after already coming.
Jason slowly pulled his fingers away from Steve’s ass, listening to the groan Steve made.
“God damn it.” Steve swore at him through gritted teeth. “Get your cock in me and fuck me. Enough of this teasing shit.”
Realizing that he had Steve on the edge, Jason quickly lubed his dick, then moved so that the head was kissing the opening to Steve’s ass.
“Look at me.” Jason commanded. “I want to see you. I want to remember for the rest of our lives the first time we made love, the look in your eyes.”
“God, yes.” Steve moaned. “Make love to me. Be the only person who I will make love with.”
Seeing the beautiful look in Steve’s brown eyes as Jason slowly sank his cock into the hot silk that surrounded him, almost had him losing it. Watching the flare of lust in those chocolate orbs nearly undid Jason. Once fully seated, Jason had to stop a minute to gather what little control he had. He refused to come like an untried school boy.
“If you don’t move and fuck me, I’m going to find a gun and shoot you in the ass.” Steve told him as he grabbed Jason’s butt. “Now fucking make love to me.”
Jason gathered his remaining control, and instantly aimed his cock at Steve’s prostate. He knew that with how close his balls were pulled up, that this was going to be short and sweet, and damned if he was going to shoot off before Steve did.
Reaching down for Steve’s hard on, his hand was smacked away.
“I’m close,” Steve panted, “and I want to come on your cock.”
Grinning down at Steve, “I can make you do that.” Jason told him. “But you better be damn close.”
Jason was surprised then Steve reached up and grabbed him by the ears and pulled his face down, only to slam their mouths together. Just as he opened his mouth, Steve yelled into him, then began to fill the space between them.
Feeling the sudden tightness surround his dick, had Jason’s cock spasming, and he began to spill his load deep into Steve. Seeing nothing but the stars that filled his vision, Jason kept pumping his hips, trying to crawl into Steve, never wanting to come out.
I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.
I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.
I would love to hear from readers, you can find me at


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