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Part 2

Or listened as Jackson spoke, however, he was a bit distracted by the gorgeous guy that his brother just walked in with a few minutes ago. Gods he was sexy as hell. Lenox couldn’t take his eyes off the man and his mind wasn’t thinking about anything except how he would love to undress him and taste every tiny morsel of skin he could expose.

“Or, are you listening to anything I’m saying?” Jackson asked in frustration.

Quickly Or shook away his thoughts and looked at his brother. It was clear the man had asked him something and had been waiting for a while for an answer. However, Lenox had no clue what the man had been saying.

Rolling his eyes, and letting out a long breath, Jackson said, “I asked you if you want to hear their request or not?”

Or raised a brow at his brother’s tone, pointing at Miller saying, “I will hear what they have to say, but only if that one is the one to speak.”

Jackson turned to the man Lenox was talking about, saying, “Miller, Alpha Tyler wants to hear your story.”

The man next to Miller stepped forward, saying, “I can——”

Jackson shocked the hell out of Lenox when he softened his tone, and gently said, “I’m sorry, red. He specifically said he would listen to Miller.”

Miller turned to the man, “It’s okay, Cal. I can explain things.”

Cal stepped back as Miller turned back to Lenox. The second the man’s silver eyes met Lenox’s own golden brown, Lenox’s breath stopped. Fuck, this man was beyond gorgeous. Lenox just knew he could get lost in those beautiful orbs for days. It took every bit of Or’s strength to focus on what Miller was saying.

“My name is Miller Gold and this is my brother Calvin. I know we are from a Cackle that you don’t like.”

“We are bitter enemies.” Growled Warren.

Or held up his hand saying, “Do not interrupt. Continue Miller.”

Miller stepped a bit closer, a tiny scent started to tickle Lenox’s nose, but Miller started talking once more, “Our beta, Cass, has always wanted Cal. He has hit on him more than once. A few weeks ago he tried to make a move on him and Cal defended himself. Our beta, Cass, got really pissed because Cal bested him in the fight. He went back to the Cackle and got a couple friends and they jumped Cal. He barely got away and somehow made it home. I found him outside with a huge gash on his throat, bleeding out.”

Miller wiped at the tears as he remembered a time that was clearly painful to him. Or wanted to go to the man and comfort him, but knew he had to finish listening to what he had to say.

Sniffling, Miller continued, “I was so scared that he was going to die. I rushed to him, put pressure on his would and begged to the Gods to help him. Suddenly I felt a warmth surround me along with a light and the next thing I knew Cal was healed. I told Cal I had no idea what I did, but before we could really talk about it, Alpha Lenox appeared with Cass and the rest of the inner circle. Cass had the nerve to tell our Alpha that Cal and I were gay and that Cal had tried to kill Cass when he tried to make a move on Cass. We argued that it was Cass that had made the moves on Cal, but Alpha Lenox had always wanted me out of the Cackle because I’m not a true hyena and refused to listen.”

“Not a true hyena?” Or asked in confusion.

“He’s an Aardwolf.” Cal chimed in.

Or’s brows rose, “I don’t believe I ever met an Aardwolf? However, they are hyenas with a twist.”

Cal snorted, “Yes, a pretty big twist. I mean they do eat termites instead of antelope.”

“They’re also supposed to be small and dainty.” Jackson stated.

Or raised his hand and waved it, “That’s enough, Miller please keep talking.”

Miller sighed, then continued once more, “Like I said, there was nothing we could have done. He ordered a hunt on us and said he would give us a two minute start. That’s when Cal told the Alpha that if he killed us it would be one of the biggest mistakes he could make because I am a healer and everyone knows how sought after a healer is to a pack or Cackle. The Alpha stopped his order but had us taken to the Alpha compound and placed in a run down cabin. There was an old man there and he was ill. It was a friend to the Alpha, and he told me that I was to heal his friend before dawn or die, and left the building with Cal. I was freaking out, I mean I had no idea how I had healed Cal, how the hell was I supposed to heal this guy? I started praying to the Gods once more begging for help. Seconds later a man appeared out of the shadows. I damn near pissed myself. He said he had heard my calls and he could help, but he didn’t work for free. I asked him what he wanted, and he asked what I had to offer. I thought a bit and then pulled off a necklace my father had given to me before he died. The man took it and healed the guy in the room, then just disappeared.”

“Holy shit.” Warren gasped.

Miller nodded, saying, “Yeah, I was kind of amazed myself. I thought, cool, now we can go home, but instead, Lenox said he needed more proof. Lenox said that his friend could have just gotten better on his own. So he brought in one of his guards that had a wound that was already green in color. He said heal him by morning or Cal will die. Again I prayed, and again the man appeared from the darkest corner of the room. He told me he heard my prayers and what did I have to give. I pulled off my ring my mom had given to me when I first shifted. He took it, healed the guard and left. When the Alpha returned to the building I thought, okay now we’re going home. However, he needed one more to cement the fact that I was a healer. I told him I was exhausted and needed to rest. I begged him to let me see my brother. Cal was brought in but was taken away just as quickly. When I was returned to the cabin there was a young boy lying in the bed. He was feverish, with spots, and his breathing was shallow. I knew he was ready to die. When I got closer, I realized it was Lenox’s son. Lenox told me this was the final test. I was to heal his son or both Cal and I would die.”

“So you prayed and the man came in, you gave him something and he healed the boy and left.” Warren muttered.

Miller turned to Warren, annoyed, “I had nothing left to give——at least in material things. However, the guy said if I agreed to be his, he would heal the boy and as soon as the Alpha released me, I had to go with him. I would have refused, and just let the Alpha kill me, but he had Cal and already told me he was going to kill him if I didn’t heal his son. So, I agreed with the guy. He healed the Alpha’s son and left. The thing is, Alpha Lenox was so impressed with my ability to heal, he was going to keep me and since I was gay anyway, he would make me his consort.”

“His consort?” Or practically growled.

Cal snorted, “He thought if he fucked my brother some of Miller’s powers would transfer to him. That’s when I knew I had to get us out of there and off our cackles territory as soon as possible.”

Nodding, Miller said, “I got Lenox to agree to let me see my brother to say good bye. Cal was brought to the cabin and I told Cal what all had happened. He figured out a way to get out of there and we ran. We tried to get other Cackles, prides, and even packs to let us join them, but every one of them refused us. Alpha Lenox had already put out word that anyone that helped us would go to war with our Cackle and since we have the second largest in over five hundred miles, they were reluctant to help.”

“Reluctant my ass, they were cowardly ass hats.” Cal hissed.

Ignoring Cal, Or said, “So you came to the largest Cackle in hopes that we would take you in, protect you from your old Alpha and save you from the mage?”

Miller lowered his head and Or could see the sadness as the man whispered, “We don’t want any harm to come to your Cackle, Alpha Tyler, and I’m not asking for you to take me in, just my brother.”

“What? Oh hell no! Miller I told you, we are in this together!” Cal snapped.

Miller turned, “And we both know that is impossible, Cal. If the Alpha doesn’t get me, the mage will. We might be able to fight off Lenox, but we can’t fight this mage, besides, I gave the man my word. I have to honor the contract. There is nothing we can do about that.”

“Actually, that isn’t quite true.” Parker whispered.

Or turned to his beta, “Explain.”

Parker stepped forward, “As you know, my cousin, Ziggy, is a mage. There are different types of mage, just as there are different types of wolves, big cats, and hyenas. One of those types of mages are the demon mage. They work in black magic, tricking vulnerable and desperate souls to feed on them later. The thing is, if the people who signed a contract bothered to actually read it they would see a tiny clause. If the person wished to make the contract null and void, all they had to do was say the demon mage’s name out loud three times and the contract was cancelled.”

Ca; gasped, “Are you serious?” Turning to his brother Cal said, “We have to find out this assholes name, Miller.”

“How the hell do we do that?” Miller asked.

Shaking his head, Cal replied, “I have no idea, but I say we do what we have to, because I don’t want my little brother losing himself to a demon.”

Or turned to Parker, “Parker, do you think your cousin might be able to help us figure out the name of this prick?”

Shrugging, Parker replied, “I can ask him.”

“Do that, now. Because Miller, you are not going anywhere. My Cackle will keep you and your brother safe, from your old Alpha and the mage.” Or stated firmly.

Miller’s eyes went wide, “But——but I have to go. I don’t want anyone here hurt because of me.”

Or got up and walked closer to Miller. With each step he took he knew his instincts were right, “I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to leave, Miller.”

Cal gasped, “You’re taking us prisoner?”

Shaking his head, Or replied, “No, I’m saving my mate.”

Miller looked shocked at what he had heard, as was everyone in the room. However, as Or got closer to him, Or took his nose and lightly sniffed from shoulder to the crook of Miller’s neck, humming, then softly saying, “Evergreen trees after a fresh rain. Gods you smell so good. I could eat you right up.”

“Hot apple pie with cinnamon. I love Apple pie and cinnamon.” Miller whispered back.

“What the hell, I mean I know since Miller healed my sense of smell is off, but I don’t smell anything like that in here.” Cal stated, pulling Miller back towards him.

Jackson quickly turned to Cal asking, “Your sense of smell is off?”

Nodding, Cal said, “Yeah, it’s been a real bitch trying to stay one step away from Lenox without it, but it’s starting to come back little by little.”

Jackson smiled wide, “Well I know I can’t wait until it returns all together. For now, we need to focus on making you and your brother safe.”

Parker hung up the phone, then looked at the alpha and Miller, “Ziggy says he can be here tomorrow morning. Until then, I suggest we have Miller meet with Russ and create a composite drawing. Ziggy says if he can get a good picture of him along with some small indicators he might be able to tell us who this mage guy is.”

Or nodded, then turned to Miller, “Are you good with that?”

Miller licked his lips, saying, “I think I can do that.”

Or took Miller’s hand and pulled him close, “Good, because I want this all taken care of, so you and I can get to know each other much better.”

Warren stepped forward, “Or, if Miller is your mate, then we need to assign him some guards. We can’t have the Alpha mate unprotected.”

“I agree, Warren, get me ten of your best men. I want two within shoulder distance of Miller at all times and the others are to be outside and walking a perimeter until I say otherwise.” Or ordered.

Warren started for the door, “Yes sir. I’m on it.”

Miller grasped Or’s arm, “But I don’t want——”

Or didn’t let Miller finish, “I know you don’t like the idea of being surrounded by strangers, but you have to understand, I’m the alpha and that means you are the most precious person to me. You are also my greatest weakness. You said that you don’t want anyone in my Cackle to be harmed. Well, if anything were to happen to you, no one here or within five hundred miles would be safe. Please, it’s just for a while then I promise to reduce it to just a few men.”

Miller blinked and then let out a long deep breath, “Okay——for now. Once this mess is dealt with, we negotiate once more.”

Or smiled, “Deal.” Then leaned in and kissed his mate for the first time.

To Be Continued...


Everyone is lying to Cory and he is getting fed up. Someone was going to tell him the truth or his Kitten was going to come out in full force. He may shift into a house cat, but it was a Main Coon cat, and that was not an animal to mess with.
Jotham had problems within his coven and as Rei it was up to him to fix them. He didn’t have time for his enforcer’s new mate’s best friend’s questions and nosing around. Intent on getting Cory to leave, Jotham goes to speak with him and is in shock to find that Cory is not only his mate, but he is not all human. He must have him, but Cory doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him or his coven.
Cory needs time to think things through, so he does the one thing that always clears his mind…he shifts and goes for a stroll only to come across men plotting the death of his mate, Jotham, and destruction of the coven. Can Cory put aside his anger, hurt, and distrust to help save his vampire mate?
Jotham’s only concern is for his mate. Because if he can’t find the men bent on destroying his coven, they may not just try to kill him. But his mate as well.


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