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Inside The Dragon’s Keep

Copyright©2018 Bronwyn Heeley

Once upon a time, Jack Tumbler stood stock still in the middle of the street the cry of a dragon filled the village with its haunting sounds, and Jack thought he might have been the only person to feel the deep pull to help. He wasn’t sure why but hearing the voice echo against hills had made tear pool in his eyes and his heart gripped tight behind his rib cage.

Jack had no idea what it all meant. Was the dragon in danger? Were the villagers correct and it meant there was a damsel in distress the dragon was signalling a challenge? Jack didn’t think the last made much sense, it only happened around every fifty years or so, and to Jack’s understanding no one had ever actually known of a kidnappee, but that didn’t really mean much, he wasn’t around the last time and clearly no one had won the ladies hand or the stories wouldn’t be spoken in a soft tone that screams fear.

Armour covered his body, and he’d been on his way without much thought, villagers mumbled as he passed, one even called out for his stuff, which Jack shrugged off, he’d not had anything worth stealing so he wasn’t sure what the man actually wanted.

Treasures weren’t something one kept in Little Valley, they’d had enough invaders to last, at least, Jack’s lifetime that one didn’t bother with such things as personal treasures of any kind. Hell, keeping those special items on one’s person hadn’t spared them.

It didn’t take long for Jack to make it to the castle; Little Valley got its name because they happened to be snug in the long valley that snaked around the side of the mountain range, the castle sat halfway up one of the higher peaks. It had beautiful; Jack had always thought so. Long and elegant, it was built into the side of the mountain. He could just imagine the dragon’s long limbs snaking up the tallest tower. There were four towers, each one on a different level. Jack was kind of disappointed when he didn’t see the dragon outside as he rounded the side of the mountain that put the castle in view. Apparently Little Valley use to be right under the castle, back when it had been filled with royalty, however, long before even Jack’s relatives were alive, they’d had to move as the king of the time had turned paranoid and didn’t like the idea that all us nobodies could see him whenever they pleased.

Up a rock staircase that had been missing huge chunks had Jack hesitating, what was he even doing? Why was he rushing off for to be eaten by a dragon who had probably put him under a spell, so it was able to get some food?

A whimper rained down on him, a pained sound that nearly had Jack collapsing on the steps from its weight.

No, he’d do this. There was something wrong, and if not, if he was just a trick, at least Jack would know he’d not turned his back on someone in need. He wouldn’t do that. Sometimes falling for a trick was better than being the type of person who would let someone bleed out on the street without even blinking. He was not that type of person and never would be. So with that thought, Jack made his way into the small side door situated on the left side corner of the oversized castle entrance. Closing the door behind him and Jack found himself in a different world. The alley that took him up towards the main part of the castle was rough rocked covered in vines and bright green moss. Thick roots nearly tripped him up as they pushed there was passed the stone. Jack couldn’t understand why it looked as if the castle sat in the middle of a rainforest and not perched on the side of a mountain. It even smelt completely different than anything Jack had ever smelt before, which he’d say was probably a forest. However, he’d never been in one before so what did he know.

Sounds of birds could be heard chirping away somewhere in the distance, but he couldn’t see any of them and was that a waterfall?

A loud cry of the dragons roar sounded again, the walls of the castle shaking from the vibrations. It moved Jack, a short sword in hand, he ran he was up to the path towards the entrance. Jack didn’t spare any of it a moment, though he was sure the wide hall was filled with trees and grass, a throne sitting up above the rest looking as pristine and out of place as anything else.

The short hallway Jack had picked to run up slopped up slightly before hitting a set of stairs, there had been doors, ever landing he made it to had hallways pushing back into the mountain itself. Each one held a temptation Jack was sure he’d have hesitated if he wasn’t on a mission. If he could even blink away the fact that he needed to get to the top of the castle as quickly as possible. He wasn’t sure why but he knew where he needed to go and he wasn’t going to stop until he got there.

The hallway tightened the higher he climbed and the more out of breath he got. His shoulders brushed against the walls as he pushed himself higher and higher.

Jack was panting so hard when he stopped and the door at the top of the tower he was sure everyone in the valley could hear him. He’d never really considered himself out of shape until this moment, but clearly, he could do better.

His hand tightened around the doorknob and with a quick twist and no hesitation Jack pushed the door open to find himself in a large bedroom, a window larger then he thought possible for the top of a tower lay open a dragon curled up on the edge.

Jack stood stock. Still, his mouth hung open as he stared at the dark purple dragon. It’s was beauty and danger wrapped up together. Flowing lines and strong features had Jack memorised.

“Beautiful.” He whispered what was sure to be his last words as the dragon pushed itself up onto its legs and moved forward, crowding the room with its mass.

Jack swallowed hard. Sure this was the end when the dragon started to collapse on itself. Smaller and smaller it became as Jack blinked stupidly at the room filled with cracks and creeks and before long a man was standing in place of a dragon.


Jack swallowed hard, unable to speak. Unable to understand completely what was happening before him.


Tears fell from Jack’s eyes. “But…” how was that possible?

“Jack, are you going to say sometimes?”


Mark laughed a soft sob, his body seeming to relax as he moved forward, cupping Jack’s face in his hands.

“Yeah baby, it’s me.”


“It just is.”

“It just is, that you’re a dragon?”

“Yes. it’s a legacy and all that.”

“So...” Jack swallowed hard. “I don’t get…why disappear? Why not just tell me?”

“I couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t? Then why am I here?”

Mark’s eyes filled with tears. “Because I love you with an ache that cannot be soothed and you answered my call.”

And then the dragon moved in and kissed the knight, knowing they’d found their happily ever after.



Taking Control of My Werewolf

(Moonlit Wolves: Moon Struck #2)

Can a man create a new life in a town filled with werewolves?

Eamon is lost. After the loss of his husband, his life became a shell of itself. His only hope was fixing up his husband—uh, late husband’s—family home. What he didn’t expect was what he was about to find, and how it would change his life forever, if Eamon is willing to let go of the past and embrace the new life he was being given.

All Chris wanted was someone to see him, love him, but will any of that be achievable when Eamon’s destiny is more than either of them could possibly compete with?

Previously published, freshly re-written, reordered and lengthened

Series trigger warning: contains graphic violence/death, graphic sex and may have scenes depicting violence of children

LINK: available where most ebooks are sold



“What’s caught your eye?” Chris felt Adam’s arms slip around his waist as he watched the silver fox—salivating at him was probably a more accurate word choice, but Chris wasn’t willing enough to call it that. He noticed the set of the man’s shoulders, and the way his eyes had scanned them all, cataloguing, judging. Chris hated people who judged based on nothing but what someone looked like. He hated smart know-it-alls who thought they were better than others. But he couldn’t stop looking—the man was a wet dream come to life and Chris wanted nothing more than to walk over and chat the fucker up. However, even without meaning to, Chris could see the stay-away signs as well as anyone else, and Old Man Perfect was holding it up over his head with a spotlight on it.

Chris sat, he drank. The guys around him became a backdrop, as he kept his eyes on Mr. Silver Fox while joining in on the conversation.

This was how life had turned out for them. The rut they’d carved out for themselves. A beer or two after work, unwinding in an air-conditioned room while they let work wash off their backs. It was funny how, even after all this time, they still stood strong, mingled with others but ultimately stayed together. At work, at home, and even when they downed a few beers. You’d have thought they’d have gotten sick of each other by now.

“Chris?” Adam’s arms squeezed tighter.


“That interesting, huh.” The little guy chuckled.

“Fuck you.” Chris pushed Adam away as he got himself off the stool. “We leaving?”

“Yep. Colin and Tim are making us spaghetti.”

“Nice.” Chris wasn’t sure when they’d left, was it a minute ago, or ten? “We need to get anything before we head home?”

“Nah, we went shopping a couple of days ago.”

“Right.” That made sense, Chris remembered having a full bottle of shampoo when he’d washed his hair last night. But when it wasn’t his turn he tended to forget it happened, even when dealing with the benefits.

“Come on.” Adam grabbed his wrist, as Chris double-checked he had everything he’d come here with. “You know Gene won’t wait for us, and it’s too fucking hot to walk.”

The trip out of the pub was quick. The day’s heat engulfed him as the afternoon sun, low to the horizon, blazed onto them all. The temperature inside the car had him sweating before he closed the door, made him want to turn the fuck around and go back inside the cool pub, but instead he locked himself in the virtual oven and took a deep breath. Summer was a bitch.

He swore some more when he went for the seat belt and turned the car on, hot air pushing out from the air-conditioning vents.

Really? Did he mention summer sucked?

Home was a quick trip, the air con barely cooling the car down before they were stepping back out of it and making their way into the house. Hot and sticky, the sound of fans on full blast, as well as the cluttering of plates in the kitchen welcomed him home. Chris’s shirt was up over his head before he’d made it across the lounge room. As he made his way down the hall he unhooked his belt and opened the button on his fly. His bed was comfortable when he sat down to unlace his boots.

“Anyone here other than us?” he asked as Adam came through the door. He shared a room with him and James, three of them on two beds. You work it out.

“Just us.”

“Thank fuck.” He got up, pushing his pants down, feeling a fraction cooler in just his boxer briefs. He wasn’t putting any more clothes on if he didn’t have to. Hell, if he could shower before dinner he would be under the cold water, but he knew there wasn’t time.

Walking over to the window, Chris pushed it wide open, and then turned on the two fans that sat on a set of drawers under the window before hitting the one near the door on his way out. Dinner, then a shower; that was Chris’s plan for the rest of the night.

Chris ate with the guys, devouring his bowl of spaghetti.

“Great job on dinner, guys.” James nodded his head towards the large serving bowl in the middle of the table.

“Yeah, great food. Thanks,” Adam piped up.

Chris nodded from his spot on the couch next to him.

“Thanks.” Tim smiled wide. The kid did love to cook for them. Or maybe he just loved being a part of their family, and being as Colin had decided to introduce him to them, to who they really were, in the most fucked up of ways, the fact that he was still here showed just how much love he had.

Plus, he was just weirdly excited by the whole prospect of werewolves… which they just happened to be. Chris wondered how the silver fox would take it all. Would he deny until it was thrown in his face, and then fuck off, leaving him all alone? Or would he make sure they all ended up in a loony bin, or worse, dead on the side of the road.

“Shit.” Chris got up off the couch. What the fuck did it matter what he thought? It wasn’t like Chris was ever going to see him again. More so, it wasn’t like Chris even knew him to begin with. They hadn’t even spoken, let alone… well, anything. There was nothing!


“Nothing,” Chris muttered. “Thanks for dinner, guys.” He walked into the kitchen, scooping the last of the pasta from the bowl into his mouth, then rinsing the bowl before heading off to shower.

Lying on the bed soon after, Chris was still thinking about the fucking man. What was with that anyway? It wasn’t like they’d ever meet again, clearly he’d been driving through, and if Chris had wanted to get into his pants he’d already lost the opportunity. And didn’t that suck. That hot body over the top of him, cock ramming deep as Chris’s legs were held apart not giving him an inch.

“You okay, man?” James asked as he tossed his towel aside and climbed up onto his bed, legs stretched wide as they could on a king single. It was the only type of bed they could have, being as there needed to be two beds in the one room, as well as an ability to actually live in it.

“I’m okay,” Chris muttered, his gaze flicking across the flesh he could see. He didn’t want James, hadn’t for a long time, if he’d ever really wanted him for more than his cock and a hard fuck, but he was still male and horny as hell, and James hated sleeping in clothes no matter how cold it got.

Adam on the other hand was dressed in boxers, shorts, and a light shirt in this horrid heat, all while sleeping next to Chris. Chris shook his head as he looked up at the roof while Adam fucked around before crawling into bed, pulling a sheet up over the front of himself. Chris sighed deeply, rolled over towards Adam and wrapped his best friend in his arms. His hips naturally flexed, rubbing himself against Adam lightly before he was able to pull away.

“That for me?” Adam chuckled, wriggling back and making Chris flex his hips.

“Ha, ha.”

“Seriously, though, dude, you’re going to have to go take care of that, it’ll irritate us all night.”

“And by us you mean you.”

“Right.” Because the arse isn’t as innocent as he likes to make the world believe.


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