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At the Forest’s Edge

by Amara Lebel

Based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood

     Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name of Elliot, who lived in the picturesque village of Combloux. He was the only son of the village baker, Monsieur LeFoix. Bernard prayed that his son would enter the family business, yet Elliot had no interest in his papa’s bakery. Non, he wanted to follow in the shoes of his deceased grand-père and become a world-renowned botanist. Elliot adored his home town, he spent most of his days studying the plant life on the edge of the forest. He had discovered so many breeds of flower and shrub there, as well as all the trees which seemed to reach the clear blue skies. Elliot had studied them all, repeatedly, and craved to venture deeper into the intriguing sanctuary of the forest beyond. However, since childhood, he had been warned against it. The village folklore was rife with tales of demons disguised as wolves – flesh hungry monsters who consumed any foolish enough to pass the forest’s edge. Elliot had never liked those dark stories, and even now, in his late twenties, he remained wary of what resided beyond the forest’s edge. . .

     Bonjour, Red. How are you this fine morning?”

     Elliot jumped, dropping the pruning shears he had been using. He swung around, heart in his throat, only to come face-to-face with the village huntsman. “Jake! You scared me. I didn’t hear you approach.”

     The other man smiled, his eyes never leaving Elliot’s as he walked forward. Damn, he was a handsome guy. He looked to be at least six-foot-tall with wide, muscled shoulders, which tapered down to a beautifully defined waist, muscled thighs, and a pert ass. His hair was straight, cut tight to his scalp at the back, yet long enough to cover his left eye at the front. It was a beautiful golden colour, like the wheat his papa grew near their home. What made Elliot melt for him, however, was his eyes. Their colour was the likes of which he had never seen before. At first glance they appeared amber, yet when you looked closer, there was an array of reds and oranges within their depths. They were hypnotizing.

     “My apologies, Red.” He tilted his chin toward the soil and plant samples Elliot had been collecting. “What holds your interest so keenly today?”

     A shiver of delight went up his spine at the sound of that husky voice. Elliot could detect a slight accent. Yet as with everyone else in the village, he couldn’t identify it. No-one knew where Jake had come from, nor how old he was. He had just appeared one stormy night offering his protection as a huntsman and had never left. Glancing at the multiple collection tubes at his side, Elliot blinked. “Um, I found signs of soil erosion in my last samples, so I wanted to double check to ensure that there isn’t a real issue here.” Elliot turned to face Jake, only to find the other man closer than he had been. Heat seared his cheeks, his skin tingling and heart racing. The huntsman smirked, as if he sensed the change in him, and it made Elliot’s cheeks burn all the more from embarrassment.

     “You never cease to impress me, Red.” Jake smiled, reaching out to pluck a stray leaf from Elliot’s curling red hair.

     He hated it, the feminine coloured locks. Yet Jake seemed to appreciate them, so Elliot had stopped cutting his hair off a few months back. Pathetic, he knew that. But if it was something which held the other guy’s attention, then Elliot could learn to live with it. He would do anything for the man he loved, even if said love was unrequited. “Merci beaucoup.”

     Dropping his head, Elliot began to collect his things, stuffing the samples and his tools back into the leather satchel his papa had gifted him with. His hands shook as he did so, his traitorous body making it more than obvious he was reacting to Jake’s closeness. Elliot had never confessed his feelings for fear of being rejected, especially in a town as small as this. Everyone knew everything about everyone in this damn place. Actually, he was surprised the fact that he was gay was not as widely known as he assumed it would be by now. Susie, the local gossip, had caught him with her nephew when they were fourteen, making out on her back porch. Perhaps she had kept it to herself simply because she didn’t want to gossip about her nephew, or maybe it was to save herself face. Either way, he wasn’t going to complain. Elliot feared that if everyone knew he was gay they would avoid him.

     “Everything okay there, Red?”

     Jake was frowning down at him, concern shining in his russet coloured eyes. Elliot nodded, trying to avoid eye contact. “Um, yeah, désolé.” His entire body was on fire with need for the man before him. His mouth gone dry, palms sweating. He wanted to reach out and touch Jake, to kiss him, hold him against his chest so he could feel their hearts beat as one. But Elliot was kidding himself if he thought that would ever happen. Clearing his throat, he tugged the satchel against his chest then stood. “It was good seeing you again, Jake, but I need to go. I have a delivery to do for my papa, and you know how he gets when I dally. Au revoir.”

     Elliot didn’t wait for a response, his embarrassment made him flee, his emotions running riot within his confused mind. He wanted to confess his attraction to Jake so badly, but at the same time he feared his response. However, as he hurried away, he could have sworn he heard Jake asking him to stay. Yet that was nothing more than wishful thinking. Something like that would never happen. Jake was not gay, and besides, Elliot knew he wasn’t his type anyway. Jake preferred the leggy blondes with big boobs in town, not short redheaded men. They were just not to be. Heaving a sigh, Elliot rushed through the small village toward his family’s bakery to prepare for his trip to Domancy.

     When he had walked through the back doors of the bakery ten minutes later, his papa was waiting for him. His red hair was a mess upon his head, the thick strands sticking out in all directions due to Bernard’s habit of raking his fingers through it when agitated. “Papa, désolé, I’ll be right with you.” Rushing up stairs, he abandoned his things at the doorway of his room before carefully unloading his sample collection.

     “Elliot, mon fils. Come quickly, you must return before night fall.” Bernard stood at the foot of the staircase, no doubt standing with his arms folded across his broad chest. “It’s already past noon, dépêcher.”

     Having stored away the samples in the un-suit of his bedroom, Elliot grabbed his red water-resistant jacket from the chair and hurried down stairs. “I’m coming. I’m coming.” Before his feet had even hit the last step, his papa had returned with two large baker’s trays filled with sweet smelling Brioche. Ah, he loved that scent, always had. As a kid he used to sit under the table and read while his papa baked, the kitchen full of the scents of his succulent breads and pastries. “These look amazing, papa.”

     Bernard smiled, cupping Elliot’s face in his big callused hands. “Je sais, mon fils. I know. I made them after all.” With a wink, his papa turned to open the door out onto the patio. Elliot chuckled, following him out. His Vespa was parked by the gate, ready to be loaded with his delicious cargo. “Get yourself sorted, my boy. I’ll get the covers from the garage.”

     Doing as he was asked, Elliot strapped the trays securely onto the back of the scooter. He could hear his papa curse and crash about in the garage as he searched for the covers, which Elliot knew were sitting right by the entrance. He was just about to say as much, and end his papa’s suffering, when the door slammed shut and Bernard came marching across the courtyard. With a huff he threw the sheet over the bread, glaring at Elliot when he noticed how hard he was trying to hold back his laugh.

     “Laugh it up, boy. We’ll see who’s laughing when it rains on your head later.” Reaching out, Bernard ruffled Elliot’s hair before pulling the hood of his red jacket up into place. “Be safe, mon fils. Dinner will be waiting for you.”

     Elliot smiled, climbing onto his scooter. “I will, and I love you too, papa!” The old man waved him off as he closed the door to the bakery, as gruff as always. Starting up the Vespa, Elliot began his journey to the neighbouring village along the main road of Combloux. He waved at those on the street, shouting his hellos as he past. Everyone here was so friendly, they were like one huge family; a close-knit community who would do anything to protect each other. He loved that about this place. And if he were to be honest it was one of the reasons he was reluctant to leave for university right now. The other reason, was standing at the main entrance of the town, awaiting him.

     “Taking the scooter, I see.” Jake smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Take care, Red. I’d hate to have to kick your ass later for injuring yourself.”

     As always, Elliot blushed, his face roaring red at the concern Jake was showing him. “It’s fine. I, um. . . I know how to drive the thing, Jake.”

     The other man chuckled. “Oh, I know, but I still worry. Domancy is a long way off for you to make it home on that thing before dark. So, do as I say, and be careful.”

     Elliot nodded, blinking rapidly as Jake reached out to grip his shoulder firmly, giving it a squeeze. “Oui, okay. I’ll be careful.” Seeming satisfied, he nodded in return, releasing Elliot so he could continue onward. Neither of them said another word as Elliot drove off out of town, and the smile that graced his face didn’t leave him well into his journey through the woods.

     He was unsure of what it was that made him take the detour – curiosity, stupidity, a selfish need to see Jake again. But Elliot wanted to get his task over and done with quickly. Without thinking, he had left the safety of the brightly lit roads and drove onto the neglected path of the forest. It was a well-known short cut to the neighbouring villages, one he had never taken before, and for good reason. He was well into the dense forestry, hidden among the tall trees, before something deep within his mind made him wake up and take notice of his surroundings.

     It was darker here than near the entrance, the shrubbery thick and overgrown, their branches bereft of foliage. There were no flowers growing along the paths or under the protective roots of the French oaks. In fact, the grass itself was lifeless this far in. Patches of moss green sprouts dotted the dirt packed ground in intervals. There was no colour, no insects floating among beautiful blooms, no sweet smells scenting the air. It was musty and dull. It was kind of disappointing.

     Elliot had always fantazied of the day he would get to explore this hidden treasure trove of plant life hidden here. But there didn’t seem to be anything worthy his attention. Well, except for the huge oaks that is, they were quiet a remarkable size. The botanist in him was fascinated, he was curious as to why the plant life was unable to strive here, maybe due to the sheer size of the oaks? It would be interesting to research that, but at the same time, that niggling feeling in his mind was warning him to forget his curiosities and flee.

     When his front tire hit a large bump in the path, Elliot cursed. He lost control of the scooter, swerving off the beaten path and colliding with a fallen tree trunk. The Vespa sputtered before the engine cut off, and Elliot found himself hanging over the handlebars of his expensive scooter. “Putain! That hurt.” Clutching his breast bone, Elliot rolled off the scooter to sit on the cold ground. He panted and coughed, rubbing at the abused skin and muscle of his chest. Stars flitted before his eyes, darkness creeping into his vision. “Non. Do not pass out.” Taking slow, deep breaths, he closed his eyes, willing himself not to faint. Especially not here, in the depths of the forest where nobody would find his unconscious body, where he was more likely to be eaten up by wild animals than saved, or worse. . . found by the demons of lore.

     Suddenly, the forest seemed a lot more nefarious than before. The atmosphere changed drastically, the wind picking up pace to blow around his ankles and whistle through the winding pathway. The oaks which had interested him only moments before, now loomed high overhead, their branches gnarled and twisted. The dead shrubs and musty stink of death surrounding him, made his blood go cold. Elliot could understand why people would believe this place to be a home for creatures of nightmare. It was hauntingly eerie, the deafening silence making it more so as he tried to listen for any signs of life. 

     Just then, a branch snapped, the sound echoing throughout the woods. Elliot stopped breathing, he didn’t dare move. He listened intently, trying to figure out what that noise had been. Was someone there? Would they help if he called out? Licking his dry lips, he opened his mouth to call for help, but stopped himself. What if it wasn’t a person? Would he put himself in real danger by calling out?

     Suddenly, nightmares of days past bombarded him. Images of gruesome monsters entered his thoughts with their blood-stained flesh, sharp teeth, and glowing red eyes. Gnarled human figures resembling neither man nor wolf prowled the dense forest he had been told to avoid time and time again as a child – seeking human flesh, a body to torture and mutilate. “Putain,” he whispered quietly, “I’m so stupid.” Against his will, Elliot’s heart rate increased, his pulse beating wildly as he tried to stable his breathing. He needed to remain calm, but it was useless, panic had well and truly taken hold.

     Panting hard, he forced himself to his feet. He needed to get out of here. If he remembered correctly, he had only been travelling through the forest for the past thirty minutes, which meant it would be quicker to turn around and head back to the main road. If that meant arriving in Domancy later than planned, then so be it. He could always spend the night there and travel home tomorrow morning. But judging by the pain in his chest, it would be better to seek medical aid and have someone collect him in the van instead. Oui, that was for the best.

     Struggling to get the scooter free of the tree trunk, Elliot groaned in pain. Would he even make it to Domancy? He should just call his papa to come get him now. Last thing he wanted to do was force himself and wind up laying dead somewhere on the road side. He would never hear the end of it from his papa, or Jake.

     Dragging the scooter back onto the path, Elliot checked the tires and engine. Everything seemed to be in working order, yet when he climbed on and tried to start it up, the scooter sputtered and died again. “Putain, please don’t do this.” Whining, he tried again and again to start the damn thing, but it refused to work. And didn’t that go a long way in increasing his anxiety. Ignoring the furious beat of his heart, he was left with no choice to push the damn scooter back toward the road. His body ached, but he wasn’t about to stop.

     Hurrying along the path, he chanted to himself, distracting himself from his childish notions of monsters lurking in the woods. And it would have worked, if he hadn’t heard another branch snap behind him. Dropping the scooter and scattering the Brioche, he spun around. “Who’s there?” No reply, just eerie silence. Trembling, Elliot ducked down to retrieve his heavy load, winching as pain shot through his upper torso. When he tried to move, his body failed to do as it was told, and he ended up losing his grip on the scooter once more as he fell to his knees. He panted, gasping for breath as panic consumed him. He was going to die here. He was going to get attacked and eaten by a demon. He was–

     Mama! Mama!

     The weepy voice of a young child rang out. Elliot froze trying to pinpoint the kid’s location. The poor boy must be terrified. Surprised, Elliot dragged himself back to his feet. “Hello? Where are you, kid? Did you lose your mama?” Quiet sniffles could be heard coming from behind the large oak at his left-hand side. Elliot exhaled a harsh breath, laughing at himself as he walked forward. Moving slowly so as not to startle the child, Elliot peeked around the trunk. A small boy, no older than eight, sat on the dirty ground with his arms wrapped about his tiny legs. He was trembling, his arms and feet bare and exposed to the cold.

     Elliot tore off his jacket and draped it around the boy’s shoulders. The kid gasped, jerking his head up to stare at him with tear filled eyes. “It’s okay, ça va. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I just want to help you.” The boy continued to stare at him, saying nothing. Elliot zipped the jacked up before standing to glance around. “Where was your mama? How long ago did you lose her?” He offered the kid a reassuring smile. “Come on, kid. Let’s go find her.”

     The boy stood to unsteady feet, slipping his tiny hand into Elliot’s as he snuggled into his side. His entire frame shook, the poor thing must have been completely terrified lost in this horrible place all alone. Elliot could attest to that, but considering the circumstances, he also felt beyond stupid for believing he was being trailed by monsters.

     “Mama.” The boy whispered as he pointed further into the forest. Elliot frowned, where exactly had he come from?

     “Is that the way you came?” The boy nodded, pointing as he cried out for his mama again. Clutching the kid’s hand tightly, Elliot wrapped his free arm about his injured chest and started to walk. “D'accord, let’s get you home.”

     They walked in silence, their footfalls the only sound in the dark wood. The further they walked, the thicker the shrubbery got. The trees seemed to arch in around them, blocking out the sun until all that could be seen was a small tunnel of light straight ahead. Elliot ignored his racing heart and the niggling doubt which now plagued him. He wanted to remain calm for the kid huddled into his side. “Did you come from one of villages? Which one?”

     Non, the forest.” The boy smiled shyly, urging Elliot onward. “The forest?” They couldn’t possibly live within this creepy place. He hadn’t once seen a habitable area since arriving here, no lush greenery or running water. It was too dark and depressing. It would be hard to survive in a place like this. They had to live on the outskirts of the woods, near a village. If only Elliot could get the kid to tell him where he’d be able to help him properly. “Mama! Mama!

     The boy let go of Elliot’s hand and began to run. He rushed forward, giggling and pointing at a small building up ahead. “Mon Dieu, they do live here.” Picking up speed, he followed close behind the kid. As they neared, the tiny building became more defined, and it resembled an old-school dog kennel rather than a home. The rectangular hut stood at about seven foot tall. It had no windows, yet did have three doors, and the slate roof was missing tiles in places. The grass around the building was long and lush, unlike the greenery at his back. It appeared to be abandoned, but as they neared Elliot could smell a wood burning fire within, and light could be seen shining out from under the doors.

     “Mama? I’m home. I did proud. Mama?” The little boy ran right up and threw the middle door open, peeking his little dark head inside. “Mama?”

     Elliot frowned, there was nobody home. The kid looked crestfallen, his eyes filling with tears again. Elliot cursed internally, as much as he wanted to get himself home and get his chest checked out, he couldn’t leave the boy alone. On a sigh, he walked over to sit on the low resting tree-stump by the door. “She must be searching for you, kid. Why don’t I keep you company until she returns?”

     The boy grinned, flashing straight white teeth. His pale, tear glazed eyes glowed from beneath dark lashes. Elliot hadn’t gotten a good look at him before, but now that he could see his face he knew that beneath all that grim the kid was cute. Smirking, he patted the ground next to him. “Venez ici, kid. You never told me your name. I can’t just keep calling you kid.” The boy tilted his head quizzically, eyes narrowing. “Oh, you can call me Elliot.”

     “Elliot. I’ll make cocoa.”

     He ran off, giggling. Elliot could hear him making a racket inside, clanging pots and glass bottles as he made his cocoa. “Should you be doing that? It’s dangerous to be near the stove at your age.” Bracing himself, he made to stand, but the kid returned.

     “It’s okay, mama allows it. Sit.”

     He wasn’t going to argue, but to make himself feel better Elliot glanced inside to make sure the boy wasn’t doing anything dangerous. “D’accord, just be careful.” Leaning back against the stone wall of the small cottage, Elliot closed his eyes against the pain in his breast. He couldn’t remember hearing a crack, but it hurt too much to simply be bruised, he could barely breath without aching. He needed pain medication and rest. Hopefully the kid’s mama would return soon and would be able to get him some help.

     With his eyes closed, Elliot listened to the rhythmic sound of the boy working at the stove. He could feel himself going over, sleep claiming him, but he fought it. He forced his eyes open, blinking rapidly as he checked on the kid. Elliot couldn’t see him, but he could still hear him walking around the cottage. He was fine. Oui, the boy would be fine. No reason why Elliot couldn’t rest his eyes while he waited. Relaxing once more, he exhaled a long breath, a twinge of pain assailing him. He grunted, moving around to get comfortable on the hard stump. That’s when he felt, more than saw, the boy’s return. Elliot didn’t bother opening his eyes, he knew the kid was sitting by his side. “So, how does it taste? Bien?” No reply. “Well, it must be if you won’t take a break to answer me, kid.” Chuckling, Elliot pried open one eye, and froze.

      Fear stopped his scream of terror in his throat. His heart stilled from the shock of what was before him. A wolf. A huge, scraggly, black wolf with long canines and pale, calculating eyes. It stood tall, at eye level with Elliot, its fangs bared as it growled, back arched and fur standing on end. It was ready to attack, and he knew at that moment, he was going to die here.

     As if sensing his fear, the wolf snarled, watching his reaction. Elliot panted, his heart beating so loudly he could swear the wolf heard its rapid beating just as clearly as he did. The beast tilted its big boxy head as it retreated, watching him. Elliot flinched, his body screaming at him to flee. The wolf reacted, snarling again, moving closer. It was taunting him. Not possible. If the beast had truly wanted to kill him, it would have done so already. He had never heard of an animal playing with its food in such a way. What the hell was–


     Elliot paled, that voice, that childlike voice, and those eyes, he recognised them instantly. The kid. He was. . . it was a. . . demon! All those stories he had heard as a child, they were true. Monsters did exist, and he had been lured to his death by one of them. Non, this couldn’t be it. He couldn’t die here. There was so much he had left to do, things he wanted to say, people he needed to see. He refused to leave this world without telling Jake how he felt about him.

     Finding courage that he hadn’t even realised he possessed, Elliot kicked out. His booted feet connected with the large wolf’s face. The demon yelped, bouncing off the door of the small cottage before falling to the ground on the opposite side of the door-frame. Ignoring the pain in his chest, Elliot dived to his feet and threw himself against the open door. It slammed shut, enclosing the beast inside. In a frantic rush, he knocked over the outdoor units and furniture, forming a barricade against the three closed doors. He may not be able to keep the demon at bay, but he would slow it down. Wasting no more time, Elliot turned on his heels and ran. He rushed back through the dark tunnel of the forest, tripping over his own feet as he glanced back at the hut. The beast was still locked within, Elliot could hear it. It was crashing about inside, undoubtedly looking for a way of escape. “Putain. Putain. Putain!

     Chest aching, Elliot kept running. He ran until the forest began to thin out, and even then, he continued to put distance between himself and the damn demon. Mon Dieu, who would ever believe that those things existed? If he went home ranting about what happened here his papa would have him locked up. None would believe this. No-one.

     When the landscape began to look familiar, Elliot found himself relaxing somewhat. What a mistake. No sooner had he slowed his steps did he hear the unmistakable sound of something large ploughing through the woods. Branches snapped and thudded to the ground, only to be trampled underfoot. The rumbling growl of a big beast reverberated off the trees indicating that the demon was gaining ground. It was nearly upon him.

     Elliot cried out in fear, tripping over something on the path. He hit the ground with a thud, his already injured chest protesting. His vision went dark, head spinning as he rolled along the rough, dirt packed ground before coming to a crashing halt against what he could only assume was a large tree trunk. He couldn’t move, could barely keep his eyes open as consciousness slowly slipped from his clutches. Non. He couldn’t die like this. It was too soon. He needed to return home. He needed to see Jake one last time. He needed, wanted, to tell him that he loved him. “Désolé, Jake.”

     At that moment the wolf burst through the brush, his large claws scraping along the dirt path as it came to a stop. Its eerie blue eyes pinpointed Elliot, narrowing just as it lifted its head to the sky and howled. Elliot shuddered, his body going cold, heart rate slowing for the first time since he crashed his scooter. This was it. He was to die here.

     With tears blurring his vision, he watched the demons approach. Yet his mind was no longer fixated on what was going to happen to him. Non, at this moment in time his mind was full of the man he loved. If he was to die here, the last thing he wanted to remember was Jake’s smiling face. Swallowing back a cry of outrage, Elliot sagged against the tree trunk, accepting his fate. “I love you, Jake. I’m sorry. Je t’aime.”

     The last thing Elliot saw before darkness took him was the face of his killer as it opened its large jaws to consume him.

To Be Continued...

Taming the Alpha
(Balls & Chains Series #2)

By Amara Lebel

Title: Taming the Alpha

Series: Balls & Chains #2

Genre:  M/M Paranormal BDSM Romance

Words: 53,300 (114 pages)

Red-Hot Romance



Welcome to Balls & Chains, a BDSM Club for gay men. Cross the threshold and see the worlds of humans and shifters collide as these alphas dominate, and betas submit.

Past sins have forced Cadeon Rosseau into isolation, his pack turning against him and casting him out. Self-hatred and mutilation made him the male he is today. An alpha in his own right, he prowls the rooms at Balls & Chains in search of the one who will either save him from himself or break him completely. Jaded and alone, he finds it difficult to pull away from the self-made hell which has become his life, until a new submissive garners his attention…

Curiosity and a need for adventure lured Blake Copeland to the doors of the famous gay BDSM club. He craved distraction from his monotonous life and had been assured that he would find it there. Little did he know exactly how true that statement would be. Not only did Blake find what he was looking for, but he also left with a slightly unhinged mate in tow…

Will these two lone wolves find the strength to battle the obstacles in their path and build a future?


Adult Excerpt:

     “I can live with that. The fact that you’ll try for me, is enough.”

     Cade’s chest ached at Blake’s words and the emotion in his pale eyes. If he weren’t careful, this male would be his undoing. It didn’t change the fact that he wanted him, though, and always would. He ached for him. “Blake, I need you.”

     “Yes, Mon Liege.” Moving back, Blake remained on his knees, casting his eyes downward as he moved into position. “I am yours to do with as you please.”

     “Such words, yet you have no idea what you’re asking for.” Cade stood, moving around his male as his body reacted to Blake’s willing submission. “You’d be nothing but a plaything to me. I would use your body, taking everything from you, and I wouldn’t go easy. I’d push you beyond your limits, force you to do things you normally wouldn’t. And then, when I’d exhausted your body and mind, I’d fuck you until you felt, nor knew, nothing but me. Think you can handle that, loup?”

     Blake groaned, squirming where he knelt on the bathroom floor. “Yes, Mon Liege.”

     Cade had to bite back the groan threatening to escape him. His male was something else, and he wanted him more than he had anyone else before him. “Bien, go to the playroom and get into position. You know the rules. I’ll be there soon.” Without uttering another word, Cade turned and left the room before he gave into his needs and took Blake on the bathroom floor like the animal he was.

     A few minutes later, he was standing by the open door, staring down at his new plaything where he was kneeling on the floor, naked and in position. He was so fucking beautiful, and an eager and obedient submissive. It pleased Cade greatly. He wanted to reach out and touch Blake, to praise him, but now was not the time. He was his Dominant right now, not his mate. So instead, he moved to stand by his head which was currently pressed against the hardwood floor. “You know the rules. Repeat them, word for word, otherwise, we stop here and now.”

     “I am unworthy of you, Mon Liege. I shall not look at you, nor will I touch you. I speak only when you give me permission to do so. I shall always refer to you as Mon Liege. And if I disobey, I will be punished.”

     Cade smirked, he was so proud of his mate, but he wasn’t about to tell him that. Not yet. Without saying a word, he walked past Blake to retrieve two pairs of cuffs from the cabinet. One leather, and the other steel. “Stand.” As Blake moved to do as he was told, Cade made his way back to his plaything’s side. “Bend over and grasp your ankles.” Cade stood at his back, watching appreciatively as he bent over. His ass was bared and open to him. Temptation.

©Amara Lebel. Luminosity Publishing. 2017.

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Author Bio:

"I am not Perverted. I am a Depraved Sensualist. There is a difference!"
I am an Erotic Romance and ManLove author. A huge fan of all things male; I watch, read and drool over everything to do with them. Yes, I am a little perverted, yet in a good way. I have a vast Yaoi collection, and spend my time fantasizing about steamy scenes of male love, sensual encounters, and so much more.
With a little encouragement I eventually put pen to paper and wrote my first ever MM romance which was published in Sept 2014. Now I take great pride in sharing my erotic stories of forbidden lust and enchanted romance with all of you, my fellow depraved sensualists.
A true Irish lass born and raised I come from a small town in Northern Ireland called Derry, where I now live with my handsome (French) hubby and gorgeous family. I'm a full-time mum of three, and believe me when I say they keep me busy. I spend my days chasing after my lil darlings, my nights lost in Yaoi, and thanks to my amazing husband I spend my weekends writing up a storm.



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