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A. M. HALFORD - Part Two

Red’s Wolf

Not so Fair Tales 1 ~ Abridged

Part Two


His head was killing him! That wasn’t the only thing that hurt, but it was the first thing that registered as Garret attempted to wake up. Who the hell let him drink so much last night? He was going to skin them.

Fumbling around he attempted to find a light switch, instead his fingers met warm, bare flesh. Garret’s heart jumped and then sank to his stomach as he turned slowly to find Isaak sleeping beside him. Unlike the last time this happened, which was just yesterday, they were both naked. There was also that other pain, the one radiating from his hips, ass, and basically his entire lower regions.

Slowly, like the lifting of a fog in a horror movie, Garret’s rational came rising up along with his memories of last night. Normally he was thankful for his ability to remember things, even when he was dead drunk, but he was even more so now! Part of him wanted to scream at Isaak, to blame him, but he couldn’t. Last night was, well, honestly, alcohol’s fault.

They were both drunk.

Neither Garret nor Isaak had exactly been in their right mind, and at no point did Garret attempt to stop it. Actually… Garret covered his face as he remembered how boldly he’d attacked Isaak. His lips still hurt from all the kissing and, well Isaak’s cock wasn’t small and they weren’t in their right minds as it was. Not like one of them could’ve found lube if they’d tried.

“Kill me,” Garret groaned.

Isaak grumbled in his sleep and rolled over, his body naturally wrapping around Garret. Something in him melted as this man, the one that always acted like he didn’t need anyone, cuddled close to him. Like this he looked peaceful.

Unable to resist, Garret ran his fingers through Isaak’s long hair and smiled despite himself. Maybe this wasn’t too bad. It was going to happen sooner or later. Would he have preferred it to be when they were both sober? Of course! But, considering their personalities, perhaps it happening this way was better… No, having his first time with his fiancé occur in a drunken stupor was humiliating!

“Get up!” Garret yanked on Isaak’s ear and stood only to fall right back down on the floor.

Why the fuck were they on the floor?

Oh, right. They hadn’t ever made it back onto the bed.

“Damn it, what the fuck?” Isaak growled as he bolted up and covered his ear. He glared at Garret for a moment before he blinked and looked down his body. “Um… what? Am I dreaming?”

Indignation surged forward like a monster as Garret gaped at his fiancé. “Asshole!” Garret screeched and smacked him.

Forcing himself to stand on shaking leg, Garret made his way to Isaak’s bathroom and slammed the door behind him. How could that jackass not remember? The insufferable flea bag! He was going to pay for this. Garret gave himself over to Isaak and the man goes and forgets it? He didn’t care about how much alcohol he might have consumed, how could he forget?

“Garret? You’re really still here?” Isaak said. “Open up!” he demanded pounding on the door.

“Fuck off!” Garret shouted.

“Why did you hit me?” Isaak growled.

“I have nothing to explain to a man that forgets his nightly escapades.”

“You aren’t an escapade to me, and neither was last night,” Isaak sounded near demonic and before Garret could register his words the door was wrenched open, the frame splintering as Isaak forced his way inside. “I was sure you’d be gone when I woke up, or that last night was a dream when I found you in my bed.”

“Idiot wolf,” Garret blushed and looked away from Isaak’s naked form. The man truly was a work of art. He obviously liked his gym membership.

Isaak smiled at him and drew Garret against him. Garret tried not to let himself melt into the heat of the other man as Isaak kissed him. “This must really be a dream, to have you in my arms like this.”

He’d known Isaak since they were children, and never once throughout all those years had Isaak ever shown a tendency to corny lines. Not once, but multiple times in less than twelve hours he’d heard more horrible sappy lines than Garret thought he could handle.

“I need to go,” Garret mumbled. “Our siblings might be on honeymoon, but I have work.”

“I’ll take you home,” Isaak kissed his forehead. “And we can discuss me moving in with you.”

Garret opened his mouth to deny that, but caught himself. Yeah, maybe he was fighting that a bit too hard. After last night it would just seem like empty words to say he didn’t want Isaak. Still, he might be able to stall it for a few days, at least until he got his head in the right order again.

* * * *

“How much stuff are you going to bring here?” Garret demanded as another load of boxes was brought into his condo.

“This is the last of it,” Isaak said. “Thank you,” he turned his attention to the lead mover and handed the man a tip to split between him and his crew.

Garret just gaped at the stacks of boxes now sitting in his once perfectly organized and decorated condo. He could feel his eye twitching at the disorder. His hands itched to start tearing into things and putting everything in its right place. First, he needed to figure out what that right place was!

“For now, let’s get them in the spare room,” Garret grumbled. Now that he thought about it, he could’ve had the movers place the boxes in there. So much for foresight.

Slowly they managed to get the boxes into the spare bedroom and Garret found he wasn’t quite as twitchy about them behind a door. He knew they were still there, but it was less aggravating to have them out of sight.

“Are you ready for this?” Isaak asked, coming up behind Garret and touching his shoulder.

Fighting down his body’s reaction to the simple touch, Garret stepped away from him. “The bedroom is over there,” he pointed down the hall. “The closet on the left is free, so you can start by unpacking your clothes. Try and keep things organized. Also, I won’t be home until late, so either help yourself to what’s in the fridge or provide yourself with food.”

“You’re leaving right now?”

“I have work,” Garret sighed. “Not everyone gets to float around thanks to their family’s money. I earn my living.”

Isaak didn’t protest Garret’s words, but he could tell he’d hurt him none the less. Not like it wasn’t true. Isaak was a playboy, a lay about, and was notorious for never going to work. If he didn’t own stock in the Wolff company he’d probably be a beggar on the street.

“You’re right,” Isaak stepped back from Garret. It was almost like he was drawing an invisible line, one Garret couldn’t understand the significance of. “Do you have an idea of when you’ll be off?”

“The last shoot is at six,” Garret frowned. “He wants some sunset pics, so I should be off no later than nine.”

“Then, see you when you get home.” With that Isaak turned and headed into the spare room.

Garret stared after him for a few minutes, confused about his behavior. This wasn’t the Isaak he knew. What was wrong with the guy? Surely he wasn’t sulking because Garret needed to go to work? Or was it because of his comment earlier? Okay yeah, maybe he had been a tad harsh, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t speaking the truth.

“Arg! I don’t have time to worry about his fickle moods,” Garret snapped, grabbed his red coat, and headed out. He needed to get going.

* * * *

The day had been long, and Garret’s patience for others was gone. He wasn’t exactly without his own flare for the dramatic, but fucking prima donna bitches needed to be knocked down a peg or twenty! How many times had he heard a complaint directed toward him that wasn’t his department? Garret didn’t fucking care if the damned coffee wasn’t from the right region of Brazil or wherever the fuck she wanted it from. He was there to style her.

At the end of the day Garret had made it a point that he wasn’t going to be working with that model ever again. She wasn’t even that big of a name! If this was what she was like during her breakout, then he loathed to think how she was going to turn out in a few years.

Unlocking his door he set his cases down by the door and trudged into the kitchen. Right now he just wanted a cold beer and a nice hot bath.

Fuck anything else.

“Have a good day at work?”

Jumping, Garret spun around to find Isaak sitting on the couch, his laptop open in front of him, and a glass of wine beside that. He’d completely forgotten Isaak was here!

“No,” Garret answered honestly. “I think I prefer a root canal without anesthesia.”

“That bad,” Isaak laughed as he stood. “How about some pizza for dinner then? Something simple. I’ll call for it.”

Pizza actually sounded divine right about now. “Thanks. While you do that, I’m going to take a bath and get the smell of pompous bitch off me.”

Isaak gave him puzzled look, but didn’t stop him from heading toward the bathroom. On his way he caught sight of Isaak’s screen and nearly rolled his eyes. He was looking at a stock trading site. Was he checking Wolff Inc’s numbers? So, the guy was interested in the markets? Who knew. Perhaps it was just Garret’s comment earlier that got to him?

Great, now he was sounding like a self-centered brat.

In the master bathroom, he started the water and cracked open his beer. As the tub started to fill he added some aromatherapy oil, lit a few candles, and put on some soothing violin and piano music. His relaxing ritual was one he did often recently. Maybe it was time he took a vacation? Before the stress of his job got to the point he actually did throttle one of the models, and didn’t just think about it.

Slipping into the tub, Garret sighed as the heat permeated his body and the gentle lavender scent carried his mind away with the music. He didn’t stir again until Isaak came in, after knocking, bringing him a plate with a couple slices of pizza on it.

Garret expected him to leave immediately, but instead he rolled up his pants and sat behind him with his legs in the water. Isaak leaned down and started massaging at his shoulders and neck, working the tension out of his muscles.

It was only their first day together in the same house, most of which Garret hadn’t been home for, and he was already feeling like he could get used to being spoiled like this. It also seemed Isaak was in a better mood. That was nice.

* * * *

“Let’s go out today,” Isaak suddenly suggested.

“Huh?” Garret paused in filling up his coffee cup and looked over to his fiancé.

“It’s your day off, correct?”


“Then, let’s go somewhere. A small day trip, just the two of us.”

It had been one week since Isaak moved into Garret’s condo and it was true they hadn’t gotten a chance to spend that much time with each other thanks to Garret’s work schedule. A day trip didn’t sound like a bad idea. Maybe they could take a drive and go see the ocean?

“I’d like to go to the coast,” Garret said.

“Sure,” Isaak nodded with a smile. “Which one?”

“Which one?” Garret frowned.

“Atlantic, Pacific, Indian?”

“The one we can drive to!” Garret gaped. Damn fucking overly rich people.

“Oh, okay, so the Pacific.”

Garret couldn’t tell if Isaak was joking or being serious. What the hell was he going to do if Garret had said the Atlantic? Order a plane to take them across the country? Yeah, actually, now that the thought had crossed his mind that is exactly what Isaak would do.

“How about going down to the boardwalk and doing some shopping,” Garret provided, hoping to deter any insane ideas that might be forming in Isaak’s head.

“You sure?” Isaak frowned. “That’s not exactly an exciting date.”

“It doesn’t have to be exciting,” Garret sighed. “How about trying something normal for a change. Normal!”

“Fine. We’ll do it your way today,” Isaak agreed, his arms crossing in front of him. He almost looked like a petulant child, complete with puppy pout and everything.

“Ready?” Garret asked, moving to the door.

“We’re leaving now?” Isaak gaped.

Garret blinked. “Sure, why not? Breakfast on the boardwalk sounds like a great way to start the day.” Not to mention Garret loved shopping there! He always found the cutest items that he would slip into a design here and there.

Smiling, Isaak stood and followed Garret out of the condo. Sure, Garret had said breakfast, but by the time they actually made it to the nearest boardwalk and found a decent place to have food, it was more like lunch time. So, brunch it was!

“You know,” Isaak mused as they sat out on the deck of the restaurant and looked out over the beach to the ocean, “Maybe a beach wedding would be good?”


Isaak quickly looked to him, his eyes a bit wide. “That was sudden. Can I ask why?”

“Sand gets everywhere.” Garret shuddered. “Besides, I know where I want to get married.”


Pulling out his phone, Garret pulled up a photo of a private plot of land owned by his uncle. Garret had fallen in love with the area when he was a child and it was always his dream to get married there.

“Are you sure?”

“A Red should be bound to his wolf in the woods,” Garret quoted his mother’s words. “And, if we can talk your mother into it, I would like it to be a small ceremony. Less than a hundred people small.”

Isaak whistled. “Yeah, that one might be difficult to pull off.”

“Why?” Garret arched his eyebrow. “It’s not like you’re the heir. This isn’t a formal affair that needs to be used to show the wealth of the Wolff family.”

“You’re right.” Isaak leaned back and smiled. “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as we get married I’m sure our parents will be fine with any decision we make.”

A small flutter of happiness took flight in Garret’s chest with Isaak’s words.

“Anything else?” Isaak asked before taking a sip from his orange juice.

“How would you feel about doing something a bit unorthodox?” Garret grinned.

Isaak gave him a wide eyed, worried look, but he motioned for Garret to explain and so he did. He knew that his idea was risky, it could even be dangerous, but he was sure they could pull it off.

“I can see why you would want a small wedding now,” Isaak looked a bit uneasy. Of course, he would be. Garret’s idea called for a huge amount of risk on Isaak’s part. “Guests who are already aware of the Wolff curse should be the only ones in attendance. So, basically our families and no one else.”

“Yes,” Garret nodded.

“And if I can’t do it?”

“I’ll be there. You’ll do fine.”

“You have a lot of confidence in yourself considering you’ve dealt with my wolf only once.”

“We’ve already joined our bodies, and your wolf already trusts me,” Garret explained, “I’m sure I can keep him under control. Just remember to focus on me.”

Isaak’s answering smile was dangerous. There was a predatory seduction in his eyes that drew Garret in. Was this what Red Riding Hood felt when she first encountered her wolf? The knowledge of danger, and a human heart in one?

“Always,” he whispered.

Their food arrived, cutting the tense moment off, and Garret focused on eating. Once done, they headed out onto the boardwalk. Unlike for their first date, which Isaak had taken the lead on, this was entirely Garret’s element. He jumped from stall to stall like a child with ADD, but Isaak never complained.

As the day started winding down Garret found them holding hands and just strolling down by the crashing waves. Garret rested his head on Isaak’s shoulder and looked out to the ocean. The sun wasn’t quite setting, but soon it would sink into the vast waters.

“This was nice,” Garret admitted, “And something I needed.”

“I’m glad,” Isaak pressed a kiss to Garret’s forehead.

* * * *

He wasn’t too sure how the drive home had gotten them so hot, but as soon as they were in the elevator heading up to the condo Isaak pinned Garret to the wall and devoured his mouth. Garret responded in kind, his arms wrapping around Isaak and pulling him close. He’d been holding back all day, and now it was like a trigger had been pulled and he was spiraling out of control.

The doors opened and they sprinted for his door. Inside, Garret moaned as Isaak kissed him. Their shirts were discarded, left somewhere between the entrance and the bedroom. They tumbled to the bed as they removed the others’ pants.

Finally, they were skin to skin.

“Ready?” Isaak asked.

Garret turned over and smiled at him in answer. This time he was clear headed and knew exactly what was going to happen, and Garret’s body thrummed with that knowledge.

Isaak merged their bodies and Garret could feel himself fading into the haze of pleasure. Okay, maybe he wasn’t entirely in his right mind. Desire and lust overrode everything as he gave himself over to his fiancé and lost himself in the other man driving into him.

“Garret,” Isaak growled, his lips kissing at Garret’s neck.

“Isaak,” Garret moaned, his head falling forward and exposing his neck completely.

“Mine.” The word was released with such bestial need Garret nearly came from just that. The sharp pain that radiated from his neck and shoulder as Isaak bit him lasted only a second, but it pushed him over the edge and he fell with a shout to the heavens of his lover’s name.

* * * *

Months of planning, living together, and finding out they truly did love each other wasn’t an easy way to start a relationship but Garret couldn’t help smiling as he grabbed the custom red cloak. Unlike his jacket he always wore this was a much more traditional cloak, with a long train of material that trailed behind him. Gold leaves and branches spread out from the base of the cloak like vines creeping up to ensure Garret.

Beneath it he had on a simple white dress shirt and white slacks.

He knew Isaak would be wearing a traditional tuxedo.

“Woah,” Ruby gaped as she came into their uncle’s house and found Garret in the master bedroom. “You look amazing. I was a bit worried when you told me what you were going to be wearing, but wow.”

Garret smiled and hugged his sister. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Of course I would be.” Ruby kissed his cheek. “Nothing would keep me from my brother’s wedding. Not even a car bomb.” She winked.

“Ready?” Their mother came in and instantly burst into tears at the sight of them together. “I can’t believe it! You look so amazing Garret.”

“Honestly,” Garret sighed, “I am a stylist. I do know how to make myself look stunning.”

“You sure do,” his mother agreed.

“Come on,” Ruby grabbed Garret’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Even with everything that had happened Garret wasn’t sure he was ready for what was to come, but as soon as he stepped out of the house and spotted Isaak waiting for him beneath the gazebo, white and red floors wrapped and draped around the wooden beams, he felt his chest tighten. Isaak smiled upon seeing him. With the towering redwoods surrounding them on all sides it really did look like they’d stepped into a fairy tale.

The music started, and Garret flipped up the cowl of his cloak. Slowly he walked up the aisle, taking Isaak’s hand when he reached him. The officiant, who was a cousin on Garret’s side of the family, opened up the ceremony and their vows were exchanged.

“You may know kiss your groom.”

Isaak flipped Garret’s cowl off and smiled at him. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Garret returned before Isaak kissed him. As they pulled apart, Garret caught Isaak’s eyes, “Ready?”

Garret held Isaak’s gaze as he took a step back and with a deep breath called on his curse, allowing the wolf to take over. It had taken a lot of practice, but they’d managed to get to this point in a matter of months, proving their connection.

The guests started murmuring, but Garret merely knelt and reached out for the large wolf. “Now my vow to you,” he whispered into his ear. “I am yours. I will bind you and protect you. May you run free with me to show you the way home.”

The wolf howled out and together they rose. Garret placed his cowl back up, and with the wolf at his side, they walked back down the aisle. Red Riding Hood would be proud Garret figured as his red cloak encased him. He reached out and threaded his fingers in the Isaak’s fur. Yeah, she would be.

* * * *

Centuries ago, when this story was first brought to light, a young maiden in a red hood went astray in the woods. Oh, the stories will tell you she met a wolf who followed her to her grandmother’s house. A few lines were shared and in the end the wolf ate both the young maiden and the old woman.

 What if you were told the stories were wrong? What if, when the young maiden went astray it was not a wolf, but a man she met in the woods? A man, cursed to take the form of a wolf by the moon’s light.

The maiden, seeing the man’s suffering, ran to her grandmother’s cottage and begged her to help the man. The old woman, a powerful witch, smiled sweetly to her young granddaughter and agreed to help, for a price. The young maiden in red was to marry the man and only by their union would he control his curse.

Elated the young maiden raced to the man just in time for the moon to rise. She watched with a combination of terror and awe as the man transformed into a frightful wolf! His jaws, dripping with saliva, snapped as he approached her. Knowing of only one way to save the man, the young maiden rushed forward and wrapped her arms around him.

“I promise to never leave you!” she cried. And, with bravery and love filling her, the young maiden kissed the wolf, transforming him back into a man.

The young maiden’s acts calmed the beast, allowing the man to reemerge from within and take control of his curse. They were wed that very night by the maiden’s grandmother, and then the man never had to fight for control of himself again.

What the new couple didn’t know, was by casting her spell, the grandmother had bound the young maiden’s line to those cursed with the wolf. Only by joining in marriage, would they have control of themselves. And so, the young maiden’s family continues to join with those cursed with the wolf to this day.


The End.



 Coyote’s River

COYOTE is a centuries old Navajo mixed breed shifter. He's lived alone since the loss of his father, while acting as an enforcer for the Twin Ravens outlaw MC. Four months ago, his solitary life was turned on its head when he met River Vann.

RIVER VANN, a Warlock of Sangue di Demone, is young, stubborn, and guarded. Due to his powerful demon blood, River's life has been plagued by unfortunate and tragic events. He's come to trust only two things in this world, money, and himself.

These two are destined to be together, but they can't seem to find the right opportunity to connect. A powerful and dangerous figure from River's past, and an old foe of the Twin Ravens, may change that. 

Can Coyote and River find the perfect opportunity to connect amid the chaos and danger that threatens all Immortals? Or will their enemies destroy them all?

A bell rang as the door to the Water Wizard’s Café & Bar was thrown open. Five men, all in expensive tailored black suits, walked in single file until reaching the bar where they fanned out. One of the men sat down, the other four remained standing, one of each of their hands tucked close to their waists. The man sitting picked up a menu and glanced through the items, only showing half an interest in the drinks and food listed.

“I’ll have the Wizard Special,” he said, placing the menu down and grinning at the man behind the bar.

“And what would you like on that?” River asked, his voice the perfect tone of neutral indifference.

“Italian,” the seated man placed a brown envelope on the bar, his fingers tapping at it in that odd rhythmic way people did when they were bored.

River looked at the envelope and chuckled. “The price for that has recently gone up. You’ll have to do better.”

One of the four men standing gripped the gun his hand was resting on. River paid it little attention.

“Look, River,” the lead man smiled, “I know you have the information I need. So please, just make this easy on both of us and tell me where I can find the Dom?”

“Sure,” River returned the smile as he set a French roast coffee down in front of the man. “As soon as you produce proper payment.”

“And how much would that be?” he demanded.

River had to keep from laughing as he cleaned up dishes left over from a regular customer. “Considering the increase in demand, double.”

“What!” the man shouted, standing, and slamming his hands on the bar. His cup jumped and toppled over.

Shaking his head in exasperation of some people’s manners, River grabbed a towel and cleaned up the spilled coffee. These kinds of customers were always the most trying. Rude and pushy, thinking they could get their way by showing just a bit of aggression and firepower. River was never impressed.

Right on cue the man that reached for his gun earlier drew it, pointing the 9mm Beretta at River in a show of intimidation. “How about you just give us the information?”

Yawning, River threw the towel in a can labeled dirty towels. If this was any indication of the day, he was going to have to do laundry before lunch. Yay.

“Again, as soon as I receive the proper payment,” River drawled, pouring another cup of coffee and setting it down.

“Now you listen here, you little−” the chime of the bell interrupted the muscle from continuing.

River looked over his five customers’ shoulders and felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of the Native American man, clad in leather and biker patches, standing in his doorway. It didn’t take the new arrival long to take in the situation, and as soon as the pieces were put together he growled.

“What’s going on here, River?” Coyote, the man that just walked in, demanded.

“Just business as usual,” River answered, trying to not let on how much this man’s voice affected him. “What can I do for you today?”

“Blood sent me,” Coyote said, stalking up to the bar and glaring at the suited men. “He said you’ll know what I’m here for.”

“Right.” River went into the back and grabbed the package for the sabretooth shifter. Returning to the front of the shop he rolled his eyes at the sight of Coyote and the suited men staring each other down. “Here,” River handed over the envelope. “Payment?”

“Paid in full,” Coyote smiled, exchanging envelopes.

River couldn’t keep the excitement from his face as he slid the thick tan envelope under the bar. He loved customers that knew how to hold a proper transaction.

“I’ll also have the daily soup and salad special,” Coyote said, sitting down at the bar.

Yeah, that wasn’t exactly what River wanted to hear right now. He knew what Coyote was doing, and he didn’t need the help. Having him around wasn’t going to improve the situation. If anything it could make things go a lot worse. Still, he couldn’t find it in him to tell him no. So, River moved to get Coyote his lunch.

“River, what about our business?” the main suit slammed his fist on the bar, glaring between River and Coyote.

Resisting the urge to strangle the moron, River smiled at the man and said in a soft voice as if he was speaking to a slow child, “No money. No information.”

“I have money,” the man slid his previously offered amount to the edge of the bar.

“Just not the right amount,” River replied, sliding the money back. “When you provide the proper amount we’ll continue this conversation.”

“That’s enough,” trigger happy muscle growled, coming around the bar, and pressing the barrel of his gun to River’s temple. “Just tell us what we want to know.”

“River!” Coyote jumped up, his eyes shifting from human to canine.

Rolling his eyes, River whispered, “Abre.” He felt a cold wave wash over him and knew his physical appearance had changed from that of a normal Irish American with red hair and green eyes, to something … not human. His red hair was now blue, his ivory skin coral pink, and his emerald green eyes changed to more of a sea green.

“What the fuck?”

“Flute,” River called on his familiar.

The sea serpent appeared around his shoulders, moving to wrap around the main suit’s throat. With a wave of River’s hand, he wrapped the other four men, including the one that had a gun to his head, in orbs of water pulled from the pipes and the new large tank he’d just had installed. Wide, terrified eyes gazed at him as the humans struggled to hold their breath.

Even Coyote seemed a bit worried as he looked around the café. No doubt he was thinking of that stupid rule that said supernatural creatures couldn’t reveal themselves to humans. Typical shifter, following the rules laid out.

“Now,” River stepped out from behind the bar and sneered at the main suit. “Since you want to do this the hard way, let me enlighten you on a few things. Number one, payment up front before anything else.

“Number two,” Flute tightened her hold on the man making his eyes widen, “I reserve the right to change the price at any time, and the right to refuse business to anyone.

“Number three, and this is the most important,” River’s eyes narrowed as he reached for the main suit’s gun and pressed it between the owner’s eyes, “I don’t like being threatened.”

“S-s-s-sorry,” the man stuttered. “I’ll pay triple.”

Perking up at that, River snapped his fingers, releasing the muscles from their orbs and ordering Flute to release her grip on the main suit. “Great! Now, pay up.”

With shaky hands, the man produced more money and River happily accepted all of it. “He’s in Los Angeles, staying at his sister-in-law’s estate. Here’s the address,” he said, sliding a piece of paper with the estate’s name and address written on it across the bar. “Have a great day gentlemen.”

“You, too,” the main suit nodded and rushed from the café.

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About A.M. Halford

A.M. Halford lives in Southern Oregon and enjoys spending as much time outside as she possibly can. Her and her partner often find themselves hiking with their two dogs when the weather permits it. Fishing, camping, and photography are also activities she greatly enjoys. If the weather doesn’t permit going outside she can be found curled up with a sketch book, drawing whatever comes to mind.

A.M. got into writing as an outlet for personal therapy and has since expanded that into a hobby and profession that she enjoys. She often writes down anything that comes to mind, combing through the ideas and expanding on plots that sound the most interesting. She likes to write believable relations between people overcoming unfair hardships set before them. She always loves a happy ending and no matter the hell her characters go through they’ll always get their forever person.



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