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A Very Grumpy Christmas


It had gotten cold in Seattle as Christmas approached, but rather than see beautiful white flakes of snow as the holidays drew near, they’d had nothing but rain, buckets and buckets of rain.

So when weather reports had promised snow just in time for Christmas Eve, it was hard to say who was more excited, Cole, or Freya.

As was tradition, Cole, his husband Evan, and their three year old daughter Freya, usually stayed at Evan’s family home for the holidays.

Evan’s mom and grandma made the house look like something from a Christmas movie. The whole family stayed there for two days straight and it was perfect.

It should have been perfect again, but by the time they woke up on Christmas Eve there was a snow storm so bad they could barely see the street below. It was practically a blizzard.

“It’s not a blizzard,” Evan insisted as he came up behind Cole, where he was still staring out the kitchen window. He wrapped his arms around Cole and rested his chin on his shoulder. “It’s just a snow storm.”

“Christmas is ruined.”

“Sush,” Evan said into his ear. “Little werewolf ears, remember?”

They’d done their best to make the most of being trapped in their apartment all day. The kitchen smelled of cinnamon from the snickerdoodles Evan had made with Freya. Cole was pretty sure there were still pieces of dough stuck to the walls—and probably Freya’s hair.

“We should have gone to your grandma’s last night,” Cole said, looking forlornly at the sheer blanket of white. “I bet they’re all drinking hot chocolate right now, and you know they’ll have marshmallows and whipped cream on top, and not the kind from a can.”

“Cole, its Christmas Eve, why are you looking sadly out of a window?” Evan asked him. “You want hot chocolate? I’ll make you hot chocolate.”

Cole dragged his gaze away from the miserable scene outside and turned in Evan’s arms.

“I just don’t want Freya to be disappointed,” he confided in his husband. “At your grandma’s house everything’s so perfect. The food’s amazing, the decorations…”

Evan smirked at him. “You’re ridiculous. You’ve seen how excited Freya is today.”

“So excited!” she screamed from her bedroom.

The little wolf’s hearing had gotten particularly sharp over the last couple of months. It was hard to keep anything from her. Cole was very glad they had sound proofed their bedroom.

With that Freya came running into the kitchen and skidded along the floor. She was wearing a fluffy reindeer onesie with little antlers attached to the hood. Her long brown hair hung down in braided pigtails.

Neither Cole, nor Evan, could keep themselves from smiling at her enthusiasm.

“When are we having presents?” she asked, jumping up and down.

“Not until morning,” Evan told her. He scooped her up and sat her down on the counter next to Cole.

She looked over at Cole, using her evil powers of persuasion, and flashed him her puppy dog eyes.

She was so damn cute. He never stood a chance.

“Maybe she can open just one,” he said, turning his own puppy dog eyes on Evan. If they teamed up on him, Evan was a goner.

“Fine,” Evan said with a put upon sigh. “You can open one.”

“Yes!” she cried, throwing herself at Cole for a hug.

Even for a werewolf child, Freya was agile and fearless. She often made Cole’s heart stop by jumping off things, and expecting him to catch her.

“Thank you, Cwo,” she said, snuggling up to him.

His name had been the first proper thing she’d said when they first found her, and the adorable botched way in which she said it had stuck. Evan was her dad, and Cole was her Cwo.

 He kissed her on top of her reindeer hood and swung her up onto his hip.

“Daddy’ll go pick out a present, while we pick a movie to watch,” Cole told her.

He didn’t want to put her to bed too late. Freya was an early riser on a typical day, and if they were lucky the storm would calm down by morning and they could drive out to the pack house.

“Muppets Christmas Carol,” Freya told him right away.

He’d put it on for them one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Since then she’d asked for it so much that she was able to sing along with it.

Cole liked The Muppets as much as the next guy, but there was only so much he could take. Still, it was Christmas Eve. From December twenty-sixth he could always tell her that it was the law that it was only allowed on before Christmas. Thankfully, she was still at that age where she believed everything he told her.

With the movie queued up they settled on the sofa, and Evan brought over one of the smaller presents they’d gotten for Freya.

She looked so excited as she held out her hands for it, and wasted no time in ripping open the paper.

“Is it socks?” Cole teased her. “I bet its socks.”

She gave him an unimpressed look that she had clearly learned from Evan.

She gasped as she pulled free a teddy bear wearing an elf suit.

“He’s so cute,” she said as she hugged him close. “I love him.”

“I figured he can keep you company tonight while we’re waiting for Santa to come,” Evan told her.

She held the bear close and snuggled down on the couch.

Cole sat through most of the movie with Evan one side of him and Freya the other. He could tell she wasn’t going to make it to the end when about halfway though she laid her head down on Cole’s thigh.

“See?” Evan whispered to him. “Christmas isn’t ruined at all. Even if the storm doesn’t stop by morning, she’s going to be happy here with just us.”

“And all the presents,” Cole added. They were probably going to soften the blow quite a lot.

Cole rested his head on Evan’s shoulder and stroked Freya’s hair. For a while he thought that Freya had fallen asleep but then the scene where Tiny Tim dies came on and he felt the telltale little shakes as she started to sob.

“Remember what I told you, cub,” he said. “This is just what could happen, but then in the end—”

“I know,” she said through a sob. “He doesn’t die and they’re all happy, but it’s still really sad, Cwo.”

He continued to stroke her hair, and he and Evan shared a look. He’d lost count of how many times she’d watched this movie, and every single time she had cried. He guessed it was a good thing that a three year old was able to feel such empathy for what was essentially a sock with eyes glued to it.

Sure enough Freya fell asleep before the end of the movie and Evan picked her up carefully and took her through to her room.

It was only just after eight and the snow was still coming down hard. The tree lights shimmered prettily in the corner of the living room, glinting off the shinny wrapping paper on all the presents.

He guessed it could be worse. They might not get all the food and attention they usually got at Eden’s house, but they had everything they needed. The main thing was that they were together.

“Now that she’s asleep, I want to give you a present,” Evan said as he came back through. He joined Cole on the couch as the Muppets sang their final song.

Cole couldn’t be blamed for assuming it was something naughty. Instead he was handed a small box.


He looked at Evan and tried to work out what it could be. He wasn’t really big into Jewellery, and the box wasn’t big enough for a watch.

“Just open it,” Evan said with an eye roll.

Cole did as he was told and found himself looking down at a key. If they didn’t already live together he’d obviously get the meaning behind it right away. As it was, Cole looked over at Evan and gave him a shrug.

“Is this supposed to be the key to your heart? Because I’m pretty sure I already own that,” Cole said with a cocky smirk.

Evan didn’t even humour his lame attempt at being funny. “You remember how my mom moved in with my grandma after grandpa died?”

“Of course.”

“Well, traditionally, when I became the alpha, the house belonged to me, to us, though I’d never have taken it from my grandma, and moving in with her would have just been—”

“Weird,” Cole finished for him.

“Well, they both want a fresh start,” Evan told him. “Want their own space.”

“Okay,” Cole said, waiting for his brain to figure out where this was going.

“The apartment on the third floor is for sale, so my mom bought it.”

“In this building?”

“Yeah, so my grandma suggested we do a swap,” Evan told him. “She and my mom live here, where they’ll each have their own apartments but they’re still close to each other, and you, me, and Freya move into the house. What do you think?”

Cole didn’t know what to think. They’d talked about moving into a house after they got Freya but it had seemed like such a hassle. Eden’s house, however, already felt like a second home, and it was so nicely decorated. He knew they’d end up living there eventually, and there was so much room for Freya to run around outside.

“I think we should do it,” Cole told him.

Judging by the grin on Evan’s face, that was what he’d been hoping for. He put his hand to Evan’s cheek and rubbed his cheekbone with his thumb. Evan turned his head and placed a kiss on Cole’s palm.

“So when do we move?”

“Maybe after New Year?” Evan told him.

“Freya’ll be excited,” Cole said. “She already loves her room there.”

“It’ll be a slightly longer commute to the city, but it’ll be worth it,” Evan added.

Cole let his eyes take their fill of his gorgeous husband. Every day he had a moment where he just remembered how lucky he was to have him.

“I love you,” he said.

Evan grinned at him. “I love you, too.”

“Now where’s my real present?”

Evan chuckled and shook his head. “If Freya has to wait until morning, then so do you.”

Cole pouted. “Fine…Scrooge.”

An evil glint appeared in Evan’s eyes and he crowded over Cole, forcing him to lie down. The werewolf covered Cole’s mouth with his own and pressed his warm body down onto Cole’s. The two of them kissed lazily for a time, just enjoying each other.

Evan lifted his head to look down at Cole and Cole saw all the love in the world looking back at him.

With their daughter safely asleep in the next room, and the love of his life right there with him, life couldn’t get better.

This right here was what Christmas was all about.

The End



My Husband Is a Grumpy Werewolf and So Is Out Baby!

Cole Morgan and Evan West have been married for a year when their lives get turned upside down in the form of a werewolf baby that’s been left on their doorstep. Neither of them want to keep the baby, at least neither of them will admit it out loud.

After baby Freya grows on them both and worms her way into their hearts, they decide to raise her themselves. Things are good, but not for long, as they learn Freya’s true parentage. Not only was Freya’s human mother murdered but her father is none other than the heir to another pack, and the main murder suspect.

Torn between keeping Freya safe and getting justice for her mom, Evan and Cole must act carefully to keep their new family together. The deeper they delve the more secrets they uncover and a long string of murders come to light.


“We should order,” Cole said. The sooner they ordered, the sooner their food would arrive, and the sooner they could eat it and go home.

Cole looked around for the waiter, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“We’re ready,” Evan said in a normal voice. It was then that the waiter came out from the kitchen.

It seemed that it didn’t matter how long Cole was with a werewolf, he would always forget just how good their hearing was. As Evan ordered for them, Cole thought back over their conversation about their first date and felt his cheeks flush. The young werewolf serving them would have heard it all.


Cole resolutely didn’t make eye contact with the man. He waited until he was gone before he looked at Evan again. His husband had an amused smile on his face.

“You knew, didn’t you?” Cole asked.

Evan just shrugged a shoulder. “You should be used to it by now, the no privacy thing.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s not something I’ll ever be used to.”

Cole couldn’t count on both his hands the number of times he had embarrassed himself by forgetting the super hearing thing. Most of it had been done in hearing distance of Evan’s pack. As the alpha’s mate, Cole was looked up to, seen as an authority figure. It was amazing that any of them respected him enough to treat him accordingly. There were even some members of the pack, the younger ones, who sought out Cole before Evan when they needed help or advice.

The food was brought out to them, and Evan seemingly decided that was enough dwelling on the past. Just like on their first date, Evan started putting food from the platter onto Cole’s plate. It was kind of amazing that Cole wasn’t fat given Evan’s penchant for feeding him. The wolf in Evan delighted in providing for his mate. Cole wasn’t about to complain. Before Evan came into his life, he had pretty much lived off takeout.

Cole was convinced that he was going to hit thirty and his metabolism would turn on him.

Before they started eating, Evan held up his glass of beer. “To us. It hasn’t been the easiest year for either of us, but we’ve had each other.”

Cole clinked his glass of water to Evan’s beer.

“Actually, I don’t think anything’s been easy since the day we met,” Cole pointed out.

“And yet we’re still here, still going strong.”

They shared a smile at that. Even with everything they’d gone through over the last couple of years, Cole wouldn’t change a moment of it, because through it all, he was with Evan.

“Did you work on your book today?” Evan asked.

Since getting with Evan, Cole had been held hostage by Evan’s step-father, who was now in jail, and kidnapped by a human first group. His experience with the anti-werewolf group had sparked his interest in writing, and he was currently working on a book, though finding time with his work at the magazine wasn’t the easiest.

“Uh, some,” he said, though it was really a lie. What he had mostly done was look at a blank screen and then watched YouTube clips of drunk people falling over.

“You know, if you wanted to take a sabbatical to finish it, you could,” Evan told him. Not only was Evan his husband and mate, but also his boss.

“I can’t believe that Jared and Naomi are about to be parents again,” Cole said, changing the subject. There were times when thinking about the daunting task of writing a book scared the crap out of him. If there was one thing Cole was good at, it was ignoring the voices in his own head.

His best friend, Naomi, had married Evan’s cousin, Jared, just over a year ago. He had a little girl from a previous relationship, and now the two of them were about to have twins.

“Jared’s really stepped up,” Evan said. “I’m proud of him.”

Before Naomi, Jared had pretty much drifted through life, content to live off their family’s wealth. Not only was he a family man now, but he had also stepped up when Evan became the alpha. He had taken a bigger role in the family businesses, too, which took some of the pressure off Evan.

The food was good comfort food that hit the spot. Cole wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, though Evan’s appetite more than made up for it. By the time they had moved on to dessert, Cole was less interested in the food and more interested in the way Evan was licking ice-cream from his spoon. Cole hadn’t wanted any dessert, but Evan offered him a spoonful of his anyway. Cole leaned in and let Evan feed him. The vanilla ice-cream was cold and sweet in his mouth.

Evan’s eyes watched Cole’s mouth and the way he licked his lips. The two of them finished off the ice-cream, Evan eating it slowly, savoring it, and every so often feeding some to Cole.

There was a look that Evan got in his eyes sometimes, the look of a predator waiting for the right moment to jump on his prey. That look never failed to do something primal to Cole.

“We should get the check,” Cole told him, earning a knowing smirk from Evan.

The werewolf put down his spoon and stood up, holding his hand out to Cole. “I own the place, remember?”


“God, Evan,” Cole whined. “Don’t you wanna fuck me? Slide right into my nice, warm hole?”

Evan was a master of self-control, but that never stopped Cole from trying to goad him into moving things along. Cole didn’t have a whole lot of patience. Evan more often than not got off on tormenting Cole, on teasing him and drawing it out. Cole would never admit it to his husband, but the resulting orgasm was always worth it.

Evan chose to ignore him. Instead, he pushed a finger inside Cole and rubbed the pad of the tip over his gland. Cole bit down on his lower lip and pushed his face against the cool wall in front of him. Evan fingered him slowly, purposefully teasing him. It felt so good that his cock throbbed. He considered, briefly, seeing if he could rub it against the wall, but he quickly dismissed the idea as ridiculous. He made a sound of frustration in the back of his throat.

Evan still didn’t take pity on him. The werewolf added another finger and began stretching Cole. While he did that, he reached around and took Cole’s cock in his hand. The bastard didn’t stroke it, however, or even hold it firmly enough to relieve some of the pressure. Instead, he simply held it in a loose fist. If anything, the added contact just made Cole more frustrated.

“I hate you so much,” he said as he squirmed, trying to get some friction to his dick.

“I love you, too.”

With that, Evan pulled his fingers free and pushed his face right in, licking and nipping at Cole’s hole. His tongue was wet and warm, and Cole wanted nothing more than to push back onto it, to be breached once more, but he suspected Evan wouldn’t allow it. Damn control freak.

Cole knew the only way to beat Evan at his own game was to make him so turned on that he couldn’t resist any longer. Cole stopped biting his lip and let whatever sound Evan caused flow out of him. He moaned, whimpered, and whined, knowing that the sounds he made would go straight to Evan’s dick.

After a while, it seemed to work. Evan pulled back, giving Cole’s ass a swat, and stood up.

Cole wanted to cry out in relief, knowing he was about to get what he wanted. Evan turned him around and easily lifted him up over his shoulder in a fireman carry.

“Evan,” Cole protested as he wriggled with his hands still tied.

Evan just chuckled and walked through to the bedroom. He deposited Cole on the bed and rolled him onto his stomach.

“Are you going to keep my hands tied like this?”

Evan kissed his neck, his shoulder blade, and his lower back before answering. “Yes. I like you like this.” He spoke the words in a gravely purr.

Cole had to stop himself from snorting. “Of course you do. Having me here, helpless, it turns you on, doesn’t it?”

Evan ran his hands over Cole’s body, letting his blunt nails scratch down his sides. “Even tied up like this, you could never be helpless. That’s not what turns me on. It’s the fact that you trust me enough to let me do this, that you’re completely at ease right now.”

Evan had always been a complex man. Cole suspected he would never completely figure him out. He was right, though, even their first night together, when Evan had tied his hands behind his back and blindfolded him, he had felt completely safe.

Sex between them never went beyond some light bondage, it was just enough to add an extra thrill.

Cole wiggled on the bed, dragging his aching cock against the bed sheets as much as was possible without the use of his arms.

Evan kissed his shoulder again. “Are you comfortable?”

Cole knew from experience that his arms would ache a bit the next day, but he secretly loved it. He liked that whenever he felt it, he thought of Evan and the lovemaking the night before.

“I’d be a lot more comfortable if there was a dick in my ass,” Cole quipped.

Evan lowered his head and gently bit down on Cole’s ass cheek, making him jump a little.

“Brat,” Evan said. “Don’t worry, you’re about to get what you want.”

Cole heard the sound of the nightstand being opened, and he sighed in relief. Cole closed his eyes and waited, the anticipation a coil in his stomach. Evan ran his lubed-up cock over Cole’s hole, and Cole bent one of his legs to give Evan better access.

Evan pushed in, his long, thick cock filling Cole up. Evan didn’t stop until he was balls deep. Cole loved that first push. He loved the feel of Evan breaching him and filling him up.

“Yes,” he said, almost as a sigh of relief.

Evan placed a kiss on one of Cole’s shoulders as he slowly pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in.

“Oh, fuck,” Cole cried out. “Evan.”

“How do you want it?” Evan’s voice was pure sex. It was unfair, really.

“You know how I want it,” Cole told him. Any sex with Evan was great, but being completely taken apart by his husband was something else.

“I want to hear you say it,” Evan practically purred in his ear.

“I want you to fuck me, hard and fast,” Cole said, panting as Evan pulled nearly out again and then pushed forward.




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