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“Going to the chapel...”

  “Let’s go you buttlickers,” Max yelled as he walked into Zion and Devon’s suite.

  Zion walked out from behind the changing screen, sliding his sword into the sheath at his left hip attached to the baldric around his waist, and gave his friend a smirk. “Pot calling the kettle black. And there’s only one butt I lick thank you very much.”

  Max whistled as he walked around Zion, inspecting him as Zion stood before the full length mirror. “Wow, look at you...swanky.”

  “Well it is the official marriage ceremony, so I have to where my formal suit. And you look pretty good yourself dressed in your kingly best.”

  “What, this old thing?” Max replied in a silly voice as he fanned himself and fluttered his eyelashes.

   Zion laughed as he shook his head at his friends antics, then began inspecting himself. Zion was dressed in his best kingly formalwear. Silky black breeches, tucked into knee-high black leather boots. A long-sleeved white tunic that hung down to just below his ass, with the green clan crest of a tree of life in the center. Zion grabbed a blue sash from the rack beside the mirror and wrapped it around his waist, covering up the black leather baldric, and tying the sash to the right. Zion smiled as he caught Max’s raised brow in the mirror. “It is the sash of the Luman clan.”

  “Ah, that’s right. So that’s why you’re wearing a matching one around your hair,” Max stated.

  “Yes,” Zion said with a smile and touched his low pony gathered at the nape. His long black hair had been pulled back and gathered, and a smaller, but similar sash of matching blue was wrapped intricately around his pony. Zion lowered his hand and reached for his cloak.

  Max stepped forward and took the garment from Zion, then stepped behind him. Hanging the floor-length cape of dark green with brown fur collar over Zion’s shoulders. Zion clasped the two sides together in front with the gold chain, the brown fur collar not quite meeting, leaving a six inch gap between the two sides. As Zion adjusted the garment, pushing the cloak over his shoulders to cascade down his back, Max walked across the room and retrieved Zion’s crown.

  He came back to stand behind Zion, then lifted his hands, the crown between them, and placed the golden ring upon Zion’s head. Zion loved the intricacy, but simplicity of the crown of the Luman clan. The bottom ring was a braid with a large emerald gemstone in the center, with a large celtic cross knot above it, creating the peak. Leading out the two sides of the cross was more braided gold bands that joined the cross to smaller celtic crosses at the two sides and one smaller one in the back, with smaller celtic crosses in the gaps between the lower and upper braids. And Zion had his royal jewel maker place golden diamond gemstones in the center of the smaller celtic crosses, as a surprise for his love. With their two kingdoms joining, Zion thought it would be a good gesture to adorn his crown with the gem of the Luman Clan as well.

  “Damn if you don’t look like a king,” Max teased.

  “I know, right?” Zion said with a smile, also teasing.

  “So where is your gorgeous mate?”

  “Devon went to another chamber to get prepared. He said something about not seeing each other before the ceremony.”

  “But didn’t you sleep together last night?” Max asked.

  “Of course. There was no way I wasn’t going to wake up on such an important day without my mate in my arms,” Zion replied.

  “Not much different than any other day.”

  “Very true. I never want to wake up again without my Devon.”

  “Then why the no seeing one another? You already have,” Max asked as he sat on the edge of the bed and watched his friend.

  “I honestly don’t know. Devon said something about it being a tradition with the humans. They don’t see each other before the wedding. When I asked why not, he said he thought it was because the brides wanted to make a grand entrance and get the biggest ‘Wow’ factor from their intended and the guests,” Zion explained with a shrug.

  “O-kaay. But can I just point out that neither of you are female.”

  Zion gave him a smile as their gazes met in the mirror. “I am very aware of that. I don’t understand it, but if that is what my mate wants, then that is what he gets. He also said it might be nice if we had that same effect with one another. That ‘Wow’ factor as we saw each other for the first time in our ceremonial garb.”

  “Actually, I can understand that,” Max said, then his expression turned serious as his gaze roamed over Zion. “You do look great, my friend. Devon won’t be able to keep his hands off you.”

  “Well that is what I was going for.” Zion chuckled. “But seriously, thanks.” Zion gave himself a last look from head to toe, then turned. “I think I’m ready.”

  Max stood as he gave Zion a big smile. “Alright then, let’s go get you married.” The two laughed as the walked from the room together.

~ * ~ * ~

  “I don’t understand why we had to travel to the ceremony in separate carriages,” Grin grumbled for the hundredth time as he sat in the back of the horse drawn carriage with his friend, King Killian.

  “For the thousandth time, Leigh wanted what he looked like to be a surprise,” Killian huffed in frustration.

  “See, I don’t get that. I already know what he looks like. Hell, I know what he looks like better than anyone. He is my mate,” Grin grumbled.

  Killian smirked. “Yes, but you have never seen him in his formal ceremonial dress before.”

  Grin’s head snapped in Killian’s direction as he looked at him in surprise. “He’s wearing a dress?”

  Killian grunted as he shook his head. “No, yo idiot. He’s wearing the formal ceremonial garb of the king,” Killian huffed, but then his facial expression changed to a thoughtful one. “Then again, you never know with King Leigh. There is always the possibility that he had the tailor rip that sucker apart and remake it to fit his style more.”

  Grin turned back to face the front. “Well, I don’t care what he’s wearing. I know he will look fucking hot. My baby always does.”

  “And it’s not as though he’s going to be wearing it for long anyway,” Kill said.

  “Very true. I know one look at my man and I’ll be ripping off whatever he has on and sinking into him within minutes.” Grin’s smile was salacious.

  “Yeah, there is always that, but I was talking about the Adequo marital ceremony itself. You know, when the two of you have to strip and shift into your dragons, flying off together in a sky dance, before diving into the Valarian Sea and claiming your mate underwater?”

  Grin’s smirk grew as his eyes filled with lust. “Oh, yeah. Nope, haven’t forgotten that part. Been practicing holding my breath under water.”

  “You know you don’t actually have to stay under the water? You can peak your heads out as you fuck Leigh’s brains out.”

  “I know, but I am sure going to try to stay under as long as possible. The longer we stay under, the less of our claiming others will see.”

  “Aah, that’s so cute,” Killian said with a sigh as he placed a hand on his chest.


  “Yeah, the way you’re afraid to let everyone see your fat ass.”

  Killian busted out laughing and tried to get away as Grin swept out to hit him.

  “Asshole,” Grin grumbled.

~ * ~ * ~

Devon stood, staring at his reflection in the mirror as he flattened his hand on his chest and ran it down his stomach. He knew that most of the time he and the other king’s just wore normal clothes, well, normal for kings. But they did wear jeans at times as well as leather pants. But he loved when the occasion came where he could put on their finest. Maybe it had something to do with not growing up around it that made him love it so much. All his official kingly garb was gorgeous and reminded him of Medieval times back in the human realm.

  Looking down at his feet Devon began to inspect himself. He wore white leather breeches, tucked into knee-length light brown leather boots. Over his top he wore a knee length golden suede vest tunic with four slim light brown leather straps with golden buckles down the chest that fastened the two sides together, and he would normally wear a white long sleeve silk shirt underneath, but today, he wore an emerald green one in honor of his mate and the Ingenium people. Since returning to the dragon realm, Devon had allowed his golden blond hair to grow and it was now almost to his waist, which was almost as long as Zion’s gorgeous, silky jet-black hair.

  He allowed the tresses to hang loose down his back, like Zion liked it, with his golden crown upon the top. He loved the large Fleur De Lis that sat in the front, making the point, with the large teardrop shaped golden diamond encrusted in the top of the design. A full bridal of smaller Fleur De Lis wrapped around to the back, making up the crown. Devon has the royal jewel maker replace every other smaller golden diamond in the other Fleur de Lis’ with Emerald’s to match Zion’s. Devon thought that with their two kingdoms joining, that it would be the right thing to do. He hoped Zion and the people of the Ingenium Clan liked the gesture.

  “Damn, you are hot. But I don’t think you’re showing enough skin,” Leigh announced as he and King Rand walked in.

  Devon smiled at his friends through the mirror. “Well look at you. Hot and sexy as sin, as always. You look fabulous, Leigh,” Devon replied and he turned to face them and gave Leigh an appreciative look.

  “Oh don’t blow up his already over inflated head up more than it already is,” Rand complained as he dropped down into a chair.

  “You’re just jealous because I am a thousand times hotter than you, and you will never get into these pants,” Leigh snarked.

  “You barely got into them yourself, they’re so tight. But I don’t think I would have a problem getting into them. I would just have to go to the royal painter and have him brush them on.”

  Leigh gave him an insulted look, then smiled and gave Rand a wink. “Very true.” Leigh laughed, then sat on the arm of Rand’s chair.

  Devon looked at Leigh, impressed. With the tightness of his ultramarine leather pants, Devon didn’t know how he was sitting down. But he had to admit, Leigh looked hot as hell and still looked kingly. The white leather ankle boots with a slight heel looked good with the pants, and his long-sleeved, pure white silk wrap tunic, with ultramarine embroidery that looked like waves around the bottom hem, and sleeves looked, fantastic. At the waist he wore the baldric with his sword sheathed, but what surprised Devon was Leigh had wrapped an emerald green sash over the baldric belt.

  “You’re wearing the color of the Ingenium,” Devon commented.

  Leigh gave him a shy smile. “I did it for Grin. He is a nature dragon of the Ingenium after all.”

  Devon gave Leigh a bright smile. “I think it’s a wonderful gesture.”

  “Here, here. That’s what I said,” Rand replied.

  “So are we almost ready to go?” Leigh asked.

  “Yes, I just need my cloak,” Devon answered, and reached for his floor-length white cloak, made of feathers, with a golden leather trim. As he opened it to throw around his shoulders, Leigh and Rand both gasped.

  “Speaking of honoring your mate. The new silk emerald green lining is stunning. It matches the new jewels on you crown,” Leigh said.

  Now it was Devon’s turn to give his friends a shy smile. “Thanks. I thought it would make Zion and his people happy.”

  “Your people too now, Devon,” Rand replied.

  “Yes. My people.”

  Leigh stepped forward and helped Devon attach the clasp in the front and adjusted the cloak to hang gracefully down his back. “Stunning.”

  Devon smiled. “How about you, Leigh? Where is your cloak?”

  “I hung it by the door there along with my crown,” Leigh answered as he pointed.

  “Well, let’s complete the picture and get you all fancified,” Rand said and stood. He walked to the door and retrieved Leigh’s things then returned, handing Devon the cloak.

  Devon moved to stand behind Leigh, and placed the floor-length satin, ultramarin blue cloak over Leigh’s shoulders, careful of the white fur trim that ran around the whole of the hem, with sapphire jewels. As Leigh fastened the clasp at his collarbone, Rand stepped up behind him and held the crown made of white bone, that had a satin finish to give it a smooth texture. The bone rose up to a point at the top, then smoothly dropped down and wrapped around the back. A large sapphire sat in the center, with smaller sapphires circling to the back. Leigh had braided his shoulder-length blond hair, with an emerald green ribbon weaved into it.

  “You both look stunning,” Rand whispered in appreciation.

  Devon and Leigh turned to face Rand, giving him bright smiles, then the three hugged. After a few moments they pulled back and all three quickly wiped at their eyes. “Shit, don’t make me cry, my mascara will run and I’ll look like a black-eyes caparari fish,” Leigh said as he sniffed.

  “Come on drama queen,” Devon said and grabbed Leigh’s hand.

  “That’s drama king if you don’t mind,” Leigh teased.

  “Well, drama king, did you remember your signet ring?” Rand asked.

  Leigh held up his right hand, showing a white gold band with a sapphire stone, with waves engraved around the band.

  “Oh shoot, I almost forgot. Thanks, Rand,” Devon said, then walked to the dresser, opened a black velvet box, and took out a ring made of golden diamonds and placed it on his right hand.

  “Now I’m ready,” he said with a smile.

  “Okay you two, let’s get this show on the road and get you two married,” Rand said as he stepped between the two and held out his elbows. Leigh slid an arm through Rand’s left as Devon did the same on the right, and the three kings exited the room.

 ~ * ~* ~

 The massive white castle with blue trim and conical spire roof’s shown bright in the sunlight. The six story Keep sat at the rear of the main bailey, in the northwest corner. The with the main building where the king’s would live ran along the right side, the windows, framed with gold, overlooking the grand expanse of rolling hills of Ingenium. The white curtain walls surrounding the castle was decorated in greens, blues, and golds inside and out. The large platform at the top of the granite steps leading into the main building was adorned with flowers from Ingenium, Luman, and Adequo clans, with large white candles in golden stands at the top against the back wall.

  Zion and Max exited the main door and stopped to stand beside the three elders, each dressed in their clans robes. Zion looked out over the bailey and smiled as he saw the main area filled with members of his and Devon’s clans, as well as Leigh’s. The crowd poured out the main gates into the gardens, and Zion realised, by the colors the people wore, that they were from the other three dragon clans. The Obscurum Clan, which is where Max ruled, The Ignic Caln, where Killian ruled, and The Aerius Clan, where Rand ruled.

  A white horse-drawn carriage, that Zion could see was one of Leigh’s, rode through the main gate, and through the center of the crowd, stopping at the bottom of the grand granite staircase. The coachman jumped down and opened the door, allowing Grin and Killian to exit.

  “Wow, Grin cleans up nice when he’s dressed like a royal,” Max whispered beside him.

   Zion chuckled. He couldn’t agree more as his gaze took in his best friends garb. Grin was not a king, but he was mated to one, which made him the king’s consort, and as such he didn’t have a crown...yet, or the royal robes and cape of the king, but his clothes spoke of his station. Once the marital ceremony was complete, Grin would be crowned with a smaller, but matching crown to Leigh’s.

  Zion and Max chuckled low as they watched Grin climb the steps looking very uncomfortable and like he was about to throw up. Not that Grin wasn’t used to standing, or talking in front of large crowds, being Zion’s assistant and right hand for many years, but this was different. Grin was born a warrior of the Ingenium Clan, but once he mated Leigh, he was now a part of the Adequo Clan and Leigh’s chief advisor, and leader of his guard. Being a royal was new to him and the idea still made Grin nervous, especially being the first king’s consort in the history of the Adaquo Clan. There was once a consort in the Ignic Clan over a thousand years ago, but that was the only one they had ever heard of, so this was new ground for all of them.

  The large wooden door of the main house opened again and Zion turned to see his father walk out, dressed in his royal finest, minus the crown, now that it belonged to Zion. He father walked to him and stood beside Zion. “You look wonderful, my son.”

  “Thank you, father.”

  “As do you, King Maximus.”

  “Thank you, Argo. It is a good day for the festivities,” Max replied.

  “I agree. But looking at Grin you would think he was going to the gallows,” Argo said with a laugh, making Zion and Max laugh too.

  “It will just take him some time to get used to his new position,” Zion said.

  “I’m sure Leigh will teach him a whole lot of new positions,” Max teased and the three burst out laughing.

  “You are terrible, King Maximus,” Argo replied, but there was no anger in his voice, only laughter.

  “I’m glad you three are so relaxed,” Grin grumbled and he and Killian joined them.

  “Just remember this, Grinold. You are already mated to Leigh, this is just a formal ceremony to appease the elders and our people. Think of it as a big party, like a reception, to honor your and Leigh, and Zion and Devon’s bonds,” Argo replied.

  “I understand that, you highness, but this outfit is just…” Grin replied as he looked down at himself.

  Zion looked over his friend’s attire. Grin may be a little uncomfortable, but the man looked hot. White leather breeches, with dark brown knee-high boots, a white silken tunic with long sleeves and a slight puff to the shoulders, with dark brown leather armor bands on both forearms from wrist to elbow, and the ultramarine blue doublet vest tied together with white leather roping going down the front, looked amazing. Then there was his brown leather baldric around his waist with his sword sheathed at his left hip, and on his right side,a shoulder cape with ultramarine blue lining of silk and the white feathers to match Leigh’s kingly cloak on the outside, and his long dark hair hung down behind him, cinched together at the nape with a white and ultramarine ribbon. Grin may not realize it, but he looked kingly.

  “Just what?” Max asked and Zion could see his friend was trying very hard not to laugh at Grin.

  Grin sighed heavily. “You all were born to be king’s and have worn things like this your whole life, but I feel like I’m a fraud.”

  Argo stepped forward and placed a hand on Grin’s shoulder, looking into his eyes. “Grinold, I have known you your whole life and you are a good, decent, honorable man. You are not beneath us and we are not above you. Yes, we were all fortunate enough to be born royals, but that does not make us better than you. All you boys, along with Leigh, Devon, and Rand, have been friends since you were toddlers. None of you see the others as anything less or more than just your friend, and that is how it should be. You may not have been born a royal, Grinold, but you are one now because of your love, devotion, and mating to Leigh. Would you want it any other way?”

  Grin stared at Argon for a moment before he gave the former king a small smile. “No. I understand what you are saying, your highness and you’re right. I love Leigh with all that I am and I would do anything for him. Including standing up in front of all the clans wearing this monkey garb,” Grin said with conviction, then smirked and started to chuckle.

  “You boys are all the present and the future of the dragon realm. Because of your close bonds the prophecy of peace will come to pass. Honor each other, and hold your bonds dear,” Argo said, then nodded his head toward the main gate. They all turned to see the carriage that carried Devon, Leigh, and Rand, starting to enter under the arch as the people outside the walls began to cheer.

  “Ready gentlemen?” Argo asked and Zion and Grin nodded.

  “Let’s take our places then,” Argo replied and turned, taking his place to stand in front of the three elders. Zion and Max moved to stand to the far right and Grin and Killian moved to stand to the far left, then they all turned to watch the approaching carriage.


The Angel Pack book 1
When Jesse and Taylor get kicked out of their homes they take off and end up in New York City. Jesse’s voice lands him a singing job at an all male club. When the owner discovers their secret, he offers to help them. That kind gesture turns into the biggest mistake of their lives.
When Micah hears the angelic voice coming from the beautiful man, his world turns upside down. Micah realizes that the angel is his mate. Now that he’s found him he may never get to claim him.
Someone is trying to kill Jesse. At the same time, someone from Micah’s past comes back to claim Micah as their own. Is it coincidence or a set up? When the person trying to kill Jesse accidentally gets Micah instead, can Jesse find the culprit and the cure before it’s too late? And if Micah survives, will he be able to move past the betrayal of one of his own?
“Protect me?” Jesse said with disdain in his voice and a cold look in his eyes. “Protect me?” he repeated. “That’s why you sat there and allowed your friend there to talk to me like that?”
“Thomas didn’t mean anything. He was just asking if there may be someone who is angry with you.”
“Yeah. Riiiight,” Taylor said with his hands fisted on his hips, glaring at Thomas. “He pretty much just called us whores and you’re sticking up for him? Nice, Micah, real nice,” Taylor finished coldly.
“We’re just trying to get to the bottom of this. To look at all the angles,” Micah said in frustration.
“Yeah well maybe Thomas did it! Maybe he has some sick reason. Maybe he’s just a total fucktard!” Jesse sneered at Thomas. A flash of something Jesse couldn’t make out crossed Thomas’s eyes, but he covered it up quickly and narrowed his eyes at Jesse.
“What reason would I have to do something like that to our own club?” Thomas asked calmly.
“How the hell should I know, we don’t know you. Just like you don’t know us. Maybe you’re just a psycho asshole.” Taylor smiled at that last part.
“Enough!” Micah yelled. “We’re not getting anywhere throwing names at each other. Let’s just sit down and calmly talk about this.”
Jesse grabbed Taylor’s hand and turned to leave. “Let’s go, Tay. We have better things to do than sit here with these assholes. There are at least twenty to thirty hot guys still down there that we haven’t fucked yet. If we start now we can get to all of them by sunrise.” Jesse and Taylor headed across the V.I.P. lounge toward the stairs.
Micah ran after them and grabbed Jesse’s arm and turned him around. He grabbed onto both of Jesse’s arms and held him tight. “You’re mine, Jesse! I better never find another man touching you! You belong to me!” Micah pulled Jesse into him and smashed their lips together hard. Jesse tried to pull away. He fought to get out of Micah’s hold, but he couldn’t. He kept his lips tightly closed. The passion and anger in Micah’s eyes and lips were playing with Jesse’s resolve.
Micah’s tongue came out and swiped across the seam of Jesse’s lips, demanding entry. Jesse lost the battle as his head started to swim. He opened his lips slightly, and it was just enough for Micah to take advantage and he slipped his tongue into Jesse’s mouth.
Their tongues battled for dominance. A growl escaped Micah as his arms wrapped around Jesse. The growl sent a thrill through Jesse and he melted against Micah, submitting to him, as he held onto Micah’s shirt. Micah’s wolf was overjoyed at Jesse’s submission.  He wanted to claim their mate right now. Micah kept one arm wrapped around Jesse’s waist and moved the other to grab the back of his head, holding him tight. His heart and head were soaring with the knowledge that his mate was finally in his arms. Jesse tasted better than anything on this planet. He tasted of chocolate, cinnamon, and a hint of lavender. Jesse’s lips were so soft and his body fit Micah’s perfectly. A small moan escaped Jesse and Micah smiled against Jesse’s lips with a small chuckle.
That was enough to bring Jesse to his senses. His eyes popped open and he flattened both palms against Micah’s chest. Jesse pushed with all his strength as he pulled his head back. Breathing hard, Micah and Jesse just stared at each other. Micah’s hands were still on Jesse’s hips when he started to speak. “Jesse…” He was cut off when Jesse smacked him across the face as hard as he could. Then Jesse cursed from the pain as he pulled his hand into his chest, holding it with his other hand. Holy shit! What is this guy made of...concrete? Jesse thought to himself. Micah stepped back from Jesse, his face emotionless. He just stared blankly at Jesse.
“How dare you! Don’t you ever fucking touch me again! I don’t care who you say I am to you. I belong to no one! You can all go fuck yourselves!” Jesse yelled. He turned and ran down the stairs. Taylor stopped at the top of the stairs and turned toward Micah. He looked right into Micah’s eyes and sighed as his face softened. “Idiot.” He rolled his eyes. “You just blew it. I told you to go slow, to take it easy with him. You say you’re his mate, yet you didn’t even stand up for him just now with that asswipe, piece of slug trail.” Taylor pointed to Thomas, who was standing with Raith by the office door, watching everything. “I told you to never hurt him, and it’s the first thing you do. Don’t ask me to help you now. You don’t deserve him, and you don’t realize how big you just fucked up. Huge.” Taylor turned around and started heading down the stairs. “Maybe we’ll see you around sometime, bitches. Have a nice life.” Taylor disappeared down the stairs.
Micah was just standing there, frozen, mouth hanging open, tears started to burn the backs of his eyes. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think, as Taylor’s words all sank in. “I just lost my mate. Before I even had a chance to have him, I lost him. What the hell just happened? What the fuck have I done?”
Micah started to hyperventilate as he started to get angry. The pain in his chest was crushing him. His stomach twisted and his wolf was howling, raging mad at him for letting their mate get away. He was fighting to get to the surface to go after their mate and claim him. Micah was fighting to control his wolf, but he couldn’t. His teeth ripped through his gums, and his eyes went feral.  He couldn’t control it. His wolf was taking over.


Author Bio:
Maggie has been married for nineteen years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.
Links to find Maggie:



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