Sunday, July 23, 2017


A Dragon Wedding
“I’ll love you for a thousand years.”

  As the carriage drove through the main gate and entered the bailey, the clans people inside cheered and threw flowers toward the kings. Some fell to their knees and wept, and all the others bowed and curtsied as the kings rode by. The carriage rode down the center of the bailey on the red carpet, and stopped at the bottom on the grand stairs. The coachman jumped from his place beside the driver, and opened the door. Twelve armored men approached, six from each side and lined the edge of the carpet at the bottom of the stairs, all standing at perfect attention. Two from each dragon clan, dressing in the armor of their clan, there to represent their king and clan.

  Rand stepped out and turned, standing at attention, with his left arm crossed over his chest. Leigh stepped out next, bowing his head slightly at Rand then stepping a few feet forward. Devon was next, copying Leigh, as he gave a slight bow of the head to Rand, then moved to stand beside Leigh. Rand took his place behind them, and the twelve guardsmen raised their swords high, crossing them with the man across from him, to form and arch. Devon and Leigh walked through the arch, with Rand following. As they exited the arch, they began to ascend the grand stars.

  Zion was awestruck at how handsome his mate looked. Devon was the most beautiful man he had ever seen, but today he was simply breathtaking. Zion heard a low growl coming from the other side and flicked his gaze to Grin. He smiled when he saw the lust in his friend's eyes as his gaze remained fixed on Leigh. Zion looked back to the approaching men, and his gaze locked with his mates. His heart filled with peace and love as he saw the intense look of love for him coming from his mate.

  The three kings made it to the top of the stairs, and walked to stand beside them. Devon moved to Zion’s left as Leigh moved to stand on Grin’s right. Devon and Leigh standing beside one another with a twelve inch gap between them, where Rand stood just a few feet behind them. His gaze never left Devon’s as they got into place and now stood here waiting. A soft clearing of the throat drew Zion’s attention, breaking the spell between he and his mate, and they both turned forward to see his father Argo chuckling as he looked toward Leigh and Grin.

  Zion looked past Devon as his mate turned to see what was happening, and they both began to laugh as they saw Leigh pressed up against Grin, their lips joined passionately.

  “You’re supposed to save that part until the end, gentlemen,” Argo admonished lightly.

  The crowds seemed to like what they were doing, if the roar of cheers and clapping was any indication. Grin released Leigh, and Leigh took a step back, but they continued to look into one another's eyes.

  Argo held up his hands to quiet the crowd. Once everything was silent, he motioned toward the main door and out walked Zion’s mother, along with Leigh and Grin’s parents, who all approached and stopped a few feet from Max’s right. Zion immediately looked to his mate and saw a tear run down Devon’s cheek, Zion turned to step in front of his mate and cupped his cheek, tipping Devon’s head back so their eyes would meet, then brushed the tear away with his thumb. “They are here, my mate. They may not be with us in the physical sense, but your parents are here, my love, and I know they are smiling down on you with pride and love,” Zion whispered, then gave Devon a soft kiss.

  “Thank you, mate,” Devon replied, his voice choked with emotion.

  “Let’s do this so that I can take you to our new bed chamber and hold you,” Zion whispered. Devon gave him a bright watery smile and nodded. Zion turned back and stood at Devon’s side, facing his father. Their gazes met and Zion saw his father's eyes full of pride for him, as the man gave him a smile and nodded.

  Argo adjusted the microphone on the stand before him, then looked at each couple with an encouraging smile, before looking out over the mass of people joined within the kingdom.

  “I want to welcome you all here today in the celebration of not only the joining of these couples, but the joining of the Ingenium Clan and the Luman Clan,” Argo began. “It has always been a dream for my Queen and I to see our son take over the thrown from me and to stand here someday with his true mate, King Devon of Luman as they officially joined our two clan’s as one. This was also the dream of my good friend, King Devon’s father, King Roman and his Queen Isabell. As you all know, we had been friends for many years, so when the great prophet came to us and told us of the prophecy of our children being true mates, which would bring all the clans together, we were beyond thrilled. So let’s begin. Zion and Devon, Leigh and Grinold, please face one another and join hands.” They each turned to face their mate, and did as Argo instructed.

  Argo cleared his throat then officially began the marital ceremony of the kings. “All of us joined here today are here to bare witness for all future generations, of the day all our clan’s stood as one to honor not only our king’s, but our future as a whole. Each of us have our own love stories. Some are short, some long, and others are not yet written, but we all stand here to witness and celebrate the love, commitment, and devotion of King Zion and King Devon to one another, and King Leigh and Sir Grinold Auberon to each other.

  “When the king’s of our realm meet the one they wish to spend eternity with, they are wed in a ceremony of their clan. But today is a special day, as we stand witness to something unseen for over four thousand years. The king’s marital ceremony of true mates. Not only for one king of our realm, but three. And they have all agreed to be joined here today to show solidarity to all of us, and to their friendships with each other, and the three other kings.

  “King Maximus of the Obscurum Clan, King Rand of the Aerius Clan, and King Killian of the Ignic Clan, all stand here today as not only witnesses to this rare occasion, but as friends, and best men to these couples. We stand here today in the center of this new kingdom between the lands of Luman and Ingenium, in the new kingdom of Ingenluman as one.

  “We all come here today to support you and remind you that love isn’t happily ever after. It is not a moment, not even this moment, but every moment. The big and the small, but mostly the million little moments that come between. It is the everyday. Waking together, falling asleep together, sharing intimacies together, and compromising with one another. It is working together everyday in what needs to be done for your people, but also for one another. It is those little everyday moments fused together to make one big experience. It is respect, understanding, compassion, support, and love. Your mate is your best advisor, your best friend, your soft place to land, and your protector. For they hold your heart and will keep it safe.

  “And even though this moment, right here, right now, is so monumental and incredible, it is just like love itself. It is meant to be felt and experienced. You have each turned toward your true mate and joined hands. Remember this moment as the first of many, as you should always turn toward your mate and join together in good times and in bad. By turning to one another, you will always stand together. It is when you turn away from your mate, that cracks can begin to form, and love can start to break down.

  “King Zion and King Devon, King Leigh and Sir Grinold, you have been chosen by fate for one another. It is a bond like no other and should always be respected by all. Finding your true mate is truly an amazing and rare thing, but when you find that missing piece to your soul, as you all have, then you must grab onto it with both hands and nurture it to help it grow, then never let it go. A true mating is the most powerful covenant in our world. It has the power to bring immeasurable joy, happiness, peace, contentment, compassion, intimacy, and love like no other. And no other relationship can go as deeply as the bond of true mates.

  “But mating your fated mate isn’t only about finding the other half of your soul and reuniting the two halves to make it complete. Two beings hold one soul, so two beings need to feed it to satisfy and solidify the bond and keep it together, and make it grow. Each individual needs to grow and allow the other to grow, but always come back together and accept the other for who they are now and who they will grow to become as the sands of time pass.

  “Now I start with you, my son, my king. Zion,” Argo finished and looked to Zion.

  Zion smiled at his father, then turned back to face Devon, giving him a loving smile, then spoke with all the love he had inside him for the man who owned him. “Devon, we were only babes when our love began. From the moment I saw you, even as a child, I knew you were mine, and I vowed to love and protect you for eternity. In the years that we were apart my heart was gone and I lived a shadow of a life, but I never gave up hope that I would find you again. As a dragon we all know how precious our treasures are. But all that means nothing if I don’t have you, for you are the most precious treasure I have ever been gifted. You Devon, are more than my best friend and lover. You are more than my husband and confidant. You are my very heart and soul, and without you life ceases to exist. Without you, my life is forfeit and not worth living.”

  Tears built in Devon’s eyes and Zion just wanted to hold his man, but he knew they were tears of happiness and love. And as much as he wanted to just hold his man, he needed to go on.

  “I, Zion, King of Ingenium, promise to sleep in your arms. To be joy to your heart and food for your soul. I accept you Devon to be no other than yourself. Loving what I know of you, and  trusting what things I will discover. I vow to learn with you and grow with you, even as times and life change us both. I promise to laugh with you in good times and struggle alongside you in bad times. I promise to respect you and cherish you as an individual, a partner, and an equal, knowing that we do not complete, but complement each other. There is little to say that you haven’t already heard, and little to give that is not already freely given. I have always been yours and I always will be. I am devoted to you in every way. I marry you with no hesitation or doubt, and my commitment to you is absolute.”

  “King Devon of the Luman Clan,” Argo said.

  Love and light shown in Devon’s eyes as a few tears began to roll down his cheek, and he tried to control himself enough to speak. Zion, his love, his life, stood before him, vowing to be his everything. And that is exactly what Zion was. His everything. Devon cleared his throat, then swallowed thickly. “Zion even when we were apart my soul knew of you, longed for you, and loved you. You saved me and brought me home. My life was truly nothing without you. You are the balm to my soul, the core of my heart, and the wind that sets me free,” Devon said, his voice choked with emotion as more tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

  “Today, I stand before all those present and promise to always love you. I will laugh with you in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share in your dreams and support you as we stand together to lead our people. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement. I will love you when we are together and when we are apart. I vow to support you and your dreams, and to respect our differences, and to stay by your side through all the days and nights of our lives. Together we will build a life full of laughter and light, as we strive to do what is right for not only us, but all of our people. We are partners, friends, lovers, and equals in and out of our private moments. You are my heart and soul. I have always been yours, and I always will be. I give myself to you freely, and accept who you are now, and who you will grow to be. I am devoted to you in every way. I marry you without hesitation or doubt, and my commitment to you is absolute.”

  “Now it is time to join you both under the traditions of both your clans, and bind you and your kingdoms together forever,” Argon announced. “Zion, your ring.”

  Zion released devon’s hands and removed his signet ring, the band made of braided gold, with a large round emerald set in the top.

  “Now place your ring on your mates finger as you speak the binding words of the Ingenium marital promise.”

  Zion clasped Devon’s left hand in his, as he used his right hand to slip his ring onto Deon’s left ring finger, and began his vow. “The fitting of this ring with its unending circle, symbolises my everlasting love for you. The placing of this ring on your finger is the fulfillment of my dreams, to have you as my best friend, my love, and my husband, to live as one, for eternity.”

  Argo turned to Devon. “And now you, King Devon. Place your ring on your mates finger as you speak the binding words of the Luman marital promise.”

  Devon removed his signet ring and held Zion’s left hand, as he slid his ring onto Zion’s ring finger. “This ring is my precious gift to you, as a sign that from this day forward, you shall be surrounded and encircled by my love. Just as the circle is without end, my love for you is eternal. With this ring, I give you my heart. From this day forward, you shall never walk alone again. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.

  Argo held out his hands and the elders from the Ingenium Clan and the Luman Clan stepped forward, each handing Argon a stirp of cloth. Argo raised both above his head for all to see. One was made of golden leather and the other a green vine. The third elder moved closer and slipped a third strip that was braided with both the golden leather and the green vine into Argo’s hands. “The Ingenium and Luman Clan’s are now one, as King Zion, and King Devon are now one. What we bind together now, let no one untie.”

  Argon lowered his hands, and looked to Zion and Devon. “Zion, Devon, join your ringed hands.”

  Zion and Devon did as Argon instructed and joined their hands, entwining their fingers. Argon stepped closer, then wrapped the leather strap over their joined hands, letting the end hang loose, then did the same with the green vine. Finally he wrapped the braided strip around their hands, then looked to the other kings. Leigh turned and moved closer, as Max, Killian, and Rand did too. The four worked together to braid the three loose ends, then tied it and tucked it into the binding of Zion and Devon’s hands. Once done, the four king’s stepped back, and took their original places.

  Argo placed a hand over Zion and Devon’s joined ones. “The union between these two great king’s have been blessed by the dragon gods, accepted by the clan’s elders, and bound together by the four other kings of our realm. What the fates have brought together, will now be as one for all time. Zion, Devon, you may now kiss your husband.”

  Zion smiled brightly at Devon as he slipped his free hand around his waist and brought Devon flush against his body, then claimed his lips in a tender kiss, full of all the love he had for his mate.

  After a few minutes, Argo gently cleared his throat. Zion released Devon’s lips, but held him firm against his side, their hands still bound. Zion gave his father a shy smile, and Argo chuckled.

  “To start your new life as joint kings who will together rule over the newly banded Ingenluman Clan you will remain bound together for the rest of the day, to show your solidarity, and how beautifully you work together,” Argo said. Zion and Devon smiled as they looked at one another again.

  “Now we turn to King Leigh and Sir Grinold Auberon. The mating of the King of the Adaquo Clan, to the former Ingenium Clan’s highest warrior, is another sign that the prophecy has begun. It is the binding together of the Adequo and the former Ingenium Clan’s. Vowing their faith and support of the new Ingenluman Clan and it’s kings.”

  Leigh’s father, Evander, stepped forward and Argo moved to stand beside him. “King Leigh, my son, my successor, my king, we look to you for your vows to your husband, your mate.”

  Leigh turned back to face Grin and his heart filled with love as his head spun. He never thought he would ever be standing here, vowing his life for eternity with anyone, much less Grin, his true mate. The man he had had a crush on since they were young boys. Since Grin had come to him and confessed his love for Leigh, Leigh’s life had been filled with immeasurable love. Grin was the perfect man for him. As Leigh thought the words, he decided to speak them.

  “My Grinold, my love, my mate. I have loved you from afar for more years than I wish to admit in front of this crowd,” Leigh began, his words causing laughter through the group around them and the crowd below.

  “You have always been just a dream for me, but you loving me, proves to me that dreams really do come true. Since you came to me and confessed your love for me, my life has been full of immense love. Most think because of my size, that I am not king material. But you have never shown me anything but encouragement, trust, and faith, that I could do the job. You have stood by me, giving me strength, and your complete loyalty. Your belief in me and my capabilities, set me free and give me the confidence to be the king my clan deserves.

  “I love the faces you make when you stretch, the growls you make when you’re being fierce, and the humming noises you make when you eat something you are truly enjoying. I love that you don’t steal the covers at night, don’t leave your shavings in the sink, and kill the spiders for me.” Laughter rang out. “I love that I can be myself with you, as crazy as I am, and you love me all the more for it. And I love you for never being afraid to be silly with me, and for putting up with my sense of humor. I love that I am the only one who knows how funny you can be, and how truly tender you are. I love you for being my best friend and my biggest supporter. For always treating me with respect, trust, and love. And I love your infinite understanding and patience. I am crazy about you, and the passion, determination, and perseverance you maintain in everything you do. And I love you for always believing in me and making me feel strong.

  “I vow to be there for you through the exceptional times and the miserable one. I will be there with you through the silly times and the stinky times, which on occasion, are the same thing.”

  The roar of laughter surrounding them, made Leigh laugh too, as Grin blushed. “Sorry, my love, but it needed to be said. Now where was I? Oh yeah. I vow to love you and keep on loving you for the million little things you do that make you unique and make my smile. I will even love you for the things that you do that make me frown, for they are also a part of who your are. I love everything about you. I vow to support you in every endeavor emotionally and spiritually. I would have said physically, but you are just way too damn heavy.”

  This time Grin joined in the laughter, and the sound of his deep laugh made Leigh shiver with need. He took a calming breath as he tried to get his cock to go down. Thank the dragon gods he was wearing the long tunic. Leigh hoped it kept his arousal concealed. He guessed not when Grin’s nostrils flared and his eyes sparkled and turned dark with lust. He needed to hurry this little ceremony along so they could get to the truly good part of his binding with his mate. Zion and Devon’s binding was beautiful and a bit kinky with them being tied together, but Leigh always dreamed of performing the Adequo marital ceremony with his husband some day. And now it was here.

  “Shit. Yes, okay. Grin, my love, my mate, I vow to be honest with you in my actions and my words. I will stay true to you, always trusting in you. I promise to talk to you and to listen. To stand by you and challenge you. To give and be present. I promise to always put our mating first as it should be, and to always work on us and to try. I promise to always choose you and us everyday and to set aside my pride. I promise to be good to you, and cherish you and your heart forever. Simply...I love you Grinold Auberon, with every breath I take and everything that I am.”

  Leigh’s father smiled at Leigh then turned to Grin. “Sir Grinold Auberon, you may say your vows.”

  Grin clasped Leigh’s hands tighter, still not believing how lucky he was to be blessed with Leigh as his mate. “ Leigh, my heart, my love. You propel me forward. You are the calm before the storm and the patience that’s keeps me grounded. You are good, and humble, happy and funny, sweet and stable. When everyone tells me how amazing you are, they remind me of the reasons why I love you so much. You are the point source of my inspiration and the anchor to my soul. You make me want to be a better man everyday. In this expansive universe of space and stardust, I found you, the perfect mate for me and the only person I want to spend my life with, my eternity with.

  “I’m not very good with words and I tried to find a quote from a famous author, but I couldn’t find anything, because everything I found gave no justice to the way I feel when I am with you. Nothing lived up to the way my skin shivers when you smile, or how bad my face hurts from how you make me smile. I never thought that you would love me and when you did, my heart came alive. I never dreamed I could love someone as much as I love you.”

  Leigh tried to hold back the tears, but it was impossible. Grin said he wasn’t good with words, but right now his words were filling Leigh’s heart with love and reminding him why he truly loved this man. Grin may not be a royal, or the most eloquent, but Grin never held back his love for him and showered him with it everyday. His bottom lip quivered as the tears that built in his eyes began to fall.

  “Leigh, you are my heart, my sun, and my stars. Thank you, mate, for loving me and showing me what love is. Because of your love I feel like I can face anything. So for that I promise myself to you now and for always. I promise to always give you my kisses, my smiles, my hugs, my laughter, my tears, my hope, and my fears. I promise to eat weird food with you at strange hours as we laugh. And I promise to always laugh at horrible inappropriate things with you. I promise to say I am sorry when I am wrong, though we both know that I never am, oof―” Grin released a grunt of air as Leigh jabbed him in the gut and sneered playfully at him. Grin laughed and continued. “And I promise to forgive you when you are,” Grin chuckled and tried to move away as Leigh reached out to smack him again. The others around them and the crowd below laughed and cheered.  “And I also promise to make fun with you, or at least kiss you after I make fun of you.”

  “You ass,” Leigh grumbled, giving Grin a nasty look, but the glint of approval in his eyes told Grin his mate wasn’t truly angry.

  Grin pulled Leigh close and cupped his cheek with one hand as he looked deeply into his eyes. “I vow to always support your dreams, even if they scare the shit out of me. I will always encourage you, and support you to reach your goals and be the amazing king I know you already are. I promise to say I love you, even if we fight, because you should always know how much you mean to me. I vow to always smile when you laugh and hug you when you cry. I swear to never take you for granted and I will always thank you for everything you do and all the love you give. I will always hold your hand in quiet comfort when times are tough, or even when they aren’t, because when you hold my hand, my anxiety clams, I sleep better, and though all may not be right in our world, all is right with us, especially when I am with you. I vow to you, my love, that for as long as I live, what I possess I give to you. I will keep you and hold you, comfort and cherish you, protect and shelter you, for all the days of my life, until my last breath and beyond. And above all, I will love you forever, my mate, my heart, my life.”

  King Evander smiled happily as he looked at Grin. “Are you sure you’re not good with words?” He teased and Leigh loved the blush that rose up Grin’s cheeks.

  “Now that you, beloved friends and family of King Leigh and Sir Grinold, have heard them recite their vows, do you promise, from this day forward, to encourage them and love them, to give them your guidance, and to support them in being steadfast in the promised that they have made?” A chorus of “We do” rang out across the crowd.

  “May the blessings of life, the joy of love, the peace of truth, and the wisdom and strength of Spirit, be your constant companion, now and always as husbands and true mates. We will now exchange the rings which will symbolize your commitment to one another.” Evander held out his hand and Leigh slipped his signet ring from his finger and placed it in his father's hand. Grin removed his warrior ring, a black band made of braided vines, with an emerald in the top, and placed it in Evander’s hand.

  Evander held up his hands high. “These rings are made from humble beginnings of imperfect metal to create something striking where there once was nothing. It is customary to wear a marital ring on the only finger with a vein running directly to the heart. These rings are the outward sign that Leigh and Grinold have committed themselves to one another. May the dragon gods bless these rings as they have blessed this union.”

  Evander lowered his hands and held out his open palm to Grinold. Grin took his ring from Evander, then put it to Leigh’s finger as he gave Grin his hand.

  Now place your ring on your mates finger as you speak the binding words of the Ingenium marital promise.”

   Grin then spoke the same words as Zion had, the words of his people. “The fitting of this ring with its unending circle, symbolises my everlasting love for you. The placing of this ring on your finger is the fulfillment of my dreams, to have you as my best friend, my love, and my husband, to live as one, for eternity.”

  Evander held out his hand toward Leigh. “King Leigh, place your ring on your mates finger as you make the marital vow.”

  Leigh took his ring, then placed it on Grin’s finger. “I give you this ring as a reminder that I will love, honor, and cherish you at all times, in all places, and in all ways, forever. It is a symbol of my eternal love, my everlasting friendship, and the promise of all my tomorrows,” Leigh responded quietly as he slipped his signet ring on Grin’s finger.

  Evander placed his hand over their joint hands. “Now before these witnesses who have assembled here today, and as much as you have each pledged to the other your lifelong commitment, love, and devotion, I now pronounce you husband and husband, under the powers of the Universe and the blessing of fate and the dragon gods, let no one put asunder. You may kiss your husband.”

  Leigh plastered himself to Grin’s front and wrapped his arms around his neck. Grin wrapped Leigh in his arms and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. Tongues dueled, teeth clashed, and lips punished. The kiss was a claiming for all to see. After a few minutes, Evander cleared his throat. “Okay you two, we have a little more to get to.”

  Grin released Leigh’s lips and tried to step back, but Leigh kept his hold around Grin’s neck firm.

  “Leigh, my son, we still need to crown Sir Grinold as King Consort, so release him. You will be joining in the ceremonial mating in just a few moments,” Evander whispered as he smiled at his son.

  Leigh released Grin and stood beside him, holding his hand, as they faced his father. Evander stepped back as Zion, Devon, Max, Killian, and Rand moved to stand before them. One of the elders moved forward and held out an ultramarine blue pillow with the white crown resting in its center. Together Zion and Devon worked to pick up the crown and hold it high above their heads. Max, Rand, and Killian each placed a hand on the crown, as the elder stepped back.

  “May the dragon gods bless this crown and give its wearer the wisdom needed to help his people, the strength to stand by his king, his mate, and the patience to step back in silent solidarity and let his mate rule, but giving him the best advice he can for the betterment of their kingdom,” Zion said.

  They lowered the crown over Grin’s head. “Please bow, Sir Grinold, formerly of Ingenium, and now king consort to Adequo,” Max said in his deep voice. Grin bowed his head.

  Max continued, "Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Adequo according to the statutes of agreement of all the clan’s of the dragon realm?

  "I solemnly promise."

  Rand then spoke. "Will you, to your best ability, stand by your mate as he fulfills the promise of his crown to uphold the law and justice in mercy to be executed in all his judgements?"

  "I will."

  Killian was next. "Will you serve your kingly mate as an advisor to him with the best intentions for the people of Adeque as your guide”

  “I will.”

  Together the kings placed the white crown on Grin’s head. Once in place the kings stepped back. “Raise your head, Sir Grinold, King’s consort of Adequo, and stand tall and proud at your mate, your king’s side,” Devon said. Grin raised his head and met each of the kings gazes, then stopped on his best friend, Zion.

  Zion gave him a watery smile and Grin could see all the love and pride Zion had for him. “May the dragon gods smile down upon you both as you lead the people of Adequo to the best of your ability, with love, compassion, understanding, and honor.”

  The kings all stepped back and Evander stepped forward. “The crowning of the King’s consort is complete. People of Adequo, as your former King, I ask that you respect your new King Consort and show him the respect he deserves. To, Sir Grinold, King’s Consort!” Evander called out, then bowed to Grin.

  All the members of the Adequo clan who were present, with the exception of Leigh, bowed to their new royal.

  Evander straightened. “It is now time to complete the Adequo marital ceremony with the traditional first swim and claiming in the Valarian. Those who wish to witness the dance of the king, please shift and fly to the land of the Adequo. King Leigh, your people await your arrival on the shores of the Valarian.”

  Leigh looked to Grin and squeezed his hand. As Grin’s gaze met his, Leigh nodded and suddenly a light grew around him. Evander moved forward and grabbed Leigh’s crown before it fell off, then looked to Grin. He immediately removed the crown and handed it to his father-in-law, then shifted along with Leigh.

  Leigh’s stunning white dragon with the ultramarine blue scales on the underside and upon his head, looking like a crown, flew up into the clear blue sky alongside Grin’s massive green and brown dragon. They flew side-by-side over the rolling green hills of Ingenluman and into the Adequo lands. The sky ahead of them was full of thousands of dragons as they made their way to the shores of the Valarian Sea. Once Leigh and Grin reached the sea, the sky cleared except for them.

  “Ready my handsome, mate?” Leigh asked using their mind link.

  “Always for you, my love,” Grin responded.

  Leigh growled, then flew straight up. Grin followed and once they reached the desired height, they flew around one another, coming close, then moving apart. Leigh knew that from below it would look like a battle, but it wasn’t, it was the mating ritual of his clan. Even though Grin was much bigger and stronger than he was, Leigh was still king and as such his part was to chase Grin, overtaking him, and plunging them into the Valarian.

  Grin turned and winked at him and Leigh smiled. He knew his mate would make a great show of it for their people. Leigh flew at top speed toward Grin and wrapped his wings around Grin, trapping Grin’s wings. The two plummeted toward water. Just as they were about to make contact, they each stretched out their necks, pointing their snouts, and hit the water smoothly, as they dove in. The water encompassed them, and they swirled around as Grin took control. Control the Leigh gladly gave him, as they dropped to the sea floor.

  They each shifted back to their human forms and Grin wrapped his arms around Leigh, then kissed him. His hard cock throbbing to get inside his mate. Leigh opened his legs, inviting Grin in. Grin was afraid of hurting his mate, but Leigh promised he would chant a spell he knew that would open him completely to his mate before Grin entered him. Leigh pulled back and smiled at Grin then said in their mind link, “I’m ready, mate. Claim me again.”

  Grin didn’t waste a moment and pressed the tip of his cock to Leigh’s opening, then slid inside unhindered. The slide was euphoric and magnificent and Leigh loved how quickly Grin filled him. They fucked and rut together frantically as their bodies ascended back toward the surface. Leigh was overtaken with emotion and his need rose. He wasn’t going to last long with the way Grin was powering into him.

  Grin thrust faster and harder and Leigh looked up to see the surface right above them. They broke through the surface and Grin gasped in a long breath, then pushed them under again as his cock continued to pound into Leigh’s body. He fucking loved it and never wanted it to end. He loved making love to his mate at any time, but this was his favorite. He and Grin had been practicing a lot, getting ready for today’s festivities, and Leigh wanted to do this again. The feel of Grin wrapped around him and inside him, as the water caressed his skin, satisfied both him and his dragon at the same time. The sensation was mind-blowing.

  Gods, Leigh, I’m gonna come,” Grin said through clenched teeth.

  “Then come, my beloved. I’m ready,” Leigh replied.

  Grin tightened his hold and Leigh’s orgasm raced through him, spraying out between them, and floating around them. Grin grunted, then licked across Leigh’s mating bite, then struck, sinking his teeth into Leigh’s flesh. Leigh felt his hole being filled with Grin’s release as Grin stiffened and they floated back to the top.

  After a moment, Grin’s body relaxed and he released Leigh’s neck, licking across his mark. A loud uproar came from the shore and fireworks exploded through the darkening sky. It was dusk, so the sky was still blue, but it would be dark in less than an hour, then the real fireworks would begin not only here in the sky, but in their bedchamber. Leigh had never been happier in his life as he was at this moment, and he couldn’t wait for every day with his love. Leigh laughed as they swam around, still entwined and listened to the cheers coming from the shore. His gaze met Devon’s and his friend gave him a knowing smirk. Shit. Maybe he should have told Grin that this ritual performed after the marital vows, pledges, and exchanging of rings, could possibly leave him with child. Oh well, he would tell him later. Leigh thought before he took Grin’s lips in a passionate kiss and drove them back under the water.

  “Shall we disappear, my love, while everyone is distracted by Leigh and Grin?” Zion whispered in Devon’s ear from behind, his arms wrapped around Devon’s waist, and his hard, throbbing cock resting between Devon’s cheeks.

  “I thought you would never ask, mate. I am so hard for you and standing here naked with all these people and my cock hard and leaking, is not on the top of my list of things to do on my wedding day,” Devon said as he pushed his ass back further against Zion. The tip of Zion’s cock pressed against Devon’s warm hole.

  “Mmmm, baby. I need to be inside you right now, and never let you go,” Zion growled against Devon’s neck.

  “Sounds like the perfect way to start our new life together, man of my heart. Take me home to our new room so that we can spend the next month or so christening every surface.”

  Zion immediately started to shimmer as his green light engulfed him. Devon threw his head back and laughed as his golden light began to glow. Once they were each shifted into their dragons, they lifted, and flew off together toward home.

  “Well that was rude,” Rand said.

  “What? That those two snuck away to go fuck their brains out? “ Killian asked.

  “No. I know they’ll be back at sometime tonight. They have to be at the celebration for their people.”

 “Then what was so rude?” Max asked with indifference, his gaze locked on the two men swimming in the sea.

  “They could have at least let us watch like Grin and Leigh are doing,” Rand answered then broke out laughing when Killian smacked him and Max gave him a mischievous smile.


  “I love you, my mate. Now and forever,” Leigh whispered against Grin’s lips.

  “I will love you for eternity, my Leigh,” Grin replied, then took Leigh’s lips again as he dove under the water.


  Zion and Devon landed on the balcony of their new bedchamber and shifted back. Zion grabbed Devon up into his arms and ran into the room, tossing Devon on the bed, then followed him down, laying between his legs. “You are every breath I take, and I live to see you smile and make you happy. I love you, Devon.”

  Devon smiled up at Zion as tears burned the backs of his eyes. He reached up and ran his fingers through Zion’s hair. “I belong to you. I always have and I always will. You are the blood that runs through my veins and beats my heart. You are the air in my lungs that give me life. You are the spirit in my soul that makes me whole. You are life, Zion. Without you I don’t exist. I love you, my mate.” Devon leaned up and kissed Zion. He was right where he wanted to be forever, and right where he belong for eternity. In his mates arms.


The story of Zion and Devon can be found in Maggie’s Dragon Realm Series.

Return of the Dragon King book 1

And Leigh and Grin’s story can be found in book 2- Rescue of the Dragon King.

Book 3 of the Dragon Realm Series will be coming Fall of 2017.

For all titles by Maggie Walsh, please visit her website at:


Dragon Realm 2
Leigh is the King of the Adaquo Clan of dragons, but he is unlike the other kings. Instead of being big, strong warriors, like his friends, he is a tall, slender, twink, who is very feminine in his features, and has the mouth of a champion in sarcasm. Due to Leigh’s looks, his father, the previous king, taught Leigh how to fight so that he could not only lead his people, but defend himself.

Leigh has always had a crush on Grin, a soldier and warrior for the Ingenium Clan. When Grin comes to Leigh one night flirting, it shocks Leigh to his very core. The man of his dreams wants him too, and Leigh will not let this opportunity pass. Leigh and Grin declare their undying love for each other and claim one another as mate, but a new evil in Leigh’s clan threatens to pull these two lovebirds apart.

When members of Leigh’s clan go missing, he knows it is up to him as their king to protect them and stop this evil force, but to face it he must leave his warrior mate behind and fight this battle without him. When Leigh becomes a victim of the very evil that is threatening his people, Grin calls upon their friends, the other kings, as well as two magics, to aid him in his search for his missing mate.

Leigh finds himself in a very strange palace, surrounded by a veil of fog created by a very powerful sorcerer, with no hope of escape, and no hope of rescue. Can Leigh fight his way out of the hands of this madman? Is he destined to live his life without the man he loves? Or will his mate Rescue the Dragon King?
  Thank the Dragon Gods he had fallen asleep immediately upon lying in bed and cuddling up in Grin’s arms. He had fallen asleep earlier than usual, and now he had gotten up early again and was able to get a little time to lay in the early morning sun before the magics arrived for their meeting. The early sun wasn’t as strong and potent as the midday sun, but it would be enough to give him some much-needed energy.
  Leigh lay there with his eyes closed loving the feel of the sun licking his skin as he listened to the soft waves roll onto the shore. He was so comfortable that within minutes he felt his body completely relax as his breathing slowed, and he could feel himself growing tired. A nice nap in the sun would be wonderful.
  “Hello, handsome.”
  Leigh jumped from the strange voice, and instantly his eyes snapped open as he sat up straight, eyes locking on the very large, naked, stranger. “How did you get here? This is the private beach of the palace.”
  “I was out for a morning swim, and I came upon the beach for a rest and what do I find but the most delicious man I have ever seen,” the large man said huskily.
  Leigh grabbed the shorts that he had discarded earlier and placed them over his exposed groin. “You were out for a morning swim from where? No one should have access to this beach except through the back door of the castle.”
  The man sat a few feet from him, resting on his hip while bending his legs and holding himself up on one arm. “I came from around the rocks over there and spotted the beach and thought it would be a great place to rest for a bit before I head back,” the man said nonchalantly and gave Leigh a bright smile.
  Leigh wasn’t fooled by that smile, not one bit. There was no way the man would be able to swim around the rocks he had pointed out and make it back here. The closest place he could have left from would have been from the clan village fifteen kilometers up the shoreline, swimming against some of the harshest currents in their realm. It was impossible for anyone in human form to do. Only in their dragon forms could someone do it and everyone in his clan knew that if they even attempted it, there would be hell to pay because it led to the king's private beach. Because of them being water dragons and needing the sun, all water dragons took time out every day to bath in the sun, but for the king to do it in public view was not acceptable. Not only because no one should see the king's naked form in that manner, but also for safety reasons. Sure, his guardsmen had seen him naked when shifting, but that was different. That was going out to do their duty and not there to check out each other’s goods. It was just bad form.
  Plus, there was the fact that Leigh had never seen this man before. He was not of Leigh’s clan, because if he were, he would know the laws against what he claims he had done, and he would know who Leigh was, and this man had no idea who he was talking to. Then there was the fact that this man wasn’t a dragon period. Leigh couldn’t smell dragon of any type on this man. And even if he were another dragon, he would still know who Leigh was.
  So, who was this stranger and what did he want? Was he one of the ones making his people disappear? Was he working for those who did? Leigh narrowed his eyes at the man and asked, “Why are you really here?” Not hiding his suspicions in any way.
  The big smile fell slightly, and Leigh could see something pass over the man’s eyes, but was unsure what it was. “As I said, I came upon your beach for some much-needed rest. I never expected to find such a stunning creature as you lying here.”
  “Well, then I think you have rested enough and need to go on your way now. This is the private beach of the king,” Leigh said as he got to his feet, without taking his eyes from the man.
  “The king? Well, maybe I should go and introduce myself and thank him for the use of his beach,” the man stated and stood.
  Leigh kept his face neutral not wanting to give away that the man was already speaking with the king. He was also starting to get a weird feeling like this man was exactly who they had been looking for. But Leigh needed to be very careful, because if this was the one responsible, then he was a powerful magic if what his men said about the merpeople were true. “Maybe you should. If you take those stairs there up to the top, you’ll find the door. Just knock, and the house servant will answer,” Leigh replied with a calmness that surprised even him. He was hoping the man would tuck tail and run. Or in this case swim, then Leigh could put the call out to his guard to join him and follow.
  “That sounds like a great idea,” the stranger said joyfully as his face lit up. He moved quickly and grabbed Leigh’s wrist before Leigh could react. Then the man started to speak in a strange language. Leigh felt the stranger's hot breath against his cheek, and his legs began to grow weak just as his eyes got heavy, then nothing.


Author Bio:
Maggie has been married for nineteen years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.
Links to find Maggie:



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