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A Dragon Wedding


Today is going to be a good day.

  Today was the day. The castle was all in a buzz, as well as the kingdom itself, as the servants all raced around trying to get everything ready, and the people of his and Zion’s two clans worked around the clock to prepare the lands for today’s festivities.

  Devon lay still with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his loves naked body pressed against his back, as he breathed softly in sleep. The light caress of Zion’s warm breath tickled Devon’s neck, causing a smile to spread across his lips. He loved this man more than anything and couldn’t live a day without his mate. Thoughts of what today truly meant surrounded Devon with a sense of peace.

  For today, he and Zion would be wed in the traditional ceremony of their peoples, before both of their clans, and finally joining both of their kingdoms to become one. Even though he and Zion had been mated almost two years ago, they wanted to wait to have the official ceremony until their new castle, that now sat in the center of both their lands, was ready. It had been a long road for them to make it here, and he and Zion wanted to make sure all their people felt a part of this future that was promised even before Devon’s birth.

  When his mother, Queen Isabell was pregnant with him, the great prophet of the dragon realm had spoken with his father, King Romen, and Zion’s father, King Argo, and told them of what he had seen. The first of true fated mates in over four thousand years in the dragon realm was about to be born. He saw Devon and Zion’s mating and how they would bring the six dragon clans together in peace for thousands of years.

  But Zion’s Uncle Melkin had other plans. He wanted the Ingenium kingdom for himself, so he joined with Jana, the man who would be appointed as steward of the Luman clan after Devon’s disappearance, and they had killed Devon’s father when Devon was ten, then they scared his mother, a human, into leaving the dragon realm with him and hiding them in the human realm. Once there, Devon’s memories had been wiped, and he had no idea who or what he really was.

  Zion had never given up hope that he would find Devon, and spent every day that he had been gone sending out his warriors to search all the realms for Devon. Then one day, a few weeks before Zion was to turn twenty-three and lose his throne to Melkin forever, they had found Devon. He had been shocked to learn the truth of who he was, and who Zion was to him, but he knew they belonged together.

  For weeks before Zion had found him, Devon had been having dreams of a great love. One that would make him feel complete, and safe, and loved. He dreamed of Zion and had already loved him when they met. But because of Devon’s horrible human life where he had been forced into prostitution, he didn’t think he was worthy of Zion or his love, but Zion wouldn’t give him up.

  They, along with their friends, the other four kings, and Grinold, Zion’s best friend and right hand, had managed to uncover the conspiracy that had killed Devon’s father, took Devon away, and even made his life the hell that it was. Secretly, they destroyed Melkin and Jana’s plans by mating before Zion’s birthday. When the clans all joined for the celebration, and what Melkin thought would be the moment his brother, King Argo, would have to appoint him the new king instead of Zion, because Melkin believed Devon to still be lost in the human realm, therefore Zion couldn’t have mated him by the deadline, Melkin and Jana were shocked when Devon made his appearance. That is when all the secrets of his father's murder and Devon’s disappearance had come out. Melkin still demanded he be crowned king seeing as Devon had just been found and Zion hadn’t claimed him. Boy was he shocked and angry when he learned that they had in fact mated and claimed one another insuring Zion’s rightful place as the new king of the Ingenium Clan..

  Zion was then crowned king and Devon being the only heir to the Luman throne, was crowned as well, joining their two kingdoms, and making the prophecy come to life.

  But today they would perform the official marriage ceremony that all the kings before them had done to wed their chosen mate. But today would be extra special because it was not only he and Zion who were getting married, but two of their best friends Leigh and Grinold, who were also true mates.

  Leigh was the king of the Adequo clan, and Grin was an Ingenium dragon. He had always been Zion’s best friend, but also his assistant, advisor, and right hand. Leigh and Grin had spent most of their lives loving each other from afar, but neither admitting their true feelings. Grin didn’t think he was good enough for Leigh because Grin wasn’t royalty, but Leigh couldn’t care less. He loved Grin for who he was.

  Then one night after Devon’s return, he and Grin had a long talk, and something he said made Grin finally act and he went to Leigh and admitted his feelings. Leigh confessed to his own feelings and they were shocked to find upon sleeping together, that they were actually true mates. A dragon didn’t know his true mate by scent or sight anymore as they once did. Dragons now had to have sex with someone to know if they had found their true mate. That is one of the reasons dragons have so many bed partners.

  But four thousand years ago after a war with the magics, no dragon had ever found their true mate again, and the sight and scent of discovering ones mate, had disappeared. The dragons believed it to be a curse placed upon them by the magis. But even though they could no longer find their mate by smell or sight and no dragon had found their fated mate since the was, they kept trying, and believing that one day they would. Now that the prophecy of Devon and Zion’s mating had come true and Leigh and Grin so soon after, the dragons of all the clans were now more promiscuous than ever, as they tried to find their one true mate.

  Grin and Leigh had gone threw their own problems as their mating began, with a sick race of beings known as Finfolk abducting some of Leigh’s people and then Leigh himself. But they had battled the creatures and defeated them, saving Leigh’s people. Now they were also ready to perform the marital ceremony of their people in a joint service with he and Zion.

  Devon knew the day was going to be busy, but very special, and he couldn’t wait to get started. He opened his eyes and saw that the sun was just lighting the sky and knew he needed to get up. The royal tailor would be in soon to make the final adjustments on his and Zion’s clothes for the ceremony.

  Devon slowly slid from under Zion’s arm, but just as he made it to the edge of their bed, a large hand reached around, pressing against his stomach and pulled him back. Devon laughed as his back came in contact with Zion’s muscular chest again.

  “Sneaking away, my husband?” Zion’s sleep rough voice whispered in his ear.

  He loved the sound of Zion’s voice at any time, but first thing in the morning it sounded extra sexy and caused a shiver of desire to run through him. Devon leaned back into Zion’s embrace as his eyes closed, luxuriating in the pleasure of being safe in his man’s arms. “We have so much to do today, love. Morow, the tailor, will be here soon, and we still need to have breakfast and shower.”

  “Well, I know of a great way for us to take care of all of that and still meet with Morow on time. Even though we are the kings and he will wait for us if we are late.”

  “That’s true, but if we are late with him, we may be late for the rest of the day and I refuse to be late to my own wedding.”

  “Excited are we?” Zion asked as he ran his tongue around the shell of Devon’s ear, causing him to quiver.

  “Yes. Today I marry the man of my dreams. The man I love with all my heart and soul. There is no way I will be late for that.”

  Zion pulled back slightly and turned Devon to his back, then leaned up on one arm as he raised, hovering over Devon, looking down at him, a big dopey smile on his face. “I love you too, mate, and even though we are already bound and it cannot be broken, I can’t wait to marry you too in the ceremony of our people. In front of both our clans.”

  Devon raised a hand and cupped Zion’s cheek as he saw moisture build in his mates beautiful emerald eyes. “This is a big day for so many, Zion. Today we join not only in the ceremony, but we officially join our clans, and become one kingdom. Today proves to all in our realm and the others, that the prophecy has begun, and all the dragon clans will join in peace for thousands of years.”

  “Then by all means let’s get this day started. But not before I say a proper good morning to my husband,” Zion said, then leaned in and claimed Devon’s lips in a slow, tender kiss.

  Devon melted into the moment, pushing away all thought of the day, and just allowed himself to feel Zion’s love.

  After a few minutes, Zion pulled back and in one swift movement, he climbed from the bed, taking Devon with him in his strong embrace, and carried him to the bathroom. “Now to take care of the rest of your luscious body before we eat,” Zion growled before he buried his face into Devon’s throat and began nibbling, then pushed the door closed with his foot.

 ~ * ~ * ~

  “Mmm, now that’s the best way to start the day,” Grin groaned.

  Leigh smiled around the cock in his mouth as he sucked harder, making Grin moan deep. His man’s hands gripped the sheets as he arched his back, and pressing his head further into the pillows below him. Leigh loved watching his mate fall apart from his ministrations. Since their mating only six months ago, this had become their morning ritual. Whoever awoke first, feasted on the others cock until they awakened in the most delightful way. Most of the time it was Grin who woke up first and treated Leigh to his talented mouth, as he sucked Leigh deep. Many mornings Grin also threw in his fingers as he opened Leigh up so Grin could drive inside him, claiming him on a daily basis, and Leigh fucking loved it.

  But today was really special. Today he was going to marry his true mate in the marital ceremony of his clan. Leigh wanted to make today truly memorable for Grin and show his man how much he loved him. Leigh sucked Grin to the back of his throat, deep-throating him, then swallowed around the bulbous head.

  “Oh, by the gods, mate!” Grin yelled out.

  Leigh grabbed the tube if slick and poured some on his fingers as he continued to distract Grin with his mouth. He pulled his mouth back to the tip, and speared his tongue into the little slit, sucking hard to draw out Grin’s delicious honey. They did say that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and Leigh sure loved his protein.

  “Fuck, Leigh! I think you’re trying to kill me with ecstasy, mate.”

  Mmm, Leigh liked that idea. Not the killing his mate part of course, because he couldn’t survive a day without Grin now that they had claimed each other. But losing his man to the ecstasy was a good plan. Leigh slid off Grin’s cock and nibbled his way down the underside, pressing his tongue against the thick bulging vein. Swirling his tongue around Grin’s sac, he played with Grin’s balls for a moment, licking and sucking, then licked down Grin’s perineum as he gave Grin’s thigh a push with one hand.

  Grin understood and pulled his legs back, giving Leigh more room and exposing his puckered hole for Leigh’s enjoyment. He shifted his position, lying down on his stomach between Grin’s thighs, then placed his hands on the backs of Grin’s legs as he moved his face closer to his prize. Leigh licked a path up Grin’s crease, flattening his tongue against his tight hole.

  Grin moaned, and writhed against him, asking for more. Leigh licked around the muscles, teasing the opening. Slowly he speared his tongue into his lover as he caressed his hands down Grin’s legs and gripped his muscled globes, spreading his man further. Leigh loved the taste of his mate and loved making Grin go out of his mind with pleasure.

  Siding one finger in beside his tongue, Leigh lost himself in the moment and feasted on Grin. Adding another finger, Leigh doubled his efforts. By the time he had three fingers thrusting easily in and out of his mate along side his tongue, Grin was crying out incoherently and Leigh new his man was on the edge. Leigh slid a forth finger in and Grin arched up, his ass tightening. Leigh kept his fingers thrusting into his man, but pulled back and engulfed Grin’s cock with his mouth, just in time for Grin to explode, filling his mouth with his seed.

  Leigh swallowed everything his man gave him as he fucked him through his orgasm with his fingers. Grin dropped back against the bed and panted heavily. Leigh gently licked Grin’s cock clean, then slowly pulled his fingers free and slid up Grin’s body, pressing his body against Grin’s sweat-soaked skin. He put his nose against Grin’s chest and took in a deep breath through his nose, loving his man's scent, and letting it fill him, calming him.

  They lay wrapped in each other's arms as their breathing slowed and their hearts regained a normal rhythm. Grin hugged Leigh against him and kissed his head. “Good morning, my heart.” Leigh could hear the smile in Grin’s voice.

  “Good morning, my everything,” Leigh replied.

  Grin chuckled. “I think we need to get up and start getting ready. Your tailor should be here soon to help get us dressed.”

  “Can we fool around in the shower? My body misses you inside it.” Leigh rubbed his body along Grin’s side.

  “And I miss being inside you. I couldn’t think of a better way to get ready to share our lives together in the official ceremony, than to share our bodies first.”

  Leigh kissed Grin’s chest, then rolled away, slinking off the bed. He stood and swayed his hips sensually as he walked away. Just as he got to the bathroom door, he stopped in the doorway, placed one hand high on the doorframe, then turned to look at Grin over his shoulder, giving him a sexy look. “Well come on, lover. Don’t keep me empty for too long.” Leigh blew Grin a kiss, then turned and disappeared into the bathroom.

  He went to the walk in shower and turned the knobs, allowing all the jets and the rainfall showerhead to turn on at full blast. Just as he was about to step in, strong arms wrapped around his waist from behind, as Grin moved them both forward under the spray. Today was going to be a good Day.



Dragon Realm Book 1
Devon has spent the last few years of his life just trying to survive his step-brother Mick. Being used as a trick to keep Mick in beer and drugs is not how he imagined his life would be. The only thing he looks forward to are his dreams of Zion.
Zion has searched for his true mate for years. Finally finding him, and saving him from the hell his life has been, Zion and Devon should be happier than ever, but learning that they are to rule the Dragon Realm together is almost more than Devon can handle. Zion must use all his patience and love to prove to Devon that they are meant to be.
However, not everyone is happy to have the prophecy fulfilled. There are those that will do anything to prevent Zion and Devon’s mating. Will they succeed? Or will true love finally conquer all?

“Daydreaming again?” the teasing voice of his best friend, Grinold, came to him.
  Zion sighed and turned from the window looking out over the gardens below. “No, just thinking.” Zion moved to the desk and sat behind it.
  “You’re thinking of him again, aren’t you?” Grinold asked as he made his way across the large room.
  “I dreamed of him again last night.”
  “Was it the same dream you’ve been having for the past three months?”
  “Yes. It is always the same, and when I wake up, I have this pain in my heart. But it’s not my pain, it’s Devon’s. Something is telling me we’re running out of time. And not because of my deadline, but Devon’s,” Zion explained in a terrified voice.
  “Well, then it’s a good thing I come bearing good news,” Grinold said with a smirk.
  Zion’s eye lit up with hope as he bolted upright in his seat. “What is it? Have they found him?”
  “Yes, Zancor and Prim have found him in the human realm. He is in a place called California. They didn’t want to tell you sooner and get your hopes up if they couldn’t make contact with him. They have made an appointment for you to meet with him in a few hours at a place called The Roxy Hotel. Zancor will meet him outside and bring him up to the room to you.”
  Zion stood up, his face a mask of disbelief. He had been searching for Devon for twelve years. Ever since his mother disappeared in the middle of the night with his childhood friend and promised mate. It had been so many years of pain and loss. Of emptiness and heartache. Now that he was about to see his love again for the first time in twelve years, he didn’t know what to do.
  “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you ready to see your mate and bring him home.”
  “It’s been so long, Grin. What if he doesn’t want me anymore? What if he doesn’t find me attractive, and thinks me a troll? What do I say to him?”
  “First of all, you an unattractive troll? Hell, no. You do have a mirror right? You are the hottest thing the gods have ever created. I would jump you if you weren’t my best friend and soon to be my King,” Grinold said with a laugh.
  “Shit!” Zion cursed as his eyes filled with worry.
  “We can’t let my uncle know that I have found my mate. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on the throne. My father was able to hold him and everyone else off for two years under the circumstances, but they won’t give us that same courtesy again. You know that if the clock strikes twelve on my twenty-third birthday and I am not mated, then the throne goes to Uncle Melkin.”
  “Then you better get your ass to your mate and convince him to mate you, or we are all doomed. There is no way the dragon realm will be able to keep peace with the other realms if your uncle becomes king.”
  “I know. But how do I convince someone who probably doesn’t even remember me, to mate with me for all eternity in just two weeks’ time?”
  “You’re smart. You’ll figure it out,” Grinold said with a smirk. “And if your brains don’t do the trick, then let your body lead the way.”
  Zion narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Not helping.”
  “Oh, shut up and let’s go, Prince Zion. Your man awaits. But I wouldn’t suggest shifting into your dragon, at first. Wait until the second day, at least. He may get scared of your size if you know what I mean?” Grinold teased.


Author Bio:
Maggie has been married for nineteen years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.
Links to find Maggie:



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