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Happy Lei’s 3….3...3...3...*insert old cd skipping* 29th Birthday Everyone! Wait… I take it back… I’ll own my 32 years around the sun! LOL :D
I hope you are enjoying lots of family time, fun in the sun, and laughter this summer! :-)
I want to take a moment to send out a very special THANK YOU to Stormy for being such a fabulous hostess each season. Stormy - you’re amazing!
When Stormy announced the plans for the ManLove Summer edition, my mind started spinning. I bounced from idea to idea before Toby came to the forefront, asking if I had heard the story of how he’d met his mates?
Apparently, he’s the one story at a time, type of man so please sit back and enjoy the most wonderful, yet terrifying day of his life while I work on chasing him down to get the rest of the story.
Love Always & Forever,
Lei Carol


Pulling into the parking lot of his favorite park, Toby was surprised to see how full the lot was. Over the last four months he had never seen a fraction of the amount of cars there as today. Which is why he liked this park so much; it was almost as if it was a hidden getaway

He found the park by accident one day while out searching for someplace to walk. After spending his entire life having his family harp on him about his weight, Toby Esterman, finally decided to do something about it.  One morning he woke up and wanted to go for a walk. He was not doing it for his family but for himself. Five months and twenty pounds later, Toby found himself anxious to go for his walk each morning. Each week walking further and further than the week before and he loved every minute of it.

The first month he walked around his neighborhood but after almost getting ran over a couple of times, Toby decided he needed to find someplace safer to walk. Since he found the little park that backed up to forest, Toby showed up everyday, rain or shine, to walk. He hoped he would be able to work up to jogging but that was one thing he didn’t want anyone else to see.

Ever since he was in high school, Toby always joked that he was not fat but fluffy. He figured it hurt less since he was the one cracking the jokes about himself.

Finally finding what had to be the only available parking spot out of about thirty spaces, Toby made sure he would have enough room to get out of his car without dinging the one next to him before putting his car into park. Placing his headphones in his ears, Toby turned on his playlist and began walking down the familiar path. Focusing on his breathing and the music pulsating in his ears, Toby tuned out everything going on around him. It didn’t take long before he was leaving the busy park and making his way into the forest. As soon as he stepped off the park's paved path and into the woods, Toby instantly felt the temperature drop. Before long everything except the music in his ears and nature's splendid view completely disappeared. All of his worries, doubts, and fears melted away until he was left with a feeling of calm tranquility. This is why he continued to walk everyday.

To Toby, the peace and quiet brought tranquility. Everyday he found something new to look at and investigate. He had made it to the little creek he found previously when  the little hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up. Trying to act as nonchalantly as he could, Toby glanced around searching to see if someone was following him. Unable to see any traces of another person anywhere near him, Toby shrugged his shoulders and continued down the trail. The feeling of being watched continued to grow to the point that Toby pulled out his phone to pause his music so he could listen for the sound of someone following him.

For the first time since he started walking Toby wished he’d thought to grab a pocket knife. He wished he had something he could use as a weapon. At best, he had his car keys but those would only help so much. Picking up his pace as fear slithered up and down his spine, the unnatural silence of the forest caused the hair on his arms stand on end. Trying to listen for the slightest hint of sound, something, to tell him he was being followed, but there was nothing and Toby felt his heart pick up speed

Even the air held a hint of malice.

Toby was scared. He desperately wanted to turn around to rush back to the safety of his car but he was afraid. Remembering the cutoff he found that circled back to the park, Toby hoped he would be able to reach it without being attacked by whatever was stalking him.

Going around another bend in the trail, Toby could see where the path split yet again. To the left was the safety of people and his car. The right led deeper into the forest. It was a no brainer, going to the left was the only option. At least until the growling started.

Toby had been afraid before. Now he was terrified. Fighting the urge to take off running, Toby listened as the growling got louder with each step he took. The cut off was still at least hundred yards away and deep down Toby knew he was not going to make it. He was never going to make it out of the forest and no one even knew where he was.

Overwhelmed with fear, Toby could feel each part of his body begin to shake. Memories from his childhood flashing before his eyes as the growling began to change, becoming deeper and scarier. Grabbing ahold of one of his memories, Toby remembered going to the local zoo and seeing one of the mountain lions pacing back and forth across its cage, hissing and yowling.

In that very moment he knew what was stalking him. What was about to have him as it’s dinner. Focusing on getting to the turn as he silently said yet another prayer, Toby did not see the second mountain lion creeping along the rock ledge above him until it was too late.

Spinning on around and freezing, as the cougar behind him let out a horrifying scream. Toby could only watch in utter horror as both cougars chose the same moment to leap towards him. Letting out a scream, Toby managed to duck as both of the large cats crashed into each other and the ground after.

Fear quickly morphed into adrenaline as Toby made what he knew was the stupidest decision as he took off running. With each passing second Toby expected to be tackled to the ground while the cats began chewing on him. But the pain never came.

Racing around the corner, Toby found himself screaming once more as he ran into two of the hottest guys he had ever seen running towards him.  “RUN!” He screamed. As badly as he did not want to become the cougars’ next meal, he did not want to put anyone else in potential harm.

“Where’s it at?” One of the guys shouted, ignoring Toby’s warning.

He wanted to yell and scream for them to run away, not towards him but his tongue became stuck to the roof of his mouth as he watched both of the strangers rip their black suit jackets off before tearing off their white dress shirts and bow ties.

What the hell? The question flashed through his mind just before twin growls sounded from behind him. He could hear the sound of the cougars paws slapping against the ground as they chased after him. At least once or twice Toby swore he could feel the cougars hot breath on his heels but the feeling of his flesh ripping never happened.

 Knowing what he was about to do was stupid, Toby glanced over his shoulder to see how far back the wild animals were. It only takes a split second for a disaster to take place and that was something Toby remembered as his foot caught on an exposed tree root.

Letting out yet another scream as he fell face first into cold, damp dirt Toby knew this was it. He was going to die. Except...nothing. No animals attacked, there was no teeth ripping into his flesh. He was frozen with fear.

“What the fuck, guys?” A voice growled from somewhere behind him as another voice shouts, “Are you fucking stupid?!”

 Closing his eyes as he searched deep for just a little bit more courage, Toby twisted around. Watching in shock, one of the two cougars glanced his way before leaping off of the rock he had been sitting on. By the time the animal should have hit the ground, a man stood in it’s place laughing from his gut.

“Well you two wanted to meet...the little cutie...walking around...the we made it happen.” the man said while trying to catch his breath.

“Not this way you knucklehead” One of the hotties spoke.

At that moment, Toby passed out. He could not fathom what had happened especially while trying to recover from running.


As consciousness slowly crept through his mind, Toby could feel the chill of the ground beneath his back.  His hearing left the buzzing stage and he heard the the growling and arguing that was taking place around him.

“I swear Evan! Do you realize what Cindy is going to do to us when she realizes what you’ve done?! My sister is going to kill you!” Growled a voice from next to him.

“Oh, don’t get your tail in a knot, Chris. I seriously doubt Cindy is going to care. Hell, she probably won’t even realize.” A second voice scoffed.

“Um, did you knock yourself stupid? It’s her wedding day! Have you met my sister? She’s a bridezilla from hell!” The same voice all but shouted.

“Hey guys?”

“Seriously Chris? You’re more worried over how your sister is going to react rather than the fact that your mate is lying there at your feet unconscious?”

What the hell is a mate? Are they talking about me? Toby wondered, too afraid to make any sudden movements or sounds. Even though he was sure they were talking about him, he didn’t want to bring attention to himself.

“Guys?” Toby heard the third voice call out again. He could tell the guy was trying to get the other two’s attention but it seemed they were too busy yelling at each other than listening to what was going on around them.

“We did you a favor and you’re acting as if we’ve committed some horrendous crime. What’s your problem, man?”

“My problem is you and your brother chased our mate through the forest in your animal forms. When I pointed him out to you, it wasn’t for you to scare the hell out of him. How is he supposed to accept our animals if the first introduction he experienced was with you two chasing him as cougars? How could you have thought that was a good idea?”

“Hey, can you blame us? With our sister being the bride of bridezilla, we just needed a little fun. All we’ve heard about lately is this wedding. Now you have a reason to talk to him. It worked out for everyone didn’t it?”

“You’re both fucking idiots! Why don’t you both shut the hell up and listen for a second?” A new voice snarled. “Long’s been trying to get both of your attentions but neither one of you are listening.”

Just like that, silence filled the clearing. 

Toby hoped and prayed they wouldn’t realize he was awake. Toby wondered what it was they had meant about their animals. Were the cougars’ that had chased him their pets? Was that possible?

“Hello, little mate. Why don’t you open your gorgeous green eyes and sit your fine ass up so we can talk. I promise you, no one will hurt you.” A soft voice whispered in his ear. Until that moment, Toby didn’t realize where the fourth guy was located at. “I know you’ve been awake for a while. Listening as these guys yelled at one another but I promise we’ll explain everything, if you’ll just sit up and give us a chance.”

There was something in the man’s soft voice that called to his soul while pulling on his heart strings, as if begging for just a chance. Slowly blinking his eyes open, Toby pushed himself up until he was sitting up.

“Hello Toby,” the man closest to him continued to whisper, “my name is  Long Stevens and that guy is Chris Storm. Chris and I have been best friends as well as lovers since we were teens.” He explained as he pointed towards the man who had been standing on the other side of where Toby had been laying.

Taking a moment to glance from one man to the other, Toby quickly realized they were the two who had come racing down the path, stripping their clothes off when he had been running for his life. Chris looked to be the older of the two; he had short, spiky bleached blonde hair and vibrant bright blue eyes.

The moment their eyes met, Toby felt singed to the core. He’d never felt anything half as powerful as the first time he stared into those bright eyes. Unable to take his eyes off of the man, he watched as Chris slowly squatted down until he was eye level with the man's barely clothed hard cock. Oh my God! He thought to himself, as he jerked his eyes up. He could feel the heat race up his neck into his hair. But he wasn’t sure what caused him to blush the most; he fact he had been caught staring at the man’s junk or if it was the sexy assed, self assured smirk on Chris’ face.

Either way, he wondered what the undressed version of Chris looked like. Was he a shower or a grower? Because if the man’s bulge was anything to go off of, he was huge.

“Easy baby, let’s talk first and then I’ll show you what you so desperately want to see.” Chris said finally, after staring at him for what felt like forever. “I promise you won’t be disappointed.” 

“Oh come on, already!” A voice exclaimed from somewhere behind Chris, breaking the spell that held their eyes locked on one another. Turning to look at the man who had held Toby’s head in his lap, he was struck with awe at the soft look on Long’s face.

Where Chris was blonde and blue eyed, Long had pitch black hair that was pulled back into a long pony tail. His eye’s were a soft warm caramel color that invited him to share his deepest, darkest secrets. His skin was that perfect golden color that Toby knew people paid major money to try to obtain. “Don’t pay any attention to him. You’ll learn in time that Evan is just an asshole.”

“Damn straight I am and don’t you forget it, kid.”

“Am I dead?” Toby softly wondered.

Gut rolling laughter echoed around the clearing at his whispered question. Which didn’t help the blush that had been fading from coming back to light his face on fire. It was something he had always hated. People laughing at him when he wasn’t trying to be funny.

Closing his eyes against the onslaught of emotions, Toby tried to keep from showing how badly the laughter affected him. He could feel the pinpricks of tears filling his eyes while his bottom lip started to quiver. The last thing anyone ever wante, was to look like a fool in front of one hot guy let alone two.

Lost in his feelings of shame and embarrassment, Toby jumped in surprise as he felt two sets of arms wrap around him. Both trying to offer comfort and compassion with their touch. For the first time Toby felt safe and cherished in someone else's arms. Giving in to the tears that clogged his throat, Toby allowed the dam to break and began to sob, purging the fear and adrenaline that still pinged throughout his system.  

He wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there crying but by the time his tears stopped flowing, Toby was curled up in Long’s lap with his head resting on the man’s shoulder while Chris was pressed against his back. He felt safe. Feeling his body relax as his emotions calmed down, Toby began to think over everything that had happened and been said.

“So, if I’m not dead, who are you? What is happening?”

All it took was two questions to bring all of the tension and stress back to the forefront of everyone’s minds as each of them looked from one to the other, trying to figure out how to answer.

“Oh for fuck’s sake. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you two were pussies. Pun intended.” Evan barked before continuing, “Look dude, as the oldest here, I’m just gonna lay it out there for you because if we don’t get back to the park soon our sisters are going to kill us all.

We’re all shifters. For the last couple of months Clint and I have had to listen to these two bitch and moan about trying to get your attention but they couldn’t figure out what to do. Anyways, Clint and I decided to take matters into our own hands. Hence, the… jog, yeah, jog, through the woods.”

Wait, what? What the hell is this guy talking about? Toby thought as he tried to understand what the man was talking about. “You mean… like… wait… what?”

“Babe, you know that book you were listening to yesterday?” Long asked, “Yes, we could hear it when you were sitting by the creek. Anyways, just like the guy found out in the story, shifters are real. I mean the stories had to come from somewhere don’t you think?”

Absently, Toby nodded his head as he remembered the summer of his eighth birthday. His parent’s had taken him to the local zoo and he got to pet a baby ocelot. That marked the beginning of his love of cats in general, let alone ocelots. At one point in time, he began trying to convince all his friends and family that he was half cat. Why couldn’t someone be able to shift back and forth?

“Really? You can really shift into an animal?” He timidly asked, afraid deep down that this was all just a cruel joke. “Show me.”

Glancing from Long to Chris, Toby waited for one of them to say or do something. His eyes widened as Long leaned foreword to pressed a soft kiss against his forehead. Watching as Long pushed himself back before pushing to his feet and taking his clothes off.

“I promise, it sounds worse than it is.” Long explained as he squatted back down and began to change.

Wincing with each snap, crack, and pop Toby watched in absolute fascination as fur began to grow and Long’s body began to morph and shrink. Where a man once stood now was the most exquisite ocelot.

Slowly reaching out a shaking palm, Toby began to softly pet the cat’s smooth fur. He was fascinated with the stripes that ran down Long’s throat only to suddenly stop and turn into spots.

“He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?” Chris asked as he scratched behind Long’s ear, causing Long to reach up with one of his hind legs to scratch.

Toby didn’t even bother trying to hide his giggle as he watched the scene before him. “Oh yeah, that’s for sure. But then again, his human side is oh so yummy.” It didn’t take Toby long to realize he’d spoken the thought out loud as his face filled with heat, once more.

Needing to get the focus off of himself for a minute, Toby glanced over his shoulder to look into Chris’ bright eyes. “What about you? Are you an ocelot too?”

Watching the smile that spread across Chris’s face at his question Toby knew he’d guessed correctly.

“Yes, I am. My colors are as dark and defined as Long’s but yeah, I share my body with an ocelot.”

“That’s awesome! Ocelot’s have always been my favorite animal. So, did I hear someone say I’m your mate? Is that like in all the books I’ve read?”

Just as Chris started to open his mouth to answer, the sounds of bones breaking and muscles snapping filled the clearing once more as Long shifted to human. Having felt so comfortable and safe being wrapped in Long’s arms once before, Toby did the first thing that came to mind once the man’s shift was complete. He opened his arms in a silent invitation for Long to take his seat back.

Once Long had his pants back on he sat down in front of Toby so they were sitting facing each other with their crotches pressed together and  Toby’s back was resting against Chris’ chest.

“Yes, you heard Evan correctly. You are our mate. We’ve been waiting for you for a long time and I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are to have finally met you.” Chris rumbled.

While everyone was so focused on what was playing out in front of them, not one of them noticed the woman headed towards them on the path until she exclaimed, “What the hell, guys? We’ve been waiting to start the wedding for you and you are out here sitting in the dirt? Do you have any idea how furious my mate is?”

Toby watched as the four glanced from each other to the woman standing there with her hands on her hips in her wedding dress. “Cindy and I are going to have four new fur rugs by the time today is over if you guys don’t quit fucking off.”

“Ummm, I’m guessing Cindy is aka bridezilla aka who’s sister?” Toby whispered into Long’s ear.

“Bridezilla?” She exclaimed, “Oh, just you wait until I tell your sister that you called her bridezilla. Especially after our wedding is starting late because the four of you aren’t there.”

“Cindy is Chris’ older sister and that’s Summer, she’s Clint’s baby sister. They met for the first time this past winter when we had gone out to their family home for Thanksgiving.” Long explained. “Tell you what, if you will come be our date for his sister's wedding, we will explain everything afterwards.”

Deciding to listen to his gut for once rather than trying to over think everything, Toby nodded before placing a kiss on Long’s soft lips and then twisting to press a kiss to Chris’ lips, Toby agreed, “Alright, it’s a date on one condition.”

“Anything.” They both said in unison.

“The next time a cougar chases me I either get to shoot it or bash it over the head.”

“DEAL!” Chris and Long agreed as their best friends shouted, “Hey!” and “Over my dead body!” at the same time causing everyone to start laughing.

To Be Continued…. 

Damian Porter has always known he was bisexual and hated labels, but when he moved to small town USA, he didn’t tell any of his friends and only dated women.

For the last year Damian has been secretly in love with his friend, Terek Martin. Every time they have hung out together his feelings grew stronger and stronger but so too did the fear.

Waking up in the same bed as his friend after a night of drinking was a dream come true. Especially when Terek started moaning in Damian’s ear. But will all of his dreams continue to come true as the sun rises or will everything crash and burn?



Lei Carol

Welcome to my author biography. Short and sweet.

I love writing about the men in my books and meeting their personalities. The stories we create together make for very lifelike and relatable experiences. For the most part, my books exist in the Lei Carol multi-verse but can line up with some of my influences and real life (but not much). Each story I bring to life has its own trials and tribulations. Pick up one today. My personal favorite is Unlocking the Past.

Currently I live in Southern Oregon with my two cats, Outkazt & Torilei (sounds like Torilie not Torilee) but am in the works to hopefully make a big move this year. I am always amused by my muse and what he finds as inspiration. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to my muse.

More often than not I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, headphones plugged into my computer with Pandora playing, a large cup of coffee next to me growing cold while I try to ignore what ever distraction tactics my cats are deploying.

Feel free to contact me by email, twitter or facebook. I’m usually always around either on my computer or phone.

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