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My Husband is a Grumpy Werewolf
The Wedding

Cole Morgan was known to fidget at the best of times but being driven to his wedding, a wedding he had no hand in planning, made him extra levels of squirmy.

Evan West, Cole's mate and soon to be husband, put his hand on Cole's knee in a gentle attempt to get him to sit still. It didn't work.

 Cole was kind of awkward with a healthy dose of sarcasm thrown into the mix. Evan, on the other hand, was cool and collected in every situation. Even though they were about to be married Cole still didn't understand why Evan had chosen him for a mate.

The two of them had met when Cole went to work for the werewolf magazine Prowl. Evan's family owned the magazine and Evan himself was the editor. It hadn't been love at first sight, more like lust. They'd had several run-ins, all down to Cole's clumsiness or severe case of foot-in-mouth. It had culminated in an intense night back at Cole's apartment.

"Dude," Cole's younger brother Joey said. "You're making me nervous. Cut it out."

The three of them had gone to London without anyone else knowing why they were really there. Although Cole wanted to marry Evan he hadn't wanted a big ceremony with all of Evan's pack present. Eloping had seemed like the perfect solution.

"It's my wedding day," Cole argued with the teenager. "I'm allowed to be nervous."

He knew that Evan wouldn't take it personally. Cole was a bundle of nerves on a good day, so he was fully allowed to fall apart a little.

"It'll be fine," Evan assured him before placing a kiss on his hairline. "We're nearly there."

"Nearly where, exactly?" Cole asked, trying to get information out of Evan and not for the first time.

"Nice try," Evan said with a smirk.

They were being driven through central London in the late evening. The sun was low in the sky, casting a warm orange and pink glow across the tall buildings and reflecting in the river Thames. Cole had tried to work out where they were getting married but he couldn't for the life of him get it.

When the car finally pulled up in front of the London Eye Cole turned to his mate with a confused frown on his face.

"I don't get it."

Evan didn't respond to him, he simply smiled at Cole and got out of the car. The werewolf walked round to Cole's side and opened the door for him before holding out his hand.

"Seriously, Evan?" Cole asked as he got out and held Evan's hand. They were both wearing suits but had very early on vetoed wearing matching ones. In fact when Evan's cousin had suggested it to them they had both pulled an identical face of disgust.

"What?" Evan said. "We're getting married in a giant Ferris Wheel. I thought you'd love that."

"Is that even legal?" Cole asked. "I mean, I'm pretty sure you can't just get married on the London Eye."

"Actually you can," Evan told him. "You can buy out a whole pod. They provide the minister, refreshments, and decorations."

Cole was still a bit sceptical, that was until he stepped inside the pod. Warm amber fairy lights had been strung up inside the pod along with bowers of ivy entwined with white flowers. There was a table with canapés and champagne and a woman in a white pant suit standing at the front with a book in her hands.

"This is perfect," Cole said.

"This is awesome," Joey cried as he made a beeline for the canapés.

Evan cupped Cole's face and leaned in for a quick kiss. "It gets even better."

Cole raised his eyebrows at that. Usually a comment like that was followed up with sexy times but considering Cole's brother and a minister were present he very much doubted, or at least hoped, that wasn't what Evan meant.

Evan nodded to the attendant who had just let them in and the man closed the door. Any anxiety Cole had felt earlier was now well and truly gone. He wasn't really a wedding person and this was really nothing like a wedding.

The pod began to move, rising up slowly.

"We'll begin once we're at the top," the minister said.

Evan poured out two glasses of champagne and handed one to Cole.

"So you like it?" Evan asked. He put his hand on Cole's waist and pulled him a little closer.

"I love it," Cole told him with a big grin on his face. "Of all the things my brain thought up this past month, getting married on the London Eye wasn't one of them."

"Thank you for doing this," Evan said. "I know you don't really care about getting married—"

"That's not true," Cole interrupted. "I mean, maybe at first I just didn't see the point, but I love that it means so much to you, and I know we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, whatever happens."

Evan smiled at him and rested their foreheads together.

It was the wolf in him that made Evan want to posses Cole in every way imaginable. He had already taken Cole as his mate but marriage was another claim for him to lay on Cole. It was possessive as fuck and Cole didn't care one bit. He had loved that side of Evan since their first night together.

"I love you," Cole told him.

"I love you," Evan whispered back.

"Whoa," Joey suddenly cried as he ran to the front of the pod to look out the window. "Guys, check out this view."

Hand in hand Cole and Evan followed Joey to the front window and looked out. London looked magical with the sunset behind the iconic buildings. It felt like they could see the whole of the city from up there. The river below them was lit up beautifully from both the sunset and also the lights along the streets.

"Wow," Cole said as he leaned back against Evan.

"So," the minister said with a big smile on her face. "Are the two of you ready to get married?"

Cole looked up at Evan and the two of them smiled at each other.


The End




My Husband is a Grumpy Werewolf
After a fairly short engagement, Cole Morgan and his new werewolf husband, Evan West, decide to elope to London. However, a family tragedy back home soon cuts things short.
Evan’s grandfather is dead, making Evan the new alpha. Before it’s even started, the honeymoon period is over. Evan must not only try to deal with his grief but also tackle all his newfound responsibilities and accept his new role.
Cole knew that one day Evan would be the alpha, but he hadn’t thought about what that would mean for him and his own role in the pack. With tensions higher than ever before with his own family, and feeling like a constant failure with the pack, Cole finds himself struggling, causing cracks to appear in the couple’s new marriage. Cole is sure that they can handle anything as long as they stick together.
He just hopes that they can.

 “I’m married to a werewolf,” Cole Morgan said to his reflection with a slightly giddy laugh. The champagne had made him feel nice and relaxed. He took his black-framed glasses off his face and cleaned the lenses with a tissue.
Once his glasses were back on, he looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and frowned. His black suit had a little bit of frosting on the lapel from where Evan had insisted on feeding him a slice of wedding cake. For once, Cole couldn’t be blamed for being a mess. This was all Evan’s fault.
He grabbed some more tissues and wet them before rubbing at the white, creamy glob.
Well, he thought to himself. At least I looked good for the wedding.
He smiled as he thought about the cake he had just cut with his new husband. It had been a pretty simple wedding cake, but the two little grooms on top was something Cole was going to keep forever. He might even display them somewhere in the apartment.
Deciding that his suit was as good as it was going to be, and focusing on the fact that he wouldn’t be wearing it for much longer, Cole left the bathroom and went back out to the private dining room of the hotel they were staying in.
It was typical of Evan to make sure they had a dining room to themselves, even though it was just the three of them. Neither of them had wanted a big wedding. Okay, it was mostly Cole who didn’t want one, but Evan had been happy to go along with it.
The only person he had truly wanted with him was Joey, his little brother. Well, in an ideal world he would have invited his best friend, Naomi, as well, but she was married to Evan’s cousin, Jared, and if they invited him and not the rest of the West family, there would be hell to pay. Not that there wouldn’t be already.
“Joey’s going to eat this entire cake if you don’t stop him,” Evan said as Cole walked back into the small dining room to join them.
Joey, although nearly sixteen, had frosting on his cheeks like a little boy who couldn’t control himself when faced with dessert. Cole couldn’t resist grabbing his phone and taking a photo of his brother to be used as blackmail material at a later date. Joey just grinned at him with a mouthful of cake, not embarrassed one bit.
“Hey, there’s only three of us, and it’s a whole cake. Do you want it to go to waste?” Joey said. “That’s environmentally irresponsible.”
He had a point. It might have seemed strange to most people, that his wedding had only consisted of the three of them, but to Cole it was perfect. Evan’s grandpa had asked Evan to go to London to look at a hotel he was thinking of buying. It had seemed like a good opportunity to elope. No one had known what they were going to do while over there, except for Joey. Somehow the kid had managed to keep a secret for weeks.
After looking at venues and not finding anywhere that felt right to them, Cole, while planning some sightseeing for them, finally found out that people could get married on The London Eye. It had basically been like getting married on a fancy Ferris wheel. They had bought the wedding package, which gave them their own pod. It had been decorated with cream rose garlands and fairy lights, and had champagne and hors d’oeuvres waiting for them. The best part, though, was that they had booked it for sunset. Getting married while looking out over London as the late evening sun lit it all up in a pinkish glow was breathtaking.
Evan leaned back in his chair, his white shirt stretched over his firm chest beneath his suit jacket. He put his arm along the back of Cole’s chair and reached in to kiss the side of his head.
“Sorry about your jacket.”
“No, you’re not,” Cole said.
“No, I’m not,” Evan replied with a grin.
“Anyway,” Joey said, coughing into his fist as he stood. “Seeing as I’m kind of the best both of you, I’d like to say a couple of things.”
Cole sat back against Evan’s arm and grabbed his glass of champagne. He hadn’t expected Joey to say anything, but he was curious as to where this would go.
Joey had a champagne flute filled with orange juice that he held up. He reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a folded up piece of paper.
“Okay, so first, I want to thank you guys for bringing me with you to London. This trip has been amazing. Also, I want you both to know how much it means to me that out of all the people in your lives, I’m the one person you didn’t want to get married without.”
Cole had half been expecting to be on the receiving end of a roast, so hearing his brother being so sincere actually made Cole feel quite emotional.
“Cole, you and I haven’t always been close,” Joey continued. “It took an awful thing to make us remember that we’re family and that we’ll always be there for each other, no matter what. Today, I feel really lucky because I never really expected to have a relationship with my brother, and now I get to have two.”

“You don’t know what you do to me,” Evan whispered against the side of his face. He mouthed at the lobe of one of Cole’s ears before biting down gently.
“I’m pretty sure I do,” Cole said. Since the beginning it had been like Evan was obsessed with him, unable to get enough of him. Being a slim, kind of geeky human he still didn’t understand why a sexy, strong werewolf like Evan would want him but he certainly wasn’t going to complain. 
Evan just huffed against Cole’s hair. “No, you don’t. You couldn’t. Every single one of my senses is completely wrapped up in you.”
Cole reached up and ran his hand down the side of Evan’s face. He pushed his ass back against Evan’s crotch and felt the evidence of his husband’s words.
“I’m kind of annoyed we weren’t alone in that pod today,” Cole murmured as he ground his ass back in a circular motion. “That would have been hot.”
One of Evan’s hands snaked around to cup Cole’s cock through his pants. “Maybe we can come back for our anniversary.”
Cole groaned at the contact and reached down to unzip his fly. He leaned back even further, letting Evan’s firm body take his weight. His pants began to slide down a little and Evan quickly pushed his hand inside to cup Cole through his boxer shorts.
It was such a cliché, but Evan really did play his body like an instrument. He knew all Cole’s weak spots, the secret places designed to drive him crazy. The werewolf bit down lightly on his earlobe again, and Cole gave a full body shudder.
Deciding to move this along a bit, Cole undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt. He wanted more. He needed more. 
“Evan,” he groaned low in his throat.
Evan stopped massaging Cole’s cock through his shorts and moved his hands up to the human’s chest.
“What do you need?” Evan asked him, his mouth still close to Cole’s ear.
“I need you to fuck me.”
Evan growled low and quiet in his throat. He stepped back just enough to turn Cole around so that they were facing each other. Evan’s mouth was on his in an instant. His arms were around him, holding him close. Evan kissed like he fucked. He completely dominated.
By the time the kiss was broken, Cole was feeling a little dizzy. He just knew that if he looked in a mirror, he would see how debauched he looked, all kiss-swollen lips and dilated pupils.
He stroked his hand down Evan’s face, brushing the werewolf’s cheekbone with his thumb. He knew how lucky he was. He was going to get to spend the rest of his life with this amazing man.
“I love you,” he said.
Evan gave him a soft smile and leaned in to place a kiss on Cole’s exposed collarbone. “I love you, too.”
It didn’t seem fair that Evan was still completely dressed. Cole started with Evan’s tie. His fingers were perhaps a little clumsier than Evan’s as he untied the knot and pulled it through his shirt collar. He worked on the buttons of Evan’s shirt next, exposing more and more of his caramel-skinned chest with each one he undid.
When the shirt was finally open, Evan shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. Cole let his gaze travel over the slope of Evan’s shoulders and felt his mouth water. He took several steps back and pushed down his own boxer shorts, feeling a warm flush when Evan’s own gaze was instantly drawn to Cole’s erection. With his pants still on, Evan took two steps forward before he dropped to his knees right in front of Cole. Cole took in a sharp breath as his husband put his hands on his hips and nuzzled at the thin trail of hair on Cole’s lower stomach. Evan inhaled deeply before licking a stripe up it and dipping into his bellybutton. 
Cole bit his lip and rested one of his hands on Evan’s shoulder while he stroked through his thick dark hair with the other. He closed his eyes when he felt the touch of Evan’s fingertips trail down to his balls, the light touch a maddening tease. It wasn’t long before Evan took Cole’s cock in his mouth and gently sucked at the head.
“Fuck,” Cole said, his voice coming out as a breathy sigh. Cole forced his eyes open, wanting to see the erotic sight that was Evan with his lips around Cole’s cock. The werewolf was looking up at him, his eyes heavy lidded. He sucked with a light pressure at first before swallowing Cole down as far as he could go.
Cole hissed and strangled a whimper. Evan’s mouth was hot and wet and just about perfect. Evan nudged Cole’s legs apart so he could reach behind him and grab a handful of Cole’s ass. He squeezed the tender flesh and dragged his blunt fingernails over the cheeks.
“Evan,” Cole moaned. “You need to stop. I don’t want to come like this.”
Evan held his gaze, his long lashes framing his eyes, as he slowly slid off Cole’s cock.
“And how do you want to come?” he asked, his tone low and seductive.
Cole licked his lips and looked down at the dark flush of his cock, standing to attention.
“I want to come with your dick in my ass,” he said crudely before going to the bag he had put on the side and retrieving the tube of lube that he kept there. “Now would you please get naked already?”
Evan smirked at the breathiness of Cole’s voice and cocked an eyebrow. “Well, since you said please.”


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