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Foxy Ever After
Chapter One
Jamison Law stared out the window of his home into the backyard where the wedding planner was still setting up. Everything was simply done because he hadn’t wanted fanciness to overshadow the true meaning of the day.
He was in love and marrying the man of his dreams. This was their special day and he wanted nothing to take away from that.
Looking up at him from the yard near the gazebo where they were going to take their vows was his fiancé. With the keen eye sight of the fox, Jamison saw those blue eyes and auburn hair that gleamed like copper set on fire in the sunshine.
Chance Moorland blew him a kiss and Jamison let the window up, his heart thumping fast and his skin heating.
“What are you doing down there?” Jamison demanded.
“Checking something out,” Chance told him. “Get away from the window, gorgeous, it’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.”
Jamison laughed. “Oh, please. I saw you a few hours ago and your handsome face still looks the same. You haven’t turned into a frog yet.”
“If you keep looking, I might,” he said and grinned.
Jamison giggled. “Baby, you’re funny. I knew there was some reason I was marrying you.” He leaned against on the windowsill which had claw marks in the wood from just a few days ago.
Chance came to stand in beneath the window and his heart skipped a beat at the love in his husband-to-be’s eyes.
“Here I thought it was because you loved the sex,” Chance teased.
Jamison chuckled. “Well, I have to admit that is a huge part of it,” he murmured. “You’re so damn good in bed you curl my toes.”
Chance winked up at him. “Wait until tonight.”
He jumped at the sound of his father’s voice. He glanced guiltily over his shoulder to find Henley Moorland standing in the doorway of his bedroom giving Jamison a stern look.
“Come away from the window. You’ll see Chance later,” he said.
“Henley’s calling,” Jamison called after turning back to the window.
“Later, baby,” Chance said blowing him another kiss and Jamison blew one back before closing the window and letting down the curtain before facing his father again.
Things had happened pretty fast, the wedding, the discovery that his birth father wasn’t his father and the fact he belonged to contentious family of fox shifters. The family still hadn’t accepted him especially since he was heir to a fortune that many of the family had hoped they’d get since his father had been thought to have no children.
Henley regarded him with amused gray eyes that were often filled with affection as they were now. However, Jamison was still getting to know him and still found his father to be an enigma.
“You want to talk about business?” Jamison asked with a frown. Henley had started a company called Country Cotton and given the controlling shares to Jamison which still made his head spin.
“Actually I do have a few brief things I need you to sign. I see Chance forgot about them,” he said and held up some papers. “Also, Chance signed the pre-nup with the changes I had added.”
“Changes?” he demanded. The pre-nuptial agreement wasn’t Jamison’s idea, but the Moorlands were stickler for them.  “I didn’t know there were changes. Chance didn’t mention it.”
“Necessary for your protection,” Henley told him. “I love Chance like my own nephew, but you’re son and your interests are important to me considering the new changes to my will.”
“Henley.” He held up a hand, his head spinning. “I don’t know—”
“You’re to inherit everything I have except the small trusts for my staff. My assets are considerable and Chance is more or less a pauper who’s grown up with many advantages your money will once again provide.  I don’t think money is a motive in your relationship now, but time changes people.”
“A break-up might break you or it might be a welcome relief,” he broke in quickly. “Either way a fight over money and assets is the last thing I want you to have to deal with especially if I’m not around to help you.”
Jamison let out a sign, but he knew Henley right. Things seemed to perfect to him right now even with the stress of building the company’s reputation. Beyond the here and now was a future that might find him and Chance crashing and burning.
He believed their love was strong and eternal, and a divorce would break them both. The truth was red fox shifters didn’t actually mate for life and there might be another man out there, a fox that stole Chance’s heart one day. After all, they did have longevity. Their lifespan was longer than the average human’s.
If Chance fell for another man, the last thing Jamison wanted to have to deal with was Chance and his lover’s attempts to his company and his inheritance.
“You’re right. Thanks.” Henley hadn’t raised but he’d been a part of his life from the sidelines. The father Jamison never knew was becoming a dad to him quietly. He hugged him briefly and stepped back to see a startled look on Henley’s face. Jamison gave him a sheepish smile.
Henley swallowed tightly. “I do have friends who’ll look out for you, Henley told him. “I really want you to make an effort to get to know them.”
“I will,” Jamison promised. “Did I say thanks for this—the wedding?”
“About a million times,” he said. “Chance is lucky to have you.”
“I don’t know about that,” he said. “I cost him everything that was important to him.”
“Wrong, baby.”
He glanced past Henley to find Chance standing in the doorway. “I thought you weren’t supposed to see me before the wedding.”
Chance laughed. “I just wanted to make sure you knew I was okay with the changes.”
“I haven’t read them yet,” Jamison said.
“Don’t,” Chance told him. “I love you.”
“You saved me you know,” Jamison told noticing Henley slipping from the room. Without Chance he’d still be where he was before. Working and dreaming of Mr. Right while settling for Mr. Okay for Now.
Chance cupped Jamison’s face. “Jamie, I might have saved you, but you rescued me. Without you I was doomed to become a successful and ultimately bitter man married to a woman I despised because she was a woman. When I looked at myself in the mirror after getting back home from sneaking off to see a male lover, I would hate the man I saw.”
“But I caused you to lose so much,” Jamison said.
“You gave me so much more,” Chance told him and kissed him. “I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you, to live in family where love is freely given, not earned.”
“Chance, baby,” Jamison said softly. “You matter and you have my heart and all my love without question or price.” He kissed him. He wrapped his arms around his lover. “But when I start getting demanding at work, remember I love you.”
Chance laughed. “Demanding? You? You’ll probably dump the company in my lap and expect me to make it all run smoothly.”
“That’s exactly what I meant,” he said. “I don’t want to run a company just be the best damned designer in the business. The rest if up to you and Henley and just think of all the pressure you’re going to be under when I inherit Henley’s shares in Moorland. You’re going to be a busy man and have one demanding husband who expects you to run two companies and still find time for date night.”
Chance groaned. “Damn, maybe I should rethink this wedding,” he said in a joking tone and Jamison mocked punched him in the stomach.
“But you’ll do it all because you love me, as much as I love you right?” Jamison murmured.
“Yeah, Jamie,” he agreed softly. “With all my heart.”
“Okay, you two,” Henley said. “Chance, go get ready. Jamison, sign those papers and get your tux on. Guests are starting to arrive, and I can’t wait to see the look on Conrad’s face when you two take your vows.”
Jamison smirked and shook his head thinking how much his uncle Conrad hated him. Chance laughed.
“Henley, you’ve got a damn mean streak,” he teased. “I’m so glad your son didn’t inherit it.” He gave Jamison a wink. “Love you, baby.”
“Go, before I have to postpone the wedding while you two screw each other’s brains out,” Henley said and both men laughed.
Jamison took the pen Henley handed him. “You didn’t change the basic terms right?”
“He’ll get three million in a divorce and the two shares of the company,” Henley told him. “If he cheats, I doubt you’ll want to give him and his little fox more.”
“I won’t give him more,” he muttered darkly hating the very thought of Chance cheating on him. Jamison threw Chance a look. “You better not cheat. I might castrate you.”
“Damn, Henley’s already rubbing off on you,” Chance said and left them alone.
Henley grinned. “I engaged a new accountant, and there will be yearly audits.”
“That’s Chance’s department,” he said as he signed the papers.
“It’s yours too, Jamison. You’ll learn everything about the company. I’m not going to allow you to let Chance be a crutch so after your honeymoon your lessons as my son really begin.”
He groaned. “Fine.” He set the pen down.
“Are you happy?” Henley asked. “Any doubts?”
“I’m in love with him, Henley, and I’m happy he’s mine despite all the red tape of money.”
Henley nodded. “The only thing that could be more perfect is if your mom were,” he said and his eyes missed a little.
“Yeah, but I’m sure she’s watching,” Jamison said and squeezed Henley’s arm. He knew his dad had loved his mother. “Even if she was here, you’d be the one I wanted with me right now.” He gave him another hug. “Dad.” Jamison released him and looked up at Henley.
The other man’s eyes were filled with surprise and a hint of moisture.
It was clear his father didn’t know what to say and Jamison headed to the bathroom to allow the words to sink in.
He was happy and glad Henley was becoming one of the most important men in his life. He was going to have a good life and his heart of full of joy and anticipation for his future.
The End

Chance Moorland had almost everything he’d ever wanted, but he wasn’t looking for love until he met the brown eyes of Jamison Law across a crowded room. Clichéd as it was, allowing himself to give into the instant punch of lust was dangerous to his financial future and his career. He only intended to take one taste of the chocolate that snared his attention and brought his body roaring to lustful life. However, his firm resolve goes up in a blaze of romantic heat.

Now Chance’s every move is being watched as his father searches for a reason to disinherit Chance and ensure he loses his inheritance. As Chance falls deeper in love, an unseen enemy’s plot forces Jamison to resign and break up with Chance. With his enemy’s final blow, family secrets are exposed and Chance loses his inheritance and his job. However, the fox refuses to relinquish the one thing he cares the most about, Jamison.



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The next morning, Jamison arrived at the office thirty minutes earlier than usual. He had his laptop bag slung over his shoulder with his drawing tablet in it. He had three sets of drawings going at once, and they were wearing his brain thin.
One set was for the company’s upcoming line while one of the others had been commissioned by Henley Moorland, one of his bosses. The third was a backup in case Moorland didn’t like the one he presented. He had five more days before the presentation, and he intended to have both collections finished.
Leaving at four today wouldn’t put a dent in things, he hoped. He could just work at the apartment after Chance left.
“Hold the elevator!”
Jamison reached out to punch the button to prevent the doors from fully closing. They slid open and Chance climbed in breathlessly. Their eyes met and Chance winked at him. “Morning, Law. How’s it going?”
He was about to chastise Chance when Chance’s brother stepped in behind Chance.
“Morning,” Jamison said and tore his gaze from Chance to look to his paler-skinned brother, Conrad Junior. His hair was a glossy brown, almost chocolate-colored.
“Law.” Conrad Moorland Junior gave him a nod. “You’re practically glowing this morning, Law. Did you have a hot date, too?”
“Conrad,” Chance chided.
“It was just a statement, big brother,” he said and turned his gaze back to Jamison. “ You might remember Patricia from when she and Chance went out a year ago.”
He remembered her, and he didn’t like her. Chance was too good for her.
“Well, she likes me better,” Conrad said with a grin. “I can fix you up with a nice girl.” He winked at Jamison.
“I’m fine, thanks.”
“We should all triple date sometime,” Conrad said.
“Give it up, Junior,” Chance muttered coldly.
“Dear old Dad ordered an audit, so I’ll be working with the auditor all week.”
“I didn’t know you were an accountant,” Jamison said curiously.
“Of course,” he said. “I do some of the accounting, but I’m learning all the business right now. I guess your dad misappropriated some funds, huh?” Conrad Junior teased, elbowing Jamison.
“I doubt it,” Jamison said dryly, giving him a cold stare.
“The audit is just routine,” Chance said blandly.
“Not really,” Conrad Junior said in a contradictory tone. “But in lighter news, the merger with the Brunswick Company is dragging along.”
“Yeah, well, the Wicks aren’t going to just fall into line, so you two will be working pretty hard,” Chance murmured.
The bell dinged, announcing Jamison’s floor. “See you two later,” Jamison said and threw Chance a brief look before stepping out.
* * * *
“You know Dad’s going to disinherit you if you don’t get yourself a woman,” Conrad Junior said once the doors closed.
Chance gave him a cool stare. “Just worry about your life, Junior,” Chance murmured.
“Be careful, Chance,” his brother said in an irritated tone. “You don’t want to get caught messing around with Jamison. That cologne you wear can only hide so much for so long.”
“Meaning?” He knew his and Jamison’s scents were starting to mingle to create that something new. It would become a delicate balance of  their combined scents.
“You know what I mean,” he muttered. “The fucking dude is in heat. It’s a delicate scent but so appealing, even to me. If I smell it, so can every other fox in this building, including our father.”
Chance gave him a cool stare. “That doesn’t follow that I’m involved with him, just that he’s met someone.”
“A mate,” Conrad Junior said softly. “Sooner or later someone’s going to put the idea that Law is so appealing all of a sudden because of you into the old man’s head.”
The bell dinged, and the doors opened.
Chance gave him a hard look. “Is that a threat?”
“It’s a warning,” Conrad Junior replied. “Just looking out for you. Talk to him, and explain that you can’t see him until after you get your inheritance. I’d hate to see you lose your chance to run the company by default.”
“You could care less, as long as you’re the one in charge one day,” Chance said and got off the elevator. He stalked to his office, but there was a hint of genuine concern in his brother’s tone that left him off balance.
Junior loved to win, but he wasn’t above using every dirty trick he knew to do it.


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