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DANI GRAY - Part Two

The Surprise Mate
~ Part Two ~
Drake was shocked at himself, he never invited anyone to be with him. The surprising thing about him was that he was a virgin. Knowing that Zeke was his mate, settled something within himself, but he didn’t know why.
Pulling back, he looked at Zeke. “I have to tell you something. I’ve never been with anyone, as in ever.”
Looking at the feral glint in Zeke’s eyes should have scared Drake, instead it warmed him from the inside out. The heat settled in his balls, and Drake was two seconds away from creaming his boxers.
Whimpering, he moved so that his mouth pressed against Zeke’s. He opened when Zeke started to run his tongue against the seam of his lips. All Drake could taste was Zeke, and he knew he would never get enough. Zeke’s flavor reminded Drake of hot chocolate with some dark rum.
When Zeke broke the kiss, Drake would swear he wasn’t the one who made the sounds of disappointment he could hear. Leaning his forehead back against Zeke, Drake continued to gulp in huge gasps of air, as if he had been drowning and was only now able to breathe again. He guessed he had been, he wanted to sink himself into Zeke and never come out.
“Come, little one.” Zeke said, picking up Drake from his lap and putting him on his feet. “Let’s go eat some dinner and talk. I know we are mates, but I would love to know everything I can about you.”
Smiling at the bigger man, Drake was glad Zeke made the suggestion.  While he wanted to get into bed and be fucked into the mattress, he would also like to know this man. When Zeke held his hand out to Drake, he happily linked their fingers together.
“How do you feel about going to the restaurant, little one?” Zeke asked. “This way it would be quieter and let us talk, without anyone else to interrupt.”
“I would love that, thank you.”
As Zeke led him over to the restaurant in the hotel, Drake kept looking that him. Wow, I have a mate.
Drake suddenly stopped, and Zeke jerked to a stop when he felt the tug on his arm.
“You’re a dragon.” Drake gasped out. “You breathe fire.”
Zeke turned around and pulled Drake into his arms. “No, little one. I’m an Komodo dragon.”
“Will you kill me when you bite me?”
“NO!” Zeke said adamantly.
Drake was surprised when Zeke suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into the large chest in front of him.
“No one will ever hurt you.” Zeke all but growled the words. He kept pulling Drake tighter, looking around as if trying to find a threat to them.
Drake put his hand up and started to pet Zeke on the chest. “It’s ok. I’m safe, right here in your arms.”
Pulling back, Drake looked up to Zeke. “The only reason I asked was because I knew that the bite from a Komodo dragon was lethal to a human, with all the bacteria in their mouth.”
“Oh, little one.” Zeke sighed. “I will never cause you harm, and neither will my bite. You will forever be the safest person with me, and my dragon.”
Drake snuggled into the warm chest in front of him, wrapping his arms around Zeke’s neck.
“Do you have a room here, little one?” Zeke asked him. “If you don’t, I do. Would you rather eat in a room or the restaurant?”
“Can we eat in your room?” Drake quietly asked him. “I would rather be able to talk to you in private.”
Watching the smile spread across Zeke’s face, Drake let go of his neck once he was one his feet. Instead, he took the hand offered to him and following Zeke into the hotel.

* * * *
Zeke was trying to hard not to jump his little mate. The idea that the fates had given him such a gift, one as special as Drake was amazing to him. Not sure what he had ever done right to deserve Drake, he knew that he would continue to be grateful and cherish the special person that he knew Drake was. How he knew this, he didn’t know, but he heard wonderful stories from Sherri about her brother.
Quickly taking Drake to his room, he asked him to take a look at the menu and to pick whatever he wanted to eat. Once Drake made his decision, Zeke called in their order to room service.
“The food will take about thirty minutes, would you like to sit down and we can talk?” Zeke was trying so hard to be polite, but he was desperate to be balls deep in his mate. His Komodo was pushing him to claim the man.
After they sat on the couch in the suite, Zeke dragged Drake over to sit next to him. It was a damn good thing he wasn’t a cat shifter, or he would have embarrassed himself by purring when Drake snuggled into his side and laid his head on Zeke’s shoulder.
“Where to you live? What do you do?” Drake asked him.
“I live in the desert region of Arizona and New Mexico. I have a large property that is in both states. My Komodo likes the desert, and when he goes out he doesn’t have to worry about human interactions. I am a book restorer by trade, but I don’t need to work. I just really enjoy being able to save old books, bringing them back to life. What about you, little one?”
The smile that Drake gave Zeke hardened his cock so fast that Zeke felt dizzy from the blood loss.
“I love books, I turned my second bedroom into my own little library. I work as a librarian in my home town. I live in a small town in New England.”
“Would you like to visit my home to see if you would like to move there?” Zeke asked the question, holding his breath, almost afraid of the response from Drake.
“I would love to. I’m pretty sure that I would enjoy moving to your home. My apartment would be too small for us, and I don’t think your dragon would like the weather in New England.”
Putting his hand up to rest on Drake’s cheek, Zeke was in awe of the trust he was being given. “You have no idea how special you are to me.”
Leaning down, Zeke began to lightly kiss Drake. He slowly ran his tongue over the seam of Drake’s mouth. Once Drake opened up for him, Zeke dove in. He thrust in, tasting all that Drake had to offer. He memorized this moment, feeling for the first time the acceptance that Drake was offering.
The two men kissed for what seemed like hours to Zeke, only pulling apart with a groan when they realized that there was knocking at the door to the suite of the room they were in. Zeke had forgotten that they were in the hotel, not safe at home where he could protect his mate.
Zeke gently moved Drake over from his lap, not even sure when or how Drake got there.
While Drake put himself back together, Zeke stood up and opened the door to the server. As soon as the lady had the food on the table, Zeke gave her a tip and said they would leave the cart outside the door.
Moving back over to Drake, Zeke held out his hand. Once Drake placed his smaller hand in his, Zeke led him over to the table and pulled out a chair for Drake. Only when Drake was seated, did Zeke move over to sit down across the table from him.
While the men ate, they talked of simple things. What they wanted for their futures, how they loved books, and who their favorite authors were. Zeke was surprised to find out that Drake loved JRR Tolkien as much as he did, and both were surprised and pleased that the movies tried to keep as true as possible to the books. By the time they finished eating, all Zeke could think about was how much he actually liked and admired his mate.
As one, the two men stood, each reaching for the others plate to take it away. Zeke looked over to see the grin on Drake’s face.
“Guess we both had the same idea.” Drake smugly said to Zeke.
“And what idea is that?”
“You fucking me into the mattress and claiming me.”
Zeke dropped the plate he was holding back onto the table and grabbed Drake, throwing him over his shoulder.
“I hope you know I’m going to love you until we are both old. I will be beside you until we breathe our last, my mate.”
“I’m going to love you too. Now, take me to the room. Your shoulder is digging into my full tummy and I don’t want to start this mating with you stinking from me losing my dinner down your back.”
"I'm glad you came to this wedding where I could find you, little one."
Drake grinned. "Not as glad as I am."

Taking Care 2
Coming October 2017 from Siren Publishing
After being beaten nearly to death by his father for being gay, Travis Cooper escapes and finds safety with friends. He learns to make a life for himself, but one that doesn't require him to leave the house or the security he's found there. When the world intrudes on his safe zone, he has to rely on others to keep him out of harm's way.
When Abraham Isaacs is called in by his boss to protect a friend, he finds a frightened young man who needs his special brand of protection, both for his safety and for his heart. Getting Travis to trust him might be the hardest battle.
While trying to figure out who is sending threatening letters, Travis and Abraham have to figure out if the attraction building between them is worth stepping outside of their comfort zone and into danger, because someone wants them both dead.


The moment Abraham Isaacs received the phone call from his boss, Eric Solomon, he knew something in his life was going to change. He wasn’t sure what, but something significant was about to happen.

Eric called him to help some friends, who were receiving threatening letters and one person had been attacked so far. Abe would make sure it stopped, and the moment he found out that three huge men had attacked a much smaller man who was in a wheelchair, his blood boiled.

Growing up in foster care, and being small and constantly picked on, taught him that he hated bullies. He refused to join in any gangs, and the moment he found someone who would train him in martial arts, he soaked up his lessons like a sponge. One of his mentors taught him Ninjutsu, and later he found another mentor to taught him Urban Krav Maga. After he joined the Marines, they taught him how to be a man.

Knowing he was gay and in foster care, made him a target, especially since he was so small as a kid. He was still considered small, at only five foot ten inches, he wasn’t going to get much bigger. So to hear that someone in a wheelchair was hurt by three goons, he knew he needed to be the one to help.
As he slowly made his way up the drive to the house, he was surprised at the lack of security for such nice place. Before going up to the door, he did a quick sweep of the property, noting the best access points. That unfortunately turned out to be a large forested area behind the house. Abe knew he was going to need to speak to his boss about cameras, with infrared and night vision.
How the hell do they expect me to protect them if they aren’t protecting themselves? He thought. Damn good thing he was an expert.
Going back up to the house, an older man answered the door when he knocked.
“Hi,” Abe held out his hand. “I’m Abe Isaacs, I’m here to meet with my boss, Eric.”
“Please, come in,” he was told, as his hand was shaken. “I’m Aaron. Everyone is in the living room, over here.”
He was pointed to the room in question, but was easily able to follow the sound of voices.
The moment he walked into the room, he quickly looked around, noticing all the access points and who was in the room. His eyes were caught by the vision sleeping next to a lady sitting on one of the couches. The smaller man was frail looking with black hair, so dark it looked like it had blue highlights. Abe really wanted to see his eyes. The burning need to take care of this man created a visceral wildfire running through his veins.
“Hi, Abe,” Eric said as he stood up to go and come over to shake his hand. After that he turned to the room. “Everyone, this is Abraham Isaacs, also known as Abe. He will be staying here as your onsite security. I have already briefed him about the attack and letters, he will be working with the police as well. I know that he will want to talk to everyone individually, getting to know you.”
“Hi, folks.” Abe relaxed while Eric introduced him. “I know you are worried about the events of the past few days, but I am here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, about anything, please come and tell me. I can only do my job properly if I have all the information, so if anything, and I am stressing the word anything, seems out of place or odd to you, immediately call for me. I’m only effective at my job if I have all the details.”
All the time while talking to, Abe’s eyes kept moving back to the sleeping angel.
“Abe, I would like you to meet our friend Shane Turner.” Eric waved his hand at Shane, who put his hand out for Abe to shake. After the two men shook hands, Eric turned to Michael. “This is Shane’s boyfriend, Michael Franks.”
After Abe shook Michael’s hand, he looked to the two men. “I will need to speak to you guys later. I would like to go over the events of the attack and get your impressions of the perpetrators.”
“There isn’t much to tell.” Shane began. “I was on my way back to the car, and was these three guys started calling me names. After a couple of minutes of doing that, they progressed to pushing me out of my chair. That’s when they started to hit and kick me.”
“Michael here saved me from possibly being beaten to death,” Shane continued to Abe. “If he hadn’t come over when he did, I really to believe they would have tried to kill me.”
“What!” Andy yelled and everyone turned to him in surprise. “You never said anything like that to me on the phone. Why didn’t you tell me? I thought you were hurt when you fell out of your chair. These guys did this to you?”
Shane looked at Andy, “Andy, are you ok?”
“No.” Andy angrily replied. “No, I’m not. Why didn’t you say something? You know I would have been there to help you. You keep saying we are a family, but you never told me any of this. How am I to be able to look after you if you don’t tell me these things.”
Most everyone was looking at Andy with surprise on their faces as he angrily strode out of the room. A door was heard slamming at the front of the house.
“What just happened here?” Abe heard Michael ask.
“I don’t know.” Shane replied.
“He’s been in love with you for a while now,” Travis quietly said. When all eyes turned to him, Travis snuggled in tighter with Sandy. It looked like he was trying to hide behind her.
Sandy looked down at Travis, pulling him in close to her. “What can you tell us, hun?”
Travis looked to Sandy, fear in his eyes as they darted over to look at Abe.
“Travis, hun.” Sandy put her hand out to Abe. “I would like you to meet Abraham Isaacs. He is the man who will be looking after you and everyone in this house. His boss, Eric, sent him to us. He will be the additional security for the house while the police are investigating things.”
Abe slowly went over to Sandy and took her hand as he went to his knees in front of them. The fear he saw in Travis’s eyes was breaking his heart. He swore to himself right then that Travis would never be scared again if he could ever prevent it.
 “Lock the door behind you,” Travis instructed Abe.
Abe looked at him with a raised brow. “Oh?” he asked as he locked the door.
“Oh, yes,” Travis said as he slowly worked the sheet off his body with his feet. “You might want to get naked for this.”
Watching Abe literally rip the clothing from his body was one of the hottest sights Travis had ever seen, but the best was Abe standing at the end of the bed in all his naked glory.
Travis licked his lips, as he watched Abe’s cock firm up, right before his eyes. The need to taste the man was all Travis could think about.
As soon as the covers were off his body, Travis got to his knees and crawled down the bed to his favorite treat. All he could think about was getting that hardness in his mouth and sucking it until Abe gave him everything.
Once that cock was in front of him, Travis leaned down until he could rub his lips over the leaking tip, coating them. He pulled back, then looked into Abe’s eyes and stuck out his tongue to lick them clean. The feral look in his eyes let Travis know that Abe was paying attention to every move that Travis made.
The moment his lips were licked clean, Travis stuck his tongue out again, this time to lick the tiny drops that were dripping down Abe’s dick. As he slowly used suction to pull Abe’s cock into his mouth, he started to tease the head with his tongue, then suck it to the back of his throat so he could swallow around it. He kept teasing Abe’s dick, all while keeping his eyes locked with Abe’s.
With his hand, Travis reached up and started to roll Abe’s balls in their sack. Every once in a while, he would take a finger and rub or tap the area behind his balls. The constant moans coming from Abe let him know that his man was getting close.
Once he was able to feel Abe’s cock start to swell in his mouth, he moved back so he could taste the offering he was about to get. When Abe roared out his climax, Travis made sure he swallowed every drop.
Once Abe’s cock was licked clean, Travis leaned back. “There was a reason I wanted to get the mail today. I have been waiting for something I ordered in the mail. Would you like to see it.”
When Abe’s dazed gaze looked to Travis, he simply laid back down on the bed and spread his legs, letting Abe see the butt plug in his ass.
“Before you get on the bed though, you need to go look at the letter on the table.” At the curious look Abe gave him, Travis simply pointed at the table, where the letter was the only thing on it. “Go look.”
Abe went over, grabbing the paper. After a quick read, he whipped his head to look at Travis.
“I know you are clean,” Travis said. “But I needed to know I was too. I needed that little piece of paper. I know I have very little experience, and was always safe, but I really felt the need to give this to you.”
“You’re clean,” Abe confirmed. “You know that the moment we make love with no condoms, I will never be letting you go. You will be mine, forever. You even agreed when I put that ring on your finger.”
“I know,” Travis replied. “I want forever, but only with you. You are the only person I have ever been in love with. I love you, body and soul.”
The fire that Travis saw in Abe’s eyes began to consume him. Travis laid back on the bed again. “Here is the other part of the package I was waiting for today. This is for you.” In his hand, Travis held out the remote to give to Abe.
The way that Abe stalked to the bed reminded Travis of a cat hunting. He felt like Abe’s prey. Once Abe was beside the bed, he took the remote from Travis and turned it on. Travis wasn't sure what setting Abe used, but the sensations coming from the plug caused Travis to arch his back. Travis wasn’t sure how loud he was, but knew he was crying out in pleasure.
Just as Travis was about to reach for his cock to get some relief, Abe slapped his hand away.
“This is mine tonight.” Abe’s words sounded like he growled them to Travis. “I will make sure you get what you need, but you are mine to do with as I want.”
Travis could only nod his head in agreement, he was panting so hard.
As he was nearing the point of pain, Abe leaned down and licked a line, from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his cock. In the middle of the lick, he turned up the speed on the plug, causing Travis to scream out Abe’s name.
“Abe…Abe…” Was all Travis could say. Only Abe was keeping him anchored in the storm of feelings coursing through his body. Not sure if he was floating in space, or lying on the bed, all Travis could do was ride the waves crashing through him.
By the time Abe started to turn down the plug, Travis was a babbling mess. The only thing he could think of was having Abe fuck him. The need he felt to have the other man pounding into him was more important the breathing.
Grabbing the lube from under his pillow, he all but threw it at Abe.
“Fuck me, now,” Travis demanded.

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.
I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.
I would love to hear from readers, you can find me at


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