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DANI GRAY- Part Three

The Surprise Mate

Part Three

Zeke was just about to throw Drake onto the bed, when there was a knock at the door.

Setting his mate on his feet, he cupped Drake’s face in his hands, pulling Drake to him to devour his mouth. “I’ll be right back, let me see who is at the door.”

5lowly stepping away from Drake was harder then Zeke it thought it was going to be, even just to answer the hotel room door.

Seeing a police officer on the other side of the door surprised Zeke.

“Sir.” The officer said. “I’m here to ask if you know of the whereabouts of a Drake Landon? He’s been reported missing by his boyfriend.”

“What?” Drake yelled out in shock from the bedroom doorway. “What boyfriend? The only man I’m seeing is the person in front of you.”

Walking into the living room, Drake sat down on one of the chairs at the table.

“I don’t understand, who is spreading these lies?” Drake asked the officer still standing in the hotel doorway.

“Please, come in.” Zeke asked the officer, closing the door after he stepped into the room.

The nervous looking officer kept a wary eye on Zeke, and glancing at Drake as he slowly moved over to sit at the table.

“The person who made the claim is named Gerald Knucker,” The officer told them. “He said he arrived with his boyfriend, and he was last seen with someone named Zeke Knucker.”

Drake looked at Zeke with confusion on his face. “Who is Gerald Knucker?”

At this point, Zeke was so angry he was growling. “My fucking pain in the ass cousin. Someone who has pissed me off for the last time.”

Zeke spun around to go find Gerald, when Drake stepped in front of him. Feeling his mate wrap his arms around him, he calmed down from his rage.

“Zeke.” Drake looked up at him. “Don’t go off like this all mad, if you get into trouble because of him and then we can’t mate, what will happen then? I can’t live in that kind of pain. Please don’t make me.”

Seeing the tears in Drake’s eyes, Zeke felt like crap. He had forgotten that they hadn’t been able to complete their mating.

Putting his arms around Drake, Zeke looked over to the officer. “What do you need from us?”

The officer stood and asked Drake, “Do you have some ID so I can confirm you are who you say you are? This way I can close this.”

Drake stepped away from Zeke and pulled out his wallet. He took out his drivers license and gave it to the officer. After he looked at it and looked at Drake, he gave the card back to Drake.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you. I will contact my superiors and let them know that this was a misunderstanding and you are fine.”

“Can we look at having him charged with anything?” Zeke asked. “He filed a false report for someone missing, who he doesn’t even know.”

“I will certainly let my supervisor know, but that is not something I can do.” The officer said. “I will go ask my partner. I’m pretty new on the force, so I’m not sure how to proceed.”

Zeke looked at him in concern. “Did they warn you that you were coming to face a shifter? What would have happened if I became angry? Has your partner no worries over your safety?”

The officer looked at Zeke in fear. “You’re a shifter?”

“Yes, and this is my mate Drake. We were actually going to have out mating when you knocked on the door.”

The officer looked at Zeke in fear. “Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?”

Keeping his arm around Drake, Zeke held up his other hand. “No worries, you are safe. It’s just that you could have been hurt any time you face a shifter who is about to mate with their other half. I don’t know what training they give you, but please be cautious in the future. I know you are just starting your career, but no one would want to see you hurt for doing your job.”

Drake nodded as well. “I know the police don’t always get treated with respect, but please be careful. You seem like a nice guy and I wouldn’t want you to be hurt.”

After shaking the hand of the officer, Drake showed him to the door, closing it behind him after wishing him a “Good night and thank you.”

Turning to look at Zeke, he was at a loss at to what to tell Drake, why this had happened?

“Come here, my dragon really needs to hold you.” Zeke held his arms open for Drake to walk into them.

“You ok?” Drake asked him.

Chuckling, Zeke looked at Drake. “Shouldn’t that be my question?”

Seeing the smile on Drake’s face, eased some of the tension in Zeke.

“How about we are both ok, but maybe let’s sit for a bit.”

Nodding, Zeke moved Drake towards the bedroom. “How about we get comfortable in bed, and we can chat and snuggle for a bit. Give us both time to get back in the mood.”

Giggling, Drake ran into the bedroom. “First one naked tops.”

Not caring how expensive the suit was, Zeke ripped it off his body, enjoying the look on Drake’s face as he stood there staring at his body. His cock rose at the lust he could see shining in Drake’s eyes.

“You are so beautiful.” Drake said in awe.

“Come here mate.” Zeke held out his hand to Drake.

Once Drake put his hand into his, Zeke slowly pulled him again his body. “Let me undress you, and I promise not to tear your clothing. Much.”

Stepping away, Drake turned towards the bed, when the door of the hotel room crashed open.

Zeke turned to see who it was, and then turned to Drake. “Go into the bathroom, lock the door.”

Looking back at the intruder, he calmly asked. “Why Gerald?”

“Why not? You don’t deserve a mate. I’m older and I’m not waiting any more.” Gerald sneered at Zeke. “Besides, you are a blight on the family name, not willing to continue working in the family business.”

Zeke merely crossed his arms over his chest, looking bored. “Do you really think you can get through me to get at my mate? I will destroy you before I allow you near him. I also want nothing to do with your activities that you say you are doing ‘business’ with, I don’t trust you or the people you deal with.”

“I’m going to enjoy taking away your mate, and anything else I can take from you. I heard he was a virgin, wonder if he would like to bleed for me.”

The grin he gave Zeke pissed his dragon off.

Dropping his arms, Zeke looking Gerald up and down. “Something else you need to remember. I can shift faster then you, and I am stronger. I will kill you before you have a chance to finish shifting. Leave now, while I’m still willing to let you live. I hope you stay though, since I don’t give a flying fuck who your mother is, I will take great pleasure in ending your existence.”

Zeke was hoping that Gerald was going to fight him, but he knew how much of a coward he was. He was always taking things, thinking that others never noticed. The only reason no one said anything was because of Gerald’s mother. She was the monarch of the family.

Looking at Gerald as if he were a bug, Zeke did a partial shift with his hands, allowing his claws to come out.

“If you try to come near my mate, I don’t care who your mother is, I will kill you.” Zeke made those words sound like a promise. “I am also going to report you to the council, and let them deal with you, and I hope they give you the maximum punishment. Trying to steal another’s mate is a death sentence, and I will be there ringside to watch.”

“Now, get out, or I will rip out your throat.” Zeke told him, with a feral look on his face. “I will never allow you to even look at my mate. He. Is. Mine.” Zeke roared the last few words at Gerald.

Feeling satisfaction at watching Gerald turn white and run, Zeke let out a victory yell, to let everyone know he won his mate.

Walking to the room door, Zeke shut it as best he could. Going over to the phone, he called the front desk to alert security to Gerald and to let them know the door was damaged.

Once he finished making his call, Zeke turned towards the bedroom door, where he found Drake standing there, waiting for him.

Holy shit, his mate was beautiful when dressed. Naked he was magnificent.

Zeke stood to his full height. “Do you want me mate?”

The breathy “yes” was music to Zeke’s ears.

Striding across the room to Drake, Zeke wrapped his arms around him and lifted him up so that Drake could wraps his legs around Zeke’s waist.

Tired of waiting, or of someone thinking they could take what was his, Zeke leaned in to nuzzle the area where he intended to leave his mark.

“Do you accept me as your mate?” Zeke whispered to Drake.

Tilting his head to the side, Drake let out a soft “yes.”

Taking his time to lick the area, since his saliva would help numb the initial pain, Zeke let his teeth grow so he could make his mating bite.

Hearing the groan that Drake let out, and the splash of heat against his stomach soothed the beast in Zeke.

As he slowly took his teeth out, he kept licking the area to help it heal and to make sure that the mark would remain visible to everyone to saw it. This man was his.

Zeke smiled at the dreamy look in Drake’s eyes. As Zeke’s smile started to grow, he looked at Drake.

Knowing he was about to shock his mate, he asked. “So, how do you feel about kids?”

“Kids, what kids?”

“The ones you are going to give me.”

Here's a taste of Taking Care of Family, book three from my Taking Care series...

Steve was getting up, slowly. He had that night off, so he decided to be lazy. Something he hadn’t done in a while. He lounged about in bed, then moved over to the couch, not even bothering to get dressed. Since he didn’t have to go anywhere, he stayed in his sleep shorts and t-shirt. He figured, if I’m not going out today, I might as well relax and enjoy it.
After a couple of hours of mindless TV, and who the hell can watch this crap day in and day out amazed Steve. It was all useless noise. Steve got up and went to check out the contents of his fridge. Doing a quick look through, he settled on making spaghetti from scratch.
While he was getting his ingredients pulled together, his phone rang. When he saw it was Andy calling him, he answered the phone with a smile.
“Hey there, little bro, how are you doing? Feeling any better yet?”
“Steve, don’t talk, just listen. Amy was beaten up by someone and she's in the hospital. We are assuming it’s the cousins since they are missing. Abe and Shane are sending someone to come get you. His name is Jason. Pack a bag, anything special since we don’t know if the cousins know that you were talking to Amy. Please, come here. I can’t be worried about you too.”
“Ok.” Steve had to agree. The cousins were crazy and he didn’t want to deal with them. “How soon will Jason be here? I’ll try to be ready when he arrives.”
“Abe is sending him in a couple of minutes, so you have maybe ten or fifteen minutes.”
“Gotcha. I’m going to hang up now. This way I can pack some stuff and be ready. Tell Shane thanks for this. I wouldn’t want to be here alone if Harvey, Hank and Harry are after me. You can fill me in about Amy when I get there. Love ya, bro.”
Steve hung up the phone and rushed to his bedroom. He grabbed a couple of bags and threw some clothes and toiletries in it. He then went and grabbed his box off his dresser. This had Tanis’s rings in it, as well as Lynn’s little bracelets. He refused to leave them here.
He also grabbed the most precious items he owned, the photo albums with the pictures of Tanis growing up and the photos of Lynn. Since all the ones on the walls were duplicates of what was in the album, he didn’t feel the need to take those.
By the time he had packed two bags, and finished making sure the house was locked up, someone was pounding on his door.
“Steve, this is Jason, we need to move,” he heard a voice yell.
He ran to the door, and opened it to the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. He was six foot three inches of blond hair and blue eyes of amazing eye candy. He wished he had the time to drag the man into his room and lick him all over.
Would he taste as good as he looked?
“Hi.” Steve could have kicked himself. He knew he sounded like an idiot.
Watching as Jason shuddered, he then leaned forward and grabbed one of his bags. “You ready?”
“Let me lock this door, then I am.”
Jason took the bag out to a large SUV, and stood at the driver's door, scanning the area while he quickly locked up and ran over to the vehicle. Throwing his bag in the back with his other one, he hurried over and got in the passenger seat. Jason immediately got in and threw the SUV into drive. Steve could hear the tires squeal as they suddenly took off.
Steve watched as Jason hit a button on the steering wheel and he heard a voice asking what he wanted to do. “Call Abe.”
Hearing the phone ring, then a voice asked. “Go.”
“Coming in hot, have one truck in pursuit, eta fifteen minutes, maybe ten if I don’t pay attention to the speed limits.”
“We’ll be ready with a welcoming committee.”
* * * *
Abe came running to get Jason, who was in the kitchen trying to beg something to eat from Travis. When he tasted some of the food Travis created, he fell in love. He had eaten at some of the top restaurants around the world, but nothing was as good as what Travis made. He kinda hated Abe at the moment. First he snagged this great guy, and now he was taking him away from the food he was given.
“Come with me. I’ve got a mission for you.”
Jason dropped his fork. “Sorry, Travis, keep this for me and I’ll eat it later.” He threw Travis a smile as he ran off after Abe. “And, thank you,” he yelled back at Travis.
Jason caught up to Abe when he got to the living room.
“Guys, the police just called me.” Abe said. “They went to the address Andy gave them and found a female in the home, beaten. She is in critical condition and has been transported to the hospital. I’m sending Jason to go and get Andy's brother. I think we need to bring him here to the house until we catch the cousins.”
“Of course,” Shane said. Looking to Jason, “Go, make sure you stay safe, and Steve.”
Michael turned to Abe. “Maybe go tell Henry and Andy. This way Andy can call Steve to let him know and to pack a bag to bring with him. He can be ready to go as soon as Jason gets there. Can we go to the office and keep an eye on the monitors for you, so you can have all the rest of your men with you?”
“On it, and that would really help,” Abe replied as he followed Jason to the front door. Jason heard Abe lock the house back up again after he left. Running over to a black SUV, he called Abe, “What’s the address I need to get to?”
“Look in the history of the GPS, it’s 3487 Cherry Lane,” Abe told him.
Jason quickly pulled up the information, and headed out.
When he pulled up to a small house fifteen minutes later, he thought it was a cute place. Jason could see that it was well looked after, and the yard was kept nicely maintained. Steve obviously took pride in keeping his home looking good.
Rushing to the front door, he pounded on it. “Steve, this is Jason, we need to move.”
He kept looking around while he waited for Steve to answer the door, but he could hear movement on the other side. Jason was stunned when a slim, but muscular man with brown hair and the most amazing brown eyes answered the door.
Hearing Steve’s voice for the first time caused him to shudder and when he leaned over to grab one of the bags he got a sniff of Steve. He smelled amazing.
Unfortunately, he didn’t have any time to appreciate it right now, but he planned on it later.
“You ready?” Jason was glad to hear that his voice didn’t sound off, since all he could think about was getting Steve in his bed, naked.
“Let me lock this door, then I am.”
Jason took the bag out to a large SUV, and moved over to stand at the driver’s door, scanning the area while Steve quickly locked up and ran over to the vehicle. After Steve threw his bag in the back with his other one, he hurried over and got in the passenger seat.
Jason immediately got in and threw the SUV into drive. He quickly drove off as the skin on the back of his neck was crawling, letting Jason know that they had company, and then he saw them.
Jason hit a button on the steering wheel and told the blue-tooth. “Call Abe.”
Hearing the phone ring, then Abe said. “Go.”
“Coming in hot, have one truck in pursuit, eta fifteen minutes, maybe ten if I don’t pay attention to the speed limits.”
“We’ll be ready with a welcoming committee.”
Jason drove well above the speed limit where he could, but the truck managed to catch up to them a couple of times.
They tried to run them off the road by smashing into the rear of their vehicle. Jason yelled out, “Brace yourself.” Jason kept the SUV on the road, but the hit to the SUV was jarring. Shaking it off, he floored the gas and managed to pull away from them.
The next time they were able to catch up to them, they pulled up beside them on the passenger side, and someone in the back seat rolled down the window and aimed a gun at Steve. No fucking way would he allow Steve to get hurt. He was Jason’s, and Jason would kill anyone to tried to take away his man.
“Hold on, I’m going to try to ram them off the road.”
Jason turned the wheel hard to the right, ramming the SUV into the driver’s side of the truck. They hit their brakes to keep from being run off the road, and Jason put the gas pedal to the floor. They managed to keep ahead of the truck the rest of the way to the house.
Once they reached the house, Jason saw Abe and Vince out front. Abe raised his rifle, taking shots at the truck following them. Jason watched in the rear-view mirror as the truck took off.
He was relieved to have Steve back at the house safe. “How are you, are you hurt at all?” Jason asked Steve.
Even though he had only just met the man, he would have been devastated if Steve had been hurt.
“I’m a bit shaken up, but nothing is hurt. Those fuckers are insane.”
Jason couldn’t argue with him about that.
“Come on, lets get inside.” Jason got out and headed to the rear of the vehicle, glad to see there wasn’t too much damaged to the back, but the passenger side had quite a bit. Poor Steve had to move over and get out on the driver’s side as his door was jammed shut.
Steve joined him and grabbed one of the bags, while Jason took the other.
Putting his hand out to Steve, Jason said. “Come on, babe, lets get you inside and settled into a room.” Jason really wanted to put Steve in his room, but he knew he couldn’t rush it too fast. He planned on making Steve his forever.
Taking Steve upstairs, he put him in the room across from him. After dropping down the bag he carried, he pointed out his door to him.
“I’m just across the way if you ever need anything. Travis should have dinner ready, so if you want to cleanup, we can head down.”
Steve was nodding his head. “Give me a moment, I need to check on my bag.”
Jason watch in curiosity as Steve opened one of the bags and took out a photo album, sighing when he saw it was ok and gently placing it on the bed. He was dying to know why it was so important to Steve, but would bide his time before asking.
 “Ok, I’m good. You said something about food. I had been about to make something to eat when Andy called me. Oh god, Andy. Can I see him? I haven’t seen him since he was hurt.”
“Sure, I’m guessing Henry already has him in the dining room, trying to feed him.” Jason said with a smirk on his face. He wondered what Steve would think about the relationship between Andy and Henry.
Jason thought it was cute, the way Steve cocked his head.
Jason made sure he was watching Steve’s face when they got to the dining room. Seeing his brother wrapped up in a blanket on a huge mans lap, being fed.
He watched as Steve went right over to Andy, not even bothering to look at Henry, and asked. “How are you? Are you ok? You being treated properly?”
Jason rushed over when he saw the look that crossed over Henry’s face. “Steve, take a good look at the two of them. Andy is where he wants to be, and if he wasn’t, I’m sure he would have told Henry off by now.”
Steve took a step back, looking at the two men sitting together. After a moment, he nodded his head.
Andy reached out to Steve with his good hand. “I really do want to be here. Henry sees me Steve, he honestly sees me.”
Steve grabbed Andy’s hand. “That is all I want for you. Be happy.”
Jason watched in amazement as Steve looked over to Henry. “You hurt him and I will find a way to destroy you, understood?”
Henry simply held out his hand, “Deal. And I respect that, since I know it’s because you care about Andy.”
The two men shook, and Jason wasn’t surprised at the wink Henry sent him after Steve turned away.
Everyone had made their way into the dining room, where Travis and Sandy made a delicious smelling lasagna with all the fixings. Jason knew what a great cook Travis was, but it seemed everyone had other things on their minds, since he was surprised at how quiet it was.
When dinner was finished, Shane turned to Abe. “I’ve been thinking. I’m planning on expanding the house. Should I have a panic room constructed? I have a very bad feeling that even after you get the cousins, we aren’t done yet.”
“Why do you ask, Shane?” Abe questioned him. “What aren’t you telling me?”
“Nothing,” Shane said. “I was discussing with Michael earlier that I still have a bad feeling that even after the cousins are arrested that there is still trouble on our horizon. Call it a gut feeling or whatever, but I don’t think we are done.”
“Also,” Shane continued. “I was going to ask to speak to Eric and you guys to ask how you feel about moving in here and working for me. Give it some consideration, but I do need to speak to Eric about it. I also need to ask him if he knows of a good contractor, someone who can expand the house and put in whatever safety features you and Eric deem necessary.”
Shane turned to Steve. “I would like to make the same offer to you. You are more than welcome to move in here as well. I know that Andy would love to have you closer. Don’t make your decision now, wait until this stuff with your cousins is finished. Then you can chat with Andy and make your decision then. Ok?”
Jason saw Steve turn to look at him, and then Andy. He wondered what the look on his face meant.
While everyone sat around the table enjoying desert and coffee, Abe looked to Shane. “I want to first say thank you to Shane. I do plan on moving in here. This is Travis’s home, and where Travis is, so am I.”
 “Same here,” Henry added. “This is Andy’s home. I am where he is.”
Andy blushed from Henry’s lap.
Steve smiled at Andy. That made Jason happy, knowing Andy had his brother's support.
“Anyway,” Abe continued, “I do also plan on giving up my position with Eric. I had already been talking to him about it earlier today, so he is aware of my feelings.”
 “For now though, we need to talk about security. I want to make sure that we have one person manning the security room tonight. I would like it in three hour shifts. This way the others off shift can get some rest, and the person manning the monitors will have a chance to get some rest as well. We all need to be vigilant, as I’m positive they are going to try something tonight. The situation is getting too hot for them, especially after the police found Amy.”
Turning to Andy and Steve, Abe continued. “I also called Eric and the hospital. Eric has an armed guard posted outside of Amy's door, protecting her. I was told that even though she is still listed in critical condition, she is improving. The doctor said that he was still being cautious, but believed that with time and therapy she will recover.”
Andy broke into sobs, while Steve sat there quietly crying. Jason reached out and grabbed Steve’s hand, giving him some support.
“Ok, folks, I think we should all head off and get some quiet time and rest before tonight. It might seem like it’s early now, being six in the evening, but when you need to get up for midnight, we are a bit late to get to bed.”
As some snickered over that comment, everyone thanked Travis and Sandy for a delicious dinner.
Since everyone was going to bed early, Jason took Steve up to his room, saying his goodnights at the door. It took all the control that Jason had to keep himself from acting like a caveman and dragging Steve into his room.
It was one o’clock in the morning when everyone gathered in the dining room.
Jason heard Shane calling out, “Did you get any sleep, Travis? I refuse to allow you to not look after yourself. If you get tired, I’m sure any one of us would step in and help you.”
Travis turned red. “I’m fine, and you try to step one foot in my kitchen and I’ll thump you with my best cast iron frying pan. The only person who can come in there is Abe. Oops, sorry Sandy, she is allowed in there too. That’s it!”
Michael started to laugh. “Guess you were told.”
As everyone sat down to eat another meal together, Abe was talking with his men. While they were quietly discussing what they were going to do, Shane called out, “Abe, Michael and I would like to man the security office while you guys are out there. This way you won’t be short a man.”
Jason could see Abe think about it for a moment before nodding. “That would work. We could have you guys all in the office, with the drapes drawn. This way it would be easier for Aaron and Sandy to defend, and if you need to get out, you just go out the patio doors. Helps that there is a bathroom attached, so you won’t need to leave.”
“Everyone ok with this?” Abe asked the room in general.
“Yes,” Travis snarked from the kitchen doorway. “But you better make damn sure nothing happens to my kitchen, or you are on the couch for the next year, buster.”
Everyone watched Abe go over to Travis, and grab him, bending him back and kissing the attitude out of him. Once it ended, the dazed look on Travis’s face kept his mouth shut for a few minutes.
“Now, can we get ready for this?” Abe asked the room.
After all heads nodded, Travis and Sandy went to get some snacks and drinks to stock the office with. Henry took Andy to get some blankets and his medications. Steve went over to speak to Abe. Once he found out that Steve used to be in the Navy, he was also given a gun to protect those in the house. Jason wondered why Steve never told him about being in the navy, then he realized he only met the man today and they haven’t had any time to really talk yet.
It was two in the morning when the guys went out into the forest surrounding the house. It wasn’t until three o'clock in the morning when the cousins showed up.
From their hiding spots, they were able to hear them stomping and talking as they moved towards the house, even thought they were some distance away. Their lack of stealth was embarrassing, since they wanted to attack the house.
Suddenly, Jason heard Abe quietly swearing. Turning to look at him, Abe told him that one of the cousins was coming up the driveway in the front of the house. Since Jason was the fastest runner, Abe told him to go, stop him.
Protect at all costs.
Jason was nearly back at the house when the sound of a shot could be heard. He stumbled to a stop, and took his time coming out from the forest. Jason stayed near the treeline for as long as he could, not wanting to activate the motion sensors that would have turned on the yard lights. When he was finally in position, he waited to ambush the cousin.
Once the idiot was in reach of Jason, he quietly came up behind him.
“I’m armed and ready to shoot you in the back of the head,” Jason told the idiot. He was in no mood to play nice. “So, you either slowly put your hands behind your head and kneel on the ground, or I shoot your brains out. Choose.” When the guy threw away his rifle and got down on onto his knees, Jason then kicked him in the back to knock him face first on the grass, then jumped on him to zip tie his hands behind his back.
Taking this one up to the house to wait on the front porch for the others, Jason was surprised with a bang could be heard, then screams. He immediately called Abe, needed to know that his friends were ok.
He found out that one of the cousins had set accidentally killed himself with one of the bombs, and they were bringing the other one up to the house with them.
“I’ve already called the police and fire department.” Abe told him.
I hope Steve and Andy are going to be ok from this, Jason thought.

Coming soon...


I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I still remember one of the first books I read, it was the Bobbsey Twins. As I got older, I moved into the more interesting books, but some of the typo’s made me nuts! So, after contacting writers I started a career of where I began editing, beta reading and brainstorming. After being harassed for a couple of years by some of the writers, I gave in and have now begun to write.
I live in central Canada with my hubby of over 25 years, 4 kids, and 5 grandkids. We have a collection of pets, including our guard cat. I love nothing more then curling up with a good book, or my laptop to work on the next thing that catches the muse.
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