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Part 2

Como's beautiful golden brown eyes widened and he backed up. Then Sky turned to the sun bear, batted his eyes, saying, "Would you, Como? I really want my wedding to go off without a hitch. This practice run is really important to me. Will you help."

Como looked down at the rectangle object in his hand and then back at Sky.

"What's that, Como? Is that something for me?" Sky asked.

Como hesitated a second and then nodded and handed the item to Sky. Kenner was shocked when the man immediately got tears in his eyes, then said in a watery voice, "This is──I mean──Son of a bitch!"

Rey and Midnight went to Sky, each placing a comforting hand on Sky, Midnight asking, "Are you alright?"

Como did something Kenner had never seen anyone do. He made Sky speechless. All the man could do was nod and his hiccupped and drew in a shaky breath.

Midnight went behind Sky and gasped, "Como this is unbelievable!"

Rey quickly looked at what Sky held, drew in a sharp breath whispering, "This has to be one of the best pieces you've done. I mean besides the one of──" Rey stopped speaking as he looked at Kenner and then at Como, "It's fantastic."

Kenner looked at Como, pointed to what Sky was holding, asking, "Can I?"

Como's cheeks turned an adorable shade of pink, but he nodded. Kenner went behind Midnight and looked at what Sky was holding and just starring at. Keener felt his lungs stop working. The painting was something that Kenner had only seen in galleries.

Sky was being held in Hardy's arms as Emry was standing with his arm around Hardy and placing a ring on Sky's finger. They were in the middle of the field behind the barn. All three were laughing about something only they knew. Their eyes, told a story of love, hope, and even a bit of unsure. Sky's were glassy with unshed tears, Emry's was lit up with promise and belief.  Hardy had that guarded expression, but yet that wasn't it. It seemed almost as if he seriously wanted something and was worried he might be denied. However, within the entire story being told in this painting, it was the love you felt just looking at it. Almost as if a moment caught in time that one might always want to remember.

Sky murmured, "This was when Hardy and Emry asked me to marry them. We were laughing because when they proposed, Hardy backed up into cow poop. Hardy said he did it because it was for good luck and right now they needed all the help they could get."

Midnight and the others laughed. Sky looked up at Como, saying, "I remember thinking that I wished I had some way to memorialize the moment my mates proposed, and you did that for me. Thank you so much."

Como's cheeks pinkened even more and then gave the man a shy smile. Sky then said, "Como, I know you don't like to be in the spotlight and people scare you, but I really would like for you to take the place of my mates and help with the practice. It will only be us and well Corte, since he's the one performing the ceremony. Would you please do this for me."

Como hesitated, but then slowly agreed.

Rey smiled, "Great! We better get out there because Law and the others were setting things up. Sky, shift and I'll explain things to Hardy and Emry."

Sky shifted. Midnight picked Sky up and carried him outside to his mates.

Hardy was standing and fidgeting with his tie. When he saw Midnight holding Sky, Hardy immediately started towards them, growling, "What the hell happened?"

Sky chirped and held his small paw up. Kenner could have sworn the guy was exaggerating the injury when he tried to hobble out of Midnight's hand and into his mates.

Rey cleared his throat, saying, "There was a little mishap and Sky hurt his hand. I had him shift so that he could heal for the wedding. Kenner and Como are going to step in as you, Emry, and Sky. Sky will be able to see from this practice run if there is anything he might want to do differently."

Hardy gently took Sky into his hands and lightly rubbed Sky's little paw, "So does that mean I can take off the tie?"

Midnight nodded, "Yeah, it shouldn't be a problem."

Hardy hissed, "Thank the Gods. The dam thing is choking me. Ouch!"

Sky chattered and chirped, as hardy shook his other hand, growling, "You bit me!"

Emry rushed over, asking, "What happened? Are you two going to start fighting again."

"He bit me, damn it!" Hardy snapped.

Emry looked at Hardy, lifted a brow, asking, "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. Rey said Sky hurt his hand and had to shift. He's having Kenner and Como take our place for the practice run. When I asked if I could take off the tie, because it was choking me. He damn well bit me." Hardy explained with a grovel in his tone.

"I'm going to go find my mates." Midnight muttered, stepping out of the scne about to be held.

Rey backed up, saying, "I'm going to get Como ready for the practice and let my mate's know what's happening."

Emry was petting Sky behind his little chipmunk ear, and in a baby tone asked, "Did our big bad mate upset you."

Sky nodded and made what Kenner could swear was a whimpering sound. Then held up his foot. Emry suddenly looked up saying, "Wait. Did you say we could take off the ties? Ouch! Damn it Sky that hurt!"

Kenner couldn't hold back his laugh. These three were just too much. Life for Emry must be really interesting with a hard head for one mate and a diva for another.

Emry hissed, "It's not funny Kenner. Look, I'm bleeding."

Law walked out of the barn with a huge man. he had to be damn near eight feet tall with muscles that almost made it look as if the man didn't have a fucking neck.  His dark grey with white streak hair went just past his shoulders, and it didn't take but a second for him to look directly in Kenner's direction. He must be Cortez.

Kenner didn't know what type of eagle this man was, but his harpy recognized another eagle, even if it was not one Kenner could properly discern.

"Everyone it's time to get this show on the road. My beautiful mate, tells me that Kenner and Como are going to proxy for Sky and his mates."

"I said no such thing. Midnight told you that." Shaw yelled out.

Everyone laughed, and Law replied, "You, my love, are my handsome mate. Okay, Everyone, let's──"

"Places! Everyone needs to get into place. We are on a time limit here."

Kenner couldn't hold back the snicker, when as he watched a man with long pink hair, in a pony tail on top of his head, bright pink and purple eye shadow and what looked like the fake eyelashes, clapping his hands and what looked like skipping around the practice area. "Who is that?"

Hardy whispered, "That's Dudley. He's a guy from Cortez's heard. I wouldn't get in the man's way, he tends to get a bit excitable."

Dudley turned to Kenner and Hardy, slapped his hands on his hips and started tapping his foot, as his hair bounced on top of his head, while he blinked those long eyelashes rapidly, "Would you two like to share with the class?"

Hardy's eyes widened and he shook his head. When Dudley looked at Kenner, Kenner had to cover his laugh with a cough as he muttered, "No."

Cortez cleared his throat, "Dudley, Law was talking."

Dudley waved his hand, saying, "And we love him for it. However, we are running out of time and if we don't want to be late for our wedding, then we need to get this practice session on the way."

"Dudley the wedding is in three days." Cortez replied drolly.

Turning to Cortez, Dudley replied, "That may very well be, but we have to take into account we are taking the yacht back. What if the engine fails on the way? What if we have a massive storm and we capsize. You can't take the clock as the way to tell time."

Law sighed, "Cortez, just let the man do his thing."

Dudley didn't wait to hear what Cortez would say as he rushed to Kenner, "You are the groom proxy, correct?"

Like Cortez, Kenner didn't get a chance to answer, before Dudley drug him towards the horse pen, facing away from the barn. "Cortez, why are you not in place?"

Cortez walked towards Kenner, muttering, "Maybe because you didn't tell me where my place was."

"What was that?" Dudley asked looking at Cortez with those raised pink and purple painted brows, blinking his long pink eyelashes.

When Cortez just looked back at Dudley without a word, Dudley  stated, "I didn't think so."

Kenner turned his head, raised his clutched fist and coughed.

Cortez leaned slightly forward saying only loud enough for Kenner to hear, "He grows on you. Maybe like a fungus, but he grows on you."

Kenner burst out laughing. Dudley whipped around his long pink pony tail slapping him in the face. Kenner straightened and cleared his throat.

"Okay, now the music will start and Rey, you and your mates are to make your way down the aisle. What if we have one of your sexy mates carry you down the aisle?"

"No! I will walk, thank you. And don't call my mates sexy." Rey grumbled.

Dudley snorted, "Sorry, I didn't know you didn't find your mate's sexy. Sorry."

Rey drew back and his jaw about hit the floor. "I do think my mates are sexy."

Dudley smirked, "Not what you just said, but okay." Looking at Midnight, Dudley said, "I take it you don't want one of your strong foxy men to carry you either?"

Midnight's eyes widened, "Do not call my mates foxy. And no I'm walking as well."

"Okay then. If I had gorgeous George as my mate, I would damn sure want to be carried." Dudley muttered.

Midnight lunged forward, but Law and Shaw held him back, Law saying, "Let it go sweet baby."

Dudley looked at them, clapped his hands saying okay, the big guys will walk just behind their little guys. The little guys need to be in the middle, holding their bouquets."

"Bouquets?" Midnight and Rey gasped at the same time.

Dudley nodded, "Yes, they will be provide for you on the island. Now let's go!"

Rey, Winter, and Dustin walked down as Dudley instructed with Sky and his mates following moments later. Once they got to Kenner, Dudley stood there looking intently at the image tapping his finger on his painted lips, then shook his head mutter, "This is all wrong. It's uneven."

"It's fine. Can we get on with it already." Shaw muttered.

Dudley turned to Shaw, "Tell me──How many weddings have you planned?"

Shaw drew back smirked, saying, "None."

"Exactly! I have you know I've watched Bridzilla more than once and this is not right. You have so many to the left and so few to the right. Think of a boat, if everyone sits on the left and no one on the right, what happens?" Dudley asked getting louder as he spoke.

Not giving anyone a chance to speak, he tossed his hands in the air, "It flips over and everyone dies. That's what happens."

Looking at Cortez, Dudley asked, "You will make sure we're all on spread out on the yacht, right? I don't want to die."

Cortez rolled his eyes, saying, "Dudley, you are a Flaphin. You swim. If the yacht were to capsize, which it won't, you can just swim."

Dudley pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, "But I would mess up my hair and makeup."

"I promise the yacht will not sink. Now can we please just get on with this. As you said, we can't be late for the wedding." Cortez replied calmly.

Sighing, Dudley nodded, "You're right, Cort. Okay, everyone back in their positions we start from the beginning with the music."

When no one moved right away, Dudley clapped his hands yelling, "Are you all deaf? Places. Get back in your places. We start from the beginning."

Dudley rushed to the barn yelling, "Start the music!"

Kenner stood there as a handsome, young man walked up beside him and started singing an old Luther Vandros song. Here and Now. Dudley snapped his fingers and Rey started walking down the aisle with his mates once more followed by Midnight and his mates.

It was odd, standing there going through all of this when Sky was already mated. What wasall of this about? He just didn't understand. Then the young man started singer louder, Here and now your love is all I need and Como stepped out of the barn, walking down the aisle. Kenner couldn't breathe and his tunnel vision returned. The breeze blowing his blond hair around and his soft light brown eyes looking only at Kenner had him feeling as if there was no one else in the area. Just them and the song, speaking the words he wished he could say.

Como held his hand just as the words, so I'm ready to take this vow were sung. Kenner nodded and whispered, "I'm ready too."

Como smiled, and gave Kenner that sweet blush.

The sound of a throat clearing had Kenner jerking back into reality and facing Cortez. The man raised a brow then smirked. Kenner sighed, muttering, "Just get on with it."

Cortez spoke words of love and togetherness. He talked about how love was not something to take for granted and how everyone should remember that fate was not all it took to bring two people together. It took communication, understanding, and patience.

Rey snorted, "And with Sky you'll need plenty of that."

Everyone laughed and a loud chirping and  then Hardy hissed, "Ouch! Damn it Sky stop biting me! That shit was funny."

Dudley did his hand clapping thing, yelling, "Everyone quite! Okay Cortez, why don't we skip to the vows."

Kenner asked, "What vows?"

Dudley shrugged, "Sky and his mates wrote their own, so just wing it for now."

Kenner's eyes widened, looking at Como, Kenner took in a deep breath, murmuring, "Wing it."

Thinking about everything he had seen and felt when Como walked through that door earlier, Kenner softly spoke, "You walked through that door and my world stopped. No one seemed to exist but you and me. I don't know what I did to have the fates grant me such a gift in life, but whatever it is, it couldn't possibly be enough. Because you, my dear Como, are priceless. No one could make me believe that our first meeting could be beaten, and then you walked down that aisle and looked at me with those beautiful honey gold eyes and again, everyone disappeared. I swear that no matter the price to keep you, I will gladly pay it a thousand and more times, if only I could be granted one kiss, one more moment with you."

Como didn't stop Kenner when he leaned forward and their lips touched. Kenner stepped closer, slowly drawing Como into his embrace. Como's taste was so much better than he could ever imagine or dream of. It was ambrosia. Kenner knew the words he spoke to be true, just as he knew, without a doubt that Como was more than just his mate. Como was the other half of his soul.

Kenner was so engrossed in the kiss he never heard Midnight saying, "Told you."


Power Play
The Mating Games On Ice 1
Welcome to the Mating Games on Ice!

After discovering the nefarious actions of Councilman Troy, Ricky, Ian, and Joop, along with their mates and Councilman Eagan and his mate, are on a mission to stop Troy’s plans. To do that, they must attend The Winter Mating Games in Siberia.

Darby Sellers has always wanted to find his mate. Unfortunately, the summer games did not pan out for him. Overhearing the conversation about going to the winter games, Darby decides to hitch a ride, dragging his best friend, Jayden Donovan, along.
Councilman Camden Krill was just learning about the abominations Troy was creating to take over as ruler of their world. While waiting to meet with Eagan and his friends he receives a call from a man with the most musical voice Krill had ever heard. While making their way to the mating game grounds, Eagan's men had been attacked, some were taken hostage, and the rest were dispersed into the Siberian lands.

Being the special shifter he was, Krill had little to fear. However, this night he feared a lot. He feared that those taken would be killed, or worse. He feared those left out in the freezing lands would perish. His biggest fear was that the little lady bug shifter with the lyrical voice would die before he ever got the chance to meet him in person and discover if fate had finally shined on him and brought him his true mate.


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