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CREE STORM - Part Three

Part 3

"They heaw! They heaw!" Gerogy shouted jumping up and down on the docks.

"Here. It is, they're here." The king said with a laugh.

"That's wha I say daddy." Georgy replied, making Dudley laugh and groan as he brought his head from over the side of the boat.

Dudley didn't know what he loved more, getting off this stupid boat or seeing Georgy.

"How're you feeling Dud?" Rey asked softly.

"Like I left my intestines back at the Ranch." Dudley replied holding his stomach.

 Cortez walked over, shaking his head, "I still don't understand why you just didn't shift and swim home?"

"We had to practice for the wedding." Dudley argued lightly.

"Dudley, Sky and his mates never came out of their room. The only practicing that was being done, was how to have a wedding night." Midnight said making his way past everyone with his bag in hand.

"Tell me about it." Law growled going towards his mate with more bags.

Cortez laughed and asked Shaw, before he could go to his mates, "What's wrong with them?"

Shaw sighed, "Sky was so loud, the entire time, that he didn't get any sleep."

"And Law is upset because of this?" Cortez asked.

Shaking his head, Shaw replied, "No, Law is upset because he thought that since we weren't getting any sleep we might make the best of our time. However, Midnight refused. He said if we could hear Sky with his mates, then they damn sure could hear us and he was too embarrassed."

"Why would he be embarrassed to show his love for his mates?" Cortez asked sounding as confused as Dudley. Hell if he had mates that looked like Midnights, he would be showing all the paranormal world they were his, in every position and place a person could think up. Hell, he'd like to just have one to do that with.

"What was that, Dudley?" Cortez asked with a smile.

Dudley noticed Shaw and Cortez looking at him with smirks. Swallowing hard, Dudley asked, "Did I say that out loud?"

Cortez burst out laughing and Shaw gave him a wink, saying, "Thank you for the compliment. I do believe I will share that perspective with my mates. maybe tonight I'll get lucky."

Dudley had no idea why he did that. He was always thinking out loud and either embarrassing himself, or pissing someone off, or both.

Sighing heavily, Dudley went to go get his things, when Corte asked, "Dudley, you didn't answer my question. Why didn't you just shift and swim to the Island?"

Not looking at Cortez, he muttered, "I didn't want the guys to laugh."

Cortez drew in a sharp breath, "Dudley, why in the world would you think Midnight and the others would laugh at you?"

Dudley barely looked up at Corte, muttering, "Everyone else does when I shift. I just──I didn't want to embarrass you."

Dudley went to move once more, but Cortez caught him by the arm, saying, "Let's get something perfectly clear. I think your animals are absolutely amazing and beautiful together, Dudley. You would never embarrass me because of what you shift into. Your animals together are very unique and that makes them very special──as special as you are. Never deny your true self to anyone."

"Winner! Winner, can you takes me fo a swimming. Daddy said maybe but I want a yes." Georgy asked enthusiastically.

Turning, Dudley watched as Winter picked up Georgy, saying, "We are staying for a week, Georgy. I promise, we will go swimming together before I leave."

"Yeah! Tank you Tank you!" Georgy shouted bouncing up and down until he saw Dudley standing with Cortez.

"Udley! Udley! You heaw!" Georgy yelled as he rushed to Dudley and jumped.

Dudley would have fallen on his ass had it not been for a strong presents behind him, blocking his fall. "Yes I am young man. Finally you can show me your home."

Turning, Dudley about swallowed his tongue. A true God was standing behind Dudley looking as shell shocked as Dudley was. The man was a few inches taller than his own five foot six inches, he had beautiful short slicked back black hair that looked thick enough to grab onto and never let go when──his hair accentuated his odd but magnificent eye colors. Yes, Dudley saw colors. The left eye was yellow, the right silver. "Amazing."

"Yes you are." The man said in a deep sexy baritone.

Sky raced over and grabbed Dudley, pulling him away, "We have to go get ready, Dudley. The Wedding is not going to wait and we have a lot to do."

* * * *

Alex sat in his chair waiting. Not for Sky to walk down the aisle, but to see if he could get another look at the man Sky had called Dudley. He wished he had been given an opportunity to do this sooner, but with all of the wedding hype, it was his job to keep the Islanders safe. He had been swimming around the Island when he had seen the yacht coming.

As with everyone Being an electric eel and vampire combination, it made it easy to make it to the docks, before Sky and the others arrived.

Not wanting to bother anyone, Alex had boarded the yacht from the side, just as this luscious morsel fell into him. Alex had been ill prepared to have to grab the man to keep from falling, but he was even more ill prepared for the scent and the hard on, he received, by doing it.

"Everyone! Everyone! Places! We are beginning." Dudley yelled out as he clapped and bounced to the front of the seating area.

The man looked simply stunning, wearing a silver sequence mini dress with pink leggings and silver and black thigh high boots with what looked like six inch heels. The entire ensemble matched his long braid of pink hair on the top of his head.

Someone behind him giggled, saying, "Who is he?"

"I don't know but he's fun to watch." Another person said behind him with a laugh.

Turning around, Alex saw Mrs. Paterson and Mrs. Wallaby. Giving them an angry stare, both women stopped talking and clasped their hands together. Satisfied, Alex turned back around and watched his beauty perform.

Dudley moved from person to person handing each a small bag. When he got to Alex, Dudley stopped bouncing, long enough to hand him two, giving a conspirator whisper, "Don't tell anyone."

Alex smiled and winked, saying, "I will always keep your secrets, jitterbug."

"Jitterbug?" Dudley asked in confusion.

"You are like a lively dance, wonderful to watch and I have no doubt fun to do." Leaning closer, Alex wiggled his brow, whispering, "I have every intention of finding that part out very soon."

Dudley's cheeks pinkened, as bright as his hair. Without saying a word, the man moved to hand the women behind Alex a bag each.

"What is this?" Mrs. Patterson asked.

Smiling, Dudley replied, "Bird seed. It's to throw at the wedding party as they walk past. I don't know what species everyone is and I wouldn't want someone getting sick from the traditional rice. I saw it on an episode of Bridezilla."

"Oh I just started watching that show, since Alpha Law made it possible to get the internet out here." Mrs. Wallaby said with enthusiasm.

Dudley nodded, making his braid bounce up and down and he tossed out his perfectly pink manicured nailed hand, saying, "I know. It is fantastic, isn't it. I can't get enough of all the shows I can see now."

"Have you ever seen that one called Survivor? It is far more exciting than the reality of being on an Island separated from everyone." Mrs. Patterson said, sounding a bit sad.

"Oh but the Island is so beautiful. You get to wake up every morning to that beautiful sunrise coming over the mountains and water. It is simply breathtaking. Then there are the people. Everyone knows each other and is willing to help with anything you might need. Sovereignty Island is a magnificent place to call home." Dudley said sounding wistful and honest.

"Oh don't mind her. Daniel has been very upset since her son, Jarome, went to work at King Cortez's castle." Mrs. Wallaby replied.

Dudley gasped, gave that enchanting smile, and bounced once more, "Jarome Patterson is your son? Oh my God he is a wonderful man. You must be so proud of him and all he has accomplished in such a short time."

"You know my Jarome?" Mrs. Patterson asked in delight.

Flipping his hand once more, Dudley replied, "Oh yes. He is currently the top of the warrior games right now. If he stays that way, he will win a spot guarding King Cortez faster than anyone ever has before."

"Warrior games?" Mrs. Patterson asked.

Dudley drooped a bit, then said, "You must not have had the opportunity to speak yet?"

Shaking her head, Mrs. Patterson replied, "No, he is always so busy."

Snapping his fingers, Dudley said, "I'll tell you what. Let's finish this wedding and then I will make you seeing and talking to your son possible."

"Really?" Mrs. Dudley asked hopefully.

Nodding, "You have my word and I never go back on my word."

Dudley left to pass out the rest of the birdseed and then surprised Alex by taking the empty seat next to him.

The music started and Alex listened to Conlee sing a song that spoke about taking a road and getting lost along the way. How every sign that he came across pointed to his love. However, instead he would look in another direction only to be brought right back to where he was destined to go. The line saying the Gods blessed the broken road that lead him straight to you, had Alex thinking about his own journey in life. How he had struggled since he was a child because he was both vampire and electric eel. He often frightened people when they would see him. His parents had passed many years ago in the war, and Alex found himself alone. Until he found King Edmond.

King Edmond opened his arms and home to Alex and from that moment Alex had pledged his loyalty to the man ever since.

The song ended and the young man immediately started a new one. This one was just as slow and beautiful. It was a song about how he had to be dreaming because he had found such love. That with every touch he falls deeper and deeper in love.

Dudley leaned closer, his warm breath kissed Alex's neck, and his soft sensual voice had his cock rising uncomfortably in his pants, "The song choices changed, only because Sky insisted that Kenner and Como ruined the one. However, I like these two much better."

Conlee sang about Magic, but when the words, Easy to be taken to the stars and heaven was the moment when he looked him in the eyes, Alex pictured Dudley in the throes of passion and damn near came in his pants.

Alex gave a strained smile as Georgy skipped down the aisle tossing pink flowers all over the guests instead of the aisle. Then Rey walked slowly down the aisle with his mates and Midnight and his mates followed closely behind with his own.

"Are you alright?" Dudley asked in concern.

Alex turned to Dudley, whispering, "I will be when I can take you to the stars."

Before Dudley could respond, Sky began to walk down the aisle as his mates watched and everyone stood . Alex felt his cheeks heat, when the front of his pants tented, from his hard shaft. Anyone looking in his direction would have no problem noticing Alex's situation. Thankfully everyone was watching the wedding party. Everyone except for Dudley, apparently.

"Is that because of me?" Dudley asked in surprise.

King Cortez told everyone to sit, and Alex was never more thankful in his life. It saved him from answering as well as hid his big time problem from everyone else.

King Cortez spoke loud and clear for all to hear, "A relationship is something you can never take for granted. Remember to express your love, never assume the other knows. Say it loud and often. Stay romantic. A true man is never afraid to express themselves. Whether it is in song, as you have done here today, or just small things, such as watching the stars or a sunset.  Never be afraid to show your love. Who cares who hears you as you make love. Let the world know that these men, your partner or partners are yours and everyone else should wish they had what it is you have."

Alex heard Midnight gasp then turn to his mates saying, "Never again. I promise."

Sky gave Midnight a dirty look, and the man stopped speaking, mouthing, "Sorry."

King Cortez continued, "The fourth and most important thing to remember is to never ever stay angry.   When you raise your voice, the other will raise theirs, then no one can hear what the other is saying anymore. However, also remember, make up sex is the bomb!"

Everyone laughed and Sky turned to Rey, whispering, "Told you."

King Cortez looked at the men standing before him, saying, "You have words you would like to say."

Emry smiled, and looked at his men, "I am so thankful that Selene ignored me when I asked her to give me different mates. I may be the quieter one of the three, but I will say this. I have been blessed with strong, sexy men, that show me how much they love me every day with a smile, kiss, or word. I love you both and I always will. I vow to show you every moment how much I love you in return. Fate may have chosen us, but we made it happen. If we could make it through what we have already, then there is nothing that can break what it is we share."

Hardy cleared his throat, saying, "I'm not good with words like you and Sky. I don't know soft and tender words or special things to show you both how much you mean to me. I can't promise not to screw up and piss Sky off or upset Emry. What I can promise is that I will do my best not to. I am more than willing to fly you both to the highest mountain and watch the stars and make love to you under them. I will be there to keep you safe and I have two big shoulders for you to cry on and I will do whatever I can to erase the tears. I love you both and if ever the time comes, I will gladly give my life to save yours and if anything ever happened to either or both of you I would accept death with pleasure just to be with you again."

Emry and Hardy looked at Sky. Alex could see the tears and love in the man's eyes when he said, "I'm not an easy man to love. I know this might shock the people that know me, but I can be a bit opinionated and vocal."

Everyone laughed.

Sky cleared his throat saying, "However, I am also someone that knows what he wants and I want you two. Emry, you may be the quiet one, but when you speak, we listen. You are our voice of reason. Hardy, you may hide the romance from the outside world, but when you wake up and bring me a cup of coffee in bed to start my day, or have a bubble bath ready for us to share before going to bed. Those are more than romantic. When you have to go on an early patrol, you tuck Emry and I close together before walking out the door. Don't sell yourself short. It's the little things you do, that make me love you more and more each day. I am loved and I am blessed to have you both. I thanked Selene for making me see what it is I was gifted and I promise to honor, and cherish you both until my death."

Dudley sniffle and gulped, rasping, "That was so beautiful."

King Corte asked, "Do you have the rings?"

Law slapped at his pants pocket, then hissed, "Shit I forgot the fu──"

Midnight rolled his eyes, "Inside pocket baby."

Law quickly dug inside his suit jacket and let out a deep breath, "Thank God."

Handing the rings to Cortez, The King was about to say something when suddenly  a sweet smell filled the room and Selene appeared. Everyone gasped, as she smiled, then looked at Sky, "Do you really think I would allow you to marry without stopping in and saying a few words of my own."

Looking around the room, Selene said, "There are so many people in this room that have suffered loss, and have been forced to live a life they may have wished to be done differently. However, I must say this. If you had not gone through all you have you would not be who you are today. Sky, you were the last to join with your mates. You, Hardy, and Emry have something deeply and  special. To honor that with this ceremony is a joyous and blessed thing to do. As such it is my honor and privilege to complete this ceremony if King Cortez will allow this."

Cortez gave a nod, saying, "Of course, Goddess Selene."

"Emry, Hardy, and Sky, do you take your mates to love, honor, respect, and cherish until death do you part?" Selene asked with a  smile.

"We do." They said together.

"Then by the Gods, and the class Dudley helped me take, I now pronounced you blessed husbands. You may kiss your men." Selene replied.

Alex turned to Dudley, "You helped a Goddess be ordained?"

Dudley shrugged, "She asked and I had a little free time."

Once the three men sealed their ceremony, Selene said, "I would like to bless you with a gift. So what wedding present may I bestow upon you?"

Sky thought a moment and then his eyes went wide, "The gift you gave to all of us when we first met, I would like for everyone to be blessed with it."

Selene drew back, "You can have anything and this is what you choose?"

Nodding, Sky replied, "Yes. It would help so many smaller shifters keep from getting hurt."

"You are a sweet and truly selfless man. I will grant you your gift." Selene replied, waved her hand and then disappeared.

"What is the gift we have been granted?" King Cortez asked.

Hardy smiled, "When you shift, your clothes shift with you."

Everyone gasped and started talking. The King quickly cleared his throat, saying, "We are not through!"

The room got silent.

Smiling wide, King Corte said, "Allow me to introduce Sky, Emry, and Hardy Michaels."

Everyone cheered and hugged. Dudley jumped from his chair as Sky and his mates led the way back up the aisle. He began tossing the seed. Remembering his two bags, Alex opened it and tossed some at the men and then turned to Dudley, "Will you want to get married when you mate?"

Dudley wiped tears from his beautifully painted eyes, nodding, "Oh definitely. It is such a beautiful process."

"Then I suggest you get to planning." Alex said before stepping from his chair and walking down the aisle to talk to  King Cortez and king Edward. He had found his mate and there was no way in hell he was letting him go.


Falling Sky
Haven Ranch 3
Sky and Hardy cannot be in the same room without arguing. When Emry has had enough and demands that Selene give him new mates, she becomes so angry, the three men find themselves neck deep in snow and trying to figure out how to survive. This requires team work.
Just when the three think they have figured out what they need to do, a surprise visitor comes along and threatens to destroy any progress Sky, Hardy, and Emry may have made.
Can Sky, Hardy, and Emry come together? The fate of all paranormals relies on just that. However, as everyone knows, choices come with consequences, and some consequences can have devastating effects.


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