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"I hate that you can't come to the wedding, Kenner." Sky said with a pout.

Smiling, Kenner, replied, "It's fine, Sky. Law asked me to watch over things while he's gone. It's an honor when the alpha thinks highly enough of you to do that."

"I guess, but it's going to really be sad for you. I mean I am going to look kick ass in my wedding outfit." Sky said with pride.

"I have no doubt that Emry and Hardy are going to fawn all over you when they see you." Kenner said with a large smile.

"Maybe so, but they are going to do far more than fawn on me after the wedding, when they get a gander at what I'm wearing underneath my wedding attire." Sky giggled as he wiggled his brows.

Kenner laughed, then said, "I really am happy for you guys, Sky. I know that Law and them are a bit confused as to why you want a wedding, when a mating is the same in the shifter world. They don't always remember you were not raised as a chipmunk shifter. You were raised in the human world and they do work very differently."

"Thank you, Kenner. I mean I know that Emery and hardy are my mates, and I love them more than my next breath. I just want to really make them mine." Sky said with  a sigh.

"Did you get rings? Emry said that you guys were doing something really special in that area. It must be nice that Selene made it to where you guys can shift and not be naked anymore. I really wish I had that opportunity. If I try to shift into my harpy eagle I get tangled up in my clothes. It really sucks." Kenner said with envy.

Sky thought a moment, saying, "I could always ask her to help you out with that, Kenner."

Kenner laughed, "Like she has time for something as trivial as that. I'm good, Sky. Just worry about not tripping when you walk down the castle stairs."

Sky gave Kenner a fake growl, saying, "I would so kick your ass for that jinxing advice if it wasn't for the fact that I'm getting married outside."

"Sky! Sky! Have you seen my outfit? It isn't in the closet. I know I had it in my closet." Rey exclaimed as he ran down the stairs tripping on the carpet, falling forward.

Thankfully Kenner was quick on his feet. he leaped forward and caught the red panda shifter before he broke his face on the floor.

Rey steadied himself, saying, "Thanks Kenner. I would hate to have to go to Sky's wedding with a broken nose and two black eyes."

"Me too. Then everyone would be starring at you and to hell with the main event." Sky grumbled.

Rey rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Seriously though, have you seen my wedding attire? It's missing."

Shaking his head, Sky replied, "No, it isn't missing, Rey. I took it out and sent it ahead with the decorations and all the food."

Rey glowered at Sky, "And it didn't cross your mind to maybe mention that little detail? I yelled at Winter and Dustin for almost an hour."

Sky shrugged off Rey's anger, "Trust me. I piss my mates off all the time. Make up sex is the best sex you can have."

"I like sex with my mates already." Rey grumbled.

"Talk to me after you go up there and beg for forgiveness." Sky said with a snicker.

"Kenner? Kenner is that you? Thank the Gods. We have a thief in the house." Midnight said anxiously as he made his way down the stairs.

Kenner went into instant cop mode, "A thief? What was taken?"

Midnight tossed his hands in the air rushing to say, "My tux! Someone took it right out of my──"

"Sky took your tux." Rey grumbled.

Midnight stopped moving and bouncing, turning to Rey, "What do you mean Sky took my tux? Why would Sky steal my tux? He has his own outfit he is wearing."

Sighing, Sky replied, "I didn't steal your tux, I sent it to Sovereignty Island with mine, Rey's and all the decorations. That way it's already there when we arrive for the wedding."

Midnight glared at Sky, "And you couldn't think to let me know? I have Law and Shaw out there with the guards hunting down a nonexistent thief!"

"I thought I told you guys. I guess with everything going on, it slipped my mind." Sky said

Midnight rolled his eyes, walked to the front door, saying, "Conley, can you find my mates and tell him the hunt is over?"

"Yes sir." Conley replied, and quickly started down the stairs.

Midnight yelled out, "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Midnight, not sir?"

"Sorry si──Midnight." Conley yelled back, rushing off to find Law and Shaw.

Kenner loved these three. They made him laugh and feel accepted like he had never felt before. He really wished he'd be able to see Sky get married, but knew that the safety of Haven Ranch was being entrusted to him and he didn't take that responsibility lightly. After finding out about the threat from Eos, Haven was on high alert.

"I still wish there was a way for you to come to the wedding, Kenner. It won't be the same without you." Sky said once more.

"He could always watch it live with Como." Rey suggested.

"Como still won't leave the area?" Sky asked with a slight sad tone.

Rey shook his head, "No. He is still not telling me what's wrong. I've tried to get him to talk to me, but he just says that he needs some time."

"For a sun bear, he sure doesn't like to be in it much." Sky muttered.

Rey pursed his lips saying, "Sky, you need to put yourself in his place. The man was trapped in a zoo for years. He was forced to stay in his shifted form and it took me weeks to get him to trust us enough to know he could shift into his human self and walk around Haven without anyone trying to harm him. Besides, sun bears are typically shy in nature, so add all the other crap and this transition is not as easy as it has been for you, me, and Midnight."

"Easy? Rey, have you been paying attention to all the shit going on at haven Ranch? I mean we find out our father was working with Selene to save the shifter and paranormal world, somehow we are supposed to be the ones to make that happen. Damu, who we thought was the guy behind it all is actually trying to help us and it's Selene's bitch sister that is working with our grandfather trying to take out haven Ranch. We have all damn near died more than once, and you say our transition has been easy?"

Midnight got all dreamy eyed, saying, "But we have wonderful mates as a result."

Rey gave a sharp nod, replying, "Like the saying goes. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade."

"I'd rather freeze the damn things and throw the fuckers at the next person that pisses me off." Sky murmured.

Rey rolled his eyes, "Sky, just be patient with Como. He has come a long way since he got here."

"I am patient with the man. It's just he won't talk to anyone but you and Hardy." Sky argued.

"Well, you scare the crap out of him. Try being nicer and maybe he will come around. At least he is enjoying is new hobby." Midnight replied.

"Hobby?" Kenner asked.

Rey smiled nodding rapidly, "Oh yes. Como is a wonderful artist. He is absolutely amazing. I am trying to convince him to allow me to set up a viewing at the Haven Ranch Community Center. He's still thinking about it. However, I did get him to promise that he will come to my office and watch your wedding live. I left the steps to everything he needs to do in order to be there by computer, but Kenner it might be really helpful if you could help him out."

Smiling Kenner replied, "That would give me the opportunity to get him to come near me as well as see the wedding. I would be happy to help."

Rey looked at Kenner in confusion, "I don't understand, if you haven't met Como then how does he have──"

A soft knock at the door interrupted what Rey was about to say. Midnight opened the door, saying, "Kenner you might be getting that chance to meet the man in question sooner than you thought."

Como slowly walked in holding something in his hand. His eyes widening when they landed on Kenner. He was slightly smaller than Kenner's own six feet, his hair was short dirty blond with black tips, and holy fuck those light brown eyes, almost tan, just drew Kenner right in. He felt every hair on his body stand up and his harpy eagle take notice.

"Kenner are you okay?" Sky asked hesitantly.

The scent of Ponderosa pine and earth after a fresh rain floated past his nose, and all Kenner wanted to do was find out if the man's taste was as luscious as his scent.

"Kenner, your ears eyes have shifted. Is there something wrong?" Sky asked sounding more concerned than a few seconds ago.

The man behind Midnight gave Kenner s shy smile, and Kenner felt his bird flapping and clamoring to get out. A loud screech escaped Kenner's lips. He looked at Como and all sense of control seemed to be evaporating.

Tunnel vision and the diminishing of sound didn't even register to Kenner as he unknowingly began to stalk closer to the pry in front of him. He didn't feel two of the men trying to hold him back from his goal and right now his objective was to taste the morsel in his line of sight. Seconds later Kenner found himself on his ass and the side of his face was pulsing in pain.

"Ouch! Fuck! Damn it!" Sky hissed as he held his hand looking at Kenner completely pissed off.

Shaking his head, Kenner asked, "What the hell happened?"

"You broke my fucking hand. That's what happened." Sky snapped.

Kenner tilted his head, still confused, "I don't understand."

Rey went to Sky, gently taking his brother's hand in his own, saying, "You did a partial shift. We tried to get you to back off, but you kept going towards Como."

Kenner quickly turned to see the young man looking at him with concern and confusion of his own. "I'm sorry, Como. I don't know what came over me."

Midnight gave a knowing smile, saying, "I think I do. However, it's something you're going to have to deal with yourself."

"You have to shift, Sky. It's the only way it's going to heal in time for the wedding." Rey softly said.

Sky gasped, "What? How the hell am I supposed to do the practice ceremony if I shift? I can't walk down the damn isle on four tiny legs and a tail."

"Kenner broke your hand. He can do the practice walk. This way you can watch everything and know what needs to be added or taken away." Rey suggested.

Kenner's eyes widened, "What? You want me to be the bride between Hardy and Emry?"

"Oh hell no! No one, but no one, marries my men but me. Practice or no practice." Sky stated firmly.

Midnight quickly replied, "Como can take the place of your men. This way you can watch Rey and I with our mates walk down the aisle and again, decide if it looks right or wrong." Turning to Como, Midnight asked, "You would help Sky, right, Como?"

Kenner could swear there was some twinkle in Midnight's eyes when he looked from Como to Kenner. It had Kenner's harpy eagle on notice that this man was up to something.


Falling Sky

Haven Ranch 3

Sky and Hardy cannot be in the same room without arguing. When Emry has had enough and demands that Selene give him new mates, she becomes so angry, the three men find themselves neck deep in snow and trying to figure out how to survive. This requires team work.

Just when the three think they have figured out what they need to do, a surprise visitor comes along and threatens to destroy any progress Sky, Hardy, and Emry may have made.

Can Sky, Hardy, and Emry come together? The fate of all paranormals relies on just that. However, as everyone knows, choices come with consequences, and some consequences can have devastating effects.


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