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“Everything’s set up and waiting,” Clare spoke over the noise of the hair dryer. Primping and styling were in full swing for Xex.

“And how’s the weather looking?” his nerves were getting the better of him but this was his day—his and Danny—and he wasn’t going to let his stomach spoil the event for any reason. He had no regrets, no second thoughts. He’d not had them a day in his relationship with his beautiful beast of a man. The moment he’d caught the quiet giant standing uncomfortable at the end of the club he’d known this day would come. He’d made sure of it, even if it hadn’t been the next day like he’d originally planned. Danny needed wooing.

“Looking good,” Clare noted. “Everything you wanted, blue skies, white fluffy clouds.”

That stopped him until he realised she was lying. “When have I ever wanted blue skies?

Sorry, darling but normal brides want blue skies.” Clare was laughing at him, he knew. But fuck her.

“Fine, I’ll be a normal bride and want to have everyone squinting in my photos.” Xex pulled the plug for his hair dryer and put it to the side before scooping up a clump of product and started the rest of his hair. He was nearly at the cologne and dressing stage.

“You look smashing.” Clare rolled her eyes as Xex shifted his head from side to side, adding the final touch to his hair as he went.

“How’s my groom?”

Clare laughed. “He’s a basket case.”

“Gonna run?”

“From you? He’d be signing his death certificate. But worse would be on the run for the rest of his life and let’s face it, who has the time.”

Xex ignored her, his hands running against the shaved parts of his hair on more time just to make sure he’d not had a hair out of place. Then he scrubbed his face clean, thought about shaving his perfectly smooth face again and smeared some moisturiser and where did he leave his cologne?

“Carter’s with him, doing something horrible manly no doubt.” Clare was having a fun time today if anyone was.

Xex shuttered. “I hope he’s not getting my man drunk.”

“You think he’d make that mistake twice?”

“Who knows how the brains of those butch type work.” Xex put enough cologne against his skin, he wanted Danny mouth to water and for him to need to be all up close, not to pull in a whole theatre company.

“God knows I don’t, or I’d have myself a husband already and not spending my time hanging around all you gay boys.”

“Oh honey, you’ll find yourself a fun loving bisexual.”

“It’s the only type I’ll get anytime soon.”

Well, you could always find yourself a set of girlfriends to go out clubbing with. Or hell, sign up for some of those dating sites.”

“They aren’t any better.” Clare huffed.

Well, they would if you picked somewhere like eHarmony rather than Tinder.”

“Please, like that’s any better.” Xex could hear her rolling her eyes behind him.

Looking down at himself, he nodded as he was met with a smooth chest and black boxer briefs that he’d picked out months earlier and knew Danny had the exact same type. It was time for him to put on his loose white pants that were see-through enough everyone could see the black outline of his trunks before he tied the knot loosely and slide the loose fitting white long sleeve shirt over his shoulders. The buttons were next, and he pushed them through the holes as he looked at himself in a full-length mirror. He looked perfect in the traditional grub of his people.

“Ready?” Clare smirked behind him, though there was something softer about in her tone. Something that Xex didn’t really want to think too hard about or he’d be spending a minute dabbing at the corners of his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Xex turned away from her own reflection and nodded. “Let’s do this.”

“Let’s.” she smiled wide her arms coming up to cuddle him around his shoulders. Xex kissed her forehead with little effort, either he was short, or she was tall, but there wasn’t that much difference in their heights.

Xex walked out of the small cottage and was greeted by the setting sun, the sky sitting holding onto a slight light while the ground was lit up with lantern’s resting on the grass he was to walk over to meet his lover—soon to be husband—who would be waiting for him in front of the second cottage. Both were used for weddings. It was more common for their people to have multiple ceremonies at once, however since they weren’t a breeding couple they didn’t run on the same wave length as the rest of the pack which was also a reason that Xex’s skin pricked up with a slight chill in the air when normally these were done near the end of spring, as mating season settled down and couples decided if what they were feeling was just lust of true matehood.

The grass was cool and smooth under his bare feet. The air still held the slight scent of warmth left over from the daylight, and the musky taste of his pack mates gathering on the other side of the gazebo.

“Wow.” Danny’s soft voice startled Xex into realising he’d been following his nose rather than his eyesight and had missed that first moment of seeing Danny. But then Danny seeing him first was the norm, he never seemed to ever look away from Xex in the first place.

Danny was as beautiful as the first time he’d seen him, a nervous energy around the big guy as he shifted from foot to foot, his fingers playing with each other, the fabric of his clothing. Dark hair a wild mess on top his head, beard clipped back enough to show he’d made an effort without denying Xex of one of his favourite things. Chest hair poking out of the top of his white shirt, which, like Xex’s had a natural opening scoop next. He was large, tall and solid like a warrior of old. He was magnificent in present and calm and caring in mind. Danny was everything Xex hadn’t known he’d been looking for and everything he was keeping once he had found him. Xex hadn’t even known the man was his mate until the next morning, though he was sure he should have seen the signs, he was just so thrown by him, so taken with Danny that it hadn’t mattered what fate had planned, Danny was Xex’s no matter what he’d have to sacrifice.

“So beautiful.” Danny’s words were soft, delicate as Xex closed the distance without a word. Fingers that hadn’t known what they wanted to do while Xex had been so far away ran against Xex’s jaw line.

Yes, you are,Xex whispered back watching as a blush spread over Danny’s cheeks. “You ready for this?”

“Marrying you, yes, the ceremony, not so much.”

Xex smiled tightly, understanding, it was always weird for outsiders. “You’ll be fine.”

Danny took in a large breath, opening up that massive chest. “I know, I just…all those people…me.”

“They’ll be jealous of me, getting to marry the most wonderful man in the world.”

No, they won’t be.” Danny chuckled nervously. His hands coming up to cup Xex’s face, cradling him like he was the most delicate thing in the world.

“You are the most wonderful man I have ever known,” Danny mumbled. “Everything about you makes me want to be a better person.”

“You have it all wrong,” Xex interrupted, without regret. “I am the one who needs to be better for you. You are perfect just the way you are. Everyone is better just for having your eyes upon them. I am a better person knowing those eyes of yours are watching everything I do.”

“Everything, I haven’t looked away for one second. I have no plans on ever looking away.”

“Don’t.” Xex swallowed hard.

“You couldn’t stop me even if you wanted to.” Danny came close, bending down around Xex, surround him as he kissed him lightly, just lips against lips, breathe the only thing between them. The only place Xex ever wanted to be.

“Okay, boys, break it up, you’re about to miss your own ceremony,” Carter’s laughing came from the gazebo and Danny pulled back though he didn’t drop his hands, not even when Xex turned his head and found his pack under and around the wooden structure watching them as if they’d not interrupted a private moment between the two of them.

“Well.” the large and demanding voice of Xex’s alpha came next. “Now the human has declared himself to the wolf, why don’t we move this along.

“Here under the moon, with the pack at our back and the lover at our side, I Alpha Deacon, bear witness to the mating ceremony of our pack mate Xavier and his chosen mate Danny.”

The pack members howled up into the night’s sky accepting the ceremony. Accepting his Danny.  The moon shone bright through the just night sky accepting the joining in a way that only really affected Xex. His nails lengthened, one snaking up to wrap around the back of Danny’s neck and pulling him down, while his teeth shifted, becoming sharper.

Danny’s fingers flexed in Xex’s hips, he wasn’t sure when they moved, and he didn’t care, his mind was on one thing, and that was connecting them so no one could take Danny away from him. Ever.

Xex’s teeth sank deep, blood pooling in his mouth allowing Xex to know he’d not hit the pulse point straight instead he felt it beating rapidly against his bottom lip. He swallowed a mouth full, shuddering as the connection seeped through his body, accepting Danny as easily has his mind had. His heart beat three times hard and fast before settling into a rhythm that matched what he felt against his lips. His tongue came out gently, smoothing against the broken skin, closing it up and just keeping Danny close as is body changed slightly, lining itself up with Danny. He’d never knew this was what he felt like, wasn’t sure that even if anyone told him what would happen that he’d really be able to understand it. It was deeper than any words could say, and that was before he thought about how his wolf settled in his mind, rolled around, wanting to get as close to Danny as he could without shifting his skin.

He felt Danny in a way he’d never experienced before and with that brought a deep seeded calm that ran from his hair to his toes. No matter what, Danny was his. His forever. No one else would mean anything to him but his Danny.

Danny’s hands ran on his back, pulling him up onto this toes as he hugged Xex to him while making sure not to disturb what Xex was doing.

“Love you,” Danny whispered into his ear, his body rocking against Xex’s who could feel the growing need his nuzzling and licking of Danny’s neck was affecting him. Xex smiled against his skin loving how he made Danny want. How he made him forget the rest of the world and focus only on him.

“Mine.” He growled back, his own cock aching against Danny’s lower stomach.

“Come on gentlemen,” Alpha spoke with a laugh in his tone. He knew what this was like; he had himself a bride. “Break it up. We’ve got a party to start up.”

“Fuck that.” Xex’s grumbled as he pushing himself out of Danny’s arms. His eyes narrowed at the laughing crowd as he grabbed Danny by the wrist and dragged him off in the direction of the cottage’s he’d been in before the ceremony. The only thing they needed to get started on was their honeymoon.

They closed the door on his chuckling pack mates as they slowly made their way to the party that was being held in his and Danny’s honour, a party neither of them needed to attend. 


Matching Mates Collection


The rules of the game are simple. When the matchmaker matches you, you have twenty-four hours of heat, where only your mate will soothe you. What you choose to do is up to you, but the pain of not consummating those desires with your mate will most likely end in death. You are free to walk away at the end of your time together, but no one said it would be simple to head off home and forget what happened.

Wrong Place, Right Time
Matty was put into a waiter uniform and given a tray. The problem was he didn’t know what it was he was heading into, and what contract he signed for just being there.

A wolf and the night of his life will change Matty forever, as long as he’s brave enough to take what’s on offer and run.

Catching His Witch
Josef has wanted Jesse from the moment he met the little witch, but something from his past had him running scared. A chance in a vampire den’s matching party gives Josef the opportunity to have Jesse just where he wants him, and hopefully find a way to keep the little witch forever.

Timid as a Mouse
Loner crocodile shifter, Harry, meets his match with a sweet little mouse that thinks Harry’s everything he could ever want in a mate. But will Harry’s nerves and inexperience lose him the chance with someone who isn’t scared of him?

The Tiger’s Release
Henry watches the tiger shifter pass by as they wait for the matchmaker to do his thing, but it isn’t until the tiger starts watching him back that the night truly gets interesting.

Mate’s Freedom
Robin was locked in the vampire master’s dungeon for trying to spend the night with the wrong man. However, the right one is willing to give him his freedom, but at what price?

Happy Ever Mate
Cameron’s life hasn’t been easy, but he’s willing to put up with being a slave to a master vampire, in order to make the man he loves happy. However, Wayne, his lover, doesn’t care where he sleeps, as long as they’re together. Can he convince Cameron to run away, or will they be spending a lifetime in a place neither of them want to be, just to make the other happy?

Each short story is sold separately on amazon/kindle unlimited


Excerpt from Timid as a Mouse

The heavy pound of lust ran around the room, a constant vibration that got under Harry’s skin, making it flush. His feet shifted under him. His cock thumped to its single rhythm as the sound of clothes hitting floor and bodies starting to thump together became an undercurrent of sound that echoed through the ballroom.

It never took long for these things to escalate, only the sheet of magic the matchmaker cast, and the beat, and everyone in the room looked around for the one they’d eyed all night. People might have come here in hopes of getting a mate, but that didn’t mean they weren’t already expecting the same letdown as every other time they’d been here.

Harry’s hand reached across his hips on its own accord, rubbing against the heavy bulge waiting there for him. He rocked into his hand, and his body gave a little hum.

“Mmm…,” a voice said next to him, making Harry jump slightly. “That’s a nice piece you’ve got yourself there.”

He looked, couldn’t really stop himself, and what his eyes found was the prettiest little thing on two legs. Fragile and slim, blond, big brown eyes, and all smelling of food. Not something Harry would eat, but prey on all the same.

The little blond cocked a hip, eyebrow raising, a perfect arc over those brilliant eyes.

“You like?” The pretty man’s eyes flashed. “’Cause I sure as hell do.”

Harry was struck dumb, just flat-out rendered stupid. He’d never been great at the whole one-on-one conversation, but then people tended to give him a wide berth in either human or animal form, like they understood the danger they were in. Not this wee one. He had a bravery to him unlike anything Harry had ever seen before, and it made him ache to be something other than what he was.

“Shy?” The male cocked his head slightly, only a touch, his lips changing from something cocky, to maybe thinking Harry was adorable. Like Harry was anything other than the big-arse predator he truly was.

“You know what I am, wee one?” Harry’s voice already naturally deep, seemed to disappear into the ancient stone walls he was standing against.

“Yep.” This vision before him smiled so brightly, seeming absolutely tickled about the whole moment, like having Harry talk to him was more then he’d ever wanted out of life.

“And….” He swallowed hard as his body curled in on itself, getting him closer to the wee little man. “And that doesn’t scare you?”

“Nope.” He rocked up on his toes, their breath mingling together. “You don’t scare me at all.”


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