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Cameron & Keaton Wedding
Cameron Kodiak sank his fingers into Keaton Johnston’s silky brown hair and stared deep into his mate’s striking ice blue eyes. During the birth of their son, one of Keaton’s less colorful threats included a request for marriage. Humans seemed to find repeating ancient words and exchanging rings important. For Cam, the bite mark on Keaton’s shoulder was enough for him, but if Keaton wanted a human legal binding, then that was what would happen.
“I don’t think we’re supposed to see each other before the wedding,” Keaton whispered, his face glowing with happiness.
Cameron brushed his lips over Keaton’s needing the taste. “You did not sleep in our bed last night. So far, I do not like these traditions of yours.”
“You made your views known when you climbed through the motel window and spent the rest of the night making love to me.” Keaton cupped Cam’s cheek. “The point of being separated is so that you miss me, and when I walk down the aisle, you realize how much you want, need, and love me.”
“I already know those things.” Cam backed Keaton up against the wall and pressed his much larger body against his mate’s. “What we have is so much more.”
Covering Keaton’s lips with his, Cam dipped his tongue in for another taste. On the palm of Cam’s hand, the mark of a purple crescent moon outlining one edge of a bright orange sun, burned. 
How things had changed. Cam had tried to kill Keaton when he had first seen the crescent moon birthmark – the mark of the Jackal- on Keaton’s thigh. Kodiak grizzly bear shifters were taught from an early age that death came to the shifter who intimately touched a human born with the mark and destruction came to the family of the shifter.
Cam had not only touched, but mated, and conceived a child with Keaton. The moment Cam had bit into Keaton’s shoulder during their initial mating, Keaton’s birthmark transformed to include the sun, and the same image appeared on Cam’s hand.
The door to the dressing room opened and Cam’s cousin Owen stuck his head into the room. “You two better break it up and get out into the church. Some of the Kodiak family is eyeing the Johnston family with hunger in their eyes.”
Cam growled, hating that he had to separate his lips from Keaton’s.
“Silver said he would make sure that no Kodiak overstepped any boundaries with Keaton’s family,” Cam said, referring to the alpha of the Kodiak family. No one would dare take on Silver, except for his mate Mikey. Most of the time, the tiny man led the massive shifter on a merry race.”
“Well, Mikey decided to play a game of hide and seek with Silver, and now Silver is searching for him,” Owen explained.
“What did Silver do to send Mikey running?” Keaton asked.
“I’m thinking it might have been when he announced that a new child was calling to him,” Owen admitted.
"Shit, Mikey just had their baby a couple of weeks ago." Keaton tried to step back out of Cam's arms. Yeah, that wasn't happening, and Cam pulled him closer. Keaton's hands cupped Cam's face. "I need to find Mikey. I can only imagine the panic he must be feeling."
“Or anger?” Cam asked, knowing Keaton’s cousin’s temper.
Keaton smiled. “That too.”
“We will let Silver and Mikey work out their differences,” Cam announced. He liked Keaton where he was, in his arms.
“Um, Keaton,” Owen interrupted. “I haven’t seen Charlie around. Is he coming to the wedding?
A spark of interest flashed in Owen’s eyes, replacing the usual dull sadness. Years ago, Owen had tried mating a human woman who wasn’t his soulmate. The child they managed to conceive died after a premature birth, as so many children of lukewarm matings seemed to over the last decade. Owen never recovered from the loss of his child or his mate leaving him after the tragedy.
“He should be here somewhere,” Keaton answered. “Along with Dante and Mikey, he’s one of my witnesses.”
“Oh.” Owen stepped back out of the doorway. “Well, I was just wondering. I’ll go see if I can calm things down out there while you two get ready for the ceremony.”
Screams erupted from the Church’s sanctuary.
Owen stuck his head back in the doorway. “Hurry.”

* * * *
Keaton Johnston, soon to be Keaton Johnston Kodiak snuggled closer in his mate’s embrace and rested against his wide, muscled chest. Cam leaned over and shut the door in Owen's face. If the Owen hadn't been shifter quick, he would have lost his nose.
Cam rubbed his cheek over Keaton’s hair, marking him with his bear’s scent. Thinking of the hours of delight Cam gave him when he spread his scent over Keaton’s entire body created tingles of desire that traveled straight to his groin.
Keaton took in a slow easy breath, trying to tamp down his arousal. Cam would think nothing of fucking him against the wall while close to one hundred wedding guests waited down the hall. His true one, the one the old scroll in his grandfather’s attic urged him to search for, bend his will to no one, except the alpha, Silver.
Firm lips covered his, and Cam’s tongue pressed in, searching, exploring, and conquering. The submissive in Keaton gloried in Cam’s dominance. How surprising it had been, that his temperament had gelled so easily with the unbending, possessive bear shifter.
Hands cupped Keaton’s ass. A shiver raced over his skin. Thumps and angry voices from the other side of the door, faded.  Warmth pooled in his lower belly.
Keaton’s eyes popped open. Cam let him break the kiss, and he found himself staring up into sparkling brown eyes.
Cam’s deep voice and warm happiness washed over Keaton’s frozen in shock being. “A new little one is calling for us, my one.”
“Orion isn’t even a year old,” Keaton pointed out, now knowing how his cousin Mikey must be feeling. Maybe he could slip away and hide.
Keaton had learned a valuable lesson during Orion's birth. Being honored that you are able to give your mate the gift of children and actually giving birth, were two different things. Mikey had said it best, giving birth sucked.
Cam splayed his fingers over Keaton’s belly. Warmth swirled and heated under Cam’s palm. Images and remembered pain of giving birth to Orion slipped away, and Keaton’s arms ached to hold another newborn. The sun-moon birthmark on his thigh flared hot.
“Today our second child will be conceived, my one,” Cam stated and cupped Keaton’s cheek with his other hand. “Before you came into my life, I thought I was content. I lived each day the way I chose to. Now I see the emptiness I existed in. Let’s go out before our families and add another seal to our union, for I refuse to go back to living without the one who is the other half of my soul.”
“Oh, Cam.” Tears of happiness clouded Keaton’s eyes. Never had the big man expressed such sentiment. Keaton’s heart burst with joy. “I love you, my true one.”
“I love you, my one,” Cam answered.
The two gazed into each other’s eyes, the connection between them burning bright. After a long moment, Cam blinked and a rare smile graced his lips. Loosening his arms, he turned and guided Keaton toward the door.
“Let’s get married, my one.”



Operation True One
Lives of emptiness, never love, only lukewarm relationships. Two families could find their true ones, if one family would stop trying to kill the other. Keaton Johnston found scrolls that told of great love, but great danger with Kodiak grizzly shifters. After meeting Cameron Kodiak, he decided to take the chance anyway.
The moment Keaton walked into Cameron’s bar he gained the shifter’s attention. Never before had the unbending, arrogant Kodiak felt this need. Acting on instincts, Cameron took Keaton to his bed, ready to claim. That is, until he saw the mark of the jackal.
Somehow, Keaton managed to survive meeting and mating Cameron. Now, surviving pregnancy hormones and living with a dominating Kodiak shifter are iffy on a good day. But that is nothing

A group of concerned men and women surrounded the red-faced teddy bear. Hands pushed aside shaking fuzzy paws and yanked on the stubborn zipper at the bear’s neck, sending the man stumbling back until a gray-faced ghoul caught him.
Cameron Kodiak had seen enough. Making his way through the crowd of dancing Halloween partiers, Cam used his impressive height and wide muscled form to reach the man he had been watching all evening.
Eyes, large enough to drown in, widened as he drew near. One of the would-be helpers leaned over, blocking Cam’s view before he could see what color the man’s eyes were. Cam suppressed the urge to separate that person’s head from his body.
Leaning down, Cam put his mouth next to the man’s real ear covered in fake fur.
“Turn around,” he ordered.
Cam glared at the crowd surrounding them and caught the man when he would have tipped over in his haste to do as Cam had asked. Satisfaction at the man’s instant response soothed Cam’s irritation. He had no patience for people man-handling someone who had snared and kept his interest throughout the evening. It didn’t matter that they had no knowledge of or that he hadn’t acted on that interest. Cam had staked his claim and the others better back off.
A quick jerk tore the zipper free from the snagging plastic hair. Cam opened the man’s costume revealing a tight T-shirt and painted on jeans. He didn’t bother to resist skimming his fingertips over the sweet curve of the man’s lower back or the round globes of his ass. Nice.
“Keaton, are you okay? I told you that costume would be too hot to dance in.”
A skinny dark-haired man dressed in a French maid’s costume stood in front of Cam, shifting his weight from one high-heeled, delicate black sandal to the other. Giving the newcomer a deliberate message, Cam put his arm across the man’s fur-covered chest and pulled him back into the protection of his body.
“Whoa.” The man stepped back and raised his hands, one still holding a fluffy duster. “I see you’ve met someone. Damn, how do you always find big, bad, and gorgeous?” The man shook his head and the little white maid’s hat tilted at an odd angle. “I don’t think you’ll be needing it, but let me know if you need a ride home, Keaton.”
The man in Cam’s arms moved. Cam tightened his hold and the one called, Keaton, settled down. The instant compliance mollified Cam’s building annoyance at the interruptions of getting to know the man.
The crowd around them disbursed, and the man in the maid’s costume disappeared into the mass of dancing bodies, leaving him alone with the little bear in his arms. Cam suppressed a chuckle. He wondered how this Keaton would handle the knowledge that a real bear held him.
Cam tugged the costume down Keaton’s legs and left the red fur lying in a puddle on the floor. Amusement at the sight of the Keaton’s slim bare feet curved Cam’s lips into a rare smile. If Cam had his way, he would keep as much of Keaton’s body uncovered as possible.
Cam held out his hand. “Let’s go get a drink.”
The small man turned and place his hand in Cam’s.
Time stopped.
In the glow from a beer sign hanging near their heads, Cam met a gaze made of ice blue. Never before had he encountered eyes of that color. His bear roared, and his guts cramped into knots.
* * * *
Keaton Johnston watched Cameron Martin Kodiak ground his teeth together and wince. Could it be that the huge man’s insides were feeling as if vice grips were clamping down on them? Would he turn caveman and claim Keaton? Could the legends of the bear people and the stories of his family be true?
The need to give this man his complete submission was something new. Keaton had never felt that way before. Was he the first of his cousins to be successful in their search for true happiness? Prickles of hope and anticipation race over Keaton’s skin.
Leaving his costume abandoned on the floor, Keaton let the big man lead him toward the bar area.
Cameron lifted his hand and the bartender set two open beers on the bar. Keaton took a quick drink of the one Cameron handed him trying to calm his nerves. If he didn’t somehow know it would enrage the man before him, Keaton would have taken out his phone and texted his cousins. If Cameron wasn’t his, he may be one of theirs. Yeah, that left a bitter taste in his mouth. Keaton wanted this one.
A large, deeply tanned, muscled arm, reached across Keaton and rested on the bar, trapping him in the circle of Cameron’s big body. Keaton suppressed the urge to run his fingertips through the dark hairs covering that arm.
Keaton froze when Cameron leaned forward and lips brushed over his ear. “What’s your name pretty man?”
“Keaton Johnston,” he answered, unable to not answer, which was weird.
Cameron’s tone turned hard. “Who’s that guy in the maid costume?”
Keaton kept his gaze lowered. “Just a friend.”
A finger under Keaton’s chin forced him to look up.
“I’m Cam Kodiak,” the big man stated. “I own this bar, and I want to be more than your friend.”
“Okay,” Keaton responded and hoped his heart wasn’t about to explode. The guy was so gorgeous, he yearned to press up against him, and stay there forever.
A hand clamped onto Keaton’s ass and another landed on his shoulder. “Hey, Cam, who’s this sweet thing you’ve got there? Do you want to party together? I’m up for it.”
Before Keaton could turn and see who was man-handling him, Cam roared and all hell proceeded to break loose.

Adult Excerpt
“I have questions.” Cam grabbed a fist full of Keaton’s hair, not letting the man look away. “And I expect the entire truth in your answers.”
“I will always tell you the truth,” Keaton stated.
Cam wondered if it were possible to drown in wide, light blue ice colored eyes. Fire swept through his system when the man’s tongue peeked out and wet his bottom lip. Keaton’s musky scent of need prodded at Cam, demanding satisfaction. Any questions were pushed aside as desire exploded to the surface. Man and predator collided, ready to mate with their soul’s other half.
Keaton’s clothes disintegrated to shreds under Cam’s sharp claws. Cam turned and followed his mate’s smaller smooth body down onto the bed.
Instincts as old as time took over. Cam rubbed his cheek against Keaton’s face and down his neck. He continued over Keaton’s chest to his concaved belly, pausing at his groin, rubbing over the satin skin of his mate’s dick and the course hair covering his ball sac, until the small man trembled and moaned. Cam brushed his cheek over the fine hairs covering Keaton’s leg down to his toes.
Shifting, Cam made his way up Keaton’s other leg.
“The scroll was right,” Keaton’s whisper broke the silence. “Bears need to rub their scent over their true one.”
Not bothering to answer, Cam rubbed his cheek over Keaton’s shoulder and down his arm to his fingers, before doing the same to the remaining arm. Flipping the man over, he enjoyed the slim planes of Keaton’s back and round globes of the man’s ass. There would be no mistakes or temptations of poaching on what was his. Death would be the answer to whoever had that misguided thought.
Laying down onto his back, Cam ordered, “Suck my cock. Bring me pleasure.”
Keaton never hesitated and climbed onto his knees. His small hand encircled the base of Cam’s prick, lifting the already heavy flesh up, and putting the round spongy head to his lips. Satisfaction simmered as he watched his mate’s mouth stretch wide around his cockhead. Not to be deterred by the thickness, Keaton began licking and sucking Cam’s shaft. Cam shivered, the pleasure his mate was giving him made his cock iron hard.
Keaton raised his head to catch his breath, and pre-com dribbled down the side of Cam’s cock. The smaller man swiped up a few thick droplets and popped it into his mouth.
Keaton smiled and licked his lips. “You tasted so good.”
In one move Cam had Keaton on his back. Surging up onto his knees he grabbed his cock in a firm hold and began to jack off. Cam didn’t know where these primal urges came from, but nothing would stop him from carrying them out. Pre-cum began pouring out the tip and Cam used his cock as a wand to spread the wetness over Keaton’s body.
 Once lines of pre-cum covered Keaton to Cam’s satisfaction, he began spreading the clear stickiness into Keaton’s skin. He added more pre-cum onto Keaton’s stomach until the small man’s flat belly glistened with wetness. His bear roared in approval.
“It feels like fire,” Keaton whispered. “Deep inside it’s burning.”
His gorgeous mate’s flushed face and half closed eyes urged Cam to keep following these instincts that were bombarding his soul. That was what Keaton was, Cam’s mate, and they were destined to be together whether the lies were real or not.
Some of the things Cam had overheard Keaton’s cousins talk about were true of his family.
When a bear was ready to have children, most settled with someone they could exist with, in a somewhat calm state. Relationships with volatile, unbending bears were never easy or peaceful. Great love affairs were few and far between. A child born of a male hadn’t happened in centuries.
Cam’s gaze lingered on his lovely mate’s lips, swollen from the strain of attending to the girth of his cock. From this day forward, Cam vowed to keep Keaton’s lips stained red from his need.
“If another ever touches you, they will die and you will want to,” Cam promised.
“Only you. Please I need you,” Keaton whispered.
A surge of lust sent another jet of precum from Cam’s cock, painting a streak across Keaton’s thigh. The clear stickiness dripped down over the hated purple crescent birthmark.
Cam never did anything he didn’t want to do. Everything in his being rejected that mark. And yet, his hand reached out. Cam’s willpower screamed in protest as he watched his fingers spread pre-cum over the discolored skin.
“Look at that,” Keaton whispered. “They were right.”
Cam didn’t know who they were, but before him, orange spread over the purple crescent until it formed a round circle.
Heat gushed over Cam’s body in endless waves. In his ears, the great drums of tribal leaders in ancient times drowned out all warnings of danger and catastrophe. The Kodiak raked his claws over Cam’s insides demanding he claim his mate once and for all.
Cam rolled them over until he was on his back with Keaton above him.


About the Author
Bellann Summer lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband and children surrounded by lakes and woods. In the summer Bellann enjoys fishing, camping, gardening, and growing flowers. Autumn is spent out in the woods exploring the beautiful colors and nature at its finest. In the winter there is ice fishing, snowmobiling, and sitting in front of the wood fireplace. She has always loved to read and any free time is spent with a book in her hand. When major life changes occurred, she decided to try writing what she liked to read. And it worked.

Email address – bellannsummer@gmail.com
Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00J2GL7YG


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