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A.M. HALFORD - Part One

My Vow to You

~ Part One ~

Dimitri watched as his younger brother, Lyosha, started to pace the room. His black hair, pinned up in braids. His white cotton pants and shirt, despite being loose on the body, seemed to constrict him as he looked out the window to the driveway and parking lot. His nose twitched and in that moment, he greatly resembled the otter he was.

“So, you’re telling me he’s late?”

“Not late. Stuck in traffic,” Dimitri replied. “There was a car accident on the highway. Unfortunately, they’re not sure when they’ll make it through.”

 “You’d think of all days, Tyree would try and be here on time for our wedding!” Lyosha complained as he sat down with a huff.

Smiling, Dimitri moved to stand beside his brother. “I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s taking an alternative route to get to you right now. Nothing will keep that man from you.”

Lyosha blushed, his head ducking to hide his joy. “I really do love him.”

“I know.”

“I wish you could experience this.”

Dimitri’s heart clenched. He’d searched for centuries for his mate, and had come up empty countless times. After two hundred years, he’d given up. He was just glad his brother, who had yet to experience a full century on this earth, had found his destined so quickly. At least Lyosha wouldn’t get to know the years of loneliness Dimitri had. For otters, such as them, it was the most painful thing to be without their other half.

“I’m just glad you found happiness,” Dimitri kissed his brother’s brow before turning to leave. “I’ll go make sure everything is in order.”

He already knew everything was going as planned. Lyosha had nothing to worry about. The day would proceed as scheduled, as soon as the other groom arrived. Dimitri checked the flowers for the dozenth time, they were perfect. Wildflowers found in each of the grooms’ homelands, Greece and Ireland. The crests of their two families hung above the alter. An otter floating on a wave against a teal banner. A hawk flying free against a crimson cloth.

At first Dimitri found it odd, the pairing of an otter with a hawk, but seeing the love between Lyosha and Tyree put him at ease.

Their meeting had been one of oddity, just as their relationship. Tyree, hungry and desperate for a meal, came darting from the heavens attempting to attack Dimitri. It was Lyosha that came to his rescue, knocking the goshawk off him. It was in that instant that Lyosha and Tyree realized who the other was. Dimitri still couldn’t believe it.

A screech from the sky drew Dimitri’s attention from his thoughts and he shielded his eyes as he looked up. A flock of wings beat above him as the birds came to land in the center of the large yard of the chateau they’d rented for this ceremony.

“You’re late Tyree!” Dimitri shouted as he advanced on the large birds. “Lyosha is near tears.”

A medium sized hawk landed and shifted, his clothes appearing right back in the place they were before his shift. A fun magical bonus. Tyree’s green eyes and red hair were cliché of his Irish heritage, but they fit the trim man well.

“I’m so sorry! Where is Lyosha?” Tyree worried his hands as he looked around. His white robes blew in the wind, the crimson sash giving his waist a narrow appearance.

“Oh no, you are to go to your room to get ready,” Dimitri grabbed his soon to be brother-in-law’s shoulders and pushed him in the opposite direction of Lyosha. “I’ll inform my brother you’re finally here.”

“Tyree, everything okay?” Dimitri turned to see a man of large build, with plenty of muscles to spare, approaching them. “Who is this?”

“Oh, Gawain,” Tyree smiled, “This is Dimitri. Lyosha’s older brother.”

It was like everything around him ceased to exist as he locked eyes with the Viking looking man. His trim beard, blonde with streaks of red, reflected his long hair tied back by a leather thong. Dimitri’s heart pounded and his lungs burned as if they didn’t have enough oxygen as their eyes locked.

“Hello,” Gawain held out his hand, a shimmer in his blue eyes as he looked at Dimitri like a priceless prize to be snatched up.

“Ah, yeah, hi,” Dimitri stumbled over himself to accept the handshake. Electricity zapped along his nerves at the glancing touch of their fingers meeting. “Here,” he snatched his hand away, without properly shaking Gawain’s hand, and pushed Tyree to this new man. “Take him to his room.”

Without an answer, Dimitri turned and rushed inside. Slamming the door behind him, he pressed his back against the wooden barrier and held his hand to his chest.

After all this time, why would his mate show up here, and now? And with his brother-in-law. What relationship did Gawain have with Tyree? It obviously wasn’t a romantic one, but still, it bothered Dimitri.

“Everything okay?” one of his aunts asked as she walked by him in the hall.

“Yes. How’s Lyosha?”

“He’s ready. Has our other groom arrived?”

“He has.” Dimitri pushed off the door and headed for the stairs. He needed to inform Lyosha of Tyree’s arrival. This wasn’t the time to be getting caught up in his newly discovered mate. Today was about his brother and his union with his destined one. There was time for Dimitri and Gawain later.

* * * *

Gawain watched as Dimitri fled into the main building. He was adorable. His shimmering brown eyes and mahogany brown hair gave him an almost innocent quality. That rebellious stance he’d taken though was what really pulled him toward the other man. That and his beyond intoxicating scent.

“Hey, Gawain, come on,” Tyree pulled on his sleeve. His cousin looked terrified as he glanced to the main building. No doubt the idea of his little mate crying had him scared shitless. For a bird of prey, he certainly was a pushover.

“So, what do you know about Dimitri?” Gawain asked as he took his cousin to the annex cabin set aside for Tyree to get ready in.

“I know he’s how I met Lyosha, and he’s more than a little reserved,” Tyree glanced back to the other building one last time before stepping into the cabin. “I don’t ever see him smile. At least not generally. I don’t think he likes me all that much.”

“Why is that?” Gawain frowned. He couldn’t imagine anyone disliking Tyree.

“Well,” Tyree looked down to his feet, “I kind of tried to eat him.”

“You what!” Gawain shouted, anger surging forth irrationally.

“Woah!” Tyree held up his hands and backed away from him. “I didn’t even know he was a shifter, or my mate’s brother at the time. I just saw an otter sunning on the shore and I was hungry. Though, I guess it was destiny working, as I met Lyosha because of that and I got a meal in the end.”

Hands balled into fists, Gawain had to physically reign in his anger. He realized Tyree didn’t know why he was acting so harshly to this news. He had no way of knowing that the man he’d just admitted to attacking out of hunger was Gawain’s mate. Hell, he had no right getting upset with Tyree. Yet he was. The thought of anyone attacking his adorable otter made him want to tear something apart.

“We should probably finish getting ready,” Tyree suggested. “The ceremony is supposed to start in thirty minutes. Lyosha is kind of a stickler for schedules.”

“And he’s mated to you?” Gawain joked. Tyree was the definition of eternally late. No wonder he’d been so adamant about leaving the hotel an hour ahead of schedule. They still would’ve been late if they hadn’t shifted and flown here when they came upon that accident. Gawain was just happy that they could take that option. He was even more thrilled he’d managed to make it today, seeing has he’d nearly had to cancel his trip to this wedding due to work.

As Tyree fixed up his appearance from the flight over, Gawain looked out the window, catching sight of Dimitri back outside and running around. It seemed the older brother was the one in charge of preparations. Usually it was the mothers and aunts that took care of that kind of thing. Gawain knew his own mother, and Tyree’s had been here since last week to help prepare for this wedding. Yet, everyone was looking to Dimitri as they added the last touches.

“So, am I going to get to meet Lyosha’s other family members?” Gawain asked off handedly as his eyes tracked every move Dimitri made.

“His aunts, uncles, and cousins should all be here,” Tyree said. “Seems otter families are really close.”

“What of his parents?” Yeah, Gawain didn’t care too much about Lyosha, besides any info about him could potentially be info about Dimitri.

“They passed away when Lyosha was young,” Tyree’s voice sounded like it was coming from the bathroom. “Dimitri raised him from what I understand. There’s quite the age difference between the two. Lyosha is only in his first century, with Dimitri going on his third.”

So, Lyosha was a baby all things considered.

“How old is Lyosha?”

“Eighty-five.” Was that guilt in Tyree’s voice? Yeah, probably. Tyree was two hundred seventy three after all. Gawain was even older than that, at four hundred fifty-five, he was pushing middle aged soon.

“And Dimitri?”

“Um, two hundred ninety-six or seven, I believe.”

So, he wasn’t quite in his third century yet. Shifters such as them lived to be at an average of a thousand years old, if they lived to old age. They were considered adults at age fifty, though that was just because they were physically mature at that point. Most children didn’t leave home until they’d hit a hundred. For Lyosha to be mated so young, it must have caught his family off guard. Especially with Dimitri unmated. Until now at least.

“I’m going out for a moment,” Gawain said, moving to the door. “I’ll be back before the ceremony starts.”

“Uh, okay,” Tyree agreed.

Gawain made sure to send the first aunt he ran across from their family in to keep an eye on Tyree. He didn’t want his cousin running off while no one was looking to go peek at Lyosha. The ceremony would never get started then.

It didn’t take him long to find Dimitri. The slim man was up on a ladder tucking a garland of flowers back into place. Gawain stood back, and just observed. His mate’s lean figure looked positively appetizing in his ritual white cotton pants. The shirt, which should obstruct all aspect of shape, did nothing to hide Dimitri’s round ass as he reached above his head, pulling the material upward with his arms. Gawain bit back a groan at the tempting sight.

As he observed his mate, someone came up onto the small stage carrying a box with them, and in the process knocked the ladder Dimitri was standing on. Instantly the thing started to rock, Dimitri’s arms waving around him as he tried to keep the ladder balanced.

“Watch it!” Gawain shouted, rushing forward and catching his falling mate before he could impact with the wooden stage. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Dimitri mumbled, not looking up to him.

Gawain gently set the smaller man on his feet, tucked two fingers beneath his chin, and made Dimitri meet his eyes. “Hi.”

Dimitri’s entire face went a startling shade of red. He looked like an over ripe cherry. Gawain liked cherries. “Hello. Thanks for the save. You can let me go now.”

“Don’t really want to.” Gawain tightened his one-armed hold on the thin man, drawing him closer. “We haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Gawain.”

“Dimitri,” he answered briskly.

Damn it! This guy was too adorable for his own good. Gawain just wanted to swoop him up, and carry him off so no one could see him being so cute.

“I really need to get back to work,” Dimitri pushed at Gawain’s chest lightly. “Things need to be ready. The ceremony starts soon.”

* * * *

What the fuck was Gawain made of? Solid brick? Steel? No matter what it was, Dimitri wasn’t sure if he liked the feel of the firm muscles beneath his hands, or if he was intimidated by them. He knew which one his otter thought. The treacherous little creature was fighting with him. He wanted to curl up in Gawain’s arms and rub his scent all over him. Dimitri, the man, just wanted to get through his brother’s wedding. This was the last thing he needed.

“We’re going to have to talk at some point,” Gawain said, finally releasing Dimitri and stepping away.

“Can’t it wait?” Dimitri wrapped his arms around himself, partially to hold Gawain’s heat to him now that they were no longer touching. “Until after the ceremony?”

“You want to discuss our future during the reception?”

“What? No. I meant, can’t this wait until after the wedding. Lyosha needs me right now to focus on him.”

Gawain stepped closer and Dimitri, damn his weakness for this man, stood still allowing him to close the distance again. “Something tells me that’s all you’ve been doing for a while. How about thinking of yourself for a second.”

“Not today,” Dimitri stood firm. This was Lyosha’s day. He was not going to let his hormones get in the way of something his brother had been dreaming of since he could talk.

“I won’t be denied,” Gawain insisted.

“Then you’ll be disappointed.” Digging deep, Dimitri found the strength to turn and walk away from his mate. His otter cried within him, attempting to pull him back to the other man.

This was ridiculous. Of all days for him to meet the one he’d been searching centuries for, it just had to be this day. Why couldn’t Tyree have introduced this particular person to them before the wedding? Like say, during the engagement party? Or the rehearsal dinner? Or fucking Christmas! Any of the family social gatherings he’d attended with Lyosha since meeting Tyree would’ve been fine.

“I’m Tyree’s cousin.” Dimitri nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Gawain’s voice coming from directly behind him. “I live in New York, and tend to work more than I should. I’m a cop.”

Oh, fucking great! His mate was in a dangerous line of work, of course he was.

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a teacher.”

“What do you teach?”

Dimitri bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to keep himself from continuing the conversation.

“Elementary school? High school? College? Math? Science? Let me know when I get close.”

“High school literature,” Dimitri could smack himself for his weakness.

“My favorite subject.” Sure, it was. Dimitri would put money on Gawain just saying that to be polite. Then again, he did just meet the man. Maybe he was well read. Despite his overbearing attitude, he was well spoken. “I love the color of your hair.”

“Excuse me?” Dimitri stopped short of the end of what was the aisle that Lyosha and Tyree would walk down, separately of course. Turning, he met Gawain’s straightforward gaze. The man certainly wasn’t hiding his desires too well, and it only served to make Dimitri heat up in response.

“Your hair,” Gawain reached out and grabbed a loose strand. “It’s beautiful.”

The sight of his auburn hair, threading between Gawain’s fingers was innocent in every was, but it lit something inside Dimitri. Licking his lips, he took a step back from the imposing man. This was dangerous. He needed to get some distance between them.

Even as he thought that, Gawain stepped forward. It was like some weird dance. Dimitri took a step back, Gawain took a step forward until they were behind a grove of trees, Dimitri’s back pressed against the rough bark.

“Alone,” Gawain said after checking their surroundings. “I doubt you meant for this to happen.”

He sure as shit didn’t! He was trying to get away from Gawain, not isolate himself with him. Dimitri looked around, hoping to spot someone walking by. How the hell had they managed to get so far away from the chateau? He could see it in the distance, beyond the tree line, but he doubted anyone would hear him if he shouted.

“Are you scared of me?”

The challenge in Gawain’s voice made Dimitri stand straight. He finally met the man’s eyes directly and glared at him. “Hardly.”

“Perfect,” Gawain almost purred before he swooped in and took Dimitri’s lips with his own. The forceful, and urgent kiss stopped all thought of fleeing leaving Dimitri with only the will to press closer to his mate.

Wrapping his arms around Gawain’s neck and shoulders, he tried to draw him down to deepen the kiss. Instead he found himself being hoisted up by Gawain’s strong arms. Legs wrapped securely around the solid man, Dimitri gave himself over to the pleasure coursing through his body as Gawain grinded against him. His tongue flicked in and out of Dimitri’s mouth, Dimitri chasing the slick muscle back out to Gawain’s own mouth.

“So hot,” Gawain growled, breaking the kiss only to trail bites and kisses down Dimitri’s neck.

“Oh god,” Dimitri moaned, arching off the tree and tilting his head to give Gawain more access. He was losing himself quickly in the onslaught of sensations racing through his body.

“Dimitri! Hey, Dimitri! Where the hell did he go?”

The voice of his younger cousins searching for him, drew Dimitri to the surface for a moment, but he quickly slipped back under when Gawain bit the arch of his ear.

“You taste so good,” Gawain husked, licking a wet path behind Dimitri’s ear and down to his pulse.

“Gawain,” Dimitri nuzzled his cheek until he turned, and he reclaimed the man’s lips like they provided the very air Dimitri needed to survive.

“Gawain! I see you in there!”

It was like ice cold water was splashed on them. Gawain went ramrod straight. Dimitri tried to curl up and hide between his chest and the tree.

“Go check on Tyree, the ceremony is about to start!”

“Oh fuck!” Dimitri felt the blood rush from his face. “Lyosha.”

Pushing Gawain away, he quickly straightened his appearance and dashed from the trees to the chateau. How could he let himself get so caught up like that?

To Be Continued …


Galaxia Pirates 1
Tony ran from the arranged marriage his greedy parents set up for him. He meets and joins the Galaxia pirates, making a home amongst the worst of the solar system.
Craig, first mate of the Galaxia pirates, returns after a personal vacation to find a new and interesting face amongst the crew. He instantly sets his sights to capturing the feisty navigator.
Tony and Craig’s awakening relationship is pulled into turmoil when mercenaries corner the Galaxia, demanding they hand over Antonio Santiago – Tony’s past has officially caught up with him. Craig works to keep his lover out of the mercenary’s hands, but there is a traitor on the ship that wants Tony gone.
When Tony is handed over to the mercenaries, at the cost of one crewmember's life, Craig is frantic to find him and discover the traitor. Tony isn’t just going to sit back either. He’s determined to get out of the situation and back to the Galaxia and Craig’s arms.

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Excerpt: Looking around the large space port Tony tried not to let the nervous anticipation show on his face. This was his first solo job. According to Captain Sidney he was to meet up with the contact, exchange the goods, and return to the ship. Easy. Except he had no clue who the contact was, what he looked like, and when they would show up. His only order was to remain at the trade port to the satellite colony and respond when presented with the signal phrase.

This area gleamed with galvanized metals and bright holographic signs advertising business. Dozens of people in the latest fashions, odd as they were, walked past him. They didn’t seem to care that they were just another cog in the machine that surrounded them. Some talked on the phone while others checked their daily communications, bank statements, or shopped as they went.

His eyes drifted from the mindless masses to the large hologram projection of the time hovering above the doors. Twenty hundred ET. ET stood for Earth Time. He found it odd that the outer rings operated on Earth’s timeline. They didn’t have days or nights out here on these distant floating satellite colonies. They could base their schedules off any form of records, like the nearest habitable planet. Other planets used their own day-to-night rotations to create their own clocks. Why couldn’t these places create their own time schedules?

“A red bird lands on the sign.”

Snapping out of his internal dialogue about the oddities of space timekeeping, Tony turned his face away from the man standing next to him. The only thing he’d managed to catch a glimpse of before averting his eyes was the man’s large build. “An old lady shoos a cat away.”

The man set a case at Tony’s feet, right beside the one he’d already placed there. He wanted to look over and see what this unknown man looked like, beyond his physique, but he couldn’t. This contact had demanded that his identity remain anonymous. Tony could appreciate that. There were things he was running from.

“Tell Captain Sidney I’ll see him at the designated time.”

And just like that the man was gone.

Tony slumped against the wall behind him. He felt his heart hammering in his chest. He’d thought it would thunder from his body and dance around the multitude of people milling about the large area.

Waiting a moment, Tony calmed himself before he picked up the case and walked the long way back to the back docks. This part of the colony wasn’t nearly as shiny as the trade port. The metal walls were covered with cloth or soot. The people that walked around appeared to be two steps from the grave or galactic prison. Tony fit in perfectly.

Ducking under an open air vent he nodded to a bald, burly man standing by a wall. “Beautiful skies on the horizon,” he said politely.

The guard didn’t say anything. Pushing on the wall, a door opened and Tony slipped inside. The noises of the colony faded into the background and he was finally left alone with his thoughts. Leaning against the wall of the tunnel Tony now found himself in he tried not to think about everything that could’ve gone wrong with that drop. Security could have pegged him. He almost forgot the password! Not to mention he might have given into his interest and looked at the contact.

Shaking his head roughly, Tony began the journey down the passage. The only lights were old construction lamps placed every hundred feet. The gateway to the underbelly of the colony certainly wasn’t the grandest part of the large structure.

The trek was long, weaving around many different levels in complete secret. Tony found it hilarious that the people living here didn’t realize what lay just on the other side of their houses, businesses, and schools. What would they do if they ever discovered it?

“Probably nothing.” Tony smiled.

No one acted without the orders of someone else. It was just how people were, and that made Tony sick. Not that he was any different. He acted upon the orders of his captain.

The end of the passage was another wall. Tapping on it in a set pattern he waited for the door to be opened. Holding his breath he watched as light and sound poured in. Music blasted throughout the space and people milled about in a state of constant celebration. Tony’s smile widened. Walking into the throng of partying people he headed for a bar. He knew his crew would be there.

“What do we have here?” Tony ignored the street whores. He wasn’t in such desperate need of human company as to use their services.

“Come on, Tony.” One floral-scented redhead reached out for him. “I’ll give you the first round for free.”

“Back off,” Tony growled as he brushed past the two women.

“I swear he’s gay!” the brunet screeched.

Tony didn’t show any signs of reaction, even if the woman’s taunt was the truth. There was no crime in being gay in today’s society, not like five hundred years ago. Still, some women just didn’t take rejection well. He doubted that would ever change.

Siren Suicide Saloon. The brightly lit sea-green sign attracted many a patron, as did the story behind the name. Walking through the old Wild-West-styled saloon doors Tony nodded to the man standing just inside off to the right. You couldn’t see it, but Tony knew the man had several guns on him, one always pointed to the door.

“There’s my man!” his captain’s voice rang out over the boisterous crowd, ushering Tony into the safe haven he’d found that cold night on Cronos Four. “How did it go, Tony? No problems right?”

“Went just as planned, Captain,” Tony said as he joined his crewmates at a large circular booth in the back of the bar. “The contact said to tell you he’d meet up with you at the designated time.”

“That sly dog.” The captain laughed. “He’s finally going to come back!”

Tony didn’t understand, and he really didn’t want to. Handing the case off to the third mate he took his seat and observed as his captain talk with a barmaid. He was a handsome man. Coffee-brown hair was cut haphazardly to a length ranging from his ears to his chin. Still, he looked good. His black eyes, though veiled by alcohol, held an intelligence many would never reach. His strong jaw and stubborn mouth seemed to never stop smiling. It was his height though that intimidated many. Standing nearly seven feet tall Captain Sidney was an imposing sight.

“So, Tony, what did you think of him?” the ship’s cook, Maggie, asked. She was a shapely woman, with bright green hair streaked with purple. She was also the captain’s wife, and second mate of the ship. “Handsome, right?”

“Who?” Tony asked, confused. It was no secret as to his sexual preference among the crew, but he was still in the minority among them. Most preferred the fairer sex.

“Your contact,” Maggie gushed. “I swear if he wasn’t Sidney’s brother, and didn’t play for your team, I would so go for him.”

“But, you love the captain,” Tony reminded the obviously drunk woman.

“Don’t I know it!” Maggie gushed. “I’ve let that man drag me all across the stars because of how much I love him. Hey”—her green eyes narrowed—“Sidney, who is that hussy?”

Tony sat back in his seat and accepted a beer as Maggie pushed the barmaid away from the captain. He found these moments the most peaceful. Since joining the Galaxia’s crew there hadn’t been a dull day in his life. Whether it was dodging Navy ships or fighting off other pirates he never had a moment’s peace to stop and think about the changes in his life. He didn’t want to either. This is what he wanted. This crew, Maggie, and Captain Sidney were what he wanted for his life.

“Okay, boys, last night!” Sidney suddenly shouted. “Live it up and get your asses back to the ship!”

“Aye!” the group of drunken men shouted, their cups rising into the air, alcohol sloshing all over the table and floors.

Tony laughed. Not one to turn away the chance to have a good night, he stood and walked around to the bar. Sitting on a stool he undid his long black hair and drank his beer. He knew the fish would come to him. They always did. He’d learned quickly that he was desirable, and he’d used that to his advantage ever since.

“Drinking alone?” And the first bite appears.

Turning to glance at the man Tony had to keep from swallowing his tongue. The guy simply screamed danger. His dark green eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, tanned skin, and the scar running from his left temple to his chin spoke of a man with a hard past. Tony was instantly attracted. He’d never liked pretty boys.

“Depends, are you going to join me?” Tony asked, keeping his tone neutral. Though this man was definitely in his strike zone he did not plan to just act. He always felt his bedmates out before sleeping with them.

The man smiled, his scarred lip turning up into what looked more like a sneer. Tony had thought on many occasions that something was wrong with him, and now he knew it. That look should have sent him running. Instead he felt his knees weakening and his cock filling.

“What you drinking?” the man asked.

“A dark ale.” Tony grinned.

The man’s green eyes darkened, turning almost black. He licked his lips and Tony found himself following the motion. “Hey, Cat, I’ll have what he’s having.”

“One Jupiter Brew coming up,” the bartender nodded.

The two sat at the bar drinking their beer and talking about mundane things. Tony mentioned the recent bust of pirates in the Angel Nebula and his companion remarked on the increased activity by the Allied Navy.

Finished with their beers, Tony stood up. He smiled at his dark stranger and left the bar. If Dark and Dangerous followed him he would be in for one hell of a ride, he hoped. If he didn’t, well too bad.

Tony got to the entrance of a utility hall before he felt himself being yanked into the dark corridor. Dark and Dangerous, as Tony was getting used to calling him, pinned him to the wall and claimed his lips in a rough, dominating kiss. Arching into his assailant, Tony reached for the man’s pants and quickly released his hard cock. Biting at Dark and Dangerous’s lips Tony stroked him, heating the other up further.

“You like it rough?” The stranger’s voice held a gravel-like purr to it.

“Love it.” Tony moaned when the man yanked on his shoulder-length black hair.

“Turn over,” Dark and Dangerous ordered.

Tony smirked. He liked rough, but he didn’t like obeying orders in bed. “Make me,” he challenged.

One brown eyebrow rose before he felt himself being spun around, his face pushed against the metal wall. Tony moaned when he felt calloused hands pull his pants down, his ass being exposed to the dingy recycled air.

“Do you have a condom?” the man asked, his fingers already thrusting into Tony’s ass. The man hadn’t used lube, only his own saliva.

“Fuck,” Tony shouted as his fuck partner stabbed his prostate. He’d been right. This guy was good. He’d taken Tony’s words about liking it rough and was delivering.

“Condom?” the man repeated with a sharp twist of his hand.

“Left back pocket,” Tony managed to moan out.


About Author:

A.M. Halford lives in Southern Oregon and enjoys spending as much time outside as she possibly can. Her and her partner often find themselves hiking with their two dogs when the weather permits it. Fishing, camping, and photography are also activities she greatly enjoys. If the weather doesn’t permit going outside she can be found curled up with a sketch book, drawing whatever comes to mind.

A.M. got into writing as an outlet for personal therapy and has since expanded that into a hobby and profession that she enjoys. She often writes down anything that comes to mind, combing through the ideas and expanding on plots that sound the most interesting. She likes to write believable relations between people overcoming unfair hardships set before them. She always loves a happy ending and no matter the hell her characters go through they’ll always get their forever person.



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