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~ New York ~

  The waves rolled in and beat against the shore almost in tune with the pulsing of the music. Bodies twisted and writhed sensually as bare feet slid through the sand, and laughter filled the air. Light from the fire created shadows and orange-gold hues across the sun-kissed faces of the young men and women as they celebrated.

  Cory threw his head back and laughed as his best friend Brit wrapped her arms around his waist and began to spin them around. They had been dancing non-stop for over an hour and he was getting tired, as well as thirsty. Giving Brit a hug, Cory spoke directly into her ear. “I’m gonna sit this one out. I need a drink.”

  He pulled back and met Brit’s beautiful smiling face. “Okay you lightweight, but I don’t know how you think you’re going to be a big star on Broadway if you can’t handle a little dancing,” Brit teased and slapped him on the ass as Cory rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. He instantly jumped and gave her a playful face as he growled at her. Then laughed and walked away.

  Heading away from the fire to the table that held all the food and beverages caused a chill to race down his spine, and goosebumps to sprout out over his arms. Nighttime on the beach of the south shore of Long Island was colder than the day, even in early September. Cory opened the cooler and grabbed a cola, then went to find his backpack he had left by his beach towel. Sitting on the towel, he took a sip of his soda, then placed the can in the sand to hold it, while he opened his backpack.

  He pulled out his hoodie and put it on, instantly feeling warmer, then grabbed his soda and stood, before dropping down on Brit’s lounge chair. He sat back, relaxing as he watched his friends having a great time at their end of the season beach party. It was a party only for the incoming seniors of their school. In two days they would all officially be seniors and Cory was excited, but also nervous.

  Cory took a sip of his coke as he looked around, spying his few friends as some of them danced, while others sat close by the fire talking or making out with their significant others. A twinge of jealousy and loneliness hit him in the chest, and he had to look away.

   Not that he wasn’t happy for his friends, but being gay, Cory had never had a boyfriend before. He also never had a girlfriend. He didn’t see the point in asking out a girl and giving her false hope when he wasn’t attracted to her, and their relationship would never go anywhere. He also had no desire to kiss a girl, then pretend to enjoy it. Maybe he actually would if he tried it, but he never found any girl attractive in that way. Sure he could appreciate the beauty of a woman, but when he looked at them, there was no spark. He didn’t get all those feelings that the other guys boasted about, like heart pumping, heat rising, or cock thickening, when he looked at a girl.

  Although, he had never actually been in the closet, he had announced to his parents at the ripe young age of eleven that he liked boys, he still didn’t walk around announcing it to the world. He had sat his parents down one day and told them how when he looked at Sam Davis all he wanted to do was kiss him, so he was sure he was gay. His parents didn’t freak out and yell or disown him. They told him that they still loved him and that that would never change. They just wanted him to be happy.

  Once he hit Junior High, his crush on Sam went right out the window when Sam and his group of asshole friends started harassing Cory about being the gay boy. He had found out the hard way why they called it a crush. After the two years of hell that Sam and his friends had put Cory through, he not only didn’t like Sam anymore, but hated him and wished he would just go away. Then his first year of High School his wish had come true. Sam had gotten himself into some trouble over the summer with his bullying ways and his parents pulled him out of school and sent his ass to a military school. Cory had never had too many close friends, mainly because he had also learned the hard way, that although his parents were great and didn’t turn their backs on him, friends weren’t as accepting.

  Cory always knew he wanted to be a dancer and his mother had put him in dance school when he was twelve, and his dance instructor told him that he was a natural. He spent five days a week, two hours a day at the dance studio, honing his skill and conditioning his body. He jogged every morning before school, and worked out with weights for an hour every night before he went to bed. He needed to be in top shape if he was going to go off to New York City and try to make it as a professional dancer on Broadway, or in music videos. His biggest dream was to be a backup dancer for someone like Beyonce or Adam Lambert. Maybe Katie Perry or Lady Gaga.

  A loud obnoxious, fake, feminine laugh brought him out of his thoughts and Cory looked in its direction. Not that he really wanted to because he knew that the grating voice belonged to Belinda Dolan, miss popularity of their school. Miss all time bitch was more like it. Belinda made the girls from the movie “Mean Girls” look like angelic nuns.

  Cory rolled his eyes when he saw that Belinda was once again pressed up against Jordan Blake’s chest. Her fake boobs rubbing all over him as she flirted and slapped his arm playfully then flicked her hair back. Yuck. He wanted to gag from the sight. She was so damn fake in everything she did and trying to get with Jordan Blake the new captain of the football team was no different. Belinda always went out with the captain of the football team. When they had been freshman, she went out with the senior who was captain that year, then broke up with him when he graduated, then she went to the next one. It was her normal modus operandi and everyone knew it. Cory only hoped that Jordan did as well, and didn’t fall for her shit.

  He took another sip from his can, tilting his head back as he gulped the sugary liquid, and as he lowered his head his gaze met the beautiful blue eyes of Jordan Blake. Cory had had many a wet dream over Jordan for the past four years, but Jordan was a star football player, and straight. Jordan gave him a smile and Cory froze, he didn’t know what to do. His brows went down in confusion as he stared at Jordan and the smile fell from Jordan’s face.

  Jordan looked down at Belinda and gave her a tight smile before extracting himself from her claws. He took a step back, and his gaze flicked to Cory again, giving him another of those amazing smiles of his. Cory couldn’t help it this time and returned the smile. Jordan rolled his eyes and shook his head, motioning toward Belinda and it made Cory chuckle as his smile grew.

  Suddenly Cory was struck stupid as Jordan Blake walked away from a swaying Belinda and walked straight for him. His gaze roamed over all the hard muscles straining against the tee Jordan wore, then his gaze dropped to a flat, ridged stomach, lower to thick thighs and sexy muscled calves that were bare with Jordan wearing shorts and all.

  “Mind if I sit?” Cory heard the voice, but it didn’t quite register for a moment. He was too shocked that Jordan Blake had come to him and was asking to sit on his towel.

  “Earth to, Cory,” Jordan teased as he dropped down onto the towel and leaned over onto his side, hitched up on his elbow with his head cradled in his hand as he stared at Cory.

  He blinked a few times, then focused on Jordan’s face. “Um...a...what?” Greaaat, show him what a dweeb you are right off the bat. Cory chastised himself.

  Jordan laughed and Cory found that he loved the sound. It gave him a warm feeling inside and his cock twitched. “I said, can I sit with you?”

  “Um...sure,” Cory answered.

  “You’re Cory Earl, right?”

  “Yeah. I mean we’ve only been in school together for what ten years? I would think in all that time you would be sure of what my name was.”

  Jordan smiled again and gave him a nod. “You’re right. Can I make a confession to you, Cory?”


  Jordan shifted and sat up, moving closer to the lounge Cory sat on and crossed his legs. “You sure do say Um and sure a lot,” Jordan observed, but Cory could hear the teasing in his voice.

  “That’s because I have no idea why the Jordan Blake just suddenly took notice of me and plopped himself down on my blanket. Let me guess, Belinda or one of your friends dared you to come and talk to the queer, right?”

  “Wrong. I came over here because I wanted to.”

  “And why is that?” Cory asked suspiciously.

  “Geez, you make it hard to talk to you with all that suspicion and all. Are you always so guarded?”

  “Can you blame me with the way most of the people here treat me?” Cory asked in a way as if to say duh.

  “No I guess not. But I promise you that I didn’t come to talk to you because of a dare, or someone bet me, or blackmailed me. I came over because I really wanted to talk to you,” Jordan said sincerely and raised his hand toward Cory’s leg, but at the last minute pulled back.

  “Okay, so say I believe you. You said you had a confession you wanted to tell me. So shoot.”

  Jordan shifted closer, then turned his head to look behind him. When he saw that no one was near, he turned back to Cory and leaned in. Cory could see the humor leave his eyes as they filled with...was that longing? “I really like you, Cory.,” he stammered as he rubbed his hand over the back of his neck.

  “Just spit it out, Jordan.”

  Jordan sighed heavily, then met his gaze again. “Cory, I think you’re really nice. Probably one of the nicest people at our school. And you’re smart, and talented, as hell. Damn, you’re so sexy. Would you like to go out with me sometime?”

  Well fuck me sideways, Cory thought as his eyes opened wide and his brows raised high. “You want to go out with me?”

  “Hell yes. I’ve been so scared to talk to you, but after watching you dance tonight and seeing how amazing your body moves. Then the way your whole face lights up when you laugh, and your eyes twinkle. I just wanted to pull you away from Brit and dance with you myself.”

  “Holy shit you’re serious aren’t you? Jordan Blake” Cory said in a whisper.

  Jordan looked over his shoulder again to make sure no one had over heard them, then turned back and gave Cory a shy smile. “Yes, but there’s no way I can let them find out. Or my parents.”

  “Then how are we going to go out?” Cory asked curiously.

  Jordan smiled bright and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. “So I can take that as a yes?”

*    *    *    *

  That had been the start of his first relationship. His first boyfriend, his first love. He had been head over heels in love with Jordan Blake all through senior year. It hadn’t been the most ideal relationship, but Cory understood. Being gay himself he knew how scary it was to come out, and the fear that engulfed you wondering if people would accept you or treat you differently.

  He never gave Jordan a hard time about it and accepted what they could have together. Stolen moments, quick kisses under the bleachers when no one was around, and meeting secretly in the next town over at this old abandoned trainyard. Besides having to hide their relationship, Jordan had been the sweetest, most considerate boyfriend in the world. Jordan spoiled him like crazy, and always let Cory know how much he cared about him and loved him.

  They spent many nights cuddled together in the back of Jordan’s truck, wrapped in a blanket, while they looked up at the stars and spoke of their futures. A future together where they didn’t have to hide who they were or what they were to each other. A life where they could openly love each other and not have to worry about someone finding out about them. Jordan had been his first in everything, including sex, and he had been so gentle and loving.

  But then reality hit and Jordan was offered a full scholarship to play football for Notre Dame University in Indiana, and Cory was headed to New York University in New York City on a partial scholarship. Neither one of them expected the other to give up their scholarships or their dreams. So on Jordan’s last night home before he had to head out to Indiana, they had spent the night together making love and saying goodbye. They held each other tight as they cried in each other's arms. Cory never thought he would ever get over the pain of him and Jordan separating.

  The next morning Cory couldn’t take it and needed to see Jordan one last time, so he drove past his house to see if he could catch a glimpse of Jordan as he loaded his truck and left. He pulled down the street and parked his car behind one of the neighbors cars, where he had a clear view of Jordan’s truck. He hadn’t been sitting there long when the front door opened and Jordan stepped out carrying a duffle bag over one shoulder. He had a big smile on his face and laughed at something his mother said as she walked beside him. Cory smiled at how beautiful Jordan was. But then he froze when he spotted the next person to come out of Jordan’s house.

  Belinda Dolan. She came bouncing out of the house all perky and smiling and ran to catch up to Jordan just as he opened the driver's door and tossed in his bag. He turned in time to catch her as Belinda threw herself into his arms and hugged him tight. Cory’s heart clenched when he saw how Jordan was holding her. It wasn’t that of someone who didn’t want to hug, or was only doing it for show. Jordan was hugging Belinda like a boyfriend held a girlfriend. Then his heart shattered when they pulled back from the hug and their lips met. Cory closed his eyes against the pain. He couldn’t sit there and watch the love of his life kiss another. Especially her.

  He sat there frozen in his car, with his eyes closed, trying to fight back the tears that spilled down his cheeks, until he heard Jordan’s truck start and pull out of the driveway. He opened his eyes and watched through blurred vision as the love of his life drove off away from him. Then he heard the words that completely tore his heart out. Jordan’s mother was comforting Belinda as she cried on the woman’s shoulder. Cory could hear Jordan’s mom telling Belinda that everything would be okay. That they would get everything ready for the Christmas wedding and how it would make the time pass quickly until Jordan returned.

  Christmas wedding? Jordan and...Belinda? Pain like Cory had never felt before surged through his body, causing the tears to come like a faucet. He couldn’t stop them no matter what he did. Sure Jordan had told him that he used Belinda a few times through their senior year as a date so that no one would get suspicious, but now to find out it was all a lie, was just…

  Everything was a lie. All the softly spoken words of love and a future. All the promises, and shared dreams. It had all been a delusion, a farce, a carefully constructed ruse. And Cory had been the loser, in more ways than one. He wiped the tears from his eyes, and pulled away, driving straight home where he spent the next week in bed crying over the love he had lost, but actually never had. By the time it was his turn to leave for college two months later, Cory had stopped crying weeks before, and he hardened his heart to the memories. Hardened himself to any thought of Jordan Blake.


Ten Years Later

  “Will you sit the hell down before you fall down on your ass. I swear, Brit, if you fall I’m not jumping up to help you. I’ll sit here laughing at your ass,” Cory threatened.

  “That’s because you just love my ass and you know it,” Brit replied as he walked to him on unsteady legs and dropped down unladylike in the seat next to him, then leaned closer, laying her head on his shoulder.

  “Yes, darling, I absolutely love your bony ass. What I don’t like is your drunk ass. If you puke on me and ruin my Gucci coat, I swear I will push you under this bench, place your head on my vomit covered coat, and leave you here on this subway,” Cory said with a huff.

  “I won’t blow my chunks, babe. I ain’t that drunk,” Brit grumbled as she placed her face in Cory’s.

  His face screwed up in disgust as he pulled back and grabbed her chin, turning her face away. “Yeah, and I’m a straight nun. Just control yourself for ten more minutes. We’ll be at my stop soon, then it’s a quick walk to my apartment.”

  “I love your apartment. It’s so stylish and cute.,” Brit said breathlessly, slurring her words.

  “Oh boy. Are you sure you’re gonna make it, sweetie?” Cory asked in concern as he turned her head one way and the other, trying to look in her eyes.

  “Yes. I’ll make it back to your place. I don’t think I’ll make it back home tomorrow, but I’ll make it.”

  “You can sleep it off at my place all day tomorrow before you catch your train home.”

  “You’re such a good friend, Cory. You’re always there for me. Even when stupid men rip my heart out and leave me bleeding. I can always count on my Cory to swoop in and save the day. Damn, sometimes I wish you weren’t gay. You would make some lucky girl so happy.”

  “Well, how do you know I wouldn’t be some asshole too if I were straight? Maybe I am just so fabulous because I am gay and I understand the female plight when it comes to men. Seeing as I like cock too and all, and have been burned by a few myself,” Cory stated, gaining a few chuckles from the other people who sat nearby.

  Cory looked up to give them a cheeky smile. A gorgeous black man with long dreadlocks and blue eyes sat across from, his arm slung over the pretty black girl next to him. The two were looking at him smiling. The gorgeous man's eyes met Cory’s and he wanted to melt into their depths.

  “Well hello gorgeous. See anything you like? Beside that cutie next to you?” Cory asked flirting.

  “Thanks, dude, but I’m straight,” the man answered, keeping the friendly smile on his face.

  “Too bad. I could teach you a thing or two about ManLove. I would rock your world.”

  The man and his woman chuckled again and Cory could see a blush appear on the woman's cheeks. “Oh, I have no doubt of that,” gorgeous dreadlocks man said, laughing.

  “You look familiar. Are you famous or something?” the woman asked.

  “Not fam―”

  “He’s a star on Broadway,” Brit slurred proudly, cutting him off, as she stood on shaky legs and stumbled to the pair, thrusting her arm out and pointing above their heads.

  The couple turned to look up, the woman pointed at the poster on the wall behind them and smiled back at him. “That’s you. You’re in Chicago? That’s so cool.”

  “Thanks,” Cory said simply with a smile.

  “We saw that about a month ago over at the Ambassador Theater. Remember that, hon? You were great,” she replied.

  “Thank you,” Cory said proudly.

  “8th Street Next Stop,” the conductor announced. Just then Brit turned and almost fell on the couple.

  Cory jumped up and grabbed her quick, steadying her. “He said 8th Street. We get off at 8th Street,” she slurred.

  “That’s right, sweetie. Now can you just sit down for two seconds while the subway comes to a stop and you don’t fall on your face.”

  Cory wrangled Brit back to their seats and wrapped his arms around her, securing her in place. A minute later the train screeched, then jerked as it came to a stop. The doors slid open and Cory stood, taking Brit with him as they waited for a few other people to exit.

   “It was nice meeting you,” the black woman said with a smile.

  “You too. If you ever come by the show again, drop by at the stage entrance after the show and say hi,” Cory said.

  “We will. Bye.”

  “Have a great night you two,” Cory said over his shoulder as he pulled Brit onto the platform before the doors closed.


Return of the Dragon King
Dragon Realm Book 1
Devon has spent the last few years of his life just trying to survive his step-brother Mick. Being used as a trick to keep Mick in beer and drugs is not how he imagined his life would be. The only thing he looks forward to are his dreams of Zion.

Zion has searched for his true mate for years. Finally finding him, and saving him from the hell his life has been, Zion and Devon should be happier than ever, but learning that they are to rule the Dragon Realm together is almost more than Devon can handle. Zion must use all his patience and love to prove to Devon that they are meant to be.

However, not everyone is happy to have the prophecy fulfilled. There are those that will do anything to prevent Zion and Devon’s mating. Will they succeed? Or will true love finally conquer all?
“Daydreaming again?” the teasing voice of his best friend, Grinold, came to him.
  Zion sighed and turned from the window looking out over the gardens below. “No, just thinking.” Zion moved to the desk and sat behind it.
  “You’re thinking of him again, aren’t you?” Grinold asked as he made his way across the large room.
  “I dreamed of him again last night.”
  “Was it the same dream you’ve been having for the past three months?”
  “Yes. It is always the same, and when I wake up, I have this pain in my heart. But it’s not my pain, it’s Devon’s. Something is telling me we’re running out of time. And not because of my deadline, but Devon’s,” Zion explained in a terrified voice.
  “Well, then it’s a good thing I come bearing good news,” Grinold said with a smirk.
  Zion’s eye lit up with hope as he bolted upright in his seat. “What is it? Have they found him?”
  “Yes, Zancor and Prim have found him in the human realm. He is in a place called California. They didn’t want to tell you sooner and get your hopes up if they couldn’t make contact with him. They have made an appointment for you to meet with him in a few hours at a place called The Roxy Hotel. Zancor will meet him outside and bring him up to the room to you.”
  Zion stood up, his face a mask of disbelief. He had been searching for Devon for twelve years. Ever since his mother disappeared in the middle of the night with his childhood friend and promised mate. It had been so many years of pain and loss. Of emptiness and heartache. Now that he was about to see his love again for the first time in twelve years, he didn’t know what to do.
  “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you ready to see your mate and bring him home.”
  “It’s been so long, Grin. What if he doesn’t want me anymore? What if he doesn’t find me attractive, and thinks me a troll? What do I say to him?”
  “First of all, you an unattractive troll? Hell, no. You do have a mirror right? You are the hottest thing the gods have ever created. I would jump you if you weren’t my best friend and soon to be my King,” Grinold said with a laugh.
  “Shit!” Zion cursed as his eyes filled with worry.
  “We can’t let my uncle know that I have found my mate. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on the throne. My father was able to hold him and everyone else off for two years under the circumstances, but they won’t give us that same courtesy again. You know that if the clock strikes twelve on my twenty-third birthday and I am not mated, then the throne goes to Uncle Melkin.”
  “Then you better get your ass to your mate and convince him to mate you, or we are all doomed. There is no way the dragon realm will be able to keep peace with the other realms if your uncle becomes king.”
  “I know. But how do I convince someone who probably doesn’t even remember me, to mate with me for all eternity in just two weeks’ time?”
  “You’re smart. You’ll figure it out,” Grinold said with a smirk. “And if your brains don’t do the trick, then let your body lead the way.”
  Zion narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Not helping.”
  “Oh, shut up and let’s go, Prince Zion. Your man awaits. But I wouldn’t suggest shifting into your dragon, at first. Wait until the second day, at least. He may get scared of your size if you know what I mean?” Grinold teased.

Author Bio:
Maggie has been married for nineteen years and has four children. She is a Long Island girl who now lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Maggie has always loved anything that has to do with the arts. Music is one of her biggest passions. She was a photographer in her earlier days and spends hours sketching anything that catches her eye. Maggie loves to write about big, strong, tough men who have a softer side. Most of the time you can find Maggie running around with her kids, sketching, or sitting with her laptop creating new characters, as music always plays in the background.
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