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Author’s note: I can’t do anything without a little intro. I talk a lot when I get started. I feel like I’m in a quarter life crisis but in reality I’m really just nostalgic for my home town (Adelaide) since I left for a job in a different city. Thank you for indulging me. All land marks and occasions that I managed to crowbar into this story are all part of My Adelaide, also since this is Australia spring is in September.

Spring Blooms
~ Adelaide ~

I’m Charlie Maddox. I’m a florist who happens to love everything about cock – and particular circumstances I even love the man attached.

I live in Adelaide, also known as the City of Churches, and is the capital city of the state South Australia.

I moved away for a few years and my appreciation only grew. I followed a guy, you see, I don’t think I need to explain any further, right? I moved to Sydney and while it is four times bigger than Adelaide’s one and a half million people, it is honestly just another city. Unfortunately, Adelaide seems to bear a chip on its shoulder because it isn’t as big as the capital cities of the Eastern states – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. People think it is a boring and slow city because of it’s size.

OK. We could do less with the heat and the dry that comes with being the driest state on the driest continent. Though to contradict myself, when I was living in Sydney I couldn’t stand the humidity of the climate that was more semi-tropical. Seriously, in summer, Sydney is not what I thought it was going to be. Instead of the dry heat I was used to there was more rain than I’ve ever seen in  my life, particularly for the summer (maybe a slight exaggeration), there were those noisy tropical bugs called cicadas  and did I mention the constant humidity?

A little boy from Adelaide cannot handle that amount of sweating after living all his life in the dry heat of South Australia.  

But I’m back in Adelaide. I love being home near my family and friends and I love. I love to take lazy weekend drives in the hills. I don’t mind going to the Barossa or the Fleureau to sample some of the local wines. Like any local boy, I meet up with people in Rundle Mall, and naturally we meet at the Malls Balls. Sounds like a joke, but that is honest to God, what us locals call the two silver balls which adorn the main shopping thoroughfare.

Adelaide has even inspired a song or two – there’s that one by Ben Folds song all about Adelaide. It hits all the right marks about this wonderful city.

The best part of Adelaide though is that this is where I met the love of my life.

I met Adam on typical, Adelaide spring day in September.

September in Adelaide not only means spring but it also marks the best time in the Adelaide events calendar. It’s time for the Royal Adelaide Show. The Royal Show is basically what the Americans call a state fair or carnival, it just happens to take place in the middle of the city. Most of the capital cities have their own Royal Show.

The Royal Show signals the start of the string of festivals and sporting events that occur during the spring, summer and autumn. We have the Tour Downunder – the bike race, get your mind out of the gutter! – in January. Most Adelaide festivals seem to occur in March, when we have the Clipsal 500 race, if V8 Supercars is your thing, the Adelaide Fringe, Cabaret Festival and a tonne of other artsy things. I suppose that is why we are also called the Festival State, too.

I don’t think that I ever really had a real appreciation for The Show since I turned eighteen or twenty. It felt like a thing for children and families.

However, after my return to South Australia, I decided to enter some of my flower displays in the floristry competitions held at The Show. The year I met Adam I entered more categories too. I spent the last two months planning my arrangements down to the slightest detail.

My hard work paid off because there I was, standing in the Goyder Pavilion of the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds, admiring the third and second place ribbons two of my arrangements had achieved and were on show. My other two arrangements may not have won but they were still on display for all the people to ohhh and ahhh over.

I had pulled out my phone and took a picture. I sent pictures of all my arrangements to my big sister. I had already gone through the baking competition display cases and found my sister’s beautifully elegant and detailed mudcake decorated with figures she had sculpted herself out of icing depicting the scene from Colin Thiele’s book Storm Boy. She choose to go with a South Australian author and choose the classic story, which was also a movie, set at the Coorong which is a lagoon at the mouth of the River Murray, the country’s most important lifeline. A cake with a pelican was pretty bloody unforgettable.

“Are you allowed to do that sort’a stuff?”

A voice behind me made jump. I wasn’t the only one taking photos and had no idea why I was singled out.

“W-what?” I stuttered out. I had turned to see the most beautiful man I had encounter in a long time.

The man grinned, he was with two other guys, and all three pinged my gaydar.

“I was just joking with you. But you looked like you were trying to be discreet.”

I felt myself blush. “Yeah, nah,” I said, letting myself descend from speaking English to Australian slang while still confronted by the beauty. “Nah, I... um... I’m just taking some pictures. I’m sending them to my sister. I’m a florist and I made the arrangements I took pictures of. You see I made entries for four categories.”

“Oh my God, you are so sweet. I might swoon.” This came from one of the beautiful man’s friends.

“Ignore him,” the beautiful man said. He looked over my shoulder at my arrangement I had been taking a picture of.  “You did that? That’s really cool. I don’t have a creative bone in my body so I can’t help but admire anyone that has talent for creative arts.”

“Um... thanks.” I murmured.

“By the way, I’m Adam Parham. I’m a high school history teacher.” Adam, the beautiful man, stuck his hand out to shake hands.

“Um... hi.” Apparently I was not capable of any words. Belatedly, I added, “I’m Charlie Maddox.” I frowned, “why did you tell me what you do for work?”

Adam shrugged. “Seemed only fair since you told me you’re a florist.” He turned, “these guys are David and Taylor.”

“And we,” David or Taylor said. “Think you’re hot and that Adam should ask you out on a date – that’s if a cute guy like you isn’t already taken.”

I shook my head. “Uh... no. I’m single.” I was also pleased that I was capable of more than a few words of speech. But I had no filter between my mouth and brain. “Why would a hot guy like you,” I asked Adam, stunned, “want to go out with an ordinary looking guy like me?”

“You are anything but ordinary,” snorted the David or Taylor.

“I happened to think you’re quite handsome and totally glad that my gaydar was right.”

I snorted. “I don’t think anything about me screams straight. I’ve been out and proud since I was fourteen.”

Adam cleared his throat and looked down at the ground for an awkward moment. All the confidence from earlier seemed to have disappeared. He cleared his throat and looked up at me.

“Would go on a date with me?”

“Sure,” I blinked, still rather shocked. I looked at his friends for a moment. “I’m here on my own and I’ve only been here to see the flowers and the baking contest.” Great, now I was babbling. “I know you got Taylor and David with you and I don’t want to assume anything...”

Adam grinned. “Are you proposing a double date?”

“Oh, we’re totally a couple,” this came from the David or Taylor, though the other man who hadn’t spoken til that point yet.

I felt like my face was burning red.

The first David or Taylor spoke. “We can be your chaperones. We’ll make sure you don’t get past first base while we’re around.”

“Um... thanks” Annnnnnd I was back to one word answers again.

Adam just grinned at me again. “It’s an unconventional first date but it will work. I’ll even buy you a nice bouquet of spring flowers. Or maybe after our date and we exchange numbers I’ll text you a love letter?”

I laughed. “You’re going fast there, you sweet talker, but you never know what could happen. Jesus, if you make me go on the gravitron, mad mouse or double ranger I might just puke on your lap.”

Adam took my arm and led me towards the pavilion exit. “We promised Dave that we would go and watch the wood chopping contests. I just hope all the guys are hot. I think we should go sit down, get a drink, get to know each and watch those guys sweat.”

Being September in Adelaide meant there was rain. At least this looked only to be a spring shower. Sometimes the rain just wouldn’t let up. We dodged umbrellas and got more than a little damp. It was impossible to find a seat under cover once we got to small area where the wood chopping took place. Adam and I ended up huddled with his friends next to the dagwood dog – aka corn dog – stand. We brought dagwood dogs and made lewd jokes as we got progressively wetter before the rain finally stopped.

We spent hours together. The day seemed to fly as we explored all the pavilions and stalls. We saw the farm animals, went through the dairy pavilion and tasted cheese, we saw the fashion show, the farming pavilion, checked out the dogs and cats, the fish and reptiles and any other animal on display.  Along with all the other kids and adults we got some showbags – filled with junkfood and useless coupons. Between bouts of rain saw the side shows and went on a few rides

It was at the top of the Ferris wheel, Adam and I were alone together thankfully, that we shared our first kiss.


Now here I am, two years later. Here we are two years later.

Once again I was hand in hand with Adam at the Royal show.

Once again we were standing in the spring rain. We just got off of the Ferris wheel. We were grinning like lunatics.

There had been a lot of love letters and beautiful spring bouquets since we met. He has supported me through opening and expanding my own shop during the last two years. I have no clue what I did for Adam but it must have been the right thing. He is the love of my life.

Things have gone full circle because here, on our second anniversary, on the Ferris wheel, Adam asked me to marry him and I said yes, of course.

Ewan Hulme, eldest of the Hulme siblings, is a school teacher who has not worried about his single status in the two years since his previous relationship ended. Ewan comes from a family where ménage is an accepted way of life—whether gay or straight.
Ewan is very definitely gay and enjoys the intimacy of having a close physical and emotional relationship with his men. He does crave the need and fulfillment that comes with the love of two other men in his life even after being burned. He just didn’t expect his life to take such a wonderful turn when he traveled interstate for a conference.
Cooper Ambarsan is a financial advisor who bumps into Ewan while attending a conference. He and his boyfriend, artist Simon Weir, are on the lookout for their perfect third, perhaps even their perfect Mr. Right. They want to settle down with someone who wants more than a few nights of fun.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
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Story Excerpt
Ewan nodded a few people that he recognised from the last couple days and went to the room where that morning’s plenary speaker was presenting. Rushing and with his head down, Ewan promptly collided with a strong masculine body. Looking up he met the eyes of a gorgeous brown haired and green eyed man, only a few inches taller than his five-foot-eleven frame.
“I am so sorry,” Ewan hurriedly gushed. He tried not to make a fool of himself but his latte was dripping down his arm and partially down his sleeve, and he was also looking into the face of a veritable god. No kidding, the man was hotter than Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume. He couldn’t bring himself to think of Chris Hemsworth topless when he was in the television show Home and Away because it was just creepy thinking of a guy that young.
The man smiled. “No worries. I should have been looking where I was going. I apologise for your shirt.”
“No,” Ewan shook his head. “I was honestly not looking where I was going. At least my coffee didn’t get on you. I might have to detour to the bathroom.”
“Are you here for the Australian and New Zealand Institute for Insurance and Finance conference?”
Ewan shook his head. “No, I’m here for the Australian Science Teachers Association conference.”
The other man’s light brown eyebrows rose and he smirked. “I have a few jokes I could say about that, but I’ll hold back.”
“Um, thanks?”
The man’s booming laugh sent a shiver down Ewan’s spine.
“Well, my name is Cooper Ambarsan and I am here for the ANZIIF conference.” The man, Cooper, continued, pronouncing the acronym as “ann-ziff”. He stuck his right hand out to shake hands. Luckily it was Ewan’s right arm that was soaked with coffee.
“I’m Ewan—Ewan Hulme. Obviously, I’m a science teacher. I teach high school level biology and chemistry.”
“I should let you go the toilets to clean up,” Cooper said. “I really am sorry for bumping into you.” The smile he gave could only be described as a devil-may-care expression. “I hope to bump into you again, just not literally.”
“Likewise, Cooper.”
Ewan nodded and felt his face starting to flush red with something between embarrassment and attraction. He had to admit it had been some time—six months—since he last got laid. But it had been even longer—a year—since his ex-boyfriend of six years decided to leave him.
As soon as Cooper turned away, Ewan escaped to the nearest public toilet. He threw the remaining dregs of his coffee in the bin and proceeded to clean up as much as he could. After that the day continued on uneventfully. It was true a few people noticed his coffee stained blue shirt, but Ewan solved that problem by going back to his hotel room and changing into a fresh shirt even though he missed out on most of the lunch break—and the catered lunch.
He didn’t “bump” into Cooper again that day.
However, he did get a bit of a shock when he went back to his hotel for the night and got ready to go out for dinner. On the recommendation of his brother Riker, he was going to a rooftop bar called Bob’s Bar.
Standing there in the foyer of the hotel as he stepped off the elevator was the walking wet dream he had met earlier that day, Cooper. He was currently talking to an equally hot shorter red-head who had piercing blue eyes and couldn’t be much taller than five-foot-six. From the look of it, he could tell that the two men were a couple.
Ewan was ready to walk past the two men when Cooper saw him and called out.
“Ewan, this is my partner, Simon Weir,” Cooper introduced them.
“Well, aren’t you a delicious drink of man, Ewan,” Simon practically purred.
Ewan felt his face burn.
Cooper let out that booming laughter of his, which once again sent a shiver down Ewan’s spine. “Don’t be a queen, Simon, it doesn’t become you.”
Simon instantly changed from the flirtatious queen to an ordinary bloke in the blink of an eye. He merely smirked. “I had to try it on, Coop.”
“My boyfriend is an artist and should never be left on his own. He is ready for a night out on the town,” Cooper explained. “He didn’t realise how much of my time the conference would take.”
“Fair enough, a lot of people don’t realise how much work is actually involved in attending a conference. My family doesn’t.”
“No man or lady to join you?” Simon asked coyly.
Ewan shook his head. “No boyfriend. I broke up with my last long-time boyfriend almost a year ago.” He wasn’t stupid. He could tell that Simon was honestly flirting with him now.
Simon nodded, his eyes sparkling with merriment. “Coop and I are just going to find a place to eat some tea. You should join us, please.”
Adult Excerpt
“Mm-mm, wha… mmm…S…Coo…ah….Hmmm.”
Ewan knew that he was not making any decipherable sounds that could even be considered speech. All he knew was that he had been asleep for what only felt like minutes after fucking Simon while Cooper had been fucking him hard and fast. Now he was opening his eyes and his erection was already standing proudly.
Simon sounded like he stifled a laughed.
Ewan felt the warmth of Simon’s body over his chest and stomach when the man leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. Simon teased the corners of his lips and nipped at his lower lip. “Wake up, Ewie. Ewan Jr is awake and very happy.”
Groaning, Ewan felt himself waking up more, feeling Cooper’s soft and gentle hands between his legs as he gently fingered Ewan’s well-used hole. He bit his bottom lip, trying to contain his arousal.
“Oh, God, Coop.”
Cooper kept fingering his hole, running a finger along his taint before proceeding to stroke Ewan’s balls.
Ewan felt so rung out, physically and emotionally, that he wanted to weep from the pleasure. But he managed to not to. Instead, now fully awake, he was more interested in fixing the erection that his lovers had, no doubt, made sure he had.
“I’m going to fuck this sexy hole again, Ewan.” Cooper’s words held a sensuous, dark promise while his kiss was savage. “And,” Cooper murmured into his ear, “Simon is going to suck that beautiful long cock of yours until you come down his throat.”
There had never been any real doubt that Simon was the more dominant partner in their trio. Cooper seemed to love nothing more than to top from the bottom, but the man did not get the same pleasure from penetrating than he did get from being penetrated. Despite being a top, Ewan had discovered that he was more than happy to switch for these two men. Or rather, to be more accurate, he had always been a switch. It was just that Cooper and Simon knew how to push his buttons and Cooper knew how to fuck him properly.
Cutting into those thoughts, he heard Simon’s firm order. “Up on your knees, baby.”
“Oh God,” gasped Ewan. Deep down his words were an incoherent jumbled in his head. The rush of pleasure over-riding his tiredness made him capable of not speaking any other words.
He felt Simon help him kneel on the mattress.
Ewan felt the hot, hard heat of Cooper’s erect cock against the crack of his arse. He couldn’t hold back the shiver and felt his nipples harden into tight nubs from the arousal.
“You are so beautiful when you’re sleepy and horny.”
That came from Simon, right before he kissed Ewan and trailed down Ewan’s body. He played particular attention to his nipples—first the left one and then the right one. Simon next swiped his tongue over Ewan’s belly button. Ewan felt a rush of heat pool in his stomach. Then there was the painfully slow but so-good attention to his erection and balls.
Ewan gasped when Cooper once more started to finger his arse. He felt the slicked fingers adding a generous amount of gel on his sensitive hole. Ewan leaned into Cooper’s touch, which also just happened to push his straining cock toward Simon’s hot mouth.
In the end, all he could do was cry out, “Now, please.”
Ewan was now afraid he would break down into tears.
But Cooper seemed to feel every nuance in his physical and mental state in that moment. He became tender, but still teasing by rubbing his cock against his crack. His kissed Ewan gently. There was also gentle sucking in what would no doubt be a love bite in the morning.
“Shh, it’s ok, sweetheart. We’re taking care of your now.”
Ewan sighed softly and allowed himself to lean more heavily against Cooper’s chest. A thrill went up his spine when he heard Cooper’s order to Simon.
“Take Ewan’s cock now, Si. Now is not the time to tease our man.”
Ewan had not actually understood the precise words that left Simon’s mouth. He was too busy revelling in the feeling of Cooper’s cock carefully and gently breaching the tight ring of muscles at his rear entrance. Ewan suspected that there had been extra lube added when Cooper had put on a condom. He had no idea when that had happened, but he could feel the definite slide of latex against his skin.
Moments later he bucked his body, unable to know where to let his body go. The feel of Simon’s lips around his cock wanted him thrusting into that particular piece of heaven. Cooper had used more than enough lube to do the job. Yet he wanted Cooper balls deep in his arse.
Then Ewan was overcome with pleasure.
Cooper at first began to gently thrust in and out. He brushed Ewan’s prostate, teasingly with each inward and outward thrust. Knowing what Ewan liked, Cooper wound his arms around Ewan’s body and paid particular attention to Ewan’s nipples.
Concentrating on those actions, Ewan wanted to rub his body up and down Cooper’s hard, beautiful body as the man fucked him. Ewan tipped his head to the side, giving Cooper more than enough room to work on those love bites.
AUTHOR’S BIO – Lilybeth Zefram
I’m just your average Aussie sci-fi nerd and scientist. I didn’t start writing stories until I was doing my Honours research as my escape from work. By day I do all things science – well, actually, I look at algae. When I’m procrastinating about science, I’m dreaming up all manner of scenarios and characters in my head. Sometimes they make it to paper. I’ve never thought of myself as a fiction writer, but one day a silly bet between colleagues changed all that.




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