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~ New Orleans ~


Beau opened the letter and an airline ticket fluttered to the floor.

“What the…?”

Dear Beau,
It’s festival season in New Orleans.
Let’s holidate.
Love, Mike xoxo

Holidate? Beau never heard of such a thing, but according to Google, they were all the rage. A couple in a long distance relationship meets in a town neither one has been to before. Once on an equal playing field, they could explore a new place and each other.

On the surface, he and Mike fit the criteria. They met on Facebook six months ago. Mike was a cutie with shaggy black hair and dark kohl rimmed eyes. He wore a lot of dark clothes and looked like a Goth. With his blonde hair, blue eyes, and plaid shirts, Beau looked like a country bumpkin next to the city boy, but apparently Mike liked what he saw. Messaging turned into love notes and dirty talk, but they never met face to face. Their situation was G.U. Geographically undesirable. Mike lived in New York, while Beau was born and raised on a farm in Iowa.

Two months ago, Mike started asking for a meetup. Beau kept putting him off, but this was different. How could he refuse when Mike had gone to so much trouble to book a trip.

On the surface, it seemed like a good idea. Beau wanted to see Mike in the flesh. Besides, he worked the family farm 24/7 and he needed a vacation badly. New Orleans sounded like a fascinating and exotic place. But…

Beau messaged Mike. It’s not a good time. They need me on the farm.

Mike: It’s only a few days. Nobody is indispensable.

Beau: I am. lol

Mike: It’s now or never, lover boy. The tickets are nonrefundable.

Beau: Okay.

Mike: Awesome! Let the good times roll

Reality hit Beau like a ton of bricks. A holidate should be romantic, but what if they hated each other? This trip could turn out to be one expensive road test. Traveling was tricky business. Being stuck in a cramped hotel room could bring out the worst in anybody. Beau’s dream man could turn into a nightmare.

The expectation of sex scared Beau the most. What would Mike think when he saw a naked Beau for the first time? Physical work on the farm had given Beau a tan, toned body, but it had also taken something from him.

At sixteen, Beau had a farm accident that mangled his leg, and the doctor was forced to amputate. Beau’s left leg ended at mid-calf. Rehab and therapy helped Beau heal in mind and body. Eventually he was fitted with a prosthesis and he walked with only the slightest limp. But after a string of bad experiences with men who didn’t know how to deal with his missing limb, Beau swore off dating.

Beau should have told Mike, or posted a full-length photo, but their online relationship filled part of the void in his life, and he was scared it might end. Now it was too late to confess.


It was raining when Beau’s plane touched down in New Orleans. He took a taxi to the hotel, and went to the front desk to check in. His holidate hadn’t arrived yet. Beau accepted the key card and went to the room. He decided not to unpack in case Mike ended the trip early.

There was a small sitting area with a chair and a loveseat. Beau sat down to wait for Mike. His heart nearly stopped when he heard the door open. Suddenly, there was Mike looking even cuter in person.

Mike smiled and held out a bouquet of spring flowers. “Wow, you look even better in person. These are for you.”

“Thank you,” Beau said, shyly. “They’re beautiful.” Beau buried his nose in the flowers and prayed that Mike wouldn’t be disappointed with him.

“You’re beautiful,” Mike said, as he sat next to Beau on the loveseat.

Beau’s heart twisted. Mike was gorgeous, sweet, and romantic. But everything will change when he finds out my secret.

Mike leaned over for a kiss. When he brushed his lips across Beau’s it set off sparks. The kiss deepened and Mike pulled Beau close. He trailed kisses over Beau’s jaw and whispered in his ear. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to get my hands on you. You’re perfect.”

I’m far from perfect. Beau went stiff and his stiffening dick went limp. Mike didn’t seem to notice. He unbuttoned Beau’s shirt and started playing with his nipples.

“Mike, no… I…” Beau wanted to stop Mike, but the other man’s scent, so fresh and masculine drove him wild. He found himself pulling Mike closer.

Mike’s hands were all over him. “You’re overdressed for this party.” Mike unzipped his slacks and then went for his shoes. And froze.

Oh, no. Beau never meant the unveiling to go like this. All of his worst fears surfaced when he saw Mike’s shocked expression.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you before.”

“Yeah, you should have.” Mike continued to undress Beau. “But, it doesn’t change anything.”


“I want to see what it looks like.” Mike pulled Beau's pants off and the artificial leg came into view.

Please don’t freak on me, Mike. “Are you satisfied?” Beau asked. He slipped off the prosthesis, letting Mike see the stump of his leg.

Before he knew what was happening Mike lifted him up and carried him to the bed. Beau watched Mike take a condom from his pocket. He threw it on the bed, and then undressed. Beau couldn’t help but admire the symmetry of Mike’s perfect physique. I can’t believe he still wants me.

Mike climbed into bed and captured Beau’s lips in another toe-curling kiss. Beau gave in to the moment and tried not to think about his leg. When they came up for air, Mike stared into his eyes.

Oh, God. Say something, Mike.

“I want you so much.”

Knowing that Mike wanted him sent Beau’s confidence soaring. “Yes, I want you inside me.” He gripped his own butt cheeks and spread them in an invitation.

“My pleasure.”

Mike sheathed himself with a lubricated condom and leaned forward, pressing his cock against Beau’s hole. Slow and steady, he pushed inside. Beau had been dreaming of this moment for months, but the reality was so much better. He clutched his partner closer.  

“You feel so fucking good.” Mike gasped into Beau’s mouth. “So hot. So tight.”

Mike’s cock rubbed Beau’s prostate and Beau started moaning. “Oh my God. I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Me too,” Mike said. “Gonna come.” Mike reached down between their bodies and stroked Beau’s cock.

“Oh, fuck.” Beau splattered Mike’s chest with the force of his climax.

Mike came a moment later and collapsed on top of Beau.

Long moments passed and Beau enjoyed the intimacy. He had never felt this kind of connection with anyone else.

Finally, Mike rolled to the side. He leaned on an elbow and looked at Beau. “Was it good?”

“Amazing,” Beau answered. He turned his head to meet Mike’s gaze. 

“I’m glad.” Mike reached over and gently caressed Beau’s stump.

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“Nope.” Mike lifted Beau’s stump and brushed his lips over the scar.

Beau gasped in surprise.

“I like every part of your body.”

“Even though I’m not perfect?”

Mike caressed his stump gently. “You’re perfect for me.”

The two men came together for a long, hot kiss. Beau’s last rational thought was, I wonder if we’ll get to see any of New Orleans.

The End



Panty-melting rocker Jaegar Nash is really a hybrid passing as human. Then, he falls for his bodyguard and discovers a jaguar can’t hide its spots.

Sexy Israeli bodyguard Abram Galante can’t resist his attraction to Jaegar, but when he finally makes his move, he puts them both in danger.

When the existence of hybrids was exposed to the world, their creator, Dr. Joseph Shepard, fled to Russia. Now, he’s back in the States and working for Brian Abbot, CEO of a biotech company. With the fear of terrorism so widespread, Shepard and Abbot know the timing is right to create a new army of super soldiers.

And they plan to start with Jaegar Nash.




Bram was standing just inside the door dressed in black and looking gruff. He was patting down one of the groupies. She wasn’t wearing much, but the bodyguard still felt around for wires, camera phones, whatever. She giggled as he frisked her, but Bram didn’t crack a smile.

The girl grabbed Bram’s crotch. “Yummy. I could eat you up.”

Mine! Jealousy flared with a red-hot intensity that threatened to burn a hole in Jaegar’s gut. For a second, he couldn’t think rationally, then he shook it off.

Bram glanced over at Jaegar. His gaze narrowed, then he gave the girl a little push and she headed toward the bedrooms. When she reached the door, she stopped, looked over her shoulder, and winked at Jaegar.

Bram stepped between them, blocking Jaegar’s view. “Good show tonight, Yaghwar.”

Jaegar’s jaw dropped. Bram rarely spoke, and he never wasted words on compliments. His deep Israeli twang sent hot blood pumping straight to Jaegar’s dick. Sneering, Jaegar tried to cover up his feelings. “The name is Jag-er.”

“You don’t like my accent?” Bram’s long, slow grin was sexy as hell. “What shall I call you, Yaghwar?”

“Call me whatever you want.” Jaegar turned away quickly and walked toward the bar. A drink would put out the fire in his belly.


Author Bio:
Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change. 

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