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Kalil's Coven 2

~ Val D'OrVal D'OrVal D'Or ~

Cory couldn't believe this place.  The two large Olympic size pools with saunas, hot tubs, multiple kitchens, crystal everywhere....hell Cory was scared to death he might break something and just one vase would cost him a year salary he made at his firm.

"Hey Cory, how ya doing?" Erik asked.

Cory did a couple of leg presses, after all exercising was good for the mind as well as the body and this fully loaded gym in the mansion was amazing.

"I'm okay.  Is Billy still with your sister?" Cory asked as he stood up and went to the treadmill, pressed some numbers and started walking at a brisk place.

"Yeah, Billy and Rhuba want to bake a birthday cake for Jotham. Billy said he took some class on cake decorating so he's showing her how to do one." Erik answered as he began bench pressing what  looked like the weight of a bus.

Cory laughed, "Yeah, he was much better at that shit than I was. He won a partial scholarship for college when he beat out everyone in the class we took."

Erik never stopped his reps, saying, "He never told me that."

"Well it isn't like you've known him that long either. I guess you will learn things about each other as you go." Cory replied as he increased his speed.

Erik placed the weights back on the bar and sat up, "Cory, I know this must be hard to understand, but I do love him."

Cory was not stupid.  There was no way that Billy just up and left his life, hell left him, without a by your leave, because he found "True love." Billy was a planner, not a spur of the moment kind of guy.  The thing that bothered Cory the most though, were all the lies Billy kept telling him. That shit was not his best friend at all. Billy didn't lie and when he tried, he sucked at it.

Pressing a button, Cory ran even faster, panting, "I hope so, since you guys are changing him into as big a liar as the rest of the world."

"There are some things that can't be told right now. He isn't lying to you, Cory, as much as keeping my secret." Erik stated gruffly.

"Yep, Billy told me that as well." Cory said doing his best to breathe and not let Erik know that Cory already knew what the secret was. It was one of the reasons Cory was working out so hard right now. He was trying to think of how to let  his best friend know he already knew he was surrounded by vampires. Maybe then he could get some answers. The thing was, his simple admission, would mean giving up his own secret, and he didn't know how Billy would react.

When Billy had told him he had fallen in love with Erik and was moving to be with him, Cory knew something was up.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Cory had went to Billy's home and caught Dimitri trying to rape his best friend. He had known Dimitri and Erik were vampires from the day he met them. Cory hadn't thought much about it. paranormals were everywhere. They were your neighbor, co-worker, the mailman, hell they were even your teachers.  It just seemed odd that suddenly After what Dimitri had done to Billy, his best friend would just up and run off with yet another vampire. What did these blood suckers want with Billy? Cory had every intention of finding out. He had to make sure that Billy wasn't being held against his will. However, if truth be told, his uncertainty of Erik's attention was waning fast. Not just because of  the love in Billy's eyes, more so because of the note Cory had found just that morning.

Cory had wanted an early start with his work out, but there was no way he could think to do that without a cup of coffee. He had gone into the small kitchenette in the suite and found a small flower bouquet that looked freshly picked. A little love note stuck to the vase. Not feeling bad in the least, Cory had read it. Each moment I am with you is as amazing as the last. I love you and can't wait to see you at breakfast. Be safe un amor.  Love Erik.

If Cory remembered correctly an un amor to a vampire was like a mate to a shifter and if that was the case, Cory couldn't say that his besty had not done exactly what he had said, but Cory still had questions.

Something was seriously off in this place. The tension within the clan walls was seriously thick. Cory's sixth sense was on high alert and he knew better than to question it. So if his issue wasn't with Billy and Erik, what the hell was it?

"Erik can I ask you a few things?" Cory inquired as he began a light jog.

Dropping the weights back onto the bench, Erik sat up, wiped nonexistent sweat from his brow, saying, "Sure what is it?"

"What's with all these people here?" Cory asked as he turned off the treadmill and wiped the actual sweat from his neck, chest and face.

Shrugging, Erik answered, "We are having a special gathering.  They came to meet Billy and congratulate us on our ma...marriage."

Cory didn't believe the man for a minute.  These people acted as if this was their home, not a place they visited.  That meant this was the main coven house.

Vampires were a strange breed. There were four Reis. One ruled in the North, one in the South, One in the East, and one in the West. The position was not like the shifter world, where they fought for rank, or the pixie and fairy world where they were literally born one, or the Mage world where your strength in magic showed everyone who you were to be. A vampire was one by parental status. If your daddy was the Rei then you were raised to take over in case of his death or if he chose to step down.

"Then why didn't Billy invite me?" Cory asked.

Erik stood up and went to the pull up bars and began a rapid up down succession, grunting, "What do you mean?"

"If everyone here is for your wedding, and they are all your friends, why would Billy not invite me?" Cory asked as he walked closer to Erik.

Erik dropped back onto the floor and wiped his hands, saying, "We didn't plan this.  They were all here when we arrived. I'm sure had Billy known, he would have invited you."

"That makes no more sense to me, than Billy saying he had to be here for a trial for Dimitri. Why would Texas give a shit about something that happened in New Mexico?" Cory asked curiously.

"It seems he had committed the same type of crime here and they wanted to use him as a witness to prove a pattern." Erik replied, once again raising and lowering on the bar.

Cory didn't believe that for a second.  Hell, he was a lawyer, himself and besides that, Billy had refused to even press charges on Dimitri.

Something was going on here and he didn't like it one bit.  He had every intention of finding out what it was and if he didn't like what he discovered, he was snatching Billy, even if it meant kicking and screaming and getting them the hell out of here.

Walking  to the door, Cory said, "I'm going for a swim.  Tell Billy I'll be waiting to talk."

Cory exited the room and made his way out to the pool.  As usual, there were others on the deck, but when they noticed him coming they made a quick exit.

"I don't bite for fuck sake." Cory mumbled as he dove into the pool and started doing laps.

Swimming was Cory's favorite thing, in the whole world, to do.  It just seemed like once he felt the water caress his skin, everything else just vanished.

He stroked the water smoothly and efficiently, allowing his worries to disappear. Cory flowed from one side to the other, until he felt another presence approach.

Stopping at the end of the pool, Cory noticed a really nice pair of Ermenegildo Zegna loafers, "Damn those must have cost a pretty penny."

"Excuse me?" The deep sexy voice said.

Cory looked up, but the sun was in his eyes, placing the very large man in shadows, "The shoes.  They're Italian, leather and cost more than most people make in a month."

"They're shoes." Said the smug voice.

Cory snorted, "That they are. "

Climbing out of the pool, Cory walked to the chair and grabbed his towel to begin drying himself off.  When that deep sexy voice said, "I am Jotham. I believe you are Cory, Billy's friend?"

Turning, Cory about swallowed his tongue.  The man before him had to have been chiseled by the Gods.  He was at least seven feet in height, with the sexiest black hair, cut to the shoulder and the most sparkling beautiful royal blue eyes, "I swear I have never seen eyes that color before."

"Excuse me?" Jotham said in confusion.

Cory laughed, "You say that a lot."

"Say what?" Jotham asked.

"Excuse me, you've already said that twice." Cory said with a smile as he held his hand out in greeting.

Jotham looked at Cory's hand and slowly brought his own out. Instead of a hand shake, the man brought it to his lips and softly kissed the back of Cory's hand.  Cory's insides were wiggling and scratching. It was as if his inner beast wanted to get out and burrow deep inside Jotham.

Cory pulled his hand and slowly Jotham released it. Cory could tell Jotham hadn't wanted to let go and was uncomfortable doing so, but for the life of him Cory couldn't understand why.  Not one to be shy, Cory asked, "Is there a problem?"

"Excu...I mean why do you ask that?" Jotham questioned.

Cory realized this man was just as secretive as the rest of them.  Somehow, that disappointed Cory more so than it should have. Shaking his head Cory softly said, "Never mind." Then began to walk away.

"Cory, I came out here to speak with you." Jotham said as if he was shocked he would just leave.

"Oh and why is that?" Cory replied.

Walking closer to Cory, the man asked, "How long are you intending to stay?"

"I'm not sure, I'm still waiting to sit with Billy."

Confused, Jotham asked, "I thought you already saw your friend?"

"Yes, but like I said, I have some things to discuss with him."

Jotham walked closer to Cory and looked at him as if he was trying to figure something out, "Oh? What kind of things?"

Cory scoffed, "I said I had things to discuss with Billy, not you."

Jotham murmured, "No need to be rude. I just thought if there was something I could help you with──Lubirea Mea!"

My love? Cory barely got out "Huh?" before the sexy man himself, grabbed Cory, picked him up and brought him against the rock gate that separated the gardens from the pool and brought his lips down on Cory's without restraint.

The kiss was deep, tongue teeth and passion.  Cory didn't know how they ended up in the pool, and honestly with what he was feeling he wasn't sure he cared.

Jotham slowly released his lip lock on him, whispering, "Amant,  I have finally found you after centuries of looking I found you."

Coming out of his lust induced stupor, Cory struggled until the man finally released him. Making his way out of the pool, Cory snapped, "I don't know how you were raised, Jotham, but you never take something without asking first."

"But──But you are mine. I've waited so long to have you. You can't deny me. What of the pull? I know you are not all human, Cory. You must know what this means?" Jotham argued.

Cory's eyes went huge. No one knew what he was. He had made damn sure he gave off no scent, "I don't know what you think you know, but you don't know me."

Jotham scrunched his brows in confusion, "What does that even mean?"

"It means, don't be so sure of yourself, Jotham. There is only one thing I hate worse than a thief, and that is a liar. So keep your hands and lips to yourself or I will kick your balls so hard you will be able to float to the sky." Cory snarled as he turned and walked away.

The only sound that followed him was the crack of thunder and the pitter-patter drops of rain as it hit the cement behind him.


Haven Ranch 2
Nothing in life comes for free.... Rey had never felt as if he fit in anywhere. Even learning he had two brothers didn't really change that. However, having Dustin and Winter brought into his life helped ease his loneliness. The day Rey was told that these two men were his life mates was scary, yet amazing. Finally, he would not have to go through life only able to count on himself...he would have his hippo and shark shifter mates to help him every step of the way.... but it would definitely come at a cost.
Dustin hurt for his mate. He knew the little red panda shifter was sad and felt like an outcast in Haven. That couldn't be further from the truth, but he didn't know how to help him through it. Going to Winter, the two men came up with a plan. However soon that plan was put on hold.
They had all been warned that it was up to them to help save the paranormal/shifter world. However, being forced to go to the one Island no one ever entered, was not something any of them had planned out or thought through. It was just a fact that there was no choice if their destiny was to be fulfilled. The question was would they even make it to the Island alive and even if they did, would they live to tell about it.
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