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~ Katoomba ~
© 2017 Bronwyn Heeley

Meet me at the bottom lookout at the Three Sisters in four days at sunset

Looking forward to seeing you in person


Hugh swallowed hard as he stood against the rock wall that held up the higher lookout. He was looking at the metal railing of the small lower lookout, this one hung over the cliff slightly and faced the valley that stood around the three sisters. They were on the left of him, standing tall and historic, if not mystical in the dying light.

They say the story behind the Three Sister came from three women being cursed into stone by a witch. Hugh didn’t remember much more than that like he could simply walk up to the main area, large and newer looking than where he was standing and find out all he needed to know. Hell, he was pretty sure the information centre was still open. But he’d lived in this area his whole life he really shouldn’t need to enter that place.

But then wasn’t that what everyone thought. Meaning the only reason you’d do tourist stuff was when you played tourist and technically, you know so you didn’t feel like a dick you needed someone from outside the area to play along with.

Hugh’s eyes flicked back towards the narrow walkway that took him down here. There was only one way to get to this lookout, and you couldn’t really see anyone coming down it until they turned the corner, but you could hear them. Talking, walking, being together relaxed and happy. Not him, anxious and wondering if he was being played the fool.

He really should be doing something, making it look like he was just taking in the view. He definitely didn’t look like that’s what he was doing now.

Hugh pulled out his phone, the light brighter than it had been a moment ago when he’d done the same thing. His thumb moved, touching his password into the screen and pulling up his emails again. Reading the words littered across the screen, a short set of words that told him simply to meet him, at this time.

He looked back over the railing, seeing the sunset to his right, bright orange glop sitting just above the horizon. It was the right time, but then it was also a very vague time, which didn’t help his anxiety.

Who emailed anymore anyway? Why wasn’t it in facebook messages? It wasn’t that he wasn’t friends with Teddy on facebook, he was, they even messaged that way too, but for some reason, they’d ended up with each other’s emailed and had started leaving special little notes that were separate from any other interaction they had with each other.

They were special. Something different that made Hugh smile every time he saw he’d gotten one or knowing he’d spent one.

Hugh knew Teddy was coming his way. He’d thought it would have taken him a few more weeks to get here, being the man had crossed the ocean, and it wasn’t to see him. We’ll not all, there was something else, but Teddy hadn’t been clear about what that was.

Ugh. Hugh’s legs shifted against the concrete floor. A light spray of water fell from the sky, like a blanket that dropped the temperature quickly along with an ominous roll of fog.

Hugh sighed, with the dying sun, the orange light that flicked on and the fog wrapping around the Sisters, it was beautiful. Truly. Hugh’s heart sighed or was that his soul?


The word hit the magical moment like it was scripted. Hugh’s heart battered against his ribs as his breath stopped. He turned.

Teddy was magnificent. Lean and tall with thick dark hair that was styled to perfection. His face was soft yet masculine, with a dark competition and even darker eyes. He was beautiful in a thick grey jumper holding a bouquet of spring flowers. His smile turned larger the longer Hugh stood there staring at him.

“Hi,” he spoke as he stepped closer. “I wasn’t expecting the rain.”

Hugh’s head shook slightly, his eyes never leaving the man of his dreams. He could only smile. Stupidly really but they’d talking constantly, Skyped in all the wonderful ways Skype could be used for when you wanted a relationship with a person but weren’t on the same continent.

“I got this for you.” Teddy put the bouquet into his face as he stepped forward, his hands raised to touch. He wanted to touch so badly. To prove that Teddy was really here, right in front of him, in the flesh.

“Thank you.”

“He speaks.” Teddy chuckled as Hugh took the flowers, smelling deep before his nose was jabbed into the corner of a card. Juggling the flowers as he got the card, Hugh flipped it open and read.


With love from Teddy,

I’m here for good and hoped with all I am that you’d spend the coming days of our lives together.


Hugh’s eyes went misty, as his heart leaped, did that mean? “What?” he gasped out unable to think or say anything else.

“I got a job, am over here for the final meeting and contract signing. But I’ve not got anywhere to live.”

“You can stay with me,” he smiled so largely it came out of him in a laugh.

Not caring for the answer, he threw himself at Teddy, happiness unable to be contained for a moment.

Arms up around Teddy’s neck, he pulled the man in closer, their noses brushed as they laughed in each other’s face. They were happy both of them, oblivious to everything around them, the world, the darkness, the rain that got heavier the longer they stood there.

Lips met next, brushed as they gasped into the first touch, a zap shooting down his spine and pulling up the hairs on his body. He stepped closer as breath rushed out of Teddy’s mouth and into his. Feeling the same thing he was? Being in the same moment.

Their tongues touched, desire slammed into him so hard and fast he needed to breathe through the moment even as he moved in closer, rubbing against Teddy, pulling a moan out of the other man, making him feel ten feet tall and.

They stood for a long time, together, rutting and kissing and connecting in a way that came from tongues and motions and as much as one could with all their clothes on and in a semi-public place, because they couldn’t have sex here. Could they? No. no they couldn’t!

Ripping himself away from Teddy but keeping him close, he breathed. His tongue came out to take one last taste of the other man while he allowed reality to seep back in.

“You’re here for good?”

“That’s the plan.” Teddy smiled.

“And you’re going to come live with me?”

“If that’s an offer.”

Hugh smiled nodding, “It is.”

“Then yes.”

“Okay,” Hugh breathed out, brushing his lips against Teddy’s again before stepping back. “Let’s go home.”

Teddy’s smiled was so wide and bright it turned Hugh’s insides to mush, and he had to remind himself again that they were in a public place and he couldn’t strip the man naked and get busy with him.

“Home.” He grabbed at Teddy’s hand with his free one. “Where’s your car?”



We all know what happens, boy meets boy. Boy realises he’s not as heterosexual as he believed he’s whole life. Boy kisses boy. Boys fall in love. And voila! Happily ever after

The thing is, ever after is actually a long time and what happens in between can make or break even the strongest of starts



Mike started the shower with a sly smile and propped his phone on the sink’s edge, camera facing the stall, making sure it wasn’t going to tip over. Now, for the tricky part. His parents’ bathroom steamed up nicely, even with the fan on, which was great if you liked your bathroom warm and foggy but not so great if you were trying to film a sexy shower scene. Jake’s bathroom aerated nicely, and Mike had been lucky he hadn’t left for work yet when he’d gotten the call. The picture had been perfect, and you couldn’t exactly pull over on the freeway for a wank.

Mark stripped, tested the water, made sure he had enough soap to produce perfectly fluffed bubbles, hitting send before hopping into the shower. He knew it might take Jake a while to pick up, but if one called the other always tried to answer.

He let the water run down his neck and back before wetting his hair. Mike put a little extra effort into rubbing in the shampoo, making suds until they were running down his spine and between his arse cheeks. He clenched them together, loving the feel on his heated skin. Closing his eyes for a moment, Mike imagined the sliding sensation of fingers that weren’t there before reminding himself this shower wasn’t about him. It was about showing his man how much he loved him and trying to make up for not treating Jake right when they’d first met. Even though the wanker had forgiven and forgotten, Mike hadn’t.

Pushing his fingers across his head slowly, Mike tried to move sensually while rinsing the soap out of his hair and down his back. It probably wasn’t working as well as he hoped, since he heard soft laughter over the sounds of the water and fan.

Jake had picked up. At least, Mike really hoped it was Jake.

Hair clean, he grabbed the bar of soap. This was going to be the hard part, because now he had to turn around. There was no way he would be able to keep going without looking at the screen, without knowing if Jake was watching or not.

There was something about Jacob that’d caught Mike’s attention the moment he heard his deep voice rumbling to the young man showing Mike into what Jake called the spewing bathroom. Mike couldn’t tell Jake was gay, it wasn’t obvious like it is with some people. He could have jumped to that conclusion, he was in a shelter for LGBT teens, but it honestly hadn’t mattered to him. He was happily heterosexual— didn’t even have a wank job with mates tarnishing his record— until Jake.

Maybe that’s why the attraction hit him so fucking hard. Why Mike turned into someone else, a mean bastard who’d focused his arsehole attitude on Jake.  He’d hurt the man repeatedly because he couldn’t stomach, handle, deal with the fact he was falling head over heels for a man. It was the only part about coming into his new sexuality, of falling for Jake, he didn’t love.

Jake had forgiven him every time, with a kiss or a night in bed to fucking die for. He’d been his rock, kept him steady, same as he did for everyone else who walked through his doors. Except those kids had a leg up on him, didn’t they? They knew who they were and accepted it. Mike didn’t.

Opening his eyes, Mike realised that instead of washing for show, he’d switched to autopilot. Cursing, he looked at the screen, taking in the slightly fogged up picture of the man he loved. Jake’s image filled the screen, face red and full of bliss. It was his sex face, and it made Mike smile.

Mike washed his dick as it started to fill with pulsing movements. The expression on Jake’s face as it thickened was exactly what Mike wanted. 

He lifted himself up, washing his balls with slow hands, making sure the soap was thick. Fingers running between his cheeks, he washed his arse, pushing inside. The red swollen flesh of his cock was ready for him to grip and pull, eager to start anytime now.

“Hurry up, babe,” Mike heard Jake say as he wrapped his fingers around his cock. With a quick nod he worked himself fast, needing to do this for his man.

His hips started rocking and he gripped the top edge of the glass wall surrounding the shower. Jake was there, enjoying the show. Now this wasn’t about anything but the animalistic need to get off.

Mike’s hips worked faster and faster. Thrusting into his slick hand, he let the pressure build until there wasn’t anything to do but let go. Biting down on his lip, Mike let it wash over him and fell into orgasm, working his cum out to paint the glass, watching the streaks hit the lightly foggy wall before sliding down. 

Weak-kneed and smiling, Mike finished rinsing and got out of the shower. Tying the towel around his hips, he picked up his phone and walked out the door, clicking open the message that read, Payback is always so sweet with you, my straight boy. Love ya.

“What are you smiling about little brother?” Amy’s voice cutting through his thoughts was one hell of a surprise. 

“Nothing.” His sister was tall, with womanly curves. The other words he’d use to describe her varied, depending on his mood and how well they were getting along at the time.

“Sure, sure,” she muttered with a little wave of her hand as she strutted to the stairs. “It looks a hell of a lot like love to me,” she sang.


AUTHOR BIO: I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours... da da da da dum, author of LGBT+ genre fiction author

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