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 Romancing Santorini

~ Santorini ~

     "When I had said I wouldn't mind some moussaka, I wasn't expecting you to fly me the whole way to Santorini to get it." Standing on the large balcony, staring out over the glorious sight before him, Josh whistled low. "It truly is stunning here."
     Santorini was like something from dream. A tiny Greek island nestled within the Aegean sea, rich in history and steeped in myth. It was surrounded by miles and miles of exotic blue sea which merged with an even bluer, cloudless sky. The sun hung high, gracing the lush scenery with its loving rays. The island itself was a mix of rocky, deep terrain, inky waters, and whitewashed villages. The architecture alone was enough to fascinate Josh. Homes were carved into the volcanic rock of the mountainside, neo classical mansions dotted the land, and picturesque buildings seemed to burst from the cliffsides. The villages were veined with winding, cobblestone streets which housed white stone buildings adorned with blue domed roofs. Stunning. "But damn, handsome, sometimes you are just too much. This is stunning."
     Strong arms slid about his waist as his husband chuckled close to his ear. "Are you complaining, Mr. Bailey-Malone? I mean, we could always turn right back around and go home." Tristan teased, leaning down to place soft kisses to the exposed skin of Josh's throat. "Back to work. All those long, tiring, hours. To Skye and her demands. To Samuel's new obsession with girls!" Tristan slowly licked a hot path along Josh's collar bone. "If that's what you really wish."
     Josh groaned, turning to wrap his own arms around his man. "Stop it, please. Just the thought of returning to all that madness gives me a headache. As much as I love everyone back home, I need this. We need this break away."
     Tristan grinned, claiming his mouth in a languorous kiss. As always, he tasted so damn good. Strong and addictive. Josh was greedy for his kisses. Each one was different than the last. So exciting and new. As if it were their first all over again. Josh hadn't been kidding when he had said he would never tire of this man. When Tristan broke the kiss, Josh protested, but his husband simply chuckled. "Come, let's go enjoy our time here. We only have a few days, and I want to show you around. As you said, it's stunning here, and I also want to feed you as much moussaka as you can stomach."
     Josh grinned, placing a quick kiss to Tristan's firm lips before reluctantly releasing him. "You won me over at moussaka." With a wink, he walked around his husband, slapping his tight ass as he passed. "Let's go. I can enjoy you more later, Mr. Malone-Bailey." Tristan groaned, biting his bottom lip as he followed Josh back into the their room.
     It didn't take them long to get ready. Josh packed a backpack with some essentials as Tristan sent a courtesy text to Skye, who was minding Samuel for them, to let her know they had arrived at their destination safe and sound. She replied instantly with instructions to stop testing and enjoy their time alone together, making them both laugh. The woman was as demanding as ever. "Well, you heard the woman, handsome. Let's get a move on."
     They left their villa hand-in-hand, and not a single person glanced in their direction. It felt good to be able to walk down the busy streets together, and not have to worry about being criticised or judged for their sexuality. Being able to be themselves, and express their love for each other as anyone else would, was refreshing. It was a welcoming feeling. One Josh could get used to.
     As they made their way through the winding streets Tristan stopped every so often to snap a photograph of the beautiful scenery, or one of the stunning building, or the local villagers. Many of which stopped to pose and instruct Tristan on what kind of photo to take. Josh chuckled as he watched his husband be accosted by two elderly ladies. They were speaking in rapid Greek, pointing to their game of Pétanque as they dragged him along. They laughed and posed, shouting at Tristan to 'take me' every time they rolled a ball. The expression on his man's face was hilarious. Josh thought that perhaps he should save him. But just hearing those old ladies shout take me was enough to have him double over in laughter.
     "You are such an asshole." Tristan scowled as he finally rejoined him. Josh continued to laugh, but he grabbed a hold of Tristan's shirt to pull him in for a kiss as he done so. Their audience cheered and whistled, and his husband actually blushed. Josh chuckled again, his heart warming as he threw an arm over Tristan's shoulder and escorted him back onto the main street.
     "I know you love me, and I swear I'll make it up to you later. In fact," Josh met his man's stormy grey eyes as he smiled slowly. "You can take me." Tristan glared, obviously hiding a laugh at Josh's words. Slipping his big hand into Tristan's, he continued to lead them into town toward Oia market.
     Everywhere they turned lively shop-goers and tourists crowded the picturesque streets which were lined with an array of stores that would satisfy even the most fastidious tastes. From an array of fashions and accessories, to perfumes, souvenirs, and even beautiful artwork which appeared to be handmade from local materials. And then there was the food. Stall after stall of traditional sweet and savory snacks, locally grown fruit and vegetables, and an array of freshly caught fish. The warm midday breeze carried so many scents on it that that Josh's stomach growled for a taste. "I think I'm in love. I want to try everything."
     Tristan chuckled, coming to stand by Josh's side as he eyed the olive stall with its different types of olive, stuffed or plain. "Then let's find somewhere to eat before we carry on," he whispered. With a nod, Josh allowed himself to be tugged away from the open market and all it's temptation. "We can purchased whatever you want on the way back to the villa. I'm not one for depriving my man." Tristan chuckled as he led him into a nearby restaurant. A young woman met them at the door, escorting them to a traditionally decorated table near a large bay window which looked out over the Aegean. Josh would never tire of the views here. Simply beautiful. After a quick glance at the menu, they placed their order, Josh finally getting his Moussaka. The meal was as enjoyable as everything else. They devoured their food, and a bottle of Tsipouro, before returning to their sight seeing.
      As they walked through the Fira market this time, Tristan showed more of an interest in the wares, purchasing a few things for Skye and Sammy on 'Gold street.' The place truly was something. Literally every shop was full of gold. But Josh much preferred the more rustic feel of Oia with it's local food and wares.  As Tristan spoke with of the shop owners, Josh found himself distracted by a street show. Two young women were dancing. Their gowns whipping out around them as they moved. Their laughter over-powering the softly playing music. It all so, alluring. Sensual. Josh found himself transfixed. So much so that he didn't hear Tristan's approach.
     "Wow, it calls to the soul, does it not?" Tristan moved to stand directly behind him, wrapping his arms around Josh's chest as he nuzzled his throat. Josh bit back a groan, his eyes rapt on the dancers. "Do like watching them move, Joshua? Does it turn you on?" Unlike Tristan, Josh had never had an interest in women, and his husband knew that. The big asshat just enjoyed teasing him. With a smirk, he turned in Tristan's arms.
     "I would prefer to watch you move like that. Preferably on your hands and knees before me."
     Tristan groaned, his eyes closing as if he were imagining just that. "I think I can manage that, for you, baby." Before Josh could react, Tristan claimed his mouth hard, his lips slanting over his own, tongue teasing. His husband's warm hands cupped either side of Josh's face, tilting his head so he could deepen their kiss. "Fuck, Joshua, I want you." Tightening his hold on Josh, Tristan eased him into a nearby alley, grinding his hardening shaft against his own. "I need you."
     Josh panted, his eyes riveted to his man's hardening shaft. He wanted Tristan with an urgency he hadn't felt before. Maybe it was atmosphere. The fact that they were away from home, in such a beautiful, magical country where nobody knew them. Or perhaps it was the strong alcohol they had just shared at lunch. Whatever it was, Josh craved his husband, painfully. Licking his lips, he cupped the nape of Tristan's neck, only to ease him back against the whitewashed wall of the building. "I've never wanted you as much as I do right this second. Kiss me."
     Tristan groaned, his body hardening instantly as he pounced on Joshua. Their mouths came together in a fierce, demanding kiss. Teeth clashed. Panted breaths mingled. Hands roamed, tugging and pinching. Joshua moaned deliciously, and Tristan swallowed the sensual sound with his kisses. "Yes. I need...you." He was starved for this man before him. Had been since they first arrived at their villa. And nothing would keep them apart right now. Slanting his mouth, Tristan deepened their kiss. His hands sliding to the front of Joshua's shirt as he roughly freed him of it. Popping the buttons one at a time, he was surprised he hadn't ripped the damn things free, his hands were trembling so badly. His need was a palpable thing. And he couldn't hide the fact any longer.
     He groaned louder as Joshua's hands went to the front of his pants, stroking his shaft through the thick material. It felt so good, but he craved skin-on-skin. On a grunt, he reluctantly broke their kiss. "It's too open. Come." He clasped his husband's hand, walking further into the short alleyway until they came arose a tiny alcove. Three windowless walls, the space deep enough to hide them from prying eyes. Tristan grinned, stepping into it backward, tugging an aroused Joshua with him.
     They came together in another fierce kiss. Tristan's hands went straight for the zipper on Joshua's shorts, tugging them apart so he could slip his hand inside to fondle his husband's smooth cock. "Fuck, baby. I love the feel of you." Joshua grunted in response, his own hand's working Tristan's pants open. Except, when he had the zipper parted, he didn't reach to cup his shaft. No, Joshua fell to his knees, lowering Tristan's pants to his ankles as he went. "What are you-"
     His words died in his throat as Joshua wrapped his mouth around the head of his cock. So. Good. His husband's talented tongue glided along the underside of his shaft as he moved his head up and down along his hard cock. Callused hands stroked and massaged his achy balls, tugging and teasing. Tristan panted, closing his eyes as his head fell back against the sun heated wall. Hands trembling, he threaded his fingers into Joshua's pale hair. He played with the short curls, his hips rolling languidly in pace with each stroke of his man's hot mouth. Tristan lost himself in the sensation. His arousal notching up with every wet suck and lick. He groaned long and loud, his balls tightening as the need to come almost overwhelmed him.
     Joshua chuckled around his shaft. He knew what he was doing, and could undoubtedly tell that Tristan was close. To prove a point, he began to move faster. His head bobbing up and down along Tristan's cock. He used his hand to stroke the base of his shaft, spreading the moisture from his mouth. With his other hand, Joshua squeezed Tristan's sac, eliciting a harsh moan. "Fuck" Chest heaving, Tristan doubled over, thrusting desperately into his man's mouth, seeking release. His legs trembled, thighs quivering as the base of his spine tingled deliciously. And with one last accurately placed lick of his tongue, Joshua sent him reeling right over the edge. Tristan came on a shout of pleasure, his cock jerking in his husband's mouth as Joshua devoured every drop of seed he had to offer.
   "You kill me, baby."
     In response Joshua slowly stood, his hands roaming every inch of Tristan's exposed flesh. Pinching a nipple. Caressing his lower lip. Joshua smirked, nuzzling Tristan's throat before quickly spinning him around. "Place your hands on the wall, handsome." Tristan obeyed immediately, panting hard as Joshua kicked his legs apart. When his man moved to press his chest tightly against Tristan's back, his eyes fluttered close in bliss. His body was aflame with lust.
     "I'm going to fuck you so hard, handsome. Are you ready for me?" Joshua growled low by his ear, just as the hot head of his cock pressed against the crack of Tristan's ass. He shuddered, arching back against his man's shaft.
     "Take me. I'm yours, Joshua. Always." Tristan quickly found himself pushed further forward, his ass repositioned for the taking. He bit his lip, hard, glancing over his shoulder to watch as his husband fisted the base of his own cock to guide it between Tristan's ass cheeks. His heart thundered in his chest. Anticipation building. "Hurry...I need-"
     Joshua nudged his entranced tentatively, as if savoring the feel of his puckered hole squirming under the head of his cock. "You're greedy for me." He panted by Tristan's ear before he began to slowly feed his thick shaft into his ass. They moaned in unison. Tristan pushed back against him, forcing his thickness deeper. "Still, or it'll be over before it begins." After what seemed like an eternity, Joshua rolled his hips, feeding his cock into Tristan's welcoming body inch by inch. By the time he was seated balls deep they were both sweat slick and panting. "Feels...so good."
     Tristan grinned, turning to place a kiss to his man's temple as Joshua pressed his forehead against Tristan's shoulder. He whispered words of praise under his breath before finally easing his shaft free, only to thrust forward once more. It felt so damn good. Pleasure rippled throughout Tristan's body with each slow stroke of Joshua's shaft. But he needed more. "Please, baby. More."
     Joshua obliged, quickening his pace until he was ramming his cock deep into Tristan's ass over and over again. Each thrust harder than the last. So much pleasure. His big hands threaded into Tristan's hair, forcing him to bend at the waist. The change in position forced his ass upward, and on a groan Joshua moved faster. Pounding into his ass repeatedly. Tristan was helpless to do anything. He was a slave to this man, and with his hands placed firmly against the wall, he took everything his husband had to give him.
    "Fuck, Tristan!"
     On a shout, Joshua squeezed him to his chest, his lips seeking the tender flesh of Tristan's throat as he pistoned his hips. Tristan knew his man was close, he could feel his cock pulsing deliciously in his ass. "Give it to me, baby." Joshua growled at his words, reaching down to fist Tristan's semi-hard shaft. He was spent, but as his man stroked him, he hardened once more. "Yes. Don't...don't hold back. Come...for me."
     And he did. On a roar, Joshua came. His shaft jerked hard within Tristan's ass as his seed was forced from him. "Yes" Tristan groaned, his hand sliding down his body to tighten over Joshua's where it continued to stroke his cock. They stroked his shaft together, quick strokes which made his toes curl. Closing his eyes, he dropped his head back on Joshua's shoulder, moaning long and loud. It didn't take long to bring him to the edge, and on a cry, he came once more. His come coating both their hands, slicking every slow stroke along his semi-hard flesh.
     Panting hard, they stood in the small alcove, the sun's rays beating down on their backs as they relished the after glow of their release. But it was short lived when Joshua chuckled. "As much as I want to stay like this with you, I think we're drawing attention." Curious, Tristan peeks out from their hiding spot to see several elderly women standing at the entrance of the alley. Shit. "Come on, handsome. Let's get out of here."
     Setting their clothes to rights, Tristan followed Joshua back out onto the main street. The group of women winked at them as they pasted, but said nothing. Tristan smiled at them, squeezing his husband's hand as he slipped it into his own. "Well, that was fun. And this is one vacation I'll never forget." With a chuckle, Joshua placed a quick kiss to his lips before leading him back into the markets.
Copyright © 2017 by Amara Lebel.


(The Unrequited Trilogy #1)
Tristan Bailey is a man who never takes no for an answer in anything he does or wants. Life treats him good as the CEO of his own airline, and one of New York's finest bachelors. Men and women alike fall at his feet, the world opens to him without complaint. There isn't much he desires. Until he lays eyes on Joshua, that is.
Death has become a living nightmare for Joshua Malone. No matter what he does, a past riveted with pain and destruction follows him and forces him to make life decisions he would rather not. Josh never wanted to be reminded of the heartache that loving someone could bring, but he finds himself struggling to deny Tristan's advances.
Two different worlds collide in a heated meeting of longing and lust. Can the inner fears of one be laid to rest by the newfound love for the other, or will they both be denied?

Story Excerpt:
     Tristan hated these goddamn fucking social events. So much so that he hadn't even bothered to ask what this one was in aid of. It was bad enough that he had to organize the damn thing never mind attend it. Why he even had to was beyond him. He was only the CEO of Bailey Airline after all, no one of great importance. Taking a deep breath he put on his happy facade, huge shit-eating grin in place, and finally allowed his introduction to be made. Head held high, Tristan Bailey descended the grand staircase into the ballroom below, every pair of eyes in the room on him. All he had to do was welcome everyone and praise the charity. Then he could leave.
     As he stepped up onto the podium the crowd cheered. Lights flashed wildly as the photographers called out his name, vying for attention. Giving them what they wanted, Tristan kept the fake smile securely in place. He preened some for their enjoyment and winked at the cougars in attendance in order to curry their favors. Fuck, he hated that whorish behavior, yet it was expected of him. Finally getting serious, he addressed the room. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor to have you all here tonight on this special occasion. I do so hope you are ready to spend a ridiculous amount of money. After all, it is for a good cause." Tristan grinned wider as everyone clapped.
     As the sound of his assistants sweet voice came over his earpiece Tristan smiled fondly. "Okay, Mr. Bailey, repeat after me." The girl was a life-saver. His rock.
     "When I was asked to host this fundraising event tonight I jumped at the chance. I mean, who wouldn't want to participate and help out such an amazing cause?" As the crowd erupted in another round of cheers, Tristan gripped the ledge on the podium stand. "The AWAN Project was founded in order to raise awareness and empower wounded warriors. Veterans of wars past. Men and women who have risked their lives in order to save millions. Without their aid we may very well be living in a different world right now." Tristan straightened his spine before inclining his head in the direction of Mr. Thompson, a veteran of the Vietnam war. "I think it is about time we recognized this, and in turn do whatever we can in order to repay their kindness. Their sacrifices. No matter how small." Somewhere toward the back of the room someone whistled and clapped. "Hopefully tonight's auction will raise enough money to help those men and women who need it. Don't be shy now, ladies and gentlemen. It is for a great cause after all."
     With another of his world-famous grins Tristan winked at one of the female reporters before stepping down from the podium. Such fickle people, fawning and swooning over his money. None of them were truly interested in the man he was, or the real  reasons for this function in the first place. It was all about the size of a person's bank account, nothing more, and it was the main reason he hated doing these damn events. With a sigh, Tristan tucked his left hand into his pants pocket and made his way across the room to the bar, avoiding all conversation. He only needed to spend a half hour at the most pretending to be interested, then he could leave.
     Rapping the top of the bar, he called for the barman's attention. "JD and coke please, and make it a double." Nodding once the barman went to retrieve the drink, returning quickly with the amber liquid and cold coke from the fridge. Thanking the younger man,  Tristan walked away from the bar and found a quiet table to sit down at. Thirty minutes and then he could leave again. That was it, thirty minutes, his support would be given and witnessed by all. Glancing around the room his eyes began to roam the crowd of people in attendance. He smiled and nodded when appropriate, praying that no-one would come to speak to him. He hated this. Still lacking interest he surveyed the main entrance of the room, and when Tristan's eyes landed on the tall blond standing by the staircase his heart stopped. One word came to mind. Mine. A sudden unfamiliar surge of possession wrecked his body, leaving him shaken. He had to introduce himself. He needed to know who that was. Rising from his seat, he quickly made his way toward the beautiful blond.
     "Yo, Bailey! How goes it, my man?"
     At the sound of his cousin's voice Tristan stilled momentarily. He loved his cousin, he truly did, but the guy had a habit of getting him into trouble. The one and only reason he tended to avoid him. "Callum, how are you, cousin? It's been a while."
     With a snort the slightly shorter, dark-haired man replied. "You're telling me. Two fucking years now. If I didn't know how much of a damn weirdo you are I would think you were avoiding my ass." Walking over, Callum grabbed him up in a big bear hug. The guy was huge, and freakishly strong, always had been. With a laugh, Tristan smacked him on the arm, growling to be released as the hired photographers for the nights fundraising event started snapping pictures. It wasn't as if people didn't know who the man embracing him was. They knew every goddamn detail of Tristan's life. He just preferred to keep some things private.
     "Let me go, asshat. This will be all over the damn internet tomorrow." Smirking, Tristan nudged his cousin in the back. Callum dropped him with a laugh, causing Tristan to lose his footing. The grin on the other man's face said he'd done it on purpose. The fucker. Tristan glared as he smoothed his jacket back into place before turning in the direction of the staircase, cursing at the realization that he had lost the blond.

©Amara Lebel. Siren Publishing, Ltd. 2014.

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(The Unrequited Trilogy #2)

Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again.
Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.
Lust, lies and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness, or an ultimate betrayal.

Story Excerpt:
     It had been over two weeks since Tristan Bailey had flown down to Ohio to retrieve his man. A fortnight spent in his arms, naked and sweating. Joshua was insatiable. He left Tristan weak and breathless each and every time they had sex. The man knew how to make him beg, groan and cry out in pleasure. Joshua Malone was a demon, his wicked mouth, talented hands, and beautiful cock all used to fry Tristan’s brain cells and turn him into a needy puddle of lust. Damn, the things that man had done to him. Half of it should be illegal, yet Tristan could not get enough! Joshua was an addiction.
     Why, just this morning the sexy bastard had introduced him to his brand-new favorite game, “Dirty Would-You-Rather.” Who knew that depraving a childhood game could be so much fun? Each question asked had led to some serious admissions of dark fantasies, which led to hot and heavy fondling, which eventually led to a few rounds of who-can-fuck-the-hardest! Tristan groaned internally at the memory of Joshua bent over the edge of the bed, pert ass in the air as he fisted the lush rug, desperately trying to keep himself steady as Tristan fucked that gorgeously tight ass of his.
     “Mr. Bailey?” Skye’s sugary voice pulled him from his sordid thoughts. The expression on her beautiful face telling him she was not amused. “What do you think about Mr. Mclean’s proposal?” She motioned across the table with her eyes, the threat of a slow death in them obvious. What was she so annoyed about?
     With a frown, Tristan turned back toward the man in question. He was staring at him with an amused glint in his eyes. “Are ye back with us, Tristan?” The rough Scottish brogue went straight to his groin, stirring emotions in him that Tristan easily ignored. The guy was good-looking. Tall, dark and mysterious with wavy chestnut hair and green eyes. He had broad shoulders and a tight body which was emphasized by the cut of his grey suit, the wry smirk on his luscious lips alluring. Normally Tristan would have been all about seducing the gorgeous Scot, but now that he had Joshua, all else paled in comparison. Joshua owned him, body and soul, and Tristan would never do anything to jeopardize that, so Logan’s sex appeal dropped from a ten to non-existent.
     “Forgive me. I think I returned to work too soon following my accident.” Rubbing the nape of his neck Tristan glanced from Logan to Skye, offering the latter an apologetic smile. Damn, he really needed to get his head in the game. How many more times today did he have to space out before his lovely assistant slapped him, hard? Glancing at Mclean, he smirked arrogantly. “Do you mind if we reschedule?” Skye rolled her eyes knowingly, but nodded as she began to pack away her notes.
     Logan, however, looked less pleased. “Ye know I’ve tae be back home in two days’ time. After that, you’d be coming tae Arran tae see me.” He arched one dark brow, his thickly-lashed eyes never leaving Tristan’s face as he waited on a reply.
     Fucking hell, he forgot all about Logan’s time restraint on this business trip. The man told them repeatedly that the deal would need to be carried out quickly, as he needed to return home as soon as possible. Asking him to remain another day was rude, but Tristan couldn’t seem to make himself care. He was selfish where Joshua was concerned, and as a businessman, Logan should be used to these kinds of delays.
     “How about the same time tomorrow? I promise to have you at the airport on time.” Tristan prayed the Scot would agree, for there was no way in hell he was going to leave Joshua’s side for any length of time to go to Arran. Just being at the fucking office was murder.
     Logan eyed him for a long, uncomfortable minute, those murky green eyes scanned his face for something, but Tristan didn’t know what. “Will the celebratory meal continue as planned tonight?”
     Tristan nodded once. He had totally forgotten about that damn meal. There would be no delaying that, so hopefully Joshua would be free to attend with him.
     “Okay, same time tomorrow, then. You’d better be here and ready tae do this, Bailey. See you later tonight.” Without another word, he stood and walked from the room, his silent assistant tight on his heels.
     Heaving a sigh, Tristan sank back into his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose. What was wrong with him? There was nothing stopping them from signing the contracts now. Except his libido, that is.
    “Logan, wait!”
     But it was too late, the doors had closed and the two men were boarding the elevator. “Fuck’s sake! What is wrong with me?” Groaning, Tristan collapsed back into his chair. He was just waiting on Skye to give him an earful, but it didn’t come. Prying one eye open cautiously, he chanced her wrath. Yet, instead of the harpy he feared seeing, he found himself frowning at the smile curving her black-painted lips. “Ah, to be in love. How does it feel, boss man?”
     Tristan closed his eyes again, ignoring her and earning a smack to the forehead. “Hey! That’s classed as abuse in the workplace. A sackable offense, I may add, Miss Thompson,” he drawled as he fixed his eyes on his assistant. It didn’t faze her in the slightest, however.
     “What-to-the-ever, old man, now spill. Tell me all about your sexy soldier.” Tristan chuckled at her outburst as he sat up straighter, a fond smile curving his lips as thoughts of his Joshua drifted through his mind. “Where to start?”

©Amara Lebel. Siren Publishing, Ltd. 2014.

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(The Unrequited Trilogy #3)
Several months have passed since Tristan and Joshua's relationship was pushed to its limit, in the worst of ways, yet they've managed to overcome the lies and deceit. Their relationship is now stronger than it’s ever been, however, a single phone call may be about to change all of that. As Tristan discovers something that could irrevocably destroy everything they have built, Joshua has a life altering decision to make.
In this final installment of the Unrequited Trilogy, Tristan and Joshua’s relationship is faced with yet another complication, neither of them could have ever seen coming. With the arrival of a new man in Tristan’s life, will Joshua make his lover’s fear a reality, or will he prove that their love is indeed destined?

 Story Excerpt:
     “To think you’d do something like that for a man shocks me. Damn, no matter how nice I asked in the past, you always told me to fuck off and deal with it. Don’t tell me our little Skye is in love?”
     Skye blushed furiously as she jumped up out of her seat. “Your schedule is pretty empty today, boss man. I suggest we eat lunch in and go over some of those quarterly repair reports. The annual report is due soon.”
     “Okay, I’ll give you the topic change, but just this once.” With a smirk, he grabbed his cell phone off of the pile of papers he had been working on. “Good idea on lunch. I’ll message Joshua and see if he wants to join us. I’m sure he’ll be itching to hear all about Mr. Indie-author Carson.”
     Skye gasped playfully. “Shit, I can see it now. The Spanish Inquisition will have nothing on Josh. He keeps warning me about payback.” Smiling softly, she turned back toward the door. “I’ll go get the reports and some menus. You call Hottie, and no carrying stories while my back is turned, or else!”
     Tristan hit speed dial on his cell as he watched Skye flounce from the room. He’d have sworn he seen sparkles and butterflies floating around her head a few seconds ago. She was that high on love. A scary image indeed. Chuckling, Tristan turned in his seat to glance out of the large windows lining one side of his office. It was a beautiful day. The sun was high in the cloudless sky, illuminating the newly planted flowerbeds below. He loved this time of year and enjoyed watching the trees grow lush and green as colorful blossoms lined their thick trunks.
     “Hello, handsome. What can I do for you?” Tristan smiled at the sound of his man’s voice. He loved that southern accent. Husky and deep. Alluring. “Tristan?”
     “Oh, um, sorry, baby. I got lost in one of those Joshua daydreams.” Joshua laughed out loud, and the sound delighted Tristan. “Are you free for lunch today? Skye is in schoolmistress mode and is making me play catch-up with my reports. We’re eating in. Join us, please.”
     “I’d love to. I’m free until two, and then I have a shopping date with Cal. He’s being all top secret about the location, so I’ve no idea what’s going on. He also mentioned something about a ring. Damn, I should never have asked him out.”
     Tristan frowned as he continued to listen to his man talk. It wouldn’t be unusual for Callum to want to go ring shopping for Kari. Their two-year anniversary was drawing near after all. Speaking of which, his and Joshua’s one-year anniversary wasn’t that far away either. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time dealing with him, baby. Just stop by the office any time. Can’t wait to see you.”
   “Will do, handsome. Be there soon. I love you.”
     Tristan smiled as those sweet words resonated within him. He loved hearing them whispered from his lover’s lips.
   “I love you too. See you soon.”
     Without another word, Tristan disconnected the call just as Skye came marching back through the double doors of his office. “Now then, let’s do this, boss man!”
     Twenty minutes, and a shitload of paperwork, later, Joshua strolled through Tristan’s office door, a beautiful smile in place.
   “Hello, you sexy fuckers, where are my kisses?”
     Skye squealed in delight, pretending to faint in a total fangirl move as Joshua swooped in to lay a chaste kiss on her lips.
     “Yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about.” With that lopsided grin of his, Joshua then moved around the huge leather chair Skye was laying in to make his way toward Tristan. “Now it’s your turn, handsome.”
     Tristan arched a brow, feigning indifference as he watched his man with rapt eyes. He loved this playful side of him. It got him hotter than when Joshua went caveman on his ass. “I have no idea what you mean, sir, but you will not find any kisses here.” The mischievously hot expression that crossed his lover’s features just screamed that Joshua would get his kiss, and more. Yet before he could voice as much, he was attacked from behind.
     “I’ll take his kiss. Forget him. Gimme!” Skye pounced on Joshua, making all three of them laugh, just as there was a sharp knock at the door. “Shit! Saved by the lunch bell, Mr. Malone. For now.”
     As Skye skipped off to sort lunch, Joshua turned back to him, brows frowned. “So, what’s going on with our girl? I never thought I’d see the day when she lost all that doom and gloom makeup of hers.” Her unladylike grunt indicated that she’d heard what was being said, but it didn’t deter Joshua. “She is a looker, not that she wasn’t always, but damn. I’m going to get in trouble one of these days. I just know it.”
     Skye glanced over her shoulder from her spot at the table, a questioning look in her eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”
     Joshua grunted at her in return, twining his fingers through Tristan’s as he headed toward the table his assistant was laying out for them. “It means if anyone so much as looks at you funny I will have to spank them. Hard.”
     When Skye only rolled her eyes, Tristan had to fight off a chuckle. Joshua was being serious. He thought of the girl as a sister, and if anyone hurt her, then they would surely feel Joshua’s wrath. Feeling the need to reassure his man, Tristan wrapped an arm about Joshua’s waist, pulling him in for a quick kiss.
     “It’s okay, baby. We’ve had this discussion already. I’ve got the guy’s name and number. If there is anything off about him, then we’ll be able to deal with it quickly and save our girl’s virtue.”
     This time Skye was the one to laugh. “Virtue? Sure, guys, you have fun trying to find that shit, never mind saving it. Now, enough about my love life. Food is ready.”
     Taking a seat, Tristan glanced at the buffet laid out before him. It looked more like a wedding brunch menu than something three friends would enjoy on any other normal day of the week. The table was covered with a sheet of crisp white linen, and the centerpiece was made up of the most beautiful yellow sunflowers he had seen so far this season. There was a selection of hors d’œuvres, from crab and avocado toast to glazed salmon, smoked shrimp, and warm olives. All of which were a mix of his and Joshua’s favorites. These were accompanied with a selection of fresh sandwiches, stuffed potato skins, pasta, soups, and sliced vegetables for dipping. A bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket next to a glass bottle of orange juice and several other bottled sodas. And a Meissen porcelain teapot was steaming next to a tray full of pastries, cupcakes, and fresh fruit. As usual, Skye had outdone herself.
   “Bon appétit, mes coeurs.”
     Joshua growled low in Skye’s direction, putting on his best French accent as he began to tease her once more. Their combined laughter was music to Tristan’s ears. Taking a plate each, they tucked into one the best lunches Tristan had had in a long time. There was a lot to be said for spending time with your loved ones.

©Amara Lebel. Siren Publishing, Ltd. 2015.

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"I am not Perverted. I am a Depraved Sensualist. There is a difference!"

I am an Erotic Romance and ManLove author. A huge fan of all things male; I watch, read and drool over everything to do with them. Yes, I am a little perverted, yet in a good way. I have a vast Yaoi collection, and spend my time fantasizing about steamy scenes of male love, sensual encounters, and so much more.

With a little encouragement I eventually put pen to paper and wrote my first ever MM romance, Denial (The Unrequited Trilogy #1), which was published in Sept 2014 by Siren Publishing Inc. Now I take great pride in sharing my erotic stories of forbidden lust and enchanted romance with all of you, my fellow depraved sensualists.

A true Irish lass born and raised I come from a small town in Northern Ireland called Derry, where I now live with my handsome (French) hubby and gorgeous family. I'm a full time mum of three, and believe me when I say they keep me busy. I spend my days chasing after my lil darlings, my nights lost in Yaoi, and thanks to my amazing husband I spend my weekends writing up a storm.

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