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LISA OLIVER - Part Three

Rise With The Sun

In my newest book, On the Brink (Cloverleah Pack #10, coming January 10th) we learn that one of the MCs, Nereus is the son of Poseidon and Abraxas who is one of the four Horses of the Sun. Even though their affair was back at the beginning of time, Abraxas still goes back to Poseidon’s domain for one day, every five years, in the hopes of seeing his children. Poseidon’s always willing to share his bed but there’s no feelings involved. Abraxas is starting to think, now Nereus has found two mates, that maybe he deserves more than one night of intimacy every five years as well….
Part Three
Jordan knew most people would consider him naïve; making out with a stranger on his couch like it was the most natural thing on earth. But Jordan didn’t believe in making problems where there weren’t any. Any man who still cried over kids he had to leave well before Jordan was a twinkle in his mother’s eye had to be a good man, and Jordan wanted that in his life. He wanted permanence, he wanted acceptance and somehow his heart knew he could have that with Abraxas. Once he’d made up his mind, the rest was simple.
Abraxas kissed like a dream; if dreams were full of soft lips, questing tongues and muscles Jordan’s fingers ached to explore. Jordan’s heart was pounding, his cock was making a wet spot and he ached with the need to be filled.
“Bedroom?” Abraxas pulled back just as Jordan’s lungs screamed for air. “I can magic us there and naked if you like.”
I’ll keep that in mind for next time, Jordan thought as he slipped off Abraxas’s lap and tugged his sweats away from his hard-on. “Let’s do this the old-fashioned way. I’d love to undress you.”
Leading a man who looked like Thor with darker hair into his bedroom was a surreal experience for Jordan. No one in his experience was as big or as powerful as the man who held his hand and padded down the small hallway as though he belonged there. When they got inside his room, damn I forgot to make the bed, Jordan turned and swallowed, his eyes roving over the muscled chest barely hidden by the white tee shirt Abraxas was wearing.
“Do I pass muster?” Abraxas smiled.
“That other outfit of yours was pretty hot too, but then I think you’d look good in anything.” Jordan ran his hand under Abraxas’s shirt; his fingers finding warm flesh. He brushed a hardened nipple and Abraxas’s breath faltered. “Let’s get this off,” he suggested, tugging the shirt up to expose more flesh. There was no way he was tall enough to get it over Abraxas’s head, but the big man was happy to oblige.
Jordan’s face was level with the dip between Abraxas’s wide pectoral muscles. He had no chest hair; nothing but a tiny treasure trail that led from his belly button into his jeans. Closing his eyes, Jordan breathed in the heat of Abraxas’s body; his mouth tracing across the skin until he found that nipple again. He licked at it lightly, increasing the strength of the touch as Abraxas started to tremble. “On the bed, I think,” he said, his hands dropping to Abraxas’s jeans. “But we’ll take these off first.”
He tugged at the button fastening, his eyes watching Abraxas’s face for the slightest hint of discomfort. There was none. Abraxas’s eyes; Jordon just noticed they were a deep yellow with flicks of orange in them; they were heated. No matter what the color, Jordan knew that look. Abraxas’s nostrils were slightly flared and his chest rose and fell in a rapid rhythm. Finally getting the jeans undone, Jordan’s fingers encountered flesh and his eyes dropped automatically. “Oh wow.” Abraxas was in proportion. Jordan slowly crouched down, his fingers tickling the light fuzz Abraxas had on his legs, taking the jeans with him.
“You can top me if you prefer,” Abraxas offered. “I…er…it’s what I’m used to.”
Jordan tugged the jeans off Abraxas’s feet and led him to the bed. Naked, Abraxas was an artist’s dream. He pushed the man lightly to encourage him to sit down and then pulled at his own tee shirt. The damn thing was covering his head when he felt strong fingers on his hips and his sweat pants gave way. That was fine. Jordan could handle naked, but when a moist heat encompassed his cock, Jordan embarrassed himself with the loudness of his moan. He barely managed to get his shirt off his head, tossing it to the floor, riveted by the sight of Abraxas swallowing him down.
Damn, the man knew his way around a dick. His tongue was stroking down his shaft one minute and teasing that little bit of skin…yes, right there. Jordan thrust. He didn’t mean to, but Abraxas didn’t seem to mind. If anything, the suction got harder, his tongue more persistent and when his throat massaged the head of Jordan’s dick the next time, Jordan lost it. He couldn’t help it. Bending over Abraxas’s head, all Jordan could do was pant as Abraxas suckled him through the aftershocks.
“I…er…my knees.” Abraxas chuckled and Jordan found himself flat on his back in the middle of the bed. He stared up at the man who would apparently be his forever. “Are you sure you’re real? Harry didn’t slip something into my drink or something last night?”
He jumped when he felt a sharp pinch on his butt. “Did that feel real?” Jordan nodded, his eyes widening as Abraxas came closer.
“If it isn’t, I don’t care. Fuck me,” he said as his lips were taken all over again.
Abraxas’s head was swimming. He never dreamed sex could be like this. Poseidon was an accomplished lover; Abraxas used to leave his realm with twinges over every part of his body. But being with Jordan was so much more. Abraxas couldn’t put his finger on it, and honestly his brain was mush. There was no point in thinking. He wanted to feel.
And he felt everything. He moaned as he felt every trace of Jordan’s fingers over his back and arms. He reveled in the softness of Jordan’s mouth and how the sweet man opened to him so readily. His cock was hard enough to pound blocks and the thought of being able to penetrates his mate’s body was enough to give him full-body trembles. But did Jordan really mean what he said?
It seemed his little mate was quite capable of taking things into his own hands. Jordan pulled back from their kiss and panted, “reach into that drawer.” He pointed to the left. “There should be lube in there.”
Yep, Abraxas found it. Holding the tube in his hand, he wondered what he was going to do with it. Oh, he knew what it was used for, not that gods needed it as a rule, but really…?  Jordan made that decision too by pulling up his legs and holding his knees.
“Do you mind it this way, or did you want me to turn over?”
“Face to face,” Abraxas said quickly. Poseidon never liked to look at him, and…yep. Shut up brain. He’s got no place in Jordan’s bed.
“Get on with it then.” The smile on Jordan’s face was real and Abraxas looked down, almost swallowing his tongue. That tiny hole, so sweet and edged with blush. No hair, just smooth skin and oh my God, Abraxas moaned and then muttered when he couldn’t get the lube cap off. A warm leg slid past his thigh as Jordan got it sorted.
“Just do what comes naturally.” Jordan kissed his chest and lay back.
Naturally. Right. Taking a deep breath, Abraxas coated his fingers with the lube. It had a silky-smooth texture; warmed to his touch. Abraxas hesitantly put his fingers over the tight little star winking at him. Jordan moaned as he rubbed around the edges; the moans got deeper as he carefully slipped a finger inside.
Fuck two fingers aren’t going to cut it. Abraxas ignored Jordan’s pleas, the slender cock bouncing on Jordan’s abs. He kept his movements slow and careful and yet every time he pushed his fingers inside Jordan’s tight body he wanted to scream in triumph. This wonderfully sweet and sexy man wanted him. It was evident in the hardness of his length, the long moans and even the trickle of sweat that meandered down the side of Jordan’s flushed face.
Finally, when Abraxas’s own cock was threatening to spill, he slowly moved his fingers out and got into position. Jordan smiled up at him; nothing but encouragement and lust written on his face. Abraxas pushed; Jordan’s body giving way easily and for the first time in his entire existence, Abraxas’s horse made itself known. It was so sudden; such an intense feeling Abraxas almost pulled out but Jordan moaned again and fuck that sound…Abraxas couldn’t get enough of it. And besides; the way his dick was held so snug and tight and warm. Yeah, he wasn’t going anywhere.
He thrust gently a few times; his head thrown back, his eyes closed. He had nothing to compare it too. Every cell in his body tingled; his body heat rose – he normally only felt this hot when the chariot was near. But Helios was still making his downward descent in the sky, and Abraxas…he was thrusting into his mate’s body, drowning in the sensation.
Jordan’s arm on his bicep tugged him forward and he fell; his lower arms braced either side of his mate’s face. “Kiss me,” Jordan whispered, and as he did, Abraxas learned how the new position gave his mate so much pleasure. Jordan’s kiss was hungry now; his body surging against Abraxas’s own. Abraxas knew he was nearing the end too; his balls were tight enough to bounce and he got a tingly sensation deep in his abdomen.
Should I…how do I…. Abraxas wanted to claim his mate but he wasn’t sure how. But apparently, that’s where his horse came in. Abraxas felt a push and then his teeth, my god, my teeth, were in Jordan’s neck and he came with a rush that flew down his spine and straight out the end of his cock.
Jordan yelled, but nope, he wasn’t in pain. The semen coating his stomach let Abraxas know his mate was yelling in ecstasy, or maybe it was relief. But all he knew was the orgasm kept on coming and coming. He felt a sharp quick pain over his heart and then Jordan was in his head and Abraxas groaned as he slumped on his arms, taking care not to rest too much of his body weight on his smaller mate.
Because that was what Jordan was. His mate. No matter what the future held for them, he and Jordan were intricately bound and not even Zeus or the Fates could part them. He finally had someone to cherish who would never leave him. Abraxas could’ve wept, he was so damn happy.
Three weeks later
“I can’t believe you brought me here and you speak the language,” Jordan hissed as they wandered through the Louvre hand in hand.
“You said you wanted to see some art,” Abraxas smiled. “Besides, I thought you deserved a treat seeing as we’re off to see Poseidon tomorrow.”
“Yeah, the whole in bed one minute, walking around in Paris the next is taking some getting used to.”
Jordan couldn’t believe how much his life had changed since he tipped drinks over a man in mirrored sunglasses. He and Abraxas now shared a palatial suite in the House of the Sun. Helios turned out to have modern ideas and Jordan tended to forget he was talking to a God when the man was running around the house in fluffy slippers or curled up on the couch watching American soaps. The other house members all made him feel welcome. Too welcome at times. The Louvre would be a lot more enjoyable if he wasn’t feeling the effects of a hangover. Therbeeo’s homemade wine had a real kick to it.
“Come and have a drink,” Abraxas suggested. “A glass of wine, or a coffee. You’re choice.”
“I think I’d better stick to coffee,” Jordan said quickly. Abraxas led the way to a discreet little café and Jordan slumped into the nearest chair, listening to Abraxas order in fluent French.
“I can’t get over how you can do that,” he said when the waiter sashayed away.
“You’ve seen my other form; Helios took you for a ride in the chariot. You live in a house full of godly beings and you’re surprised I speak French?”
Jordan shrugged and then he laughed, because yeah, it was rather silly of him. “I just think you’re amazing and you surprise me every day.”
“No more than you surprise me,” Abraxas assured him. “Don’t think I didn’t hear how Helios went into raptures about your painting. Once Zeus catches wind of how good you are, and he will, you will be in hot demand.”
“It used to be my first love,” Jordan said and his lips quirked as he saw the flash of hope in Abraxas’s eyes. “Now you’re my first love, but art will always run a close second.”
Abraxas’s eyes widened so far, Jordan was worried his contacts would fall out. Apparently, the gods hadn’t heard of such a thing until Jordan mentioned them and now Abraxas had a whole range of them for when they were on earth. “You mean…oh, fuck, we need to get home. I have so much planned for this moment. I love you so much, you have no idea, but Therbeeo said I should wait, and Helios said I had all the time in the world, but I wanted to tell you…and I’ll shut up now.” Abraxas snapped his mouth shut, his cheeks bright red.
The waiter came over with two large mugs of coffee and a plate of pastries. Jordan waited until the man finished his job before picking up his cup. “I love the idea that you wanted to make our declaration of love a special moment. But you’ve brought so much into my life already and I know there’s so much more to come." He tapped his cup on Abraxas’s and said quietly, “to new beginnings and a long time to enjoy them.”
“To new beginnings, my love,” and as Jordan smiled at his mate’s handsome face, he could see the sun shining through his mate’s eyes. Even with the contacts in.
Mace’s Awakening
Book 3 Stockton Wolves
Roan didn’t expect to be put in a jail cell by the man who was meant to be his mate. But it wasn’t as though his life had ever been easy. In his world Omega wolves were sold as soon as they became useful, and he’d been trained his whole life in the arts of keeping a clean house and a Master happy. Unfortunately for him, being looked after was the last thing his mate seemed to want or need.
Mace was happy enough in his life. Women seemed attracted to his bad boy looks and his surly attitude. They never stuck around, but then he was married to his job, so he didn’t mind being alone at nights. And he had a pack. Okay, that wasn’t something he’d been raised to believe in, but he’d spent enough time with Shane and Dimitri and the rest of the guys to know they were like anyone else. They just sprouted fur on occasion, and ran on four legs instead of two. So when Dimitri confronted him with the fact that the cute little shifter he’d booked the day before was his mate, he had a lot of thinking to do – dealing with man bits was the least of his problems.
A serial killer with blond women in his sights, a whole host of misunderstandings, and the protective antics of Kalel, the cutest little cat shifter in existence, are just some of the hurdles these two men are going to have to overcome before they can have their HEA.
Warning: contains an Omega shifter who will break your heart, a gruff human detective who has a lot to learn about mates, and a pack that works overtime to keep their members safe. Contains M/M intimate situations and off page references to child abuse. If these are triggers for you, please don’t buy. As always, no cheating, no cliffhangers and an HEA guaranteed.
Roan huddled under the threadbare blanket. It stank of sweat and things he’d rather not think about but for the moment he was on his own, and that was a blessing. It wasn’t as though he smelled any better and he had more things to worry about than catching germs. His wolf was anxious, which was understandable given his confinement, but the pang in his heart was harder to deal with. Roan thought back to the big guy who’d caught him and in the stillness of the cell, was glad no one could hear his whimper. The man smelled amazing – like cinnamon buns drizzled with honey – the scents of a home Roan had only ever dreamed about. It was that wretched smell, the way it threw his wolf into a tizzy, his heart beat faster and his cock harden beyond the point of pain, that stifled Roan’s self-preservation instincts, allowing himself to be caught.
But the rough detective hadn’t noticed anything special about him. Of course he hadn’t – he was human, and if the lewd comments coming from some of the others in the station were to be believed, a lover of women, many women. Roan sighed. There had been a time, back when his parents kept him safe, a roof over his head and three decent meals a day, when he’d believed the stories others told of the mating bond. In his adolescent years he dreamed of seeing some guy; Roan always knew where his inclinations lie. He believed the whole eyes meeting across a crowded room scenario. Both of them would know in that one instant and Roan would have a life filled with love, laughter and a man who would cherish him for life.
Roan laughed, but it wasn’t a happy sound. He should be grateful his detective had given him a night of safety. The meals had been passed out earlier, and Roan’s stomach was fighting to process the first semi-decent meal he’d had in a long time. The mattress was lumpy, but it was better than a concrete step in a doorway and he had been given the blanket, which was a major improvement from huddling in his threadbare coat praying no one would steal it.
He should try to sleep; it could be a while before he’d be able to do that again, but his wolf’s agitation was keeping Roan on edge. The lights were turned off an hour or so before, not that Roan needed them to see, but he didn’t feel safe. Unfamiliar noises and smells, footsteps coming down the corridor; they all combined to hone the anxiety his wolf was already feeling. There was no way out, no windows to see out, just concrete blocks, and one wretched door that was firmly locked…. Roan felt his head swim, and he tried to control his breathing, but the feelings of being trapped, scared, unwanted and tired – he was so freaking tired. He couldn’t catch a breath. His heart was beating out of his chest and his wolf surged, trying to protect him. Roan knew he shouldn’t shift; knew he mustn’t let his wolf out…but he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see….
“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” Large hands patted his back and for a second Roan panicked. But then the smell of cinnamon and honey punched his nose and he instinctively turned towards that delicious scent. A broad chest was there, right there, and that was enough for Roan. It had to be a dream, but if it was then Roan would hang onto it because it was all he had. He scrambled about until he found a solid lap, curled into it and closed his eyes. He was safe. He could breathe again and now, maybe, he could get some rest.

Adult Excerpt – NSFW
“It’s our bed, precious,” Mace reminded gruffly. He remembered what Dimitri said about mating and added, “Our bed, our house, our place. Always. Everything I have is yours too.”
Roan’s eyes widened, and then a cheeky grin flashed across his face. “Does that include this?” Mother of God, Roan’s grip on his cock sent a shaft of lightening up Mace’s spine.
“Do you know what to do with it?” Mace teased, before he remembered that Roan didn’t respond well to teasing. But maybe the decent sleep his mate enjoyed had done something positive for Roan too, because his mate laughed. Light, quiet, but a laugh nonetheless and the grip around Mace’s cock tightened.
“I know what I want to do with it,” Roan said as a soft blush reddened his cheeks. “I’m still hungry. Can I have a taste?”
Considering no man in his right man would turn down a blowjob, Mace was flat on his back in a flash. He tilted his dick up and waggled it. “It’s all yours.”
Fuck, his dick wasn’t the only thing that he’d willingly give over to Roan, Mace thought as his length was expertly swallowed and then sucked like Roan’s life depended on it. Mace didn’t want to think about where Roan got his skills in the cock-sucking department, he’d much rather appreciate them. He groaned and thrust gently, unwilling to hurt his mate, but wanting more. The need that stemmed from his belly grew, until it encased his whole body, and suddenly just getting a blowjob wasn’t enough.
Hauling Roan across his chest, Mace wove his fingers through Roan’s hair, and claimed his mouth. He felt savage, brutal, filled with a lust he’d never experienced with any of the women he’d taken to bed. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew Roan could take it; that for the first time in his life Mace was with someone who could handle his true self, and that thought spurred him on. His tongue pushed into Roan’s willing mouth, his hands pressing Roan’s body hard onto his, rutting them together, trying to get inside of Roan’s skin. Before long even that wasn’t enough. He needed to be inside of his mate, needed to feel that heat, to know that Roan was safe, and his, and that Roan wouldn’t fucking leave again.
About the Author:
Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams.  Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.
When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate.  Lisa will do anything for chocolate.
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