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Happy New Year everyone!
First off, I’d like to take a moment and thank Stormy Glenn for once again hosting this quarter of ManLove Fantasies.  I know this takes a lot of time, planning, and energy to put this one every few months and I just hope Stormy knows how much I appreciate not only her doing this but also the chance to participate in it.
When it came time to start working on this story I went to a friend’s house to hang out, play some cards and give my muse a break from trying to figure out where I was going with the theme everyone was given.
Never did I imagine my muse would kick into over drive and take me on to an alternate universe. All I can say is naughty, naughty muse.  Now in my defense, any and all characters, whether human or canine, are a figment of my imagination and if they bare any resemblance to anyone living or dead, past or present, is merely a coincidence.
This time Stormy has been awesome enough to let me have more than one day to tell the whole story, so grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, and enjoy the story.
Love always,
Lei Carol
Part I
Pulling up in front of his friend's house, Damian Porter watched as his friends laughed and joked through the front window, ready for a night of laughter, drinking, and Cards against Humanities. He always seemed to lose but none the less it was still a great way to spend the evening. Damian had met his friends, Dillon, Alicia, and Terek when he had moved to the area the year before and had gotten a job at the same casino where they all worked.
In the beginning he would only hang out once in awhile, usually acting as the bartender for everyone since he knew what he was doing, but before long they had started having a weekly game night. Occasionally they’d have an extra person or two drop in for the games or if either him or Terek had a girlfriend, they would bring her, but most of the time it was just the four of them.
When Damian first met Dillion he’d have sworn the guy was a twink but then Dillon started talking about his girlfriend, Ali, and since then, it had just become a joke with everyone. Dillon was by far the most flamboyantly straight man Damian had ever met. Sometimes he wondered if it all wasn’t just some kind of show to keep everyone from knowing the real Dillon but Damian figured he shouldn’t throw rocks when he lived in a glass house.
While all his friends and coworkers thought he was straight, Damian never found a reason to set them otherwise. It had been a long time since he had been able to feel a man pressed against him and it had been even longer since he’d felt the bite of pleasure coming from a guy stretching him open. There were many guys around work and town Damian knew he could hook up with, he’d seen all the looks he’d get from both men and women, but so far there was only one guy who’d caught his attention.
Too bad Terek was straight. There was just something about the man that called to him.
Late at night when Damian closed his eyes, he’d picture Terek’s thick dark brown hair, his vibrant green eyes, and his huge, plump lips spread wide open around his nine-inch cock. He could imagine Terek staring up at him, his expressive eyes questioning if he was doing it right while begging for guidance at the same time. It was always the same image, and he always had the same result cooling on his stomach.
He tried putting Terek out of his mind, which was how he had started dating Maddie. She’d been great at first. The perfect distraction but lately, every time his phone started ringing her tone Damian wanted to growl. He knew he had to break things off with her, as he knew it wasn’t fair to her, but the last thing he wanted was the pitying looks from his friends.
Shaking his head to clear his thoughts away, Damian grabbed the bags of liquor from the passenger floorboard before opening the door and climbing out of his car into the frigid air. Making his way up to the door, Damian rapped his knuckles against the door, waiting long enough to hear the many shouts of “come in” before opening the door to let himself into the room.
“Hey guys, how's it going?” Damian called out as he made his way to his normal spot on the loveseat. He’d hardly plopped his ass in his seat before he had two dogs trying to shove the other out of the way to be able to greet him and receive their loves. “Geez guys, give me a second to put the drinks down, will ya?”
Listening to Ali tell a story about something that had happened earlier in the day at work, Damian gave both dogs his attention, loving on each of them one by one. Noah, Dillon and Ali’s Alaskan Malamute, was one of those dogs who appeared to be ferocious but was just a giant lover. He was happiest when someone was throwing one of his many toys. The other dog was Terek’s black lab named Crono. He was a lover, just not quite in your face about it. Out of the two, Crono was his favorite and not because of who his owner was.
Sitting there with Terek next to him, both playing with the dogs, laughing as Ali’s kitten started batting and playing with Crono’s tail while the dog just sat there begging for attention, Damian wondered if maybe it wasn’t time to move on. Get a fresh start somewhere. It was moments like this he wished things were different.
Forcing himself to clear his mind of the morose thoughts, Damian reached for the bag of alcohol and mixers, anxious to distract his thoughts. Even if for a short amount of time.
“So, who’s ready for a drink?” he asked as he began making everyone a whisky sour.
“Dude, I so love the fact I can say I have a friend who is a bartender,” Terek exclaimed as he plopped back down on the couch with a plate of bacon and brown sugar wrapped little smokies, happily munching away as he waited for Damian to make his drink.
“Hey guys, guess what?” Dillon exclaimed before jumping out of his recliner to run out of the room without giving any of them a chance to guess whatever it was he had on his mind. It always cracked Damian up when Dillon would do something like this. There was almost a childlike quality to the guy that couldn’t be faked.
He was always doing something like this or getting so excited about something he would all but vibrate. Damian swore if Dillon were a dog, he’d be the kind whose tail would always be wagging as his body shook everywhere. Occasionally, pissing himself with excitement. Thinking of Dillon as a dog, Damian imagined Ali coming home after a long day at work, only to find Dillon wiggling with excitement. His loud barks echoing throughout the house.
It wasn’t until Terek nudged Damian’s shoulder with his own while asking, “What’s so funny?” that he realized he was laughing out loud at the thoughts racing through his mind.
He could feel his cheeks flush with embarrassment at the thought of trying to explain just what he was thinking, so he just shook his head before saying, “Nothing. Go get some cups so I can make everyone’s drinks.”
Waiting until Terek came back with the red plastic cups full of ice, Damian began mixing everyone’s drinks while Terek started shuffling and dealing the cards. Once everyone had their drinks in their hands, two pipes loaded with Dillon’s surprise of fresh weed , and their cards someone turned the music up and they began playing.
“I’ll go first,” Ali offered as she reached for a black card before reading, “I drink to forget blank.”
Damian looked through his cards trying to decide which one to toss down. There was so many options that would work but which one to choose?  Finally deciding to go with, slowly going down on a cucumber, Damian picked up the other two cards to mix the three up so Ali wouldn’t know whose card was whose.
“Alright, let’s see what we have. I drink to forget, Michael Jackson. I drink to forget, having sex on top of a pizza. I drink to forget, slowly going down on a cucumber. Seriously? Either I’m fucking a cucumber or fucking on a pizza? What the hell guys? Ah, fuck. Which one is worse?”
With each card Ali read, everyone laughed harder and harder, anxious to see which card she would choose. Who would be the first black card winner of the night? Everyone wondered as Ali debated back and forth between the cards. 
“Come on, Ali, pick one already,” Terek laughed, gulping down half of his drink in one gulp. Damian knew if Terek kept drinking the way he was; he wouldn’t be driving home. It was one of his favorite things about hanging out at Ali and Dillon’s house; no driving home drunk, even if you live just a few blocks away.
“Alright, alright, I choose… um… slowly going down on a cucumber. Whose card was it?”
“Yes!” Damian exclaimed, reaching his palm out for the black card. Normally, he was the only player with only one or two black cards while everyone else had tons of them. He hoped it was a sign of how lucky he would be this time.
Reaching for one of the two pipes, Damian took a hit before quickly gulping down the last half of his drink before releasing the smoke trapped in his lungs. Damian was well on his way to becoming cross faded but he didn’t give two shits. Sitting there with his friends he should be feeling carefree and happy but all he felt was longing, loneliness, and with just a touch of horniness tossed in for good measure. 
Tossing down another card into the mix, Damian busied himself with refilling everyone’s glasses as they waited for Dillon to finish his turn. Reaching for one of Terek’s specialty snacks, Damian barely caught his moan as the flavors exploded across his tongue. While he’d had mini pigs in a blanket before, he’d never thought about wrapping the little wieners with bacon before sprinkling them with brown sugar but damn were they good.
Deciding to focus on the game and having fun with his friends rather than the man sitting next to him, it wasn’t until Ali started yawning did he realize they had been playing for over three hours and had not only gone through the two bottles of whiskey he had brought with him but also a bottle and a half of wine and who knew how much pot they had smoked between the four of them.
Even if he had wanted to drive home, there was absolutely no way any of them would be able to drive. Hell, if Damian was honest with himself, he wasn’t even sure how they’d be able to walk to the other side of the house.
“Oh God guys, I need to go to bed,” Ali moaned, holding onto her stomach while Dillon started pouting, “Awe, does that mean I’m not getting my dick sucked?”
“Only if you want me to throw up on you,” she muttered pushing up from the couch, stumbling over the dogs and cats. “You guys can either fight over the guest room or try to fight the dogs for the couch, your call.”
Watching both Ali and Dillon stumble and bump into each other, Damian didn’t even try to hide his laughter. He waited until the sound of their bedroom door closing reached his ears before he turned to Terek, “I am not sleeping on the couch. The last time I did, I woke up with all four animals sleeping on top of me. So not happening tonight. Either you can sleep with the beasts or we can share the bed.”
Once the words were out of his mouth, Damian almost wished he could take them back but they were already out there and Terek was shaking his head.
“No way in hell am I sleeping with all four of the animals. The last time I slept on the couch I woke up with Crono against my back, Lilly on my head, Sophia on my chest, Noah’s head and front paws in my crotch. No, thank you. Besides, it’s not like either one of us is gay.”
It honestly took every ounce of self-control Damian had not to roll his eyes at Terek’s last comment. All at once he was overcome with guilt, grief, and anger all directed at himself for never being completely honest with everyone. What kind of friend was he to let everyone assume he was one way or the other?
This was honestly one of the hardest parts about being bi-sexual. Always stuck in the middle. Never sure if he should tell the people he let into his inner circle about it or if he should just wait until there was someone special enough to introduce them to. It was the same argument he had with his parent’s time and time again. Why did society need everyone to have a label?
Labels belonged on food and clothing, not people.
To be continued…..January 10th

In one day Justin Reynold’s life changed in ways he never imagined. With nowhere else to turn Justin packs up to move to his mom’s old house, finding it exactly the way she left it the day she died eighteen years earlier. When the nightmares start, Justin decides it’s time to figure out just what had happened all those years ago. With the help of Mitchell Adams, a private detective, Justin finally begins to piece together the mystery surrounding his past.

Will they be able to unlock the mystery of his past or will a killer get away with murder? What will happen when another twist is thrown not only into the mystery but also their budding romance? Will they be able take the ultimate step and forge a new relationship, with three beating hearts rather than two while trying to keep their untamed emotions in check? Or will the turmoil prove to be too much to handle?

Only time will tell as they work towards unlocking the past, once and for all.
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Lei Carol
Welcome to my author biography. Short and sweet.
I love writing about the men in my books and meeting their personalities. The stories we create together make for very lifelike and relatable experiences. For the most part, my books exist in the Lei Carol multi-verse but can line up with some of my influences and real life (but not much). Each story I bring to life has its own trials and tribulations. Pick up one today. My personal favorite is Unlocking the Past.
Currently I live in Southern Oregon with my two cats, Outkazt & Torilei (sounds like Torilie not Torilee) but am in the works to hopefully make a big move this year. I am always amused by my muse and what he finds as inspiration. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to my muse.
More often than not I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, headphones plugged into my computer with Pandora playing, a large cup of coffee next to me growing cold while I try to ignore whatever distraction tactics my cats are deploying.
Feel free to contact me by email, twitter or facebook. I’m usually always around either on my computer or phone.
Twitter: @leicarolbooks


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