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LEI CAROL - Part Four

Part IV

For the last week Damian talked to Terek all day long, every day. Most of the time it was just random text messages here and there, but they weren’t going out of their way to avoid each other at work anymore, either. They tried not to make it obvious there was something else besides friendship budding. However, it was getting harder and harder for Damian to hide his smile when Terek would make the effort to stop by and say hi; even if it was a requirement by his boss to check in with each department throughout his shift.

With the way their schedules lined up, the only time they saw each other was at work. But that didn’t keep Damian from trying to come up with the perfect date and he finally had an idea. Now all he had to do was get Terek on board.

Damian had found out that today was both his and Terek’s friday so he hoped to be able to put his plan into action. He waited until his lunch break to send Terek the text message he’d written and deleted ten times before he was satisfied he’d gotten it right.

**So I was thinking… You + me + a couple blankets = a drive at 3:30 am tonight**

As soon as he sent the text to Terek, Damian placed his phone on the table to focus back on his food. One thing he enjoyed about the casino he worked for was the fact they gave all the employees free meals while at work. Every day Damian would come to work extra early to see what was for lunch. Most days he’d end up with just a sandwich or a salad but none the less it was the thought that counted.  It did seem like the managers were trying to change things in the employee dining hall; they’d even done a shark week type deal only with the chef’s each taking a day and cooking different items for everyone. Everyone talked about the food for weeks afterwards, especially when they got pink chicken and hard pizza.

Rolling his eyes at the random
thoughts floating through his head, Damian checked the time before pocketing his phone and grabbing his tray to take it to the dish pit. Once his dishes were put where they belonged Damian made his way out of the dining area to head towards the locker room to take a leak before putting his phone back into his locker. While some employees were able to get away with having their phones in their pockets, bartenders weren’t as lucky since the casino had all areas of the bar under surveillance twentyfour-seven.

As Damian stood at one of the urinals, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket but forced himself to wait until after washing his hands to check it. He felt more nervous than he would have thought possible. Here he was asking Terek out on their first date and he was afraid to see what the answer would be. Would Terek say yes? Would he ask a million questions about where they were going or what they would be doing? Or would he just put his trust in Damian and go with the flow?

Checking his phone one last time for the next couple of hours, Damian couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face at the reply.

**Sounds good.  Do I need to bring anything?**

Quickly typing his response before tossing his phone into his locker so he wouldn’t be late, Damian didn’t wait to see if he’d gotten a response back. As the night dragged on, Damian found himself becoming more nervous than he’d ever been before a first date. He tried to distract himself with making each drink order he could but there were only so many drinks he could make on a tuesday night.

By the time Damian was able to close down the bar and turn his till into the cage, it felt as if he had been behind the counter for fifteen hours rather than eight. The entire time he stood in line waiting for his turn in the man trap he couldn’t stop bouncing his legs and wiggling in place. He honestly felt as if he had ants in his pants.

Before Damian knew it, his till
was counted by the cashier, his tips had been reported to surveillance and handed back to him and he was on his way out of the building after a quick stop at his locker for his things. He knew deep down that tonight would settle their future. Either they’d become something more than friends or not.

The drive from the casino to his house was nothing but a blur. If he had gotten pulled over there would have been no way he would have been able to answer any of the officers questions. He was so focused on this date that nothing else mattered. Stripping his clothes off in record time, Damian quickly hopped in the shower to wash away the day's sweat and grime and if in the back of his mind he was hoping for some action during the date he wasn’t going to admit it to himself.

As soon as he was out of the shower, Damian grabbed his phone to see if he had any new messages. Even if he had wanted to stop the smile from spreading across his face there was no way he could have.

**Omw...Leaving Crono at home. SYS…**

Quickly drying off, Damian pulled on his jeans and t-shirt before grabbing his socks and sweatshirt to walk out of his room towards the kitchen. Once he had the rest of his clothes on, he grabbed the basket he had bought just a few days before when he’d had the idea. By the time he had everything ready to go his doorbell was ringing.

Damian’s stomach was full of twittering butterflies as he answered the door to find Terek standing there in jeans and a sweatshirt. His hair was slicked back, still wet from his apparent shower. It was apparent that Terek was just as nervous as he was by the wariness in his eyes and the way he was chewing on his bottom lip while clutching a blanket to his side.

“Hey,” Damian softly said as he stepped back enough for Terek to enter the house. “I’m glad you came.”

“Yeah, I have to be honest man. Is this a date because if it is I’m really nervous. But if it’s not and we’re just hanging out then I’m going to feel like an idiot. I just want to make sure we are on the same page. After the whole thing at Ali’s house the first time, which I still haven’t apologized to you about…”

 Damian came to a quick decision during Terek’s nervous rambling to show him rather than agree or disagree. Reaching out to grab the front of Terek’s sweatshirt, Damian yanked until Terek was pressed right against him before pressing his lips against his soon-to-be lover’s lips. Damian didn’t want to scare Terek off with a huge show of aggression but at the same time he wanted the man to be aware of how serious Damian felt about him.

Slowly licking his tongue across Terek’s bottom lip, Damian begged silently for entrance. He could taste the lingering hint of Terek’s cinnamon flavored toothpaste on his taste buds.  Not even trying to stop himself from nibbling on Terek’s plump bottom lip, Damian was in heaven.

Everything didn’t always have to revolve around actual penetration sex for him. For Damian, snuggling on the couch with his lover while having a hardcore make-out session was heaven for him.

Hearing Terek’s gasp as his lips spread apart enough to give him entry, Damian felt the hope for them spread throughout his chest. Especially when Terek’s own tongue slowly came out to play. At first Terek tentatively licked Damian’s tongue, but once he found his footing all bets were off.

There wasn’t a way for Damian to stop his grunt as his back slammed into the front door as Terek switched from being the student to the teacher. Before Damian could make heads or tails of the situation, Terek took control of their kiss as his hands slid up Damian’s arms until they cradled Damian’s head.

Damian could feel Terek’s hard cock pressing against his own and he knew right then and there, this wasn’t just one sided anymore. As much as Terek had tried to deny everything, he was just as willing as Damian was and that knowledge had his cock ready to blow. If Terek put any pressure whatsoever onto Damian’s cock it’d be all over and Damian would need a new pair of pants.

As Damian desperately tried to pull away to not only catch his breath but also to stop his impending orgasm, Terek seemed just as desperate to keep hold of Damian’s head, refusing to give up his tasty treat. And then, one of Terek’s legs pressed in between Damian’s giving him just enough pressure and friction. Feeling his balls pull tightly against his body as fire raced up his spine, Damian didn’t even try to contain his pleasure-filled shout as his orgasm exploded from his body filling his pants with his warm, sticky cream.

Waiting until his heartbeat slowed down and it was easier to breathe without gasping, His entire body felt like a puddle of goo that only a really good orgasm could leave someone feeling. Damian forced himself to open his eyes only to see Terek still leaning against him, only now he was wearing a grin that was equal to one of the cat who got the canary. He’d never seen a man more pleased with himself than Terek appeared to be in that very moment.

“Wow,” Damian whispered as he watched Terek’s eyes sparkle with pleasure and lust.

“Wow is right. I have never gotten someone off just by kissing them. Hottest thing I have ever experienced. Thank you,” Terek softly replied before pressing two gentle kisses to Damian’s lips. “Why don’t you go change your underwear and then we can head out.”

“What about you? Don’t you want me to get you off?”

“I do but I want to wait. This was just for you. It wasn’t my intentions but consider it as part of my apology.”

Damian fell just a little more head over heels in love with Terek right then. He couldn’t help but have the hope that if they continued talking and being open with one another they may be able to have a really good relationship. “There’s only one problem…” Damian stated before pressing a fleeting kiss against Terek’s lips before pushing him away so he could walk towards his room.

“What’s that, D?”

Glancing over his shoulder, Damian smiled at the sight of Terek’s hardon pressing against his fly. “In order to change my underwear, I have to be wearing them first.”

Once Damian had changed his pants, he grabbed everything from next to the door and they headed out. Throughout the drive Terek would randomly try to ask where they were going but Damian wouldn’t answer his questions. Each time Terek would ask Damian would change the subject. It only took him a few times of doing this before Terek seemed to catch on and stop asking.

It wasn't until they finally pulled into the clearing that he finally explained where they were. “This is my favorite place. I found it one afternoon when I was out mudding and always love coming here. There's a fire pit already dug so we can have a little fire to help keep warm.”

“Dude! How have we never gone mudding together? I go all the time with Ali and Dillon.” Terek’s excitement was easily contagious as he jumped out of the truck to look around as far as the headlights from Damian’s truck shone. It didn’t take them long to unload everything from the truck and start a fire. Once Damian was satisfied with the size of their fire and the amount of heat it was putting off, he laid out his sleeping bag. Tossing the two other blankets on top of the sleeping bag, Damian pulled out the food and drinks he packed.

Kicking his shoes off, Damian sat down watching the flames dance in the air while waiting to see if Terek would sit right next to him or if he would put some space between them. He knew they really needed to talk about everything but he didn’t know how to start it. Sure they’d talked numerous times over the last few days but it seemed they stayed away from the heavy stuff, just working on getting their friendship back on track but that didn’t stop Damian from hoping tonight would be different.

“So, what makes this place so special?” Terek asked as he plopped down to sit shoulder to shoulder with Damian.

How to share one of his secrets without sounding like a total nerd? Reaching for one of the two blankets, Damian laid back until he was flat on his back, staring at the sky. Once Terek laid down next to him, Damian shook out the blanket and then began to explain.

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated by the stars and planets. All throughout high school and college I took any and all astronomy classes I could. I actually hope to go back to school and get a degree in astronomy.” Throughout his entire explanation Damian could feel Terek’s stare.

“What the hell, dude? Who are you? How the hell did I not know this?”

Twisting his head to look at Terek, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“I love staring at the stars and looking for all the different constellations. Now that you’ve told me something can I tell you something?”

Damian wished there was more light around them so he could see the expression in Terek’s eyes. His eyes were the windows to Terek’s emotions, it was how Damian typically knew what he was feeling. Except with the soft lighting from the fire pit, he couldn’t see Terek’s eyes. “What’s that?”

“I know I’ve said it a few times, but I really am sorry for how I freaked out and the stupid shit I said. The more we talk and spend time together the more I find myself attracted to you. I never thought I would be with a guy. But make me want things that I never would have imagined. If I am completely honest with myself, I have felt more with you than I ever did with any chick. I’m not saying this will be easy or that I won’t have days where I freak out, but you make me want to be a better man for you.”

Throughout Terek’s entire whispered speech, Damian’s heart started racing faster and faster as his entire body filled with happiness. Out of all the times he had imagined having Terek for his own, he never thought it would actually happen. And yet, here they were lying under the stars together.

“Just in case I wasn’t clear enough, Damian, I want you to be mine and I will be yours. I don’t want to make a big deal about being in a relationship with a guy and have this huge coming out thing because I don’t know if I would ever consider being with another man but you.”

“Hey Terek? Not to sound corny, but you had me when you refused to let me get you off. I promise to let you show affection when you want to when we are in public. Just don’t treat us like it’s something that has to be kept hidden and a secret. Alright?”

Waiting until he had Terek’s whispered agreement, Damian twisted so he could press his lips against his new boyfriend's, excited beyond belief at the thought of calling Terek his boyfriend. Breaking the kiss all too soon,  he whispered against Terek’s soft lips, “Have you ever made love under the stars?”

“No, but I’ve always wanted to.”

Losing himself in Terek’s exquisite mouth once more, neither of them cared about anything but the other. Both felt the desperation to cement their new relationship in the other. It wasn’t until the sun started to rise, lighting the sky and mountain tops with brilliant colors that either had their fill of the other. The entire time Damian was happy to sit back and let Terek run the show. He felt like Terek was a little kid at an amusement park for the first time. His body was the ride Terek wanted to ride over and over until his heart's content.

To be continued one last time….

In one day Justin Reynold’s life changed in ways he never imagined. With nowhere else to turn Justin packs up to move to his mom’s old house, finding it exactly the way she left it the day she died eighteen years earlier. When the nightmares start, Justin decides it’s time to figure out just what had happened all those years ago. With the help of Mitchell Adams, a private detective, Justin finally begins to piece together the mystery surrounding his past.

Will they be able to unlock the mystery of his past or will a killer get away with murder? What will happen when another twist is thrown not only into the mystery but also their budding romance? Will they be able take the ultimate step and forge a new relationship, with three beating hearts rather than two while trying to keep their untamed emotions in check? Or will the turmoil prove to be too much to handle?

Only time will tell as they work towards unlocking the past, once and for all.
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Lei Carol
Welcome to my author biography. Short and sweet.
I love writing about the men in my books and meeting their personalities. The stories we create together make for very lifelike and relatable experiences. For the most part, my books exist in the Lei Carol multi-verse but can line up with some of my influences and real life (but not much). Each story I bring to life has its own trials and tribulations. Pick up one today. My personal favorite is Unlocking the Past.
Currently I live in Southern Oregon with my two cats, Outkazt & Torilei (sounds like Torilie not Torilee) but am in the works to hopefully make a big move this year. I am always amused by my muse and what he finds as inspiration. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to my muse.
More often than not I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, headphones plugged into my computer with Pandora playing, a large cup of coffee next to me growing cold while I try to ignore whatever distraction tactics my cats are deploying.
Feel free to contact me by email, twitter or facebook. I’m usually always around either on my computer or phone.
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