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Bumfuck Revisted
Bound 4
© 2016, Kelex

Rory Burgess stepped off the bus amid a long stream of riders. The scent of diesel fuel and trash collided in his nose and added a little sense of dread that coiled around the knot in his stomach. A chill raced down his spine, and he wondered if he’d made a mistake.  Too late now.
He tossed his backpack over one shoulder, watching as a few families reunited not far from where he stood.  A pang of regret hit him square in the chest, but he forced the emotions back.  After collecting his suitcase from the driver and taking another peek around the stop, he walked into the bus station to make a call.
A call he’d been half-dreading.
The bright, fluorescent light inside the station hurt his eyes as he came in from the night. He paused just inside the doors and scanned the space.  Digging into his pocket for some spare change, he sidled up to the row of phones, all of which had seen better days.  Most of them appeared to be destroyed—all but one and someone was currently using it.  He sighed and slid to the side to wait his turn and cursed the asshole who’d taken his cell phone.  The same asshole who’d beat the shit out of him.
He lifted a hand to his aching jaw.  It no longer hurt so much.  It was more his pride than anything at this point.  He turned and saw his reflection in the stainless steel lining the wall behind the phones and saw the purple bruises crossing his face. In time, they would fade.  But the anger behind it… that would take time. 
The guy on the phone finally wrapped up, and Rory sidled up closer.  He inserted his change and dialed the number he thankfully remembered.  Hopefully, the number hadn’t changed… it had been a while. After bringing the receiver to his ear, he sighed, both scared and anxious to hear the person on the other end.
“Hello?” the familiar male voice drawled.
Rory drew in a breath, trying to wrangle his nerves.
“Hello?” the voice said again.
“Hey, cuz,” Rory said in a rush. “How ya doin’?”
There was a pause on the other end. For a split second, he wondered if this would be another door slammed in his face.
Rory’s eyes drifted closed.  “Yeah, man.  How are you?”
“Good,” his cousin Levi answered.  “It’s been a while.  How are you?”
“As good as can be expected,” he answered.  “It’s been too long… we need to catch up.”
“That would be great,” Levi said, but Rory sensed his cousin’s heart wasn’t in it.
“I’m in town.”
There was another pause.  Longer than the first.  “In town? Here?”
“Yeah.  I haven’t seen you in forever.  I thought it was about time someone checked in on you.”
“Man, I really wish you’d called first.”
If Rory had called first, Levi might have found out why he had left home. If his cousin had known… well, there was a better chance of Levi letting him in if certain news hadn’t been shared.
“Levi… I have nowhere to go.  I could really use some help.”
Another pause.  He and Levi hadn’t been super close, but then, his cousin had been quiet and reserved with everyone.  Rory had never taken it personally.
“What’s wrong?” Levi asked.
“I really need somewhere to crash,” Rory said.  “A floor is all I need.  You don’t even have to give me a pillow or a blanket, as long as I got a roof over my head for a few nights.”
“What the hell happened?”
“I can fill you in… when you pick me up?” Rory asked hopefully.
“Where are you?”
Rory glanced around. “Greyhound station is all I can tell ya.  Sign on the wall says Northside.”
“I’ll be there in about fifteen, twenty minutes,” Levi said before pausing. “See you soon.” 
Rory heard the click as the line went dead.  He hung up the phone and was nearly pushed out of the way by a guy waiting behind him.  Grabbing his suitcase, he wheeled it away and waited for Levi to get there. Twenty minutes felt like an eternity, especially as he worried about the face to face with his cousin to come.
He couldn’t stay still. After an attempt to relax on one of the wooden benches failed, he rose to his feet and paced up and down the length of it.  When he saw a guy scoping out his suitcase, he sat again, guarding his meager belongings with his life.
Finally, he saw Levi heading his way. The cowboy swagger and denim were the same, but the sweater and leather jacket his cousin wore looked expensive.  Also gone were Levi’s boots.  In their place were a pair of loafers.  Loafers. 
“No cowboy hat or boots?  What they hell has this city done to you, man?” Rory asked as he grabbed Levi in a bear hug.
Levi squeezed him back tight and clapped him on the back before leaning away.  He gazed at the bruises on Rory’s face.  “I’d ask what the hell someone did to you.”
“Nothing. It’s all good, man.”
Levi grasped his chin and tilted Rory’s face. “Nothing looks like it hurt.”
Rory shrugged.  “Wrong place, wrong time.”
Levi took a step back.  “Is that why you’re here? You running from something?”
Rory was running all right.  From everything.  He needed a new beginning, a fresh start.  Levi was the only place he could think to run.  “I’m just tired of the rednecks and jackasses.  Thought I could check out the city.”
“What happened, Rory?”
All it would take was one phone call and Levi would know the truth.  But if he was already in Levi’s house, maybe it would make it harder for his cousin to kick him out.  “I don’t want to talk here.  Too many ears.”
Levi tossed his keys from one hand to the other, looking as if he was considering whether or not to let Rory come back with him.  “I need to know what I’m stepping in, Rory.  I don’t live alone… and I don’t need to bring trouble home.”
Rory sighed.  “Somebody caught me in the bathroom at the bar one night… with someone.”
Levi chuckled.  “Nothing ever changes, hmm?  Still a manwhore. Who’s wife was she?”
Rory felt body tense. 
“No one’s wife.” Rory swallowed, unsure he should share the next bit. He felt his hands trembling, his stomach turning… He couldn’t handle another family member’s disgust, but Levi could easily find out the truth.  Rory just needed a little more time.  He wasn’t a liar… but the truth was too difficult to share
“Do I need to worry about somebody coming after you and knocking on my door?” Levi asked.
“No.  I swear.”
“You’re not mixed up in anything illegal, are you?”
Rory sighed.  “No.”
Levi didn’t look convinced. 
“It wasn’t somebody’s wife… because it was somebody’s husband.”
Levi’s eyes widened slightly, but he said nothing. He stared at Rory a moment, silent.  “Somebody’s husband?”
Rory shrugged.  “I was just… curious… you know?  I was drunk and stupid. Nothing really happened. Pop snatched me outta there before it went too far… and, well,” Rory pointed to his face.  “The rest is history.”
Levi’s eyes narrowed.  “Uncle Pat did that?”
“I won’t have a fag for a son!” he said, parroting the words his father had used before beating the shit out of him.  Rory attempted to grin, to hide how much those words had hurt him… but he couldn’t manage to get his mouth to work right.  He cast a glance around and saw a few ears had perked up and looked their way.
Levi glanced down.  “That all you brought with you?”
“It’s all Mom could salvage as Pop tore through my room,” Rory answered. He looked down at the old beat up case.  “I don’t even know what’s in here.”
“Come on.  Let’s get you home.”
Rory lifted his gaze to meet Levi’s stare, a little relief filling him.  “Seriously?”
“Yeah.  I won’t have you living out on the streets because Uncle Pat’s an idiot.”
Rory released a shuddered breath, glad to know he had somewhere to go.  “Thanks, man.”
He followed Levi outside the bus station and around to the parking lot.  Levi stopped beside a sports car, the overhead lights glimmering over the lines of the vehicle.  As Levi popped the tiny trunk, Rory glanced over the car. “A Jaguar? Chevy not good enough for you anymore?”
“Not mine,” Levi said.  “My… roommate’s.”
Levi closed the trunk and clicked the doors open.  Rory slid into the passenger seat and ran a hand over the dash.  “Nice roommate to let you borrow this baby.”
His cousin closed the door with a click. Before turning the engine on, he glanced Rory’s way.  “He’s not just my roommate.”
Rory turned to face Levi.  “Okay.”
“He’s my boss… and… he’s my lover.”
Shock slammed into Rory.  “Your… wait a minute… what?” He hadn’t expected that.
Levi sighed.  “Alex and I have been together a while.  We’ve been living together about a year.” 
Rory was too dumbfounded to speak at first.  He didn’t care if Levi was gay—hell, he’d been kicked out of his home for his own curiosity—he just hadn’t expected that news. But there was a definite sense of comfort knowing Levi understood where his head was. Perhaps he’d come to the right place after all.
“You needed to know all that before you come with me.  If you’re staying a few nights, it’ll be there.  In the apartment I share with my boyfriend,” Levi said. “And we live above a sex club where just about anything goes.”
The last part of that brought Rory back down to Earth.  Nothing like a little lust to ground someone.  “Anything?”
“I only told you that so you didn’t freak out if you saw a few interesting things.” Levi chuckled.  “But it’s nice to see nothing changes.  You’re still thinking with your dick.” His cousin started the engine.  The car started to purr, just like the big cat it was named after.  Levi pulled out of the spot and headed out of the parking lot. “So, you run out of females back home? That why you had to try a guy?”
Rory couldn’t help but laugh, but it hurt his jaw.  “Asshole,” he said jokingly.  “But that wasn’t it at all.”
“So, what was it?” Levi asked, casting a knowing glance Rory’s way.
Rory didn’t know how to put it into words.  He’d told himself it had been any port in the storm… a warm place to put his dick, but deep down, it hadn’t been that at all.  He’d been attracted to Harlan in a way he’d never expected to be attracted to a guy.
Levi pulled up onto a highway and gunned it out into traffic, and it seemed the man wasn’t pushing him to answer.  For that, he was grateful.  Rory watched all the lights around him, shocked by how big the city looked at night. He surely wasn’t in Kansas anymore.
It didn’t take long before his cousin pulled into a large brick parking garage.  After grabbing his suitcase and throwing his bag over one shoulder, he followed Levi out of the garage and down a steep hill to the back of another brick building.
“So where’s this club?”
“We’re going in the back door,” Levi said. “You’re not going into the club.”
“You’re no fun,” Rory said.
They stopped at a large metal door. He watched as Levi swiped a card through a reader on the side of it.  Rory heard a click, and Levi drew the door open. 
“After you.”
Rory went inside and could heard the throb of music. Excitement coursed through his veins, his heart beating a little faster.  Down the hallway, he saw a man clad in leather leading another man on all fours by a chain.
Lust slammed into him.
He eyed the pair, his stare roaming over the leather clad man on his feet.  The guy’s chest was strong and muscled… and shining with oil.  A harness crossed his pecs, at a slight angle, and wrapped around one meaty bicep.  His cock was semi-erect and hung exposed from an opening in the leather.  A piercing glimmered from the head and Rory’s mouth watered to lick all around that tip and feel the bead on his tongue.
The man on all fours was equally hot.  He was nearly naked, save for a collar and pads on his knees… and a mask on his face that made him look like a dog.  As Rory’s stare crossed the guy’s body, he saw what looked like a little black tail poking out behind the man… which could only be hung… oh dear, God… the guy had an anal plug in with a tail on it.
Rory’s mouth grew dry.  His heart beat harder and he licked his lips, hungry to play.

The metal door shut behind him, causing him to jump. Levi stopped beside him, one eyebrow cocked.  “Ready?”
Rory’s stare returned to the men approaching.  Both of them were hot as hell.  His cock thickened, pressing painfully against the zipper of his jeans. His mouth dry, he turned to Levi.  “Ready?  Yeah… I’m ready.”
Ready to erupt.
His dick was hard as a rock in an instant, the throbbing painful against the zipper of his Wranglers.  He took a hesitant step forward before he heard his cousin cough behind him.
“Upstairs, Rory,” Levi said. 
Cockblocked.  Damn.
Rory sighed before sidling over to walk into the elevator he hadn’t even heard open.
“I think this place might be dangerous for you,” Levi said as he pressed one of the buttons inside the car.  “Or you’re dangerous for it.  Not quite sure yet.”
A smile crossed Rory’s face. He had an idea he was about to find out.  He hadn’t been sure this was the right call to make… but now that he was there… seemed about the best place in the world to find his new beginning…
Bound by Him
Kelex & April Andrews
Just a little intro to the snippet I’m sharing… April Andrews and I started a journey through a fictional BDSM Club called BOUND about a year or so ago… the first title being Bound to Him.  My first short story was called Straight Out of Bumfuck, and featured a young country boy, Levi, who came to the big city and met club owner, Alex. 
Since, we’ve published Bound by Them and Bound to Three… and we’re currently working on the fourth book based on the world of BOUND which is coming soon.  In my half of the book, we’re introduced to Levi’s lusty cousin as he arrives at BOUND for the first time…
April Andrews and Kelex join forces to bring you two scintillating short gay BDSM tales…
Straight Outta Bumfuck, by Kelex
Texan transplant Levi is desperate for a job, and walks into the door of Bound, a BDSM member-only club, when he sees the help wanted sign in the window—without realizing where he is. Once he learns the truth, he figures bartending is bartending, no matter where, as long as the money is green.
Only Bound’s owner, Alex, wants to ensure Levi knows what he’s in for. He introduces Levi to the world of submission and nearly loses himself in Levi’s naivety and raw lust.

Nicky’s Bear, by April Andrews
Jasper has always found the submissives he desires at Bound, but this time it is not a submissive he finds at all. Nicky the delivery driver is completely unschooled in the ways of BDSM, but he makes Jasper's heart thump and his head spin.
Jasper is going to teach Nicky all he knows, but before the night's through, it might be Jasper who learns a lesson in loving and Nicky the one who gives it to him.
Welcome to the world of Bound.

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“Torture doesn’t sound sexy to me,” Levi said as he gazed around the room again.
Alex ushered Levi inside. Once they were both inside the door, Alex shut it, the sound of the door’s mechanism closing sounding louder than normal. He twisted the lock, his chest tightening with desire. “Let me show you some of the things that occur in here. Torture can be very, very sexy.”
Levi spun to face Alex, his eyes round. “That’s okay. I have the jist.”
Alex stepped closer to Levi. “Like I said downstairs, you need to understand what my members’ desires are to better accept their kinks.” Alex walked over to a punishing bench and motioned for Levi to come closer. “Get on.”
Levi eyed the thing suspiciously. “Get on? How?”
“The four pads are for your hands and knees. The bar holds your stomach up and into position.”
Levi glanced between the device and Alex, looking unsure. “Really? You want me to get on?”
Alex’s blood thrummed in his body. “Consider it an educational experience.”
Levi shrugged before climbing on the bench.“Oh, and Levi, take off your shirt.”Levi turned to gaze at Alex over his shoulder, but didn’t protest.
“Yes, sir.”Alex felt a tremor of excitement zipping through him as Levi
bared himself and got into position.“So what’s this used for?” Levi asked.Alex stepped to the front of the bench and enclosed one of Levi’s wrists with the leather strap attached there. “It’s used to hold a naughty slave in place so his or her master can spank them—or whatever their master wishes to do to punish their submissive.”
Levi didn’t object when Alex tied his other wrist to the bench, so Alex rounded the torture device and bound Levi’s left ankle.
“And this punishment, the master gains pleasure from hurting another person? I don’t exactly understand what they’re getting out of this.”
Alex affixed the final leather strap and stood back, staring at the sexy young man bound. “Try to get away.”
Levi tugged his hands and feet, his head quickly turning to the side as he realized he was tied down. Fear flitted through his gaze, but there was also something else there, a glimmer of... something. Alex wasn’t sure what Levi was feeling, so he knelt down before the young man and faced him.
“BDSM contains a lot of elements of control, trust, and limits. On this bench, I am currently in control of your body. You are completely left to my will at the moment, and there is an excitement and fear in that, which is the draw for many. Being at a master’s mercy, not knowing what will come next—that heightens the pleasure.”
Levi’s pupils were slowly dilating, his breathing quickening. “But I wouldn’t find pain pleasurable.”
“How do you know if you haven’t experienced it?”Levi’s stare met Alex’s. “I guess—I can’t.”Alex’s cock thickened. He wanted to test some of Levi’s limits,
but he couldn’t abuse the young man’s trust either.
“And back to trust. If you were my submissive, in this position, you must trust that I won’t hurt you, but offer you pleasurable pain, pain which would tempt you and make you needful.” Alex rose and slowly walked the length of the bench, his gaze taking in Levi’s strong back muscles. “As I learned your body, I would test your limits and find what hurts you and what doesn’t. I’ll continue to test those limits, pushing you just past them time and time again, until I break you.”
“Break me?”
“A submissive must yield to his master. Sometimes a slave must be pushed to extremes to get him to surrender completely and find his pleasure.”
Levi’s breathing quickened, his back rising and falling rapidly. “And your question earlier... both the master and the submissive
can become aroused and find gratification in a punishment, or other act, such as humiliation, subservience, public displays, waxing, and orgasm denial... the list goes on forever. There are many different kinks.”
“What does it feel like? To be... spanked?”
Levi’s voice was raw, filling with the need of the innocent. Alex’s body responded to that need, growing hard, his cock throbbing. “Perhaps someday you will find out.”
“You... can... show me. Now... if you wanted to.”
Alex closed his eyes, the hint of desire in Levi’s voice enough to make Alex want to rip the young man’s clothes off and take what Alex wanted. He saw himself, straining behind the bound young man, driving deep into Levi’s virgin ass. He breathed in a jagged breath and held fast to his control.
When was the last time my control was threatened?
“I wouldn’t want to take advantage of the situation,” Alex said as he reopened his eyes, his body screaming at him to relent and show Levi exactly what he’d innocently asked for.
“I asked. That isn’t taking advantage.”
Alex felt beads of sweat popping out over his brow and his own breathing quicken. He swallowed thickly and began to move toward the wall of implements available for use. They weren’t his own stock, but they’d do. He picked a small paddle he’d used before and turned to face Levi, showing the young man the tool he’d chosen.
Levi shivered slightly at the sight before looking up at Alex. “And this is supposedly going to feel good? Every time I was spanked with a paddle, I didn’t find it very exciting.”
“Were you a bad boy, Levi?”“Only if they caught me,” Levi said with a wicked smile. That smile nearly leveled Alex. He smacked his leg with the
paddle, just to get ahold of himself. Levi’s gaze snapped to attention, the smile fading some and turning into something much, much darker.
Levi was feeling the grasp of lust. Seeing it was heady, the mixture of an innocent man and potentially decadent thoughts only thrilled Alex more.
After he regained some semblance of control, he strolled toward Levi’s ass. Levi’s butt was firm and slightly round, filling out the leather perfectly. His patrons would enjoy that ass, he was sure of it. “This is typically done on a bare bottom, but we’ll leave your pants up since this is only an educational experience.”
What he wouldn’t give to see it bare. To spank Levi properly.
Alex lowered the paddle to Levi’s bottom and spanked him gently at first, to gauge Levi’s reaction.
“You’re a lot gentler than any other punisher I’ve had.”
“Being as it’s your first spanking and I don’t know you, I have to determine your pain threshold. I start slow and build up the pressure.”
“Well, having that leather there is going to get in the way, too. You’re going to spank even harder for me to feel it.”
Alex swallowed, wondering who was the seducer and who was the seductee. He was sure Levi’s comments were without guile, but the young man seemed to know exactly what to say to push Alex’s buttons. “I could pull them down... a little... to give you a small taste.”
Levi looked over his shoulder. “Sure. Just a little is fine.”
Alex saw a glittering across Levi’s forehead and realized Levi was sweating a little. From excitement? Levi turned away too quickly for Alex to be sure. He reached down and unsnapped the clasp at the front of the pants before he pulled the edges down, just exposing the upper swell of Levi’s ass cheeks, the top of the crack exposed.
Alex gathered the paddle and lifted his hand. He brought it down a little harder than the last time, offering a satisfying crack.
Levi sucked in a breath, but was otherwise silent.
Alex lifted his hand again, bringing it down on the opposite side with as much pressure. Levi took the hit, not responding at all. His silence bothered Alex, but he decided to push a little more, to see if he could get a reaction. Another strike, a little harder, and Levi moaned.
He moaned.And it was music to Alex’s ears.“Did that feel good, Levi?” Alex asked as he gently rubbed the spot he’d last struck.Levi didn’t answer.“I asked a question, Levi.”“Yes, sir. It did.”Alex closed his eyes a moment, enjoying that he’d given Levi pleasure. “Do you now better understand what happens here?” “Yes, sir.”
Alex eyed the paddle in his hand. His point made, he had no reason to continue, no matter how desperately he wanted to.
He unhooked Levi’s ankles before moving to Levi’s wrists, kneeling to unhook his employee.
“That’s all?” Levi asked.
Alex looked into Levi’s face. Dilated pupils. Beads of sweat on the brow and upper lip. Panting breaths. Lusty Levi wanted more. Alex wanted to give it to him, but knew he was crossing a line. “This was only to give you a hint of what happens in my club. So you could better understand that pain could be pleasure.”
“What if... I want more than a hint?”
Alex froze. He stared at the want written over Levi’s face and considered what came next. “To do more would be taking advantage of your innocence. You’ve never had a partner. This shouldn’t be your first time, not like this.”
“I’ve never had sex because no one has ever excited me enough to want to try it.” Levi swallowed thickly, his Adam’s Apple bobbing in his throat. “This... excites me. You... excite me.”
“You’re my employee. I’m your boss.” And none of that really matters. “I only went this far to educate you.” Bullshit. You went this far because you want him.
“Then educate me further. Teach me what goes on here,” Levi asked in a whisper. “I want to know.”
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